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Diary of James Caldwell (1759-1838) of Linley Wood, Talke, Staffordshire, England.

The following is a transcription from the diary of James Caldwell.  This volume covers the period 1809-1811 (123 pages).  For transcriptions of other diaries and notes please click here (Index of notes and diaries of James Caldwell).


Location: William Salt Library, Stafford (M167)


Diary begins on 1 January 1809 and ends on 3 September 1811


The pages are not numbered 

[For convenience I have numbered them here pages 1-98 = Catalogue of books & diary]


The transcript below is by Andrew Dobraszczyc & members of Letters & Diaries Class, Keele University 






Outer front cover


Inside cover: 

Drawing in pencil of a stone bridge; trees & shrubs behind


[Page 1]

Septr & Octr 1808 Engagmts

Tuesday Sep: 20.  Mr Slater at Linley Wood21 & 22. 23.  Manchester

Gaters Bankley[?] 28.  Mayor of Newcastle &cSunday 2.  ----? Mayer

At NewcastleTuesday 4 Select Committee17 & 18Genl Committee &c

Genl Assembly at Stone

29 Set: Edwd Jones 22.10 Williams

£9 Release Legacies J Caldwells wife2.  If necessary to four[?] late

any Crompton Duffield & J Caldwell Manchester.  Interest to Scotland [This James Caldwell of Manchester seems to have been a cousin?]

[All above crossed out]



Drawing in pencil of the branch of a tree


[Pages 2 & 3] [Blank] 


[Page 4]

Catalogue of Books at Linley Wood April 1806

Including those bought from the library of the late Mr Bentley


Dictionaries & Grammars 

Johnson's Dictionary2 Vols Qto. 1785

Ainsworth's Latin Dictionary2 Vols Qto. 1783

Vocabolario Degli Academici Della Crusca3 Vols Fo. 1691

Chamband's Dictionaire Francois AnglaisQto. 1778

Steven's Spanish & English DictionaryQto. 1726

Scapulae LexiconFo.

Schreuelius DoQto.

Le Grand Dictionaire de L'Academie FrancoiseFo. 1695

Priestley's Theory of LanguagesDo. 1762

Rags Collection of English WordsDo.

Wailly. Principes de la langue francoiseDo. 1777

Regissard. Nouvelle Methode pour apprendre

les langues francoise & AngloiseDo. 1736

Priestleys English Grammar1768



[Pages 5 & 6] [Blank]


[Page 7]

Introductions, General Learning and Criticisms


Shaws Bacon3b 4to. 1733

Bacons Advancem[en]t of LearningFo. 1674

Descartes Discours de la Methode 12o. 1724

Gassende, Philosophie par Bernier12o. 1684

Lami.  Elemens des Sciences12o. 1706

Bielfields Erudition complete12o. 1768

Nouvelle Encyclopedie portative26 12o. 1766

Bibliotheque Choisie27 Tomes 12o. 1712

Bibliotheque ancienne20 12o.


Monthly Review from 1749 to 1806 2 vols wanting, 50 & 51

Gentlemans Magazine from1764 to 1770


[Page 8]

Education, Speaking Reading & Writing

Quintilien, de l'Institution de l'Oraleur par Gedoyn4to. 1718

Locke on Education

Priestley on Education

Barron on Education

Edgeworth on Education

Rousseau Camile



[Page 9]

[Continued from bottom of next page; see below]


[Page 10]


Jan[ua]ry 1809

Sunday 1.  At home.  Unwell, but service as usual.

Monday 2.  Do

Tuesday 3.  At Newcastle.  Macclesfield Brewery & various other matters

Wednesday 4.  At Trentham making call on Lord Stafford & Lord Gower previous to their leaving the Country.  Lady Stafford also came in knowing That I was there.* Lord S of opinion that the Picture in the possession of*

[Note on previous page 9]

* On making this call and desiring the Servant (who knew me to enquire whether Lord Stafford was at home, he said it was not necessary to do.  His Lordship was at home.  Leaving me to infer that his Lordship was not to be denied to me

[Another note in margin]

* Mr Wm Hardman said to be by Leonardo da Vinci & which had been sent for his Lordships inspection, was not an original.  The subject is the Benediction of St John.  His Lordship in speaking of it used the term "bad"

Thursday 5.  At home.  Extremely cold and inclement day.  Wind & Snow.  Prevented going to Macclesfield as I had settled to do

Friday 6.  Do.  Again very unwell.  Eliza & Mary set off to Eton.

Saturday 7.  DoDo

Sunday 8.  W Bent with Dra[ft] of Letter to Mr Barrow[?] relative to the purchase of his share in the Newcastle Brewery: which I assisted him in revising.  Considering Mr B now is under the influence of other Persons, the Letter was not amiss. On the subject of the terms particularly the paym[en]t of the purchase Money I discovered that all this was more matter of Agreement between the Individuals, depending always on the respective feelings & convenience.  Also perusing & considering papers &c relative to Macclesfield Brewery, to which place I propose going on Tuesday.

Monday 9.  At Burslem in consequence of a Letter received from Mr Wood & a Meeting of the Churchwardens  &c on the subject of rating Coal Mines to the Poor.  Agreed that the Appeal sh[oul]d be respited to the Easter Sessions in order to afford an opportunity for an amicable arrangement & a fresh Survey.

Tuesday 10.  Set off to Macclesfield, Arrived there in the Afternoon & long Conversation with Mr Handley in the Evening.

Wednesday 11.  Closely engaged all day in examining & settling Books drawing out State of the Concern &c

Thursday 12.  Do  Do Morning but returned home to dinner. 

Friday 13.  At home fatigued & unwell.  

Q If the great desideratum in brewing is not in the attenuating to prevent the loss of spirit in the fermentation or in other words occasioned[?] & suffering in the fermentation necessary to attenuate the liquor so as to make it agreeable to the palate. 

[On previous page 9]

*great importance of the most exact & delicate characteristics & Q whether Earthen ware might not be used with great advantage instead of wood.  E.g. By lining the Gyle Tun with Earthen ware or Having Brick ones constructed so lined

In the Gyle Tun there is a kind of impure Matter generated which of the smallest quantity now left deposited in the Wood wd infect the whole.  W B compared its virulence to that of the small Pox.  Hence the*

[Page 11]


Saturday 14.  At Hanley inspecting with Mr Kinnersly the men[?] of the Volunteers.  Dined at W Bents on my Return.  Macclesfield Concerns &c &c

Sunday 15.  At home Service as usual.  Read a good deal to day principally Boswells Life of Johnson.  A Book which notwithstanding the vanity of the Author, contains much valuable instructive & arousing[? Matter.  In passages on Johnson "morbid Melancholy" int----ed[?] so much.  It is indeed a strange affection, or rather disorder of the Imagination.  But of its compatibility with the most perfect and sound possession & question of Reason & Judgement, I think there is no doubt.  Those only who have really experienced this Malady can know how to compassionate[?] & make allowance for it.  What indeed can be worse than to be subject to and undergo actual sufferance, proportioned to the quickness and force of the Imagination?  For those afflicted with it I verily believe suffer more from the apprehension than they would do from the real Endurance.  The cause I have often thought to be this, in the actual endeavour, the extent, the length and breadth of it, if I may so say of the Evil is known, and the suffering from it is also in some reason divided by external circumstances; but in the apprehension the whole power of sensation seems to be drawn as it were to a single point, & with an intenseness, which renders all other objects uninteresting and incapable of attracting the smallest notice or Consideration.  It is not dreadful to reflect that Johnson though possessing that intellectual pre-eminence which he considered the highest superiority should yet declare, that he never passed that week in his life which he would wish to respect, were an angel to make the proposal to him.

Monday 16.  At home.  Engaged giving various directions on the Farm which owing to indisposition & the great Engagement of my thoughts on other matters had been almost unattended to by me.  Alcock.  Weather very severe.

Sunday 17.  Do.  Engaged again on the Farm notwithstanding the severity of the weather.  In the tranquil but useful pursuit of Agriculture & a Country life, reading, reflection, and the society of that dear good and amiable family with which I has pleased God to bless me, I shall now steadily seek, and cannot fail to find that ease and satisfaction of Mind, without which all earthly Good is vain.  Instead of looking back upon the past with unavailing and therefore weak regret, let me

[Page 12]


endeavour so to act, so as, that the future may compensate for it.  In exertion for the service of others, I hope that I have never been deficient.  I wish dear bought Experience did not at 50 years of age teach me that I should have one better as well as more easily, if I had paid more consideration to myself.

Wednesday 18.  At home.  Engaged again on the farm, reading &c &c

Thursday 19.  Eliza & our two dear Girls Mary & Emma returned from Eton & I had the great satisfaction to find that Dr Brandreth entertained a favourable opinion of our dear Mary's Case.

Friday 20.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Letters &c &c

Saturday 21.  At Trentham Inn early attending hearing Appeals assessed Taxes.  Sir Jno Chetwode Mr Steadman & Self.  Long & fatiguing day but returned very late to dinner.  I this day entered the 51st year of my Age.  It led to many and serious Recollections of the past as well as Resolutions for the future as I passed along, and by which I can only hope that I may duly profit.

Sunday 22.  At home Service as usual.

Monday 23 At Newcastle in consequence of a Letter received from Wm Hindley & consulting with Mr Bent on Macclesfield Concerns &c.  Deeply intended[?] by a letter received from Mr Wedgwood this Evening announcing his intention of leaving Etruria & writing Answer to him. 

Tuesday 24.  At home prevented from going to Stone to attend Select Committee Meeting by the extreme tempestuousness of the weather.

Wednesday 25.  At Stone.  Mr Sparrow, Simpson & Self.  Returned in the Evening to Stoney fields where I slept.

Thursday 26.  Engaged with Mr Bent on the subject of his purchase of Mr Barrows[?] Share, considering either[?] to be sent to him by Mr Bent in reply to one received.  Hasty letter to Mr Hindley &c.  Afterwards at Etruria calling upon Mr Wedgwood, with whom & Mrs W, a painful & most impressive Interview.  Never did this charming woman appear so interesting & superior.  At their request promised to dine with them tomorrow for the purpose of cool discussion & consideration of the step proposed to be taken.

[Page 13]

Friday 27  At Etruria with Eliza.  Mr & Mrs Jos Wedgwood also.  Long discussion & consideration of the state of Mr Wedgwoods Concerns &c &c the arrangement proposed to be made as to his domestic affairs.  Finally prevailed upon him to relinquish the plan of leaving Etruria, & adopt that of Retrenchment in various particulars.   At the earnest intreaty of the party staid all night.

Saturday 28.  Staid at Etruria till about 12.  Long & interesting Conversation again, but had the satisfaction to leave our much valued friends easier in mind.

Sunday 29.  At home.  Enoch Wood with letter from his Father relative to the intended Treaty for the Coals with Warburton &c.

Monday 30.  Engaged all Morning on various matters.  In the Evening went to Stone, accompanied by Mr Thos Sparrow on way to Wolseley Bridge.

Tuesday 31.  Attending General Assembly at Wolseley Bridge.  In the Evening returned to Stone.


Wednesday 1.  Brewery.  Returned home to dinner.

Thursday 2.  At Trentham Inn attending Meeting to hear appeals against Militia Lists.  Very long & fatiguing day & obliged to adjourn to Saturday, not being able to get through the whole of the Business.  It was near 8 oClock when I got home to dinner.  Sr Jno Chetwode Mr Mainwaring Mr Spode & Self.  The two former went away early.

Friday 3.  At home.  Engaged on the farm & various matters

Saturday 4.  At Newcastle attending adjourned Militia Meeting.  Mr Spode & Self.  Afterwards at the Brewery on various matters.  Fixed to meet Mr Barrow[?] at Knutsford on Monday next.

Sunday 5.  At home.  Service as usual.  Mr Wood came to dinner & staid all night.

Monday 6.  A home.  Engaged on the farm &c &c

Tuesday 7.  At Burslem attending Meeting Messrs Warburton Gallimore Walthall

[Page 14]

1809 Feby

Wood Jno Wedgwood Bignall End & Self relative to forming an Agreem[en]t for laying dry Coals in their several Lands by means of our Engines & Gutter, when some Minutes were made for the Consideration of the Parties.

Wednesday 8.  At Talk Chapel attending Service it being the Fast day.  Severely cold & strange day.  In the Evening Dr & Edwd Crompton arrived.  Journey to Knutsford put off till next week in pursuant[?] to a Note from Mr Bent received yesterday at Burslem.

Thursday 9.  At home Engaged with the Doctor &c.  Brewery &c &

Friday 10.  Do  Farm &c

Saturday 11.  Do   Do

Sunday 12.  Do Unwell confined to the House

Monday 13.  Do   Do

Tuesday 14. Do

Wednesday 15.  Set out to Liverpool with Mr Bent.  Arrived at the Star & Garter in the Evening.

Thursday 16.  Engaged at the Brewery

Friday 17.  Do   Do

Saturday 18.  Do.  Brewed for the first time.

Sunday 19.  In the Morning attended Mr Yates Chapel.  Sermon on occasion of the death of the late Mr Rathbone.  Dined at Eton & returned to Liverpool in the Evening

Monday 20.  Returned home.

Tuesday 21.  At home.  Letter writing &c &c &c

Wednesday 22.  Do.  Much engaged.

Thursday 23.  At Macclesfield meeting Mr & Mrs Barrow[?] & Mr Duckworth & finally agreeing with Mr B for the purchase by Wm Bent of his Shares in the Newcastle, Shrewsbury & Macclesfield Concerns.

Friday 24.  Engaged inquiring into & Arranging matters at Macclesfield Brewery but returned home to dinner.

Saturday 25.  At Newcastle attending Local Militia Meeting.  Mr Kinnersly & self



Sunday 26.  At home.  Service &c but unwell & in the House all day.

Monday 27.  Do Letter writing.  Engaged in the Grounds.  Alcock

Tuesday 28.  At home.


Wednesday 1.  At Burslem.  Colliery Business &c &c    

Thursday 2.  Sr Jno Chetwode Lady Harriet & Miss Chetwode Mr & Mrs Jos Wedgwood & Mr W Sneyd at Linly Wood

Friday 3.  The Chetwodes left in the Morning.  Mr & Ms Jos Wedgwood staid.

Saturday 4.  At home.

Sunday 5.  At home

Monday 6.  At Butterton with Family.  Hedge in the Meadow began to be taken down.  Thomas Thomson Gardiner came to his place wages 19s  P week 12 Quarts Beer P week & House

Tuesday 7.  From Butterton to Stone.  Select Committee

Wednesday 8.  Stone.  Returned to dinner.  Miss Hitchens

Thursday 9.  At home.  Engaged in Grounds & various matters.  Mr Butt dined & staid all night.   

Friday 10.  At home.

Saturday 11.  At Burslem Colliery from thence to Basford calling upon Capt Bent, but found him out.   Returned to dinner.  Navig[atio]n papers.

Sunday 12.  Went to Cheadle with Mr Robinson on the business of Alton Mill Pool.

Monday 13.  Engaged all day surveying Course of Canal & the various modes proposed of passing the Mills.  Met Col Wilson & Mr Ingleby and finally arranged the business with them subject only to the decision of the Select Committee.  In the Evening Mr John Philips.

Tuesday 14.  Mr Blagg breakfasted with us.  Perused Bill brought into Parliam[en]t for Inclosure of Olerton[?] Commons.  Clause to be introduced for securing to the Navign the Inclosure made by them

[Page 16]

1809 March

some time ago with the Consent of the Lord of the Manor.  From Cheadle to the Wheat Sheaf at Stoke attending Lieuten[anc]y Meeting for enrolling & swearing in Volunteers into the Local Militia.  Very busy & fatiguing day.  Col Sneyd Mr Spode & Self.  Went home to dinner not til 8 o'Clock.

Wednesday 15  At Newcastle to have called on Mr Rd Bent but he was gone out.  Brewery &c &c

Thursday 16.  At home.  Engaged on farm & various Matters.

Friday 17.  Do.  Mr Slater of Liverpool arrived in the Morning.  Long Conversation relative to Liverpool Brewery.  Capt Bent & Mr Rawson came to dinner.

Saturday 18.  The Gentlemen left Linley Wood.  Engaged in the farm &c and also on finally correcting the proof Sheet of Houghtons Essays which had arrived last night by the Post.

Sunday 19.  Engaged in the Morning again with the Proof Sheet & writing Letter to Houghton.  Service as usual.  Mr Wood came to dinner with whom much Conversation in Colliery & other Concerns.

