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Portrait photograph of Leopold Alfred Tschudi Broadwood 1890-1980

Leopold Alfred Tschudi Broadwood


Born: 1890 and died 1980.
Son of:  Henry John Tschudi Broadwood (1856-1911) and Ada Randolf Broadwood (nee Heath, 1860-1957).
Brother of:
1. Marion Ada Fora Holland (nee Broadwood, 1887-1969) who married Michael James Holland (1870-1956).
2. Stewart Henry Tschudi Broadwood (1888-1926) who married Beatrice Draffern.
3. Janet Muriel Wood (nee Broadwood, 1895-1989) who married Edward Wood (1892-1963).
Leopold married: in 1929 Ethel O'Coffery (1903-1980).
Leopold and Ethel had issue:
1. Stewart Evelyn Hardress Broadwood (1931-2011) who married 1st Haloyon Boyd, 2nd Shirley Fisher, 3rd Pauline Taylor.

Leopold Alfred Tschudi Broadwood: An Overview


Leopold took an interest in science in his youth and some of his note books covering physics, maths and other related subjects (1912-1913) are now in the Surrey History Centre.

In 1914 Leopold joined the Territorial Army as a Sapper in the Royal Engineers. He notes his trade as Engineer Electrical. He served in France and was commissioned and by the end of the war he had reached the rank of Captain. He noted his address at this time as being resident with his parents at Bone Hill, St Albans, Herts.

He joined the Broadwood piano company in 1918 and worked from the general office in Conduit Street. He resigned from the company's employ in 1928, although he remained a member of the Board.

In 1919 he became a member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.

I understand that he was then involved in a venture to turn peat into coal but this was not financially successful.  He married in 1929 to Ethel (or Felice?) O'Coffee who was Irish and was a night club hostess.  They then lived at Maidenhead.

Leopold's son SEH Broadwood lived at Send Hill House near Woking and had a son? 

The Surrey History Centre also have a number of other Broadwood family documents including a photograph album from the early 1930s.

If anyone else can tell me more about Leopold I would be very pleased to hear from you.

Leopold Alfred Tschudi Broadwood medals from World War 1, 1890-1980

Leopold's Medals from World War 1

London Detachment 1st Wireless Squadron Royal Engineers Territorial Force. Click for larger image

Portrait photograph Stewart and Leopold Broadwood and Friend with Motorbike.  Click for larger image.

London Detachment 1st Wireless Squadron RE (TF)

Stewart and Leopold Broadwood and Friend


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