Sir Sydney Charles Buxton 1st Earl


Born: 1853 and died 1934.
Son of: Charles Buxton (1823-1871) and Emily Mary Buxton (nee Holland, 1824-1908).
Brother of:
1. Bertram Henry Buxton (1852-1934).
2. Elanor Margaret Boyle (nee Buxton, 18??-1922) who married Capt Cecil William Boyle (1853-1900).
3. Mary Emma Rutson (nee Buxton, 1857-1942) who married Albert Osliff Rutson (1836-1890).
4. Richenda Talbot (nee Buxton, 18??-1952) who married Reginald Gilbert Murray Talbot (1849-1930).
5. Sybil de Gournay Barnes (nee Buxton, 18??-1955) who married George Staplyton Barnes (1858-1946).
Sydney married:
1st Constance Mary Lubbock (1859-1892).
2nd Mildred Anna Smith (18??-1955). 
Sydney and Mildred had issue:
1. Charles Sydney Buxton.
2. 2nd Lt. Hon. Denis Bertram Sydney Buxton (1897-1917).
3. ?

Sir Sydney Charles Buxton: An Overview

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 I understand there are some photographic portraits of him in the National Portrait Gallery in London.


Sydney's daughter Mary Emma Rutson (nee Buxton 1857-1942) married Albert Osliff Rutson (1836-1890).  He died 8 months before his daughter Margaret Albert Rutson was born.  She was the second wife of Lt Col.Ronald d'Arcy Fife CMG,DSO (1868-1946).  She inherited Nunnington Hall, Ryedale, North Yorkshire from her uncle Henry Rutson in Nov 1920 and gave it to the National Trust before she died in 1952, with a life tenancy to her elder adopted daughter Susan (1917-2001).



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