At Newcastle.  

Monday 20.  At home.  Farm &c

Tuesday 21  At Trentham Inn attending Lieuten[an]cy Meeting & enrolling Local Militia.  Mr Spode & Self.  Afterwards at Finney Green dining with Mr Pool.  Mr Spode & I going in a Chaise from Newcastle.

Wednesday 22.  At Burslem meeting Mr Bent & Mr Slater.  The former to consider of the proposed plan of lining the Gyle Tun in Breweries with earthen ware.  Long Consultation with Mr Wood thereon, who had no doubt of its practicability & undertook to get some Tiles made immediately for the purpose of making the experiment.  Mr

[Page 17]

1809 March

Slater much gratified with the Steam Engines which he said greatly exceeded any idea he had formed of them.  Mr Slater returned with me to Linley Wood to dinner.  Mr B & Mr W prevented from accompanying us by accidental circumstances.  On my return found Alcock who finally took his A----ers[?] previous to his removal to Derby after an acquaintance of nearly 30 years I could not but feel much concern at parting, having derived many hours of pleasure from his performance on the violin.

Thursday 23. At Newcastle with Mr later attending Agricult[ura]l Meeting.  Rev Mr Hill being the President.  Good Meeting & pleasant day.

Friday 24.  Mr Slater left us.  Dined at Basford.  Mr & Mrs Tollet.

Saturday 25.  At Newcastle settling Acc[ount]s & receiving £1000 due to Dr Crompton on Bond from the late Mr Sneyd & which he had agreed to lend me to advance into the Liverpool Concern.  Returned to dinner.

Sunday 26.  At home.  Service as usual.

Monday 27.  Do.  Engaged on Colliery papers.  Drawing Dra[ft] of Articles of Agreem[en]t between Wood & Caldwell & Jno Wedgwood Peter Warburton & others for unwatering Coals by the Burslem Engine &c &c      

Tuesday 28.  At Burslem with Dra[ft] reading over & considering the same with Mr Wood.  Mr & Mrs John Wedgwood came to dinner & to pass a short time at Linley Wood.

Wednesday 29.  At Stafford.  There being a remarkably full attendance the Grand Jury & 23 on the List before we Returned home in the Evening promising to go back to Stafford on Friday to attend on a special Jury.

Thursday 30.  At home Engaged all morning closely with the Colliery Articles & afterwards making a fair Copy for Mr Woods perusal.  Long.

Friday 31.  Again at Stafford.  Attended a Special Jury Hanbury v Ballin[?].  The Cause of Unett & Beech on the trial which I had attended at the last Assizes & which had excited much interest was comprised the parties agreeing to divide the property & each pay his own Costs.

[Page 18]

1809   April

Saturday 1.  Returned from Stafford.  A good deal fatigued with the business of the week.  In the Evening reading to our Party

Sunday 2.  At home.  Service as usual.  Mr Wood

Monday 3.  Do.  Engaged on various mattes & unwell.

Tuesday 4.  At Stone attending Navig[atio]n Gen[era]l Committee Meeting

Wednesday 5.  Do.  General Assembly.  Returned late to dinner

Thursday 6.  At Madeley attending Meeting Property  assessed taxes.  Fatiguing day having the whole to go through with Nr Mainwaring.  Sr Tho Fletcher Col Sneyd & Mr Boughey engaged on Justices business.

Friday 7. At home.  Engaged perusing & correcting further proof Sheets of Houghtons Essays & and on various other matters.

Saturday 8.  At Macclesfield with W Bent on the affairs of Wm Handley[?] & Co.  Out all day.  Dined at the Red Bull Lawton on our Return

Sunday 9.  At home.  Service as usual.

Monday 10.  At Whitehall.  Rev Mr Salmon to have met Mr Edleston relative to the Conveyance to Sr Tho Broughton &c but he did not come having gone to the Assizes at Chester.  From Whitehall to Sandbach were I found Mr Salmon & Conversation with him on this business.  Returned to dinner.  

Tuesday 11: At home.  Engaged on farm &c &c

Wednesday 12: Do.  Engaged with papers previous to setting off to Shrewsbury in the morning with Sr Jno Heathcote & Mr Bent.

[Page 19]


Thursday 13: In Shrewsbury with Sir Jno Heathcote & Mr Bent.

Friday 14: At Shrewsbury closely engaged all day with Brewery Accounts &c till late at night.

Saturday 15: Do.   Do

Sunday 16: Returned home late.  Found Mr Skerrett.

Monday 17: At home.  Much fatigued & unwell.  Engaged with sundry papers, letters, &c.  Elizth with Eliza went to Knutsford.  Mr S left us.

Tuesday 18: At Sandon.  Attending Meeting of Select Navign Committee.  Returned at night late & much fatigued.

Monday 19: At Home.  Engaged on the Grounds, the extension of the water in the ground above the Meadow, having been begun yesterday morning, and a number of People being at work.  The removal of the hedge which had hitherto bounded the Meadow, and the enlargement of the water, I have undertaken this Spring, with a view to gratifying Stamford, on his Return from Scotland, he having frequently expressed a wish that this improvement might be made, at least so far as relates to the removal of the Hedge.  It necessarily points out and will ultimately I trust lead to still greater ones; but by when to be executed depends upon a higher power!!

Thurs 20: At Madeley. Attending Meeting of Comm[issioner]s on Appeals under the Assessed & Property Taxes.  Hard & laborious day.  Having left home between 7 and 8 in the morning and not getting back till between 6 & 7 at night literally without eating drinking or almost sitting down.  The business as usual devolved upon myself.  The other Gentlemen

[Page 20]


Sr Jno Chetwode and Sr Tho Fletcher being engaged on business as Magistrates and Mr Mainwaring being my only assistant.

Friday 21: At Home.  Mr Wm Penlington, relative to the affairs of his father & Letter received from Mr Simms[?] (who has married Miss Audley).  Considering this business again, sketching out letter to be written in reply &c &c  Afterwards Engaged on the Grounds with the workmen &c.

Saturday 22: At Burslem in consequence of a letter received last night from Mr Wood on Colliery concerns.  From thence to Newcastle Brewery &c.  Mr Bent told me that if in the solution of the Liquor the heat rose above 180 Degrees by the Sachrometer it occasions a Loss of 10 p Cent, if 200 20 p Cent.

Sunday 23: At home.  Unwell.

Monday 24: Do.

Tuesday 25: At home.  Mr Blunt & Jno Blunt dined.

Wednesday 26: At home.

Thursday 27: At Burslem, Colliery Business.  Mr Wood returned to dinner & staid all night.

Friday 28: At Macclesfield with Mr Bent.  Brewery Concerns.

Saturday 29: At Etruria dining with Mr & Mrs Wedgwood.

Sunday 30: At home.


Monday 1: [Entry crossed out]

Tuesday 2: At home.  Mr Armistead on his affairs, dined.

Wednesday 3: At Nantwich.

Thursday 4: Do.

Friday 5: Do.

Saturday 6: Do.

Sunday 7: Do.

Monday 8: Do.

Tuesday 9: Do.

Wednesday 10: Returned to Linley Wood


[Page 21]

1809 May

Thursday 11: At home.  Engaged on various affairs in consequence of my long absence.

Friday 12: At Madeley.  Meeting Property & Assessed Taxes.

Saturday 13: At home.  Engaged with Grounds &v

Sunday 14: Do.

Monday 15: At Burslem, from thence to Etruria & Newcastle, Brewery business &c.  Fixed to go with Mr Bent to Liverpool on Sunday.

Tuesday 16: At home.  Lady Fletcher & Mrs Boughey called.  Letter to Sir John Heathcote on Mr Catusian business.  Do. to Mr Colclough Sandbach Penlingtons affairs.

Wednesday 17: In the Morning Mr Wedgwood of Burslem & Mr Wood.  Afterwards Meeting Mr Coombe of Newcastle & Mr Rowley of Oulton on behalf of Mrs Alsagers relative to trees in Linley Lane proposed to cut down.  When all Parties were satisfied that so far as related to my Land in Alsager next to Linley Lane the Ladies had no right.  Afterwards looking at Waste Land opposite to the Oak farm House which I wished to enclose, & which Mr Rowley contested to my doing.  Turned Cows & Sheep into the Land before the House.

Thursday 18: At Butterton calling at Mr Swinnertons but he was not at home.  Left Mr Catusians[?] Letters &c.  W Bent & Mr Forrest of Birmingham came to Linley Wood to dinner & staid all night.

Friday 19: Set off with W Bent to Liverpool on Brewery Concerns.  Mr Forrest accompanied us to Knutsford.  Arrived at Liverpool to dinner.

Saturday 20: Engaged all day on Brewery Affairs, which wear a very promising & favourable appearance.  Dined in Clayton Sqr with the Bent family who had been spending a short time at Liverpool but prevented calling any where else by the hurry of Business.

NB In order to give the freshness or spiriturity to Malt Liquor Before it is run off the Cooler first stir it up so that a small portion of the Malt hops may go along with it.  But whale[?] the balk sub---[?] by too much wd spoil it

[Page 22]

1809 May

Sunday 21: Set off on our Return home accompanied by Mr W Bent.  Arrived at Macclesfield to dinner & making sundry arrangements in this Concern.  I run thence to Linley Wood.  Found Mr Cartusal[?] who I had invited to come down for a day or two in order to ascertain the eligibility of his succeeding Mr Alcock.  Found that Mr Boughey had called at Linly Wood on Saturday.

Monday 22: Engaged all day with Mr Cartusal[?] & various matters

Tuesday 23: Eliza Miss T Mary & Ann set off to London.  At Trentham Inn attending Meeting Land Property & Assessed Taxes, Sr Jno Heathcote, Mr Steadman & Self.  Returned to dinner.

Wednesday 24: At home engaged on the farm & various matters.  In the morning Stamford set off to London.

Thursday 25: Do.  Mr Broadhurst of Mansfield & his Son came soon after breakfast & staid all day & with whom engaged.

Friday 26: At Newcastle with Deeds belonging to Knypersly Estate in Mortgage to the late Mrs[?] Bentley, which I delivered to Mr Tho Sparrow for the purpose of an abstract being made agreeable to Sr Jno Heathcotes request.  Signed a part Note to the Executors of the late Mrs Fenton for £400 in lieu of one for that Sum which had been stolen.  Brewery Concerns &c &c &c

Saturday 27: At Burslem.  Various matters.

Sunday 28: At home

Monday 29: Do.  Farm &c &c

Tuesday 30: Mr Wood, Mr Tho Wedgwood & E Wood dined.

Wednesday 31: At Mare Hall, Sr Jno & Lady H Chetwode Mr G Chetwode & Mr & Mrs Tollett dined.


Thursday 1: At Do Dr Northern & Mr Blunt dined.

Friday 2: At Do. Mr & Mrs O[?] Crewe Miss F Crewe Rev Mr & Mrs Robinson Mr Ricketts & Mr Butt dined.

Saturday 3: Returned to Linley Wood to dinner

Sunday 4: At home.  Dr & Mrs & Miss Crompton arrived to dinner with whom engaged.

Monday 5: Prevented attending Mr Tollets sheep shearing by my engagements with the doctor

[Page 23]

1809 June

Read h[e]artily Parrs Character of Fox which the D. had ------ -----[?] Intelligent & honest then will always be ready to grant that moderation in principles is very compatible with orders in Language.  Parr Character of Fox p.293

Tuesday 6: At Newcastle with Dr Crompton.  Liverpool Brewery &c.  The Doctor left us in the afternoon.

Wednesday 7: Mrs Crompton &c left Linley after Breakfast.  At Nantwich calling on Genl Skerrett.  Dined with him & Mr S in Dysart Buildings & returned home in the Evening.

Thursday 8: At home.  Engaged all Morning writing Letters &c &c

Friday 9: Do.  In the morning reading writing &c.  Afterwards on the farm.

Saturday 10: Rev Boyle in his life speaking of the restlessness of Fancy which accustomed his thoughts to wring[?] Says To Great an unhappiness it is for persons that are born with such busy thoughts not to have consequent objects proposed to them at first."  Boyles life p.16 Qo. Ed. 1772

How often & with what better reason have not I myself regretted the being born with such a disposition to wandering thoughts, and not having them furnished by Education with the best means of checking them namely, an acquaintance with the operations of the understanding, which accustom, & raiflate[?] the mind to an attention, so close as not to admit of -------ness[?] or distraction.  Considered  even in this point of view I have always regarded Mathematics as invaluable.  To those inclined by nature to a melancholy pensiveness as well as possessing a strong & lively imagination, qualities often united.  I know nothing that can be more effectual to dissipate the one, & controul the other, and ultimately to fortify & guard the mind against the evils of both.

Mr Wm Penlington on their affairs.  Mr Eardley Talke relative to forming a Society within the Liberty of Talke for prosecut[io]n of Offenders: which I approved.

Sunday 11: At home

Monday 12: At Burslem.  From thence to Etruria in consequence of a letter from Jos Wedgwood requiring my advice on the affairs of the late Mr Tho Wedgwood of Burslem, he & his Brother having been appointed Trustees & Executors under the will, but he was

[Page 24]

1809 June

gone from Etruria.  Advised Mr Wedgwood not to do any Act that might be in "Acting" under the will till I saw him & his Brother together.  From thence to Newcastle & home.  Meeting Jas Bent on the Road who had been at Linley Wood to make a farewell call previous to again joining his Regiment.

Tuesday 13: At home.  Engaged on the farm.  Reading &c

Though I cannot say that my own Experience has fully confirmed the following Remark of Bass[?] ('one of the wise Men') yet I think it generally true, & deserving of the particular Consideration of those, who like myself, have engaged much in endeavouring to settle amicably the differences amongst friends & neighbours.   Bias says, "It is better to decide a difference betwixt our Enemies than friends, for one of the friends will certainly become an Enemy; one of the Enemies, a Friend."  Stanleys Hist[ory] of Philosophy p.41

Wednesday 14: At Newcastle attending special tax Meeting at the Roebuck.  General & Mr Skerrett came to Linley Wood to dinner.  Mr Bent & R Skerrett also dined.

Thursday 15: Engaged with the General & Mr S.  Dined at Mr Rob Skerrets

Friday 16: At Burslem with the General & Mr S.  Returned at dinner

Saturday 17: Went to Nantwich with the Gentlemen staid all night 

Sunday 18: Returned in the Evening

Monday 19: At Newcastle with Memorial which I had drawn up with the direction of Genl Skerrett relative to the obtaining of the Majority of the 20th Regiment by James Bent.  Mr Wood & Mr Tho Wedgwood at dinner at Linley Wood.  In the afternoon Mr Salmon & Mr Ecleston relative to the conveyance of Mr P Share of the Saltworks & Settlem[en]t of the Account when it was agreed that Mr E & I sh[oul]d meet & endeavour to effect the matter in some unanimous[?] way.

[Page 25]

1809 June

Tuesday 20: At Macclesfield with Mr Bent on Brewing Concerns.  Engaged closely all day.  NB When the Thermometer is at 60 the bad matter in the Liquor which is generated by fermentation begins to be put in action.

Wednesday 21: Engaged all Morning at Macclesfield.  Returned to Linley Wood to dinner.  In the Evening went with Mr B to Newcastle & returned.

Thursday 22: At Stone attending Meeting of Select Committee.   Much business

Friday 23: Engaged in Do.  Left Stone at 2 & came to Etruria to dinner.  From thence returned with Eliza in the Evening to Linley Wood.

Saturday 24: At home.  In the Evening had the happiness to receive again my dear Wife & Children, on their Return from London.  Of the pleasure of such a Meeting none can judge but those who have felt it.

Sunday 25: At home

Monday 26: At home.  Farm.  Gardens &c &c.  Mr Wm Penlington breakfasted.  Consulting on their affairs &c.

Tuesday 27: At Newcastle on various Matters.  Brewery &c &c

Wednesday 28: At home.  Accounts &c

Thursday 29: Do.  Mr Wood & Enoch dined.

Friday 30: At Stafford attending Meeting for nomination of Member for the County in consequence of Lord Granville Leveson having been appointed Secretary at War, when his Lordship was again nominated.  Nomination objected to by Chas Wolseley & Mr Swinnerton of Butterton.  The former on the old ground of being a placeman & Pensioner.  The latter charge was repelled by Lord G who said he never had received a Shilling in the way of pension.  Mr Swinnerton brought up the worn out business of the Parish of Stoke

[Page 26]


Rectory Bill lately passed & objected to his Lordship, because he had not taken such a part in the business as Mr S wished.

