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Diary of James Caldwell (1759-1838) of Linley Wood, Talke, Staffordshire, England.

The following is a transcription from the diary of James Caldwell .  This volume covers the period 1813-1821 (342 pages).  For transcriptions of other diaries and notes please click here (Index of notes and diaries of James Caldwell).




[Transcribers note: Initially no days of the week given except occasional letters.]

Page 1



  1. At home. Mr Skerrett
  2. At home. Mr Skerrett. Gould deposit money for purchase of Meadow from Mr Gilberts Trustees.
  3. At home. Mr Bent. Various matters. Journey to Macclesfield &c.
  4. Do. Dr Danvrin
  5. Do.
  6. At Macclesfield. Annual Accounts
  7. Do. Do. and returned home
  8. — 13. [no entries]
  9. At Newcastle Assembly
  10. — 17. [no entries]
  11. Stone in the Evening
  12. At Wolesley Bridge. Select Committee
  13. Newcastle
  14. Home

22.At Burslem arranging Accounts &c. &c. & new plan of Book

  1. Do. Do.

 [Much crossing out and altered entries for 22/23rd with a note written by JC and dated 1819 written against all the dates 24 — 28]

24 — 28 NB. At this time very little was done. The only alteration in the Books was that relating to shewing Interest on the . . .[acommatated] Copartners the Books will shew. The only Statement made was the rough & imperfect one annexed & which was done in a very hasty manner with Mr Wood. I think we returned home in the evening of the 23rd. Mrs C & I went to Burslem together. J. C. 1 Sept 1819.

  1. At Burslem
  2. At Trentham Inn attending Lieutenancy Meeting. Militia
  3. [no entry]


February, [1813]

  1. 1 At Madeley attending Meeting. Taxes. Sr. J. Chetwode Mr Tollett & Self
  2. 2. [no entry]
  3. 3. [no entry]
  4. 4. At Trentham Inn. attending Meeting Tax affairs.
  5. 5. [no entry]
  6. 6. [no entry]
  7. 7. Mr Wood & Mr Bent dined.
  8. [no entry]
  9. At Alsager looking over & marking timber intended to be fallen. Mr Salmon relative to Sale of Thurlwood & Rode Estate.
  10. Dined at Rode Hall. Mr & Mrs Rowland Egerton, Miss Egerton, . . .[? Jotton] Mr & Mrs Lord, Hinchliffe &c. &c.
  11. Engaged on grounds

12 — 14 [no entries]

  1. At Burslem meeting Mr Warren of Drayton relative to the Title to the Estate purchased by Mr Wedgwood of Bryankild and on which my opinion & advice had been requested.
  2. [no entry]


Page 2

[headed] February

  1. Attending Meeting at Trentham Inn. Assessed Taxes.
  2. — 21. [no entries]
  3. 22. At Burslem relative to Bitchton Flint Mill sale to Mr Wilbraham. From thence to Newcastle attending Meeting for Subscription to the Russians. Drawing Resolutions &c. Dined at Mr Bents. Mr Spode & Sparrow
  4. Engaged on the Grounds
  5. Alsager. Looking over Timber previous to the Sale.
  6. [no entry]
  7. At Penkridge with Mr J. Sparrow & Mr Robinson examining Witnesses relative to the Cause between the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal Co. & the Grand Trunk Co. expected to be tried at the approaching Assizes at Stafford. Returned to Stone that night.

27.Returned home. Found Mr Holland. Operation again performed on my beloved sufferer. Successfully and well.

  1. [no entry]


March, [1813]

  1. 1. At home
  2. At Talk on the Hill. Sale of Timber. but not disposed of
  3. Peake. Militia.
  4. [no entry]
  5. At Rode Heath to have met Mr . . .[Jallon] relative to . . . but he did not come.
  6. At Newcastle attending Militia Meeting. Apportioning Lists.

7 — 9th [bracketed together] At Newcastle meeting Mr Robinson relative to the Lough Cause agreed portion of my time & attention for some days past.

  1. [no entry]
  2. Attended the Sherriff. Col. Sneyd to Stafford. Dined & spent the Evening with him. Mr Basnett Tollett Lester & Griffin.
  3. At Stafford. Served on the Grand Jury & dined with the Judges Bayley & Grisham.
  4. The grand Jury being discharged about 4 oClock & the Navig. Cause not coming on til Monday returned home, bringing Mr Robinson to Stone. & where I promised to stop tomorrow Night on my way back to Stafford.
  5. Violent cold. but in the Evening went to Stone.
  6. At Stafford. Cause tried. Verdict. “That Hops Wood and Teazles are comparatively light roads.” Judge decidedly with us. Returned home at night late. Sr. John Chetwode foreman. Mr . . .[E?dd] Mr . . .[Grinday] . . . Jurors. At these Assizes Stamford made his first essay as a Barrister. A Brief given him by Messrs Walthall & Ward in an undefended Cause in which he was . . . to himself & a Brief also given him by Mr Sparrow in the Navig. Cause.


Page 3

  1. At home. Letter from Mr J Wedgwood & Bill in Parliament & papers from Mr Tomlinson relative to Hanley Market Place & requesting my assistance.
  2. At Burslem and from thence to Etruria calling upon Mr J. Wedgwood and advising relative to . . .[?rands] committed by his Servants in the packing of Goods, also Conversation relative to the Hanley Bill.
  3. At home engaged on Grounds. Perusing & considering Bill & writing to Mr Tomlinson thereon. Mr Blunt with prospectus of Staffordshire Gazette for my opinion. Strongly disapproved of it.
  4. At home. Mr Wood dined. At the trible[sic] Locks with him looking at Steam Engine . . . . . . & that Mr Wood might value it. [This is probably what we now call Bratch Locks]
  5. Do. Engaged Letter Writing G. Wilbraham &c. &c.
  6. 21. Do. Service. In the Evening Mrs. Jos. Wedgwood & Miss T. Allen.
  7. At home. Engaged superintending ground at Swallow Moor Gate & other improvements
  8. At Newcastle attending swearing in Local Militia Men for the Hundred of Prichet South
  9. At home. Engaged on various papers. Div. of Conveyance to Mr Wilbraham of Moiety of Packhorse farm. Letter to Mr Lowe &c. &c.
  10. At home. Grounds &c. Late Mr Gilberts meadow. Improvement at Trentham Inn. Property & assessed Taxes. Long & fatiguing day of business. On my return dined with Mr Tollet (who accidentally overtook me) at the Roebuck.
  11. At home. Grounds. Letters &c. &c.
  12. 28. Do.
  13. Do. Improvements at Swallow Moor Gate & Ground. Felling trees &c. &c.
  14. At Trentham Inn. Local Militia Ballot. Long & fatiguing day.
  15. At home. various matters Farm &c.


April, [1813]

  1. Do. Dr Balcombe dined. Engaged forming Drft. of Conveyce. to Mr Wilbraham of Moiety of packhorse farm & Letter therewith to Mr Lowe of Nantwich.

2d. Home. Grounds. Swallow More Gate &c.

3d. Home. Do.

S.4. Do.

  1. Do. Engaged on various matters previous to setting off tomorrow for Shrewsbury. Mr Holland. Operation Mary.


Page 4

Thursday 6. To Shrewsbury with Sr. John Heathcote & Mr Bent.

  1. Engaged all day closely on accounts &c.
  2. Finished annual Settlement. Called with Dr Danvrin at Mr Rocks relative to proposed Canal from Stone to Pave Lane, on which subject I had received a Letter from Mr Lock, Lord Staffords Agent. Assurance of the project being approved by supported by the Inhabitants of Shrewsbury & the Propr.[ietors] of the Shrewsbury Canal. In the evening came to Hawkestone on our return home.
  3. Arrived at home. Writing long letter to J. Goiton on various matters determined upon last night relative to the . . .[Browsing] Canal at Shrewsbury
  4. At home. Engaged on various matters. Farm &c.

Sunday 11.Do. Mr Wood dined. G. Wilbraham’s business &c. In the morning Mr Tomlinson relative to Opposition given to the Bill in Parliament for establishing the Market & improving the Market place at Hanley. Perusing & considering with him the Case to be presented for Members, Making out List of Members to be applied to &c. &c.

  1. At home. Letter to . . .[ ?da?phed] be by me to Ld. G. L. Gower.

[rest of entry and part of entry for 13th not photographed]

  1. At Trentham Inn advising . . . [see above] Fatiguing day but returned home to dinner. Mrs Lawton. J. Bent. Dr Balcombe Mr Parlington dined.
  2. At home. Engaged on papers relative to Hanley Market Bill previous to writing Letters to Lord G. L. Gower and other Members which I had promised Mr Tomlinson to do. Farm &c.
  3. At Newcastle again attending Militia Ballot. Mr Spode & self. Long Day. but returned to dinner. Began sowing Oats in Hollins Ground.
  4. Engaged closely on Hanley Market Bill & papers. Writing Letters to Lord L. G. Gower, Messrs Littleton, Gashall & Wilbraham Egerton. Omitted Mr Brother on acct. of the death of his mother.
  5. At home. Mr Penlington with notices to Mr Twiss to have the Dwellinghouse &c. at Rode Heath on the expiration of his term of 7 years pursuant to the Cov. in the Lease. Letter to Mr Tomlinson with the Letters to Lord G. L. Gower &c. &c.

Sunday 18. At home Service &c


Page 5

  1. At home. Farm. Ploughing. Clearing land &c. Stamford left Linley Wood on his journey to Charter & attend the Assizes &c.
  2. At Newcastle attending the Local Militia Ballot. Mr Spode & self. From thence to Stone attending Committee meeting.
  3. At Stone Genl. Assembly. Seconded Motion made by Mr Sparrow for electing Mr Littleton a member of the Committee in the room of the late Mr John Philips of . . . which was unanimously agreed to. Conversation with Mr Sparrow & afterwards with Mr Bortle, who was accidentally passing through Stone, relative to Hanley Market Bill. With Mr Chetwynd relative to various points under the local Militia Act with a view to preserving Consistency of Construction in the several Hundreds.
  4. At home. Severe attack of Mary in the last night. Mr R Skerrett slept in the house. Engaged on the Grounds, Letter to Mr Tomlinson informing him of Conversation with Mr Bortle & his permission for Mr B to call upon him with the Bill with promise of Assistance &c. Mr Bortle told me yesterday that the article in the Quarterly Review for December last on the E. India Co. Charter, was written by Mr . . .[Barrow or Bann], the traveller, & was accounted one of the best things, or the best thing, on this important subject.
  5. At Trentham Inn attending further Local Militia Ballot Mr Spode & self. Long & tiresome day. Severely Cold. Retd. late to dinner.
  6. At home. Various matters. Grounds &c. Snow & Hail. Mr R Skerrett dined. Letter again to Mr Littleton on H. M. Bill in reply to one received from him.
  7. Do. Service. In the evening Letter from Lord G. L. Gower relative to Hanley Market Bill.
  8. At home. various matters. Began again stoning sunk fence in the Ditches.
  9. At Botley Hall. Calling on the Tollets but Mr Tollet not at home. From thence to Botley Court calling on Lady & Miss Fletcher. Elizth. Eliza & self
  10. At home. Wm. Penlington a long time this morning on their affairs. payments to be made to Creditors &c. Cold Rain & Sleet. Unwell.
  11. Do. In the house all day. Mr Latham with Conveyance of Dwelling house &c. late the property of John Martin & his Brother which I executed.
  12. At Burslem. various matters. . . .[Dorn’s] Affairs &c.


Page 6

May, [1813]

May 1. Calling with Elizabeth at Wolstanton, Basford, Etruria &c. Jos. Wedgwood & Elizth at dinner.

Sunday 2: At home. Service.

  1. Do. Mr Wilbraham called. Dispute with Navign. Co relative to Trees cut down on the banks of the Canal. Engaged with men making improvements old Linley Lane. In the evening received Articles of reference to me agreed by Lord Stafford Sir J Heathcote & Mr Smith of disputes & differences relative to Longton local Gather.
  2. At Newcastle attending Sessions as Recorder. Afterwards dined with the Mayor &c.
  3. At home. Engaged in the Grounds. Letters &c. &c.
  4. Do. Mr Holland. Operation again performed on Mary. Engaged also with them thinning Plantation at the Farm &c.
  5. At Trentham Inn attending Local Militia Ballot. Mr Spode & self. Very wet day & much fatigued. Afterwards dined at Rode Hall. Sr. Thos Reid, Mr Wittenhall & self.
  6. At home. Engaged in the grounds felling Trees in the Ditches &c. Miss Wedgwood & Miss Allen to dinner. Letter to Mr Bortle in reply to one received from him last night announcing success in the Committee on the Hanley Market Bill.

Sunday 9. At home.

  1. Do. Engaged on various matters grounds &c.
  2. Engaged with Mr Hintons Men measuring my part of Ditches & Stone Cliffe Wood. Mr Tomlinson relative to Trees cut down on the Banks of the Canal & Letter by him to Mr Wilbraham.
  3. To Uttoxeter with Mr Thos. Sparrow & Mr Robinson viewing Canal & works, & particularly the ground in dispute with . . .[Earpe] & arranging various matters as per minutes. From thence to Derby with Mr Robinson & where we met Mr Simpson.
  4. To Shardlow early & where engaged all day, viewing Wharfs, Workhouses &c. with a view to ascertaining apportioning of . . .[lettings] such


Page 7

parts as it might be expedient for the Coy.[company] to part with the possession of & various other matters previous to taking into consideration tomorrow the state of the Gainsborough Boat Co. Trust & affairs. Engaged nearly all day & returned to Derby late in the evening.

  1. At Shardlow again early. Meeting with Mr . . .[Flack], Brightmore & Moore when various points finally arranged & settled & others stated & left for the consideration of the Trustees. Engaged again closely all day & returned to Derby late.
  2. Called at Mr William Straths. Returned to Stone to dinner & home in the Evening. [Note. Rest of the entry for 15th is indented]

In the course of Conversation Mr Simpson speaking of the ignorance in which the French Nation were kept as to what was passing in Europe, said that Madame D’. . . [hiblais] who had arrived in England only a few months ago, declared, that till she got here she had never heard mention made, nor did she know of such an event having taken place as the Battle of Trafalgar. — This was told to Mr Simpson by Mr . . . [Harris] who had it from Dr. Burney, Madame D’ . . .[hiblais] brother.

  1. Cows turned out to grass on the 14th.

Sunday 16. At home. Service. Cut Cabbage

  1. Do. Engaged on Navign. papers. Superintending the fencing out of the Grounds before the House &c. &c
  2. Do. Various matters. Grounds &c. Thinning Plantation &c.
  3. Do. Do. Ploughing for Potatoes.
  4. Do. Superintending fencing &c. &c. Jno. Barton Executed a Bond to Jno. Brown for £1400 as Surety Wm Bent being . . . . . . of his . . . money of B. Barrows Share in

. . . Brewery.

  1. Do. “. . . hast a province of thy own, adorn this, and mind nothing else” Plutarch on the tranquillity of the Mind.
  2. Do. Fencing out grounds, thinning Plantations &c. &c.

Sunday 23. At Home. Service

  1. At home. Grounds &c. &c.
  2. At Trentham Inn attending Meeting assessed Taxes receiving Assessments & Local Militia Ballot &c. Sir John Heathcote & Self. Mr Broadhurst of Mansfield & his son at dinner.
  3. Engaged with Mr Broadhurst who staid all day.
  4. Mr Broadhurst left Linley Wood. Mr Chas. Lawton.
  5. At home. Navign. papers.
  6. Do.

Sunday 30. Do. Service. Mr Wm Bent & Mr R Skerrett dined.

  1. At home. Mr Penlington on their affairs &c. Letter to Mr Robinson with Report of proceedings of our late Journey to Shardlow &c.


Page 8

June [1813]

Tuesday 1. At Newcastle

  1. At Do. attending Meeting Local Militia. Mr Kenworthy & Self. In the evening Mr Ralph of Halifax.
  2. At home. Engaged with Mr Ralph &c. &c.
  3. Do.
  4. At Parkfields. Elizth. & Self Mrs Darwin Dr Darwin

Sunday 6. At home. Service. Mr Robt. Griffin at dinner.

  1. Do. Mr Ralph &c. Began draining the Meadow lately purchased from Trustees of Mr Gilbert.
  2. At Stone early attending Meeting of Select Committee. Messrs Sparrow, Webb, Simpson & Self. Much business.
  3. Do. Sparrow, Simpson & Self. busily engaged all morning. Came with Mr S in a Chaise to Newcastle. Home to dinner late. Plan proposed by Mr Sparrow for Lock up houses in different parts of the Country[county] & which he requested me to consider.
  4. Mr Penlington on their affairs. Perusing & settling Draft of Conveyance sent by Mr Lowe, from Mr Wilbraham to Mr Penlington of Moiety of Land called The eight days work. In the morning Mr Ralph left us.
  5. At home. Farm. Wine put up in . . .[Binn] 17.11 [Doz. B. written over suggests 17doz 11 bottles] 1/3 part of a pipe of Jones & Atkinson had with Poole & Griffin Nov. 1812.
  6. At home. Engaged setting out & superintending draining in Gilberts meadow. In the morning Miss Stamford& Emma arrived.

Sunday 13. Do. service. Mr Wood dined.

  1. At home. Mr Holland of Knutsford. Mary. fine rain
  2. Do. Wm Penlington on their affairs previous to his going to Nantwich arranging payments to be made to the Creditors. Conveyance from Mr Wilbraham &c.
  3. Do. Sowed Turnips
  4. At Newcastle calling upon Mr Fitzherbert & Mr . . . [Cogney]. Mrs Fitzherbert gone to Blakemoor on which acct Eliza did not see her. Various other matters. In the morning Mr Penlington. Kents Brewery &c.
  5. At home. Farm. Draining &c.
  6. At home. Farm &c. &c. A.C. from Nantwich.

Sunday 20. Do. Service.

Poopter viterer, vivinder pendere carsam


Page 9.

  1. At Burslem
  2. At home. John Blunt
  3. Engaged in the morning meeting Mr Halsells & Mr Westhall. Survey of Newcastle Turnpike Road. Abstentions &c. Dined at Lawton Hall.
  4. At Newcastle. Calling on Sir John Boughey who had joined the Local Militia. Engaged him to dine tomorrow.
  5. Mr & Mrs Fitzherbert Messrs Cogney, Tremlon Josh Wedgwood & Griffin with Miss Sarah Wedgwood & Eliz dined. Mr & Mrs F. all night. Musick.
  6. At home. Farm &c. Mrs & Miss Ainsworth called.

Sunday 27. At home. Service. Mr & Mrs Wood Mrs Wilson & Eliza Wood dined.

  1. At home. Miss S Wedgwood left L. Wood. Began mowing but stopped from uncertainty of the weather.
  2. Do. various matters.
  3. Do. Penlington & Wilbraham’s papers previous to going to . . . tomorrow.



  1. At Nantwich with Eliza & Ann. Mr Lowe. Returned at night.
  2. At home. Letter to Mr Skerrett at Hills Court Exeter &c.
  3. Do. Farm draining &c.

[rest of entry indented]

Mr . . . Atkinson on his speech on the American Trade in the House of Commons on Tuesday last stated the consumption of Cotton in our Manufactures at 75,000,000 lbs annually or about 1,500,000 weekly.

That we had at present on hand 86000,000 & could in six months receive a supply of 40,000,000 from the Brazils, and in the same period, our own Colonies would produce us 20,000,000 to which might be added usual supplies.

Sunday 4. At home. Service. In the morning Eliza returned from Nantwich with Miss Compton of Eton.

  1. At home. Resumed mowing. Miss Strutt, Lawrence & Mr Compton
  2. At Newcastle. various matters.
  3. At home. busily engaged in the hay. Miss Wedgwood & Miss Morgan at dinner & all night.
  4. Do. Hay. began carrying.
  5. At Burslem & Lawton Hall. Light Rain with distant thunder.
  6. At home. Hay Harvest.

Sunday 11. At home. Service. In the evening J Bent.

  1. At Newcastle. Inspecting the Course & attending a Meeting for making arrangements previous to the Races. dined at the Shakespeare. Sr. J Heathcote, C Lawton & Bagshaw Bilcrumb, Bent, Poal.
  2. At home.
  3. Mrs Wood & family from Burslem. Hay.
  4. Mr Wood with whom engaged. Hay.
  5. Do. Do.
  6. Do. Finished Hay Harvest left small piece of Meadow behind the farm Gardens. Stamford arrived.


Page 10.

Sunday 18. Service. Mr Woods family left us.

Monday 19. At Wolesley Bridge attending Meeting of the Select Committee.

Tuesday 20. Engaged on Survey of Uttoxeter Canal. Messrs Sparrow, Simpson, Robinson & Self. In the Evening returned to Stone & slept at Mr Robinsons.

Wednesday 21. Returned home to dinner.

  1. At Trentham Inn attending Appeals on property Tax. Mr Mainwaring, Spode & Self.
  2. At Burslem. various matters. Supply of Clay from Runcorn &c. &c. Wm Penlington on their affairs, & dined.
  3. At home.

Sunday 25. Do. Service &c.

  1. At Newcastle attending Meeting making final Arrangements for Newcastle Races. Perusing lease of the Course which was this day executed by Mr Bennett, Mr Bagshaw & myself. Dined at the Roebuck. C Lawton. D Belacomb & Bagshaw Poal & self.
  2. At home. Farm, Reading &c. Miss Bent dined. In the evening Mrs Compton of Eton Miss C Compton & Miss Lawrence.
  3. At Betley Court dining. Mr & Mrs & Miss Hinckley & Sir John Boughey.
  4. At home.
  5. At Burslem meeting Mr Robinson of Stone inspecting Rail Road Wharfs &c. &c. & making arrangements relative thereto. This morning Stamford set out to join the circuit at Worcester.
  6. At home.


August [1813]

Sunday 1. At home

  1. At home. Mrs & Miss Compton & Miss Lawton left L. Wood.
  2. At Newcastle attending Races Ordinary Ball &c.
  3. At Newcastle again attending Races Ordinary
  4. Do. Do. went with Mr C Lawton. Called on Mrs Littleton with whose manners & conversation much pleased.


Page 11

  1. Set out to Stafford Assizes. Served on the Grand Jury & dined with the Judges.
  2. The Special Jury Causes on which I had been summoned viz. James agt Addison & Nichols & Vernon agt Antelly not coming on till Monday returned in the Evening to Linley Wood. Stamford also came.
  3. At home. Service
  4. At Stafford again. the cases of James & Addison having come on before 9 o’clock in the morning instead of 10 the hour fixed I was a few minutes too late having arrived at Stafford about 10 minutes past 9. Served in the Evening on the Cause Vernon agt Antelly for mismanagement of a farm. Verdict £520 damages. Dined with the Sherriff.
  5. Returned home greatly fatigued & unwell from the . . . of the last 10 days
  6. At home. Engaged on the grounds, farm &c. &c.

12 [no entry]

  1. Mr . . .[Parkerloke] Mrs Halsell Mrs Heathcote Dr & Mrs Northern dined
  2. Family from Lawton Hall Dr & Miss Belacomb dined
  3. 15. At home. Service.
  4. Do. Unwell
  5. Do. Do.
  6. At Ashcombe
  7. Do. Belmont.
  8. Returned home. In the evening received from Mr Skerrett intelligence of the death of General Skerrett at Exeter.
  9. At home. Wm Penlington on their affairs.

Sunday 22. Do. Service.

  1. At home. Engaged in the Farm &c. in the evening Mrs & Miss Compton & Caroline.
  2. At home. Farm. mowed vetches in ground behind the Farm Garden. finished ploughing . . .[from] Gilberts Meadow. Fine Summer Day.
  3. Called at Rode Hall. In the morning Mrs & Miss Compton left L. Wood. farm &c. &c.


Page 12.

[headed] 1813 August

  1. At home.
  2. At Burslem.
  3. At Newcastle in consequence of a note from the Mayor attending Meeting of the Committee relative to sending the piece of plate from Newcastle to Latham Hall & writing note to accompany the same. Letter to Mrs Alsager in the acceptance of the Deputation of the Manor of Alsager which the ladies had offered to me.

Sunday 29. At home. Service.

  1. At Newcastle attending Meeting of the Committee for managing the . . . [Shenstre] when Mr Stanton attended. Repairs wanted to be reported by . . .[Rhand] Rent to be measured at £100 per annum. Mr Willenham called in my absence.
  2. At home. Samuel Jackson relative to his Appointment of Gamekeeper of the Manor of Alsager. Mr Penlington. Began cutting wheat.


September [1813]

Wednesday 1. Mr & Mrs Jones of Manchester Miss Bourne & Mr Butt dined with whom engaged. Letter from Mr Sparrow of Bishton. Conference at Stone on the 8.

Thursday 2. The Jones’ &c left L. Wood. At Rode Hall calling upon Mr Wilbraham. Settling Acct of Penlingtons parlour money & directed the same to be paid into the hands of Messrs. Westerman Peter & Co London & the Acct of Tho. Kinnersley. Left with Mrs Wilbraham papers relative to society proposed to be established for relief of sick & aged poor & appointed the girls to call upon her tomorrow.

Friday 3. At Macclesfield with Mr Bent. Brewery &c.

Saturday 4. Returned from Macclesfield. Dined at Mrs Hatrells with Mr Parker Coke & a party. Sneyd Mr & Mrs Tomlinson Mr Bent &c.

Sunday 5. At home. Service. My poor Mary suddenly much worse. In the evening Mr Robinson of Stone previous to my accompanying him tomorrow to the River Dane Feeder & seeing the . . . & occupiers of the Mills in respect of water unduly taken for the reservoir. Also relative to the unfortunate misunderstanding that had arisen between himself & Mr Sparrow of Bishton. Uttoxeter Cause &c. &c.

Monday 6. Left home in good time. Saw Mr Pattison of Congleton relative to water taken from the Silk Mills & with whom a satisfactory conversation. From thence to Rushton. Walked to the Paper Mill 2 or 3 Miles though day extremely wet & stormy. Viewed the Weir header &c. &c. Made a sketch of the same. Returned to Congleton to dinner. Saw Mr Smith Sir Clark of Congleton with whom conversation relative to Silk Mills &c. late  belonging to the . . .[Co??er. e ] B Said he had not the . . .  . . .of the fine levied by . . . &c. but that such fine had been duly levied & by him for the Parties. Though it was delivered to a purchaser near . . .[Chandler]. Mr Robinson returned to Linley Wood & slept.


Page 13.

Tuesday 7. At home. Much engaged on papers &c relative to the Navig. businesses & Affairs previous to my meeting Mr Sparrow of Bishton Mr Webb & Mr Simpson at Stone tomorrow. In the evening Mr Patterson Tenant of the Congleton Corn Mill . . . relative to the River Dane water wrongfully taken by the Co. Taking his examination &c. Prevented this day from seeing my beloved Mary.

Wednesday 8. At Stone taking Mr Thos. Sparrow along with me in the Carriage. Met Mr Sparrow who alone attended the Conference. Stated at length to him & as clearly as I was able, the result of my consideration of the various matters that had arisen & the importance of a candid explanation in order to do away all misunderstanding & prevent these mischiefs that could not fail to be brought upon this great concern from want of confidence & harmony amongst those more immediately intended & . . . employed in the management. Heard by Mr S with great candour and patience that finally the satisfaction to . . . [?sever] all his doubts & objections & bring about a perfect explanation & reconciliation between him & Mr Robinson. Took next into consideration the Dane Feeder business on which much & long deliberation. Gave Mr S the sketch I had drawn to assist him in preparing a Clause to be earmarked to the consideration of the mill owners. Returned home, with that highest . . .  . . . gratifications, a self approving mind arising from . . . of the good that by temper & consideration I had that day done. But short alas! how short the enjoyment of it on returning the house I found Dr Darwin who had arrived a little time before having been sent for express, in consequence of my dear, my heart dear Mary having become much worse. Found all reasonable ground for hope gone. Saw her soon after. Never will be erased from my brain the impression of the moment when I first beheld her or the . . .[…dness] the sweetness the affection with which she took and pressed my hand in hers, called me her “dear papa”

[rest of page blank]


Page 14

Thursday 9. In the morning Dr Darwin left as all hope being at an end.

[space left]

Her mother sat up with her all night.

Friday 10. At about seven o’clock this morning she inquired for me. I hastened to her when she again took & pressed my hand in hers retaining it a considerable time & attesting with peculiar affection her usual tender expression of “dear papa”. Having asked for & given her a kiss I returned after some time. Her pulse was at this time so strong & quiet as to surprise me much. About noon Mr Bent called soon after Mr Skerrett who staid. On Mr Bents going away I went to her Room with her mother where I remained till all was over. She expired about half past five o’clock; having a late time before called “Mamma”. Her mothers hand & mine were locked in one of hers and her passage [sentence left incomplete]

Oh! Death when is thy sting. Oh Grave where is thy Victory?

Saturday 11. In the morning after much & painful effort proposed to my beloved Eliza that [sentence incomplete]

In the evening Mr R Skerrett

Sunday 12. Mr Holland & Mr R Skerrett. Afterwards Mr Halsell.

Monday 13. Mr Wood called. Plate.


Page 15.

Tuesday 14. [no entry]

Wednesday15. Mr Bent

Thursday 16. Found inscription over the Fire. In the evening Mr Skerrett arrived from Teignmouth.

Friday 17. [no entry]

Saturday 18. At about 12 o’clock, left Linley Wood with the remains of my dear Mary.

Bearers Josiah Wedgwood Wm Sneyd Ashcombe Chas Lawton Wm Bent Thos Sparrow Sir John Blunt Enoch Wood Rev Tho. Batt.

Red. W Hicken (by whom the Funeral Service performed) & Mr A Skerrett.

[rest of page blank]


Page 16.

Sunday 19. Service. Read the excellent sermon of Dr. Smalridge Bishop of Bristol from Psalms 42. 11 Why are thou cast down &c. illustrating & confirming the important truth of Trust in God being the best support under affliction.

Monday 20. At home. perusing will &c, &c. of late Genl Skerrett.

Tuesday 21. Mr Skerrett & Ann left Linley Wood.

Wednesday 22. At home. Mr Bent called.

Thursday 23. Do. Finished Corn harvest.

Friday 24. Mrs Jos. Wedgwood. Mrs & Miss Woods.

Saturday 25. Mr Blunt, Mr Sutton of Shardlow Navign. Concerns.

Sunday 26. At home. Service.

Monday 27. Do. Mr Prake with land tax & Assessed Taxes Assessments & signing the whole. Drawing & Copying Clause relative to River Dane water previous to going to Stone tomorrow & also drawing a perspective sketch of the Paper Mills &c. for elucidating such Clause. Mr Sturt of Tunstall relative to payment of Princl. & Interest due on Mortgage from Mr Smith to A Caldwell & arranging the same.

Tuesday 28. At Stone attending Meeting of the Committee & General Assembly. Lord Harrowby in the Chair. Lord G. L. Leves on T Daniel &c. Proceedings read & no Order of material importance made. returned home.

Wednesday 29. Set off with Mr Bent & Mr R Rawson to Liverpool. Arrived at the Brewery in the Evening. Houghton supped with us.

Thursday 30. Engaged on Brewery Concerns all day.


October [1813]

Friday 1. Engaged on Do. Afterwards walked out. Called at Houghtons Lodgings in Great George Street & left my Card. R Rawson dined.

Saturday 2. Left Liverpool. Arrived at Macclesfield about four o’clock. Brewery Concerns.

Sunday 3. Left Macclesfield. Arrived at Linley Wood about 12. Mr Bent dined.


Page 17.

Monday 4. At home. Unwell. Wet stormy day

Tuesday 5. At Newcastle dining with the Mayor

Wednesday 6. At home. Farm. Letters &c. Mr Lyon came to dinner with Stamford on their road from Knutsford Sessions to Stafford

Thursday 7. At home. Engaged in various matters

Friday 8. At Nantwich with Eliza on account of the illness of Ann who we found very much indisposed.

Saturday 9. Returned in the Evening to Linley Wood.

Sunday 10. At Newcastle attending the Mayor. In the Afternoon at Church & afterwards dined with the mayor.

Monday 11. At home.

Tuesday 12. At Newcastle with Eliza. Annual Settlement of Brewery Accts. which closely engaged all day.

Wednesday 13. Do. Do. Returned home in the Evening.

Thursday 14. At home. Letter writing. Engaged on the Farm, though weather very wet & stormy.  Sold Daisy to Edwards 78/6 to be paid for at Lady Day. In the Evening reading to the Girls Cornus &c.

Friday 15. Do. various matters. . . .[Barn] at Share of property & other Taxes in Lawton. In the Evening reading. lB of Par cost [no amount given]

Saturday 16. At home. Farm &c.

Sunday 17. Do. Service.

Monday 18. At Burslem. In my absence Mr C Lawton called. In the evening received letter from Mr Skerrett informing me of the Major General’s arrival in England. Letter in reply &c.

Tuesday 19. With Sir John Heathcote & Mr Bent to Shrewsbury.

Wednesday 20. Engaged at the Brewery &c. &c. Called at Dr Darwin’s who was out. In the Evening came to Hawkstone on our Return home. Dark & memorable Drive from him.

Thursday 21. Went to Etruria to dinner & afterwards returned home.

Friday 22. At home. Farm. Getting of Potatoes which had been begun on Tuesday. Edwards of Alsager &c. &c.

Saturday 23. At home. Thoughts much & anxiously engaged on the important business under consideration.

Sunday 24. At home. Service

Monday 25. At home. Letter from Eliza sent by servant to Coole

Tuesday 26. At Stone. Attending Meeting of Select Committee. Mr Sparrow Simpson & self.

Wednesday 27. Do. Engaged all morning but returned to dinner.

Thursday 28. At Newcastle attending Meeting of Friends of the Staffordshire Gazette. In my absence letter from Coole. Delivered to J . . . the designs of the Macclesfield

. . . to be lent to Mr Fitzherbert.


Page 18.

Friday 29. At home. Letter again from Coole by Jas. Whalley.

Saturday 30. At home. The General & Mr Skerrett came to dinner.

Sunday 31. Do. Service.



Monday 1. Do. Engaged with the Genl. & Mr S the latter being prevented from returning home by the badness of the weather. Dr Holland of Knutsford also arrived. John Bent dined.

Tuesday 2. Mr Skerrett left us. Sent him in the Carriage. Dr Holland went to Etruria.

Wednesday 3. At home. Genl. S declared his wishes.

Thursday 4. Genl. S engaged with & Conversation previous to his setting off into Northumberland to see his mother. Afterwards attended Meeting of Agriculture Society at Newcastle. On my return in the Evening found Mr Holland.

Friday 5. Mr Holland left us. High testimony born by him to the Genl. characters in Spain where he was unanimously esteemed of particularly for his distinguished humanity. Said that he was reportedly heard it mentioned that the French Affairs of the . . . which attacked . . . had sent a Letter of thanks and acknowledgment for his humanity & forbearance on that occasion. Engaged in the Grounds laying out land held to communicate with Lawton Hall.

Saturday 6. At home. Engaged in the Grounds &c. &c.

Sunday 7. At Nantwich with Elizabeth & Eliza. Adjusted various particulars with Mr Skerrett.

Monday 8. Returned from Nantwich to dinner. In the Evening read out the Bride of . . .[Freeman].

Tuesday 9. Called at Trentham. Mr Lawton Mr C Lawton & Dr Belcombe dined

Wednesday 10. At home. Engaged on Papers Genl. S. & Co.

Thursday 11. At home. Miss Bent dined.

Friday 12. At Parkfields. Mr Jos. Wedgwood. Long conversation with him & stated to him particulars of proposed Arrangement which he much approved & consented to be named as a Trustee.

Saturday 13. Returned home to dinner.


Page 19.

Sunday 14. At home. Service. In the evening I received a letter from Genl. S.

Monday 15. It appeared to me on consideration that the Settlement which Mr Skerrett proposed that the General should make on Eliza viz £800 per annum was too great, referring and Copying Agreement previous to my going to Newcastle in the evening which I had determined to do in order to meet & speak to Mr S who was to be there on his way to London. In the Evening at Newcastle & Conversation  with Mr S. who appeared to be much pleased & satisfied with my conduct on this occasion. A miserable Ride on Horseback the weather being dreadfully cold & stormy. Elizabeth & Eliza called in the morning at Rode Hall.

Tuesday 16. At home. Engaged on various papers &c. &c.

Wednesday 17. At home. Do. Ann & Betsy came to L. Wood.

Thursday 18. At Burslem on various matters. Purchased of Land adjoining the Bycars &c. &c.

Friday 19. At home. In the Grounds. Mr Penlington with whom making arrangements for payment of money to Mrs Eleanor Penlington of Nantwich. Drawing form of Rct. to be taken &c. &c.

Saturday 20. At Newcastle. Engaged all morning with Mr Bent & Mr Ward reading over & considering the specification intended to be given on the Patent for improved . . .[Gyl] Tuns, Mash Tuns &c, previous to Mr Bents going to London on this business. Also called on Mr Sparrow relative to various Navig. maters, Business &c. &c.

Sunday 21. At home. Service.

Monday 22. Engaged all morning in the grounds. Dined at Lawton Hall. Mr & Mrs Ackers Miss Hatton Mr Soper sent . . . Dr Belcombe.

Tuesday 23. At home. Very wet day. Mrs Willenham called. In the evening Letter from Stamford with account of Genl. Skerrett being appointed to a command on the expedition to Holland.

Wednesday 24. At home. Engaged on the Farm, Grounds &c. &c.

Thursday 25. Do. Do.


Page 20.

Friday 26. At home. Farm &c. &c.

Saturday 27. Do. Do. & Grounds

Sunday 28. Do. Service

Monday 29. At home.

Tuesday 30. Do. Severe cold with Frost. Engaged on the grounds laying out & superintending the making of walks through Stonecliffe wood &c. &c.


December [1813]

Wednesday 1. At home. Engaged in Do. Navig. Business.

Thursday 2. At home. Busy in Stonecliffe Wood with workmen Mrs Jos. Wedgwood dined. Mr W. at Tea but returned that night. Navig. Business. Letters &c.

Friday 3. Do. Engaged with Labourers.

Saturday 4. Do. Finished walks in Stonecliffe Wood.

Sunday 5. At home. Service.

Monday 6. Do. Navig. papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow.

Tuesday 7. At Stone attending Select Committee. Mr Sparrow Webb & self.

Wednesday 8. Do. Returned late to dinner.

Thursday 9. At home. In the Evening Mr Skerrett arrived in the Mail from London.

Friday 10. Engaged with Mr Skerrett. Penlingtons Affairs & various other matters.

Saturday 11. At home. Mr Skerrett with Ann & Betsy left Linley Wood on their return to Nantwich.

Sunday 12. At home. Service

Monday 13. At home. In the Evening received from Mr Fenton Articles for prolonging the time for arbitration relative to Longton Coal Gutter. In the day engaged in the grounds

Tuesday 14. At Newcastle on various matters. Mr Bents . . . he having returned from London without being able to come to any Agreement with Mr Valance who claimed the same invention, T. Sparrow Navig. & other matters &c. &c.

