Henry Jones

of Kington, Hereford and later Pakenham, Suffolk


Born: 10 November 1751 and died 29 December 1835 and was buried 7 January 1836 in Pakenham.
Son of: John Jones (17??-1768) and Frances Taylor (17??-1807).  
Brother of:
1. Charles Jones (1750-18??) who married, 13 July 1780, Mary Morgan.
2. Thomas Jones (17??-1817?) who married, 15 January 1789, Anna Jones (17??-1825).
3. William Jones (17??-1826) who is assumed not to have married.
4. Henry Jones (1751-1836) who married, December 1781, Bridget Milns (17??-1817).
5. Richard Jones (1759-1840) who married, September 1782, Mary Barnes.
6. Anthony Jones (1764-1832) of Bildeston Suffolk, who married, 9 September 1798, Mary Mumford (17??-1823).
Henry married: Bridget Miles (17??-1817) of Old  Radnor.
John and Bridget had issue:
1. Mary Ann Chamberlain nee Jones (1785-1863) who married Philip Chamberlain.
2. Frances Hollingworth nee Jones (1786-1851) who married William Hollingworth.
3. Rev Charles Jones (1793-1866).

We know about Henry Jones from the following sources:
1. An entry in Burke's Family Records listed under Jones.


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