The objections of both the opponents very poor & pitiful Seemed to be disregarded by the Meeting


Saturday 1: At Burslem

Sunday 2: Engaged comparing Observations relative to the late nomination for insertion in the Pottery Gazette.  Afterwards at Newcastle Stoke &c but not meeting with Mr Bent or Mr Spode I withheld the Observations.

Monday 3: At Swinnerton Hall dining at Mr Tollett where we staid all night.

Tuesday 4: Returned home.  Stopped at Newcastle on various matters.

Wednesday 5: Set off with Mr Bent to Liverpool.  Arrived there to dinner.

Thursday 6: Closely engaged all day at the Counting House arranging & examining Books Acc[ount]s for General Statement & Settlem[en]t

Friday 7: Do Do Do

Saturday 8: At the request of Mr Townshend surveying with Mr Bent Building Land in Harrington purchased by him from Lord Sefton and in which he wished the Trustees for Mr Townshend to advance some money in order that Mr B & I might report our opinion to the Trustees.  Afterwards busily engaged all day & til late at night completing gen[era]l Statement & Settlement of the affairs of the concern which had every appearance of being in a flourishing & prosperous state.  Signing such Statement &c &c

Sunday 9: At Eton to breakfast early; from thence to Macclesfield, to look after Brewery & home at night, having relinquished a plan which had been framed for Meeting Mr Robinson of Stone at Runcorn this Morning but which we found we could not accomplish without giving up Macclesfield.

[Page 27]

1809 July

Monday 10: At home.  Engaged on various matters in consequence of my absence.  Preparations for mowing tomorrow &c &c

Tuesday 11: Begun mowing the Meadow the weather which had for a considerable time past, been very wet & stormy having all the appearance of taking up.

Wednesday 12: Engaged in the Hay.  Afterwards dining at Sr Tho Fletchers.  Mr & Mrs Sneyd of Ashcomb.  Returned in the Evening.

Thursday 13: Do Do.  Mr Jos Wedgwood, advising relative to the affairs of the late Tho Wedgwood of Burslem, the late purchase made by Miss Wedgwood from Mr Astbury, and an intended Bill in Parliament for confirming the Articles for the revision of the Commons & Waste grounds within the Manor of Mare.

Friday 14: At home.  Engaged in the Hay Harvest &c &c.  Mr Houghton & his little Girl arrived at Linley Wood in the Evening.

Saturday 15: Do.  Engaged with Mr H.  Mr Skerrett came to dinner.  Mr Collison & Mr W Penlington also dined.  Engaged examining Acc[oun]ts delivered by Mr Salmon &c &c

Sunday 16: At home.  Engaged with our friends.  H delivered a Sermon on the gen[era]l idea of great Events from little Causes.

Monday 17: At Bartock[?] house Fishing.  Mr Skerrett left us at Bartock[?] house.  Perused the Epags by H.  Found them to read better than I had expected & approve many & more the argument.

Tuesday 18: At home.  Houghton went this morning to Nantwich.

Dr & Mrs & Miss E Bent, Mr & Mrs Wedgwood, Dr & Mrs Northern & Miss Moreton dined.

Wednesday 19: At home.  Houghton returned with whom engaged.

Thursday 20: At Stafford attending the Assizes.  Went from Newcastle in a Chaise with Mr Tho Sparrow.  Served on the Grand Jury.  Dined with the Judges.  Much conversation with Mr Walhouse &c.  Sr Jno Chetwode &c on County Affairs.

[Page 28]

1809 July

Friday 21: At Stafford.  Served on Special Jury in a Cause Clarke v Railston being an Action brought by the Father for the Seduction of his daughter.  Recommended it to the Jury to give £300 damages which they did.  The Judge (Sr Jno Boughey to whom I afterwards introduced myself on the ground of our former acquaintance at the Newcastle Election in 18 & who expressed the greatest & most cordial pleasure at seeing me again) said this was the precise Sum which he had himself though wd be the right measure of damages.  In these actions the Jury are to consider not merely the privation of actual Service, but the injury done to the Comfort & feelings of the Parent.  Mr Jervis leading Counsel for the Deft. whom I afterwards saw acknowledged himself perfectly satisfied with the verdict.  Said it was the exact sum he would himself have given.  Came out of Court about 7 o Clock but returned to Linley Wood that night.

Saturday 22: At home.  Engaged with Houghton &c.

Sunday 23: Do

Monday 24: At Stone attending Select Committee.  This Evening they finished the Hay Harvest.

Tuesday 25: Do.  Returned late to dinner.  In the Evening the Rev Mr Jones from Nantwich.

Wednesday 26: At home.  Engaged with Do.

Thursday 27: At Burslem.  Mr Sparrow[?] dined.  In the Afternoon Rev Tho[?] Hill relative to the reference of the matters in dispute between him & Mr Heathcote.  Long conversation &c &c

[Page 29]

1809 July

Friday 28: At home.  Perusing papers left by Mr Hill.  Considering the Case.  Drawing out long Observations &c &c.  Greatest part of the day.

Saturday 29: To Mr Gilberts to have spoken to him on this business but I could not meet with him.  Afterwards at Mr Hills Colliery, viewing the premises, & making Enquiries.  Mr Wood, E Wood & Mr Tho Wedgwood dined & with whom engaged in the afternoon.

Sunday 30: At home.  Service performed by Houghton.  Rejoice with those that rejoice & weep with those that weep.  Sensible, practical, & eloquent discourse.  In the evening Moses[?] Heath & his Brother on Mr Hills business with Letters &c

Monday 31: At home.  Houghton &c &c.  Particularly engaged considering Case & drawing Observations in the matter of Hill & Heathcote


Tuesday 1: Trentham with Eliz[abet]h & Eliza but did not see Lord & Lady Stafford who were not at Trentham.  Engaged again on Hill & Heathcote business.  Houghton &c

Wednesday 2: At the Hollins.  Conversation with Mr Johnson relative to the matter of Hill & Heathcote.  Various Enquiries &c.  In the Evening Mr Harvey.

Thursday 3: At Talk on the Hill.  Engaged all day on the Reference.  Sr Jno Heathcote, Mr Heathcote, Messrs Harvey, Tomlinson, Harding & Self with various other persons.  Made sundry arrangements for proceeding in the Business.

Friday 4: Elizth & I at Newcastle.  Stoney fields.  Etruria.  Taking Mr Harvey to Newcastle who there left us.  Returned to dinner late.

Saturday 5: Eliza & Ann took Mr Houghton & his little girl to Nantwich. Engaged at home on various papers &c 

[Page 30]

1809 August

Sunday 6: At home.  In the house all day.  Reading &c &c.  In the evening Eliza & Ann returned.

Monday 7: At home

Tuesday 8: At Newcastle Races.  Dined at the Ordinary.  In the Evening at the Ball.  Marchioness of Stafford Lady Charlotte Sr Oswald Moseley & Macdonald &c &c.  The most marked & pleasing attention shown by Lady S &c to the whole of our domestic party.  Returned home with Eliza.

Wednesday 9:  Do Do.  In the Evening at the play.  Returned home.

Thursday 10:  Do Do.  Stamford set off to Manchester 

Friday 11: At home.  In the Evening Rev Mr Yates of Liverpool Mr A Yates & Houghton arrived.  Pleasant Evening & much Conversation.

Saturday 12: Do.  Mr Yates & his Son left us.  Engaged with Houghton &c &c

Sunday 13: Do.  Mr Thos Gorton dined, Service having been previously performed by Houghton.  Macclesfield Brewery &c much Conversation about.

Monday 14: Engaged in the Morning with John Martin of Cockshead who came to survey the Colliery in But Lane in dispute between Sr J Heathcote & Mr Hill.  Stamford returned out of Lancashire in the Morning & set of to Buxton.

Tuesday 15: At home.  Houghton &c.

Wednesday 16: Do Do

Thursday 17: At Betley dining with Mr Tollet.  Richd Heathcote &c

Friday 18: At Burslem with Houghton.  All morning & engaged particularly with him in the Evening previous to his departure the following Morning.  Stamford returned.  H Holland

Saturday 19: Houghton left us leaving under our Care his little Girl.  At Newcastle Meeting Mr D Whalley relative to Handford Mill & Navig Co.

Sunday 20: At home.  H Holland

[Page 31]


Monday 21: Stamford again at Buxton & returned to dinner.

Tuesday 22: At Maer Hall

Wednesday 23: Do

Thursday 24: Returned home to dinner

Friday 25: At home.  Letter writing &c

Saturday 26: Mr Boughey, Mr L Armistead, Miss Fletcher & Miss Powys dined with whom engaged.

Sunday 27: Mr B & Mr A left us.  Rev Tho[?] Hill dined with whom engaged on the business of Hill & Heathcote.  Long consultation & Conversation.

Monday 28: The Ladies left us.  Engaged on Hill & Heathcote.  Writing various Letters &c

Tuesday 29: Engaged again on Do.  Lord & Lady Stafford called and engaged us to dine on Saturday next at Trentham.  Their behaviour throughout marked with the greatest kindness & politeness

Wednesday 30: At home

Thursday 31: At Newcastle Brewery


Friday 1: At Burslem

Saturday 2: At Trentham dining at Lord Staffords, Elizth Eliza Stamford & Self.  Mr R Payn Knight.

Sunday 3: At home

Monday 4: Do Do

Tuesday 5: At Stone.  Meeting of Select Committee.

Wednesday 6: Went from Stone with Mr Sparrow of Bishton to Shugborough looking over Stock of Lord

[Page 32]

1809 Sept

Anson selling off this day by auction.  Returned in the evening. 

Thursday 7: At Newcastle on various matters: Brewery Assigng of Mr Barrows[?] Share to Mr W Bent &c.  Dined at W Bents with Mr Thos Fenton

Friday 8: At home.  Engaged on various matters

Saturday 9: Do     Do    In the Evening Messrs Harvey & Sheridan from Lane End relative to Arrears of Taxes in the hands of the Collector for the Liberty of Longton & advising thereon, when the matter being of great urgency I promised to see them again tomorrow at the Roebuck Newcastle.  Also engaged on the business of the Colliery Reference Hill & Heathcote.    

Sunday 10: At Newcastle Meeting a Deputation from Lane end Mr Snape &c on the above business.  From thence to Mr Thos Fentons.  Dined.  Mr Spode & T Sparrow.

Monday 11: At home.  Engaged in making Alterations in the Ground in the front of the House.  Also engaged with the workmen relative to the Reference Hill & Heathcote which indeed for several days past had taken up much time & attention.

Tuesday 12: At home.  Engaged on various matters

Wednesday 13: DoDo

Thursday 14: At Etruria to dinner

Friday 15: Do Burslem

Saturday 16: Do Mr Tomlinson Knypersly Mortgage &c

Sunday 17: In the Morning retd home.  Jno[?] & W Bent

Monday 18: At home

Do Unwell


A prompt, fluent, correct, unembarrassed & unaffected mo[de] of speech is the most pleasing and ornamental of all accomplishments [This line crossed out]

In every free state, Eloquence is the principal medium of Government, and the most direct and 

[Page 33]

1809 Septr

honourable road to rank, power and reputation and even to those who do not wish to take an active part in the politics of jurisprudence of the times, a prompt, fluent, correct & unembarrassed and unaffected use speech is the most pleasing and ornamental of all accomplishments; and has ever been esteemed from the days of Homer to the present, the most infallible criterion that can distinguish a Gentleman.  In languages so irregularly constructed as our own, this can only be acquired, perhaps, by accustoming our thoughts to flow through purer channels; in which every distinct operation of mind, or mode of thinking, has its distinct vehicle of expression, and every deviation from just order in our thoughts, an immediate and obvious corrective in a correspondent deviation from the established mode of speech.

Edinburgh Rev[iew] July 1809 p.430


Tuesday 19: At home.  Unwell

Wednesday 20th: Do

Thursday 21: At Betley Hall.  Engaged with Mr Tollet & Mr Harding on the Talke Colliery Business.  Staid to dinner.

Friday 22: At Burslem.  Relative to Agreement entered into with Messrs Turton & Co for supply of the Manufactory with Coals, having determined to stop the Engine in consequence of the ill behaviour of Gallimore &c.

Saturday 23: At Newcastle on various matters.  Making arrangement with Mr W Kinnersly relative to the paymt into their hands of the Money on Mortgage of Knypersley Estate & investm[en]t of it in the 5 p Cents.  Brewery &c &c

Sunday 24: At home.  

[Page 34]

1809 Sepr

[Monday] 25. At Stone attending Committee Meeting.

Tuesday 26: Do General Assembly. Returned in the Evening.

Wednesday 27 : Set off to Liverpool with W Bent proposing to spend a week or ten days on the Brewery Affairs & to take the benefit of bathing in the warm sea baths.

Thursday 28: At Liverpool. Brewery  &c. Dined at R Bents.

Friday 29: Do Do Do

Saturday 30: Bent, Powys's, Slater &c at the Star & Garter


Sunday 1. Do W & R Bent & self attended service at Mr Yates' Chapel. Afterwards dined at Eton.

Monday 2: Engaged at Brewery.

Tuesday 3: W Bent this morning imparted to me the distressing intelligence of the accident which had happened on Sunday last to Mr Jno Wedgwood little Caroline, & my own dear Girl Anne by their being thrown out of a Gig on their return from Hanley Church. I soon afterwards received a Letter from my beloved wife, with a favourable Account but I determined to set off as soon as possible the next morning it  being too late to admit of my getting to Etruria this day in any reasonable time

Wednesday 4: Left Liverpool and arrived at Linley Wood to dinner from thence I immediately proceeded to Etruria, & had the great joy to find my dear Girl free from danger though much injured by the Fall her arm being broken & as is supposed a Rib also; with a contusion on the face. Mrs W. also free from danger but in great pain from a violent blow on the head. Little Caroline severely hurt on the head & face.

[Page 35]


Thursday 5: Returned to Linley Wood leaving the Sufferers going on well.

Friday 6: At Etruria again. All going on well, but much apprehension entertained that  Caroline would retain marks of the Accident in her face & that the elevating muscles of the Eye had now separated.

Saturday 7: Again at Etruria & back. Going on well.

Sunday 8: At home. Service etc.

Monday 9: At Etruria & back.

Tuesday 10:Do. Do At Newcastle on various matters

Wednesday 11: At home. In the morning engaged with Mr Harding on the business of Hill & Heathcote previous to the arbitration appointed for tomorrow.  Mr Harvey came to dinner with them engaged. Ann came from Nantwich.  Mr Holland also at dinner.

Thursday 12: Mr Tollet and Mr Hill. Afterwards engaged all day at Talke on the arbitrat[io]n.  After much investigation & discussion agreed upon general principles of an award likely to be beneficial & satisfactory to all Parties.

Friday 13: Engaged in the Morning with Mr Harvey drawing up mem[oran]dum relative to award who afterwards left Linley Wood.

Saturday 14: Took Eliza to Etruria. Found the Sufferers going on well. Anns arm had been set on Thursday. From Etruria to Newcastle & commenced annual settlem[en]t of Books &c on which closely engaged all day. Deliv[ere]d to W B Holroyd Case & Opinion D Giles' Agreement not to discuss &c.

Sunday 15.  W Bent, Mr Hill, & Mr Gorton & Jno Bent dined at Linley Wood.  Also Mr Hill, with whom long Conversation on the Colliery business and who expressed himself highly satisfied with what

[Page 36]


the arbitration had done

Monday 16.   At Etruria again. Saw Mrs Wedgwood for the first time.  Ret[urne]d to dinner.

Tuesday 17.  At Newcastle early. Engaged closely in the counting house all day on annual Settlem[en]t of Brewery Accounts & till late at night. Slept at Stoneyfields.

Wednesday 18.  Do Do all morning. Afterwards at Etruria & from thence home  to dinner. Ann walked out a little for the first time.

Thursday 19  At Fenton meeting Mr Tollet and looking over his farm & from thence to Alsager looking over the farm & advising with Mr Tollet as to the future Letting of it. Mr Tollet with Messrs Wedgwood & Jos. Wedgwood dined.

Friday 20. At Etruria. All going on well.  Brought Eliza back to dinner.

Saturday 21.  At home. Engaged on the farm relative to sundry Improvements proposed to be made, Irrigation &c &c

Sunday 22. At home. Service as usual. 