Wednesday 15. At home. Engaged in the woods, Grounds &c.

Thursday 16. Mr & Mrs Sneyd of Ashcombe Col Dobson & Mrs Lawton dined.

Friday 17. Engaged with Mr Sneyd &c. Mr Penlington on their affairs. Miss Martin dined. Wet cold day.


Page 21.

Saturday 18. Mr & Mrs Sneyd & Col  D Left us with Miss M.

Sunday 19. At home. Service

Monday 20. Mr Penlington relative to Accounts with Miss C Penlington. Mrs Timms &c. Afterwards engaged in the grounds.

Tuesday 21. At home.

Wednesday 22. At Burslem on various matters. returned to dinner

Thursday 23. At home. Engaged with Labourers in the Grounds & various matters

Friday 24. Do. Do.

Saturday 25 Do.

Sunday 26. Do. Service      

Monday 27. At home. Began new peat Road to go through Linley Lane meadow. Letter writing &c.

Tuesday 28. Do. Engaged in the Grounds & various matters.

Wednesday 29. At Burslem. Eliza & Emma. Mr Penlingtons affairs.

Thursday 30. At Burslem. Engaged with Books Accts &c.

Friday 31. Returned home. Called on Mr Bent on various matters.




Saturday 1. At home. In the forenoon Mr Wedgwood of  . . . [Exeter] arrived. Afterwards engaged with Mr Henry Broughton. Mr Patterson & Mr Sutton also called relative to the House on Rode Heath in the occupation of Mr Twiss & the purchase of the Thurlwood Estate. Proposed by Mr Sutton that the house should be divided. I referred this point entirely to Mr Penlington. In reply to a question from Mr H Broughton . . . that we had not fixed a price on the Thurlwood Estate as was I yet prepared to do it; not having obtained a Valuation of it if divided into lots, one of the methods which had been proposed for disposing of it. To a further question whether I should not in the . . . of £200 in . . . my reply was “Certainly not less.”

The winter for some days has been uncommonly mild fine frost.


Page 22

Sunday 2. At Home. John & Thos. Bent breakfasted. Mr Penlington relative to the business of yesterday & other matters. In the forenoon Mr Wedgwood left us.

Monday 3. At home. Engaged with the labourers in the Grounds.

Tuesday 4. Do. and with various Letters & papers.

Wednesday 5. Do. Do.

Thursday 6. Do. Do.

Friday 7. Do. Mrs Tollet Mrs & Miss Stanhope & the family from Lawton & all dined.

Saturday 8. At home.

Sunday 9. Do.

Monday 10. Do.

Tuesday 11. At Macclesfield. Annual Brewery Settlement

Wednesday 12. Returned home. Mr & Mrs Bent dined.

Thursday 13. At home. Various matters & accounts particularly those with the late Mr John Martin previous to my seeing Mr Miller & Mrs Martin  tomorrow, who being desirous to consult me on his affairs we had invited to dine here. Making out & copying Accounts &c. Also drawing up Resolutions to be sent to Thos Gorton previous to my meeting Sir J Heathcote at Newcastle on Saturday next.

Friday 14. At home. Engaged with Mr Miller & Mrs Martin & advising them on various matters relative to Mr Martins Affairs. Examining Accounts &c. when I declared my intention to Extinguish all claims on his Estate so far as related to these Accounts, though the Balance amounted, if strictly charged, & the balance remaining unpaid of the premium agreed to be given on my taking him into partnership & Interest were charged, to more than £700.

Saturday 15. At Newcastle by appointment meeting Sir John Heathcote at the Brewery relative to the Notice which had been given by Mr Gorton to quit his situation at Shrewsbury, when the Resolution which I had proposed, being fully approved was signed & directed to be delivered to him by Mr John Bent & a Copy to be sent to Mr Gortons friends. On my return found Dr Holland.

Sunday 16. Engaged with Dr Holland. Service &c.

Monday 17. At Newcastle again on various matters

Tuesday 18. At home. Engaged on various papers. Accounts Letters &c.


Page 23

Wednesday 19. At home. Engaged again on various papers & accounts. Drawing out annual Statement of private Affairs &c. &c.

Thursday 20. Do.

Friday 21. Do. I this day entered the 56 year of my age.

[several lines gap left]

Saturday 22. At home.

Sunday 23. Do. Service

Monday 24. At Mr Fitzherberts. Mr & Mrs Edwd, Blount, Miss Knight Mr Stanley & Mr Graham

Tuesday 25. Returned from Swinnerton after a very pleasant visit

Wednesday 26. At home. Busily engaged all day on various papers Arrangement of

. . .[D?] &c. &c.

Thursday [27]. Do. Do. Arrangement of Letters &c. &c.

Friday [28] Do. Do.

Saturday 29. At Trentham Inn attending meeting for Militia Appeals. This was one of the most tremendous Storms of Sleet & Snow that I was ever out in. Notwithstanding I rode on Horseback to & from Trentham Inn & was happy that I went as the business could not otherwise have been done, as no Dep. Lieut. attending but Sir J Heathcote, and a great crowd of People being there who must have returned bootless home.

Sunday 30. At Home

Monday 31 At home. Busily engaged soliciting & arranging papers &c.


February [1814]

Tuesday 1st. The Like.        

Wednesday 2. The Like

Thursday 3 The Like

Friday 4. The Like & various accounts

Saturday 5. the Like. Frost began to go.

Sunday 6. At home. Service

Monday 7. Do.

Tuesday 8. At Stone attending Select Committee

Wednesday 9. Returned from Stone ate to dinner.


Page 24

Thursday 10. At Newcastle attending Sir John Heathcote, arranging various matters relative to Shrewsbury Brewery & Mr Thomas Gorton’s quitting his situation in that concern. Afterwards dined with Sir John at Stoneyfields.

Friday 11. At home. Engaged in the Grounds and on various matters.

Saturday 12. Wm Penlington on their affairs. Sketching & adjusting Acct with Mrs Simons &c. Dined at Lawton Hall.

Sunday 13. At home. Service

Monday 14. At home. Grounds. Swallow Moor . . . Meadow at the Sale &c. Mr Wilbraham, to whom I delivered the . . . of the Plan of . . .  . . . [Par Shaw] farm.

Tuesday 15. At Trentham Inn. Attending Meeting for Appeals Assessed Taxes. Sir John Heathcote & self. Busy Day.

Wednesday 16. At home. Engaged all morning with perusing a great number of papers re Taylor considering & advising on the case of his father in Law Thos, Forsyth, who had been committed to Stafford Gaol as a Bankrupt charged with having secreted property with an intention to defraud his Creditors. Afterwards engaged superintending draining in the Meadow, which we began to lag with Stone.

Thursday 17. At Home. Wm. Penlington in consequence of Mr Skerrett having declined to remit the money intended for Mrs Simmons; from no part of the Annuities. Perusing & considering Case & the opinion of Mr Richards &c. &c. — Mr Rigby, to entreat my good offices with Mr Bent to take him again into his employ at the Brewery, from which he had been dismissed; &c. Letter to Mr Bent on this business, in which I had been induced to interfere from consideration of the great distress of Mr R parents who had made urgent application to me. Engaged all morning on the above matters & with Moses Barton. Rent &c.

Friday 18. At home.

Saturday 19. At Newcastle in consequence of a letter received from Mr Bent requesting . . . me on the Shrewsbury business. Consultation thereon, & wrote to Lloyd . . . & Wilkinsons Solicitors at Shrewsbury requesting then to act on behalf of Sr. John Heathcote & Co.

Sunday 20. At home. Service


Page 25

Monday 21. At Newcastle meeting Mr Peake and arranging & settling Returns under property 7 Assessed Taxes & various matters.

Tuesday 22. At home. Unwell. John Taylor again advising relative to the unfortunate business of his Father in Law. Frost.

Wednesday 23. At home. Unwell. Mr Trubshaw looking over the House &c. previous to making a plan & Estimate of the proposed alterations & with whom engaged the greater part of the day. Severe Frost.

Thursday 24. Mr Rushton Solr. of Burslem with whom looking over the various Deeds &c. in my possession relative to the Burslem Estates previous to a Declaration being performed of the uses of the fine . . . some time ago. Considering Title to Estate purchased from the Collins of Stafford & various other matters. Engaged closely all morning. Delivered to Mr Preston the Abstract of the above Title and also one part of the . . . [Chyrograph] of the fine . . .[livi?d] [Could this relate to an old name for a chemical to be used in the pottery industry?] Dr Crompton & Henry arrived about noon with whom much engaged relative to the Affairs of the Liverpool Brewery and considering various matters to be stated to Mr Bent who had engaged to come tomorrow. Severe frost.

Friday 25. At home. Engaged with Dr Crompton. Mr Bent dined. Brewery Affairs.

Saturday 26. The same. Mr Ward of Burslem with Deed of Conveyance of Estate at Tunstall late in Mortgage . . . to Ann Caldwell but standing in my name. Delivered to Mr Ward a Settlement executed by my late Father in Law Joseph Hall to Peter Hodgkinson of a small piece of land at . . .[Tunstall]. Mr Wilbraham called to request me to meet Mr Egerton of Sutton at dinner on Monday next but prevented doing this by my engagement to go to Wolesley Bridge.

Sunday 27. At home. Service

Monday 28. At Wolesley Bridge. Attending Meeting of Select Committee. Mr Sparrow, Simpson, Webb & self. Much engaged all day Mr Macdonald dined.



Tuesday 1. Engaged all morning closely. Came to Stone to dinner & home in the Evening

  1. At Nantwich with Eliza.
  2. Do.
  3. Do.


Page 26.

Saturday 5. Returned from Nantwich.

Sunday 6. Wm Penlington on their affairs. Service.

Monday 7. Dined at Rode Hall. Mr & Mrs Wilbraham, Bootle, Mr & Mrs Totton, Mrs Egerton & Miss Egerton &c. &c.

Tuesday 8. At home.

Wednesday 9. At home. Stamford arrived.

Thursday 10. At home. Sir John Chetwode Lady Harriet & Miss C Chetwode Mr Wilbraham, & Mr & Mrs & Miss Jos, Wedgwood dined. the Chetwodes and Wedgwoods staid all night.

Friday 11. The Chetwodes left us. Engaged afterwards in the Grounds &c. &c.

Saturday 12. At Rode heath pursuant to Appointment to have met Mr Salmon relative to the disposal of the Thurlwood & Rode property but he did not attend sending word that he was much indisposed.

Sunday 13. At home. Service.

Monday 14. At home.

Tuesday 15. At home. Edward Wood. In the evening arrived the melancholy intelligence respecting Genl. Skerrett.

Wednesday 16. At Etruria to dinner though in a state of . . .[mind] and feeling little suitable. the Tollets Mr Smith

Thursday 17. Returned home.

Friday 18. At home. Letter from Mr Skerrett with one from Mr Ralph Carr with interesting particulars of Genl. Skerretts wound obtained from Major Stanhope who . . . the Dispatches & affording little hope or consolation. Determined not to attend Stafford Assizes, for which Stamford set off today.

Saturday 19. At home. Engaged in the Grounds.

Sunday 20. At home.

Monday 21. At home. the frost which had set in in the night of the 25th, or the morning of the 26th of December & had continued from that time, with a short intermission only about the latter end of January, appeared this morning t be taking its final leave, the weather having been much milder, with light rain. Busy on the farm &c.

Tuesday 22. At home. Farm. Wm Penlington on their affairs & to appoint a meeting with Mr Salmon, which I fixed for Saturday next at Rode Heath. Letter to Mr Lowe Nantwich, with Bill in discharge of his Account in the Penlington Affairs. Received the


Page 27.

melancholy intelligence of the death of Major Bent, in the engagement of the 27 . . . with South. In the morning Mr Haygarth arrived.

Wednesday 23. At home. Engaged with Mr Haygarth &c.

Thursday 24. At home. Mr Haygarth. Farm &c. Finished the draining in the Meadow.

Friday 25. Mr Haygarth left Linley Wood early prevented from accompanying him to Nantwich by a severe cold. Received by John Byford on his return the afflicting intelligence of the death of Genl. Skerrett, who expired on the 10th in consequence of the wound received in the attack on . . .[Birzinopzoom]

[rest of page left blank]


Page 28

Saturday 26. Eliza & I went to Nantwich. Distressing meeting with Mr Skerrett. Wrote a letter at his request to Mrs Skerrett at Newcastle upon Tyne. Passed a day of deep and real suffering.

Sunday 27. At Nantwich

Monday 28. Returned from Nantwich in the expectation that our poor girl would arrive at home in the Evening, but found letter informing us that she would not be here till Wednesday.

Tuesday 29. At home.

Wednesday 30. At home. Wm Penlington on their affairs.

Began planting Black Italian Poplars in Swakesmoor Wood. In the evening our beloved girl arrived at home. How shall I speak of her behaviour on this trying occasion. Had her distress been less pronounced she could not have afforded so bright an example of fortitude & resignation.

Thursday 31. Engaged again Planting. Mr Skerrett arrived from Nantwich & with whom engaged. Much suffering & distress.


April [1814]

Friday 1. Finished planting having put 300 black Italian poplars into the Ground with my own hand in the last 3 days. Days of great effort in the present state of my thoughts and feelings! but employment is perhaps under such circumstances something like relief. Mr R Skerrett dined.

Saturday 2. At home. Mr Skerrett left us.

Sunday 3. At home. Service.

Monday 4. At Rode Heath meeting Mr Salmon & settling particulars of the Offer, which it was thought right should be made to Mr Henry Broughton of the Thurlwood Estate. Afterwards engaged in the Grounds & arranging papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow.

Tuesday 5. At Stone attending Meeting of the Select Committee. Mr Sparrow, Webb & self. Close day. In the Evening conversation with Mr Sutton of Shardlow relative to the Thurlwood Estate of the proposal intended to be made to Mr B.

Wednesday 6. At Stone. Select Committee. Mr Sparrow & self. Returned to dinner. In the evening Wm Penlington to whom I delivered a note for Mr Broughton containing the offer of the Thurlwood Estate to be given to him tomorrow morning at Whitehall, pursuant to the Arrangement made on Monday.


Page 29.

Thursday 7. At home. Engaged in the Grounds. Swallow Moor Wood &c. Wm Penlington. Purchase declined by Mr Broughton.

Friday 8. At home. Planted with my own hand 100 more black Italian Poplars in the Bent Lane Hollins Ground & various places.

Saturday 9. At home. Grounds & various matters. Mr Jos. Wedgwood

Sunday 10. At home. Service.

Monday 11. Ben Johnson truly says of Shakespeare that “he was not of an age, but for all time” and from his rich store of Philosophie[sic] and moral wisdom, Aphorisms that are applicable to almost every subject may be selected.

Tuesday 12. At Stone attending Meeting of the Grand Trunk Canal Committee

Wednesday 13. Do. General Assembly. Returned home to dinner. T Peake, Mr Skerrett & my sister.

Thursday 14. Set off early to Shrewsbury with Sir John Heathcote & Bent from Newcastle on annual Settlement of Acct. &c. & arrived there in the evening

Friday 15. Closely engaged all day at the Counting House with Book &c.

Saturday 16. Do. Do. and closed the Account

Sunday 17. Returned home.

Monday 18. At home. Engaged with Mr Skerrett. Swallow Moor wood &c

Tuesday 19. The like.

Wednesday 20. At Burslem with Mr Skerrett

Thursday 21. At home. Engaged with Mr S Swallow Moor Wood &c.

Friday 22. Mr S & my sister left Linley Wood. Mr Tollet Mr Wickstead & Mr Butt called.

Saturday 23. At home. Mr Peake with various Assessments which I signed. John Taylor relative to Forsyths business & threats of proceedings against himself for penalties &c. Engaged a long time considering & advising on this case. finally giving my opinion in writing to be shown to the Assignees & Creditors.

Sunday 24. At home. Service. Rain.

Monday 25. At home. Constant Rain

Tuesday 26. At Newcastle being the Sessions & dining with the  Mayor &c. In the morning busy in Swallow Moor Wood.

Wednesday 27. At home. Busy with Men in Swallow Moor

Thursday 28. At home. Very wet day. Engaged reading &c.


Page 30.


Friday 29. At Newcastle. Attending the Local Militia Meeting. Mr Spode & self. returned to dinner. Looked into Letteres de Maller speaking of the Incas, he says

“politiques, ces descriptions de gouennemonts parfaits qui n’existent rullepart. Rien n’est plus ais’c que de montrer comment on peut le realiser” [Note: the transcriber does not understand French so this is likely to be inaccurate!]

Saturday 30. At home. Engaged in the Grounds &c. Arranging fence below the Flower garden &c.


May [1814]

Sunday 1. At home. Service.

Monday 2. Severe bruise on my foot, Confined to the Sopha[sic] Reading. Perspective.

Tuesday 3. Resumed my French. translated from Sevigné & Vertot & retranslated into French. The mode adopted by Gibbon for facilitating the acquisition of the Language. Mr R Griffin who dined. Lady & two Miss Fletchers called. Unable to stir much.

Wednesday 4. At home. French &c. Madame Sevigné amongst the many admirable observations and reflections with which her Letters abound says“ Les Meillieures Choices sont les plus mauonies, quandilles ne sont pas aigles par le jugiment” [see transcribers comment above!]

Thursday 5. At home. Still lame. French &c. Eliza went to Coole.

Friday 6. At home. Lame. Dr Balcombe & Mr Griffin with ponies. the former dined.

Saturday 7. At home. Lame. French &c.

Sunday 8. At home. Upstairs. Mr Wood & Edward Turned sows to Grass.

Monday 9. Do. Do. French. Purchased for the girls from Mt Whitelaw . . . the little brown pony which had been so commended by Dr Balcombe. price £16.

The old duchess of Marlborough speaking of the Whigs and Tories in her time said, to the Duchess of B. — Your having opinion has always been the same. The Whigs are all Rogues, and the Tories all fools.” King tho’ afterwards said of them: “If a King had places enough to give way, we should soon lose both Whigs and Tories,”

Tuesday 10. Still confined upstairs. Mr R Skerrett. French Drawing &c.

Wednesday 11. The same.


Page 31.

Thursday 12. Still confined upstairs. What Lord Bolingbroke says of his own party when they came into power is perhaps partly descriptive of the Party called “The Talents”.

“I am afraid, says he, that the principal spring of our Actions was to have the Government of the State in our own hands; that our principal . . .[varies] was the conservation of this power, great employments to ourselves, and great opportunities of rewarding those who had helped to raise us, and of hurting those who stood in opposition to us. It is however, time, that with those considerations of private and party interest, there were others intermingled which had for their object, the public good of the Nation, at least what we took to be.” Bolingbroke Letters to Sr. Wm Wyndham.

Mr & Mrs Kinnersley & Miss Jane K. Mr Wm Senr. Thos Kinnersley Dr Balcombe Jos Wedgwood Eliz & Charlotte dined. Went down to dinner but very unwell.

Friday 13. Confined upstairs. Reading Writing &c.

Saturday 14. the same. On the subject of Prayer, I was much pleased with the following Observation in Jonas Harveys . . .[tracts]

“Let thy words before is an admonition well suited to the weakness of human nature. It is a shrewd remark, that there is a great difference between praying and saying prayers: and that we ought not to expect that God will attend to our prayers if we do not attend to them ourselves. Will God demand a longer attention than the mind is capable of or to lend any countenance to indolence or impiety but to recommend an awful approach to the Deity, and in our private addresses, not by a careless and abrupt intrusion into the more immediate presence of the awful Majesty of Heaven.”

When we consider that Jesus Christ has not only said ‘Let thy works be few’ but has also said ‘Ask not . . . repetitions as the Heathen do for they think they shall be heard for their much speaking’, it is scarcely possible not to infer from such plain, direct and forcible admonitions a particular disappointment of long address as to the Deity and contained in the Book of Common Prayer. . . .[Heard] of a few excrescencies this would certainly be a beautiful form of public worship, equally adapted to excite devotion, and to give utterance to it in impressive and appropriate language. J.C.


Page 32.

Sunday 15. Still confined upstairs.

Monday 16. The same. Tyther speaking of Professor Millar, Another of the Distinction of Ranks &c, &c, in his Memoirs of Lord Kames says; “ In Mr Millars writing on the English Government, we observe the same spirit of System, and the same partiality to hypothetical reasoning though resting, as may be supposed, on a more solid foundation of facts, and the less dangerous in to tendency, as being every where capable of something from actual History, in his delineation of the later periods of our parliamentary history. Mr Millar seems to have been impressed with an unreasonable alarm, that the Arbiters of the subject are in perpetual danger from an increase in the influence of the Crown. Under our constitution as now modelled at the Revolution, and fenced by many salutary enactments since that era, the event thus dreaded is utterly . . . [??mercial]. The crown can have no influence but through an aristocracy, whose interests are essentially connected with the liberties of the People and the prosperity of the State. On the other hand, the real danger (as experience has but too well evinced) and therefore the first subject of alarm to every good citizen, is the increasing influence of the democratic branch of the Constitution; and that ambition of power felt by every turbulent spirit, even amongst the lowest orders of the people, which still prompts to active control over his Rulers, to interfere in the conduct of Government, and to resist its operations, whenever he fancies restraints, or dreams of grievances. It was not from his venerable Master, that the Professor drew his political opinions, or his maxims of Government. On the contrary Lord Kames never failed to express his unqualified disapprobation of these doctrines; and the partial regard which he entertained for his former pupil, suffered, in the later period of his life, on that account, a marked abatement.”

Tuesday 17. Still confined. Mr Trubshaw, with whom finally arranged things relative to the intended alterations in the House, and which he fixed to begin upon the 2nd June.

Wednesday 18. Went out for the first time  a short way in the Carriage. Mrs Turner, Miss M Holland, Mrs J Holland & children came to Linley Wood.


Page 33.

Thursday 19. Upstairs.

Salus populus; superna hex, or, the good of the people is paramount to Law, is just, as a general . . .; but, who is to determine, in doubtful nearness of Government, when his the Salus populi; or, how is the fair and unbiased sense of the Nation, on the tendency of such nearness to be collected? If every individual arrogate himself that liturgy of Judgement and power of acting [last three words double underlined] in consequence there is an end of all Government whatever. Saml. Book as last quoted.

it is the duty of every good man to endeavour both by is example and active influence to maintain the public tranquillity under a Government, to which the great majority of the Nation is disposed to yield a willing obedience. J.C.

It was keenly observed by the writer of the general article in the Staffordshire Gazette of Tuesday 17th May when speaking of the Speech made by Sr. Jno. M-k-sh [JC uses dashes, as shown, to disguise the name of the speaker but I guess this to be Mackintosh] in the House of Commons on the subject  of Norway – “that the tendency of his arguments was to encourage belief that floating between opposite principles he suffered himself to be guided by one.” Mr Purton & Joseph Wood with Conveyance to J . . .[Sakimon] of premises at Burslem which I executed.

Friday 20, Obliged to attend Meeting at Trentham Inn. Militia, property, Land Tax, and Assessed taxes. Sir J. Heathcote Mr Spode & self. Very heavy day & returned much fatigued. Miss Wedgwood came to Linley Wood.

Saturday 21. At home. Laid up with my leg. reading &c.

Sunday 22nd. Mr Bent with papers &c. relative to Thomas Gorton and at his request drawing up Card to be inserted in the Salopian Journal, in consequence of a Letter which Gorton had inserted therein. Afterwards Enoch & Edward Wood for my opinion relative to the Burt of the . . .  . . . address which had been sent to London & whether it shd. be presented to the Duchess of . . .  In the Morning Miss W left L. Wood.

Monday 23. Still laid up. Engaged closely drawing up . . . of a Letter which it night be proper for Mr Skerrett to address to Mr Carr, in consequence of one received from him announcing the strange disposition made by Majr. Genl. Skerrett of his Fortune.

Tuesday 24. The like. Again considering, and copying the above & writing Letter therewith to Mr Skerrett which I sent by James Whalley.

Wednesday 25. The like. Mr A Skerrett. Mrs Turner &c. left L Wood. Miss J Wedgwood arrived. Began to clear the ground for laying Bricks for the new Building, In the evening Letter from Mr Skerrett expressing his thanks for & appreciation for what I had suggested.

Thursday 26. Still laid up. Engaged again on papers relative to Skerretts, First Bricks carried for the Building. Turned Cows into the Ditches Land.


Page 34

Friday 27. Still confined.

Saturday 28. The like

Sunday 29. The like. Service. Sent letter to Mr Skerrett

Monday 30. At Newcastle Attending  Meeting Militia & Taxes. Sr. J Heathcote & self.

Tuesday 31. Still confined. Mrs Bent & Dr Balcombe dined. . . .[Melson[ came to L Wood.



Wednesday 1. The like. George Whitaker, Building. Mr Holland & C Wedgwood & Miss Birt. The Meet took 5 young foxes in an earth in the Ditches.

“Disable this our Country benefits” Shakespeare As You Like It

Thursday 2. The like. [this and next entry bracketed together with following entry] Reading. Writing &c. &c.

Friday 3. The like. C.W. & M H went.

Saturday 4. The like. Miss Wetterton dined. At night very unwell Caustic having been applied in the morning.

Sunday 5. The like. Mr Bent dined. in the evening The Bents left us.

Monday 6. The like.

Tuesday 7. The like. Mr Trubshaw making arrangements &c. previous to beginning the alterations in the House.

Wednesday 8. The 35 Anniversary of that happy event to which I willingly and gratefully refer all the happiness of this long and interesting period. Began alterations in the House.

Thursday 9. Still confined. Mr Blunt dined and staid all night.

Friday 10. the like

Saturday 11. The like

Sunday 12. In the morning received intelligence from Mr Wood of the accident by fire which had happened at the works. Service. Still confined.

Monday 13. Still confined but considerable appearance of amendment having taken place. Henry Crompton, In the afternoon E Wood junr. with particulars of the Accident, & with whom I drew up a form of thanks for the prompt service rendered by our neighbours to be printed & circulated.

Tuesday 14. Still confined but walked out about ten minutes. John Taylor with a copy of a Writ with which he had been served in the matter of Forsyth. Advised on Appearance to be returned.


Page 35.

Wednesday 15. Still confined.

Thursday 16. The like. Got early Potatoes.

Friday 17. At Burslem with Eliza in the Carriage. Henry Crompton.

Saturday 18. At home. Foot beginning to heal. Mr Penlington on their Affairs.

Sunday 19. At home. Service

Monday 20. The like. Wm Penlington relative to payout of Miss C Penlington balance. Henry Crompton left us. Foot mending. Miss Stamford& the girls stopt on their journey to North Wales.

Tuesday 21. At home. Mr Trubshaw with whom engaged relative to the Buildings.

Wednesday 22. Set off with Wm Bent to Macclesfield where closely engaged all day on Accounts &c. &c.

Thursday 23. Returned from Macclesfield to dinner. Found Mrs Turner & Mary Holland. Foot not so well.

Friday 24. At Newcastle to see Major Evelyn relative to obtaining the discharge of Jesse Bloor one of the People employed at Binolian & a private in the 56 Regt. Returned to dinner. Mrs Turner & Miss Holland left us.

Saturday 25. At home. Foot still indifferent.

Sunday 26. At home.

Monday 27. This morning I laid the first Brick of the new Building at the front corner of the wall adjoining the late Drawing Room. At Rode Heath meeting Mr Darlington of Sandbach. S.W. Fenna settling . . . for sale of Messrs Salmon & Penlingtons Estate, division into Lots &c. &c. much trouble and engaged several hours.

Tuesday 28. At home. Letter writing. Foot appeared this morning to be just healing over. Buildings &c. &c. Rode out for the first time on horseback.

Wednesday 29. At Burslem with Eliza. Settling Oldkins Acct. Mr & Mrs . . .[Borltill] &c. &c.

Thursday 30. At home. Mr Wittenhall of Lawton with account of Claims by Mrs Foden against the Navigtn. Co. for injury done to Ronglewood Mill by Mill pool being filled with mud &c. scourings of the Canal; and to request interference on her behalf.



Friday 1. At home. Mr & Mrs Wood Mr & Mrs Brottoll &c. dined at Linley Wood & with whom engaged. Got Peas.

Saturday 2. Wm Penlington breakfasted. Finally settling Advancement for Sale of Estate at Gold Rode &c. In the evening Stamford arrived.


Page 36

Sunday 3. At home. Service.

Monday 4. At Stone attending Meeting of the Select Committee. Mr Sparrow, Webb & self.

Tuesday 5. Attending meeting of General Committee. Order for an advance of Dividend 2/2 per share in the half year &c. at midsummer list. Returned home in the Evening. Found Mr Skerrett.

Wednesday 6. At home. Engaged with Mr Skerrett &c.

Thursday 7. At Nantwich with Eliza & Mr Skerrett. Attended service at the church. In the evening . . .[Mainmation]

Friday 8. Returned home in the Evening bringing him with us

Saturday 9. At home. Mr Trubshaw. Got the two principal Beams up over the Drawing Room. Unwell with inflammation on my . . .

Sunday 10. At home. Service. Unwell.

Monday 11. At home. Confined.

Tuesday 12. At home.

Wednesday 13. At home. Mr Lyon returned with Stamford from Knutsford Sessions. Dined and staid all night. Much conversation with him on the topics of the Day. Petitions to Parliament. Lord Cochrane &c.

Thursday 14. At home George Beardmore with abstract of title and Conveyance of Land at Burslem for my perusal & advice. Perusing & considering the same.

Friday 15. Dined at Lawton Hall. Mr & Mrs Crompton.

Saturday 16. At home.

Sunday 17. At home. Service. At Talk Chapel in the afternoon.

Monday 18. At home. Began mowing.

Tuesday 19. At Newcastle. Attended the Sessions. Afterwards dined with the mayor &c. &c. at the Roebuck. Letter to the Mayor from Lord Stafford received by this Evening’s Post saying that it was not in his power to present the Newcastle Petition to the House of Lords; but he had requested his cousin Lord . . .[Ossong] to do it. This letter dated from Richmond!!!

Wednesday 20. At home. Workmen &c. Mr Lawton Mrs C Lawton Miss . . . [Richmond] & Dr Balcombe dined.

Thursday 21. At home. Unwell with a cold.

Friday 22. At home. Engaged with the workmen &c.


Page 37.

Saturday 23. At home. Engaged in the Hay. Ann left Linley Wood in the Evening.

Sunday 24. At home. Service.

Monday 25. At home. Busily engaged in the Hay and carrying the upper Meadow.

Tuesday 26. At Stafford. Attending Meeting for Address to the Prince Regent on the pence which was unanimously agreed to, motion made by Mr Gisborne for introducing mention of the Stone Trade, negatived. Dined at Stone Sir John Heathcote, Mr Thos. Sparrow, (who had accompanied me to Stafford) Mr Tomlinson & self. Pleasant & satisfactory day.

Wednesday 27. At home.

Thursday 28. At home.

Friday 29. At home. the Mayor of Newcastle (Hall & Thos. Sparrow, Nickisson, Rob. Trenton, Ford, John Robinson, Plant, Philips, John Swinnerton, Wm Kennedy & Leach & Joseph Adams dined at Linley Wood. Tremendous storm of Thunder Lightning & Rain.

Saturday 30. At home

Sunday 31. Service. In the Evening set off with Stamford to Stafford to attend the Sessions.


August [1814]

Monday 1 At Stafford. Served on the Grand Jury. Dined with the Judge Dallas. The other Judge Richards being detained in Court.

Tuesday 2. Served on 2 Special Jury Causes. The King v . . .[Hogneston] Officer of Excise for fraud in charging & receiving from several Victuallers higher amount of Duties on Beer than they were liable to. Verdict Guilty.

The King v . . .[Sharder] & ors [?others] an Indictment under the Bubble Act for having erected by subscriptions &c. taxes a Corn & flour Mill at Wolverhampton which had proved injurious to the Millers & Bakers. Stated by the Judge & the Council on both sides to be a Cause of great consequence & importance both to the Public & the parties. It appearing that the establishment of these Mills had been of great public benefit by considerably reducing the price of flour and bread in the populous town of Wolverhampton, the Judge found a Verdict for the Defendt. The judge observed that seemingly any considerable establishment could be found without being injurious to Individuals, but that . . . benefit must sometimes give way to the public good; and that these Institutions by further satisfaction & in Shares were not illegal per se or in themselves but only when


Page 38 August, 1814.

tending to common grievance or injury. Trial occupied between 9 & 10 hours.


Wednesday 3.   In Court again.  Attending trial of The Staffordshire & [ . . . ? . . . ?] & Grand Trunk Canal cause.   Saw Mr [D . . . ?] at Stafford who informed me that the purchase agreement was signed by the [ . . . ?] of the late Mr. Gilbert and that he wd send me a Copy.  Left Stafford on my return home. After parting with Stamford who was just setting off to Birmingham in order to proceed as expeditiously as possible on his Road to France & having had much Conversation with Sr John Chetwode who had consulted me as to his coming into Parliamt  / intending to dine at Mr [Wetthalls?] but on my arrival at the Roebuck found that an [E…ss?] had been sent to Dr Darwin & in consequence hurried home & had the unhappiness to find my dear Louisa very unwell.  Found all the rest returned from their Welch expedition.


Thursday 4  At Home.  Dr Darwin.  Encouraging hopes of my dear Dear girl: but harassed, depressed, miserable!! Exhausted in Spirits from the hurry of the several preceding days, and the dread of the Affliction which seemed to await us.


Friday 5  At Newcastle.  To learn if any thing had passed relative to the expected vacancy for the Borough.  But obtained no intelligence.  2.  Canal


Saturday 6.  At Newcastle again.  Attending the Mayor &c and meeting the Bishop of Lichfield & Coventry at breakfast, at the Roebuck where he was entertained by the Corporation & this being a Confirmation.  Returned to dinner.  Louisa still very ill.


Sunday 7.  At home.


Monday 8.  Louisa considerably better.  Saw my dear Girl:  but observed a deep suffusion upon the cheek from which I could not but feel much alarm


Tuesday 9.  Home.  Louisa worse.  Sent again for Dr Darwin.


Wednesday 10.  Louisa much worse.  Called in Dr Northen.  Dr Darwin also came.


Thursday 11  At about half past one this morning went to my beloved Girl who had called for her Papa.  Found her in high delirium.  Better if I could forever erase from Memory every trace of the heartbreaking scene that followed.  Dr.N. again at 8, at 1 o’clock bled her in the arm.


Friday 12.  Dr Northen.  Sent again to Dr. Darwin. 


Saturday 13  Dr Darwin again & Dr Northen. Consultation. Pronounced that effusion on the brain had taken place: and there was as yet no Symptom that might not be recovered from.  Dr. Darwin left her late in going to bed, in as comfortable a way as could be expected.


Page 39, August, 1814.


Sunday 14. [Begin?] to indulge some hope.  The morning came, when I found that Dr Darwin had been twice asked to her.  That he had once thought life had fled, as the pulse had for a few seconds absolutely stopped.  Administered Laudanum & Sal Volatile which had the wonderful effect of [relieving?] her.  3  drops of Laudanum 12 of Sal. Vol.  When I met him in the morning told me he had no comfort for me.  Left us about 9.  [Ading?] 3 drops of Laudanum & 5 of Sal. Vol to be administered every 3 hours.  She continued to revive through the day.


Monday 15.  Dr Northen. At [sic] 1 o’Clock rather better.


Tuesday 16.  Dr Northen at 8 in the morning.  Some pain the bowels. 


Wednesday 17.  Dr Northen again at 8. Sent again for Dr Darwin – Dr Northen again at 11 at night


Thursday 18.  Dr. Darwin arrived in the afternoon & also Dr Northen about 4.  Consultation.  Danger from the Bowels had greatly abated.  She had called for & drunk Porter, which seemed to afford her great support.


Friday 19.  Dr Darwin who had staid all night gave us this morning encouraging hopes.  And left us about 10 o’Clock.  Indulged for the first time the dear delightful expectation that our beloved Child would be again returned to us, and felt sensations through this day that can never be expressed.  Dr Northen came in the afternoon – dined – and allowed us to continue in hope: but said he was anxious to see the Tongue clearer, in which case he could speak boldly.  Went to bed and slept with some degree of comparative comfort.  On getting up in the morning I found that about 6 o Clock material change had taken place for the worse. Dr. Northen immediately sent for who arrived betimes P d q.  But all hope gone.  A faintness had come on, [ending?] as it would seem from a complete exhaustion of the powers of nature and about 10 o’Clock expired, as I understand (for I was not as in a former Case, present) without a struggle and almost imperceptibly, she who


[There is a bank space left here.  James possibly intended to write some more later?]


Page 40, August, 1814.


Death had made such speedy ravage that my fond & anxious wish to have obtained some sketch however imperfect of my beloved Girl proved vain, & the attempt was obliged to be abandoned. 

But, though no Artists hand assayed to trace

Some dear, though faint resemblance of thy face,

Memory, to fond Affection ever true,

Recalls each lovely feature fresh to view

And tells – though every charm and grace combin’d

Beauty, Portrait of thy Mind



Sunday 21


Monday 22


Tuesday 23


Wednesday 24  Mr Sherratt came from Nantwich


Thursday 25


Friday 26.  About 12 o Clock again left Linley Wood, with the remains of my beloved and heart dear Louisa, which I saw deposited by the side of my never to be forgotten Mary, and my little Fanny.  Oh!  What does not that Grave contain!



Mr. Jos. Wedgwood

Mr  Tollet

Mr C. Lawton

Mr Sparrow

Mr Bent

Mr Wood



Saturday 27

Sunday 28

Monday 29



Page 41, August, 1814.


Tuesday 30


Wednesday 31


Page 42, August, 1814.


[Page Blank]


Page 43, September, 1814.


September 1814


Thursday 1st  Set off to Scarborough.   Eliza, Mrs Stamford, myself and the three Girls with two men, and one maid servant and arrived at Leeds at  night where we slept.


Friday 2  To York.  Viewed the Minster & attended the Evening Service.  Afterwards to Castle Howard where we slept


Saturday 3  Viewed the House & Grounds at Castle Howard.  From there to Scarborough where we arrived about four or five Clock.  Dined & slept at the Bull Inn


Sunday 4.  Do


Monday 5  Went to Lodgings Mr Coopers in Queen Street.

From this time to Monday 3rd [been?] at Mr Coopers.  At Scarborough Profiles were taken of Eliza Miss Stamfordthe three girls and myself



Page 44, October, 1814.



Monday 3  Left Scarborough about eight o Clock and came to York where Mr Wm Turner dined with us.  Called at Dr [Belcombe’s?] who called [above this is inserted: . . . ? from home] upon us at Ettridges Hotel in the Evening.  Afterwards viewed the Minster both outwards and the interior by moon light.  Fine, beyond imagination.  Beautiful effect produced  by the sound of the voice of a Gentleman who was viewing it at the same time and he ran over the scale of the notes at least a great number of them


Tuesday 4.  To Manchester by Wakefield.  Slept at the Star Inn.


