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Rev Matthew Brisbane
Parson of Erskine

Born: 1594? and died 1650?
Son of: William Brisbane, Parson of Erskine and Margaret Brisbane nee Hamilton.
Brother of: Not known.
Matthew married: Helen Brisbane (nee Napier, 15??-1675?).
Matthew and Helen had issue:
1. Dr Matthew Brisbane who married Robina Brisbane (nee Lindsay).
2. Possibly others.

Rev Matthew Brisbane: An Overview

I know very little about Mathew Brisbane except for his name which is recorded in 'Records of the Carrick Moore Family' by George Heath, 1912.  This has a brief family tree which records John of Brisbane in 1407.  He had a son called John Brisbane.  He had a son Thomas Brisbane who married Mary Semphill.  Thomas and Mary had at least two sons.  One sone was Matthew Brisbane who was killed at Flodden.  John Brisbane was the other son and he married and had children.  John had a son called John (died 1547) and he married El. Lindsay.  John and El. had a son called John Brisbane (died 1591) and he married El. Hamilton.  This John and El. had a son Robert who had children.  The other son of John and El. was Rev Matthew Brisbane who married Margaret Hamilton.

The following note comes from 'The Shire of Renfrew':
Half a mile west from Erskine, upon the bank of the river of Clyde, on an eminence, stands the house of Bishoptoun, well planted, the ancient inheritance of the Brisbanes, chief of that name. The first of whom I found any memorable mention, is a Allanus,de Brysbane, filius Willielmi de Brysbane, who obtained a grant-from Donald Earl of Lennox, of the lands of Macherach in Stirlingshire, to which Malcolm Fleeming, Earl of Wigtoun, is a witness, who was created into that dignity by King David-Bruce, in the year 1334.  I am informed the Brisbanes of this race did anciently possess these lands, but I have not perused the writs of John Brisbane of Bishoptoun, to know the connection he has with this Allan, who seems to be his predecessor. Of this family several worthy persons descended; as the Reverend Mr. William Brisbane, Parson of Erskine, son of John Brisbane of Bishoptoun, (by Margaret his second wife, daughter of John Hamilton of Broomhill) father of the Reverend Divine, Mr. Matthew Brisbane, also Parson of Erskine ; whose son was the learned Doctor Matthew Brisbane, Physician in Glasgow.
John Brisbane of Bishoptonn alienated lately the lands of Bishoptoun and Wester Roslin, retaining the superiority to John Walkingshaw of that ilk ; as also the lands of Drum, Kirkland, and Glenshinies; which Walkingshaw holds immediately of the, Crown, and hath obtained a Charter of Novo Damus of these lands, to be called in all time coming Walkingshaw.
1. Mackenzie