Monday 23. Do Capt[ai]n Jas Bent dined.

Tuesday 24.  At Stoney fields with Stamford dining with W Bent

Wednesday 25.  At Newcastle attending the Mayor & Corporat[io]n to Church on occasion of the Jubilee & afterwards dined at the Roebuck

Thursday 26.  At Basford calling on Rich[ar]d Bent; from there to Trentham calling upon Mr Macdonald with whom long Conversation on various subjects.  On my return found Stamford very unwell having suffered greatly from the Extraction of a tooth.

[Page 37]

1809 Octr

Friday 27.  Stamford very unwell prevented dining at Basford ------[?] and unfit for his setting off to London tomorrow as he had intended & which was very desirable for him to have done. In the Evening at Newcastle attending the assembly.

Saturday 28.  Engaged on the farm sundry intended Improvements.

Sunday 29.  At home.  Service. Jno Bent dined.

Monday 30.  Do Engaged on the farm & various matters.

Tuesday 31.  At Alsager looking over the Farm with Mr Jackson & others previous to entering into a Treaty with him for a Lease of it. In the Evening engaged examining Kinnersly's & other Accounts.


Wednesday 1.  At home engaged on the farm &c &c                                                      

Thursday 2.  At Talk on the Hill Meeting Mr Jno Martin and Mr Thos. Heath relative to the terms of an agreem[en]t between Sr Heathcote & Mr Hill for the Coals being got by the former.  From thence to Etruria. On my return found Mr Wood with whom Engaged.  Planted this day ----[?] at the corner of the Hollins field.  Stakes 7 feet high.

Friday 3.    Mr Wood left us after breakfast. Engaged on the farm & the conveying of the water out of old Linley Lane into the farm yard for the purpose of irrigation which work had been begun a day or two ago by J Harrison. In the forenoon Houghton arrived and before dinner my beloved Ann was once more restored to us & got home without much suffering.

Saturday 4.  At  home. Engaged with Houghton, Farm &c

[Page 38]


Sunday 5.  At home.  Service performed by Houghton.  Mr Skerrett arrived from Nantwich.

Monday 6.  Engaged with Mr Skerrett looking over Alsager Estate.  Mr Stevens came to dinner.

Tuesday 7.  At Stone attending Meeting of Select Committee

Wednesday 8.  Do  Returned to dinner

Thursday 9.  Do  Engaged on the farm superintending various matters.  Accounts &c

Friday 10.  Do Unwell: but engaged on farm &c

Saturday 11.  At Newcastle on various matters, Brewery &c  Returned to dinner.    

Sunday 12.  At home.  Service as usual

Monday 13.  Do.  Engaged on farm &c &c.  Mr Stevens. 

Tuesday 14.  At Burslem relative to Colliery Concerns & intended purchase of Gallimores Land.  Returned to dinner.  Mr Skerrett Mr R Skerrett & the two Mr Jacksons. Agreed with the latter for Lease for 9 yrs of Alsager Estate in the holding of M & W Ashmore at £385 clear.   The morning my dear wife set off with our interesting & suffering Girl Mary to London accompanied by Hannah.  God grant that the result may be prosperous, & one heavy load by which my friend[?] has been long oppressed, be removed!

Wednesday 15.  At home.  Engaged in various matters.

Thursday 16.  At Newcastle.  Talk on the Hill Reference.  Brewery Concern &c &c  At night Snow.

Friday 17.  At home.  Engaged on the farm.  Reading &c.  Mrs Jno Wedgwood & Mrs Jos Wedgwood dined on their return from Liverpool.

Saturday 18.  Do  Acc[oun]ts &c

Sunday 19.  Do Service.  W Bent dined.  In speaking of the ale which had gone bad at Liverpool he supposed the -------[?] might have been occasioned by the Temperature in the process having exceeded 60 degrees of which a disposition to go hard is the consequence.

[Page 39]

1809 Novemr

Monday 20.  At Newcastle.  Kinnersly.  W Bent & J Smith & others relative to the dispute between the Corporation of Newcastle & the Parish respecting the workhouse.  Inspecting vestry Books &c when I promised to attend a Meeting in the Town hall on Friday next.  Martin.  Fine Wood & Caldwell

Tuesday 21.  At home.  Began the diversion of But Lane water course in order to irrigate part of the Land late Mrs Johnsons.  Captn Bent & Edwd Crompton came to shoot, dined & staid all night.  Martin of Cockshead relative to Talk Reference &c &c

Wednesday 22.  At home.  Engaged writing &c &c

Thursday 23.  At Burslem Bycars Colliery &c &c.  Received on my Return Dra[ft] of Award in the Talk Reference.  Letter to Mr Harding thereon.

Friday 24.  At Newcastle attending Vestry Meeting & afterwards Meeting of the Corporation on the Workhouse business when the same was finally & amicably settled.  Money wanted for Improvements & Repairs to be raised by a Levy & a Loan to be granted by the Corora[tio]n for a term of 99 yrs at £10 P: Annum Rent.  Returned to dinner.

Saturday 25.  At home.  Letter writing &c

Sunday 26.  Do  Service.  Edw Crompton came to dinner

Monday 27.  At Alsager with Mr Saml Jackson arranging various matters between him & Michl Ashmore as to ploughing &c.  Mr A to plow & sow wheat & be paid for the former & allowed half the latter.  Inspecting Cottages & settling with the Tenants as to their continuing in possession &c   Mr Stevens.  In the Evening Musick.

[Page 40]                                                                                                                                                                

1809 Novemr

Tuesday 28.  At home.  Engaged all Morning with Mr Jno Martin of Cockshead on the business of the Talk on the Hill Colliery examining Plan &c & settling the terms proper to be acceded to by Mr Hill in case the Coals are to be got by Mr Heathcote.  Mr Blunt & Jno came to dinner & staid all night.

Wednesday 29.  At home.  Engaged with the Revd Jno[?] Hill who came to Linley Wood on the Reference of the Talk Business for part of the Morning

Thursday 30.  At Burslem.  Various matters.  In the Evening Mr Harding of Betley in order to accompany me in the morning to Sandon.


Friday 1.  At Sandon meeting Mr Harvey on Reference, and closely engaged all day & till a few minutes before 12 at night when we executed 2 parts of our Award

Saturday 2.  Returned home to dinner.  Mr Wood, with whom engaged in the Colliery dispute with Gallimores &c.  perusing statem[en]t of Evidence &c &c & consulting on this business.

Sunday 3.  At home.  Mr Wood staid to dinner.  Service.

Monday 4.  Do.  Engaged on various matters previous to going to Stone tomorrow.  Farm &c &c

Tuesday 5.  At Stone attending Select Committee Meeting.  Close day of business

Wednesday 6.  At Do. Returned home late to dinner & found Mr & Mrs Jno Wedgwood & their family who had come to spend a short time at Linley Wood

Thursday 7.  At home.  Farm.  Writing &c.  Mr Wedgwood &c

Friday 8.  DoDoDoDo

Saturday 9.  At Hanley meeting Col Sneyd & swearing in & enrolling volunteers to supply vacancies in the Local Militia.  Returned late to dinner.

Sunday 10.  At home.  Service as usual.

Monday 12.  This Morning Mr & Mrs Wedgwood left us: after which at Burslem with Eliza calling upon Mr & Mrs Brettell.  Returned to dinner.  Mr Stevens

[Page 41]

1809   Decemr

Tuesday 12.  At Newcastle Brewery.  Mr Smith Relative to Annuities & duties under the will of Mr Stamford &c &c

Wednesday 13.  At home.  Engaged on the farm.  Barker & Whitaker taking levels for improvements in the Water Meadow.  Mr Tollet also came.  In the afternoon heavy snow.

Thursday 14.  At home.  Engaged with papers &c previous to going to Nantwich tomorrow.

Friday 15.  At Nantwich.  Completion of Title of Moiety of Salt works to Sr Thos Broughton.  Salmon & Penlington &c.  dinner & slept at Mr Skerretts

Saturday 16.  Do.  Dined in Dysart Buildings

Sunday 17.  Returned to dinner.  Could not get to see Mr G-------[?] till this Morning he being from home or engaged.  Made arrangem[en]t with him for completion of Title.  A Suff[icien]t Sum to be retained in Sr Thos Broughtons hands to indemnify agt Annuities or the Annuities to be purchased in out of the purchase Money.

Monday 18.  In the night attacked with a sever rheumatic or as Mr Skerrett who I was obliged to send for, thought a gouty rheumatic attack in my Chest attended with great pain & difficulty of breathing.

Tuesday 19.  Confined all day.  Men began this day the work in the water meadow.

Wednesday 20.  Do    Do   Penlingtons Papers &c &c

Thursday 21.  Do  Walked out but unable to attend Navg Genl Assembly at Wolseley Bridge, which I had appointed to do on Grand Union Canal business.

Friday 22.  Do  Mr Wm Penlington on their Affairs.

Saturday 23.  At Rode Heath looking at Land belonging to Messrs Penlington & Salmon wanted to be taken by Jas Massey for a Timber Yard & Wharf.

Sunday 24.  Do   Service &c.  Mr Wm Bent & Mr Rd Bent came to dinner & with whom engaged on Liverpool Brewery Affairs &c &c

[Page 42]

1809   Decemr

Monday 25.  At Talk on the Hill Chapel.  Delivered to Mr Hill the vouchers for Monies paid by him for the Engine & other matters in setting on foot the But Lane Colliery & also the Accounts of Coals got; being the papers which he had left with me the 29th Nov.

Tuesday 26.   At home.  Miss Wedgwood came to dinner asking for my opinion as to prosecute an Offender for obtaining Relief on false pretences.  Staid all night.  A Lawrence also arrived to dinner from Ollerton.

Wednesday 27.  At Newcastle with Agreem[en]t which I had prepared for engaging with Christr Crowder as Clerk at the Liverpool Brewery.  Long Conversation with W Bent.  Macclesfield &c.  In the course of this W B in allusion to what had been said by Mr R Bent on Sunday last, that the Malt Liquor which they brewed at Liverpool though perfectly fine in their own Cellar, yet when it came to be removed was turbid & would not fine: observed that this was owing to too much Mucilage & explained it further as follows.  Old Malt has more Mucilage than new. The biting[?] taste of the latter shows that it possesses more souchain[?]   Malt has in itself a tendency to return to Mucilage.  Liquor brewed from old Malt, having therefore so considerable a quantity of Mucilage , this Mucilage on its being removed, is put in action & causes the Liquor not to be fine.  The remedy is by making the Malt at a higher Heat.  Old Malt shoul]d always be mashed at a higher heat than new

England & Wales contain tog[ethe]r 38,500,000 Acres of which 

    Acres   AcresHedge Rows

Wheat3,160,000Fallow  2,297,000Coppice &c  1,041,000

Barley & Rye   861,000Hop Grounds       36,000Ways Water &c  1,316,000

Oats & Beans2,872,000Nursery Grds         9,00032,027,000

Clover Rye Grass &c1,149,000Fruit & KitchenCommons & 

Roots & Cabbage1,150,000Gards cultivatedwaste Lands  6,473,000

Cultivated by the ploughby the Spade       41,00038,500,000

Pleasure Grounds   16,000

    Land depastured by Cattle17,479,000

Comlars[?] Inquiry on national Subsistence 1808

[Page 43]


Thursday 28.  At Burslem. Various matters. Ann & Betsy arrived to dinner from Nantwich.

Friday 29.  At Newcastle on various matters.

Saturday 30.  At home.  Mr Beckett relative to Marsh Business.  In the evening I had once more the happiness to receive my beloved wife & Daughter who arrived about 8 oClock. The latter, as we fondly hope, at least improved by her journey & the prospect afforded us of a complete restoration to health.

Sunday 31.  At home. Service as usual.



Monday 1.  At Newcastle. Calling upon Mr Horwood relative to Lord Granville Leveson's property tax 

which was referred for the opinion of S: John Chetwode & myself. Also meeting Mr Beckett to arrange 

paym[en]t of Mr Martin's purchase money of Marsh Build[in]gs remaining unsettled. Sparrow, Kinnersly, 

Smith on various matters. Dined at W Bents with Dr Northern, Mr Sneyd & a Mr Dalton who is about to 

deliver a course of Lectures in Newcastle on natural Experimental Philosophy.

Tuesday 2.  At home. Engaged previous to setting off to Macclesfield tomorrow.

Wednesday 3.  At Macclesfield with W Bent on Brewery Affairs. Closely engaged all day with Books,

Accounts &c &c.

Thursday 4.  Do. Do.  Dined at Mr Jon Daintrey's[?]

Friday 5.   Returned home to dinner. Mr & Mrs Jno & Mr & Mrs Jos Wedgwood & Mr B Allen dined & with whom engaged.

Saturday 6. At home. The Wedgwoods left us in the forenoon. Engaged on farm. Letters &c &c

[Page 44]


Sunday 7:  At home. Service etc.

Monday 8:  At Stone attending Meeting of Select Committee

Tuesday 9:  Dº  Returned late to dinner

Wednesday 10:  At home. Engaged with workmen in the Meadows &c.

Thursday 11:  At Burslem. Bycars Colliery Signed Agreement for Reference of disputes with Gallimores, to 

Jno Martin of Cockshead & Thos Heath of Hanley 

Friday 12:  Letter writing particularly to Mr Jno Daintry of Macclesfield on project for a branch Canal to 

Macclesfield.  Afterwards at Newcastle dining at Dr Northerns.

Saturday 13:  At home.  Cold stormy day.  At night Frost.  Engaged on various matters.

Sunday 14:  Dº  Service as usual.

Monday 15:  Mr Thos Gorton cane to Breakfast Macclesfield Brewery Affairs.  Jackson on Alsager Estate

matters.  Afterwards at Newcastle on Macclesfield Brewery &c &c   Zinc maleable to a certain

Temperature.  2[?] Utility in lining vessels in which Malt liquors fermented ascetic head[?]

Tuesday 16:   At home.

Wednesday 17:  Dº  Mr Skerrett with whom engaged

Thursday 18:  At  Sir John Chetwodes.  In the Evening at Drayton Assembly.

Friday 19:  At Dº.

Saturday 20:  Returned home to dinner.

Sunday 21:  At home.  Service as usual.

Monday 22:  Dº.  Farm etc. etc.

Tuesday 23:  At Trentham attend[in]g Property tax Meeting particularly Lord Granville Levesons Case.  

Long & fatiguing day of business & returned late to Dinner Comm[issioner]s Sirs John Chetwode & 

Heathcote Mr Mainwaring & Self.

[Page 45]


Wednesday 24:  At Shelton attending Gen[era]l Meeting of Subscribers at the Dispensary on Mr 

Cleavins[?] Dismissal.  Afterw[ar]ds at the Brewery on various matters.  Returned home to dinner.  Mr Wm 

Penlington on their Affairs who dined.  The new plan of brewing is a saving system.  Mr B said it began at 

the very first stage of the process & was continued throughout.

Thursday 25:  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Sisters Ann & Bessy left Linley wood.  W Penlington 

again on their Affairs & who dined.

Friday 26:  Dº.  Engaged on various matters.

Saturday 27:  Dº.

Sunday 28:  Dº.  Service as usual Mr W Bent T Gorton & Jno Bent cam to Dinner & staid all night.  Long 

Consideration of Macclesfield Brewery Affairs & particularly in consequence of a Letter received from Mr 

Hindley.  Drawing out Letter to be written to him by T. Gorton &c &c.

Monday 29:  At Newcastle on various matters.  Discharging Tradesmens Bills & accounts &c &c Returned 

to Dinner.

Tuesday 30:  At Trentham Inn attending Meeting for hearing Appeals under Assessed taxes.  Sr John 

Chetwode, Sr John Heathcote & self.  Returned late to dinner.  Severe frost.

Wednesday 31:  At home.  The weather had changed in the night & turned to heavy Rain which continued 

through the day.  Purchased a brown horse for the Carriage from Jas Gibbons of the Red Bull. Irrigation 

&c &c


Thursday 1:  At Trentham Inn attending Deputy Lieutenancy Meeting & hearing appeals against Militia 

Lists.  An uncommonly long & fatiguing day, there being only Mr Mainwaring & myself.   Got through the 

whole however satisfactorily & well but late before we had finished.  Dark uncomfortable Ride home.

[Page 46]


Friday 2:  At home.  Engaged on farm & various matters.