Wednesday 5  In the Evening arrived at home.


Thursday 6 – At home.


Friday 7. At home


Saturday 8  Mrs Jos. Wedgwood called with Elizt. Charlotte & Sally & dined


Sunday 9.  Mr & Mrs Wood & Mr Wm Bent dined.


Monday 10  Mrs & Miss Tollet, & Miss Sarah Wedgwood, called


Tuesday 11  Mr Jos. Wedgwood called


Wednesday 12  Set out with Mr Bent to Liverpool, on the annual Settlement & arrived there in the evening.


Thursday 13  At Liverpool engaged with Books Acc.s &c. &c.


Friday 14  Left Liverpool about noon & got to Macclesfield in the Evening.


Saturday 15  Arrived at Linley Wood about noon  Mr Bents return being hastened by the illness of Mrs Bent of Basford.  In the evening [Depute?] of Gentlemen from Tunstall relative to a [ . . . ?] Wharf


Sunday 16  At home  Mr & Mrs Jos Wedgwood, Miss Wedgwood & Charlotte dined.  In the afternoon went with Mr W to survey the treble locks at Lawton, which he wished to see previous to attending Navg meeting at Stone tomorrow.


Page 45, October, 1814.


Monday 17 October At Stone.  General Committee.  Presented Memorial from the Inhabitants of Tunstall & append an Order for a survey to be made by Mr  Robinson & myself.  Much business occasioned by the Scarcity of water on the Canal, & many important improvements ordered to be made, which it has long been my earnest wish to see done.


Tuesday 18  General Assembly.  Returned to dinner late.


Wednesday 19  At home. [ . . . ?]


Thursday 20 The like.  [Mrs?] Penlington on their affairs.  Engaged with workmen.  Grounds &c.


Friday 21  At home.  The same.  In the Evening Stamford arrived.


Saturday 22  At home.  Mr Trubshaw with whom engaged.


Sunday 23  At home.  Service.


Monday 24  At Burslem with & Elizaq.  Various matters.  Returned to dinner.


Tuesday 25  Prevented from going to Newcastle on annual Settlement of Accounts at the Brewery by the death of Mrs Bent of Basford which took place on Sunday morning.  Engaged with various papers.  Edwards relative to taking Alsager farm


Wednesday 26.  Mr Wm Penlington breakfasted.  Intelligence of the death of Mrs Charles Lawton.  Joseph Berks, to whom I delivered the Testimonial received from Mr Tollet with a letter to Mr Robinson, relative to his Appointment to a situation in the Navgn Co.s Service.  Engaged with men in the Water Meadow.  Mr Sherratt of Nantwich.  He and Wm Penlington dined.


Thursday 27  Called at Rode Hall with Stamford.  Mr & Mrs Wilbraham at Lichfield.  Engaged with Mr Sherratt.  [E…ding?] will of late Mr. G. Sherratt &c. &c

Friday 28  At Basford attending the funeral of the late Mrs Bent who was buried at Wolstanton.  Age 62.  Bearers


Mr Wood                    Mr Wedgwood

Mr [Wett…hall?]        Mr Caldwell

[Sir Heathcote?]          Mr Heathcote


Mr Butt  Mr Carliss.  Clergymen. [Sr Jno H?]. Dr Bent. Tho Bent & Mr. Bent.  Returned home to dinner.

Saturday 29  Attending Funeral of the late Mrs Lawton at Lawton


JS Caldwell     [Old?] Mr [Heppingstall?]

Rev Mr Salmon           Mr Caldwell

Mr Tollet                    Mr Offley Crewe



Clergy. Mr Wettenhall Mr [Powner?] Mr Richardson

Medical.  Dr Northen. Mr. Wood. Mr. Short. 

Mr. Lawton Chas. Lawton 

Mr Penlington & Mr Morris.              […?] I think


Mr Sherratt left us.


Page 46, October, 1814.


Sunday 30.  At home.  Service in the afternoon at Talk Chapel.


Monday 31.  Called at Lawton Hall.  Engaged in the Grounds etc



Tuesday 1.  At Stoneyfields with Eliza.  Engaged on the annual Settlement of Brewery Accounts.


Wednesday 2.  Do.  Returned home to dinner.


Thursday 3.  At home.   Myatt of Jamage Application for Alsager Farm.  Mr  Blunt  dined & staid all night.


Friday 4.  Mr Saml Jackson relative to Alsager Acct. of Rent &c.  Mr Beardmore sundry Accounts.  Engaged with men J Beardmore & Jas Whalley in the grounds fencing out the Pit hole in the Ditches previous to planting the same.  Mr Trubshaw – who, with Wm Penlington dined.


Saturday 5.  At home.  Engaged on Grounds &c


Sunday 6.  At home.  Unwell.  In the morning Stamford set off to London.


Monday 7.  At home.  Confined to the House.  Mr Wilbraham called.


Tuesday 8.  At home.  Still confined.  Reading &c


Wednesday 9.  At home.  The like.


Thursday 10.  Engaged in the grounds with J Beardmore & Jas Whalley making approach to Swallow Moss Wood &c &c.


Friday 11.  At home.  Various matters.


Saturday 12.  At home. Considering plan for establishment of an infirmary in addition to the present Dispensary & drawing up Observations thereon.


Sunday 13.  At home.  Service.


Monday 14.  At Etruria by way of Burslem.  Consulting Mr Wood relative to the proposed Infirmary.  Dined & slept at Etruria.  Considered & talked over with Mr Wedgwood the proposed Infirmary at his request & left him with my Observations on the plan, to be communicated to the Meeting appointed to be held on Friday next.  Mr Wedgwood – who had arrived at Etruria this day.


Tuesday 15.  At Stone.  Attending Meeting of the Select Committee.  Mr Sparrow, Mr Webb, & self.  Considering intended new works and giving instructions to Mr Clarke for surveys &c &c.  Dined and returned to Etruria.


Page 47, November, 1814.


Wednesday 17 Returned home to dinner.


Thursday 18.  At Betley Court calling upon Sir John Boughey; but he was gone out.  Also called at Betley Hall, Mr Tollet having arrived from Norfolk the Evening before, but he was also gone out.  Mr Trubshaw with whom engaged.


Friday 19.  Engaged with the men transplanting young oaks from Swallow Moss Wood into the Pithole in the Ditches where I planted from 4 to 8 feet high.  Also began extending the Wall through the Plantation behind the Bath.


Saturday 20.  Engaged in the morning with the men as Yesterday.  Elizabeth, Eliza, Emma & I dined at Rodehall


Sunday 21.  At home Service.


Monday 22.  At home.  Engaged on the Farm &c.


Tuesday 23.  At home


Wednesday 24.  At home.  Mr Wedwood with whom engaged.


Thursday 25.  Mr Speakman & Mr Gould  relative to the time of payment of the Tonnage of Limestone on the Canal.  Long conversation on the subject, when I recommended that a Representation of the Case should be drawn up & laid before the Select Committee.  Afterwards at Basford calling on Dr Bent.  Elizth. E. & self but they were out; also called at Stoneyfields.  Saml Jackson jun relative to the Alsager Farm & [with?] Mr Remers Report: when I proposed a Conference between Mr. Remer & myself which was fixed to take place some day the next week.  Mr Wedgwood left us this morning.


Friday 26.  Engaged in the Morning with Men on the Farm.  Afterwards at Trentham dining with Mr Butt.  Mr. Wedgwood Dr Bent Belcombe Blunt and self.  Long conversation relative to the Infirmary.  Stated the doubts that had occurred to my mind relative to the fund expected to be derived from the working classes and the necessity of carefully considering whether the Institution would be adequate to achieving the average number of Cases that might be expected to occur in so large and numerous a body of subscribers.  If not,& [cases?] have to arise of Persons who had been subscribers, say, for several years, but when the hour of necessity came, could not be admitted, wd. not this excite great [ . . . ?] dissatisfaction?  The institution professes only to admit 40 Patients whilst the number


Page 48, November, 1814.


of subscribers of the Working Class is estimated at [blank space]. If therefore the average number of Patients out of [blank space] exceed 40 there would be a proportionable deficiency of Relief: & the subscribers would be paying their money not for a certainty of Relief but a chance; namely, that of there not being 40 Patients before them. * [Note in margin:]  *If this were fairly stated to, and clearly understood by the working Classes, is it probable that Subscriptions or Contributions wd be found & continued to anything like the extent reckoned upon, and acknowledged to be indispensable to the establishment & carrying on of the proposed Institution.  If they contribute under the idea of receiving relief when they may stand in need of it, & the means are both equal to affording this it wd so far be a leading of them into error, and an error, which in a populous & manufacturing county might be attended with many serious consequences. [End of marginal note]  In friendly Societies the subscribers are Certain of Relief proportionable to their Subscription: & here lies the difference between influencing persons to become Members of such Societies, all paying their money towards such an Institution as the proposed Infirmary.  On our Return suggested to Dr Bent, who accompanied me in the Carriage, whether it would not be better to extend the present Dispensary to Surgical Cases by Voluntary Subscriptions of the higher Classes, on the broad general principle of Charity & Humanity.  This might with perfect safety be tried even upon the smallest scale; as the relief being entirely gratuitous, no complaint could be made & if it not were found [sic] sufficient to meet all Cases.  The benefit of this being actually felt & experienced by the working Classes, might possibly too excite a great desire amongst themselves to have the Plan extended, and to offer their voluntary subscriptions for that purpose.  In this case arrangement would be easy; because all the inefficiency of any Plan that might be proposed might be fairly stated to them, would be matter for their own consideration & for which therefore they would be prepared in case of any disappointment or delay in receiving Relief.


Saturday 26.  Engaged with the Men laying out the Grounds & Walks behind the Bath.  Dr. Belcombe (who had wished to talk with me on the subject of converting the reading Society at Newcastle, into a permanent Library) dined.  Much conversation with him on this subject, when I proposed that we should procure the Rates &c of the Libraries at Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham &c.


Page 49, November, 1814.


Saturday 26.  Also much conversation relative to the Infirmary: [Mem?] Dr B concurred in the ideas [ . . . ?] thrown out.


Sunday 27.  Mr Bent.  Who dined.  In the Evening Mr Sherratt from Nantwich.


Monday 28.  Engaged with Mr Sherratt on various matters on which he wished to have my opinion & advice.  Perusing & considering his will.  Also considering the terms of selling the Annuity to Mr Charles Lawton which Mr S had formerly purchased from him.  Letters from Mr Carr to Mr. Sherratt &c &c.


Tuesday 29.  Mr Sherratt left us in the morning.  Engaged on the farm & various matters.  Mr & Mrs Lawrence of Birmingham with 2 Miss Lawrences arrived to dinner on their return home from Eton.

Wednesday 30.  Engaged with Mr Lawrence &c &c.


Novemr [a mistake – December]

Thursday 1.  The like.  At Lawton viewing the treble locks &c.


Friday 2.  Mr Lawrence left us.  Engaged with Mr Rimmer of Warrington, who had been employed by Mr Jackson to look over the Alsager Estate, & with Saml Jackson, as to the terms of Agreement for his father quitting the Alsager Estate, at Lady day rent. Dr Bent & Mrs Bent of Basford called.  Dr Belcombe also called & staid to dinner.  Much conversation again relative to the proposed Infirmary &c.


Saturday 3  At home.  Miss [S?] Wedgwood from Parkfields


Sun 4.  At home.  Service.


Mon 5  At home.


Tuesday 6.  At home.  Letters to Mr Wood &c. relative to Infirmary.


Wednesday 7.  At home.  Mr Wedgwood came to dinner.  Mr Trubshaw.  House &c.


Thursday 8.  At home.  Engaged with Mr Wedgwood.  Mr Sherratt came to dinner.


Friday 9  At home.  Engaged with Mr Wedgwood & Mr Sherratt & various matters.


Saturday 10  Mr Wedgwood & his daughter left Linley Wood in the Morning.  Mr Sherratt with [Mrs?] Stamford & Eliza went to Nantwich in the Afternoon.  Heavy Snow.


Sunday 11  At home.  Service.  Dr Belcombe in the Afternoon.


Page 50, December, 1814.


  1. December

Monday 12.  At home.  Engaged with Frank & James laying out & making various additions & improvements in the irrigation of the Meadow &c.


Tuesday 13  At home.  Various matters.  House &c.


Wednesday 14.  At Burslem with Conveyances from Adonis Sheldon & Rd Steele.  Giving directions to Mr Preston for  sundry Alterations and Corrections in the former previous to its being sent to W. Wedgwood for his execution.  Mr [Ward?] Attorney relative to the Cause of Malkin & Twigg referred to me: when he promised to see Mr. Wilson the [Plts?] Attorney & desire him to read me a Brief.  Drawing Draft of a will for Mr Thomas Wedgwood of Burslem, which I left with Mr Wood.  Returned to dinner.  In the evening received Letter from the Rev  Mr Hill desiring me to undertake the Settlement of the matters between him & Mr Sparrow relative to the [allowance?] for the Dilapidations to Talk Chapel property in the time of the late Mr Moreton. 


Thursday 15.  At home.  Engaged in the morning on various matters.  Afterwards with the men superintending improvements in the Meadow .  In the Evening  writing Letter to Mr. Hill on the Talk business, the settlement of which I agreed to undertake.  Smith of Harecastle.  Application for Alsager Farm.  Received in the afternoon the mournful intelligence of the death of my truly worthy & highly respected young friend & acquaintance Robert Griffin, who fell a victim to Scarlet Fever.  Amicable & obliging in manners

& excellent in heart & disposition, he will be long & deservedly lamented by those to whom he was known.


Friday 16  At home.  In the Morning W Griffin’s Servant called to deliver from his Master an affecting Message & request that we would each of us accept a Book in remembrance of him & assure us that we were in his mind to the last and that he thought of us when dying.  These were the last words he spoke, expiring in about 2 Minutes after.  A similar Message was to be delivered to the family at Keele, Mr. Jos. Wedgwood, & Mr. Butt.  This servant &  Mr Bentley the surgeon were the persons with when [sic] he died.  He went off very easily at last, but had suffered much from the violence of his Fever during his illness.  Mr Preston with Deed of Conveyance to Wood & Caldwell of small piece of land &c. purchased for Adonis Sheldon.


Saturday 17.  At home.  Engaged with the men laying out & [firming?] Grass Walk below the flower Gardens.  Writing letters to Mr Ward & Mr Wilson relative to the Cause of Malkin & Twigg proposed to be referred to me.  Engaged and Examining Talk on the Hill papers &c.


Page 50, December, 1814.


Sunday 18  At home.  Service.  Enoch & Edward Wood dined.


Monday 19  At home.  Engaged in the Grounds.  Mr Twemlow of Alsager relative to the Oak Farm.  Smith of Harecastle, the father; with letter of recommendation from Mr Kinnersly.


Tuesday 20.  At home.  Mr Twemlow &. Mr. Morris of [Cr…?] relative to the Oak Farm & appointed to meet them on Saturday next on the Estate finally to [state?] the terms.    Engaged on the Grounds and various matters previous to going to Burslem tomorrow.


Wednesday 21  Mr Trubshaw with whom engaged looking over the Buildings &c.  Went to Burslem to dinner with Eliza & Mr. Stamford.


Thursday 22  At Burslem.  Engaged all morning on the Will of Mr Thomas Wedgwood.  Dined at Mr Woods.  In the evening at Mr Tho Wedgwoods reading over will &c &c


Friday 23 Engaged  perusing and considering Articles of Agreement with Mr John Wedgwood relative to the Collieries, drawing the water &c. in consequence of the Rate of Coal agreed to be left for defending the Works having been cut through by order of John Gallimore [Junr?].  Mr Wedgwoods Agent.  Returned home to dinner.  Engaged with Mr Beardmore relative to the Oak Farm, Mr Morris having declined taking the same.


Saturday 24.  At home.   Engaged on various matters.  Particularly with Mr Saml. Smith agreeing for lease of Alsager Estate.  Two Miss Woods came to Linley; and Stamford also arrived.


Sunday 25.  At home.  Service


Monday 26.  At home.  Engaged on the farm.  Also on various papers & matters previous to going to Wolseley Bridge tomorrow, to attend meeting of the Select Committee.


Tuesday 27.  At Wolseley Bridge attending Meeting of the Select Committee to receive the Report of Mr Clarke on the possible additional supplies of water afforded by the Country and also relative to various intended improvements of the Canal.  [Messrs?] Sparrow Simpson Webb & Self.  Also Col Madew & Mr. Lester.  Select Committee closely engaged with Mr Clarke all day.


Wednesday 28.  Engaged all morning on this business.  Mr Sparrow Mr Webb & self.  Mr Simpson having gone away early.  Also on various other


Page 52, December, 1814.



Wednesday 28  important matters.  Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal Cause -  [ . . . ?] Cause &c &c.  Conversation with Mr Sparrow relative to the Claim for Dilapidations made by Mr Hill & referred to me & left with him.  Estimate made by Mr Beardmore of Repairs.  Home late. Mr Colclough 47.1  Moses Heath £28.12.  On my return Called at [Newcastle?] by desire of Mr Sparrow & much Conversation with Mr Sparrow relative to the above Causes.


Thursday 29  At Burslem consulting & determining with Mr Wood on our subscription to the proposed Infirmary which we find at £52.10 and £6:6 annual.  Perusing & considering the Articles of Agreement with Mr Wedgwood relative to the Colliery when we finally determined to consult Mr Tomlinson who had prepared the same & appointed Saturday next for that purpose and I brought home with me the Copy of the Articles for consideration in the meantime & also papers relative to the detention of Clay at Liverpool.


Friday 30.  At home.  Engaged perusing & considering the above papers and on various Matters.


Saturday 31  Too, the two Miss Woods home in the Carriage.  From there proceeded with Mr Wood to Cliffe Villa where long Consultation with Mr Tomlinson relative to the Colliery Affairs, Articles &c the latter of which he undertook to peruse & consider previous to seeing Mr Wood home again.  Took Mr Wood home & from thence to Newcastle. Arrived at home later.


Page 53, January, 1815.


Sunday Jany 1  At home.  Service.  Read one of Allisons Sermons “Thou has made Summer of Winter.”  A beautiful & impressive Discourse.  Mr Bent called, and engaged Stamford & me to dine with him tomorrow.


Monday 2.  Engaged in the Morning on various matters.  Afterwards at Stoneyfields with Stamford dining.  Mr Sneyd Sparrow Revd Bent & Self.


Tuesday 3.  Engaged with various papers.  Particularly considering the will of Mr Thos Wedgwood of Burslem & writing various observations preparatory to sending the same to Mr Wood.  Mr Penlington dined.


Wednesday 4  Engaged in the same subjects.  Also engaged with Mr Penlington and Thomas Gray relative to the Hill Farm which I finally let to the latter.  Engaged also on the farm.


Thursday 5. At home.  Writing long letter to Mr Wood relative to Mr Thos. Wedgwoods will & which I sent along with the Draught which had been prepared whilst I was at Burslem.  This business had occasioned me much trouble and anxious Consideration for several days past.


Friday 6  Mr & Mrs Wilbraham of Rode Hall Mr & Mrs Jos Wedgwood & 2 Daughters Mr Butt & Dr Belcombe dined.  An agreeable day with much pleasant Conversation after dinner.


Saturday 7 [Mrs?] Wedgwood & Daughters dined.  Mr Butt left us about noon.  Much Conversation with him relative to Lord S., Infirmary, &c &c.

Just a note of Congratulation on the Marriage of Lady Charlotte & Mr. Howard to Trentham  Received in reply a particularly kind & [jollying?] note from Lady S.  In the afternoon, Snow.


Sunday 8  At home.  Service.  Read another of Allisons Sermons ‘Evil Communications corrupt good [manners?]  Much snow had fallen in the night.


Monday 9  At home.  Various matters previous to going to Macclesfield tomorrow.  In the Evening Mr Sherratt & my sisters arrived from Nantwich


Tuesday 10.  Set off to Macclesfield with Mr Bent


Wednesday 11  Engaged all day on annual Settlement of Accounts.


Thursday 12  Engaged all Morning on Do.  Returned to Linley Wood to dinner.


Page 54, January, 1815.



Friday 13.  At home.  Engaged with Mr Sherratt & various matters


Saturday 14  The like.  Mr Rob. Sherratt dined.


Sunday 15  At home.  Service


Monday 16  At Newcastle.  Meeting Mr Tomlinson & Mr Joseph Wood (Mr Wood being prevented coming by indisposition) relative to Colliery matters and consulting with Mr Tomlinson thereon when it was determined that notice of the matters in difference should be given to Mr. Wedgwood of Bignall End in order to ground an Arbitration under the Clause in the Articles and signed a notice to that effect.  Received intelligence of the death of my old and highly valued and respected friend Mrs Wedgwood who died yesterday in her 80th year.


Tuesday 17  At home.  Mr Sherratt left Linley Wood.


Wednesday 18 At home.  Mr Lawton & Mr C. Lawton with Mr […ton] & Mr Penlington dined at Linley Wood.


Thursday 19  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Miss [Wittenhall?] dined.


Friday 20  At Parkfields at ten oClock.  From thence to Stoke attending the funeral of Mrs Wedgwood.  Bearers Mr Recketts & myself at the head.  John Smith Esq & John Wood of Brownhills.  Mr Hamilton of Stoke & Dr Bent.  Mourners Jos Wedgwood & John Wedgwood of Bignall End.  Attends. D. Northen & Mr Foster of Stone.


Saturday 21  At home.  In the morning Stamford left us on his return to London &  Mrs Northen [ . . . ?]


Sunday 22.  At Talk Chapel.


Monday 23  At home.  Miss Morgan dined.  Mr Peake relative to Militia Meeting at Trentham Inn & which I engaged to attend on Saturday next.


Tuesday 24  At home.  Various matters.


Wednesday 25.  At home.  Miss Morgan left L. Wood


Thursday 26.  Went early to Burslem.  Took Mr Wood to Hanley, attending the General Meeting relative to the Infirmary.  Lord Stafford in the Chair.  A numerous and respectable Meeting.  Moved by the desire of Mr Wedgwood Mr Butt &c sending resolutions which were unanimously approved and carried.   Returned home.


Page 55, January, 1815.


Friday 27  At home.  Dr. Belcombe dined.


Saturday 28.  At Trentham Inn attending Meeting for hearing appeals against Militia Returns.  Sr John Heathcote Mr Spode & self.


Sunday 29.  At home.  Service


Monday 30.  At Etruria to dinner & staid all night.


Tuesday 31.  Returned home by Burslem



Wednesday 1.  At home.  Various matters.


Thursday 2.  At home.  Engaged in Swallow Moor Wood with wood Cutters &c.  The Boys from Etruria came to dinner


Friday 3.  At home.  Farm &c.


Saturday 4.  At Parkfields calling upon Miss Wedgwoods.


Sunday 5  At home.  Service.  Mr Sherratt came to dinner.


Monday 6.  At home.  Engaged with Mr Sherratt


Tuesday 7.  At Stone.  Attending Meeting of the Select Committee and engaged all day.  Mr Sparrow Mr Webb & self.  Took Mr Sparrow with me from Newcastle.


Wednesday 8.  At Stone.  Much engaged on various matters.  Returned home to dinner at four.


Thursday 9.  At home.  Engaged with Mr Sherratt & various matters previous to his returning today to Nantwich with Anne & Betsy all of whom left L. Wood at noon..


Friday 10.  At home.  Engaged on the Farm &c


Saturday 11.  At home.


Sunday 12 At home.  Service.


Monday 13.  Engaged in the Grounds.  Planted with Larch & Birch with my own hand the small Plantation in the Ditches.  Looking over &  [vetting? . . . ?] land for intended [ . . . ?].


Tuesday 14.  Engaged in the Grounds.  Planted with my own hand 5 small Oaks in the above Plantation taken out of Swallow Moor Wood together with Beech & Larch.  Considering & preparing Agreement to be signed by Samuel Jackson & his Son relative to the Alsager Estate.  Afternoon engaged with Saml Jackson the younger who signed [ . . . ?] Agreement & which was sent down for signature by his Father, but who sent word that he would come up in the morning.


Page 56, February, 1815.


Wednesday 15  Engaged with the Jacksons.  When Agreement signed by Saml Jackson the older.  Afterwards engaged with men in the Grounds.  Orchard Ground &c.  Drawing out Account with Ford & Plant &c. previous to settling the same with them tomorrow on my going to Newcastle to meet Mr. Robinson of Stone.  Miss [S?] Wedgwood called & took Eliza with her to Parkfields.


Thursday 16  At Newcastle at ten.  Meeting Mr Robinson.  From thence to Longport viewing the state of the present wharf & the proposed improvements.  From thence along the Canal to a place called Dix’s or Knights Wharf, meeting a Number of the Manufacturers from Tunstall in order to fix upon a proper place for the proposed Tunstall Wharf & which had been referred to Mr Robinson & me by the last General Assembly.  Called upon Mr [Henshall?] on our Return.  Met Mr Hales of Cobridge & Mr Ralph Hales at Newcastle where we dined in order to treat with them for the Cockshead Engine & Mine water, but after much discussion, Mr Hales not being persuad [sic] to make any proposition for an absolute sale it was agreed to postpone the business to the 3rd March in order to give Mr Hales time to consider the subject, & then to meet again at Newcastle.  Called upon Mrs Martin who wished to consult in relation to putting her Son out Apprentice.  Returned home later.


Tuesday 17.  At home.  Engaged on the Grounds.  Also perusing & considering lease of Coal & Ironstone Mines from Mr Lawton to Mr [L . . . ?] on which Mr . C. Lawton asked to have my opinion previous to going to Lawton Hall to dinner.  Dined at Lawton Hall.  Eliza Mrs. S. Emma & S.  Mr Salmon of Wheelock, Mr [ . . . ?] Bayley & Dr Belcombe.


Page 57, February, 1815.


February 1815


Saturday 18.  At home.  Various matters.   Grounds &c.


Sunday 19.  At home.  Service.


Monday 20.  At home.


Sunday 21.  At Newcastle in consequence of a letter from Dr Crompton to Mr Bent considering this business, when Mr Bent said he had purposed to Dr. C. going down to Liverpool and staying with them 10 days or a fortnight.  Also relative to projected Rail Road from Apedale to Nantwich & branch of Canal from the Newcastle Canal to the Trent & Mersey, Macclesfield purchase of land from Mr [Ry . . . ?] for new Brewery &c.  Returned to dinner.


Wednesday 22.  Dined at Miss [Newtons?].  Mr & Mrs Sneyd of Ashcombe & Dr Belcombe.


Thursday 23.  At home.  Engaged in the Grounds.  Finished the ditching of Swallow [Moss?] Wood on the west side of the Road.


Friday 24.  At home.  Dr & Mrs Bent, Mrs Wm Bent, two Miss Bents, Miss Emma Allen & E. Wedgwood dined.


Saturday 25.  At home.  Letters from  Mr. Wedgwood with Petition to Parliament relative to Birmingham & Worcester Canal & the Bill now in the House for removal of a Bar of Earth seperatg the Canals at [Birmingham?] & in which Mr W wished for my opinion.  Writing to him accordingly.  Mr Trubshaw with whom engaged.  Miss F. Allen came to L.Wood.


Sunday 26.  At home.  Service.


Monday 27.  At home.  Writing letter to Mr Sparrow of Bishton relative to the Wharf at Longport & that proposed to be made at Tunstall, Cockshead Engine and Mine water &c in answer to one received from him by Mr Trubshaw

- Mr Gould, with whom settling dispute as to nonpayment of Limestone Tonnage on the day fixed by the Regulation & order of the Committee.  Also relative to the repairs of the stage for loading & unloading Limestone at the Kiln in Stone Town field & which Mr Gould referred to me to settle as I should think right.  Mrs Foden relative to the claim for Damages at Rough Wood Mill, & for which an Action had been brought, & which business she was desirous to leave to me to settle, & to request that I would undertake it, & which I consented to do.  Afterwards engaged in the


Page 58, February, 1815.


Monday 27  new orchard in Linley Meadow & planting the back row of Apple & Pear Trees by 15 in number with my own hand


Tuesday 28  Engaged again & finishing the planting of the orchard.  Put into the ground this morning with my own hand.  20 more Apple & Pear trees.  In the evening reading out Hamlet.  In the morning Miss Emma Allen went.



Wednesday 1st.  At home.  Engaged on the Farm & various matters.  Writing Letter to Mr Robinson of Stone &c.  In the Evng reading out 1st part of Henry 4.


Thursday 2.  Engaged in the Grounds & various matters.  Mr Knight of Tunstall relative to the proposed Wharf at Tunstall with sundry statements for the consideration of the Select Committee which I requested him to deliver to Mr Robinson.  Dined at Mr Walthalls Newcastle Eliza, Emma & myself.  Dr & Mrs Northen, Miss Moreton, Mr & Mrs Wm Bent, two Miss Bents and Dr Belcombe.  Much conversation relative to the proposed Extension of the Newcastle Canal, Rail Road [to?] Nantwich &c  when I promised to attend a Meeting appointed to be held tomorrow for taking Plans &c into Consideration.


Friday 3d.  At Newcastle accordingly attending meeting.  Dr John Heathcote, Mr Whalley, Dr Bent, Mr Bent, Sparrow, Plant &c considering Plans & examining Reports & Witnesses as to the quantity of water that could be delivered into the Summit Pound of the Grand Trunk Canal.  Letters from Mr Sherratt of Nantwich relative to the proposed Rail Road, from Nantwich from which it appearing that coals & limestone were now delivered upon lower terms than could be affected by the proposed Rail Road the project was abandoned – the Communication between the Apedale Canal and the Grand Trunk also abandoned.  The expence of a Communication with the Summit Pound being considered too great as a Tunnel of a Mile in length will be


Page 56, March, 1815.


requisite, and the project for a Communication at Lawton also considered too expensive to pay any adequate Tonnage; particularly as this line wd afford  no inducement to the Grand Trunk Co. to assist as water wd be by additional supply & delivered below the Summit Pound.  Returned to dinner.  Conversation with Mr [Blunt?] & Mr Leigh of Newcastle relative to the Infirmary & an alteration in the rate as to [Parishes Recommending?] Patients &c &c


Saturday 4.  At home.  Miss Bents came to Linley Wood


Sunday 5.  At home.  Mr Bent dined.


Monday 6.  At home.  Samuel Jackson & Mr Beardmore relative to the sale at the Oak farm which was to take place tomorrow.  Engaged with papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow to attend Meeting of the Select Committee.  Received Memorial relative to Tunstall Wharf.


Tuesday 7.  At Stone attending Meeting of the Select Committee.  Mr Sparrow Mr Webb & myself, and engaged all day.  Took Mr [Tho?] Sparrow with me from Newcastle.  Signed a Petition to Parliament against the Lichfield Bridge Bill.


Wednesday 8.  The like.  Returned to Dinner.


Thursday 9.


Friday 10.  At the Dispensary Attending a Meeting of Subscribers to the Infirmary.  In the Chair.  Received Report of the Building Committee when the Situation for the intended Infirmary was determined upon and various important Resolutions come to.  In the Evening received a letter from Mr Wedgwood informing me that at a Meeting held that day at Hanley I had been appointed a Delegate with himself & Mr Davenport to go to London to oppose the proposed taxes on the Windows & Rents of Manufactories & Warehouses, and which I signified to Mr Wedgwood my consent to do: &  appointed to meet him & Mr Davenport at the Roebuck in Newcastle on Sunday Morning at 7 o’clock.


Saturday 11.  At home.  Engaged arranging various matters previous to my setting off to London tomorrow.


Page 60, March, 1815.


Sunday 12.  Set off with Eliza who accompanied me to Newcastle at a little after six o Clock.  Met Mr Wedgwood and Mr Davenport in the Roebuck, & with them proceeded in a Post Chaise & [ . . . ?] on our journey.  Slept at Stoney Stratford.


Monday 13 Arrived in London about one o Clock.  Took up our Quarters at the Bedford Hotel.  At the House of Commons.  Saw Lord G.L. Gower, Mr Littleton, Mr William Egerton, Mr Davenport the Member & Mr Booth Wilbraham.  Also the Delegates from Manchester Messrs. Douglas, Barton & [Burley?].  Obtained through Lord G.L. Gower an Appointment with the Chancellor of the Exchequer for a Conference on Wednesday next at one o Clock, the Manchester Delegates being appointed to attend him at 12 & so far [ . . . ?] Conferences being thought most advisable in the first instance.  Appointed to see the Manchester Delegates at their apartments 17 Spring Gardens tomorrow at 11.  Dined in the Bedford & at Covent Garden Theatre in hopes to have heard Miss Stevens sing but her songs were over before I got into the House.


Tuesday 14.  At Spring Gardens [ascending?] to the Appointment.  Met the Delegates from Glasgow Messr Monteith, Stirling &c.  & Mr Smith from Derby.  Considering and arranging plan of Operations. 

Appointed Mr Monteith Chairman of the Delegations and ordered a Circular Letter to be sent to the different Manufacting Towns & Places, to draw their attention to this business & particularly the proposed tax on Servants, which was found to be much more heavy & serious than was it first supposed.  Dined at the Bedford, with Mr Baugh  Allen & Mr Wedgwood.  And afterwards went to Drury Lane to see Mr Kean in Richard 2nd.  This actor appeared to me to be much wanting in voice, and Deportment.  The former being husky, and not of sufficient compass for the more energetic & impassioned tones of […?] and the latter being deficient in dignity and grace.  But he now and then burst out with some exquisite [strokes?] of fine and genuine Acting; the superiority of which was lost


Page 61, March, 1815.


[ . . . ?] by his causing you entirely to forget the Actor & the Man, in the personage represented & the feelings excited.  The reverse of Kemble, who predominates over all Character & though the whole Drama seems to be influenced by one overuling object, the vain exhibition of himself.


Wednesday 15.  In the morning engaged preparing for the Conference.  Met Lord G.L. Gower at Mr Littletons in [Ash?]ington Street.  From there walked all together to Downing Street. Much conversation with Lord G.L. Gower on various topics.  Found Mr Swift & Genl Wemyss.  Joined by Lord G.H. Cavendish.   Conference with Mr Vansittart, who, after heaving with much  attention & courtesy what we had to say & stating some modifications in the obnoxious tax desired that we would communicate with the Manchester Gentlemen who had just left him, & that he should be glad to see us at a Conference of a Deputation of Delegates which he had fixed for Friday next at one o’Clock.  From there to Spring Gardens and at 3 o’Clock attended again a meeting of delegates when it was determined to oppose the tax on its principle & that no Modification could render it admissible.  Dined at the Bedford; and in the Evening at Covent Garden Theatre with Mr Wedgwood to hear a selection of musick.  Highly gratified with Miss Stevens singing, whose style is chaste and pure; and though not so finished a singer as Mrs Salmon (who did appear to me to [‘be’ omitted] truly excellent) yet it is such as goes directly to the Heart & excites the most delightful Emotions.


Monday 16.  Engaged in the Morning preparing Case for members should the proposed taxes be persisted in & which prevented my attending a Meeting of Delegates in Spring Gardens.  Afterwards at Hansards the printer with the same, giving directions for printing &c &c.  Joined Mr Wedgwood & Mr Davenport.  Called and left Cards at the Marquis of Staffords and Lord Gowers.  Great Panic and Consternation in London occasioned by the news from France.


[loose piece of paper inserted in the diary on this page reads:]


Friday.  In Spring Gardens at 12.  [F . . . ? Peele], &c  Determined to oppose the principle & [that?] Mr Douglas [shd?] conduct the Conference.  [Joined?] by Lord Stanley Lord Lascelles Lord G[S?] Gower Sir Jas [Graham?] Mr [Blackburn?] Mr Milne Genl Wemyss Mr [Binlay or Finlay].  [Lay or day?] Discussion.  The Chancellor explained that he did not wish the Tax on Servants to extend further than the former Act [ . . . ? . . . ing] executed; giving us to understand that he meant only such servants as were substitutes for Masters or had the direction of [branches?] of [business?]; but [intimating?] at last that he did not think the satisfactory arrangement of this part of the business would be attended with much difficulty. With [reference?] to the taxes on [ . . . ?] & [ . . . ?] &c.  After a long discussion he at last yielded so far as to say that he would reconsider the business & that we should hear from him again in a day or two.  Adjourned to the Crown & Anchor [fav . . . ?] Entered into a subscription to defray Exps.


[Hard to read.  A guess: ‘Considered the propriety of appointing’] a Resident Agent  on behalf of the [ . . . ?] Manufacturers to watch over their Interests &c.  Dined at the Bedford at Cov Garden [ . . . ?]


Saturday.  Chapel Street.  York Street.  [Reading?] &c.  Mr Hodgson.  [Letter for?] Ld GL Gower. [Cov Garden?] [Miss . . . ail?] 


[3rd, right-hand column:]


[ . . . ?] of branches of business.  After much discussion the Chancellor yielded so far as to say that he would take the business again into consideration and give us an answer in a day or to.  In the course of the Conversation the Chanr repeatedly expressed his wish that any Gentleman would suggest any Modification or Substitute for the Tax; and intimated that if circumstances shd require him to have recourse again to the property tax he wished such part of it as arose from trade to be collected in such manner as might be least exceptionable.  Adjourned to the Crown & Anchor [ . . . ? Sa . . . ? In . . . d? also?] & discussion & later to an




[Second side of loose piece of paper inserted in the diary on this page reads:]


Agent being appointed to watch [in London any . . .  . . . ?] the Interests of Manufacturing & to form a medium of Communication.  Dined at the Bedford.  In the Evg with Mr Wedgwood & Mr Davenport at Cov Garden [selectn?] of musick.


Saturday.  [ . . . ?] at Mr Salmons. Carpets chairs &c.   [Called?] on Lady Manchester.   Went to York Street after looking at Pictures.  Dined at the Bedford & in the Evg at Cov Garden [seeing Miss A Name/Neme?] in [ . . . ?. . . ?]


[Handwritten note at foot of page: This sheet was loosly placed in James Caldwell’s diary for 17 March 1815]


Sunday.  [Mission?]  H. of Commons.  Ld G Gower, Littleton, Boothe Davenport & Mr Egerton.  Met the Gentleman from Manchester Douglas, John Barton & Barley.  Obtained an appointment for a Conference with Mr Vansittart at one o’ Clock on Wednesday it being thought better to have separate Conferences than in a body of different Delegates together.  Dined at the Bedford.  At Covt Garden at half price.


Tuesday  Met at 17 Spring Gardens.  The Delegates from Manchester & Glasgow [Messrs?] Monteith, Sterling &c & Mr Swift from Derby. 


Appointed Mr Monteith Chairman of the Delegation & directed a Circular Letter to be sent to the different Inns to draw their attention to the [business?] & particularly the tax on Servts.  Dined at the Bedford.  Mr B Allen, Mr Wedgwood & Self.  Went to Drury Lane to see Kean in Richard 2?


