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Stewart Henry Tschudi Broadwood 1888-1926. Click for larger image.

Stewart Henry Tschudi Broadwood


Born: 1888 and died 1926..
Son of:  Henry John Tschudi Broadwood (1856-1911) and Ada Randolf Broadwood (nee Heath, 1860-1957).
Brother of:
1. Marion Ada Flora Holland (nee Broadwood, 1887-1969) who married Michael James Holland (1870-1956).
2. Leopold Alfred Tschudi Broadwood (1890-1980) who married Ethel O'Coffery (1903-1980).
3. Janet Muriel Wood (nee Broadwood, 1895-1989) who married Edward Wood (1892-1963).
Stewart married: Beatrice Draffern.
Stewart and Beatrice had issue:
1. Michael Stuart Tscudi Broadwood (1916-1941).
2. Ann Marion Broadwood (born 1918).

Stewart Henry Tschudi Broadwood: An Overview


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Portrait photograph Stewart and Leopold Broadwood and Friend with Motorbike.  Click for larger image.

Stewart and Leopold Broadwood and Friend


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