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Emily Mary Buxton (nee Holland)


Born: 4th May 1824 in London and baptised 16 September 1824 in Knutsford (recorded at Cross St Chaple, Manchester) and died 19 June 1908.
Daughter of: Sir Henry Holland (1788-1873) and Margaret Emma Holland (nee Caldwell, 1792-1830). 
Sister of:
1. Henry Thurstan Holland 1st Vis, Lord Knutsford (1825-1914) who married 1st Elizabeth Margaret Hibbert (18??-1855), 2nd Margaret Jean Trevelyan (18??-1906).
2. Rev Francis James Holland (1828-1907) who married Mary Sibylla Lyall (1836-1891).
3. Elinor Anne Holland, born 6 August 1826, baptised 25 September 1827 at Brook Street Chapel, Knutsford, died August 1829.
Half sister of:
1. Caroline Holland 1835?-1909.
2. Gertrude Holland.
Emily married: 7 February 1850 Charles Buxton (1823-1871) son of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, 1st Bart, of Bellfield.
Emily and Charles had issue:
1. Bertram Henry Buxton (1852-1934).
2. Sir Sydney Charles Buxton 1st Earl (1853-1934) who married 1st Constance Mary Lubbock (1859-1892), 2nd Mildred Anna Smith (18??-1955).
3. Elanor Margaret Boyle (nee Buxton, 18??-1922) who married Capt Cecil William Boyle (1853-1900).
4. Mary Emma Rutson (nee Buxton, 18??-1942) who married Albert Osliff Rutson (18??-1890).
5. Richenda Talbot (nee Buxton, 18??-1952) who married Reginald Gilbert Murray Talbot (1849-1930).
6. Sybil de Gournay Barnes (nee Buxton, 18??-1955) who married George Staplyton Barnes (1858-1946).

Emily Mary Buxton: An Overview

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Charles Buxton
Maidstone 1861

Emily Mary Buxton
Maidstone 1861


We know about Emily's husband Charles Buxton from his book 'Notes of Thought' which is preceeded by a biographical sketch by Rev J Llewelyn Davies (published 1883).
An extract from this book reads as follows:

Charles Buxton was the youngest son of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, baronet, and Hannah, daughter of John (Jurney, of Earlham Hall. Of what kind of stock he came may be learnt from the well-known biography in which he has himself recorded his father's energetic and successful labours. The principal dates of his life are as follows : He was born at Cromer Hall, in Norfolk, on the 18th November, 1822. When he was four years old his family removed to Northrepps Hall, about a mile and a half from Cromer. He had a home education, with its advantages and defects, up to the age of seventeen, when he was gent as a private pupil, first to the Rev. T. Fisher, at Luccombe, and then to the Rev. H. Altbrd (afterwards Dean of Canterbury), at Wymeswold. In October, 1841, he went to Trinity College, Cambridge, and proceeded to his degree in due course. On leaving college he became a partner in the great brewery of Truman, Hanbury, Buxton, and Co. In the same year, 1845, his father having died, he was entrusted by his family with the charge of writing his life. In 1850 (February 7th) he married the eldest daughter of Sir Henry Holland, Bart., M.D. In 1857 he entered the House of Commons, and remained in Parliament continuously, representing Newport first, then Maidstone, and finally East Surrey, till his death, which took place at Lochearnhead, August 10th, 1871.

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