Wednesday.  Engaged preparing for the Conference.  Met Ld. G. Gower at Mr Littletons & from there proceeded to Downing Street.  Found Mr Swift  & Genl Wemys.  Ld G. Cavendish joined us.  Conference  with Mr Vansittart who after hearing what we had to say with much attention and good humour desired that we would confer with the Manchester Gentlemen who had just left him (their Conference having been appointed at 12. & to have a meeting again of Delegates[ . . .  . . .  . . . ?].  Went to Spring Gardens & at 3 to a Meeting of the delegates; when it was determined to oppose the tax in its principle & admit of no Modifications.  Dined at the Bedford.  Cov Garden [Mr W & I?] Musick.


Thursday.  Engaged preparing Case which prevented by attending to Meeting in Spring Gardens.  Called at Lord Staffords  & Lord Gowers.  Dined at the Bedford [& evening?] at Cov Garden ½ price the [ . . . ?]


Page 62, March, 1815.


Friday 17 March.  Mr Hodgson called the Delegates for [ . . .  . . .  . . . ?] has a plan he approved. [The previous sentence was added and not easy to read.] At Spring Gardens at 12.  Sir Rob. Peele Mr Finlay Mr Horrocks etc & Long.  Conversation previous to going to Downing Street.   Hill further determined to oppose the principle of the Taxes and arranged that Mr Douglas should be the other man at the Conference.  Proceeded to Downing Street.  Joined there by Lord Stanley, Lord G.L. Gower, Lord Lascelles Sr Jas Graham Mr Blackburne Genl Wemyss Mr Milne &c.  Long Conference & discussion with the Chancellor of the Exchequer.  Said he did not mean the tax on [male?] Servants to extend further than the former Act when fairly executed, giving us to understand that he meant only to include in the list such Servants as were Substitutes for Masters, or had the management of particular branches of business.  In the course of the Conversation the Chancellor of the Exchequer repeatedly expressed his wish that any Gentleman would suggest a substitute for the proposed obnoxious taxes; and intimated that if circumstances should require him to have recourse again to the Property Tax he wished such part of it as arose from Trade to be raised & collected in such manner as might be least exceptionable.  After a long discussion and many observations made by the members present particularly Lord Lascelles Sr Jas Graham & Sr. Rob. Peele the Chancellor of the Exchequer yeilded [sic] so far as to say that he would take the business again into consideration and let us know the result in a day or two or In other words as it appeared manifest to me, and which opinion I boldly expressed on leaving him, that he should give up the proposed taxes on windows & Rents of manufactories & warehouses. From Downing Street went to the Crown & Anchor [ . . . ?] where a General Meeting of Delegates was appointed to be held.  Subscription entered into, & discussion relative to the appointment of an agent in London on behalf of the Body of Manufacturers to watch over & communicate any Measures that might be brought forward affecting their interests & Mr Backhouse who has been proposed by Mr Hodgson & unanimously


NOTE IN MARGIN RUNNING VERTICALLY: Robt Peele informed me that the Property tax, which produced about 15,000,000, had been paid mainly in the following Proportions


Land &c                                    11000000

British Trade  Professions &c   2700000

West India Trade                      1300000





Page 63, March, 1815.


approved.  Dined at the Bedford.  In the Evening at Covent Garden Theatre with Mr Wedgwood & Mr Davenport.  Selection of Musick principally from the Messiah.  Mr Salmon sang delightfully particularly from Mighty Kings. […? Mac?]


Saturday 18.  Called at Mr Salmons Chapel Street relative to Furniture &c.  Afterwards called on Lady MacIntosh with Mr Wedgwood but did not see her.  Went to York Street with Mr Wedgwood.  Afterwards looking at Pictures Collection of Lucia Buonaparte containing many very fine ones particularly of Titian, Carlo Dolce &c. The four Evangelists by the latter delighted me much particularly the St John.  Also looked at the fine Picture for an Altar Piece by Guerains.  Martyrdom of St [Grisign . . . ?].  Dined at the Bedford.  Note received from Lord G.L. Gower inclosing one to his Lordship from the Chancellor of the Exchequer informing him that the proposed House & window Duties on Manufactories & Warehouses would not be pressed further.  The object of our Mission therefore was accomplished.  In the evening at Cov Garden Theatre seeing Miss O Neale in Mrs Haller.  I wished much to have seen this Actress in some other character (as was the case with Mr Kean)  but for this no opportunity was offered.  She is certainly a very excellent Actress; beautiful and elegant though her person has something of rather a matronly appearance than the Sylph like grace & lightness which I had expected.  She seemed to me to be true to Nature, and to excite a powerful Sympathy & interest, without ever running into extravagance, or the vulgar fault of overacting.  Her voice good, & her General Deportment easy graceful and impressive.


Page 64, March, 1815.


March 1815

Sunday 19  Mr Wedgwoods & Mr Davenports occasions requiring them to stay in London, I determined at breakfast to return home without delay and about half past twelve o’Clock left London in a Postchaise accompanied by my faithful Servant Thomas Lowe & arrived and slept at Danchurch that night.


Monday 20.  Arrived at Etruria where I found my dearly beloved wife and daughter about 3 o’Clock having called at Mr Ridgways at Shelton & left with him  Mr Vansittarts note to Lord G.L. Gower.  Dined at Etruria & came home in the Evening.


Tuesday 21.  At home and engaged arranging various matters previous to going to Nantwich tomorrow.  Unwell with a violent cold.


Wednesday 22  Went to Nantwich to dinner with my two Elizas


Thursday 23.  At Nantwich dined at Mr Sherratts


Friday 24.  At Nantwich.


Saturday 25.  Dined again at Mr Sherratts


Sunday 26.  Returned home in the Evening.  Found Stamford who had come from Shrewsbury [ . . . ?] to go to Chester instead of Hereford.


Monday 27.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Mr Tollet and Mr Wickstead called.


Tuesday 28.  At Newcastle meeting Mr Beech of the Shaw by appointment who had requested me to undertake the Settlement of various matters in dispute between him & the Navign Company.  Looking over a great number of papers letters &c.  when I promised to talk the various matters over with Mr Robinson & endeavour to put them in some [ . . . ?] of adjustment.  Afterwards attending meeting of the Committee.


Wednesday 29.  At Stone attending Committee, then Mr Wedgwood Mr Robinson & I were appointed to treat & agree for a lease


Page 65, March, 1815.


of the Cockshead Engine & Mine water on such terms as we should approve.  Called away from the General Assembly by a Special Message from Mr Peake requesting my attendance at a Militia Meeting & Assessed taxes Meeting at Trentham  Inn on which they could not proceed from the want of a sufficient number of Deputy [ . . . ? Commr?].  Attended accordingly & afterwards returned home to dinner.


Thursday 30  At home.  Busily engaged arranging papers &c.  Letter to Mr Beech relative to the matters in dispute with the  Navg Co.  Engaged with men in the new orchard.  Mrs Wedgwood & Miss Allen called.  Mr Hollinshead of Liverpool stopped on the Road & with them much Conversation relative to Navgn Concerns.


Friday 31.  Letter to Mrs Foden with form of Receipt for Damages & Costs Relative to Rough Wood Mill.  Called with Eliza at Lawton Hall.  Engaged with Men in the new Orchard Ground, laying out Walk &c &c.  Fine warm Day.


April.  Saturday 1.  At home.  Mr Trubshaw, with whom engaged.  Mrs Foden relative to Roughwood Mill Business, she not having received my Letter.  Engaged with Men in the orchard Ground &c.


Sunday 2.  At home.  Service.


Monday 3.  At Burslem.  From thence to Newcastle fixing with Mr Sparrow & Mr Fenton a time for proceeding on the Reference  (Ld. Stafford Sr J Heathcote & Mr Smith) relative to Longton Coal Gutter & appointed [. . . ?] Tuesday the 19th inst at the Roebuck Newcastle.  Also with Mr Bent. Brewery [Accounts?] & appointed to meet at the Roebuck on Thursday morning at ½ past 9. to proceed to Shrewsbury.  Returned to Dinner.  Letter to Sir Jno Heathcote on the foregoing matters.


Tuesday 4.  At home.  Grounds &c.  Reading &c.


Wednesday 5.  At home.  [Mr?] Penlington on their Affairs


Thursday 6.  Left home in the Moning.  Met Sir John Heathcote & Mr Bent at the Roebuck at Newcastle and proceeded with them to Shrewsbury on arrival Settlement of Brewery Accounts & affairs & arrived there to dinner.


Page 66, April, 1815.



Friday 7.  Closely engaged all day at the Brewery with the Books, accounts &c &c


Saturday 8.  Closely engaged again all Morning.  Finished the Statements &c & came to Hawkestone Inn to a late Dinner & where we staid all night.


Sunday 9.  Arrived at home. Found Mr Corbet with Stamford who had returned together from Stafford Sessions.  Also Miss [ . . . ?] Allen. Received a very kind congratulatory letter from Mr Sparrow of Bishton on occasion of Stamfords conduct at Stafford; there from the absence of the Leaders he had had considerable business to go through & which he had done in a manner to obtain great approbation.  How much were all my fondest hopes and wishes gratified by this Circumstance.  This young man little knows the deep interest that I take in his welfare.


Monday 10.  At Trentham Inn all Day to have sworn in the balloted Men in the Local Militia, but owing to the non attendance of Mr Smith who had positively engaged & promised me to be there, the Meeting was obliged to be adjourned.  Mr Chetwynd stopped at the Trentham Inn purposely to express & which he did in the warmest & handsomest manner his approbation of Stamfords Conduct at the Sessions & which he said had been approved & applauded by the whole Bench.


Tuesday 11.  Mr Corbet & Stamford left Linley Wood, as did Miss F Allen.  At Alsager making arrangements relative to the sale of Jacksons remaining stock &c appointed to be sold today.


Wednesday 12  At home.  Engaged on various matters, Grounds &c &c


Thursday 13.  At Etruria Meeting Mr Hales, Mr Ralph Hales & Mr Robinson to treat with Mr Hales for a lease of the Cockshead Engine & Mine Water and finally agreeing for the same pursuant to Resolution of the Genl Assembly.  Dined at Etruria and returned in the Evening.


Friday 14.  At home.  Engaged Letter Writing to Mr Sparrow in Bath, in reply to his letter relative to Stamford & with particulars of the Agreement relative  to the Cockshead Engine & Water.


Page 67, April, 1815.


April 1815

Saturday 15.  Engaged drawing out Minute of Agreement relative to Cockshead Mine & Engine Water pursuant to Memorandum made on Thursday last & copying the same & letter therewith to Mr Robinson.  Mr Jackson relative to Alsager Business.  Began sowing the meadow, late Gilberts, with oats, making use of the [Cathvator?]  Miss Allen came to Linley Wood.  In the night very sharp frost.


Sunday 16.  At home.  Service.  In the afternoon at Talk Chapel.  Afterwards conversation with Mr Hill relative to the Claim on the Executors of the late Mr Lawton for Dilapidations & the Settlement of which stood referred to me.  Also respecting the money placed in Kinnerslys hands for the use of the Chapel and the late Mr Tollets Affairs & proposed a meeting of the Executors in order to close the Executorship, when he promised to look into the [m . . . ?].


Monday 17.  At home.  Mr & Mrs Jos Wedgwood, Mrs Darwin & Miss Allen & E Wedgwood dined.  Finished sowing with Oats the Meadow


Tuesday 18.  At home.  Engaged on the Grounds & various matters.


Wednesday 19.  At Newcastle.  Attending all day at the Robeuck on the reference to me relative to Longton Coal Gutter by Lord Stafford& Sir John Heathcote & Mr Smith. Examining witnesses &c &c.  Miss Stamford & the Girls returned from Devonshire.


Thursday 20.  At Burslem.  From thence to Newcastle.  Arranging at Kinnerslys payment for a Navign Share purchased at my request by Mr Robinson of Stone.  Called on Mr Sparrow & appointed to have a Reexamination of some of the witnesses examined yesterday on the Reference.  Returned to dinner.


Friday 21.  At home.  Engaged with workmen & various papers.  Turned 8 Cows out into the Ground under the Wood.  Fine mild Rain.


Saturday 22.  At home.  [Mr?] Partington [Junr?] on their Affairs.  With whom much Conversation.  Perused & considered the Abstracts of the titles to the Thurlwood & Rode Estates, with the Observations of Mr Wishaw thereon made on behalf of the Purchaser.  I promised to write to Mr Darlington thereon.  Suggested to Mr Penlington for the Consideration of the Family the expediency of a Division with Mr Salmon of the Estates remaining unsold if Miss [B . . . hton  . . . ?]


Page 68, April, 1815.


continued to hold back, without making such an offer for the purchase as it might be proper to accept.  In the Evening Sketching out Letter to Mr Darlington after again perusing & considering the Abstracts and the Observations of Counsel. This day, and yesterday, very unwell with pain, which gave me considerable alarm; but of which I did not feel disposed to make any mention: being unwilling unnecessarily to disturb those about me.


Sunday 23.  At home.  Service.  Mr Bent dined.  Conversation relative to Liverpool Brewery previous to my going down to Eton on Tuesday next & consideration of various matters to which it might be proper for me to advert.


Monday 24.  At Trentham Inn.  Swearing in balloted Men in the Local Militia. Sr. John Heathcote, Mr Spode & self.  Busy day.  Called at Kinnerslys & Mr J Sparrow making final arrangements for payment of money & transfer to Miss Stamfordof Trent & Mersey Canal Share.  On my return found two Miss Darwins. Mr Waltons Assistant relative to Jacksons Sale & the money remaining to be collected.


Tuesday 25.  Set off with Elizabeth & Eliza to Eton at half past five this Morning.  Arrived at Knutsford about nine.  Breakfasted at Mr Hollands.  Proceeded to Eton, & arrived at half past two.  Mr F Wakefield Nephew of the late Gilb Wakefield arrived in the evening.


Wednesday 26.  At Eton


Thursday 27.  At Liverpool.  Brewing Concerns.  Dined at the Brewery.


Friday 28.  At Eton.  Mr Rawson, Mr B Rawson, Mr & Mrs  R Rawson & Mr Shepherd dined.


Saturday 29.  Left Eton after breakfast & cane to Ollerton to dinner.  Dined at Mr Potts’s & staid all night.  Miss M Robinson daughter of Mr B Robinson & Miss Miller & Mr [Stopard?] dined.


Page 69, April, 1815.


Sunday 30 April  Left Ollerton about eleven & arrived at Linley Wood about 2.  Found 2 Miss Darwins.


Monday 1 May  At home.  Engaged in a variety of matters.  Workmen in the [House?] Grounds, farm &c &c


Tuesday 2.  The like.  Turned 9 cows into the [House?] field.


Monday 3d  At home.  Dr Belcombe dined  & he came for the purpose of considering further the arrangements relative to the establishment of a Permanent Book Society at Newcastle.  Much conversation on this subject, when it was thought most advisable that a Conference shd be had with Mr Wedgwood, Mr Bent & a few others who were likely to interest themselves in the business Previous to a General Meeting being called of the Subscribers to the Reading Society to take the plan into consideration; and which conference I promised to attend.


Thrsday 4.  At home.  Grounds.  Farm & various matters.


Friday 5.  At Trentham Inn.  Attending a Meeting on the Property Tax.  Sr John Chetwode, Mr Spode & Self.  Busy day: but returned late to dinner.  Miss Darwins left L Wood this morning going to Parkfields


Saturday 6.  At Etruria with Elizabeth & Eliza calling upon Mr & Mrs Allen who had arrived there on Thursday last.


Sunday 7.  At home.  Service.


Monday 8.  At home.  Saml Jackson relative to their Account.  Letter writing kept me in the House greatest part of the morning.  Grounds &c &c.  A letter received by Eliza from [Ann?] mentioning Mr Sherratts being much indisposed.  Determined to go to [ . . . ?] tomorrow to see him.


Tuesday 9.  Elizth, Eliza & I went to [ . . . ?].  Mr Sherratt so much better as to have gone to Nantwich.  Looked over his farm with the Tenant James Evans & found much good Improvement. Mr S returned to dinner, but from having seen so little of him we determined to stay the night.


Wednesday 10.  Returned home to dinner.  Dr Belcombe dined, with whom finally arranged the plan of the proposed Newcastle Permanent Book Society.  Mr Gilbert with his plans relative to a mode of facilitating the passage of Boats through Harecastle Tunnel which he explained very fully & which appeared to relate to me to be original ingenious & practicable. 


Page 70, May, 1815.


The principle is to remove the distinction or resistance arising from the swell of water occasioned by the progress of the Boat, and for the escape of which by the sides of the Boats there is not sufficient width.  The rising of a Boat going out to sea illustrates the idea of the resistance.


Thursday 11.  At home.  Grounds & various matters.  Began setting Potatoes for winter Crop & Cabbage.


Friday 12.  At home.  Mr Allen Mr & Mrs Jos Wedgwood two Miss Allens Eliz. Wedgwood Mr & Miss Tollet & Miss [Dumerique?] dined.  The two latter staid the night.


Saturday 13.  Mr Trubshaw, with whom engaged on the Buildings & various arrangements.  Mr Scott Drawing Master giving his first lesson to the Girls.  Afterwards dined at Etruria.  Elizth, Eliza, Miss Stamford& myself.  Returned in the Evening.


Sunday 14.  At home.  Service


Monday 15.  At Newcastle on various matters.  [Letter?] to Navign share purchased by Mrs Stamford.  Longton Coal Gutter Reference & fixing a day

 For further examination of Witnesses &c &c.  Dined at Stoneyfields  Mr Sneyd. Pool Ward Dr & Mrs Bent & self.


Tuesday 16.  At home.  Farms & Grounds & various matters.


Wednesday 17.  The like.  Saml Jackson, Beardmore &c.  The Glass purchased at Mr Whalleys Sale arrived.


Thursday 18.  At home.  Saml Jackson again stating Account &c.  Engaged in the Grounds.  Felling trees in Linley Lane Meadow


Friday 19.  At home.  Mr Richardson dined.  Mr Audley [Jackson? . . . ?]


Saturday 20.  At home.  Saml Jackson, Mr Barker & Beardmore in relation to Jacksons business.  Miss Wedgwood from Parkfields came to dinner.


Sunday 21.  At home.  Service


Monday 22.  At home.  Various Matters.  Farm &c.  Mr Butt dined.


Tuesday 23.  At Newcastle.  Attending again examining witnesses &c in Reference relative to Longton Coal Gutter.  Returned to dinner.


Page 71, May, 1815.


Wednesday 24.  At Newcastle attending Meeting of Book Society, & relative to the plan which had been proposed for forming a Permanent Book Society.  Returned to dinner. Dr Belcombe dined.


Thursday 25  Miss Wedgwood left Linley Wood.  Engaged with Grounds &c & various matters.


Friday 26.  At home.  Considering & copying part of a fresh will.  In the Grounds altering small pond in the Garden at the Farm &c


Saturday 27.  At home.  Began a Book called Despotism which I accidentally dipped into this morning speaking of the Jesuits ways.


Under the secret standard of the Jesuit, human nature itself was to be enrolled.  He had found Allies in all Stations; all younger Sons, all Men of talents without fortune, all the disaffected and fiery Spirits of the age, were at least respectable in number.  “He that goeth about to persuade a Multitude that they are not so well governed as they ought to be shall never want attentive and favourable hearers”. P 34


Patriotism is not always an independent virtue, and a good deal of public spirit may be produced by a little private grievance.  Ibid 98.


Nations says the Jesuit are to be governed by their own humours.  In France an Epigram is fatal; and in England when you want the truth not known, publish it; their Pamphleteers will immediately prove the reverse.  There, with pamphlets, I make peace or war; prove Non Entities to be Realities, and Truth be a nonentity.  164.


In the Morning Mr Allen Mrs J Wedgwood & Miss Wedgwood called.  In the evening Mr Wilbraham with whom engaged to dinner on Monday next.


Sunday 28.  At home. [ . . .  . . . ?]


Monday 29.  At home.  Mr Tomkinson, Sir J Heathcotes Agent, with some particulars relative to the Longton Coal Gutter Reference & with whom much discussion of this subject.  Dined at Mr Wilbrahams.  Mr Ford & his son, Mr [Hopingstall?] Junr & Mr Wetenhall.  On my return home found Mrs & Miss Crompton & Miss Crompton & Henry.


Tuesday 30.  At Trentham Inn early.  Swearing Assessors to [Assess . . . ?] Taxes Assessments.  Did the business myself.  Sr John Heathcote who had engaged to meet me being prevented from attending.  Got early Potatoes out of the common Ground.


Page 72, May, 1815.


Wednesday 31.  At Stone attending Meeting of Select Committee.  Mr Sparrow, Mr Simpson  Mr [Knot? Knox?]& myself.  Much Business & fully engaged all day.


June. Thursday 1.  At Stone all Morning & till near 3 o’Clock, again busily engaged.  Obtained an order for the Company Boat to convey Miss Swinnerton of Butterton to [Bramston?] on her way to London.  Returned later to dinner.  Found John Blunt with whom much pleased.  In the course of today I met with Mr Pearson the Counsel at Stone who expressed in the strongest terms his approbation of the manner in which Stamford had gone through the business of the Sessions.  Mr Sparrow of Bishton had previously done the same.


Friday 2.  At home.  Engaged in the Grounds.  Cutting trees in the Approach &c.


Saturday 3.  At home.  [Mrs?] Partington on their affairs.  Putting up in the Binns the pipe of Port had last year from Jones & Wilkinson.  Engaged in various matters with the Workmen.  Wet day.


Sunday 4.  At home.  Service



Monday 5.  At home.

“Foreigners who read some of the party publications which swarm from the English press and particularly Cobbet, conceive, certainly, very erroneous opinions of the real state of things.  I believed in America, with many others, and I know that several persons at the head of the American Government believe now, that England is on the eve of a Revolution, which, it is supposed, will free them from her maritime pretensions, and if it is possible to be thus deceived in a country so similar to England, what must it be in France , where no adequate idea can be formed of party exaggerations?  Far from taking their party writers literally, I find the greatest part of the English Public look upon them only as professed wrestlers whose display of strength and abilities interests and amuses them, but whose object, besides the gratification of some malice and vanity is merely Money.”  Journal of a Tour &c in Great Britain by a French Traveller in 1809.


Page 73, June, 1815.


Tuesday 6.  At home.  Unwell with a gouty attack.  Mr & Mrs Potts of Ollerton & Miss Robinson, Mrs Jos Wedgwood Miss F Allen & Jos Wedgwood dined.


Wednesday 7.  At home.  Engaged with Mr Potts.  But very unwell.


Thursday 8.  So unwell with my indisposition which had turned to a severe & painful attack of Gout as to be unable to get up.  Mr & Mrs Potts & Miss R left Linley Wood.  Miss Stamford& Emma went to Coole


Friday 9.  In bed the greatest part of the day with great pain the Gout having settled in my foot.  Reading various parts of Lord [Breens?] Works.  This is a Book from which I have always felt great relief when in pain from its power of exciting thought and reflection & thereby diverting & [ . . . ing?] bodily suffering.


Saturday 10.  The like.  Rather better.  Dr Belcome & Mr Bent dined.  Considering Rules & Regulations of the proposed Permanent Book Society.


Sunday 11.  The like.  Gradually but slowly mending.


Monday 12.  The like.  Gradually better.  On last observing the progress of the gout in this attack I felt convinced that the most prudent way is to leave Nature to her course, favouring her efforts, rather than by any violent means hastening or checking them.  This  to be sure requires the endurance of pain; but it is plucking safety out of the nettle.


Tuesday 13.  Gradually but slowly better.  The Girls Eliza & Ann at Trentham at Mr Butts


Wednesday 14.  The like.  Mr & Mrs & two Miss Woods Emma & Mary came to Linley Wood.  Came down stairs for the first time but not without much difficulty.


Thursday 15.  The like.  Engaged with the Woods, but still confined to the House.


Friday 16.  The like.  Mr [B…ttel?] with the three young Men from Burslem dined.


Saturday 17.  The like.


Sunday 18.  The like.  Service.  Went out of doors for a very short time.  In the evening Mr & Mrs Wood & the young women left us.


Monday 19.  Again went out though unable to walk without much difficulty.  Engaged making extracts from [B . . . ?] &c with a view to a printed notice to be given by the Audley Association of the forfeiture incurred by various


Page 74, June, 1815.


offences such as tippling, fishing &c &c, & which I thought might be useful in checking these practices which had of late become pregnant in the neighbourhood.  Miss Sherratt of Newcastle came to Linley Wood.


Tuesday 20


Hill infirm & unable to go out much.  Penlingtons affairs in consequence of Letter from Mr Sherratt


Wednesday 21.  The like.  Turned 3 Carp & 3 Tench had from Bostock House into the small [st . . . ?] in the Farm Garden.


Thursday 22.  Mr & Mrs Rob. Sherratt & their Son Joseph dined: & returned in the Evening taking Miss Sherratt with them.


Friday 23.  Rode on Horseback in the Grounds for the first time.  Mr. Jos Wedgwood. Jos. & Charlotte dined.  Engaged again in Penlingtons Affairs.  Letter to Mrs […?] &c


Saturday 24.  At home.  Dr Belcombe also dined & with whom considering & […ting?] Rules & Regulations for the intended Permanent Book Society


Sunday 25.  At home.  Service.  Still infirm.


Monday 26.  At home in the Morning.  Dined at Lawton Hall.  Mr Tollett Mr Wettenhall & self.


Tuesday 27.  At home.  Looking over various Navign Papers previous to going to Wolseley Bridge tomorrow to attend meeting of the Select Committee


Wednesday 28.  At Wolseley Bridge attending meeting of the Select Committee.


Thursday 29.  The like.  From thence to Fradley Junction in the Cos. new Boat surveying this part of the Canal &c.  Mr Sparrow, Lister, Simpson,  Webb, Robinson & Self.  It being proposed to give a name to the Boat I suggested that of Waterloo in Compliment to Lord Wellington & think was immediately & unanimously adopted.  Returned to Wolseley Bridge & from thence to Stone where I slept.


Friday 30.  At home.  Busy in the Hay.  But still unwell.


July.  Saturday 1.  At home.  The like.  In the Morning Stamford arrived and in the Evening Mrs & Miss Cromptons of Eton


Page 75, July, 1815.


Sunday 2  At home.  Service.  Henry Crompton


Monday 3.  Home.  Hay Harvest in which busily engaged but still infirm.  In the morning the Cromptons left us.


Tuesday 4.  At home.  Letter writing &c &c.  Busy in the Hay.  In the Evening called at Mr Wilbrahams & at Mr Wittenhalls.


Wednesday 5.  Carrying Hay.  Miss Tollet & Miss [Damaresque?] came to dinner.


Thursday 6.  The like.  Mr Wickstead came to dinner.


Friday 7.  At home.  Mr Wilbraham Mr Wittenhall & Mr Wickstead dined.  Busy in the Hay.


Saturday 8.  At home.  Still lame.  Busy in the hay.  In the morning Miss Tollet & Miss [Damareque?] & Mr Wickstead left Linley Wood.


Sunday 9.  At home.  Service.  Dr Crompton & Albert arrived at dinner.  The former for my opinion & advice in consequence of injury done to the Brewery Warehouse let to Greaves Yates & Co by overweighting the same.  Considering the Case & advising the Doctor upon it.  In the Afternoon Mr Wood & Mr John Wood of Brownhills


Monday 10.  At home.  Busy in the hay.


Tuesday 11.  The like.


Wednesday 12.  At Trentham calling upon Lord Stafford who I saw & also Lady Stafford & long & pleasant conversation with them.  Finished carrying hay out of the Meadow.


Thursday 13.  At home.  Heavy shower of Rain.


Friday 14.  At Stafford attending the Assizes.  Summoned on the Grand & two special Juries but so numerous an attendance that I did not serve on the former.  Consulted by and Much engaged with Mr Lister in relation to an application made to him to offer himself for the Borough of Newcastle in the room of Lord Gower who had accepted the Chilton Hundreds in consequence of Lord GL Gower being called up to the House of Peers.  Also engaged with Sir John Chetwode on the same business & to whom a similar application had been made from Newcastle as that to Mr Lister.  Declined by both.


Page 76, July, 1815.


Saturday 15  At Stafford.  Much Conversation with Lord Gower & afterwards accompanied him to the Clerk of the Peace Office to fix the day of nomination for the County & which was postponed to Monday the 24 in order that due notice may be given in the County Paper.  Invited by him to stop & dine at Trentham on my return from Stafford, but declined this: promising to take another opportunity of doing it.  The Special Jury Causes on which I had been summoned being compromised  left Stafford about 2 o’Clock & came with Mr [Tho?] Sparrow to Newcastle & who dined with me at the Roebuck.  Introduced to Reginald [Heb…?]who accompanied Mr Wilmot the Candidate but did not see the latter owing to his being so unwell as to have gone to bed.


Sunday 16.  At home.  Service.  In the evening Mrs Jos Wedgwood Charlotte & [Jos?] Wedgwood Junr on their way to Liverpool.


Monday 17.  At home.  Various matters


Tuesday 18.  At home.  Mr Josiah Potts on his return home and with whom engaged.


Wednesday 19.  At Burslem.   Returned & dined.


Thursday 20.  At Macclesfield with Mr Bent with Plans of intended new Brewery, looking over the Ground &c with Kirk the Engineer & Stringer the Bricklayer.  Also engaged with the Books.


Friday 21.  At Goyt Quarry inspecting & examining the Stone with a view to its being used for the Tuns & Coolers instead of Wood. 


Goyt Quarry belongs to Mess Pickfords who have  here an Estate of the extent of 5000 Acres.


It is situation on the extreme verge of the County of Chester adjoining to Derbyshire, about 9 miles from Macclesfield and 4 from Buxton.  It is approached by a new Road of about a Mile in length, branching from the great Road, and which [running?] round the Hills & with


Page 77, July, 1815.


a  precipice on one side of considerable depth, in some places 45 feet, & without any fence whatever, presents rather a formidable appearance to the eye.


The mine of Stone is about 5 yards in thickness , the perpendicular height of the facing about 18 yards and the whole length now gettable about 185 yards: but the Stone is supposed to be almost inexhaustible.


The Stone appears to be a kind of silecious grit Stone, very hard and capable of a fine Polish; perhaps the only equal to Marble.


The blocks are got of great size; we saw one 12 feet by 8 & about 3 ½ or 4 inches thick.  (Note in margin: A Stone was pointed out to us as gettable that cd be 26 feet in length.) The Stone is used for flags, Tombstones Staircases  &c.  The chief demand is to London, but a great obstruction to its use is the expence of Carriage; its nearest point of Communication with any water Conveyance being that with the Leek Canal which at the nearest point is a distance of not less than about 13 Miles.


The price of the polished Stone in the Quarry ¼ delivered in London is about 2/4 per foot: of common flag Stones 9d in London.  But the account of prices was so vague, that I have desired to be furnished with more accurate information.


The Stone is polished by a floor being laid of it, which is ground by other stones worked over the surface by a water wheel resembling the action of grinding flint.  In the polishing common sand is applied.  The polishing takes up a week, working day & night except the polishers which being constantly moving take up only about half the time.  The Wheel is a Cast metal wheel 36 feet in diameter & 3 feet on the Sole.


Above 65 or 70 persons are here constantly employed.  Returned to Macclesfield to dinner much gratified with our Excursion, & Afterwards saw Mr Poulson Messrs Pickfords head Clerk who happened to be at Macclesfield & who promised to furnish an estimate of the expense of the Stone for the purpose intended.


Saturday 22.  Engaged all Morning on the ground with Kirk & Stringer & the Plans. & returned to Linley Wood to dinner.


Sunday 23.  At home.  Service.


Monday 24.  At home.  Various matters.  Mr Twemlow of Alsager, with whom conversation as to exchange of Lands with Mr Jenks, & to which he thought there could be no objection, as it would be beneficial to both Estates.


Page 78, July, 1815.


Tuesday 25  At home.  Writing letter to Mr Jenks proposing exchange of Lands, with a sketch of the same.  Farm &c.  For the first time since my attack of Gout put on a common Shoe.


Wednesday 26.  At the treble Locks speaking to Mr Faram & looking at a small Brook [wished?] to be taken by Mr Wilbraham.  From thence to Rode Hall with Faram on this business, when it was settled that Mr Faram should make a report to me on the subject in order that I might lay the same before the Select Committee.  Mr Faram informed me that when the treble locks at Middlewich were finished he calculated that there would be a saving of 400 locks of water per week.  The general weekly consumption on the canal is 1000 locks per week [‘which is to be understood’ is placed between 2 lines here] 1000 from the Summit north & 1000 from the Summit south:  The saving will therefore be 4/10.


From Rode Hall, home by the Alsager Farms


Thursday 27.  At Stafford attending nomination for the County when Lord Gower nominated by Mr Chetwynd & seconded by Mr Tenant.  Returned to Newcastle & dined at Mr Thos Sparrows who had accompanied me to Stafford with Mr Chetwynd.


Friday 28.  At home.  Various matters.


Saturday 29.  At home.


Sunday 30.  At home.  Service.  Edward Wood dined.


Monday 31.  At Stafford early attending Election of Lord Gower which took place between ten & eleven.  Signed the Return & afterwards dined at the Swan, where there was a numerous party of Lord G friends.


Tuesday 1 August.  Dined at Rode Hall.  Elizth Self Eliza & Emma.  Dr & Mrs Jackson but did not see the former owing to his being unwell.  2 Miss [ . . . ?] Wettenhall & G Kinnersly


Wednesday 2.  At home.  Engaged on the grounds & various matters.


Page 79, August, 1815.


Thursday 3.  At home.  Unwell, with some return of Gout.


Friday 4.  At home.  Letter writing.  William Penlington on their affairs.  Delivered to him  Conveyance for part of old Linley Lane to be shown to Mr Darlington.  Ann & Betsy arrived to dinner from Nantwich.


Saturday 5.  At home.  Stamford arrived  at home.  Dr Holland also came.


Sunday 6.  At home.  Service but unwell with Symptoms of returning Gout.


Monday 7.  At home.  Unwell.  Consulted Dr Holland who considered the swelling & inflammation on my leg as gouty.  Sparrow of Bishton, relative to the Agreement for Cockshead Mine & Engine water & with whom long Conversation & afterwards considering this subject.  Looking over the papers previous to writing to Mr Sparrow.  Dr Holland left us about noon.


Tuesday 8.  At home.  The inflammation & swelling on my leg so great as to confine me to the Sopha & prevent my attendance at Newcastle Races.  Wrote a note by Stamford to Sr John Chetwode excusing my attendance.  Elizth & the three Girls with Betsy at the Ball.  Read in the Evening when alone King Lear: of the beauties of which I think I never before so sensibly felt.  Wonderful, indeed, is the Degree in which the Mind whatever be its mood, may find in Shakespeare thoughts and expressions expressly fitted to pipe the tune of it.


Wednesday 9.  Still confined.  In bed the greatest part of the day.


Thursday 10.  The like with violent pain in my side & back.


Friday 11.  The like.  Pain abated.  Mr Robinson of Stone dined.


Saurday 12.  The like


Sunday 13.  Went in the Carriage to Stoneyfields with Eliza where we drank tea.  Mr Wood dined.


Monday 14.  At home.  Various matters previous to going to Brockton Lodge & Bishton.  Mr Sherratt of Nantwich came from Buxton.


Tuesday 15.  At Brockton Lodge with Mr Thos Sparrow where we dined & slept


Wednesday 16.  At Bishton, where we dined & slept


Thursday 17.  Returned home to dinner after a very pleasant & satisfactory excursion having met with the greatest


Page 80, August, 1815.


Kindness & hospitality both at Brockton & Bishton.


Friday 18.  Mr Sherratt & my visitors left us.  Mr Trubshaw


Saturday 19.  At home.  Mr Tomkinson with the Draught of Deeds to be executed by Mr Thomas Wedgwood of Burslem, but which he refused doing unless approved by me.  Perusing & considering the Deed & writing to Mr Wedgwood with my approval.


Sunday 20.  At home.  Service


Monday 21.  At home.  Mr Chetwynd & Mr Wettenhall dined.  The former staid all night.  Mr Tho Sparrow who was to have been one of the party, prevented coming.


Tuesday 22.  Mr Chetwynd & Stamford left us, setting off to attend the Assizes at Chester.


Wednesday 23.  At home.  Dr Holland, Mrs Holland of Knutsford and two Miss Hollands (Elizth & Lucy) came to Linley Wood & with whom engaged.


Thursday 24.  Engaged with Dr Holland.  Mr & Mrs Jos Wedgwood & Charlotte dined.


Friday 25.  Engaged with the Hollands.  The first board laid in the Drawing Room floor and into which I drove one of the first nails on the left hand side

entering the Room.


Saturday 26.  Engaged with the Hollands.  Dr & Mrs & Miss Holland Eliza & Emma dined at Etruria


Sunday 27.  The Hollands left us.


Monday 28.  At home.  The three Rugby Boys from Etruria, with Mr Tomkinsons two sons of Cliffe Ville spent the day & staid all night.  Again unwell & confined to the House.


Tuesday 29.  At home.  Unwell, but better.  Began cutting wheat.


Wednesday 30.  At Stone attending Meeting of Select Committee.  Took Mr Chetwynd in the Carriage from Newcastle with whom much conversation on County affairs &c &c.  Closely engaged all day in the Committee.


Page 81, August, 1815.


Thursday 31.  At Stone Engaged on the Committee, & afterwards in investigating old account between Mr Beech of the Shaw & the Company relative to Trespass, purchase of Lands &c.  in the settling of which Mr Beech, who attended at  Stone, had requested my interference.  Returned home later.  Found two Miss Fernses of Bostock Hall Miss Furnival, & Miss F Allen.  Also Papers from Mr Hill relative to Walterloo Subscription


September.  Friday 1.  Engaged in various matters.  Farm &c.   Wm Penlington dined.  Busy in the Harvest.


Saturday 2.  At Burslem.  From thence to Etruria, calling upon Mrs John Wedgwood, who I found as interesting and amiable and almost as beautiful as ever.


Sunday 3.  At home.  Service.  Afterwards attended service at Talk on the Hill, a sermon being preached by the Revd Brian Hill, for the relief of the families of the killed & wounded at Waterloo.  In the Evening Miss Frances left L. Wood


Monday 4.  At home.  Mr Chas Lawton, with whom settled & paid all interest to Midsumr [cash?] on my Bond for 1481.6.3 transferred to Mr Sherratt.  Eliza & Ann went to Knutsford.


Tuesday 5.  At home.  Drawing Form for contributions to the Waterloo [Sufferers?] to be taken from House to House by Mr Beardmore & Mr Smith the Churchwardens.  Finished cutting Wheat.


Wednesday.  Busily engaged in the Harvest.  Finished cutting Oats in Linley Meadow.  In the morning rode down to Alsager.  Fine weather.


Thursday 7.  Busy in the Harvest cutting oats in the Hollins Ground & behind the farm.  Dr Belcombe who dined.  Eliza & Ann returned from Knutsford


Friday 8.  At home.  Harvest.


Saturday 9.  At Newcastle.  Various matters.


