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List of Bookplates for Crompton families

Many of the people listed on this website had libraries with significant collections of books and hence also had their own bookplates.  These highly decorative signs of ownership were usually placed on the inside of the front cover of each book and consisted of a coat of arms.  Sometimes these coats of arms were registered with the Royal College of Arms in London but in many cases were not.  The person's name is usually written underneath and sometimes the name or location of their house. 

The following bookplates are from people with the surname Crompton.  In some cases they are ancestors or relatives and I have put in a link to the relevant person's biography page.  Some of the owners of these book plates were not relatives but I have included them as they may be of interest to other people out on the internet.


Bookplate of George Crompton

Bookplate of Samuel Crompton of Gainsbrough.

Coat of arms of Samuel Crompton 1714-1782 from a silver salver (not a bookplate)