William Scott Hambly (Ensign Hambly)



Charles Crowe in his journal mentions on a number of occasions his good friend Ensign Hambly.  William Scott Hambly appears to have had a brother Peter and sisters Ann, Ruth and Harriet.  Their parents were William and Ann Hamley of Falmouth.

His sister Ann was married to William Holloway Twynam, a purser in the Royal Navy, the 'Mr. Twincham' mentioned in the journal.  Ann and William were married in Gibraltar in 1811.  In 1812 they were living in the Southsea area where their first child was born on November 1.  William Twynam was the purser on the Magicienne which is also mentioned later in the diary when Charles Crowe sees it sailing in the distance.

His brother Peter Sampson Hambly, entered the Royal Navy as a midshipman in 1797 on the Ville de Paris. He fought at Trafalgar as Masters Mate on the Prince and later commanded the Orestes on the South American station.  Peter Hambly had four sons, three of whom served in the Royal Navy and one in the Royal Marines.

His father William Hanley was mayor of Falmouth from 1798-1799. "One of the Mayor's of Falmouth, in 1799, named Hambly, who amassed a considerable amount of money (which he afterward lost), in trading through the Packets, seems to have been a "character", adopting strong republican and revolutionary principles, which the condition of a time which witnessed the French revolution of 1793 no doubt fostered."  I am told that there is a letter written in 1799 from George Washington to Wm. Hambly in Falmouth, thanking him for a cheese he sent to Mount Vernon and saying he is trying to send a few Virginia hams to William Hambly.  The Monthly Magazine records bankruptcies between 20th November & 20th December 1802 and notes;  Hambly, William, Falmouth and Great Bell Alley, London, Merchant.

William Scott Hambly (Ensign Hanley) married Miss Sophia Jane Bayley, daughter of Rev. Edward Bayley, on the 15th January, 1812 at Courteen Hall, Northampton. Her father died in 1813 which ties up with the information in the journal.

William Scott Hambly died in the Gulf of St Lawrence, off the coast of Canada, according to the sessional papers of the House of Lords, 25 December 1814, and his mother Ann, and sisters Ruth and Harriet were each made an allowance of 10 pounds in consideration of their destitute state. 

In the beginning of his diary Charles Crowe also mentions A Mrs Hambly in Chelmsford who returns a book.  This person is possibly also related to Ensign Hambly.


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