Sunday 10.  At home.  Service.  Frank, Joseph & Edward Wood dined.


Monday 11.  At home.


Tuesday 12.  At home.  Lady Fletcher, Mr & Mrs Twemlow & Mr. Mrs Powys dined.


Page 82, September, 1815.


Wednesday 13.  At home.  In the morning Mr Marsh arrived.  Finished Harvest.


Thursday 14.  At Newcastle & meeting Mr Sparrow & Mr Tho Fenton on the Longton Coal Gutter reference previous to making my award.  Returned home to dinner


Friday 15.  At home.  Mr Morris relative to small piece of land at Thurlwood part of Messrs Salmon & Penlington which he wished to purchase.  Mr Marsh & various matters.


Saturday 16.  At home.  Various matters.


Sunday 17.  At home.


Monday 18.  At Newcastle.  Mr Sparrow on various matters.  From thence to Stone meeting Mr Bainbrigge investigating his claim on the Navign Co for Land taken, trespasses &c on the making of the Uttoxeter Canal.  Engaged a long time & returned home in the evening.  Put into great danger by one of the Public Coaches, The Empire, running foul of the Chaise in which I was.  The pole, Splinter Bar & Harness of which broke all to pieces by the shock; but luckily the driver though stunned at first, myself & the Servant who was with me in the Chaise escaped unhurt.


Sunday 24th September, 1815

At home.


Monday 25th September 1815

Mr C. Lawton called. Stamford and I dined at Trentham according to invitation from Lord Stafford, delivered by Lord Gower on Monday last. Lord and Lady Stafford, Lord and Lady Harriet Grenville, Mr and Lady Elizabeth [Lernon?], two Miss [Wootterleys?] Lord Gower and Lady [Ely, Elizabeth?]. An extremely  pleasant visit, experiencing much civility and attention. After coffee some good Musick. Piano forte with Harp accompaniment by Miss Wortherleys.


Tuesday 26th September 1815

Eliza, Anne and Emma accompanied by Mr Marsh. Longlan Gatter. Stamford [was?] off to Liverpool. At Newcastle on various matters. Reference [?] prolonged the time for making any Award to 1st Judgment in consequence of some late considerations in the evidence. Called on the Mayor relative to prosecution of the Coachman who occasioned the accident, the18 Day. Jackson business. Dined afterwards at Stoneyfields. Mr Holland of [Rochdale?] Mrs Sandford, Miss Gorton, Dr[Boat?] and Dr Belcombe. Returned in the evening. In the course of the day much heavy rain.


Wednesday, 27th September 1815

At home, various matters. Farm &c previous to leaving home tomorrow.


Thursday 28th September 1815

Set off with Mr Bent to Liverpool. Arrived in the evening and went to the Theatre. Saw Keane in ‘Richard 3rd’ but by no means satisfied with his performance. Much stage trick and bustle that I think would not have been permitted on a London stage. His representation of the character too course and loud. Shakespeare’s Richard is no Buffoon.


Friday 29th September 1815

Engaged with the Books and Accounts &c. and much surprised and concerned to find the miserable state of the concern. The Deficit of which had increased in a very unexpected degree. Elizabeth, Anne and Mr Marsh left Eaton in the morning on their return to Linley Wood.


Saturday 30th September 1815

Returned to Linley Wood. In the evening interesting explanation and conversation with Mr Marsh relative to my dear Anne.


Sunday 1st October 1815

Accompanied Mr Marsh to Coopers from whence he took his departure in the Coach for London. Afterwards Service.


Monday 2nd October 1815

At home. Grounds and various matters.


Tuesday 3rd October 1815

Attended Meeting of the Infirmary Committee at the Dispensary. Afterwards at Newcastle dining with the late Mayor Mr R. Fenton, numerous and very respectable party. Returned home in the evening.


Wednesday 4th October 1815

At home alone. Eliza and Anne having gone in the morning to Etruria. Engaged with Mr Beardmore Jun and the gardener laying out the walk in the front of the House and planting bushes to hideout the stable yard.


Thursday 5th October 1815

At home. Unwell with a severe cold.


Friday 6th October 1815

Engaged with the Gardener and Mr Beardmore Junr in the alteration of the Ground in the front of the House. Planted the Acacia which was removed from the other side, where I believe it had sown itself. [‘Mr Wedgwood of Bignall Hill advising relative to his Caff’ crossed out]


Saturday 7th October 1815

Called at Lawton Hall.


Sunday 8th October 1815

[‘At Newcastle’ crossed out] Service, Afterwards at Newcastle attending the Mayor Mr Leech to Church and with whom I dined  with the Corporation.


Monday 9th October 1815

At home. Engaged on the farm grounds &c.


Tuesday 10th October 1815

At Stoney fields with Eliza and Anne. Engaged all day with Mr Bent on annual Settlement of Newcastle Brewery Accounts.


Wednesday 11th October 1815

Finished Annual Settlement. Afterwards attending a meeting of the Infirmary Building Committee considering plans &c, and Mr Pattens estimate which was more than 2000 less for exacting the same plan than Mr Haywards of Shrewsbury. Dined at Stoney fields with Mr and Mrs Wedgwood, Mr and Mrs Jos Wedgwood, Charlotte, Miss Moreton and Dr Belcombe. Stamford also there. Returned home in the evening.


Thursday 12th October 1815

At Burslem. Returned to dinner.


Friday 13th October 1815

At home. Engaged on various matters.


Saturday 14th October 1815

Mr and Mrs Wedgwood of Exeter came in the morning and with whom engaged.


Sunday 15th October 1815

At home. Service. Enoch and Edward Wood with Mary and Emma Wood dined, also Mr Penlington who had returned from Coole with Stamford. Mr and Mrs Wedgwood had left us in the morning.


Monday 16th October 1815

At Stone attending Meeting of the Select Committee taking Mr Thomas Sparrow with me in the carriage. Closely engaged all day.


Tuesday 17th October 1815

At Stone attending on Committee and afterwards the General Assembly but returned home to dinner.


Wednesday 18th October 1815

At home. Various matters.


Thursday 19th October 1815

The like, being prevented from attending the Agricultural Meeting at Newcastle from the expectation of the arrival of Dr Compton on the Brewery Concerns, but a letter about noon informing me that he should not come at present. Writing to him in reply, and also to Mr Bent. Afterwards engaged on Accounts &c.


Friday 20th October 1815

At home. Dr and Mrs Crompton arrived late to dinner, bringing home Emma Caldwell, and the former of whom had come for the purpose of considering the state of the Brewery Concern at Liverpool and determining what would be the best to be done in its present and proposed situation.


Sunday 22nd October 1815

Mr Bent dined and who came for the purpose of the Brewery Concerns. Long discussion. Nothing final determined but plan suggested for John Bents going there.


Monday 23rd October 1815

Engaged with much anxious consideration of the Brewery Concerns.


Tuesday 24th October 1815

The Doctor and Mrs Crompton left Linley Wood after breakfast. Edward to be consulted as to his giving up all management to John Bent and the Dr then to write to me and Mr Bent. Mr Edward Kinnersley called.


Wednesday 25th October 1815

At home, unwell.


Thursday 26th October 1815

At home. Mr and Mrs Wedgwood of Exeter came to Linley Wood and with whom engaged.


Friday 27th October 1815

At home. Engaged with Mr Wedgwood.


Saturday 28th October 1815

At Newcastle in consequence of a letter arrived from Dr Crompton and a long conversation with Mr Bent on the subject of the proposed new arrangement at Liverpool. Then he said he would consult John Bent and[also?] John Horthook[?] on the business. Returned to dinner.


Sunday 29th October 1815

At home. Service.


Monday 30th October 1815

At Burslem to have communicated to Mr Wood a letter arrived from Mr Holland of Knutsford with a proposal from Mr Boult of Liverpool to act as an Agent for Wood and Caldwell on the sale of Earthen Ware, but found on my arrival there that Mrs [Brittal?] had expired this morning about 3 o’clock after a long and [serious?] illness and Mr Wood too much discomforted to admit to my talking to him on business. The event is truly melancholy and distressing. Mr Blunt dined and stayed all night.


Tuesday 31st October 1815

At home. Engaged with the Wedgwoods &c.


Wednesday 1st November 1815

At home, ditto.


Thursday 2nd November 1815

At Burslem attending the funeral of the late Mrs [Brattal, Benttal?] who died aged 33. Bearers –Messrs John Wood, Robinson, Spencer Rogers, H.Williamson.


Friday 3rd November 1815

Elizabeth and Emma with Mr and Mrs Wedgwood went to Nantwich. In the evening Miss Stamfordand Eliza arrived from Harrowgate. 


Saturday 4th November 1815

At Burslem again calling upon Mr [Brattal?], returned to dinner.


Sunday 5th November 1815

At Talk Chapel. Mr and Mrs Wedgwood, Elizabeth and Emma returned from Nantwich to dinner.


Monday 6th November 1815

At home. Farm. Wedgwood &c.


Tuesday 7th November 1815

At home. Engaged with workmen in the House. Mr Wedgwood &c.


Wednesday 8th November 1815

At home. Mr and Mrs Wedgwood, Elizabeth, Mr and Mrs Mr Bent and Dr Balcombe dined.


Thursday 9th November 1815

At home. Engaged on farm and with Mr Wedgwood.


Friday 10th November 1815

Mr and Mrs Wedgwood left us after breakfast, In the evening the Plasterer concluded his work in the new buildings.


Saturday 11th November 1815

At home. Farm &c.


Sunday 12th November 1815

At home. Service.


Monday 13th November 1815

At home. Farm &c.


Tuesday 14th November 1815 and Wednesday.

At Burslem. From thence to Longport meeting Mr Robinson by appointment viewing alterations and improvements made at the Wharf [Rents, boats?] &c. At Newcastle called on Dr Bent relative to the Newcastle Assembly of which he and I have been appointed managers. Mr Bent Liverpool Brewery &c. Servants holiday, Thomas Lowe having completed his seventh years Service.


Thursday 16th November 1815

At home. Engaged with men in the water meadow laying out and making feed drains &c.


Friday 17th November 1815

At home. Farm &c. In the evening attending Newcastle Assembly. Mrs Stamford, Eliza, Emma and self. Elizabeth being prevented attending by inflammation in her eyes. Large and very respectable Meeting between 80 and 90 persons being present. Met Mr Marsh on his return to Linley Wood. Snow.


Saturday 18th November 1815

At home. Mr Marsh. Farm &c.


Sunday 19th November 1815

At home. Enoch and Edward Wood dined. Mr Marsh.


Monday 20th November 1815

Engaged with Mr Marsh who was disappointed  in his place in the Coaches, but in the evening went to Talk to sleep that he might go in the Mail tomorrow morning. Frost.


Tuesday 21st November 1815

At home. Frost.


Wednesday 22nd November 1815

At home. Farm. Setting out compost in the House field. Mrs Wilson, Mary and Edna Wood came to dinner. In the evening read out “As You Like It.”


Thursday 23rd November 1815

At home. Engaged with men on the farm. Mr Wood and the three young men came to dinner. In the evening Musick. Hard frost.


Friday 24th November 1815

At home. Mr Wood returned to Burslem. Engaged again with men on the farm. Hard frost, but which began to soften in the forenoon. Finished setting out and began spreading. In the evening read out “The Merchant of Venice.”


Saturday 25th November 1815

At home. Farm. Mr Wood came to dinner and with whom engaged.


Sunday 26th November 1815

At home. Service. Enoch, Edward and Jn Wood dined, In the evening Samuel Jackson [Junr?] on account of their debt, whom I promised to meet him at Mr Sparrows Office  tomorrow.


Monday 27th November 1815

At Newcastle meeting Samuel Jackson Junior, when he executed a Warrant of Attorney to confess Judgment. At Stoneyfields Mr Bent being unwell. Returned to dinner


Tuesday 28th November 1815

At home. Farm &c &c. Ann and Emma went to [Rodehall?] to paint and stayed the following day.


Wednesday 29th November 1815

At home. Farm Mr Tomkinson called. Plate Glass windows put into the Hall Door. Farm, workmen &c.


Thursday 30th November 1815

At home. Farm. Workmen &c. Mrs Tollett called. Elizabeth Wedgwood. In the evening reading “Macbeth.”


Friday 1st December 1815

The like. Mr Wedgwood to have dined but prevented coming. In the evening reading “Lear.”


Saturday 2nd December 1815

At home. Mr [Tenbshaw?] with whom engaged.


Sunday 3rd December 1815

At home. Service.


Monday 4th December 1815

At home. Mr Wilson relative to the reduction of Tonnage on the Canal on stone carried from Yorkshire, Alton and Consall and his late Agreement with the Company relative to stone from Gosport[?] Clough Quarry and requesting me to bring the same for the consideration of the Select Committee and with whom engaged a long time.


Tuesday 5th December 1815

At Stone attending Select Committee. Took also Mr Sparrow from Newcastle. Mr Sparrow, Mr Webb and self in the Committee. Much important business. Reduction of tonnage on Salt and Clay by [Greenburgh?] applied for by Mr Sutton &c.


Wednesday 6th December 1815

Engaged at Stone all morning. Returned late to dinner.


Thursday 7th December 1815

At home. Farm, workmen &c &c.


Friday 8th December 1815

The like


Saturday 9th December 1815

At Newcastle. Messrs Bents, Liverpool concerns. &c &c. John and Benjamin Collins, George Whitaker, Harvey and his brother and Mr Beardmore dined. This being the day on which they finished their work about the new buildings.


Sunday 10th December 1815

At home. Service.


Monday 11th December 1815

At home. Engaged all morning letter writing. To Mr Lys long letter in Penlington affairs. Dr Crompton Liverpool concerns. &c &c. Afterwards in the grounds. Swallow Moor wood &c.


Tuesday 12th December 1815

At home. Engaged with men, James Whalley and William Beardsmore in Swallow Moor Wood laying out walk on the North east side &c.


Wednesday 13th December 1815

At Burslem, from thence to Longport Wharf, meeting Mr Robinson and viewing again the new road to wharf &c previous to my endeavouring to arrange the business in a manner that might be more satisfactory to all the Parties and do away the present unsureness. Saw Mr Hugh Williamson a principal land owner who fully approved of the road in its present state and thought it commodious and sufficient. Called upon Mr Honshall now in 81st or 82nd year. Speaking of the Grand Truck Canal, he said that when the work was executing he had been obliged to [have?] money on his own notes and pay wages ass not a shilling could be obtained on Security of the Concern. It is now dividening at 60 per cent. In the morning received letter from Mr Marsh Senior relative to the affair so interesting to my dear Anne.


Thursday 14th December 1815

Considering Mr Marsh’s letter and writing answer [thind] [writing Anne her thoughts?]

Letter to Mr Pyer in Penlington Affairs. Afterwards engaged with the men in Swallow Moor Wood.


Friday 15th December 1815

Engaged with the men in Swallow Moor Wood &c.


Saturday 16th December 1815

At home. The like, and finished the new walk, making a Glade at this end to afford a near view of the House.

The names of Whig and Tory will, I am afraid, last as long among us, as those of Guilf and Ghilalline did in Italy. I am sorry for it, but to some they become necessary for distinction sake, not so much for the principles formerly adapted to each name, as far as particular and [wane?] reasons. For there has been such a shopping and changing both of names and principles that we scarce know who is who.

Lord Molewoth preface.

Loyalty is that service to the prince in all his commands according to Law.
In the night heavy fall of snow.


Sunday 17th December 1815

At home. Service. Mr Marsh and Stamford arrived to dinner.


Monday 18th December 1815

Long and interesting conversation with Mr Marsh when I delivered to him a few observations in writing expressive of my feelings and ideas in the affair, in consequence of the unsatisfactory letters received from his father relative to the pecuniary part of the business and when Mr A. M. determined to return immediately to London for the purpose for personal explanation with his father, and left Linley Wood about 3 o’clock. Heavy snow.


Tuesday 19th December 1815

At home engaged on various accounts &c. Copying afresh my will.


Wednesday 20th December 1815

The like, closely engaged all morning. Copying Will, accounts &c.


Thursday 21st December 1815

The like. Again engaged. Finally settled and balanced Mrs Stamford’s Cash Account to December.


Friday 22nd December 1815

At home. Various matters.


Saturday 23rd December 1815

The like.


Sunday 24th December 1815

At home. Service.


Monday 25th December 1815

At home.


Tuesday 26th December 1815

Set off with Mr Bent and John Bent to Liverpool and arrived there in the evening.


Wednesday 27th December 1815

At Liverpool engaged in considering the state of the Liverpool Brewery Concern and the new arrangements there. Circumstances seemed to require, when it was conducted that John Bent should go to Liverpool to conduct the concern and Henry Crompton to remain with him.

Mr [Richard?] Rawson, Mr Pollford[?] Mr Davison and Robert Garton afterwards dined with us. Called at Mr Richard Rawson’s.


Thursday 28th December 1815

Left Liverpool and proceeded to Macclesfield for the purpose of the Annual Settlement and arrived in the evening.


Friday 29th December 1815

Closely engaged all day with Books, Accounts &c.


Saturday 30th December 1815

Engaged again all morning. Settled and closed the Annual Accounts and afterwards returned to Linley Wood to dinner. Found Dr Holland who had arrived just before us. Bent stayed to dinner and a pleasant conversation.


Sunday 31st December 1815

At home. Service, and engaged with Dr Holland. In the evening received a letter from Mr Horrocks, a reputable Solicitor at Derby informing us of the situation of Richard Harrison, a relation of Miss Stamfordand Mrs Caldwell who was in the Lands people were endeavouring to obtain a Will from him in their favour and prejudicial to the rightful heir, though Harrison was in such state of mind as to render him utterly incompetent.


Monday 1st January 1816

Set off for Derby to which place it was thought proper that I should go to enquire into the above business. Called at Newcastle. From thence to Etruria and Hanley to have seen Mr Wedgwood on the business of the carriage of clay from [Grinsbough?] but prevented seeing him from his being engaged as Chairman of the Public Meeting at Hanley relative to the establishment of a School. Arrived at Derby in the evening.


Tuesday 2nd January 1816

Mr Horrocks breakfasted with me at the County Hall Hotel where I had taken of my lodgings. Long and circumstantial account of Harrison and his concerns and situation from which it appeared that very shameful attempts had been made to impose upon him. Went to Messr Locketts & Co for the purpose of consulting them. When it was resolved to apply immediately to the Court to have a Committee appointed for the [custody?] of Harrison’s person and Estate; and in the mean time I directed that every possible enquiry should be made in order to find out the Heirs at Law to Richard Harrison exparte patiana who would have a priority to Miss Stamfordand Mrs Caldwell, who were only heirs exparte matenna.

Called on Dr Bent and Mr Hiatt, both of whom confirmed the account that had been given me of Richard Harrison’s utter incompetency to make a Will.

In the afternoon set off to Wolseley Bridge; and arrived there about 8 o’clock.


Wednesday 3rd January 1816

Closely engaged all day on Select Committee. Mr Sparrow, Mr Webb and myself. Long and confidential conversation with Mr Sparrow; previous to the Committee, in which he communicated to me his determination to relinquish the Quarter Sessions Chair, and an interesting conversation with him on many matters. In the evening Mr [Nickson?] came in much hurry and agitation to inform Mr Sparrow of an unexpected run on their Bank at Newcastle. Consulting with them on the best steps to be taken for obtaining an immediate supply of Bank Notes &c to meet the Run. Webb agreed to advance them some money on the Bills which they had brought with them and I gave them an order on him for £420 (which he also promised to advance by it any dividends.) and £28 in Bank notes.


Thursday 4th January 1816

Communicated to Mr Sparrow of Bishton by desire of his brother who had left Wolseley Bridge last night. The above circumstance, when he consented to advance £1000. Finished the business of the Select Committee about noon. Called upon the [Lawtons?] at Bishton and from whom I met with the most friendly reception and attention. Brought Mr Sutton of Shandlons[?] in the Chais and with me, and after setting down. Mr Robinson at Stone came to Newcastle where we dined in order that I might have an opportunity of seeing Mr [F?] Sparrow. Saw him and Mr Plant, who thought the brunt of the business was over, but that it was still prudent to obtain every provision. Mentioned the matter of Mr Lattin who promised his assistance either at Lawton or the Nantwich Bank. Arrived at home in the evening. Mr Sutton [peranding?] to the Saltworks. Received by the Post a very kind and satisfactory letter from Mr Marsh.


Friday 5th January 1816

At home. Mr Wedgwood, Mr Tomlinson, Mr Blunt and Mr Bent dined. Mr Tomlinson stayed all night.


Saturday 6th January 1816

Called at Trentham. Eliza, Stamford, self, but they, the family, were gone.


Sunday 7th January 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 8th January 1816

At Newcastle, to have seen Mr Martin relative to the Timber growing on the Foxholes Estate and which had been sold by auction on Saturday last: without my hearing of the sale: but could not meet with him. Saw Mr Speakman, one of the buyers who confirmed what James Massey told me this morning that they would let me have the whole, or any part of the timber at a fair valuation. Returned to dinner.


Tuesday 9th January 1816

Went with Eliza and the rest of us to Etruria. Dined and stayed all night.


Wednesday 10th January 1816

From Etruria to Burslem. Eliza, Anne, Emma and myself.


Thursday 11th January 1816

At Burslem. Engaged in the Counting House work. &c.


Friday 12th January 1816

Returned to Linley Wood to dinner after a very pleasant and satisfactory visit. NB. Mr Shepherd of Gatacre had come to Linley Wood on Tuesday night where he slept but having left Etruria to which place he came on Wednesday morning. Before his arrival I did not see him.


Saturday 13th January 1816

At home. Engaged on the farm. Afterwards receiving rents from the various Tenants. Mr Church finished the Bell hanging, on which he and his son had been engaged nearly 5 weeks. Mrs Badkin, widow of Badkin formerly a [Wharfinger?] in the Navigation Company Service regarding assistance in obtaining some allowance or relief from the Company.


Sunday 14th January 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 15th January 1816

At home.


Tuesday 16th January 1816

Engaged on Annual Accounts &c. In the evening at Newcastle Assembly. Much conversation with Mr Macdonald who with Lord Gower and Lord [Francis?] Gower attended. Mr Macdonald said that he was in a party with the Duke of Wellington the evening before he quitted Brussels for Waterloo, that he did not expect the attack of the French so soon as disbelieved the reports of their being so far advanced. He said that the day after the battle Lord Wellington was driving about the streets of Brussels in his carriage in a plain blue coat and round hat, without the least appearance of triumph or  exaltation, but on the contrary much depressed in spirits from the loss of brave men that had been sustained.


Wednesday 17th January 1816

At home. Engaged on Accounts &c. Mr R Skerrett and Mr Armistead called, and engaged to dine the next day.


Thursday 18th January 1816

At home. Mr Armistead and William Bent junior dined. Mr Audley junior carpeting &c the stairs and passages. William Bent stayed all night.


Friday 19th January 1816

At home. Engaged on accounts and annual statement of private affairs.


Saturday 20th January 1816

At home


Sunday 21st January 1816

At home. Service. I this day completed my 57th year. In the evening received long letterform Mr Sparrow of Rushton, relative to Longport Wharf &c. 


Monday 22nd January 1816

At Burslem to have met Mr Martin relative to the timber growing on the Foxholes, but he did not come agreeable to his appointment.


Tuesday 23rd January 1816

At home. Engaged on various matters.


Wednesday 24th January 1816

At home. Mr and Mrs Willbraham of Rode Hall, Mr, Mrs Tollet, Miss Tollet and Mr Wickstead and Mr Wittenhall dined. The Tollets stayed all night.


Thursday 25th January 1816

At home. John Bent with intelligence of the failure of the Shrewsbury Bank, Eyton & Co. Messrs Lockett Co. Clerk with Petition to the Character in the affairs of {Richard, Rev?] Harrison, which Mrs Stamford, Elizabeth and I signed. Afterwards engaged writing long letter to Mr Sparrow of Bishton.


Friday 26th January 1816

At Newcastle relative to Shrewsbury Bank &c. Intelligence received of the failure of Messrs Roscoe Bank of Liverpool. Attended a meeting of [Permanent?] Book Society. Afterwards attended a public meeting for considering proposition made by Mr Leigh relative to a compensation for Titles on the intended Inclosure of the Town Fields in Newcastle.

Newcastle Town Fields contain about 300 acres.


Saturday 27th January 1816

At Trentham Inn attending Militia meeting, receiving Lists and hearing Appeals. Sir John Heathcote, Reverend Henry Broughton, Mr Tollet, Mr Spode and self.


Sunday 28th January 1816

At home. Service. Mr Bent, Edward Crompton and Rowland Bent dined, and stayed all night.


Monday 29th January 1816

At Burslem with Elizabeth. Met Mr George Martin relative to the Foxholes Estate and other matters.


Tuesday 30th January 1816

At home. Various matters, letters &c.


Wednesday 31st January 1816

Went to Ashcombe. Elizabeth, Emma, Anne, Miss Stamfordand self. Met Mr and Mrs Mills of Leek who dined and stayed all night. Colonel Dobson also there.


Thursday 1st February 1816

At Ashcombe. Long walk in the morning with Mr [Floyd?] receiving Canal, North Staffordshire Rail Road, Lime Kilns &c. The vale most beautiful. The River Channel running along it and bounded by woods on each side.


Friday 2nd February 1816

Returned home bringing Edward Crompton with us from Newcastle.


Saturday 3rd February 1816

At home. Engaged with Edward Crompton. Letters &c &c.


Sunday 4th February 1816

At home. Service. Rowland Bent dined.


Monday 5th February 1816

At home, farm &c.


Tuesday 6th February 1816

At home. Mr Blunt and Bent dined.


Wednesday 7th February 1816

At home.


Thursday 8th February 1816

Edward Wood, Mrs Wilson, Eliza and Mary Wood with Mr Henshaw, an American Gentleman dined and stayed all night.


Friday 9th February 1816

At Trentham in attending meeting assessing taxes[?], Mr Spode and self. In the morning the Woods and Edward Crompton left Linley Wood.


Saturday 10th February 1816

At home. About noon Mr Marsh arrived at Linley Wood.


Sunday 11th February 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 12th February 1816

At home.


Tuesday 13th February 1816

At home. Engaged on Navigation Papers. &c


Wednesday 14th February 1816

At home. Farm &c.


Thursday 15th February 1816

At Burslem with Emma.


Friday 16th February 1816

Called at Lawton Hall. [beaved?] the improvements, Water &c.


Saturday 17th February 1816

At home. Mr Marsh communicated to me, my dear Anne’s acceptance of him. Engaged on Navigation Papers. &c.


Sunday 18th February 1816

At home. In the evening received Petition to the Chancellor for Appointment of a Committee in the affairs of Harrison, which after being signed by Mrs Stamford, Elizabeth and myself I returned to Mr Balymy in London.


Monday 19th February 1816

At home. William Penlington on their affairs. Letter to Mr Horrocks in Harrison’s affairs relative to finding a proper situation in which to place him. Navigation Paper &c.


Tuesday 20th February 1816

At Wolseley Bridge attending Meeting of Select Committee. Mr J.W Sparrow accompanied me from Newcastle and he and Mr Robinson from Stone. Arrived at Wolseley Bridge about twelve. Mr Sparrow, Mr Webb and self. Also Mr Chetwynd, Mr Collings, Mr Earpe[?] and Mr Higgott in their reference Navigation Company and [Laipe?] on which long engaged. Afterwards engaged closely on much general business.


Wednesday 21st February 1816

Engaged all morning closely on various Navigation matters. Mr Sparrow received a letter from Lord Gower relative to the vacating of his seat and the approaching new till be appointed Election, and in consequence of which he desired that Mr Chetwynd tell to meet us at Stone on his way to Newcastle, and I with Mr Sparrow would call at Trentham and deliver his reply to Lord Gower. Mr Chetwynd joined us at Stone from whence we proceeded to Trentham. Interview with Lord Gower but nothing decisive said or arranged. Arrived at home late in the evening late.


Thursday 22nd February 1816

Mr Marsh left Linley Wood to return to London. Afterwards rode out with Anne.


Friday 23rd February 1816

Letters to Mr Chetwynd and Batkin. Afterwards engaged with men on improvement in the Water Meadow, particularly the part next to the Farm Yard.


Saturday 24th February 1816

At home. Engaged again with men &c.


Sunday 25th February 1816

At home. Unwell.


Monday 26th February 1816

At home


Tuesday 26th February 1816

At Stafford attending Nomination. Took Mr Sparrow and Mr Butt in the carriage. Lord Gower nominated by Mr Ing, seconded by Mr Monckton. Long consultation with Sir John Heathcote, Mr Sparrow of Bishton &c relative to the step most proper to be taken for counteracting the Run upon the Newcastle Banks, when I recommended and dictated to Mr J Sparrow public Engagement to be signed by Landowners and other to receive in payment the notes of the Newcastle Banks, the Burslem and Stoke upon Trent Banks, which was approved and signed by Sir J.A. and myself and taken for the signatures of others in the neighbourhood. Returned late to dinner.


Wednesday 28th January 1816

At home. Engaged writing letter to Mr Marsh senior. Lady Mackintosh, Mrs Jos Wedgwood, Elizabeth, Charlotte and Dr Belcomb dined, and stayed all night.


 Thursday 29th January 1816

At home. Party left us. Various matters.


Friday 1st March 1816

At home. Mr Skerrett with Ann an Bessy arrived from Nantwich. Afterwards Dr Crompton and Charles, with whom engaged. Dr Crompton said Mr Roscoe valued his library at 1000 guineas. His pictures, drawings &c at  8,000 guineas.


Saturday 2nd March 1816

At home. Engaged with our friends &c.


Sunday 3rd March 1816

At home. Service. After dinner Dr Crompton and Charles left Linley Wood.


Monday 4th March 1816

At home. Various matters. Mr Skerrett &c.


Tuesday 5th March 1816

At Trentham Inn attending Ballot for Local Militia. Mr Spode and self. On my return through Newcastle conversation with Mr Sparrow and Mr Small, the Stationer relative to an alteration which had been made in the Agreement and signed at Stafford for accepting the notes of the Newcastle under Lyme Bank, the Burslem Bank and the Stoke on Trent Bank, when Mr Small said that no alteration had been made after the Agreement came to him and  be printed. Mr R Skerrett dined.


Wednesday 6th March 1816

Set off to Derby in the affair of Richard Harrison. Took Elizabeth in the carriage, who wanted to see Miss Bents. Found Mr Horrocks set off unexpectedly to London.


Thursday 7th March 1816

Called upon Mr Balgery[?] with whom much discussion, looked at the Houses in question, called on Barristers who said Harrison had made a Will in January last, and disposed of all but the house in which Bannister lived, at which was left for the Heir at Law. On further enquiry, Will appeared to have been made by a person of the name of Leeson of Donnington, a relative of Mrs Bannisters, and to have been witnessed by three of Bannisters servants or workmen. [‘this acknowledge by Mr Balymy[?]’  crossed out] Determined to wait Mr Horrocks.


Friday 8th March 1816

Return. Dined at Dr Bents.

Engaged again on the business.

Mr Horrocks arrived in the afternoon and dined with me at the Kings Head. Much conversation and discussion with him and Mr Balymy[?] But the Registers at [Chedlinden?] not furnishing the necessary entries of Births of the Stamford Family it now thought proper for me to make further enquiries, as to these circumstances, from Mr Caldwell and Mrs Stamford, and communicate the result to Mr Balymy.


Saturday 9th March 1816

Returned home.


Sunday 10th March 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 11th March 1816

At Burslem on various matters. Concerning the case of Gallimon and Mr Wedgwood as it affected our Colliery Concerns.


Tuesday 12th March 1816

At Newcastle attending meeting for considering of our Application to Parliament for inlarging the term, and on increasing the [Jobs?] under the Act for the Turnpike Road from Dorlaston to Butt Lane, and when the same was endorsed. Returned to Dinner. Engaged writing long letter to Mr Balymy in the affair of Richard Harrison.


Wednesday 13th March 1816

At Burslem again no Gallimore’s Business. Conversation with Mr Dent the Solicitor. &c &c.


Thursday 14th March 1816

At Parkfields. Dined and stayed all night. Mr. Blunt.


Friday 15th March 1816

From Parkfields to Stafford early. Served upon the Gran Jury. Sir John Wrothersley Foreman. Heavy Calendar, 64 prisoners and closely engaged all day. Dined with the Judges, Dallas and Holroyd. In the evening at the Sheriffs.


Saturday 16th March 1816

Engaged the whole of the day on the Grand Jury and till 6 o’clock in the evening when discharged, but being so late determined to stay all night and particularly on account of the case of Wedgwood against Gallimore, and on which I had some observations to make to Stamford who had a Brief in the cause.


Sunday 17th March 1816

Returned home to dinner brining Mr Spode with me in the carriage to Tattensor, and Elizabeth and Eliza from Southam[?] where they had come to [Cherab?] from Parkfields.


Monday 18th March 1816

In the morning various matters accounts &c. Called at Lawton Hall with Elizabeth and Eliza.


Tuesday 19th March 1816

At home. The like.


Wednesday 20th March 1816

At home. Mr Skerrett arrived and with whom engaged.


Thursday 21st March 1816

At home. Account &c. Mr and Mrs John Lawton and Mr Penlington dined.


Friday 22nd March 1816

Engaged with Mr Skerrett &c.


Saturday 23rd March 1816

At home. Farm &c. &c.


Sunday 24th March 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 25th March 1816

Mr Skerrett with Ann and Bessy left Linley Wood. Miss Wedgwoods from Parkfields arrived and Dr and Mrs Bent dined.


Tuesday 26th March 1816

At Trentham Inn attending Dep Ly [Deputy Lieutenant?] Meeting. Mr Spode and self swearing in balloted men and volunteers in the local Militia. Returned home to dinner.


Wednesday 27th March 1916

At Newcastle attending Meeting of Select Committee. Mr Sparrow, Simpson, Webb and self. Mr Robinson and Mr Thomas Sparrow. Dined and slept at the Roebuck.


Thursday 28th March 1816

At Longport with Select Committee and Mr Potter reviewing Wharf Road &c. Returned to Linley Wood to dinner.


Friday 29th March 1816

At Newcastle attending at the Roebuck on the Reference to one of matters between Colonel Robinson and Captain Vincent and Mr Ralph Stevenson and Mr [Badwall?] arising from a quarrel in Newcastle Theatre, in consequence of which Cross Indictments had been prepared [and?] intended and to have been tried at Stafford Assizes, but at the earnest request of the Solicitors Mr Waltham and Mr Dent and the Parties I agreed to act as Referee. Hearing witnesses for Depositions &c. Returned to dinner. Mr Penlington dined.


Saturday 30th March 1816

Engaged considering evidence and afterwards writing letters to Mr Dent and Mr Waltham about my sentiments on the business. All morning employed on the matter.


Sunday 31st March 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 1st April 1816

At home. Engaged on various matters previous to setting out to Shrewsbury tomorrow.


Tuesday 2nd April 1816

To Newcastle, from thence with Sir John Heathcote and Mr Bent to Shrewsbury on Annual Settlement and arrived at the Lion to dinner.


Wednesday 3rd April 1816

Closely engaged all day in Accounts, Books, &c.


Thursday 4th April 1816

The like all morning, when Annual Statement made out and signed. Dined at the Lion, afterwards came to Tunhill in our return home, where we slept.


Friday 5th April 1816

Left Tunhill about 9 o’clock. Arrived at Newcastle and attended Committee Meeting of [Pamar?] Book Society. Returned to dinner with Elizabeth who met me at Newcastle with the carriage.


Saturday 6th April 1816

At Trentham Inn attending Meeting for swearing in [Assessors of Assed Jayms?] Mr Sparrow and self. Returned to dinner.


Sunday 7th April 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 8th April 1816

At home.


Tuesday 9th April 1816

At home. Farm &c. With Mr Britain who attended by order of Sir John Heathcote. Mr Beardmore at the back setting out  old road and the boundary of the land belonging to Sir John previous to the removal of the enclosure made by the tenants of the Cottage. On return discovered a spring in Moses Barlows Ground, which promised to be useful.

[‘At home Perusing Conveyance relating to property proposed to be given in Mortgage to Mr Beardmore and writing opinion thereon. Afterwards at Etruria calling upon Sir J Macintosh. From thence to Newcastle and dined with Sir J Heathcote, Captain Heathcote, Dr Northen, Dr and Mrs Bent and Stamford at Stoney Fields.’ Crossed out]


Wednesday 10th April 1816

At home. Mrs C. Lawton, Miss Belcombe, Miss Lister, Mr Bent and John Bent dined.


Thursday 11th April 1816

Set off with Mr Bent and John Bent to Liverpool and arrived in the evening at the Brewery.


Friday 12th April 1816

At Liverpool. Closely engaged with Accounts, arrangements &c previous to John Bent taking the management of the concern.


Saturday 13th April 1816

The like. Dr Spurzheim the Craneologist or as he would probably call himself, Organologist dined and also I found candid and modest, relative to his system, resting the whole entirely on Tracts[?], though seemingly fully assured himself of its truth. We afterwards attended one of his lectures.


Sunday 14th April 1816

Returned with Mr Bent who dined at Linley Wood.


Monday 15th April 1816

At Etruria calling on Sir Jas Macintosh. Afterwards dined at Stoney fields with Sir John and Captain Heathcote, Dr and Mrs Bent, Dr Northern and Stamford. Returned in the evening.


Tuesday 16th April 1816

At Stone attend Meeting of Select Committee.


Wednesday 17th April 1816

At Stone. General Assembly. Returned at night.


Thursday 18th April 1816

At home. Various matters.


Friday 19th April 1816

Dined at Lawton Hall. Reverend Mr Eccleston and Dr Belcombe.


Saturday 20th April 1816

Dined at Etruria with Sir James Macintosh, who I found mild and pleasing in manners without [lansganie?] Always ready to talk full on every subject and never exhausted the – poetry, but I thought he seemed ill, and justified Lady Macintosh’s observation to him, “That he haunted it.”


Sunday 21st April 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 22nd April 1816

At Burslem. Long conversation with Mr Ward relative to Gallimore’s business. Elizabeth and I walked back to Linley Wood, the carriage, which had gone on to Etruria for Anne and Emma not overtaking us on the road.


Tuesday 23rd April 1816

At home. Engaged on the grounds &c. Letter to Mr Walthall with Depositions of Colonel Robinson and Captain Vincent in the matter which had been informed to me. Planted 3 Weeping Willows at the large Pool about 3 or 4 feet high each. Observe the growth. Mr Ledward’s relative to Hill farm and [Asonynes?] Management of it.


Wednesday 24th April 1816

At home. Engaged with  men searching and sinking for Springs in Old Linley Lane leading from the Rock. Farm &c.


Thursday 25th April 1816

At home. Farm &c &c.


Friday 26th April 1816

At home. Farm &c &c. Men busy cleaning the Banky field previous to laying down.


Saturday 27th April 1816

At the Hill Farm with Mr Ledward and Mr Beardmore and finally settled for the Tenant Browne to lease at Lady Day next, he doing in the near time such things as Mr Ledwood and Mr Beardmore should agree upon as reasonable and right between Landlord and Tenant under all the circumstances.

