Portrait Drawing of a Young Girl called Belie

Possibly drawn by John Theordore Heins

Sold by Christies Lot 281, 24 May 2011.  Described as follows:

Johann-Ernst Heinsius (Hildburghausen 1740-1812 Orleans).  Portrait of Beli, as a young girl, holding a basket of fruit and flowers.  Signed 'J. Heins: fecit' (lower right) and inscribed 'Belie age de 6 ans' (upper right) and with collector's stamp (lower right) black chalk, on paper, watermarked D & C Blauw on an 18th century mount 10 7/8 x 8 1/4 in. (27.6 x 20.9 cm.).

Athough described by Christies as being drawn by Johann-Ernst Heinsius, the drawing is clearly signed J Heins.  The style of the signature is the same as that by John Theordore Heins but John Theodore Heins normally signed only 'Heins' and not 'J Heins'.  He did in his early days sign 'D Heins' and 'Heine'.  The style of the sitter's pose is also very similar to John Theordore Heins.

I have not been able to find out much more about the artist Johann-Ernst Heinsius.  He was certainly a very high quality portrait painter in oils but very few examples of his drawings exist.  Perhaps there was a connection between Johann-Ernst Heinsius and John Theodore Heins?

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