Saturday 3: Dº.  In the Morning Mr Wm Penlington on their Affairs.  Unwell & confined to the House.

Sunday 4:  At home.  Service as usual.

Monday 5:  Do  Engaged on various matters previous to going to Stone tomorrow.

Tuesday 6:  At Stone attending Select Committee.

Wednesday 7:  Dº.  Returned to dinner.

Thursday 8:  At home.  Engaged on the farm and on various matters.

Friday 9:  Dº.  Unwell with a violent Cold.  In danger of losing one of the Carriage horses that had been 

taken ill in the night.  Apprehending from the symptoms that it was occasioned by an attack of the Gripes 

I administered a Cordial Draught but which I soon repented finding on further attention that the 

Complaint was fever.  The general practise of administrating Cordial & healing Draughts on the 

appearance of illness in horses is I am persuaded most erroneous and dangerous; the diseases of Horses 

being almost universally inflammatory.  As a general practise therefore Bleeding and cooling Applications 

such as water gruel Nitre[?] with a little Camphor perhaps is the safest course.

Saturday 10:  The course pursued with the Horse viz the Bleeding & cooling Dra[ft]s had succeeded so far 

that he was this morning out of danger.  Lost a favourite Milking Cow this morning, who had completely 

broke her neck, occasioned I suppose by fighting with one of the others & her horn worming[?] into the 

ground from which she could not extricate it & falling with all her weight on the neck broke it.

[Page 47]

1810 February

Sunday 11.   At home Unwell. Mr Wm. Bent dined

Monday 12.  Do. Engaged perusing Acts of Parliam[en]t & papers & drawing Case. Ld G Levesons property tax

Tuesday 13.  At home

Wednesday 14.  At Newcastle on various matters. particularly calling on Mr Horwood with Ld G G 

Leveson Case.   Brewing Concerns.  Mr. Hatrell.   Newcastle Assembly &c &c

Thursday 15.  At Burslem. Colliery Concerns &c &c Mr Wood returned with me to dinner.  Dr Crompton,

Mr Wood & S Jackson dined.

Friday 16.   At home. Engaged with Dr Crompton &c &c

Saturday 17.  At Newcastle with Dr Crompton on Liverpool Brewing concerns &c &c From thence to


Sunday 18. At home. Service &c

Monday 19.  Do. Mr Jno. Lawrence Junr

Tuesday 20.  Do. In the Evening at Newcastle Assembly attending as Manager with Mr Hatrell

Wednesday 21.  At home. Engaged with our Party &c &c

Thursday 22.  At Newcastle attending Agricultural Society Meeting

Friday 23.  At home. Mr & Mrs Jos & Mrs John Wedgwood dined

Saturday 24.  Do. The Doctor and Mr John Lawrence left Linley Wood

Sunday 25.  Do. Service etc

Monday 26.  Do. Engaged on farm &c but unwell & prevented going to Mare Hall to dinner with the


Tuesday 27.  At home.

Wednesday 28.  At Talk attending Service it being the Fast day.  Conversation with Mr Hill relative to the 

Colliery &c

Thursday 29.  At home. Farm &c   Sheep began to yean[?]

[Page 48]

1810  March

Friday 2.  At Burslem. Passing Acknowledgement of Time by Mr Wood Myself of Lands & Build[in]gs at 

Burslem &c. Copelands Affairs.  From thence to Newcastle.  Brewery Concerns &c  Advising on various 

other matters.  Returned to dinner.  Mr Butt Mr Bayley & Mr Rob Griffon dined & staid all night.

Saturday 3.  At Etruria to have called upon Mr Allen of Cressely but he was not arrived

Sunday 4.  At home. Unwell. Tho Gorton & John Bent dined

' One good Action, one temptation resisted and overcome, one sacrifice of desire or interest purely for 

conscience sake, will prove a cordial for weak and low spirits beyond what either indulgence or diversion or 

company can do for them'Paleys Sermons  p.26

Monday 5.  At home. Mr James of Whitchurch.  Executed Reconveyance of legal Estate in Lands &c late

Powdrell[?] & of which my father had had a Mortgage in Fee

Tuesday 6.  Do

Wednesday 7.  At Newcastle from thence to Shelton attending Meeting at Dispensary for choice of 

Apothecary &c

Thursday 8.  At Newcastle arranging business of Transfer of Navgn Shares from Mr Sneyd to Miss 

Stamford & Self  paym[ent] of Money &c &c   Solicitation by Mr Walthall on behalf of the parties to 

undertake  the sole Reference of the great Colliery Questions between Sr Jno Heathcote & Mr Gilbert

Friday 9.  Set off with W Bent to Liverpool on Brewery Affairs and arrived there in the Evg.

Saturday 10.  At Liverpool. Brewery. also engaged drawing long Case for Opinion of the Board of Excise 

relative to charge for Carriage on Table Beer delivered at a distance from the Brewery at Newcastle.

[Page 49]

1810   March

Sunday 11.  Dined at Dr Cromptons, where I took of my abode

Monday 12.  At Liverpool again

Tuesday 13.  Do. Do.  In having the temperature of the Tun Room should be 55. The liquor in the mash tun 

66. If lower an imperfect fermentation takes place from which the liquor is harsh, not mellow. & in flavour 

very inferior. In consequence of this determined that part of the Tun Room at Liverpool should be 

inclosed[?] so as to render the temperature less liable to be lowered.

Wednesday 14.  At Do. Dined at Mr Leghardys[?] Dr C family Mr Roscoe E & W Roscoe Mr Hall[?] their 

families. W & R Bent &c &c  Left Eton & came to Macclesfield where we slept.

Thursday 15.  Engaged at Brewery

Friday 16.  Arrived at Linly Wood to dinner

Saturday 17.  At home. Engaged on various matters in consequence of absence from home.

Sunday 18.  Do. Service &c

Monday 19.  At Newcastle on various matters

Tuesday 20.  At Mare Hall.   Mr Allen

Wednesday 21.  Returned home & Called at Butterton

Thursday 22.  At home.  Unwell.

Friday 23. Do.  Do.  Mr W. Penlington on their Affairs

Saturday 24.  Do

[Page 50]

1810    March

Sunday 25.  At home.  Service as usual.

Monday 26.  At home.  Mr Allen of Cressilly the two Wedgwood families & Mr Wilbraham of Rode Hall 

Dined.  The former staid all night.

Tuesday 27.  Engaged with Mr Allen &c.  Afterwards at Newcastle.  Various matters.

Wednesday 28.  At Wolseley Bridge attending Navign Committee relative to the business in Parliament when it was resolved that Mr Tho Sparrow Mr Robinson & I shd go as soon as possible to London.  From Wolseley Bridge to Stafford in order to attend the Assizes

Thursday 29.  At Stafford Serving on the Grand Jury.  Dined with the Judges Lawrence & Wood.

Friday 30.  At Do Grand Jury again  Discharged about 3 oClock & returned home being obliged to give up serving on a special Jury Cause which I had been summoned Lord Uxbridge v B------[?] on account of my approaching Journey to London.  Found Miss ------[?] at L Wood

Saturday 31.  At Burslem on various matters from thence to Newcastle on Do.  Home to dinner.


Sunday 1.  At home.  Service &c

Monday 2.  Do  Busily engaged in preparations for my Journey having received Letters yesterday desiring me to get to London as quickly as possible.

Tuesday 3.  Set off to London.  Arrived at Coventry.

Wednesday 4.  On Journey.   Barnet.

Thursday 5.  Arrived in London.

[Pages 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 & 57] [Blank]

[Page 58]



Sunday 22.  Left London accompanied by Mr Robinson on our return home.  Arrived at Dunchurch.

Monday 23.  Once more arrived at home.

Tuesday 24.  At home.  Engaged on papers & various matters.  Executed transfer to Stamford of 2 Navign Shares

Wednesday 25.  At Stone attending General Assembly making Report of our proceedings in London which I had the satisfaction to find fully approved and thanks were voted for the exertions that had been made.  Returned home at night.

Thursday 26.  At home.  Engaged arranging & settling London & other accounts.  Mr Wood came o dinner.

Friday 27.  At home.  Mr Potts of Ollerton.

Saturday 28.  Do

Sunday 29.  Do Service as usual

Monday 30.  W Bent came to dinner, after which proceeded to Macclesfield in order to attend Sale tomorrow of the Brewery.


Tuesday 1.  At Macclesfield.  Dined with Mr Daintry.  Afterw[ard]s attending Sale Room, but no Bidders.  Drawing up Letter to be addressed to Mr Hindley with proposals relative to the Brewery.  Returned to Linly Wood to dinner.

Wednesday 2.  At home.  Mr Wood E Wood & Mr Tho Wedgwood dined.

Thursday 3.  At Burslem relative to the purchase of Lands late Ambr[ose] Gallimores & other Matters.  Mrs T Wedgwood Miss Allen & Miss S Wedgwood  Rvd Butt dined.  Mr Jno Warburton to take the Oaths as an Assessor under assessed Tax & property tax Also & which I administered to him agt the Oaths of Allegiance Supremacy & for due discharge of Office.

[Page 59]


Saturday 5.  At home.  Engaged with the Wedgwoods &c

Sunday 6.  Do Service as usual.  Read Seeds Sermon on Domestic Service.  Afterwards at Talk Chapel 

Monday 7.  At home.   Mr Stephens

Tuesday 8.  Do Drawing Case for Mr Madew under the will of Tho Booth.  The Wedgwoods left us

Wednesday 9.  At Alsager on various matters.  Building Repairs &c &c

Thursday 10.  Mr Madew relative to Case.  Mr Wm Penlington on their affairs.

Friday 11.  At home.  Engaged on various matters

Saturday 12.  Do

Sunday 13.  Do Service &c

Monday 14.  Do

Tuesday 15.  At Trentham Inn.  Receiving Assessm[ent]s under Assessed Taxes, Property Tax, & Land Tax.  Fatiguing day no Comm[issione]r attending but myself.  Heavy rain & extremely wet on my Return.

Wednesday 16.  At Alsager inspecting repairs necessary to be done alterations requested by Mr Jackson.  Turned 13 Milking Cows into the House field & 20 Ewes with their Lambs.  The former had been out for about 10 days past in the day time in the Carters Heys &c but taken up at nights: the latter had been for some time on the Alsager Estate, the weather having been extremely inclement with Cold Easterly winds.

Thursday 17.  At home.  Mrs Ralph & her daughters arrived.

Friday 18.   At home.

Saturday 19.  At Newcastle.  Brewery Concerns  Letters to Hindley Mr Daintry &c &c

Sunday 20.  Mr Swinton Hall and his family dined.   

[Page 60]

1810 [May]

Monday 21.  At home.  In the Ev[enin]g T Gordon Macclesfield Brewery Concerns

Tuesday 22


[See below; corrected but pages & headings need to be inserted and entry for 18 June sorted out.]






Tuesday 22 At Newcastle Brewery Concerns &c Consulting & sorting finally the Letters to be sent to W Hindley & Mr Daintry and which was forwarded by this Nights Post. In the afternoon Mr Gilbert to desire  me to take upon myself of the sole arbitrator of the matters in dispute.


Wednesday 23 At home. Various matters.  Interview him & Sr Jno Heathcote


Thursday 24 At Burslem. From thence to Newcastle. Various matters.


Friday 25   "At home. Engaged in Farm &c &c


Saturday 26"At home.


Sunday 27"Dr Fowler as usual. Applic[atio]n from Mr. Barker Relative to Erect[io]n of works nr the Canal at Rugeley.  In the Evening went to Nantwich.


Monday 28"At Nantwich. Returned home in the Even[in]g.


Tuesday 29"At home. Engaged on the Farm.  Mr & Mrs John & Mr & Mrs Jos Wedgwood & Miss Allen dined


Wednesday 30"At home.


Thursday 31"At home. Revd Mr Thomas, Mr Peter Bayley & Miss Bayley dined.



Friday 1At Rev. Stoney fields, from thence to Butterton


Saturday 2At Newcastle again.


Sunday 3At home. Service &c as usual


Monday 4At home. Preparing for setting out to Shrewsbury tomorrow


Tuesday 5Set off with Sr John Heathcote & W Bent to Shrewsbury


Wednesday 6At Shrewsbury engaged in Brewery Affairs.


Thursday 7D: Dined at Condover


Friday 8Returned home


Saturday 9At home. Bad account of Anne Bent.


Sunday 10At Nantwich, attending Funeral of Mrs Martin.  Returned home. Having taken a Chaise for that purpose our apprehension for Anne Bent being great.


Monday 11

Page 61In the morning received Acc[ount] of the death of Anne Bent. Immediately went to Newcastle & found our friends in great affliction.


Tuesday 12

At Stoney fields. Eliza and self. From thence to Etruria as I wished to borrow Mr Wedgwoods Carriage to attend the Funeral. On return found Mr Henry Turner.


Wednesday 13At Newcastle again on various matters relating to the Funeral &c &c


Thursday 14At Newcastle attending Funeral. Sr Jno Heathcote and self Adml Child & Revd Mr Basnett Mr Spode of the Mount & Mr Sparrow Mr Walklate & Mr Swinnerton Bearers. Mr H Turner left us.


Friday 15At Stoney fields with Eliza. From thence to Etruria where we dined


Saturday 16At home, Farm &c &c. In the Evening our dear Girls returned from Matlock where they had been since the 9th


Sunday 17At home. Service &c. Afterwards at Talk Chapel.


Monday 18At Newcastle & Stoney fields again. Conversation with Mr Coombe and afterwards calling upon Mrs Swinnerton relative to the accounts & other matters between J Swinnerton & Mr Tho Sparrow which I had been ???? requestedto  requested to settle.  Afterwards with/Mr S when I appointed to go to Newcastle again on this/ business on Wednesday next Mr Laurence of Birmingham/ & Mr? Potts in the Evening.


Tuesday 19At home. Engaged farming & considering Lease & papers/ relative to the Colliery Questions & Disputes between Sr / Jno Heathcote and Mr W Gilbert which I had been fixed upon/ to settle as sole Referee & previous to my having an/ interview with the Solicitors.


Wednesday 20At Newcastle pursuant to Appointments. Inspecting & examining books and papers in Swinnerton business./ then I appointed to meet Mr Ralph Hales on Wednesday/ next to proceed to the investigation. Afterwards called on/ Mrs Swinnerton. Conversation with Mr Sparrow on S[i]r J. H & W Gilbert business.


Thursday 21At home. Perusing and considering case &c with Sr V? Gibbs; Opinion which Mr Sparrow had delivered to me/ yesterday in Gilbert & Heathcote. Decline? Plea &c


Friday 22At home. Engaged again on various papers. Farm &c


Saturday 23Do Mr & Mrs Wm Bent & Miss ?Geston [?Gorton] came to/ Linley Wood wth whom engaged.


Sunday 24Do, Do.


Monday 25Prevented going to Stone to attend meeting of Select Committee/ by an inflammation on my leg which confined me to the/ house. Reading. Writing &c.


Tuesday 26Confined by my leg being still much inflamed. Engaged/ (?in) perusing & considering papers & accounts in Salmons/ & Penlingtons Affairs. Conveyance to S[i]r Tho./ Broughton which had been sent to be executed &c &c/ In the Evening Mr & Mrs W Bent and Miss Gorton? left us.


Wednesday 27 Still confined. Engaged on the above papers &/ also on the Deed (?) of the Brief in the Action brought against John Gallimon by Wood & Caldmore substantive?/ to the Bycars Engine Gutter & C. Intended to be tried/ at the next Assizes; & which Mr Wood had sent/ for my perusal previous to a meeting with Mr Tomlinson/ appointed to take place tomorrow.


Thursday 28Do. In the morning Mr Bent. Afterwards Mr Wood/ & Mr Tomlinson with whom closely engaged all the/ day on the Brief.


Friday 29Do. Engaged correcting & copying Case for the/ Brief which I had sketched out & which Mr/ Tomlinson was desirous to adopt, & sent them the/ Post. Afterwards engaged on sundry Letters which/ Mr Bent had received by the Post from Liverpool/ & Macclesfield & the answers thereto.


Saturday 30Walked out but still infirm. Engaged reading/ &c. Salmon & Penlingtons Papers &c &c




Sunday 1At home. Better but still unable to walk much. / Mr Bent came to dinner.


Monday 2At home. S[i]r Thos Ludg? & Miss Fletcher & Mrs Boughey, Dr & Mrs Northern dined.


