Portrait of Radcliffe Pearl Todd (17??-1799) painted by John Theodore Heins.

Painted by the Norfolk artist John Theodore Heins (1697-1756) of Norwich

Signed Heins Fec: 1755

Portrait of a gentleman, thought to be Radcliffe Pearl Todd.  Half-length standing wearing a blue jacket, buttoned waistcoat and holding a triform hat.  Signed Heins and dated 1755.  Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood Limited Auctioneers , Exeter, Lot 395

Radcliffe Pearl Todd (died 1799) of Sturmer Essex.  He married Elizabeth (died 1795) daughter of William Strutt of  Boxford, Suffolk.  The son of Radcliffe and Elizabeth was also called Radcliffe Pearl Todd and he married Sarah Elizabeth Massingberd (died 1794), daughter of William Meux (later Massingberd) of Gunby, Lincoln, (died 1780) and his second wife a Miss Drake.

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