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Sophie Maud Axford nee Harrison

Born: 1914 and died 1991.
Daughter of: Lt Comd Thomas Edmund Harrison (1879-1914) and Maud Winifred Harrison (nee Godman. 1881-1962).
Sister of: 
1. Sir Geoffrey Wedgwood Harrison (1908-1990) who married Amy Katherine Clive (1913-2007).
2. Isabel Mary Harrison (1911-2002) who married William James Matthews (1910-1989).  There were no children.
Sophie married: Robin Axford (died 1997).
Sophie and Robin had issue:
1. Sophie Robina Arbuthnott nee Axford (born 1940) who married Robert Arbuthnott.
2. Diana Mary Graves nee Axford who married: 1st Ian Chate, 2nd Gordon Clark, 3rd John Graves.

Sophie Maud Axford: An Overview


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