Portrait of James Heath 1757 -1834 ARA Associate of the Royal Academy Historical Engraver to the King  painted by T Kearsley and engraved by SW Reynolds



Portrait of James Heath ARA
of London, Engraver

The inscription on the bottom of this engraving reads:
 James Heath ARA Historical Engraver to his Majesty.
  Painted by T Kearsley.  Engraved by SW Reynolds.
  London Published January 1st 1796 by J Manson, Pall Mall No 6.

The original of this portrait was last known to be in the possesion of Cuthbert Eden Heath at Anstie Grange.  If any body knows where this painting is now, I would be very pleased to hear from you.  Please contact me jj@jjhc.info

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