Sir Robert Heath 1574-1649

Family Connections


Born: 1574 and died 1649 and was laid to rest beside Margaret in the Heath Chaple at Brasted Church.

Son of: Robert Heath (died 1615) and Anne Posyer (1626).

Brother of:

Anne Heath born Sept 1576.

Matthias Heath born Feb 1583.

John Heath born Jan 1591.

Possibly others

Robert married Margaret Miller, 10 December 1600. Margaret was the daughter of John Miller (died 1589).

They had issue: 
1. Mary 1605-1669.  Mary married Sir William Morley of Halnaker, Sussex, 1627.

2. Edward 1612-1669.  Married Lucy daughter of Paulus Ambrosius Croke 16 February 1631.  One surviving child - Margaret.

3. John 1614-1691.  Married ? in 1644.  All surviving children were daughters.

4. George 1617-1672.  Assumed not to have married.

5. Robert 1620-1697.  Assumed not to have married

6. Francis 1622-1683.  Assumed not to have married

Was Sir Robert Heath related to James Heath 1629-1664 the historian who published Chronicle of the Late Intestine Warr in 1662?  James's parents were Robert and Dorothy Heath.  It is unlikely that James was a son or grandson of Sir Robert Heath but perhaps Sir Robert Heath had a brother who had children.

Was he related to the bookseller Thomas Heath?

As it is assumed his male descendants died out, we can therefore assume that Robert Heath was not an ancestor of Joseph Heath of Nottingham.


The book 'Sir Robert Heath 1574-1649 Window on an Age' by Paul E Kopperman, 1989.

Biography of Sir Robert Heath

Robert Heath became Recorder of London in 1618. 
In 1621 he was made Solicitor General and was knighted Sir Robert Heath. 
In 1625 he was appointed Attorney General.

It is believed that none of his children had male heirs.

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Sir Robert Heath

Sir Robert Heath

Lady Margaret Heath

Edward Heath

John Heath

John Heath

Sir Robert Heath medallion front

Sir Robert Heath medallion back

Family coat of arms of Sir Robert Heath from one of his books at St John's College University of Cambridge

Sir Richard Heath

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