Engaged again on the same business when Browne refused to sign any Agreement whatever.


Sunday 28th April 1816

At home. Service. Mr Wood with Enoch, [Jonp?] and Edward dined. Edward and Enoch stayed all night.


Monday 29th April 1816

At home. Sewed the Banky fields with Oats. Mr Belcombe called. Weather mild with light showers. Read report of the trial Wedgwood against Gallimore. The Report of Mr Daunerys[?] reply proves it to have been able, but in some respects wanting correction before it had gone to the Press. What are we to say of the Taste of Mr Dauney, when he talks of “Candle shewing a great deal of Taste,” because it would not bear to live in bad [nir?]: or when on saying that there were two breaches of the Agreement he turned upon the Jury with “or if you like it better, Gentlemen a pair of breaches.” These are two low for notice, only that they illustrate the great defect in Mr Daunery’s oratory, a ‘Want of Taste,’ and the continual [samfier?] of dignity, sense adducing to the poorest plays upon the word whenever opportunity occurs. 


Tuesday 30th April 1816

At Cliffe Ville to have called on Mr Tomlinson but he was from home. From thence to Newcastle called on Dr Belcombe. Returned to dinner.


Wednesday 1st May 1816

Get early potatoes out of a frame. Cut asparagus. Lady Macintosh, Mrs Wedgwood, Mr Butt, two Miss Congreaves and Mr Blunt dined. Finished sowing Banky field with [oats?]


Thursday 2nd May 1816

Dined at Mr John Lawton’s. Mr and Miss Rogers, Mrs Rogers, Mr and Mrs J. Wood, Morris and Jones of Leek.


Friday 3rd May 1816

At home. Letter writing. Farm &c.


Saturday 4th May 1816

Finished sewing with Oats and seeds the lower part of Linley Meadow. Showery weather. Dined at Betley Court. Elizabeth, Eliza, Miss Stamfordand self. Met Lady Macintosh and Mrs Wedgwood, Mr, Mrs and Miss Tollet, and Mr Tremlow of Peats Wood.


Sunday 5th May 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 6th May 1816

At home. Farm. Reading &c. Cold, wet day.


Tuesday 7th May 1816

At home. Various matters.


Wednesday 8th May 1816

At home. The like


Thursday 9th May 1816

At home. Mr Burn and Beardmore relative to Hills Farm. Agreed to take the Banky Swallow Moor into my own hands from this time; and gave him at his request further time for payment of the Rents due. Wet day.


Friday 10th May 1816

At home. Still rain. I moved 9 sheep and 14 lambs into the ground before the House.


Saturday 11th May 1816

At home. Engaged with men at the top of the Swallow Moor laying down its circular ground. Dr Belcombe called. Conversation Book Security at Infirmary &c &c. Ann and Emma returned from Liverpool. Elizabeth having met them at Knutsford.


Sunday 12th May 1816

At home. Service. Snow and hail.


Monday 13th May 1816

At home. Various matters.


Tuesday 14th May 1816

At Trentham Inn attending Meeting Assessed Taxes &c. Militia. Mr Spode and self. Walked with Mr Butt and looked at the new Buildings at Trentham Hall, which will certainly be a great addition and improvement to the House; but the entrance into the Dining Room is miserable, opening just afor the side table through a passage of about 5 feet in length by about 4 feet in width. On my return called at Mr R. Robinson’s. Anne home to dinner.


Wednesday 15th May 1816

At home. Mrs and two Miss Kinnersley, Mr and Mrs Thomas and Miss Sparrow, Mr, Mrs and Mrs Richard Kinnersley and John Blunt dined.


Thursday 16th May 1816

At home. John Blunt.


Friday 17th May 1816

At home. Farm &c. Letter from Mr Bent relative to a representative to the Chancellor of the Exchequer of the Evils arising from the – of  deleterious articles in the brewing of Malt Liquors. Considering this business, and arranged my ideas with those of Mr Bent on the subject.


Saturday 18th May 1816

At Newcastle on the above business and long conversation with Mr Bent thereon, and left with him the letter which I had arranged to be sent to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.


Sunday 19th May 1816

At home. Service. Mr Tomlinson called and long conversation with him on various matters. Newcastle [Moleson?] Bill, Infirmary &c &c.


Monday 20th May 1816

At home. Farm &c &c. Letter writing &c.


Tuesday 21st May 1816

At Burslem. Depredation committed by the Gallimore’s on Mr Wedgwood’s Colliery viewed the same with Mr Wood. Advised that Mr Tomlinson should be consulted as to any steps that it might be proper for us to take. Returned to dinner. Note from Mr Wilbraham with invitation to dine on Thursday next, in consequence of which deferred our proposed journey to Buxton. This morning Miss Stamfordwith the three girls left Linley Wood about ½ past 7 in their journey to London.


Wednesday 22nd May 1816

At home. Mr [William?] Penlington on their affairs. Engaged with men at the very fence opposite to Swallow Moor Wood. Cut cabbage.


Thursday 23rd May 1816

Early this morning received a note from Mr Vaughan with the melancholy intelligence of the death of Mr Robinson of Stone; who died last night about 8 o’clock almost instantaneously. On consideration thought it proper to go immediately to Stone and take Mr [Richard?] Sparrow, as Solicitor  to the Company, along with me in order to see whether any arrangement was necessary to be made; particularly as Mr Sparrow of Bishton was absent in London. Wrote a note to Mr Wilbraham acquainting him with what had happened, and desiring him not to expect me at dinner. Having received a letter from Mr Wood on Gallimore’s business. Took Burslem in my way to Newcastle. Saw Mr Wood and Mr Ward. Advised that any communication that John Gallimore junior might wish to make to Mr Wedgwood, though Mr Wood should be in writing. Signed Notice to Mr Wedgwood which had been prepared by Mr Tomlinson (and who had been consulted by Mr Wood at my particular request) relative to a supply of Stock and Coal. Proceeded with Mr Thomas Sparrow to Stone. Saw Mr Allenby whom sent a message to Mrs Robinson; who sent word that she was most grateful for our coming, and that it would be a great satisfaction and relief to her to see us. Went to her. A mournful and afflicting intrusion. Mr Robinson’s death occasioned, as was supposed, by a spasm of the Heart, and not by Apoplexy as first mentioned. He had drunk his tea as usual, had put on with the assistance of his son, Slade, a boy, his greatcoat to take a walk out but wishing to change his under coat, desired if the boy would help him to take it off again, in doing which, having got his arm out of one sleeve, and just as he was putting the cuff of the other, he fell backwards and expired immediately. [some lines crossed out] On communicating with Mr Vaughan the Cashier, I recommended that the Closet containing Mr Robinson’s Official Books and papers should be locked, and the key delivered to some confidential person till the Executors attended by some proper person on behalf of the Company could open and inspect them. This readily complied with by the family, who expressed to Mr Vaughan their approbation of the measure; and who after seeing the room locked, brought and delivered the key to me.

Returned at night. In the morning 14 cows had been turned into the field before the House. 5 lambs sold at 18 a piece.

On my arrival at home received the account of two highway robberies which had been committed the night before by four men, one at the Wicket leading into Swallow Moor Wood, the other in the Road leading out of the Turnpike to Linley Wood.


Friday 24th May 1816

At Lawton calling upon Mr Wittensall[?] relative to the above; but no [Chez?] could be made out. Wrote to Mr Vernon relative to Foxholes Estate.


Saturday 25th May 1816

At Newcastle relative to the above robberies, went with Mr Richard Sparrow to the Public Office and stated the particulars to Mr Hutchinson in order that he might be upon the lookout. Took Elizabeth with me in the Talk chaise, the pole of the carriage having broke just as we set off, but fortunately without occasioning injury to any one.


Sunday 26th May 1816

At home. Service. Sent letter to Mr Vernon of Holderston requesting him to meet me tomorrow at Burslem relative to the timber on the Foxholes Estate.


Monday 27th May 1816

At Burslem to meet Mr Vernon and see Mr Martin, the owner of the Estate, the latter of whom formally promised to come down tomorrow to see if we could arrange the business.


Tuesday 28th May 1816

Engaged with Mr Martin when he finally agreed that the timber remaining unfallen, and purchased by me from [Speakman Map Ashane?] would stand for the term of 30 years at an annual allowance. Afterwards engaged with Mr [Tralshaw?] and went with him to Rode Heath relative to the division of the [Darlinghouse, Baringbox?] Mr R Skerrett to consult relative to an Agreement which he had entered into with Mr Astle his Articled Partners at Newcastle. An arduous and fatiguing day.


Wednesday 29th May 1815

At home. Mr Lowndes who had purchased the bulk of the trees agreed to be left standing and arranging the business with him. Letter from Mr Tollet requesting that Miss Tollet might accompany us to Buxton. Writing letter to Mr Macdonald in reply to one received last night from him, on the part of Mr Sparrow who was indisposed relative to the late melancholy event at Stone, and engaged on various other matters, particularly drawing rough in writing sketch of the Agreement entered into by Mr Martin and myself relative to the tree &c.


Sunday 30th May 1816

At Stone attending Funeral of my late highly respected friend Mr Robinson. He was aged 64, and interred in a vault in the Churchyard at Stone.


Mr Whitby        Mr Jos Wedgwood

Mr Spode          Mr Webb

Mr Salt Mr Thomas Sparrow

Mr Caldwell      Mr Slade.


2 Mr Dixons.

Took Mr Thomas Sparrow with me in the carriage. Long conversation with Mr Webb and Mr Salt. Returned to dinner. Saw Mr Vernon accidently at Stone, who approved of the Agreement I had drawn up relative to the timber on the Foxholes Estate, which I had written and was to send to him as soon as the valuation of the timber was obtained.


Friday 31st May 1816

At home. Mr Potter relative to the Longport Wharf.


Saturday 1st June 1816

Set off to Buxton. Eliza and self. Arrived at the Grand Hotel to dinner.

From that time to the 22nd at Buxton.


Saturday 22nd June 1816

Returned home. On our return violent storm of thunder, hail and rain. Arrived to dinner.


Sunday 23rd June 1816

Mr Wood and Enoch dined. Proposal made by me for admission of the 3 young men to some share of Profits.


Monday 24th June 1816

At home. Various letters &c.


Tuesday 25th June 1816

At home attending meeting of Select Committee. Mr Sparrow, Mr Chubb[?] and self.


Wednesday 26th June 1816

At Newcastle attending property tax meeting. Mr Spode and self.


Thursday 27th June 1816

At home.


Friday 28th June 1816

At home.


Saturday 29th June 1816

At home. Meeting Mr Walhouse.


Sunday 30th June 1816

At home.


Monday 1st July 1816

At home, very ill. Dr Darwin sent for.


Tuesday 2nd July 1816

The like, In the evening Dr Darwin arrived.


Wednesday 3rd July 1816

Dr Darwin.


Thursday 4th July 1816



Friday 5th July – Friday 12th July

Miserable days and nights from illness


Saturday 13th July 1816

Mr Skerrett came.


Sunday 14th July 1816

Mr Wood dined.


Monday 15th July 1816



Tuesday 16th July 1816

At Stone attending Select Committee. Mr Sparrow, Mr Webb and self. Mr Skerrett left Linley Wood.


Wednesday 17th July 1816

At Cliffe Ville to see Mr Tomlinson. Burslem Titles. From thence return to Burslem.


Thursday 18th July – Saturday 3rd August 1816

Miserable illness


Sunday 4th August 1816

Mr Bent and Mr William Kinnersley dined.


Monday 5th August 1816

This day my health began a little to improve. Some change taking place.


Tuesday 6th August – Monday 12th August 1816

Newcastle Races this week, but not well enough to attend.


Tuesday 13th August 1816

At Stone.  Select Committee Meeting, Mr Sparrow, Webb, Lister and self. Mr Salt. Finished hay harvest.


Wednesday 14th August 1816

At home.


Thursday 15th August 1816

At Burslem. Mr Thomas Wedgwood with Deeds which Mr Wood had brought yesterday for my perusal previous to Mr Wedgwood executing the same; when it was finally settled that Mr Wedgwood should refer Mr Walthall who had prepared such Deed to me. Heavy rain on my return.


Friday 16th August 1816

At home. Transplanting garden and Turnips into low Orchard.


Saturday 17th August 1816

At home. The like. 17th to 23rd; Unwell but health gradually improving.


Sunday 18th August 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 19th August 1816

At home.


Tuesday 20th August 1816

At home.


Wednesday 21st August 1816

At home.


Thursday 22nd August 1816

At home. Rode the grey horse.


Friday 23rd August 1816

Rode out again with Eliza. Health gradually improving. Possessing intent and genius, a character with much industry and application, but so self confident, as neither to be checked by opinion, regulated by judgment, nor influenced by a regard to his own interest, liable therefore to be continually imposed upon and failing in the great and rational object of commercial pursuit.


Saturday 24th August 1816

At home.


Sunday 25th August 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 26th August 1816

At home. Mr Leigh of Consall and Mr George Clifford relative to [Manchester?] North Staffordshire Rail Road and their wish to agree with the Great Eastern Company for permission to carry the same over some of the land bridges near the new station.


Tuesday 27th August 1816

At Newcastle calling on Mr Wallham[?] relative to the Assessment[?] to be agreed by Mr Wedgwoods Deed of [Burslem, burden?]


Wednesday 28th August 1816

At Newcastle where Mr Wedgwood executed the Deed. Emma also rode with me.


Thursday 29th August 1816

At Wolseley Bridge attending Select Committee. In my way called on Mr Samuel [Leelan?] at Newcastle. Took Mr J Sparrow in the carriage.


Friday 30th August 1816

Returned home late to dinner.


Saturday 31st August 1816

At home. Service. Mr Sparrow, L. Wilson and Wilson and Bent dined. 


Sunday 1st September 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 2nd September 1816

At Newcastle. Poors Legacy duties. Newly created  at Brown Bank &c &c.


Tuesday 3rd September 1816

At home. Mr Wedgwood and Charlotte dined and stayed all night.


Wednesday 4th September 1816

Rode on horses about.


Thursday 5th September 1816

At home.


Friday 6th September 1816

At Burslem.


Saturday 7th September 1816

At home. In the evening Mr Richard Poor and his son arrived.


Sunday 8th September 1816

At home. Read the whole Service for the first time since my illness.


Monday 9th September 1816

At home. Engaged on accounts with Mr Richard Poor and the Estate of the late Mr Richard[?] Jackson.


Tuesday 10th September 1816

At Newcastle. Getting [Rev.?] and money for Mr Poor. Afterwards met Mr W. Kinnersley, Mr Hipils[?] and Mr Bent looking at the Turnpike House in part erected at Cronn Bank, when it was agreed that it should be removed to the situation opposite to the house occupied by John Turrock[?]. Afterwards viewed with Mr W. Kinnersley intended situation for the Lodge at the approach to Clough Hall and so recommended keeping it near to Talk on the Hill and clearing away the plantation lately made in order to afford a view of the Hill and rising grounds behind.


Wednesday 11th September 1816

At Burslem, meeting Mr Tomlinson, arranging and settling with him the Description of the Lands &c at Burslem intended to be included in the Time[?]. Delivered to Mr Thomas Wedgwood Assessment of a Term of 500 years which had been executed by his brother.


Thursday 12th September 1816

At home. Enoch Wood, Mary, Eliza and Mrs Wilson with Joseph Wood dined. The former all night. Conversation with Enoch Wood relative to arrangements at Burslem on his taking a part in the direction and management of it. Stamford returned from Chester.


Friday 13th September 1816

At home.


Saturday 14th September 1816

At Burslem.


Sunday 15th September 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 16th September 1816

At home. Various matters previous to attending Meeting of the Select Committee tomorrow at Stone.


Tuesday 17th September 1816

At Stone. Took J.S. in the carriage. Mr Clifford and Mr Leigh relative to North Stafford Railway. Presented their Memorial and got the same considered and discussed. Procured and alteration in what was proposed to be done relative to the Locks at Hazlehurst viz repairing the old ones instead of building entire new Locks and altering the course of the Canal. By this I conceive a saving of not less than 3 or 4,000 will be made. Much important business. Mr Sparrow, Lister, Webb and self.


Wednesday 18th September 1816

Select Committee. Returned to Linley Wood. Elizabeth, Emma and Stamford and I dined at Rode Hall. J. Edward Ashcroft[Antrobas?] Mr and Mrs and Miss Ford and Mrs Antrobas[?].


Thursday 19th September 1816

At home. Farm. Letters &c.


Friday 20th September 1816



Saturday 21st September 1816

At Newcastle. Attending on Mr and Mrs Sparrow. Navigation business, Disclaimer[?] of Grounds on the Canal.


Sunday 22nd September 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 23rd September 1816

At Stone attending meeting of General Committee. Further communication with Mr Clifford and Mr Leigh relative to the North Stafford Railway and using my endeavours to put the same on the train of amicable adjustment.

Lord Granville in the Chair.



Tuesday 24th September 1816

At home attending General Assembly. Mr Lister and Mr Chetwynd chosen on the Select Committee. Returned in the evening bringing Mr Thomas Sparrow who had accompanied me to Stone, back.


Wednesday 25th September 1816

At home. Various matters previous to my going with Eliza tomorrow to Coole.


Thursday 26th September 1816

Just as I was setting off to Coole Mr Penlington arrived with intelligence of his father being arrested at the [hest hit?] of the C & W who are Executors of the late Mr Bate for the principal and interest owed on Mortgage of the Bostock House and other Estates. Recommended it to him to desire Mr Darlington to see Messrs Edleston and Elwood, the Attorneys concerned in their own cruel and almost unprecedented proceeding and afterwards wrote a note from a late  public house to Mrs Penlington saying that I would myself go to Nantwich the next day to endeavour to settle the business; thinking that this assurance would help alleviate the stress that they were under.

Arrived at Coole to dinner.


Friday 27th September 1816

At Nantwich on the above business. Met [‘Mr Darlington’ crossed out] C Mare and Mr Rd Edlaston on the road with whom a pretty sharp discussion of the business, which ended in their consenting to take a Conveyance to Trustees in Trust to all. Afterwards at Nantwich, met Mr Darlington and Mr Penlington. Saw Mr Elwood and fixed to go to Nantwich again the next day in order finally to settle the business.


Saturday 28th September 1816

At Nantwich again. Suggested doubts of the Legality of the Arrest, which question was agreed to be left to Counsel and that the costs of the Action and expenses should abade[?] the result. Perused and settled Deed of Trust with Mr Rd Edlaston.

At the Bank examining Deeds which had been deposited there as a Security for Money and advanced to Messrs Mare[?] Much trouble, anxiety and vexation during many hours at Nantwich but finally arranged that Mr Penlington should be released on execution of the Deed. Returned to Coole late to dinner.


Sunday 29th September 1816

At Coole. Very wet day which confined us almost entirely to the House.


Monday 30th September 1816

Returned home to dinner. Brought 2 brace of Carp that turned into a small stew in the Garden at the Farm. Found Sally Wedgwood at Linley Wood. In the evening read out Shakespeare, Richard 2nd &c.


Tuesday 1st October 1816

At home having sent a note to the Mayor of Newcastle excusing my not waiting upon him at dinner owing to my not being well. Read out Shakespeare in the evening.


Wednesday 2nd October 1816

At home. Engaged on the farm and various matters. In the morning long letter from Mr Wood relative to the opposition at Burslem to the removal of part of the market. Called at Snape and invited Mr Lawton to dine tomorrow.


Thursday 3rd October 1816

Stamford returned from Coole. Farm &c &c.


Friday 4th October 1816

At home. Mrs Wedgwood, Mr Barker of Birmingham, Mr Jn Lawton and Wm Penlington dined.


Saturday 5th October 1816

At home. Various matters. Drawing up Swedish Turnips though the ground very deep and wet. Observe the result.


Sunday 6th October 1816

At Newcastle attending the Major Samuel Bagshaw Esq to Church and afterwards dined with him. Mrs Wedgwood returned to Etruria. Carriage driven by William.


Monday 7th October 1816

At home. Cutting Oats in the ground adjoining the farm. Having just made a beginning on Friday last but stopped by the weather, the wetness and inclemency of which have been most remarkable.


Tuesday 8th October 1816

At home. Various matters.


Wednesday 9th October 1816

At home.


Thursday 10th October 1816

At home. Begin cutting Wheat.


Friday 11th October 1816

At home. Busy cutting Wheat. In the morning Stamford returned from [Loxly?] and Derby.


Saturday 12th October 1816

At home. Harvest &c.


Sunday 13th October 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 14th October 1816

At home. Jos Wedgwood dined. Harvest.


Tuesday 15th October 1816

At home. Finished cutting Wheat.


Wednesday 16th October 1816

At Burslem calling on Mr and Mrs Ward on occasion of the marriage of their daughter. Eliza, self and Emma.

Thursday 17th October 1816

At Newcastle. Legacy Duties. Brewery &c. In the night rain again.


Friday 18th October 1816

At home. Various matters.


Saturday 19th October 1816

At home.


Sunday 20th October 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 21st October 1816

At home.


Tuesday 22nd October 1816

At Newcastle attending the Sessions of desire of the Magistrates, their being Divisions today. Afterwards dined with them at the Roebuck.


Wednesday 23rd October 1816

At Newcastle again, sundry matters. Carried a few Oats. [Eliza finished .. ‘ crossed out] Eliza first announced to me the affair between Eliza and W.W.R.

X   X   X   X    X              X                X              X

X         X                   X                   X           X           [fixing pen?]


Thursday 24th October 1816

At home.


Friday 25th October 1816

At home.


Saturday 26th October 1816

At home. Mr Penlington on their affairs. Mr Salmon being desirous to have a further Sale. Mentioned to him a letter I had received from Mr Mare an desired to see the correspondence that had taken place when the money promised by the late Mr Bate.


Sunday 27th October 1816

At home. Service. Mr Penlington in the afternoon.


Monday 28th October 1816

At home. Carried Wheat which was finished this day.


Tuesday 29th October 1816

At home.


Wednesday 30th October 1816

Finished carrying Oats except a small parcel in Gilberts Meadow. Mr and Mrs Sneyd of Ashcombe, Dr and Mrs Northen, Mr and Mrs Wm Bent dined. Used the new Drawing Room for the first time.


Thursday 31st October 1816

Mr and Mrs Jos Wedgwood, Jos, Elizabeth and Charlotte dined.


Friday 1st November 1816

The Sneyds left Linley Wood. In the evening Family at Newcastle Assembly [most of night?] Mr Fras Nanes and Jos Wedgwood called.


Saturday 2nd November 1816

At Newcastle relative to Smith and Bower [Brown?] Alsager Tenants and directing letters to be written to them by Mr Sparrow.


Sunday 3rd November 1816

At home.


Monday 4th November 1816

At Cliffe Ville with Draft of Deed to declare the usage of the Fine intended to be levied of Burslem property and finally settling the same with Mr Tomlinson as to [Drawer?] &c. Sent a letter to Mr W. Roscoe with my sentiments on the affair.

Tuesday 5th November 1816

At home.


Wednesday 6th November 1816

At home.


Thursday 7th November 1816

Prevented from attending the Agricultural Meeting at Newcastle by a heavy fall of snow which lay a considerable depth on the ground and presented a singular appearance in this part of the country of Oats that had been cut but not carried, lying around with snow. In the evening frost.


Friday 8th November 1816

Severe frost. The Apples and Pear that remained ungathered were frozen quite hard and then partly covered with snow and ice. In the afternoon the gardener gathered some Aston John pears and some Apples which were put into cold water by way of experiment to prevent their suffering from the frost. Engaged in the morning letter writing particularly to Mr M Mare on Penlington’s business &c. Thomas Moone offered himself as Coachman and favour liking his appearance I wish by him and Mr Adrie of [Limlage?] his present master for his character.


Saturday 9th November 1816

At home. Various matters.


Sunday 10th November 1816

At home. Heavy snow and frost. Mr Speakman called relative to the Lington Gattes business.


Monday 11th November 1816

At home. Snow lying deep on the ground. J.[Dockay?] and considering for him in case of arrears of Taxes and power of [distchionary?]

“On our enquiries into Nature, the methods of Analysis and Synthesis, should be both employed in a proper order; that we should begin with phenomena, or affects and from them investigate the powers or causes that operate in nature; that, from particular causes, we should proceed to the more general ones, till the argument end in the most general; thesis the method of analysis; being once possest of the causes, we should then discern in a contrary order, and from them, as established principles, explain all the phenomena that are their consequences, and prove our explanation and this is Synthesis.”

Maclean’s Act of Sir J Newton’s Phil, Disc p.9.


“By proceeding according to this method, he demonstrated from observations, analytically, that gravity is a general principle; from which he afterwards explained the system of the World. By analysis he discovered new and wonderful principles of light and from these accounted for many curious phenomena in a synthetic way.”



“That pride and ambition, which has let philosophers to think it lies with them to offer anything less to the world than a complete and finished system of nature, and, in order to obtain this at once, to take the liberty of inventing certain principles and hypothesis from which they pretend to explain all her mysteries.”



In desire of laying the foundation of a favourite system, or a fond expectation, perhaps, that we may be able to penetrate the secrets of nature to the very source of existence, have led to many pointless injuries and given rise to many wild suppositions.

Ferguson Cov. Sec. p3 when speaking of the state of nature.


Mr Jos Wedgwood Junior and Mr [Fred?] Nares dined.


Tuesday 12th November 1816

At home.


Wednesday 13th November 1816

At Newcastle. Giving instructions to Mr Sparrow from proceedings against William Bourne for Rent.


Thursday 14th November 1816

At home.


Friday 15th November 1816

At the Dispensary attending Annual General Meeting of the Governors of the North Staffordshire Infirmary. In the Chair. Returned with Mr Bent to  Stoney Fields where I had left Eliza and afterwards closely engaged on annual settlements of accounts till late.


Saturday 16th November 1816

At Longport and from thence to Lowchapel attending the Funeral of my very old and highly respected friend Mr Honstable. He was aged 82.

Mr Wood.                       Davenport

Mr Tomlinson                Sparrow

Caldwell                         Child

 Wm Kinnersly Spode

Rowling of Overlow

Jos. Bradley

  1. Sparrow

Spr Rogers.

Returned to Stoney fields and completed annual Settlement. Severe frost.


Sunday 17th November 1816

Returned home to dinner. Found Thomas Grove who had come to this place as Coachman and Groom on Friday last. Service. Change of weather, rain.


Monday 18th November 1816

At home. Michael Ashmore and Mr Beardmore relative to the former taking the Alsager farm now in the holding of Jas Smith, and for which we agreed. Afterwards engaged writing letters to Mr Tomlinson and Mr Blake pursuant to a Resolution of the Infirmary Meeting. Men engaged getting up Potatoes. Extraordinary instance of the lateness and inclemency of the season. The greater part of the last week the ground being covered with snow, and occasionally severe frost


Tuesday 19th November 1816

At home. Sale at Hill farm, Beardmore &c.


Wednesday 20th November 1816

At home.


Thursday 21st November 1816

At Betley Hall. Elizabeth, Eliza and self.


Friday 22nd November 1816

Walked with Mr Tollett all morning viewing his farm and various agricultural improvements. [Prounded?] upon to stay the day, as indeed we had been expected to do. Walked again with Mr Tollet making the entire tour of his farm. Much gratified with what I saw. The arrangements appear tome to be most excellent, well adapted in all its parts and possessing a  perfectness on the whole, which it is in any case most satisfactory to see..


Saturday 23rd November 1816

Called on Lady Fletcher and Mrs Hardings afterwards Returned home to dinner. Hard frost. In my absence the Oats in Gilberts Meadow had been carried.


Sunday 24th November 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 25th November 1816

The birthday of my more than ever dear and beloved wife, who completed the 62nd year of her age.[words rubbed out]

“those nameless charms that kind the soul.”

Not one of these is of Time’s say afraid

Nor for his cankered malice careth ought

The magic lestens by their cunning wrought

And I - - their badding will obey

To any where these antics all must hope for your slay” [very difficult to read]


At home, Mr Stevens who dined. Charlotte Wedgwood dined.


Tuesday 26th November 1816

At home.


Wednesday 27th November 1816

Called at Lowfields. Saw Mrs Blake from thence to Burslem. Longport, calling upon Mrs Williamson. To Low-  from whence took Mr Bent in the carriage which had met me there to Trentham. Dining with Mr Butt, Mr Whalley, Mr Bent,  Blunt, P Walthall, Jos Wedgwood junior, Dr Belcombe and self. Returned in the evening.


Thursday 28th November 1816

At home. Various matters.


Friday 29th November 1816

At home.


Saturday 30th November 1816

At home.


Sunday 1st December 1816

Service. Mr Wood, Enoch and Edward dined and stayed all night.


Monday 2nd December 1816

At home.


Tuesday 3rd December 1816

At Stone attending Meeting of Select Committee. Sparrow, Lister, Chetwynd, Webb and self. Much business. Took Mr Thomas Sparrow in the carriage with me.


Wednesday 4th December 1816

At Stone. Returned home late to dinner.


Thursday 5th December 1816

At home. Mr and Mrs Lawrence of Birmingham with whom engaged. In the morning at Newcastle, finally arranging Infirmary Report but prevented dining at Mr Bents with Williamson and Mr Butt.


Friday 6th December 1816

Engaged with Mr Lawrence. Walked over Linley Wood farm &c. And much agreeable conversation with Mr L. Got early Potatoes for dinner from the back of the Enclosure. And prevented dining at Mr Plant’s, Newcastle by our friends being here.


Saturday 7th December 1816

The Lawrences prevented leaving us as they had intended owing to Mrs Lawrence being much indisposed. Much walking and conversation again with Mr L. He repeated to me again the circumstance of MacIntosh having undertaken to write for [Convert?] of the Birmingham Riots and having received the money (I think he said £300) but that he neither wrote the Book, nor refunded the money.


Sunday 8th December 1816

Mrs Lawrence being better, they left us. Sent them in the carriage to Newcastle. Service. In the evening Stamford arrived. Indisposed in the evening with a Cold.


Monday 9th December 1816

Mr Skerrett, Ann and Bessy arrived from Nantwich. Much indisposed.


Tuesday 10th December 1816

At home. Engaged with Mr Skerrett owing to which I had declined dining today at Mr Nichissons [Aichessons?] of Newcastle.


Wednesday 11th December 1816

At home. Unwell.


Thursday 12th December 1816

At home. Unwell. Engaged with Navigation papers, Mr Skerrett &c. In the evening Edward Crompton arrived.


Friday 13th December 1816

At home. Still unwell. Heavy fall of snow. Navigation papers. Mr Skerrett &c.


Saturday 14th December 1816

At home. Mr Skerrett &c.


Sunday 15th December 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 16th December 1816

At home. Mr Skerrett prevented going to Liverpool by being unwell and the inclemency of the weather. Mr Clifford relative to the North Staffordshire Rail Road and the supply of Limestone from Caldon Lane and with whom a long conversation on the subject.


Tuesday 17th December 1816

In the morning Mr Skerrett left us. Letter writing. Afterwards engaged with men draining in the meadow.


Wednesday 18th December 1816

At home. Letter writing. Draining. Mr Butt came to dinner. Long letter to Mr Sparrow of Bishton relative carriage upon the canal, Caldon Limestone &c. In the evening Musick.


Thursday 19th December 1816

At home. Mr Butt. Engaged on the farm. Fine mild frost.


Friday 20th December 1816

At home. In the morning Mr Butt left us. Mr Bent on various matters. Began setting out compost on the lower part of the land purchased from Mr Lawton. Elizabeth, Ann and Bessy with Stamford and Edward Crompton went to Etruria. Miss Tollets called. Fine frosty day.


Saturday 21st December 1816

At Newcastle attending Meeting for Relief of the Poor to which subscribed. Saw Mr Spode who promised to write to Mr Lister relative to the Meeting at Wolseley Bridge for considering the Acknowledgment to be made to the [Sale?] Committee.


Sunday 22nd December 1816

At home. Service. In the afternoon Mr Tollet and Mr Wickstead called.


Monday 23rd December 1816

At home. Farm. Frost left us. Writing to Mr Clifford in consequence of letter from Mr Sparrow of Bishton.


Tuesday 24th December 1816

At Burslem calling upon Mr and Mrs Hostage. Went with Mr Wood to look at the Boa Constrictor, then shewn at Burslem. This is about 12 feet long. The colouring a sort of green and pale yellow, in a kind of chain marks darker on the back, which with the sides gave me an idea of some resemblance to a pike. It is quite inoffensive, but the man said showed no marks of Sagacity. He had had it about 18 months, in the course of which it had grown about a foot. It eats only once a month, which is after casting to [strathrough] a live rabbit is then given to it, which it takes in the manner described in the Accounts of this Animal. It drinks about half a pint of water every day; and was kept in a trunk covered with [Hammels?] set over –a cistern of boiling water.


Wednesday 25th December 1816

Christmas Day. In the morning Mr Skerrett came again.


Thursday 26th December 1816

At home. Mr and Mrs Hostage and Edna Wood dined. In the morning Wm Penlington on their affairs, and with Mr Matthews[?] plan of the proposed division of the House at Rode Heath.


Friday 27th December 1816

Mr and Mrs Hostage and Edna Wood and afterwards Mr Skerrett  with Ann and Bessy left Linley Wood. Found Mr Hostage a sensible, agreeable, well informed man of business and with whom we were all much pleased. He estimated the people of Leek and Potts’s Concern at Chester, at £2,000 a year each, or £6,000 a year on the whole.


Saturday 28th December 1816

At home. Farm &c, and various papers. Wrote to Mr [Balging, Belgeny?] with Draft of [Settlement, Confinement?] and [covenant?] to bring a[outlining, fine?] of the property at Derby late Harrisons, which he had sent for my perusal. Perused papers which Mr Wood had sent me containing and Account of the Potteries which he had drawn up at the request of Mr Smith, Bookseller, to be inserted in the ‘History of Staffordshire’ about to be published.


Sunday 29th December 1816

At home. Service.


Monday 30th December 1816

At home. Edward Crompton set off to Birmingham on a [bunt?] to Mr Lawrences. Engaged on Navigation and other papers. Severe day, wind and snow.


Tuesday 31st December 1816

At home. Stamford and the girls set off to Ashcombe. Engaged at Navigation Papers. Afterwards on the farm. Wrote to Mr Skerrett inclosing Bill, balance of his Account.




Wednesday 1st January 1817

At home. Engaged on various papers.


Thursday 2nd January 1817

At home. Engaged with men in the meadow superintending leveling &c. Stamford and the girls returned from Ashcombe to dinner.


Friday 3rd January 1817

Wm Penlington on their affairs and proposed division and arrangement of lands  &c with Mr Salmon. Various other papers. Afterwards with men in the meadow. In the evening Elizabeth, Eliza, Stamford and Miss Stamfordat Newcastle Assembly at which Stamford was one of the managers. Note received in the morning from Lord and Lady Stafford inviting us to dine and stay at night on Monday next.


Saturday 4th January 1817

At home. Various matters.


Sunday 5th January 1817

At home. Service.


Monday 6th January 1817

Elizabeth, Eliza, Stamford and I dined at Trentham. Party consisted of Lord and Lady Stafford, Lord Francis and Lady Elizabeth, Lord and Lady Surrey, Reverent Mr Richards and Mrs Richards, Mr Henry Wrothersley, Sir John Heathcote, Miss J Gresley and Miss Car. Heathcote. A very agreeable day, receiving the most marked civility and attention from the family. In the evening went to Stone, though much urged to stay at Trentham.


Tuesday 7th January 1817

Went from Stone with Mr Vaughan and Mr Thomas Sparrow to Wolseley Bridge. Engaged all day closely on Select Committee. Mr Sparrow, Chetwynd, Lister, Webb and self. Mr Williams and Mr Spode also attended.


Wednesday 8th January 1817

Engaged again the greatest part of the day. Came to Stone to dinner and got home in the evening.


Thursday 9th January 1817

Very unwell with much fever, and an attach of my old complaint on the Spirits.


Friday 10th January 1817

Mr H. Tomkinson, Mr Wickstead, Miss Tollet, Mr Ward, Jos Wedgwood with Elizabeth and Charlotte came to Linley Wood; but so unwell that I could not join the party.


Saturday 11th January 1817

Still very unwell.


Sunday 12th January 1817

Mr H Tomkinson [or Tomlinson?], Mr Wickstead and Mr Wall and the Wedgwoods left Linley Wood in the morning. Still very unwell.


Monday 13th January 1817

At home. Stamford and the girls went to Betley Hall. Unwell.


Tuesday 14th January 1817

At home. Unwell. Dr Crompton with Henry and Charles came to dinner.


Wednesday 15th January 1817

At home. Engaged with the Doctor, but very unwell. Snow.


Thursday 16th January 1817

The like. Received a letter from Mr Wood with an account of the miserable affair of Mr Blake. Received in the evening from Derby, Deed and declare the basis of the [Frine, Fine?], in Harrison’s affairs. Still very unwell.


Friday 17th January 1817

At home. Perusing and examining Deed to Declare the Uses of [Frine, Fine?]. Dr and Henry Crompton went in the carriage to dinner at Stoney fields. Delivered to the Doctor the Bill of Costs in the Cause of Crompton [f and?] against Manderville in Chancery which he had sent to me some time ago but with which I conceive that I have nothing to do.


Saturday 18th January 1817

At home. Remarkably fine day. Receiving Rents of sundry Alsager Tenants; but neither Moses Barlow nor Smith attended or sent their Rents. Unwell.


Sunday 19th January 1817

At home. Service. After dinner Charles Crompton left us.


Monday 20th January 1817

At home. Unwell.


Tuesday 21st January 1817

At home. I this day completed the 58th year of my Age. So unwell as to be prevented attending a Newcastle Session which I had been requested to and much wished to there being several prisoners. The Chairman of the General Quarter Sessions (Mr Chetwynd) having declared that he would not try at Stafford, offences committed within the Borough. In the evening Stamford returned from Stafford.


Wednesday 22nd January 1817

At home. Still very unwell. In the evening Stamford set off for London.


Thursday 23rd January 1817

At Burslem. Calling upon Mr Wood in consequence of the unfortunate Affair of Mr Blake, and miserably distressing business, and involved in much [negotiating?]. On my return found Dr Edward and Henry Crompton.


Saturday 24th January 1817

At Trentham Inn. Attending Militia Meeting for receiving Lists, and hearing Appeals. Long and fatiguing day. Mr Spode and self.


Sunday 25th January 1817

At home. Service. Unwell.


Monday 26th January 1817

At Newcastle paying sundry tradesmen’s Bills. Calling upon Mr Bent who had been much indisposed. Sparrow &c &c. Returned to dinner. The Doctor had gone to day to his Estate called Ravensclough but came back to dinner.


Tuesday 27th January 1817

At home. Engaged with Accounts; afterwards in the grounds. At noon the Doctor and Henry left us going in one of the Coaches, but leaving Edward at Linley Wood.