Tuesday 3rdAt Newcastle with Eliza calling at Mr Sparrows, Mr Chetwynd/ Stoneyfields Etruria. Burslem.


Wednesday 4At home. Still unable to ride on horseback. Engaged on various/ papers &c &c


Thursday 5Do. Mr & Mrs Wood & Misses Woods came to dinner. In the/Evening Mr Houghton & Mary.


Friday 6At Newcastle. Brewery concerns. Heathcote & Gilbert &c &c. Swinnerton & Sparrow.


Saturday 7At home. Mr & Mrs Richardson dined. Mr Martin on/ sundry matters.  Delivered to him the Release of the/Land at Shrewsbury purchased from Mr Parry in order/ that he might prepare a Security thereone to Misses Gurleys/ for money intended to be borrowed from them for the use/ of the Shrewsbury Concern.


Sunday 8At home. Houghton went through the Service.


Monday 9Do. Engaged making preparations for journey/ tomorrow to Liverpool.


Tuesday 10Set off with Mr Bent to Liverpool where we arrived/ in the Evening


Wednesday 11Closely engaged all day at the Brewery with Books/ & accounts in order to make out the annual Statement.


Thursday 12Engaged with Do. which having finished in the Forenoon, we determined to return by Manchester in order to try/finally to settle the Macclesfield Business with the Messrs. Hardmans.  Left Liverpool in the Afternoon/ came to Man? (abbr. for Manchester)  where we slept.


Friday 13At Manchester. when after a long discussion with/ Mr James Hardman we determined to proceed to/ Macclesfied from thence we agreed to make a /Proposal for taking the Concern thereupon ourselves/ & got to Macclesfield that night.


Saturday 14Engaged at Macclesfield on Perusing, examining/ & inspecting Books &c &c & drawing out a proposal/ which we transmitted to Mr James Hardman by/ the Post and returned home in the Evening.


Sunday 15At home. Service &c.


Monday 16At Burslem on various matters. Rcd Mr Turner with Mr & Mrs Swin[ner]ton Holland came to Linley Wood/


Tuesday 17At Stone attending Select Committee and where very/ closely engaged all day there being a great deal of / business to go through.


Wednesday 18Do. but returned home late to dinner.


Thursday 19At home. Engaged with Mr Turner & Mr Sherratt/ who came from Nantwich. Also engaged on Deeds/ Papers & Accounts preparatory to meeting the Revd/ Mr Salmon & Mr Edleston at Rode Heath tomorrow/ to try once more to settle the long protracted/ business between Mr Salmon & Mr Penlington.


Friday 20At Rode Heath with Mr Sherratt meeting Mr Salmon & Mr Edleston/ when after a long discussion we finally came to an Agreement & / Put an end to this tedious business which / for nearly 20yrs had occupied much of my time/ & attention, & which I had gratuitously devoted to/ the service of an old & distinguished friend.


Tuesday 19At home. Engaged perusing & considering Lease & papers relative to the Colliery Questions & Disputes between Sr Jno Heathcote & Mr Gilbert which I had been fixed upon to settle as Sole Referee & previous to my having an Interview with the Solicitors.


Wednesday 20At Newcastle pursuant to Appointment. Inspecting & examining Books and papers in Swinnerton business when I appointed to meet Mr Ralph Hales on Wednesday next to proceed to the Investigation. Afterwards called on Mrs Swinnerton. Conversation with Mr Sparrow on Sr J. H & Mr Gilberts business.


Thursday 21

Page 62At home. Perusing & considering case &c with Sr V[? ]Gibbs's Opinion which Mr Sparrow had delivered to me yesterday in Gilbert & Heathcote. Decl[arat]ion Plea &c


Friday 22At home. Engaged again on various papers. Farm &c


Saturday 23Do Mr & Mrs Wm Bent & Miss Gorton came to Linley Wood with whom engaged.


Sunday 24Do. Do.


Monday 25Prevented going to Stone to attend meeting of Select Committee by an inflammation on my leg which confined me to the house. Reading. Writing &c.


Tuesday 26Confined by my leg being still much inflamed. Engaged perusing & considering papers & accounts in Salmons & Penlingtons Affairs. Conveyance to Sr Tho Broughton which had been sent to be executed &c &c In the Evening Mr & Mrs Wm Bent and Miss Gorton left us.


Wednesday 27 Still confined. Engaged on the above papers & also on the Dra[ft] of the Brief in the Action brought against John Gallimore by Wood & Caldwell relative to the Bycars Engine, Gutter &c intended to be tried at the next Assizes; & which Mr Wood had sent for my perusal previous to a Meeting with Mr Tomlinson appointed to take place tomorrow.


Thursday 28Do. In the morning W Bent. Afterwards Mr Wood & Mr Tomlinson with whom closely engaged all the day on the Brief.


Friday 29Do. Engaged correcting & copying Case for the Brief which I had sketched out & which Mr Tomlinson was desirous to adopt, & sent them by the Post. Afterwards engaged on sundry Letters which Mr Bent had received by the Post from Liverpool & Macclesfield & the answers thereto.


Saturday 30

Page 63Walked out but still infirm. Engaged reading &c. Salmon & Penlingtons Papers &c &c




Sunday 1At home. Better but still unable to walk much.  Mr Bent came to dinner.


Monday 2At home. Sr Thos Ludg[?] & Miss Fletcher & Mrs Boughey, & Dr & Mrs Northern dined.


Tuesday 3At Newcastle with Eliza calling at Mr Sparrows, Mr Chetwynd.   Stoney fields. Etruria. Burslem.


Wednesday 4At home. Still unable to ride on Horseback. Engaged on various papers &c &c


Thursday 5Do. Mr & Mrs Wood & Miss Woods came to dinner. In the Evening Mr Houghton & Mary.


Friday 6At Newcastle. Brewery concerns. Heathcote & Gilbert &c &c. Swinnerton & Sparrow.


Saturday 7At home. Mr & Mrs Richardson dined. Mr Martin on sundry matters.  Delivered to him the Release of the Land at Shrewsbury purchased from Mr Parry in order that he might prepare a Security thereon to Miss Gresleys for money intended to be borrowed from them for the use of the Shrewsbury Concern.


Sunday 8At home. Houghton went through the Service.


Monday 9Do. Engaged making preparations for Journey tomorrow to Liverpool.


Tuesday 10Set off with Mr Bent to Liverpool where we arrived in the Evening


Wednesday 11Closely engaged all day at the Brewery with Books & accounts in order to make out the annual Statement.


Thursday 12Engaged with Do. which having finished in the Forenoon, we determined to return by Manchester in order to try finally to settle the Macclesfield Business with the Messrs. Hardmans.  Left Liverpool in the Afternoon came to Irlam where we slept.


Friday 13

Page 64At Manchester. when after a long discussion with Mr James Hardman we determined to proceed to Macclesfied from thence we agreed to make a Proposal for taking the Concern thereupon ourselves & got to Macclesfield that night.


Saturday 14Engaged at Macclesfield aa Morning examining & inspecting Books &c &c & drawing out a proposal which we transmitted to Mr James Hardman by the Post and returned home in the Evening.


Sunday 15At home. Service &c.


Monday 16At Burslem on various matters. Revd Mr Turner with Mr & Mrs Swinton Holland came to Linley Wood


Tuesday 17At Stone attending Select Committee & where very closely engaged all day there being a great deal of business to go through.


Wednesday 18Do. but returned home late to dinner.


Thursday 19At home. Engaged with Mr Turner & Mr Skerrett who came from Nantwich. Also engaged on Deeds Papers & Accounts preparatory to meeting the Revd Mr Salmon & Mr Edleston at Rode Heath tomorrow to try once more to settle the long protracted business between Mr Salmon & Mr Penlington.


Friday 20At Rode Heath with Mr Skerrett meeting Mr Salmon & Mr Edleston when after a long discussion we finally came to an Agreement & Put an end to this tedious business which for nearly 20 yrs had occupied much of my time & attention, & which I had gratuitously devoted to the Service of an old & distressed friend.



[Page 65] 

1810  July

Saturday 21. At Newcastle on business matters. In the evening Dr Crompton on Liverpool Brewery Concerns.

Sunday 22.  Mr Richd Bent, Wm Bent & Dr Crompton dined. Long discussion and consideration of 

Liverpool Brewery concerns.  Mr R Bent wishing to relinquish his Situation & the management of the

Concern. When it was finally resolved that Mr W Bent & I should go down to Liverpool in Septemr: when 

some new arrangement is to be made.

Monday 23.  Dr Crompton left us. At home.   Unwell.

Tuesday 24.  At home. Still unwell & in the house all day.  Perusing & considering papers &c in the matter 

of Gilbert & Heathcote preparatory to my attending a Meeting of Messr Sparrow & Walthall the Solrs 

tomorrow at Newcastle .

Wednesday 25.  At Newcastle attending meeting When the Case was gone into after a long discussion & 

certain facts stated by me as necessary to be ascertained before any further progress could be made & 

which it was agreed s[houl]d be investigated.

[Page 66]

1810  July

Thursday 26.  At Sandbach with Eliza calling upon Mrs & Miss Furnival

Friday 27.  At home. Mr Abm Crompton & Wharton C with whom engaged til he left us in the Evening.

Saturday 28.  At Newcastle. Mr Peake & family arrived at L W.

Sunday 29.  At home. Mr Bent & T Gorton dined

Monday 30.  At home. Began mowing the Meadow. Dr Crompton & Charles C

Tuesday 31.  At Stone attending Select Committee


Wednesday 1.  Dº.  Returned to dinner found Mr Butt.

Thursday 2.  Engaged with Mr Butt who left us in the evening.  Mrs Peake left us. Recd letters from S

Friday 3.  At home. Extremely unwell with a nervous attack.  Mrs Salford, Miss Gorton, Mrs Holland & Mr 

& Mrs W Bent dined.

Saturday 4.  Dº.  Mr Swinnerton of Butterton & family dined.

Sunday 5.  At home. Very unwell.   Ann & Bessy arrived from Nantwich.

Monday 6.  At Burslem meeting Mr John Wedgwood Gallimore Junr & Mr Ward treating for a new 

Agreement regarding the Engines &c & putting an end to the present Cause entered to be tried at 

Stafford.  Mr Jas France, two Miss Frances & Mr Stanley Perceval arrived at L.W.

Tuesday 7.  At Newcastle attending the races.

Wednesday 8.  At Newcastle Dº.  

Thursday 9.  Dº.  Dº.  

Friday 10.  At Macclesfield with Mr Bent arranging & completely settling Affairs in consequence of our 

having taken on Mr Baileys share & having determined to carry on the Concern.

[Page 67]

1810  Aug[us]t

Saturday 11.  At Macclesfield very closely engaged with Bents accounts &c all day.

Sunday 12.  Returned home.  Mr Wood and Mr Tomlinson with Dr[a]ft of agreement with Mr John 

Wedgwood of Bignall with relative to Engine etc & laying dry his Coals at Burslem by the Burslem Engine 

& with whom was closely engaged till late at night in considering & settling such Dra[ft] being very 


Monday 13.  At home.   Very unwell.

Tuesday 14.  Dº.  Dº.  

Wednesday 15.  Dº.  Dº.  

Thursday 16.  At Burslem again meeting Mr Tomlinson and engaged all morning on colliery Articles.  Also 

calling on Mr Thos Wedgwood & advising him on several matters.

Friday 17.  At home unwell. Engaged in the hay which owing to the extreme and almost unparalleled 

wetness of the weather I had not been able to bring in to carry till today. Also began mowing the new water 


Saturday 18.  At home.

Sunday 19.  Dº.  

Monday 20.  Dº.  Busy in the hay. At Burslem on various matters.   Bycars Colliery &c.

Tuesday 21.  At home inflammation on my leg.

Wednesday 22.  Laid up all day on the Sofa.  Engaged on various papers previous to going to the Assizes 

tomorrow having been summon on the grand & two special juries.

[Page 68]

1810  Aug[us]t

Thursday 23.  At Stafford; though very infirm with my leg.  Served on Grand Jury.

Friday 24.  In the morning serving on Dº from thence to Stallington to attend on a view in the special jury 

Cause of Swinnerton v M of Stafford being a new trial granted to try the right to Common on Mottershall 

Heath in respect to a farm called New House farm in Stallington.

Saturday 25.  Went into Court about 9. About 10 the cause came on. After a hearing of more than 7 hours 

verdict in fav[ou]r of the Marquis.

Sunday 26.  Returned home. Received from Mr. Wood Dra[ft] of agreement relative to Bycars Engine.

Monday 27.  At home.  Mr. Wood relative to Colliery articles when I fixed to go to Burslem for the purpose 

of finally settling the same.

Tuesday 28.  Mr & Mrs Jos Wedgwood, Miss Morgan & Miss Wedgwood dined.

Wednesday 29.  At Burslem. Colliery articles. Dined at Mr. Woods. 

Thursday 30.  At Nantwich for the purpose of perusing & finally settling the Dra[ft] of Conveyances 

mutual Releases &c in the Affairs of Salmon.  

Friday 31.  Engaged with Mr. Ellerton on Dº when he wanted to make some further enquiry as to the 


[Page 69]

1810 Aug[us]t

description of the salt works agreed to be sold to Sr Tho. Broughton agreed & promised to send me a Dra[ft] of a Reconveyance of the residue of the Estates conveyed to the late Mr. Clewes in trust.  Col. Skerrett arrived at Nantwich


[Saturday] 1.  At Nantwich waiting for the draft from Mr. Ellerton but it did not come.

Sunday 2.  Returned home to dinner.

Monday 3.  At Burslem meeting Mr. Wedgwood at Gallimore &c & finally settling & executing Colliery 

Articles.  Detained till late at night.

Tuesday 4.  At Stone attending meeting of Select Committee

Wednesday 5.  At Dº Dº  Returned late in the evening.

Thursday 6.  At home.  Much fatigued 

Friday 7. At Trentham Inn Attending Lieuten[an]cy Meeting for swearing and enrolling Col. Sneyd Messrs. 

Mainwaring, Spode, Steadman & Self.  Engaged closely the whole of the day, never having quitted the 

Room from ten in the morning till half past five, the other Gentlemen either dining or going away early.  

On my return found Col. Skerrett who I should have met at dinner but prevented by attending as above.

Saturday 8.  At home. Mr. Skerrett of Nantwich came to dinner.

Sunday 9.  Dº

Monday 10.  Dº  Engaged with the Col & Mr. Skerrett.  The latter of them left us in the afternoon.

Tuesday 11.  Dº Dº Mr. R. Skerrett dined.

Wednesday 12.  At Newcastle from thence to Burslem.  Having previously taken leave of the Colonel & 

Stamford who set off together, the former to Nantwich, the latter to Abergally.

[Page 70]


Thursday 13.

Friday 14.

Saturday 15.

Sunday 16.

Monday 17.

Tuesday 18.  At Trentham Inn attending Lieutenancy Meeting.

Wednesday 19.  Set off with Eliza to Eton where we arrived the same Evening.

Thursday 20.  At Liverpool.  Engaged in the Brewery Accs &c &c

Friday 21.  Dº Dº

Saturday 22.  Dº Dº

Sunday 23.  Returned from Liverpool by Macclesfield.

Monday 24.  At Stone attending Meeting of the Navgn Genl Committee.

Tuesday 25.  At Dº General Assembly.  Returned in the Evening.

Wednesday 26.  At Home.  Engaged on farm & various domestic matters.

Thursday 27.  At Trentham Inn Attending Lieutenancy Meeting.

Friday 28.  At home. Engaged with various papers &c &c

Saturday 29.  At Newcastle attending Lieutenancy Meeting at the Roebuck.  In the Evening received letter 

from Mr. Robinson and engaged drawing paper for the press relative to the Carriage of Clay.

Sunday 30.  At home


Monday 1.  At Longport calling on Mr. Henshall & Mrs Williamson, Eliza & self. Dr Crompton arrived at

Linley Wood in Brewing Concerns.

Tuesday 2.  At Newcastle meeting Mr. Ralph Hales and engaged in examining the Books and accounts of 

Mr. Thos Swinnerton with a view to the Settlement of accounts between him & Mr Thos Sparrow.  Long 

sitting & afterwards dining at the Mayors.

Wednesday 3.  At home.  Mr. Wm Bent dined. Long discussion & Conversation relative to Liverpool.  

Brewery when Dº Crompton empowered me to treat for the purchase of Mr Rd Bents Share


[Page 71]


Thursday 4.   Eliza & I returned with W Bent who had staid all night to Stoney fields it being the annual Settlement of Newcastle Brewery Accounts and in which closely engaged all day.

