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List of Bookplates: Dashwood Families

Many of the people listed on this website had libraries with significant collections of books and hence also had their own bookplates.  These highly decorative signs of ownership were usually placed on the inside of the front cover of each book and consisted of a coat of arms.  Sometimes these coats of arms were registered with the Royal College of Arms in London but in many cases were not.  The person's name is usually written underneath and sometimes the name or location of their house. 

The following bookplates are from people with the surname Dashwood.  


C Dashwood

This would be a lady but who, Charlotte?

Charles Edmund Dashwood

of Wherstead Park


Bookplate of Charles Edmund Dashwood of Wherstead Park

Charles Vere Dashwood


of Stanford on Soar, Loughborough



(Franks 8509)

Sir Francis Dashwood Bart

of West Wycombe Bucks


(Franks 8010)

Bookplate of Sir Francis Dashwood Bart of West Wycombe Bucks



Francis Dashwood 


George Dashwood


(Franks 8013)


Bookplate of George Dashwood

Rev G H Dashwood


(Franks 8015)

Bookplate of Rev G H Dashwood

Sir Henry Watkin Dashwood


of Kirtlington Park, Oxford




James Edmund Bateman Dashwood


Bookplate of James Edmund Bateman Dashwood


Richard Dashwood


Possibly related to Charles Vere Dashwood.  The bottom had been cut off before the bookplate was pasted into a book.  The book contained an earlier bookplate of Charles Vere Dashwood.

 (Franks 8019)

Bookplate of Richard Dashwood

Samuel Dashwood


(Franks 8021)

Bookplate of Samuel Dashwood

S V Dashwood


(Franks 8025)


Bookplate of S V Dashwood