Wednesday 28th January 187

Engaged on various matters. Farm &c. Rode out on Horseback being still very unwell. Received a message from Dr Darwin disapproving of the use of Laudanum which by the recommendation of Dr Crompton I had been induced to try; and from which in some respects I seemed to have derived benefit, though this is a Medicine to which I have much objection.


Thursday 30th January 1817

At home. Rode on horseback. Engaged on various matters.


Friday 31st January 1817

At Newcastle relative to Duties on the Legacies and Annuities under the Will of Mr Rd Jackson. Attending the Mayor at the Public Office on various matters. Returned home to dinner. In the evening family at Newcastle Assembly. Edward Crompton left us.


Saturday 1st February 1817

At home. Various matters. Mr and Mrs Ward, Mrs Wilson and her daughter came to dinner.


Sunday 2nd February 1817

At home. Service. Enoch and Edward Wood dined. In the evening Musick.


Monday 3rd February 1817

At home.


Tuesday 4th February 1817

At Trentham Inn . Appeals under Assessed Taxes. Mr Spode and self, but the later obliged to go between 2 and 5 o’clock. A great crowd of people and very fatiguing day. Returned late, found Enoch and Edward and Joseph Wood. At night, musick.


Wednesday 5th February 1817

At home. The Woods left us in the morning.


Thursday 6th February 1817

Set off with Mr Bent to Macclesfield, on Annual Settlement of Brewery Accounts and on which engaged all day. On my road called upon Mr Lockett of Congleton relative to the business with Mr Bourne, the tenant of the Hill Farm and who had begun on Tuesday last to plough the ancient pasture land called the [Hoditch?] fields. Mr Lockett said that he would send over to him immediately.


Friday 7th February 1817

Engaged at Macclesfield all day in Brewery Accounts and annual Settlement which we stated and closed. Rev Mr Anderton, the newly elected Master of the School at Newcastle dined with us.


Saturday 8th February 1817

Returned home. Called again upon Mr Lockett who delivered to me a copy of the Claims set up by Bourne, and who I found on my return going on with the ploughing. As we arrived at Linley Wood early in the forenoon Mr Bent did not stay to dinner. Unwell with a Cold attended with much fever.


Sunday 9th February 1817

At home, which prevented the usual Service.


Monday 10th February 1817

At home, very unwell. Mrs Wedgwood and her three daughters came to dinner. Mr Wedgwood prevented coming by being obliged to go to London.


Tuesday 11th February 1817

At Newcastle with Elizabeth and Miss Stamfordacknowledging [Fine?] of Property at Derby late Harrisons. Returned to dinner.


Wednesday 12th February 1817

At home. Various matters. Still very unwell.


Thursday 13th February 1817

At home, very unwell. Smith the Tenant from Alsager paying his Rent. Beardmore on sundry matters.


Friday 14th February 1817

At home. Unwell.


Saturday 15th February 1817

At Talk on the Hill meeting. Mr Lockett of Congleton relative to Bourne’s business. From thence went to Mr Edwards with Wm Beardmore, who confirmed what he had before stated that Agreement was for 7 years at30/per Acre for the first 3 years and 35/per Acre for the last 4 and that Bourne agreed to give up the possession of the Estate at Lady Day. Banky Swallow Moor being given up in part of the Agreement in [Inglant?].


Sunday 16th February 1817

At home. Service.


Monday 17th February 1817

At Burslem meeting Mr Vernon of Stone relative to the payment of the purchase monies for Linley Lane Meadow and the Foxholes Timber, when the 25 March fixed for the latter, and some time in April for the former.


Tuesday 18th February 1817

At home. Various matters. Enoch and Joseph Wood came to dinner and stayed all night. In the evening Musick.


Wednesday 19th February 1817

Mr Tremlow of Betley Court called. Rode out with Mrs Wedgwood. Remarkably fine sunny day.


Thursday 20th February 1817

At home. Unwell. In the evening Elizabeth and Emma with two Miss Wedgwoods at Newcastle Charity Ball.


Friday 21st February 1817

At home. Lady Stafford and Lady Elizabeth Gower called. Farm &c.


Saturday 22nd February 1817

At home. Mr Skerrett came to dinner. John Bent also had arrived in the morning and stayed all night.


Sunday 23rd February 1817

At home. Service. Enoch and Edward Wood dined and stayed all night. In the evening Musick. John Bent left us after breakfast.


Monday 24th February 1817

At Burslem with Elizabeth acknowledging Fine of Burslem Estate and property. Commission Mr Tomlinson and Mr Preston. Met Mr Marton of Moor Hall, and advanced him by Order on Kinnersley 211.10 being his share of the purchase money of the timber growing on Foxholes Estate, and for which I took his note till the Title was completed. Conversation with Mr Wood relative to the Colliery business with Mr John Wedgwood, and Settlement of which I strenuously urged. From Burslem to Stoney fields upon Mr Bent, in consequence of an accident by a crack of his leg by his horse. Much conversation relative to the supply of water at the Liverpool Brewery and letting the same to the Corporation. Returned to dinner.


Tuesday 25th February 1817

At home. Mr Skerrett left us after breakfast. Engaged on farm and various  matters.


Wednesday 26th February 1817

At home. Wm Penlington on their affairs, particularly a Division with Mr Salmon, and sale of Moiety of House &c. [Ass Rode?]. Mrs Wedgwood with two of her daughters left us and Mr W did not return yesterday from the sale at Basford.


Thursday 27th February 1817

In the night violent storm of wind, which broke several panes of glass and two trees in the wood at the end of the Terrace. One being large, snapped off in the middle.

“For a long period of years, since the French Revolution, a malignant spirit had existed; which took advantage of all Calamities, and even of the Dispensation of Divine Providence to excite discontent and insurrection. During the War it was busied in representing the defeats of the Enemies as Victories, and the splendid achievements of our own armies as defeats. Since the peace a great degree of distress had been felt; from that it took advantage of the distress of the Country and endeavoured to combine the physical force against the existing establishments. It represented the distress not as arising from the misconduct of the Ministers of the day, but from the defeats of the Constitution. Instead of saying the wrong effort was made for their relief, it applied itself to avert and dissatisfy the minds of the People; and instead of [inculeating?] upon them that nothing could be done by Acts of violence, it endeavoured to enlist them in the cause of Revolution.” Lord Sidmouth’s Speech on 2nd [Reading?] of Habeas Corpus Suspension Bill. Star, Feby 1817


Friday 28th February 1817

At home. Farm and various matters. Letters &c.


Saturday 1st March 1817

At home. Various matters.


Sunday 2nd March 1817

At home. Service.


Monday 3rd March 1817

At Newcastle meeting the Potters from Tunstall relative to the proposed Wharf and sundry alterations in the Agreement with the Navigation Company, Brewery &c. Returned to dinner. Storm of rain and wind. In the morning Elizabeth and Miss Stamfordset off with Eliza taking her to [Uttoxeter?] on her way to Derby.


Tuesday 4th March 1817

At Stone attending meeting of the Select Committee. Mr Sparrow, Lister, Chetwynd, Webb and self. Took Mr Thomas Sparrow in the carriage. Returned at night.


Wednesday 5th March 1817

At Trentham Inn attending Ballot for Militia. Mr Spode and self. Rode on horseback. Returned to dinner. On my way to Trentham saw Mr Blunt who informed me of Lord Stafford’s donation of 50 to the Newcastle Permanent Book Society. In the evening letter from Stamford to his mother (which by some accident had failed being delivered last night) informing her of the publication of his Book, and that owing to his having been let so long in London on account of it, he should proceed direct to Worcester Assizes.


Thursday 6th March 1817

At home. In the morning Mr and Miss Tollet called. Mr and Mrs Wedgwood, Mrs Jos Wedgwood, Charlotte, Jos and Tom dined and staid all night.


Friday 7th March 1817

Wm Penlington on their affairs, particularly relative to the sale of their Moiety of the House &c at Rode Heath. The Wedgwoods left us after breakfast. Engaged on farm, particularly leveling in the Meadow. Miss Sarah Wedgwood called.


Saturday 8th March 1817

At home. Various matters.


Sunday 9th March 1817

At home. Service.


Monday, 10th March 1817

At home. Farm and sundry matters. In the evening received a letter from Mr Thomas Sparrow informing me that the Corporation were desirous to send an Address the Prince, and requesting that I would prepare such Address.




Page 128, March 1817.


Tuesday 11: At Trentham Inn attending meeting of Commrs. of Taxes for appointment of an Assistant Clerk in the room of the late Mr Harding, when Mr Snape was unanimously appointed. Also hearing Militia Appeals. Sr. John Heathcote, Mr Tollet, Spode & self. In my way called on Mr Sparrow and fixed the Meeting of the Corpor. in the subject for Thursday next. Busy and fatiguing Day. Left a copy of an Address which I had drawn up with Mr. Sparrow to be shown to the Mayor.


Wednesday 12: At Newcastle calling upon Mr. Bent who had returned from Shrewsbury & Liverpool very unwell. Also called at the Mayors, but he was from home: but understood from Mr. Sparrow that he fully approved of the Addresses drawn up. Returned to dinner.


Thursday 13: At Newcastle. Called upon the Mayor with Mr Sparrow and strongly recommended that the address should be open for the signature of such of the Burgesses and inhabitants as might be desirous to join therein; and which was finally approved. Attending meeting at the Town Hall which was fully attended by the Corporation. Moved the Address which was unanimously approved a speech of some length. Desired to transmit the Address to Lord Sidmouth with a request that His Lordship wd. be pleased to present the same. Returned home. Wrote Letter to Lord Sidmouth to accompany the Address.


Friday 14: At Six o Clock in the morning set off to Stafford Assizes. Took Mr Thomas Sparrow from Newcastle. Served upon the Grand Jury. Extraordinary number of prisoners. 115 being in the Calendar. Close attention to the business. Dined afterwards with the Judges. Went to the Sheriffs. Subpoenaed on another Special Jury Cause, Slept at my old lodgings at the Hotel .


Saturday 15: In the Grand Jury Room at eight the hour to which it had been adjourned. Closely confined all day. Dined late at night at the Sherriffs. Mr Spode & I together by his desire the Sherriff going to hear Mr Dannsey speak. Afterwards joined by the Sherriff Mr Lovett &c & passed a pleasant Evening


Page129, March 1817.


Sunday 16: Went to Church in the Forenoon. Received a polite Message from the Sherriff to dine with him; but prevented by a prior Engagement to dine at Bishton which had also prevented my accepting an Invitation from Mr Lister on Saturday to go with him to Armitage Park & stay tilll Monday. Dined at Bishton Spode T Sparrow Edwr. Kennedy & Stamford & self. Took the two latter in the Carriage. Delightful fine day - a most hospitable Reception at Bishton & passed the time very agreably. Declined pressing invitation to stay all night and returned in the Evening, which I spent with Stamford.


Monday 17: On the Grand Jury. Called off to serve on Special Juries. Served on Gough agt. Whittington but this undefended. Then on Gough & Davies which took up considerable time. Then on the Grand Jury again. Then on Wogan agt. Somerville which took up several hours & detained us tilll late at night. Afterwards Dined with the Sherriff, Levett, . . .[Hassey?], Lister &c. at the Swan Inn. I had been subpoenaed on a Cause Wedgwood agt. Gallimore but thought it best to decline serving on this from its Connection with the other Causes between these Parties and in the event of which Mr.Wood &I might be interested.

NB Grand Jury discharged about 4 o Clock not having finished the business at that time.


Tuesday 18: Breakfasted with Mr Lister at the Hotel and much Conversation with him. Called at Colliers & Howes inspecting & examining Acts of Parliament relative to Length of Substitutions for Militia. Left Stafford at 1/2 past 12 leaving Mr Thos. Sparrow who was retained as Coroner on trial of one of the Prisoners for Murder. Stopped at Newcastle making Arrangements relative to the Address &c. and much trouble.


Wednesday 19: Wm. Penlington, who breakfasted, on their affairs. Exchange of Cottages &c with Mr Salmon &c. &c. At Newcastle again relative to the Address, when it was thought that it might be better to transmit it to the Members to be presented rather than to Lord Sidmouth.  . . .[sorting?] Resolutions &c for Mr Smith the Prince & family arranging this part of the business with him. Much time & trouble. Called at Stoneyfields & returned to dinner.


Page 130, March 1817.


Thursday 20: At home. In the House all day very unwell. Writing Letters to Sir John Chetwode & Sir John Boughey the former to be sent with the Address, the latter to . . .[adjudicate?]


Friday 21: At Trentham. attending Militia Appeals. Mr Spode & Self. Being unwell went in the Carriage. On my return called upon Mr Sparrow relative to the Address & fixed to go again to Newcastle in the morning finally to arrange & compleat this business.


Saturday 22: At Newcastle. Delivered to Mr Sparrow the letters to Sir John Chetwode & Sir John Boughey to be sent by tomorrow mornings mail. Called at the Mayors but he was not at home. Returned to dinner. In the evening Stamford arrived.


Sunday 23: At home. Service. Unwell with a Violent Cold.


Monday 24: At home. business matters. Very unwell.


Tuesday 25: At Newcastle, giving the instructions to Mr Swinnerton at Mr Sparrows Office relative to the business with Wm Bourne & other matters. Saw Sir John Heathcole & Mr Bent & arranged with them for the journey to Shrewsbury. Returned to dinner.


Wednesday 26: At Burslem with Elizabeth & Mrs Stamford; but Mrs Wood not at home. Much impressed with the melancholy appearance of poor Mrs Blake, who seemed the image of misery and grief. Returned to dinner. Considering letter to be written to Mr Marsh in reply to the one lately received from him.


Thursday 27: In the morning engaged writing letter to Mr Marsh. Afterwards with Men in the Meadow. levelling &c. &c. It was well & politely said by Lord Castlereagh at the late Meeting on St Patrick Day when a number of Irish opportunists unfortunates, . . .[Carron?] &c" That the honest contention of public Men was the but guarantee of the Public . . .[Liberty?] and Welfare.


Friday 28: [no entry recorded]


Saturday 29: At Newcastle, relative to the Address. Bournes Business &c. Tom & Jos. Wedgwood dined.


Sunday 30: At home. Service.


Monday 31: At Newcastle on Brewery business. Address &c Ledward & Beardmore at Mr Sparrow when the Evidence of the former taken.


Page 131, April 1817.


Tuesday 1: Set off early to Wolseley Bridge to attend Meeting of the Select Committee. Took Mr Tho. Sparrow in the Carriage to Stone. From thence in a Postchaise with him & brougham. Attended Meeting. Mr Sparrow, Chetwynd, Lister, Webb & Self. Long day.


Wednesday 2: From Wolseley Bridge to Shrewsbury to meet Sir John Heathcote & Mr Bent on annual Settlement of Brewery Concerns. Arrived at Shrewsbury about 1/2 past 3. Sent a note to Dr Darwin.


Thursday 3: Saw Dr Darwin who called at the Talbot. Afterwards engaged on Brewery Accounts, & closing the same. Settled and signed annual Statement.


Friday 4: Mr Bent & I Left Shrewsbury about half past eight on our return home. Sir John accompanying Miss C. Heathcote, who had gone to Shrewsbury with them on Tuesday. Arrived at Linley Wood about 3 o'clock.


Saturday 5: At home. Engaged in various matters. Farm &c. &c.


Sunday 6: Wm. Penlington on their affairs. Service.


Monday 7: Peter Walker & Booth with will & Deeds relating to property at Audley late belonging to Isaac Gibson & advising them thereon Afterwards at Newcastle. Saw the Mayor & fixed to write to Sir John Chetwode desiring him to present the address at the first Levee. At Mr Sparrows giving instructions for Guilment against . . .[Bonine?]. From thence to Etruria calling on Mr Baugh Allen.


Tuesday 8: At Trentham Inn attending Militia Ballot. Mr Spode & Self. Mr Steadman came but returned immediately. Returned to dinner. Found Ann and Emma who had just arrived from Nantwich.


Wednesday 9: At home. Mr & Mrs Jos. Wedgwood Mr Baugh Allen Mr & Mrs Twemlow dined. Turned 2 Carps & 7 Tench sent by Mr Penlington into the small Stew.


Thursday 10: Mr & Mrs Twemlow left Linley Wood at Noon. Engaged on Grounds &c.


Friday 11: Went to Nantwich to see my Sisters. Dined with Mr Skerrett. Slept at Dysart Buildings.


Saturday 12: Returned to Dinner. Found Mr Marsh. After dinner long Conversation with Mr M


Sunday 13: Engaged in the Morning stating to Mr M. the situation of my Affairs with a view to satisfy him of the validity of my Bond. &c &c. Minute of my proposed Reply to his Fathers Letter shewn him & dealing any . . .[material?] Advance.


Monday 14: At Rode Heath meeting Mr Salmon, Mr Penlington & Miss Joanna Rowley & Darlington. Looking over Estates & considering & arranging for . . .[Select?] Divisions.


page 132 [blank]


page 133 [blank]


Page 134, April 1817.


Tuesday 15: Mr Bent arrived to Breakfast. Afterwards set off with him in a Postchaise to Liverpool on annual settlement of Brewery Accounts. Arrived at Liverpool about 4 o Clock. Dined at the Brewery. Found a note from Mr Wm. Roscoe and appointed to call upon him on Thursday morning.


Wednesday 16: Engaged closely on Brewery Accounts &c. &c. which settled & signed. Affairs wearing a more favourable aspect, though in considerable Balance to loss. Mr Pilfold Mr Hamnett & Mr Denison in the Evening: but my mind much engaged with the business of tomorrow.


Thursday 17: Called upon Mr W. Roscoe at the Bank. Conversation & discussion of the Affair with my dear Eliza; & of his situation and prospects. Finally consented to his seeing her at Linley Wood; it being positively understood that this was not to be considered as any pledge of my ultimate approbation or acquiescence in the Affair. Left Liverpool about one o Clock. Proceeded to Eton, where we dined. From there calling upon . . .[Mrs Rawson?] at Wheathill; & then to Runcorn, where we had determined to stop in order that we might take a view of the place the next morning Mr Bent never having been there. Took up our Lodging at Wilsons Hotel. The House on the Hill.


Friday 18: Called upon Mr . . .[Sherkham?] the Co. Agent who accompanied us on a Survey of the Locks, Warehouses &c. &c. which are highly deserving of notice. Looked at the plan of the proposed chain Bridge over the River. The Bridge proposed by Mr Telford to be 2000 feet in length, in divisions of 500 feet & 500 feet & 1000 feet in the Centre between the Erections that are to support the Chains. The passage way to be 60 feet above high Water mark. Estimate . . .[£84000?]. If executed it will certainly be a noble & useful work. Left Runcorn about 12 o Clock to Northwich. Called at Mr Hostages but they were from home. To Sandbach. Called upon the Furnivals. To Linley Wood where we arrived to dinner. Found Edward Wood, who was on his way to Liverpool.


Page 135, April 1817.


Saturday 19: At home. Engaged on various matters.


Sunday 20: At home. Service.


Monday 21: At Burslem. Meeting Mr Wedgwood of Bignall End & Mr John Wood relative to Colliery Accounts & Concerns: and an Arrangement to be made as to the getting of Mr Wedgwoods Coals when after much discussion it was agreed to meet again on Friday 2d. of May.


Tuesday 22: Mr Bent Junr. came to breakfast. At Newcastle, attended the Sessions as Recorder there being a considerable number of Prisoners to try. Engaged on the Bench all day. Afterwards dined with the Mayor &c at the Vine, and returned late to Linley Wood.


Wednesday 23: At Newcastle again attending Sessions. Trying prisoners and passed Sentence upon some of them. Sessions adjourned to Tuesday next in order that the Cases of some of the prisoners might be further considered before sentence passed. Dined at the Mayors, and returned home at night. Found Mr Wm Roscoe.


Thursday 24: At home Engaged on various matters. Mr Roscoe &c.


Friday 25: At Trentham Inn. attending Militia Ballot being the 6th Taxes &c. Afterwards dined at the Mount.  Sparrow, Fenton & Plant. Returned home at night.


Saturday 26: At home. In the House with a violent cold.


Sunday 27: At home. Service. Wm. Penlington on their affairs.


Monday 28: At Alsager meeting Michael Ashmore & looking over Lands & Buildings previous to his entering. Desired that he & Mr Beardmore would look over the affairs that were . . .[wanting?] with Smith. Afterwards engaged. Looking into the Books & considering the Cases of the Persons in Newcastle Gaiol(sic) whose sentences had been postponed to tomorrow. Mr Roscoe left Linley Wood.


Tuesday 29: At Newcastle. Met Mr Chetwynd with the Mayor and Mr Justice Leech at Mr Sparrows office. Mr . . .[Vallhall?] also there. Considering the case of Licklin and finally agreed in Opinion that the Evidence was sufficient. A Purse or even Cover in which stolen Notes or Money had been contained is presumptive Evidence to go to the Jury of the Person in whose possession such Purse or cover if found having taken the Notes &c. though such Notes not actually produced in Court. Afterwards in Court passing


Page 136, April 1817.


sentence on the three Prisoners. Returned home to dinner. In the Evening Dr. Crompton arrived.


Wednesday 30: Took Dr. Crompton in the Carriage to Newcastle, and from thence proceeded with Mr Thos. Sparrow to Stone, attending General Assembly of G. T. Canal. Returned at night. Dr. Crompton remaining at Stoneyfields.


1817, May,

Thursday 1: At home. Various papers &c.


Friday 2: At Burslem. Meeting Mr Wedgwood of Bignall Hall relative to Bycars Colliery when it was finally agreed that the matter should go to Arbitrators conformably to the Articles.


Saturday 3: Engaged with Mr Marsh &c. Took him in the Carriage to the Lawton Arms, but the Coach being full, he returned to Linley Wood. & determined to go on the Mail tomorrow morning. Engaged in papers relative to Longton Gutter. Wrote to Mr Turner Newcastle upon Squire Blaker's affair.


Sunday 4: Mr Marsh went in the Mail. At home. No Service. Servants &c. going to Talk on the Hill. Unwell & in the House all day.


Monday 5: At Alsager Lodge pursuant to appointment with Mr Rowley of Overton it being the annual Meeting of Trustees under the Act of Parliament for building Alsager Church. Filled up three vacancies in the Trustees List. Returned to dinner being unwell. Letter from Mr Tomlinson with copies of his Sons . . .[house?] . . .[Completion?] for the . . .[forge?] at Rugby.


Tuesday 6: Mr Morris relative to the Title to an Estate sometime ago purchased by him from the Wedgwoods. Also relative to the proposed measure of taking off the duty on Salt which I promised to consider; stating my only doubt to be the difficulty of raising so great a revenue as that afforded by the Salt Duties in a manner less bothersome on the Country.


Wednesday 7: At home. Mr Spode, Fenton, Sparrow, Speakman, Bent, & Plant dined. Considered with Mr Sparrow. Mr Fenton & Mr Speakman the Srbitration relative to Longton Gutter, but came to no determination. Mr Sparrow stating that there were no mines of Coal in Sr. John Heathcotes Adderley Great Woodhouse Estates, nor any water therefrom. In the Evening Emma & Caroline Crompton arrived.


Page 137, May 1817.


Thursday 8: At home. Poole's letter &c. to property at Burslem &c.


Friday 9: Engaged drawing out . . .[Senitts?] Account of Rent &c. Afterwards dined at Etruria. Mr Blunt. Returned at night. On my way to Etruria called at Mr Plants Atty, Newcastle to have spoken to him relative to Pooles Title; but he was not in.


Saturday 10: At home. Smith the Tenant of the back farm paying his Rent & settling Acct. various matters.


Sunday 11: At home. Service.


Monday 12: At Burslem with Letter received from Mr Turner of Newcastle upon Tyne. Calling upon Miss Wood & Walker relative to Lindof & Taylors affairs & to prevail upon them to come in to the Arrangement with their Creditors by interference & good offering having been organised on this occasion. Also upon Mr Marsh Atty. to settle differences between him & Mr Wood &c. Fine Rain.


Tuesday 13: At Newcastle. Mr Plant Atty relative to Rowles Title. Mr Sparrow's Lindof & Taylors affair. Proceedings agt. Bourne. Longton Gutter Reference. At Stoneyfields Mr Bent being indisposed. Brewery Concerns. Returned home to dinner.


Wednesday 14: At home. Wm Penlington on their affairs. Division of Lands &c with Mr Salmon &c. &c. Engaged on Farm, Plantations &c. Severe bruise on my Leg by a branch of a Tree. Edward Taylor, who had been discharged from the Companys Service & on whose behalf I had written to . . .[Farrar?] & by whom he had been referred to Mr Langham, to inform me of his being reinstated. Gave him a reprimand & informed him that it was his previous good character which I had learnt on enquiry that had induced me to interfere.


Thursday 15: At Botley Hall. Meeting. Mr Spode & Mr. Wm. Sneyd of Bradwall, & to have looked over Mr Tollets farm, but prevented walking much by the hurt in my Leg. Mr Spode left before dinner. Dined and returned home in the Evening having passed a pleasant day. Mr Tollet & Mr Sneyd agreed to join a party from Linley Wood to Mow cop & Rudyard Reservoir on Mr Tollets return from London the beginning of July.


Friday 16: At Trentham Inn Attending Meeting - Militia & Assessed Taxes - Mr Spode & Self. Settled case for the Judges as to the liability of the Printers & handors of Pamphlets to the . . .[Markers?] . . .[party?]. From Trentham Inn to Parkfields. Dined & staid all night Mr Wedgwood & Jos.


Page 138, May 1817.


Saturday 17: After breakfast Left Parkfields. Called at Stoneyfields to have seen Mr Pilfold & Mr Hamnet of Liverpool, who had been at Mr Bents on a visit for a day or two past, but they have gone to Trentham. Returned home to dinner Mr & Mrs C Lawton & Miss Belcombe called. In the evening Mr Beardmore relative to his Valuation of the injury done by Bourne to the Mean Lake farm.


Sunday 18: At home. Service. Enoch & Edward Wood came to dinner. Much conversation relative to Burslem affairs. Enoch mentioned Mr Bacchus of London having expressed his Sense of the honourable & liberal manner in which I was acting in this business. In the evening Musick particularly Correlli, which went off well in the Drawing Room, being the first time of using it with a Musick party. Writing Letter to Mr Pearson of Tattenhall requesting him to act as Umpire in the Arbitration with Mr Wedgwood, relative to the Hamil Colliery. Enoch & Edward Wood left us after breakfast. At Alsager, calling upon Mr Bunker, who with Beardmore looked over Bourne's Estate, & this day delivered to me their valuation of the injury done to it by Bournes mismanagement. Charlotte & Caroline Wedgwood came to dinner. In the evening two younger Misses Lawrences of Birmingham.


Tuesday 20: At home. - . . .[vexation?] relative to Poole's Title, when I explained to him the difficulty that had arisen. Engaged on the Farm. Purchased a milking Cow. Turned 8 Milking Cows into the piece below the Wood. . . .[13?] They had been turned with Linley. . .[ Lane?] . . .[Mead?] about a week ago to eat off some length Grass.


Wednesday 21: At home: Various matters. In the House it being fine & continued Rain all day. Purchased a Heifer from Mr Kennedy. In the evening received a Letter from Mr Turner with further information relative to Mr Blakes business.


Thursday 22: At Burslem with the Letter received last night from Mr Turner. Long & interesting Conversation on this business. Returned to dinner. Fine mild Rain the greater part of the day. Miss Cromptons & Miss Lawrences left Linley Wood


Page 139, May 1817.


Friday 23: At Newcastle attending Meeting of the Committee of the Newcastle & Pottery Library to determine upon the Books to be purchased with Lord Staffords Donation of £50. In the chair. Rev Mr Blunt & Mr . . .[Carless?] Dr. Belcombe & Mr Bent. Resolved that the same shd. be laid out in Historic Works particularly such as relate to Great Britain. Returned to dinner. Mr Wedgwood.


Saturday 24: At home. Farm &c. Mr & Mrs C. Lawton, Mr Wedgwood, Mr Wittenham Mr Penlington & Miss Belcombe dined.


Sunday 25: At home. Mr Wedgwood left us. Service.


Monday 26: Samuel Salmon. Paid him principal & Interest on my Note for £100. At Newcastle Fair. Various matters. Delivered to Mr. Beckett papers relating to Mr Horwood's Occupation of the House upon the Marsh. Conversation with Mr Bent relative to settling differences that had arisen between Sir John Heathcote & Mr Spode as to the nomination of a Curate to Lane End Chapel, but at present it was thought on Mr Bents speaking to Mr Frenton pointless to attempt it. Returned home to dinner.


Tuesday 27: At home. Isaac Gibsons Wife relative to the dispute with Booth of Rode as to property at Headley, & with Letter from Mr Swinnerton, who I promised to see and speak to on this business. Engaged on Farm. Changed 9 Milkers & 3 feeding Cows from the Land near the Wood, to the front of the House. Much Thunder and Lightening in the Evening


Monday 28: At Newcastle. Gibson & Booths business - but Mr Swinnerton was not at home. Gave instructions for Action to be brought against Bourne for injury done to Meanlake farm. I saw Mr Chetwynd. Long Conversation relative to Mr . . .[Povey's?] Affair which he said had excited a great sensation in London. Returned to dinner. Found Mr Broadhurst of Mansfield & Mr Wm Broadhurst with whom enjoyed the rest of the day.


Thursday 29: After breakfast Mr Broadhurst & his son left us. At home. Engaged on the Farm & various matters. Purchased a milking Cow from Mr . . .[Penke?] of Lawton. Turned the black Mare into the Ground before the House.


Page 140, May 1817.


Friday 30: At Trentham Inn attending Meeting Assessed Taxes & Militia. Mr Spode & Self. Returned home to dinner.


Saturday 31: Mr Penlington on their affairs particularly relative to discharge of Mortge. to Mr . . .[Trere?], . . .[Horsca?] Rode Heath &c. Afterwards at Burslem, in consequence of Letter received from Mr Pearson proposing the 27 of June for the Arbitration relative to the Hammil(sic) Colliery. Returned to dinner. In the evening the Men took a Litter of Foxes under the Rock at the end of the fir wood. In the morning set up in the Flower garden a Sun Dial purchased yesterday by Mr Beardmore at Mrs Tilsleys sale at Talk.


1817, June,

Sunday 1: At home. Service. Enoch & Edward Wood came to dinner. In the Evening Musick.


Monday 2: At home. Engaged in considering Drat. of Settlement & other Papers received on Saturday night from Mr Marsh & drawing out Observations thereon to be sent to him. Wrote to Mr Pearson relative to Hammil Colliery . . .  . . .[the form?] & agreeing to the terms fixed by him.


Tuesday 3: At home. Engaged all day again closely with the above Papers, and writing long letters to Mr Marsh to accompany my Observations thereon; and also Letter to Mr A Marsh both of which were sent this evening to the Post.


Wednesday 4: At home. Engaged on the farm & various matters.


Thursday 5: Engaged on various matters. Rode out on Horseback to Alsager Heath.


Friday 6: At Newcastle attending Meeting at the Roebuck Militia & assessed Taxes. Mr Spode & Self. Returned to dinner.


Saturday 7: At home. Engaged writing Letter to Mr Marsh with further Observations in reply to the one received from him last night. Also to Mr A Marsh. Farm &c.


Page 141, June 1817.


Sunday 8: Service. After dinner went to Coole to see my Sister & Mr Skerrett, and inform him of the situation of the Affair between Mr Marsh and him.


Monday 9: The day being wet, staid & spent it at Coole.


Tuesday 10: After breakfasting at Coole, returned home. Turned the grey horse out to grass. The two Carriage Horses had been turned out a few days ago. Sowed several . . . Turnips in the Croft behind the Farm Garden. The New Orchard had been sown a second time, the latter end of the last week.


Wednesday 11: Mr Wm. Penlington on their Affairs. Abstract of Title to Estates in Hassall &c. Booth of Odd Rode on the affairs of Gibson decd. - Copies of works &c. Perusing the same previous to speaking again to Mr Swinnerton with a view to an amicable settlement amongst the Parties of these matters. Afterwards engaged in the Grounds &c.


Thursday 12: At home. Much rain in the night. James . . .[Massey?] & Wm Merrill settling Account of Timber money for Treeson Foxholes Estate & paid them the balance. Booth of Odd Rode with Title Deeds & examining the same. Engaged again preparing Drat. of Settlement & Indemnity and making further Observations previous to Mr A Marsh 's Arrival at Linley Wood his being expected tomorrow.


Friday 13; At Newcastle attending Militia Meeting with Roebuck being the 10. Ballot. Mr Spode & Self. Went in the Gig and returned to dinner. Extreme heavy Rain in the Afternoon. In the evening Mr Marsh arrived by the Mail.


Saturday 14: At home


Sunday 15: At home. Service


Monday 16: At home. Engaged on Drafts of Settlement &c.


Tuesday 17: Engaged on Do. Dined at Stoneyfields Mrs Stamford, Eliz. Emma & Self. Sneyds of Ashcombe, Sneyd of Bradwall & Dr Northern.


Wednesday 18: At home. Engaged Drawing out Observations on Settlement &c. to go with the Drts. to Mr Marsh & writing Letter therewith to him.


Thursday 19: Completing Observations & writing Letter to Mr Marsh which as well as the Drafts was forwarded by the Mail.


Friday 20: At Newcastle attending Library Meeting. Returned to dinner


Saturday 21: At Betley attending Militia Ballot being the 11. Mr F. Tremlow & self. Called at the Wedgwoods. Went from thence with Mr Wickstead (who had arrived a day or two before from Oxford) and called on Lady Flitcham. Bought Eliza. who had been but two days at Mrs Wedgwoods. Took in the Gig to dinner. Extreme Hot day.


Page 142, June 1817.


Sunday 22: At home. Service.


Monday 23: At Stone. Attending Meeting of the Select Committee. Took Mr Thos. Sparrow in the Gig from Newcastle. Returned late in the Evening & found Mr Skerrett with Ann & Bessy who had returned with Miss Stamfordfrom Coole. Extreme heat.


Tuesday 24: Engaged with Mr Skerrett &c. Dined at Lawtons Elizth. & Bessy. Mr & Miss Hepinstall Mr Salmon of Whilenhall & Miss Salmon & Mr Wattenhall.


Wednesday 25: In the Forenoon at home. Dined at Dr Belcombe's Newcastle. Eliz, Miss Stamford& Emma Mr & Miss Basnett Mr & Miss Edwards. Mr & Mrs wm Bent & Mr Anderton. On return found Dr Crompton & Albert.


Thursday 26: At home. Farm &c.


Friday 27: At Burslem on occasion of the Reference relative to the Hammil Colliery. Conversation with Mr Pearson & afterwards returned home. Found Mr Wm Roscoe.


Saturday 28: Early in the morning Mr Skerrett & Ann left Linley Wood on their return to Nantwich. Mr Jos. Wedgwood Jnr & Eliza called. Engaged on various matters. Stamford arrived in the Afternoon.


Sunday 29: At home. Service.


Monday 30: At home.


1817, July,

Tuesday 1: At home. Mrs C. Roscoe &c.


Wednesday 2: At home. Closely engaged all day Drawing up Observations relative to A C. M. Settlement &c in consequence of Letter received from Mr Ward.


Thursday 3: At home. Engaged with A. C. M. reading over Observn. to him, previous to his leaving Linley Wood & which he did this evening on his Return to Town.


Friday 4: At home Copying Observation &c in order to send the same to A. C. M.


Saturday 5: At home. Writing letter to A. C. M. with Offer to leave any unsorted points to Common friends, & which I thought better than sending the Observns.


Page 143, July 1817.


Sunday 6: At home. Service.


Monday 7: At home. Engaged much with papers &c relative to A. C. M. previous to replying to a Letter received from Mr Ward.


Tuesday 8: At home. Engaged on Dr. & writing long Letter to Mr Ward. In the evening received Letter from Mr Marsh.


Wednesday 9: Unwell. Rode out on Horseback. Allen Harry & Jos Wedgwood came to dinner. In the afternoon began to mow at the top of the Meadow.


Thursday 10: Continued mowing in the Meadow. Mrs Sparrow of Bishton & Miss Moreton called.


Friday 11: At home. Violent storm of Thunder and Lightening(sic) with heavy Rain. Began about 1/2 past four in the Afternoon. .


Saturday 12: At home. In the evening received from A. C. Marsh Draft of the Copartnership Articles lately executed by him & his partner. Rain.


Sunday 13: At home. Service. Showery.


Monday 14: Engaged closely perusing and considering the Articles received from Marsh & afterwards writing long Letter to him with Observations on Articles. Showery. Nothing done in the hay except just turning over the Swaths.


Tuesday 15: At home. Lander of Barthomley consulting on his Affairs. Heavy rain which prevented my going to Newcastle. In the morning Stamford set off to Huntsford Sessions. The Editor of the Macclesfield Courier makes the following observations when speaking of the late Mr Ponsonby


"As the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament he had qualities eminently qualified to give his Party the weight and respectability which the due balance of the Constitution demands they should possess. Nor is this any mean praise. If they who should form the Control of an existing Ministry, become contemptable in the eyes of the Nation, from the craft or malignity of their hostility our best security against the invasions of the Pregrogative has caused to exist. He therefore, who possessed of Mr Ponsonby's ingenious mind can differ without acrimony, and object without pertinacity, maybe fairly said, in his guidance of Opposition, to be the true friend of his Country, nor a less effective promoter of his interests than the Minister of the Crown himself."


What, indeed, is more to be depreceted than that the hostility of Opposition should assume a Character of malignity and of violence directed to bring its opinions under the imputation of prejudice turbulence selfishness and thirst of power and consequently with that total disregard from the Public, which it consists with, or rather totally defeats, the constitutional use of Parties in Parliament?


Page 144, July 1817.


Wednesday 16: At home. Engaged on A. C. Papers.


Thursday 17: At Trentham Calling at Lord Staffords but they were out. Elizth. Eliza & self. In the evening received Letters from Mr Marsh & A Marsh.


Friday 18: Engaged closely all day on A. C. Settlement &c. & Assignment & finally considering the same previous to returning the Drafts to Mr Ward making Observations thereon &c.


Saturday 19: Closely engaged all Morning on the Drafts & writing Letters to Mr Marsh, A Marsh & Mr Ward &c. Mr & Mrs Wm Bent Miss Bents of Derby & Charles Wedgwood who had called here in the Morning dined. In the Evening sent away by the Mail to Mr Ward the Drafts of the Deeds.


Sunday 20: At home. Service. Chas. Wedgwood. In the afternoon Mr Hutchinson of Newcastle to enquire whether he should pursue the third man (being the only one untaken) of those who committed the High Way Robbery in Linley Lane on Tuesday last & which I directed him to do.


Monday 21: At Burslem. Elizth. & my Sister Ann.


Tuesday 22: At home. Went up to Talk in consequence of a Note received yesterday from Mr Tollet.


Wednesday 23: At Botley. Calling upon Mr Tollet, Mr Williams the Solr. relative to the Robbery. Called also at the Wedgwoods & Lady Fletchers.