Friday 5.  All Newcastle engaged on and finally closing annual Accounts.  Returned in the Evening to Linley Wood

Saturday 6.  At home.  In the Evening Mr Peake arrived

Sunday 7.  At Newcastle attending Mr Kinnersly the new Mayor with whom Mr Peake & I dined.

Monday 8.  At Newcastle attending Lieuten[an]cy Meeting at the Roebuck for balloting & swearing in Militia.   Returned to dinner.

Tuesday 9.  At Newcastle again in the Morning making arrangements relative to the Musical Meeting Seats &c.  Returned in Evening & engaged with Mr Peake.

Wednesday 10.  Engaged perusing papers & Dr[raft]s of Conveyances in Rob------[?] affairs, & afterwards at Burslem meeting Mr Robinson of Stone surveying the Ground and making arrangements relative to the Rail Road intended to be laid from the Wharf to the Town of Burslem.  Dined with Mr Robinson & Returned in the Evening.

Thursday 11.  At Newcastle meeting Mr Richd Bent by appointment in order to treat for purchase of his Share of Liverpool Brewery for Dr Crompton, when he expressed it to be his fathers wish as well as his own that the terms should be mentioned by me.  Afterwards dining at the Agricultural Society.

[Page 72]


Friday 12.  At home.  Engaged with Mr Wm Penlington in settling description of premises to be inserted in the Conveyance to Sr Thos Broughton and otherwise or then concur previous to my Meeting Mr Edleston tomorrow at Rode Heath.  Writing long Letter to Dr Crompton relative to the intended purchase of Rd Bents Share.  Writing Letter to Copl Shardmalel[?] of the 19th Regt, at the earnest entreaty of Thos Colins[?] in order if possible to obtain the discharge of his Son who had inadvertently enlisted.

Saturday 13.  At Rode Heath meeting Mr Edleston of Nantwich settling boundaries, Dra[ft]s of Deeds &c &c  Engaged all Morning.

Sunday 14.  At home.  Unwell & in the House all day.  Service

Monday 15.  At home.  Henry Crompton arrived on Brewery Concerns.

Tuesday 16.  At Newcastle attending Turnpike Meeting and on various other matters.  Mr Richd Bent came to Linley Wood to dinner.  Long Conversation relative to his disposing of his Share in the Liverpool Brewery to Dr Crompton but not being able to come to any Conclusion I engaged to dine with his Father & him tomorrow at Basford.

Wednesday 17.  At Newcastle attending Music Meeting in the Church with Eliza & the Girls.  Afterwards dined at Basford: and finally agreed for the purchase of Rd Bents Share in the Brewery & signed an Agreement accordingly.  In the Evening attended the Concert in the Theatre & returned home.

Thursday 18.  Prevented going to Newcastle by a severe Cold & pain in the side.  Engaged closely on Mr Penlingtons affairs.  Title to Saltworks.  Audleys Account &c &c

[Page 73]

1810 Oct

Friday 19.  Still very unwell & confined to the House.  Engaged all day on Mr Penlingtons affairs.  Writing Letters to Mr Blakelock & Mr Edleston with Observations to the former on the Claims of Mrs[?] Fearn in the personal Estate and to the latter on the Bond on Indemnity proposed to be given to Mr Clowes &c &c  Also writing long Letter to Dr Crompton.

Saturday 20.  Still confined.  Engaged again on Mr Penlingtons Affairs & various other matters.

Sunday 21.  At home.  Service &c.  John Bent & Henry Crompton dined.

Monday 22.  Do Henry Holland arrived & with whom engaged.

Tuesday 23.  Do  Engaged with Do & on various matters.  Mr Saml Wilson called and engaged to dine tomorrow.

Wednesday 24.  At Burslem with Henry Holland inspecting Engine &c &c.  Mr Wilson dined.

Thursday 25. At home.  Henry Holland left us.  Engaged on various matters previous to setting off to Macclesfield tomorrow to meet Wm Bent.

Friday 26.  At Macclesfield meeting W Bent on Brewery Concerns.

Saturday 27.  At Do with Do.  Engaged closely all day.

Sunday 28.  Returned home to dinner.  W Penlington dined.

Monday 29.  At home.  Engaged on Dra[ft] of Assign[atio]n of Share of An[?] Hindley Lloyd & Cos business previous to going to Newcastle tomorrow.  Edward Canland came to his place as Butler.

Tuesday 30.  At Newcastle on the above business but Mr Martin not at home.  Returned to dinner.

[Page 74]


Wednesday 31.  At home


Thursday 1.  Do.  Colonel Skerrett arrived with whom engaged 

Friday 2.  Do  Sr Jno & Lady Harriet Chetwode & two Miss Chetwodes with Mr & Mrs Tollet & Miss Dumaresque dined at Linley Wood & staid all night.

Saturday 3.  The party left us except Col S

Sunday 4.  At home

Monday 5.  At Newcastle accompanied by Col Skerrett who was proceeding to Cheltenham.  Attending Lieut[en]ancy Meeting &c.

Tuesday 6.  At Stone attending Meeting of Select Committee

Wednesday 7.  Do.  Long Discussion with Mr Bradshaw who attended the Meeting this day on various important matters, particularly the proposed new line of Canal by Macclesfield, alteration in Rates &c &c  Returned late at night.

Thursday 8.  Set off this morning with Wm Bent to Liverpool on Brewery affairs.  New Arrangement in consequence of purchase by Dr Crompton of Mr Rd Bents share &c &c

Friday 9.  Engaged on Do.  Called in the afternoon by Letter from Eliza & other daughter to meet them 

[Page 75]

1810   Nov

at Prescot in consequence of Letter from Col S.  Long deliberation on this important occasion & only[?] Letter to the Colonel.  Returned to Liverpool & the two Elizas to Warrington on their return home.

Saturday 10.  Engaged all day at Liverpool.

Sunday 11.  Returned home with W Bent & Mr Rd Bent who dined at Linley Wood

Monday 12.  At Nantwich for the purpose of communicating to & confirming with Mr S & Ann & Bessy on what had lately passed with Col S.

Tuesday 13.  Returned home.

Wednesday 14.  At home.  Engaged on various matters particularly W Penlingtons affairs.  Newcastle assembly but did not myself attend.

Thursday 15.  Do.  Mr & Mrs & Miss Sparrow, Mr & Mrs Wm Bent, Mr Sneyd & Mr Skerrett who had come from Nantwich dined

Friday 16.  At Newcastle attending Lieutenancy Meeting, Canal Meeting &c & dined at the Roebuck, on my return found Mr S.

[Page 76]

Saturday 17.  Rode out with Mr S on his return home.  Long Conversation relative to the Col &c  Mrs Penlington.  Afterwards Deputation from Winsford relative to the Rail Road from Middlewich to that place.

Sunday 18.  At home.  In the Evening Mr Robinson Navg Officer previous to our setting out tomorrow to Burslem on Rail Road & River Dane business.

Monday 19.  At Burslem with Mr Robinson relative to Rail Road from thence to Leek meeting Mr Jno Daintry & Mr Cruso to have agreed for Paper Mill &c with a view to erecting the intended weir lower down on the River when proposals put in writing to be submitted to the Select Committee.

Tuesday 20.  Engaged on the same business.  Returned home to dinner leaving Mr R at the Red Bull.

Wednesday 21.  At home.  Engaged on Mr Penlingtons affairs &c previous to meeting appointed to be held at Rode tomorrow for executing the Deeds & completing this business so far as related to Sr Thos Broughton & Mr Salmon.

Monday 22.  At Rode accordingly.  Mr Salmon Mr Edleston  

[Page 77]

1810 Nov             

the two Mr.Penlingtons & myself when Deeds executed and one important step made towards a final & most satisfactory Conclusion of these harassing affairs which have occupied much of my time & thoughts for upwards of 20 years; but repaid by the fair prospects of restoring this unfortunate but respectable family to ease & comfort.

Friday 23.  At Stoke attending on Reference of Cause Spode & Tomlinson agt. Brett when after much enquiry & consideration I proposed  an extension of the powers of the Arbitrator so as to comprize  all parties and questions & preclude another Action  at Law, which I saw must otherwise be the consequences. Agreed to by all present & referred to Mr. Brett for his approbation.  Looking over such parts of the Conveyance of the Knypersley Estate as related to Miss Stamford and myself . Afterwards dined at Mr. Spodes with a large party where we partook of a most sumptuous entertainment accompanied with every mark of kindness and hospitality.  Returned to Stoneyfields where I slept

[Page 78]

1810 Nov    

Saturday 24.  Attending at Newcastle on various matters but returned home to dinner.

Sunday 25.  At home. Service.  Mr. Penlington on their affairs who dined.

Monday 26.   At Newcastle meeting Mr. Gilbert arduously engaged all day on the Reference Mountford  agt. Bamford.

Tuesday 27.  At home.  Writing Letters &c

Wednesday 28.   Do.

Thursday 29.  At Newcastle with Deeds relating to Conveyance of Mr. Rd Bents Share to Dr. Crompton & Dissolut[io]n of Partnership & executing the same. Afterwards dined at Mr. Thos. Sparrows.  Adm[ira]l Child, Mr. Bennett &c &c Returned home at night.

Friday 30.  At home.  Sent Deeds &c &c. to Liverpool  writing them &c &c


Saturday 1.   At home.

Sunday 2.  Do. Service etc.  Mr. Wood dined.

Monday 3.  At Lawton Hall attending Funeral of late Mrs. Lawton as a Pall Bearer. Lord Crewe, Sr. Thos. Broughton Myself  & Rev. Mr. Hall on right side.  Mr. Offley Crewe  Sir John Heathcote Mr. Gilbert &  Mr Jones on the left.

[Page 79]


Monday 3.  Afterwards went with Eliza to Parkfield where I slept on my way to Wolseley Bridge

Tuesday 4.  At Wolsley Bridge.  Meeting of Special Committee for considering of relinquishment of Carrying Trade, which was agreed to be done, except the Pottery Trade and keeping in the hands of the Co. their own Wharfs & Warehouses on the Canal.

Wednesday 5.  At Stone in conference with Mr Steadman of the matter which had been 25 years in dispute between the Co. and Mr Adams of Fenton relative to the Compensation to be made for water taken from M Allens Mill from Michas 1784 to Lady Day 1792 which I finally settled.  Returned home in the evening and found Houghton

Thursday 6.  Newcastle.  Various matters

Friday 7.  At home.  Engaged with Houghton &c.

Saturday 8.  Do   Do

Sunday 9.  Do

Monday 10.  Do.  Storm of wind and rain with Snow

Tuesday 11.  At Burslem on various matters. Houghton left us with his Daughter.

Wednesday 12.   At Newcastle.   Dining at Dr Northerns

Thursday 13.  At Newcastle, Swinnerton and Stafford.  Printer.  Remittances.

[Page 80]

1810 Decem[be]r

to Mr John Caldwell.  Stamp duty thereon &c &c

Friday 14.  At Trentham Inn.  Attending Appeals.    Property & assessed taxes. Sr Jno Heathcote Mr Mainwaring & Self.   Drew a Case for the Board as to the Longton Arrears in the hands of Collector who had become a Banker.  Extremely stormy day with heavy Rain and much wet.  On my return dined at Newcastle at the Roebuck it being a Meeting for arrangements relative to the Race Course &c

Saturday 15.  At Alsager, looking over buildings & improvements lately made & setting regulations for Dwelling house at Meir Lake.  In the afternoon Mr R Skerrett relative to the projected Railway from Middlewich to Knutsford.  Agreed to meet Mr Gilbert on this business any day after Wednesday next.

Sunday 16.  At home.  Service &c.   Mr & Mrs Jackson & Saml Jackson dined.

Monday 17.  At Newcastle on various matters. Lloyds Case. Shrewsbury Security Pd.£7000 &c &c.

Brewery &c &c.

Tuesday 18.  At home.  Engaged with the Engraver designing pattern for new Blue Table Services at Burslem.  Mr Wood & Mr Brettel & Enoch Wood dined & staid all night.  Engaged also in the morning with Deputation of Silk Proprietors from Winsford relative to the projected Rail Road, who were of opinion that no material opposition would be made to the scheme by the Proprietors of the River Weaver

[Page 81]

1810  Decmr

Wednesday 19.  At home.  Engaged superintending work on the Water Meadow &c.  Writing letters &c.

Thursday 20.  At home.   Do.   Do.

Friday 21.  At Burslem on various matters.   Looked over new works Engine &c going on at the Bycars in pursuance of the Agreement with Mr Wedgwood.  The Engines when compleat will be 84 Horsepower, which would require an establishment of 252 horses estimating 3 changes of horses in 24 hours.

Saturday 22.  At Betley Court settling with & paying to Sr Thos Fletcher Fine for commission of Stamford Caldwell to a Copyhold Estate within the Manor of Audley late John Tarnocks[?].  Of the equity of this demand as founded upon the principle of the Fine in this Manor being at the will of the Lord I cannot help entertaining great doubts, though I did not think the Case of the Copyholders admitted of being so clearly established as to render it advisable to contest the point at Law.  Afterwards called at Mr Tollets

Sunday 23.  At home.   Service &c.   

Monday 24

Tuesday 25.  At home.  



[Page 82]

1810  Decr

Wednesday Dec 26.  Went to Macclesfield with W Bent to settle annual accounts.

Thursday 27.  At Macclesfield. Engaged closely all day.

Friday 28.  Finished Accounts &c Returned home to dinner.

Saturday 29.  At Wolstanton. Dining at Miss Moretons

Sunday 30. At home.  Service &c.

Monday 31. At Newcastle meeting Sr. Jno. Heathcote.  Finally settling & executing Mortgage to Miss Gresleys of  Shrewsbury Brewery for £7000 borrowed for the use of that Concern. Afterwards dined with Sir John. Mr. Jno. Heathcote. R. Bent & Stamford at Mr. W. Bents.

1811 [January]

Tuesday 1.  At home.  Engaged on the Farm and various matters.

Wednesday 2. Mr. & Mrs. Sneyd of Ashcomb, Col. Dobson, Mr. & Mrs. Jos. Wedgwood with Miss. Moreton & Miss Stevenson dined.

Thursday 3. At home.  At home.  Engaged with the Sneyds &c.  the[y] left us at noon. Farm &c.  Letter writing.  Mr. & Mrs. Jos. Wedgwood.  Snow & frost.  Mr. John Heathcote dined & staid all night.

[Page 83]


Friday 4.  At home. Confined with pain in the face &c

Saturday 5. Do. Do.  Mr. & Mrs. Jos. Wedgwood left us.

Sunday 6.  Do. Writing long letter to Mr. Ainsworth of Middlewich relative to Middlewich & Winsford Railroad.  Mr. & Mrs. Crompton of Chorley Hall.

Monday 7.  At Stone attending Meeting of Select Committee. Busy Day.

Tuesday 8.  Do. Do.  Returned home late in the Evening.

Wednesday 9. At home.  Engaged on farm & various matters.

Thursday 10.  Do. Various matters. Letters &c &c

Friday 11. Do  Mr. Butt dined.  Miss Sarah Wedgwood.

Saturday 12.  At Burslem in consequence of letter received from Mr. Wilbraham respecting Roughwood[?] Mill &c.   Miss Powis

Sunday 13.  At home.

Monday 14.  At Burslem again.   Roughwood[?] Mill &c

Tuesday 15.  At Alsager.  Water Meadow &c.

Wednesday 16.  At home.  Farm & various matters.  Rode with Mary.

Thursday 17.  Do. Do.

Friday 18.  At Newcastle.  Brewery Lloyds Business Of Birmingham.  Dined at W Bents.

Saturday 19. At Home.

Sunday 20.  John & Wm. Bents.

[Page 84]

1811 Jany

Monday 21.  At home.  Engaged on farm &c  I this day entered the 53d year of my age.

Tuesday 22.  At home.

Wednesday 23.  Do.  Farm & various matters.

Thursday 24.  At home.  Mr Whieldon relative to the business of Whieldon & Spode & Tomlinson.

Friday 25.  At Stoke attending on Reference Spode & Tomlinson.  Agt.  Brett.  All day.

Saturday 26.  At Newcastle.  Lloyds Business of Birmingham &c.  In the Evening Mr. & Mrs. Crompton of Chorley Hall on their return from London.  Wm. Hawley Butler came to his place.

