Christopher William Edward Colins

Born: 1909 and died 1994.
Son of: Ronald Collins (1867-1942) and Margaret Colins nee Helsham-Jones (1841-1951).
Brother of:
1. Richard Arthur (Dick) Collins (1903-1972) who married Patricia Maud.
2. Mary Frances Margaret Seely (nee Collins, 1905-1987) who married Victor Seely.
3. Alice Eleanor Grace Collins (1906-1907).
4. Elizabeth Rosamond Collins, known as Ros (1912-1987).
Christopher married: in 1936 Jenny Rosdew Drake. 
Christoper and Jenny had issue:
1. Rosemary Evangeline Collins (born 1938) who married 1st in 1963 Andrew John Locke Marx (Cdr RN), 2nd James William Featherstone Briggs.
2. Ronald Drake Collins (1947-2000) who married Pepita Quinn.

Margaret Collins (nee Helsham-Jones): An Overview

The following note written by his daughter Rosemary.

Christopher Collins

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