Mary Frances Margaret Seely nee Collins



Born: 1907 and died 1985.
Daughter of: Ronald Collins (1867-1942) and Margaret Colins nee Helsham-Jones (1841-1951).  
Sister of:
1. Richard Arthur (Dick) Collins  (1903-1972) who married Mabel Patricia Austin (19??-1993).  No children. 
2. Alice Eleanor Grace Collins (1906-1907).
3. Christopher William Edward Collins (1909-1994) who married Jenny Rosdew Drake.
4. Elizabeth Rosamond Collins, known as Ros (1912-1987).

Mary  married : Victor Basil Seely who was widowed with one daughter  
Mary and Victor had issue:
1. Alexandra Seely (born 1938) married 1st. Henry Seymour mid 1960s. Married 2nd Michael Boyle in 1995.  Michael died 2011.
2. Victor Ronald Seely (1940-2009) married Annette and they had 2 children, Natasha and William Seely.


Mary Frances Margaret Seely nee Collins: An Overview


We know of Mary from the following sources:
1. Information given to me by Rosemary Briggs.

Mary Collins � born Hatch End, Middx. I don�t know where she was educated. As a young woman she was very good looking and elegant and much in demand at parties and house parties in the �30�s. She married Victor Seely who was widowed with a young daughter, Victoria (Tora). She had 2 children Alexandra and Victor. They lived for some years in Cheyne Walk, and then in a flat in Portman Square.



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