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Bookplate of James Ramsey Cuthbert 1776-1821

 Of Grosvenor Square, London.

Ednam in the county of Roxburghshire.

Hanworth Park in the county of Middlesex.

Books known to contain this bookplate include:

La Lande (Jérôme). Astronomie. Paris, Desaint, 1792. 3 vol.

The Theory of Moral Sentiments . . . To which is added, A Dissertation on the Origin of Languages . . . by Adam Smith, Seventh Edition, 2 volumes.
An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations . . . by Adam Smith, Seventh Edition. London: A. Strahan & T. Cadell et al., 1792; A. Strahan & T. Cadell, 1793. 

Bi?nos kai Moschou ta leipsana. [then in Latin] Illustrabat et emendabat Gilbertus Wakefield.  Bion, of Phlossa near Smyrna; Moschus, of Syracuse; & Gilbert Wakefield, ed.  Published by typis T. Bensley, Londini, 1795.

The Beauties of Shakespeare by The Rev W Dodd LDD.  London.  For the Proprietors of the English Classics, 1824. 

De Sacra Poesi Hebraeorum, by Robert Lowth, 1753. 

Orhrws Argonauika Umnoi KaiAI Peri Liqwn. Orphei Argonautica. Hymni et De lapidibus, curante A.C. Eschenbachio, cum ejusdem ad Argonautica notis. Accedunt H. Stephani in omnia & J. Scaligeri in Hymnos notæ.  By ESCHENBACH (Andreas Christian), ESTIENNE (Henri), SCALIGER (Joseph).  Editors. Publisher: Utrecht:Willem van de Water. 1689.

The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer translated into English Blank Verse by W Cowper. 1791.  Printed for J Johnson.  2 volumes.


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