Sunday 27.  At home.  Mr. Crompton &c

Monday 28.  Do. Mr. & Mrs. Crompton left us.

Tuesday 29.  Do. Farm & various other Matters. Miss Harrison & Ann & Bessy from Nantwich arrived.

Friday 30.  Do.  Mr. Daintry & Mr. Ryle of Macclesfield relative to intended Canal by Marple & Peake Forest previous to the Meeting appointed to be held tomorrow at Macclesfield. Long Conversation & Discussion.

[Page 85]

1811 Jany

Thursday 31.  At home.  Various Matters


Friday 1.  DoDo

Saturday 2.  At Trentham Inn attending Militia Meeting.  Sr John Heathcote Mr Mainwaring Mr Spode & 

Self.  Long & fatiguing day.

Sunday 3.  At home.

Monday 4.  Do.  Farm & various Letters & papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow.

Tuesday 5.  At Stone attending Meeting of Select Committee.

Wednesday 6.  Do.   Do.  Returned home late to dinner.  Found Mr Skerrett

Thursday 7.  At home.  Engaged with Mr. Skerrett.  Mr. R. Skerrett and Mr. Wm. Penlington dined

Friday 8.  DoEngaged with Mr S.

Saturday 9.  Mr. Skerrett left us.  Engaged on various matters.

Sunday 10.  At home.  Service &c.  Received letter from Mr. Skerrett with account of the dangerous illness 

[Page 86] 


of his Brother the General at Malta in consequence of which I determined to go to Nantwich tomorrow

Mr S. expressing in his Letter a wish for my directions on various points

Monday 11.  At Nantwich.  Long Conversation with Mr S.

Tuesday 12.  Returned home.

Wednesday 13.  At home.

Thursday 14.  Ann & Bessy with Miss Horwood & Mr Garnet left L W.

Friday 15.  Do.  Various Matters & papers.  Particularly the papers sent by Mr. Duckworth relative to assignm[en]t of Mr. Barnes Share in the Newcastle Brewery to Mr. Bent.  Very long & requiring much attention.

Saturday 16.  Do.       Do.

Sunday 17.  At home

Monday 18. Do.  Engaged on papers sent by Mr. Tomlinson relative to the Reference of Colliery matters between Wood & Caldwell & the Executors of Ambr[ose] Gallimore.

Tuesday 19.  At Burslem with such papers & settling Draft of Agreement for Reference with Mr. Wood previous to meeting Mr Tomlinson at Newcastle tomorrow

Wednesday 20. At Parkfields to Dinner.  Mr. Tomlinson did not meet.

Thursday 21.  From Parkfields to Cliffe Ville to have seen Mr Tomlinson on the above business & also previous to making my Award in the matter between him & Mr Spode and Mr John Whieldon

[Page 87]

but I found that he had gone to Wolverhampton previous to receiving a Letter from me, but was expected at home this Evening.  Called on Mr Spode.  Afterwards to Burslem.  Returned to Parkfields to dinner.  Rev Mr & Mrs Robinson Mr Ricketts Major & Mrs Orange dined.

Friday 22.  Returned home by Cliffe Ville but Mr Tomlinson not returned.  Appointed with Mr Spode to meet Mr T. at Newcastle tomorrow if he returns in time.

Saturday 23.  At Newcastle by appointment with Mr. Bent settling & arranging the Drafts of Assignment 

&c. received from Mr. Duckworth.  Also met Mr Tomlinson finally sealing Agreement of Reference & giving instructions for a Dr[aft] of my Award in Whieldons business.  Dined at W Bents.  Mr. & Mrs Furnival & Mr John Gorton previous to his going to South America.

Sunday 24.  At home.  Service &c.

Monday 25.  Do.   Robert Peacock came to his place as Gardener &c

Tuesday 26.  At Burslem.  Colliery Concerns &c &c   In the Evening Mr. Ralph of Halifax.

[Page 88]

Wednesday 27.  At home.  In the morning Mr. Whieldon & Mr Godwin with Dra[ft] of Agreement for 

settling the matters in difference between Mr. W. & Mr. Spode & Jno Tomlinson with whom engaged a long time perusing & settling the Dra[ft].  Afterwards engaged with Mr. Ralph & on farm.  Got in Wheat Stack.

Thursday 28.  At home.  Mr. Ralph &c &c


Friday 1.  At Stoney fields dining.

Saturday 2.  At home.  Mr. Ralph left us.  Engaged on various papers, farm &c

[Page 89] Blank


[There is a gap here.  There are no entries from the 3rd of March to the 19th of May 1811.  Are there pages missing?  NB In May James Caldwell was in London on a deputation to the government and may have been too busy to record entries in his diary.]


[Page 90]

1811  May

[Monday] 20.  Received intelligence by a Note from Mr Booth of Mr Perceval having abandoned the Tax on porcelain & Cotton ware.  Calling at Lord Staffords Lord G L Gowers Lord Granvilles &c.  Writing Letters &c packing.  In the E[venin]g in the House of Commons.

Tuesday 21.  Left London.  Arrived & slept at Dunchurch.

Wednesday 22.  Arrived at home.

Thursday 23.  At home

Friday 24.  At Newcastle attending Meeting of Committee when determined that a final Meeting shd be called for Friday next at the Town of Hanley to receive Report of Delegates.

Saturday 25.  At home.  Engaged preparing Resolutions for Gnl Meeting.

Sunday 26.  At home

Monday 27.  At Hanley attend[in]g Gen[era]l Meeting.  Making Report [to a] Numerous & most respectable Meeting.  Great Satisfaction expressed at what had been done.

Tuesday 28.  At Betley Hall.  Mr & Mrs Rick[ets?]

Wednesday 29.  Returned from Betley Hall

Thursday 30.  At Etruria   Hanley &c correcting[?] Reso[lutions] &c &c

Friday 31.  At Newcastle to get Copies of Resolut[ion]s


Saturday 1.  Engaged writing Letters to Lord G L Gower Mr Bootle Mr Roberts & Mr Gordon & Mr Barr.  In the afternoon at Burslem.  Sent of Reso[lution]s.  Letters &c &c

Sunday 2.  At home  Mr Spode & Mr Bent dined

[Page 91]

Monday 3.  At Lawton Hall.  Afterwards at Newcastle.  Returned to dinner.

Tuesday 4.  At home.  Perusing papers delivered to me by Mr C Lawton.  Engaged on farm &c &c

Wednesday 5.  Mr C Lawton relative to unsettled Acc[ount]s between him & the Trustees for sale of the C Late[?] Estates.  Went with him to Lawton Hall.  Engaged greatest part of the Morning perusing & considering papers & advising him previous to his atten[din]g a Meeting at Manchester for finally closing these Acc[ount]s.

Thursday 6.  Mr Bent Mr Blunt Jno Blunt & Mr Chas Lawton dined

Friday 7.  At Trentham dining with Mr Butt

Saturday 8.  Was to have met Sr Jno Heathcote at Hardings Wood Locks relative to a Basin & Bridge lately erected but prevented by violent storm of thunder.  Mr Tunstall afterwards called.  Long Conversation with him.  Afterwards writing to Mr Robinson.

Sunday 9.  At home.  Service.  &c

Monday 10.  At Hardings Wood Lock meeting Mr Tunstall at ½ past eight viewing the premises &c.  From thence to Burslem.  To Newcastle attending Militia Meeting for Ballot for Deserters & balloting accordingly.  Mr Spode & Self.  Giving directions for sending out the printed Cases & Resolutions on the porcelain & Earthen ware business.  Returned home to dinner.

[Page 92]

Tuesday 11.  At home.  Engaged on farm & various matters.

Wednesday 12. At home.  Writing Letters.  Col Destrowe[?] for Carless Discharge from Staffordshire Militia &c

Thursday 13.  Engaged in the Morning in the Grounds, thinning plantations &c.  At Stoney fields dining.  Spode, Sneyd, Northern & Capt Jones.  Birmingham Journey postponed.

Friday 14.  At home.  Farm &c &c

Saturday 15.  Do

Sunday 16.  Do.  Service &c.

Monday 17.  At Newcastle in consequence of Letters from Mr Spode & W Bent to have consulted relative to County Election but Mr Spode prevented coming.  Mr Chas Lawton & W Penlington dined.

Tuesday 18.  At home.  Mr & Mrs Wood & Family came to dinner.

Wednesday 19.  Do.  Engaged on various matters.

Thursday 20.  Do.  Mr Brettel & Mr Thos Wedgwood dined.  Mr Chas Lawton & Mr Jenna[?] relative to the purchase of Swallow Moor & Stonecliffe Woods & other Lands when agreed with Mr Lawton with the approbation of Mr Fearn as follows.  I pay 3500 for Swallow Moor & Stone cliffe Woods & one acre of the Wood callow[?] the Ditches and to be at liberty to take as much more of such Land as I chose at the rate of £100 P acre.

Friday 21.  At Burslem with Mr Wood.  In the Evening Mr Skerrett

Saturday 22.  At home.  Mr Woods family.

[Page 93]

Sunday 23.  At home.  Service &c.  In the Evening Mr Woods family left us.

Monday 24.  Began Hay Harvest.

Tuesday 25.  At Trentham Inn Attending Appeals Property tax.  Mr Mainwaring Spode & Self.  Afterwards dined at Thorney fields with Mr Spode & Mr Tomlinson relative to County Representation.  W Bent returned with me to Linley Wood.

Wednesday 26.  To Macclesfield where Mrs W Bent & Eliza had gone yesterday.  Meeting Mr Holland Mrs Samford & Miss Gorton.  Dined at J Gortons

Thursday 27.  At Macclesfield.  All dined together at the Hotel.  Mrs Trusler & Miss Antrobus of Congleton

Friday 28.  Returned home.  Miss Coape Miss Dumeresque & Miss Smith dined at L Wood

Saturday 29.  At home.  Bring in the Hay.

Sunday 30.  Do Mrs Wm Bent & the Boys who returned in the Evening


Monday 1.  At Stone attending Meeting of Select Committee.  Mr Sparrow & self.  Returned at night,  fatiguing day.

Tuesday 2.  At home.  Engaged on various matters previous to setting off tomorrow to Shrewsbury.

Wednesday 3.  To Shrewsbury with W Bent & J Gorton

Thursday 4.  At Shrewsbury busily engaged all day on these affairs.

Friday 5.  Do   Do  At night received by the Post Account of the increased illness of my beloved Mary.

Saturday 6.  Left Shrewsbury early arrived at Stoney fields to dinner where I awaited the Arrival of the Post, & retuned with Louise to Linly Wood at night.

[Page 94]

1811   July

Sunday 7.  At home.  John Bent on return from Macclesfield.

Monday 8.  Do.  Busily engaged in the Hay.

Tuesday 9.  Do

Wednesday 10.  Do.  In the Evening Mary & the Party returned from Matlock.  The former in a very indifferent state.

Thursday 11.  Dined at Lawton Hall.  Mr Gilbert & Mr Wm Penlington but very unhappy on account from[?] poor Girl who had had a bad night & was today very ill.

Friday 12.  Mary better.  Mr C Lawton & Mr Jones relative to Title to Swallow Moor &c &c when it appeared that it wd be necessary to apply to Parliamt to enable Mr L to make a good Title & Mr Jones agreed to write to Mr White on the business.  Mr Blunt & John came to dinner.  Ann & Bessy with Eliza & A C arrived from Nantwich.

Saturday 13.  At Newcastle in the morning.  Brewery.  Returned to dinner.  Wri[t]ing[?] Letter.

Sunday 14.  At home.  Service &c

Monday 15.  At Burslem.  In the evening Mary worse, in consequence of which determined to send to Dr Darwin & request his attendance, & directed John to set off very early in the Morning.

Tuesday 16.  At home.  Various matters.  Mr Blunt & W: Bent called.

Wednesday 17.  Dr Darwin arrived between nine and ten o'Clock this Morning.  Long and attentive inquiry and consideration of her Case, which to our bitter anguish of heart, he finally said he thought such as to afford no hope of permanent relief.  Of this truly calamitous case

[Page 95]


Thursday 18.  At home.  In a state of mind easier conceived than expressed.

Friday 19.  Do.  Mr Skerrett arrived from Nantwich.  Mary better.

Saturday 20.  Do.  Engaged with Mr Skerrett &c &c  The like.  Entirely finished the Hay & small part of which only had been cut for the last 5 days.

Sunday 21.  Do.  Mrs Wm Bent dined.  Mr Skerrett left us.

Monday 22.  At Trentham calling on Lord & Lady Stafford: but did not see them as they were gone into the Park.  In the evening Stamford arrived.

Tuesday 23.  At home

Wednesday 24. At Burslem.  Various matters.

Thursday 25.  At home.  Mr Wood & Mr Thos Wedgwood dined.

Friday 26.  At Newcastle.  Brewery &c.  Mr W Penlington dined.

Saturday 27.  At home

Sunday 28.  Do  Service &c  In the afternoon at Alsager

Monday 29.  Do.  Various matters.

Tuesday 30.  [No entry]

Wednesday 31.  [No entry]


Thursday 1.  [No entry]

Friday 2.  [No entry]

Saturday 3.  [No entry]

Sunday 4.  At home

Monday 5.  At Burslem.  In the evening Mr Tywell[?] arrived.

Tuesday 6.  At Newcastle attending the Races.

Wednesday 7.  Do    Do

Thursday 8.  Do    Do

Friday 9.  At home. A & E, C left Linley Wood

Saturday 10. At Burslem with Mr Tywell & Stamford.  In our absence Lady Stafford & Lady Charlotte Leveson called at Linly Wood.

Sunday 11.  At Newcastle inconsequence of a Note from W Bent relative to Jno Bent being placed at Shrewsbury.

[Page 96]

1811   August

Monday 12.  Mr & Mrs Crompton breakfasted on their way to Bath.  At Aqualate.  Elizabeth, Eliza, Ann Stamford & Self.

Tuesday 13.  Returned from Aqualate leaving Stamford.

Wednesday 14.  At home

Thursday 15.  At Stafford Assizes

Friday 16.  Do  Returned home

Saturday 17.  At Burslem.  Various matters.  Miss Stamford &c set off into Scotland.

Sunday 18.  At home

Monday 19.  [No entry]

Tuesday 20.  Mr & Mrs Crompton of Chorley Hall.

Wednesday 21.  [No entry]

Thursday 22.  At Trentham Inn meeting Col Chetwynd & Capt Treganny[?], Local Militia Ballot

Friday 23.  At Mare Hall.

Saturday 24.  Returned from Do

Sunday 25.  Set off to Birmingham with W Bent in the business of Lloyd & Co

Monday 26.  At Birmingham.  When determined to state a Case & take the opinion of Counsel.  Came in the Evening to Shiffnal

Tuesday 27.  Proceeded to Shrewsbury.  Engaged at the Brewery all day & came in the Evening to Hawkestone, bringing John Heathcote along with us.

Wednesday 28.  Met Sir John Chetwode.  Long Conversation relative to County Repre[sentation]  Dined at W Bent, having occasion to write to Sir John & letter which Sir John had received from Mr Wolseley being desirous to explain myself more fully than I had done in our Conversation.  Ion the Evening returned home.

Thursday 29.  At Burslem.  Colliery & other matters.

Friday 30.  At Stone attending Select Committee

Saturday 31.  Do


Sunday 1.  At home.  W Bent dined.

Monday 2.  Do.  Unwell

Tuesday 3.  Do   Do  Engaged on papers Lloyd & Co


[Entries end here.  There is a space at the bottom for more entries and the next page is blank.  There are 26 other blank pages which have been used for a different purpose.  Note that there is a gap of 16 months from 4 September 1811 to 31 December 1812, before entries begin again in a new volume on 1 January 1813.]        


[Page 97] [Blank]


At the back of the diary (upside down): 25 pages [Pages 98-122]

Bad & Doubtfull, DoubtfullBadGood

[Followed by list of names, addresses & occupations, with sums owed in one of the 3 columns: Doubtfull,  Bad or Good.  Most addresses are in Liverpool; 25 pages; n.d. (c.1850?)

Not transcribed] 


[Page 123] On which is pasted letter from R Simms dated 13 October 1922:

Inserted; letter from R Simms to Wilcox Edge, Esq. 13. 10. 22

"I hope you will take it, as it should be in Burslem Library&ldots;."


Inside back cover:

Presented to The William Salt Library by Mr Wilcox Edge


Outer back cover


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