Thursday 24: At home. Derby Papers &c having recd. last night a Letter from Mr Balguy informing me that the Cause . . .[agt.?] . . .[corn?] was for trial at the approaching Assizes.


Friday 25: Set off early to Stafford Assizes. Took Mr Tollet from Newcastle in the Carriage. Dined with the Sherriff meeting with much civility. Long conversation with Mr Levatt relative to the Game laws & . . . He proposed permitting qualified persons to sell game at a given low price say 6d per head & imposing a heavy penalty upon any person giving more than the stipulated price.


Saturday 26: From Stafford to Derby where I arrived to dinner. Saw


Page 145, July 1817.


Mr Horrocks who spent the evening. Mr Balguy being from home.


Sunday 27: Breakfasted with Mr Balguy with whom & Mr Horrocks long Conversation & discussion previous to attending Consultation on the Cause. Called upon Dr Garlike, Mr . . .[Pasherloke] & Mr Clarke Sol. Afterwards attending Consultation. Counsel Mr Clark Leader Mr Denman & Mr John Balguy. Satisfactory Opinion give by Counsel as to the probable Result. On observing to Mr Clarke that we were dragged into the Cause but that we could not think of permitting such a Will as that in question to pass without resisting it, he said that if we had we should have been as bad as the Will maker. Dined at Mr Balguys Mr Horrocks Mr Clarke the Solr. & myself.


Monday 28: Finding that the Cause would not come in tilll tomorrow (Tuesday) that my attendance might interfere with my Arrival at home in due time for the occasion of my dear Ann's Wedding determined to return home today. Left Derby accordingly after Mr Horrocks had breakfasted with me, & I had had a final Call from Mr Balguy & Conversation with him between ten & eleven o clock. Calling on my way out of Town at Mr Wm & Dr Bents but they were both from home. Arrived at Linley Wood about 5 o clock. Found Marsh, Mr Skerrett & my two Sisters.


Tuesday 29: At home. Engaged much in consequence of the approaching Ceremony which was fixed for tomorrow Morning. Settlement & other Deeds arrived by the Coach about noon & closely engaged looking over the same previous to their execution. After dinner Stamford arrived. In the evening executed the Deeds having first gone through the Settlement with Marsh.


Wednesday 30: The Covenants for quiet enjoyment & further Assurances not having been introduced with the Settlement Deed.  Drew a Memorandum & Undertaking to Execute a Deed containing such last, which was signed by Marsh, & also by Anne & myself previous to our setting off to Audley. Left Linley


Page 146, July 1817.


a little after nine oclock. Anne with my Sister Elizth. & myself in the first carriage, Marsh with the two girls Eliza & Emma in his own Carriage. Mr Skerrett & Stamford in Mrs Stamfords. Ceremony performed about half past ten by Mr Hickin. On return Stamford proceeded to Shrewsbury. Marsh & my dear Anne after staying about a Couple of hours at Linley Wood proceeded on their journey into the North, where they proposed to pass about 3 weeks.


Thursday 31: At home. Engaged with Mr Skerrett. Mr Poulson & Mr Wilshaw with . . .[Shean?] relative to the Robbery & the division of the Reward on Conviction of the Offenders & which had been agreed to be referred to me.


1817, August,

Friday 1: At home. Mr Williams of Betley with Letter from Mr Tollet relative to the Highway Robbers Lewes & Hughes, & the steps he had taken to procure a mitigation of their punishment in consequence of the Contradiction given to some part of . . .[Shearns?] Evidence. Punishment changed by Mr Baron Gann? from Death to Transportation for life. Mr Williams went to Talk on the Hill to present & settle the Accounts of Exps. &c. & dined on his return. Much gratified by the mention which he made of the manner in which Stamford had conducted the prosecution: and also by the marked approbation expressed by Mr Baron Garrow in Court of his Conduct in the prosecution of Ann . . .[Fimbly?] for the murder of her Child returning . . .[wh...] . . .[...ring] to him his best thanks for the humane & judicious Course that he had pursued & which called for his particular notice & approbation. Received by the Post a Lost Letter from Mr Balguy with an Acct. of


Page 147, August 1817.


our having obtained a verdict in the Derby Cause after a hearing of 10 hours.


Saturday 2: At Newcastle. \kinnersleys arranging payment of £1000 to Mr C Marsh. Mr Sparrow, Bourne business &c &c. Found Mr Sparrow Miss Sparrow& Mrs Wilhauser. Had just set off to Linley Wood. Met them on our return offered to go with Mr Sparrow to Walsley Bridge on Monday. On our return found Mr Wm Roscoe. Stamford arrived in the Evening from Shrewsbury Assizes.


Sunday 3: At home. Service. In the afternoon Mr Wm Roscoe left us on his way to London.


Monday 4: Set off early to Wolseley Bridge. Proceeded with Mr Thos Sparrow in a Postchaise to Stone from thence took Mr Vaughan. Attended meeting. Mr Sparrow, Chetwynd, Lister, Webb & self and returned at night to Stone, where we stopped, it being late, the weather being very wet & the night dark.


Tuesday 5: At Newcastle attending the Races. Dined at the Ordinary & at night attended the Ball. Emma chosen Lady Patroness for the next year.


Wednesday 6: At home. Engaged on various matters. In the afternoon rode to the Course & then returned, having called at Stoneyfields.


Thursday 7: At Newcastle in the Morning. Met Mr Wood and executed letter of Attorney to Edwd. Wood to collect Deeds &c & to act for us in the United States of America, for which Country he was to sail on Saturday or Sunday next, dined at the Ordinary. Went to the Races & then returned home.


Friday 8: At home. Mr & Mrs Chas. Lawton called.


Saturday 9: In the morning at home. Mr Penlington with Drat. of Deeds &c. as to partition with Mr Salmon &c. Dined afterwards at Mr Thos Sparrows at Newcastle. Eliz., Eliza, Miss Fenner, Stamford & Self. Met the  Kinnerslys Miss Moreton & Mr Hassoks. In the evening a Petition to the Prince Regent in favour of Benjn Watson whose sentence of death in Stafford Gaol for burglary was introduced but which I for the present declined signing not being satisfied as to the correctness of some part of the Statements which it contained.


Page 148, August 1817.


Sunday 10: Feeling much anxiety relative to the case of Benjn. Watson went early to Newcastle. Saw Mr Thos. Sparrow, Mr Kinnersly, the Mayor, & the Convicts father and being satisfied as to the circumstances stated in his favour, wrote a Letter as Recorder to Mr Baron Garrow at Monmouth, & which Sent off by a special Messenger, expressing my warmest wishes that the Royal Clemency sought be so far extended to the unfortunate Convict, as to remit the capital part of the punishment. Returned home to dinner.


Monday 11: At home.


Tuesday 12: At home


Wednesday 13: At Newcastle attending Race Committee & dined at the Roebuck Mr Kinnersly, Dr Belcombe, Mr Acton of Burslem & myself. Inspected Plans &c relative to the proposed Alteration in the Course &c. In the forenoon Miss Francis left Linley Wood on their return home.


Thursday 14: At home. business matters.


Friday 15: At home. Engaged drawing out case for Brief on the Ejectment Case agt. Bourne, which is to come on at the approaching Assizes at Chester. Chas. Wedgwood.


Saturday 16: At Newcastle with Eliz. & Eliza calling at Mr Thos Sparrow but saw only Miss Sparrow. Gave Mr Swinnerton the Case & he promised to write to Wilson to give notice of Trial. From Newcastle, to Clough Hall to call upon Mr & Mrs Kinnersly who we met on the Grounds going to Newcastle, but they returned with us to the House. In the Evening wrote to Wilson on Bournes business. Read in the Staffordshire Advertiser, with much satisfaction, that a Reprieve had been sent to Watson.


Sunday 17: At home. Service. Chas. Wedgwood left us.


Monday 18: Began mowing again in the Lower Meadow. At Newcastle on Bournes business, taking examinations of Ledward & Beardmore. Mr Sparrows Office. Dined at Stoneyfields. Returned in the Evening. Party from Betley Hall Miss . . .[Plumer?] &c. wrote letter to Mr Marsh senr. &c. Began mowing again.


Tuesday 19: At home. Aaron Myott to whom I paid the expenses of his journey to Monmouth with my letter to Mr Baron Garrow in favour of Benj. Watson & who had since received a Reprieve. Mr Skerrett &


Page 149, August 1817.


Mr Wickstead came to dinner. In the evening Dancing.


Wednesday 20: Engaged in the Morning hearing Miss Plumer on the Piano Forte. Certainly the best Lady Player I ever heard. The Party left us about noon. In the Evening Mrs . . .[J. Thren?] Miss Crompton & Edw. Crompton arrived at Linley Wood.


Thursday 21: At Newcastle. With Mr Thos Sparrow on Bournes business & on making Arrangements relative to the Trial of the Cause at the approaching Assizes.


Friday 22: At Rode Heath Meeting Mr Darlington of Sandbach on Mr Penlingtons Affairs. Mortgage Partition Deed &c &c. Stamford went to Trentham.


Saturday 23: At home. being busy all day in the Hay. In the evening Mr Marsh & my dear Anne arrived.


Sunday 24: At home. Service In the morning the Cromptons left L. Wood


Monday 25: At Newcastle on Bournes business sorting various matters with Mr Thos Sparrow. Heavy Rain. Mr & Mrs & Miss Wedgwood of Betley & Mr & Mrs Wm Bent dined. The latter returned at night.


Tuesday 26: Mr Thos Sparrow early in consequence of an Error in the Declaration in the Ejection agt. Bourne. Much discussion on the point, but determined at all events that he & the Witnesses shd. go to Chester. Mr & Mrs Wedgwood left us about Noon. Mrs Jos. & 2 Misses Wedgwoods from Etruria with 2 Misses Wedgwood of Parkfields & Miss Morgan came to dinner. Stamford went Nantwich on his way to Chester Assizes.


Wednesday 27: Mrs & Miss Wedgwoods & Miss Morgan left Linley Wood at Noon. At home. Marsh &c. Rain.


Thursday 28: In the morning received a Note from Mr Thos. Sparrow informing me that the Cause with Bourne was settled, he paying the Costs &c. The day turning out fine busy in the Hay. Mr Skerrett & my Sisters arrived from Nantwich to dinner.


Friday 29: At home. Engaged with Mr Skerett &c who left Linley Wood after dinner.


Saturday 30: At Newcastle attending Meeting of Race Committee. Saw Mr Roscoe & Mr Wm Roscoe who were on their way to Linley Wood. Returned home to dinner & engaged with Mr Roscoe &c.


Page 150, August 1817.


Sunday 31: At home, Service. After dinner Marsh & my dear Anne left Linley Wood on their journey to London proposing to stay all night at Parkfields.


1817, September,

Monday 1: Took Mr Roscoe in the Carriage to Brereton green on his way to Liverpool. Carried Hay the harvest of which, owing to the extreme inclemency of the Weather I had not yet been able to finish.


Tuesday 2: At Rode Heath Meeting Mr Darlington on Penlingtons affairs. Busy in the Hay.


Wednesday 3: At Burslem with Eliz. & Emma calling upon the Woods. On return called at Lawton Hall but Mr & Mrs C. Lawton were out. In the morning finished Carrying hay: just before another violent shower. Though the day had been dry & fine giving the promise of better weather.


Thursday 4: At home. Various matters. Fine day. Discharged Thos . . .[Moore?] Coachman.


Friday 5: At home. Engaged in the Grounds. Tho. . . .[Moore?] left his place. In the afternoon Mr Wm Roscoe left us on his return to Liverpool. Remarkably fine day.


Saturday 6: At Burslem. Meeting Mr Plank Solr. of Newcastle & finally completing purchase of land from Mr Thos. Rowle. Returned home to dinner.


Sunday 7: At home. Service. Mr Wood came to dinner.


Monday 8: At Newcastle on various matters. Invited Mr Sneyd, Dr Northern Dr Belcombe & Bent to meet Mr John Hill this week at Linley Wood. Returned to dinner, very hot day.


Tuesday 9: At Newcastle again in consequence of a Letter received from Mr Rowley of Bourton last night appointing Tuesday the 16 for the reference in the matter of Bourne. I examined the same with Mr Sparrow & wrote to Mr Rowley accordingly. Fine hot day. Sent a brace & a half of Birds sent by Mr Penlington to Mrs . . .[Residan?]


Page 151, September 1817.


Wednesday 10: At home. Engaged on the grounds &c. Stamford returned to dinner. In the Evening Mr John Hill.


Thursday 11: At home. Mr John Hill, Mr & Mrs Wedgwood of Betley, Mr Sneyd of Bradwall, Dr Northern, Bent & Mr Hostage dined & Mr Hill & Stamford killed 5 brace of Birds & a Leveret. Took a brace & a half of Carp out of the stew at the Farm for dinner.


Friday 12: At home. Mr Sneyd & Mr Hostage who had staid all night went after breakfast. Dr Belcombe Jos. Wedgwood Jnr. & Mr Penlington dined.


Saturday 13: After breakfast Mr Hill & the Wedgwoods left Linley Wood the former with Stamford, who went to . . .[Peover?].


Sunday 14: At home. In the afternoon at Talk Chapel with Eliz.


Monday 15: At Newcastle. To arrange with Mr Sparrow relative to Bournes Reference & journey to Macclesfield with Mr Bent in consequence of Invitation received from Miss Moreton yesterday to dine with the Chetwynds at Wolstanton on Thursday.


Tuesday 16: Engaged all day at Talk on the Hill on Bournes Reference. Marquis & Lady Stafford called at Linley Wood.


Wednesday 17: At Macclesfield with Mr Bent. Finally sorting Lease which we had taken in the name of Mr Bent junr. as a Trustee for us, of the Brewery for a further term of 21 years. Engaged also on Books, Accounts &c.


Thursday 18: Returned to Linley Wood this morning. Mr & Mrs Chas Lawton called. Elizth. Stamford & I dined at Wolstanton meeting Mr & Mrs Chetwynd, Mr & Miss Sparrow & Mr & Mrs W Bent.


Friday 19: Eliz & I went to Betley Court calling upon Sir John & Lady Boughey, but they were out. Called upon Mr Tollet.


Saturday 20: At Congleton seeing Mr Rowley Mr Lackett & Mr Wilsham on Brewery business they having met this day to make their Award. Returned home to dinner.


Sunday 21: At Talk Chapel Morning Service.


Monday 22: At home. Sir John Boughey & Mr F. Twemlow called. Men busy in the Harvest. Remarkably fine weather.


Page 152, September 1817.


Tuesday 23: Elizth. Stamford & I dined at Stoneyfields. Mrs Sandford Miss Gorton & Mr Spode. Returned in the Evening.


Wednesday 24: Engaged in the Morning with Mr Peake & Mr Twemlow relative to the valuation of the Cross on Bourne Estate. Dined at Lawton Hall. Eliz. Stamford & Self. Party . Mr & Mrs Ackers of Monton Hall & a Mr Appirley who was there. Mr Dickinson, Mr Wittenhall.


Thursday 25: Mr Twemlow called relative to the valuation of Bourne Cross. To remain unsettled till Communication had with Mr Sparrow relative to the Award. Afterwards at Trentham Inn attending with Mr Spode Appeals in the Assessed Taxes. Long & busy day but returned late to dinner.


Friday 26: At home. Mr Bent Jnr came early in the morning. Jos.Wedgwood Jnr. & Wickes Tomlinson dined.


Saturday 27: Mr Imberson went after breakfast. At Congleton on Bournes business. Returned late to dinner, having been detained waiting for Mr Rowley of Areton who finally agreed to meet Wilsham on Monday morning, to value the Cross. In the evening John Larsoner Jnr. of Birmingham.


Sunday 28: Mr Bent went. At Talk Chapel.


Monday 29: At Stone.Went from Newcastle with Mr Thos. Sparrow in his Corniche. Engaged all day on Select Committee.


Tuesday 30: At Stone. General assembly. Dined at Stone & returned to Newcastle with Mr Thos Sparrow. Called at the Mayors, where we were to have dined & afterwards came home.


1817, October,

Wednesday 1: At home.


Thursday 2: In the morning at Burslem Eliz. & Self. In the evening Mr George Marsh & Capt. Hemming arrived. One of the Drivers who brought them with 4 horses from Congleton unfortunately fell from the Steps going into the Washouse & broke his leg.


Friday 3: Engaged all morning with Capt Hemming. Mr G Marsh & Stamford having gone out shooting.


Page 153, October 1817.


Saturday 4: Mr G Marsh & Capt. Hemming left Linley Wood on their way to Birmingham. Afterwards went to Congleton with Mr Speakman on Bourne business & saw Mr Rowley. Dined at Congleton & returned in the Evening. Stamford set off to Eton.


Sunday 5: At Newcastle in the afternoon attending the new Mayor Mr John Nickisson to Church; & afterwards dined with him.


Monday 6: At Barlaston Hall calling upon Mr & Mrs Mills.


Tuesday 7: At Betley Court Elizth. & self dined & staid all night. At dinner Mr Tollet Mr Wickstead & 2 Miss Tollets.


Wednesday 8: After breakfast Called at Betley Hall. Went from Betley to Coole in the Talk Chaise which met us at the black Horse. Arrived there to dinner.


Thursday 9: At Coole. Engaged with Mr Skerrett & Mr Tollet who had come to look at his Sons Farms at the Business & Old Hall & viewing with him the Buildings & Improvements. Mr Tollet Mr & Mrs Richardson Revd. Mr Garnet & Mrs John Garnet dined at Mr Skerretts.


Friday 10: Rode to Adderley Hall & Sharington the Ladies going in a Chaise. The former a good House with a few pictures worth notice, and a piece of sculpture by Deare of Rome 1790. Eleanora sucking the poison out of the Arm of Edward. A Basso or rather alto relivo. About 3ft 6. by 2.6 or thereabouts. Amongst the pictures A Tondette with Holopenas head by Leonardo da Vinci. An Albert . . .[Durer?][could this be Albrecht Durer?] on a gilt ground. A Claude which appeared to me to be a very beautiful one. Sharington is a large . . .[broch?] building without taste or Convenience and the Grounds in a most shamefully slovenly state the whole assurately being the residence of a Nobleman; though the House if properly furnished &c would appear respectable. Returned to dinner after a pleasant ride the Country through which we passed having pretty & much cultivated.


Saturday 11: Returned home to dinner: after spending the last 3 days most pleasantly with our kind & hospitable friends.


Sunday 12: At home. But being unwell with a feverish Attack. In bed almost all the day.


Monday 13: Confined to the House. Mr Speakman who had been appointed Umpire in Bournes business & fixed to meet at the Red Bull on Wednesday. In the morning Mr Penlington with whom reading over & considering the Drat. of the


Page 154, October 1817.


Mortgage which had been prepared by Mr Darlington & writing Letter to him & Observations thereon. Very unwell & in bed at morning.


Tuesday 14: Mr Sutton relative to the Public House intended to be built by him at Turnstall & signed Certificate in his favour which I was . . .[inclined?] to do from the recommendation which I had received from Sir Gore Vaseley with whom Sutton had travelled in Persia & Africa, & from finding on enquiring that he had conducted himself well since he came to the Milstone public House. Rode out with Emma, bit stll very unwell.


Wednesday 15: At the Red Bull with Mr Speakman & his Solr. Mr Moorhouse of Congleton, the former having undertaken to act as Umpire in Bourne's business. Went through the Case & Mr Moorhouse took Mr Speakmans Instruction for his Award. Dined at the Red Bull. In the Evening wrote to Mr Moorhouse on the business recommending a token being given to Mr Lockett & Mr Bourne in order that they might take what they might think necessary to Mr Speakman previous to making his Award & which he proposed to do on Saturday next.


Thursday 16: Mr Penlington with Letter from Mr Darlington& Drat. of Mortgage as altered in consequence of my former Observations. Finally perusing the same & writing Letter therewith to Mr Darlington. Miss Tollet & 2 Misses Bengers called. Elizt. & Charlotte Wedgwood. Mrs Wilbraham & Mrs Antrobus called


Friday 17: At Newcastle consulting Mr Sparrow on Bournes business previous to the Bailiffs making a Distress: & which they afterwards did. In the Evening Stamford returned from Stafford.


Saturday 18: At Congleton with Mr Speakman when he finally gave instructions to Mr Moorhouse for his Award.


Sunday 19: At home. Unwell. Received Award from Mr Speakman


Monday 20: Having discovered sundry Errors in the Award at


Page 155, October 1817.


Congleton again with Mr Speakman when he gave further instructions. Mr Wilbraham & Mr R Wilbrahim called. In the Evg . . . .  . . .  . . .[we called Round?] by Mr Penlington who went also to deliver the same to Bourne.


Tuesday 21: At home.


Wednesday 22: At home. Sale at Bournes. Mr Wm Roscoe arrived. Charlotte Wedgwood dined & staid all night.


Thursday 23: At Burslem. From thence to Etruria with Settlement Deeds made in the Marriage of W. P.  & which Mr J. Wedgwood executed.


Friday 24: At home. Various matters


Saturday 25: At home. The like


Sunday 26: At home. Mr Wood & Enoch dined.


Monday 27: At Etruria Calling upon the Solr. General.


Tuesday 28: Set off the Birmingham on a visit to Mr John Lawrences with Elizt. & Emma & arrived at Bonsall Heath in the Evening. Found Mr C Poke of Chester


Wednesday 29: At Birmingham. Met Mr Sneyd Kinnersly at Richards.


Thursday 30: At Bonsall Heath. Day wet. Mr H Lee & Mr Stokes dined.


Friday 31: Long Walk with Mr Lawrence.


1817, November,

Saturday 1: Left Bonsall Heath a little before night & arrived at Linley Wood to dinner after a very pleasant visit having experienced much kindness & hospitality from our Friends.


Sunday 2: At home. Mr Jones of Leek relative to his Bill for Lawless Conveyance which he desired me to look over & . . .[.tile?]


Monday 3: At Newcastle attending at the Roebuck with Mr Snape on assessed taxes in consequence of a Message received from Mr Spode in a . . .[smatter?] of Baddely but Mr S. did not attend owing to some mistake. Called upon Mr Bent more particularly on account of the death of Mrs Sandford which happened at Stoneyfield on Thursday last.


Tuesday 4: At home. Farm &c. Wm Penlington dined.


Wednesday 5: At home. Engaged writing to Marsh &c. In the evening Stamford set off to London.


Thursday 6: At home. Brought the Oats which had been . . .[boughsire?] under the Distress against Bourne & the Farm. In the evening received a Letter from Frederic Franks from . . .[Cartos?] proposing to come to Linley Wood on friday: but ignorant of any such person.


Page 156, November 1817.


Friday 7: At Newcastle to have called on Dr Northern & Dr Belcombe. Met the latter on the Road. Called at Dr Northern but he was out. Called with Elizt. & Eliza at Stoneyfield. Mr Bent at Manchester attending the Funeral of Mrs Sandford which was to take place today. On leaving Newcastle informed by Mr Henshall of the melancholy event of the death of the Princess Charlotte & her Child, the news of which had been received.


Saturday 8: At home. In the evening to our Surprize(sic) Mr Franks arrived but mutual astonishment at finding ourselves entire Strangers to each other was great. He stated that he expected to come to the house of a Mr Caldwell the son of . . .[homl.?] Caldwell. However a comfortable Meal which we were enabled to give him & a little good wine after a perilous journey in the dark over Alsager heath in his Gig & pair of greys. Soon bought us better acquainted & the Evening was spent so cheerfully & satisfactorily that he consented to stay over tomorrow.


Sunday 9: At home. Mr Franks &c at Talk Chapel, Looked over his Drawings & Sketches.


Monday 10: Mr F having agreed to stay tilll tomorrow. Walked out with him into Swallow Moor Wood where he took some Sketches. Afterwards rode out together. A lively gay Man in the . . .[Luval?] Service he appeared to have travelled much & is the brother of a Mr Franks a Cambridge friend of Stamfords & in consequence


Page 157, November 1817.


of which Stamford had desired Mr Franks to invite his Brother to call at Linley Wood on his return from Ireland. A pleasant evening with Marsh &c.


Tuesday 11: After breakfast Mr Franks left us on his journey into Leicestershire. To hunt with the Fox hounds.


Wednesday 12: At home. Various matters.


Thursday 13: At Betley Hall dined and staid all night also John Chetwynd, Mr Perkins & two Mr Twemlows.


Friday 14: Called at Mr Wedgwoods & Lady Fletchers. Returned home to dinner leaving Emma at Betley Court, Eliza having been with Mrs Wedgwood, she was much indisposed since Monday.


Saturday 15: At home. Mr Andrews of Winksworth called relative to the affairs of Richd. Harrison & to state that an Heir at Law had been found. Referred him to Mr Balguy declining Any particular enquiry or discussion as he was a perfect stranger & only that it would be incumbent upon any Claimant to make out his Title. Engaged on the water Meadow &c. Wrote to Mr Balguy to inform him of what had passed.


Sunday 16: At home. Mr Bent & Roland dined.


Monday 17: At Newcastle relative to the marks of attention & respect that it wd. be proper for the Corporation to shew on occasion of the affecting death of the Princess Charlotte & there it was agreed that the Corporation shall go to Churcham Wednesday marking the day of the Funeral & attend the Service when a sermon would be preached. Mr Leigh. At Etruria calling upon Mr Jos. Wedgwood as to what wd. he prefer to be done by the Potteries, having in the Morning written to Mr Spode on the subject, but Mr Wedgwood seemed to have much doubt as to any trade in which a Meeting could be called.


Page 158, November 1817.


Tuesday 18: At home. Engaged on various matters, Letters &c. and afterwards on further improvements in the water Meadow. Mr Penlington on their affairs.


Wednesday 19: Attending the Mayor & Corporation at Newcastle, and to Church where a very good sermon was preached by Mr Leigh from the Text "The Lord is known by the judgements which he executeth." The shops were all closed. The Church crowded with People mostly in deep mourning on all of whom a strong impression seemed to have been made by this awful affecting event. The Pulpit, Reading desk & Canopy over the Mayors were all hung with black & every possible demonstration given of the public sorrow & respect.


Thursday 20: At Newcastle again attending Agricultural Meeting. Conversation with Mr Fenton & Mr Sparrow relative to an Address to the Prince Regent.


Friday 21: At home. Various matters.


Saturday 22: At Newcastle again relative to an Address of Condolence being presented by the Corporation and Inhabitants to the Prince Regent on the late melancholy & affecting Event, when it was agreed that a Meeting should be called for that purpose.


Sunday 23: At home. Service.


Monday 24: At Newcastle again relative to the Address when I was requested by Mr Sparrow on behalf of the Corpn. to prepare & move an Address & fix a day for a Meeting, which I promised to do but recommended it to wait a while to see that arrangements be pursued by other places.


Tuesday 25: Engaged on the Address &c.


Wednesday 26: Mr Woods family came. Mrs Wood Mrs Wilson Emma & Mrs Black


Thursday 27: At Newcastle again where it was finally agreed to appoint a Meeting for Saturday next. Called upon the Mayor who agreed the Notice of the Meeting. Mr Ward came to dinner.


Friday 28: Mr . . .[Benthall?] Enoch & Joseph Wood dined. In the Evg. Musick.


Page 159, November 1817.


Saturday 29: At Newcastle attending Meeting of the Corporation & the Inhabitants at large, and moving the Address & which I did in a Speech that seemed to give great satisfaction. Requested to permit the Speech to be printed. The Addresses were seconded by the Revd. Mr. Leigh. Returned home to dinner.


Sunday 30: At home. Service. The Woods left us in the Afternoon except Enoch & Mrs Wilson who staid again all night.


1817, December,

Monday 1: At Newcastle in consequence of a Request that I would permit the Speech or such part as I approved to appear in the public Papers, Also with my letter to Lord Sidmouth &c that it might go along with the Address.


Tuesday 2: Rode with Eliza to Newcastle on her way to Etruria. Saw Mr Sparrow who had just got the Addresses & signed by the Mayor & promised that they should be forwarded to Lord Sidmouth without delay.


Wednesday 3: At Newcastle again. Speaking to Mr Smith the Printer relative to such parts of the Speech as should appear; when he promised to send me a print the next morning that I might look it over previous to the Press being finally set.


Thursday 4: At Newcastle again,  Kinnersly. On the road met a Messenger from Mr Smith with the proof sheet that had been promised. Took it to Newcastle, when I looked it over & corrected the punctuation &c. Called with it at Mr Smiths with Mr Sparrow & Mr Bent & left it with him to appear in his next paper. Mr Sparrow told me that the Corporation had made an Order, not only for the Resolutions on addresses, but such parts of my Speech as should appear to be entered in the Corporations Records.


Page 160, December 1817.


Friday 5: At Stoneyfields, Elizat. & self. Annual Settlement. Dined at Dr Belcombes. Pearson, Jos. Wedgwood, &c. &c.


Saturday 6: Engaged on Books &c & finally concluded Statemt. &c. At Noon went with Mr Bent to the Roebuck to have attended Meeting of Commr. on proposed alteration of the Talk on the Hill Road but owing to a mistake about the time were too late. Alteration carried by a great majority though contrary to the sense of any of the old Trustees as an improvident injection of a very large sum of money. Mr Vallhall & J Sparrow dined at Stoneyfields.


Sunday 7: Returned home after breakfast. In the Evening Mr Wm. Roscoe arrived.


Monday 8: Mr Penlington on their affairs & with the various Deeds for my perusal previous to their being executed; but wrote to Mr Darlington saying that I could not take upon myself any responsibility as to their correctness. Tuesday 9: At Wolseley Bridge setting off early in the morning & taking J Sparrow from Newcastle, attending Meeting of the Select Committee. Mr Sparrow, Lister, Chetwynd & Webb. Much Commendation bestowed upon the addresses and Speech made at Newcastle. Engaged closely all day.


Wednesday 10: Finished with Mr Vaughan examining the Cash Book. Called at Bishton. Saw Mrs Sparrow, Mrs Chetwynd & Miss Moreton. Returned with J Sparrow& Mr Vaughan to Stone & from thence home where I arrived to dinner & found Stamford who had arrived the night before. In the Evening much Conversation with Mr Wm Roscoe


Page 161, December 1817.


on their affairs which were assuming an unfavourable appearance from disappointment in the resources on which they had relied for paying the Dividend in March acct.


Thursday 11: Committed to writing the outline of a Plan which had occurred to my mind as proper to be laid before the Creditors. Reading & considering the same with Mr W. Roscoe when he requested to take it with him to Liverpool to show to his Father. Copied & delivered it to him accordingly. Joseph Wood relative to agreeing with Mr Wedgwood of Bignall end for his Coals at Burslem & taking the Colliery on a lease. Much discussion & consideration. Finally agreed to wait tilll Mr Wedgwood had delivered some propositions, & then that Mr Wedgwood & I should mark & consider the same. Mr Roscoe left L. Wood


Friday 12: At home. Unwell,.


Saturday 13: At home. Still very unwell. Penlington Deeds. Looking over the same &c.


Sunday 14: At home. Service. but still unwell.


Monday 15: At Rode Heath. Meeting Rev Mr Salmon & Mr Darlington of Sandbach when the Conveyances Mortge. & other Deeds in Mr Penlingtons Affairs & the deeds of partition &c were executed. All morning.


Tuesday 16: At home. Various matters.


Wednesday 17: At Newcastle. Calling upon the Mayor with the Letter which I had received a few days ago from Lord Sidmouth informing me of his having presented the address to the Prince Regent


Page 162, December 1817.


and of his having forwarded the Address to Prince Leopold at Claremont. Invited him to dine at Linley Wood on Wednesday next the 24. & sending Cards of invitation to various other Gentlemen. Mrs & Miss Furnivil Mr & Mrs Wm Bent & 2 Girls & Mr & Mrs & Miss Walthll & Mr Anderton dined. All but the Walthams staid all night.


Thursday 18: At Newcastle with Mr Bent. From thence to Burslem. Mr Lawton & Mr Charles Lawton & Mr Penlington dined. Mr Bent prevented returning to dinner from an Engagement at Newcastle.


Friday 19: At home. Unwell with a cold. Misses Barlow relative to a dispute with Peter Lea about a share sold fraudulently. Paddy &c with Wills of Mary Hall & Martha Paddy for my opinion & advice thereon. Wrote to Mr Colclough of Sandbach in Misses Barlow matter & to Mr Wood relative to Bykars Colliery & assignments with Mr Wedgwood.


Saturday 20: At home. Farm &c. Frost.


Sunday 21: At home. Service.


Monday 22: At Newcastle on various matters with Elizt. & Emma. Sent to Mr Jones of Leek the Drat. of the Bill of Costs relative to Swallow moor purchase by Taylor the Leek Carrier from Newcastle


Tuesday 23: At home. Various matters farm &c. Carrying out Manure.


Wednesday 24: At home. The Mayor of Newcastle( John Nickisson) & Miss Sparrow; Nickisson, Plant, Wm Kinnersly, George Wood. Philips Leech, Hall, Joseph Adams, Rob Hill, Turner, Clowes & John Swinnerton dined. Sent to Mr Wood by Thos . . .[Lance?] the Deed to declare the uses of the Fine lately levied by us & the Trustees of such fine.


Thursday 25: At home.


Friday 26: At Burslem. Considering proposals & terms to be offered to Mr Wedgwood of Bignall End for Sale to him of the Bykars Colliery &c. & which were sent to him accordingly.


Page 163, December 1817.


Saturday 27: At Etruria dining Elizt. & Family & with intention of returning at night but Elizt. was taken ill with a complaint in the Stomach & Bowels. Sent to Dr Northern who attended. Staid all night at Etruria.


Sunday 28: Had the blessedness this morning to find my dear wife much better & indeed almost well. Dr Northern saw her but advised her not to remove before tomorrow. Returned myself to Linley Wood to dinner.


Monday 29: At Etruria again to fetch Elizt. home, who returned with me in the Carriage; all symptoms of her Complaint having certainly gone off.


Tuesday 30: At home. Farm various matters. Elizt. well.


Wednesday 31: At home. The like. Mr Potter called. Looked with him at the line of road from W Kinnerslys Lodge to cross Talk Hill & which he highly approved.


  1. January,

Thursday 1: At home. Miss Wedgwood from Parkfields, Jos. &Charles Wedgwood dined. Finished carrying out Manure.


Friday 2: At home. Miss Wedgwood & the young Men.


Saturday 3: At home. Miss Wedgwood left Linley Wood.


Sunday 4: At home. Service.


Monday 5: At home. Farm &c. C Wedgwood left Linley Wood.


Tuesday 6: At home.


Wednesday 7: At Newcastle on various matters. Returned to dinner.


Thursday 8: At home


Friday 9: At Macclesfield with Mr Bent. Annual Settlement of Brewery Acct. on which engaged all day.


Saturday 10: Finished our business at Macclesfield & returned to dinner. Found Mr Cunynghame (a friend of Stamfords) Mr H Tomkinson, & a party of the young Wedgwoods.


Sunday 11: In the morning Mr H Tomkinson left Linley Wood


Monday 12: Mr Cunynghame went. Carriage took him to Congleton Afterwards at Burslem in the treaty for sale of the Bykars to Mr Wedgwood.


Page 164, January 1818.


[Note: Dates transcribed as written but inaccurate, should be 13th & 14th not 12th & 13th]

Tuesday 12 : At Newcastle. I called & bought from Mr Bent the principal & Interest amounting to £531 remaining due to Miss Stamfordon joint Bond from him & the late Col. Bulkeley to her; & which money I delivered to her on my return. From Newcastle rode with Mr Bent to Stoke & calling upon Mr Spode, who had been suffering from a paralytic Affliction. Found him much better, but his face still much drawn. On my return called at Dr Belcombes & engaged him to dine on friday next at Linley Wood to meet the Mills: from Barlaston &c. Stormy, very wet on my return


Wednesday 13: At home: Letter from Mr Wood informing me of his having cancelled the business relative to the Bykars by having sold it to Mr Wedgwood, for £23000; with certain conditions as to Coals &c & desiring me to come to Burslem tomorrow after perusing and considering the Letter & papers sent. Mr Penlington on their affairs. Mr Snape Inspector of taxes, with a representation which he had drawn up to the Board relative to his resignation of the Office of surveyor, or Clerk, which the Board required, considering the two as unacceptable in the same hand & advising him thereon.

  Writing letter to Mr Balguy of Derby on Harrisons business in reply to one received from him with the  Minutes of the Plaintiffs evidence in the late Trial.


Page 165


Thursday 15: At Burslem meeting Mr Wedgwood of Bignall End & Mr Jno. Wood of Brownhills when Mr Wood and I finally agreed to sell to the former the Bykars Colliery &c for the sum of £23000. Drew up minutes of an Agreement which was signed. It being late staid to dinner at Burslem with Mr Wedgwood & Mr Jno Wood & returned at night.


Friday 16: At home: Mr & Mrs Mills of Barlaston, Miss Wedgwood from Parkfields, Mr & Mrs C Lawton, Mr & Mrs Wm. Bent & Miss Furnival & Dr Belcombe dined. Mr & Mrs M & Miss Wedgwood staid all night.


Saturday 17: At home. Various matters. The Mills & Miss W having left Linley Wood after Breakfast.


Sunday 18: At home. Service. Mr Hostage & Enoch Wood (who dined) relative to the Sale of the Bykars &c. Delivd. to Mr H. the Title Deeds


Monday 19: At Newcastle paying Christmas Bills &c &c.


Tuesday 20: At Newcastle attending the Assizes. Richard Lovatt convicted of stealing leather from his Master. 6 Mo. Imprisonment having already been 2 Mos. in Custody. Dined with the Mayor & Justices &c at the Woolpack. Returned home at night. Found Eliza & Caroline Wedgwood.


Wednesday 21: I this day entered the 60th year of my life. Went to Trentham Inn early to attend Meeting on the Assessed Taxes. Sir John Chetwode the other Commr. Long & fatiguing day there being a great crowd of People; and a great number of Appeals. Did not get home tilll a little before 7. o clock in the Evening. Elizth. with Emma & the two Wedgwoods went to the Assembly at Newcastle.


Thursday 22: At home.Engaged on accounts &c &c Mr . . .[Ingason?] of Roughmond Hill relative to injury done by the Canal waters. Isaac Cooper.


Page 166, January 1818.


Friday 23: Went early to Trentham Inn to attend Dep. . . .[Lcy?] Meeting to receive Lists & hear appeals for the Regular Militia. Miserable Ride from Frost Snow & Cold. Was mostly Sir John Chetwode. Long & fatiguing day. I returned late to dinner. Mr Parke said that the Lists (which are of persons between the ages of 18 & 45) contained about 9000 names.


Saturday 24: At home. Isaac Cooper relative to the Agreement for his Farm &c. Engaged in the water Meadow: & various matters


Sunday 25: At home. Service.


Monday 26: At home. Engaged on the farm. Wrote to Mr Hinchcliffe in reply to a note received on friday night last relative to Bournes Tithe. Moses Barlow paying his Rent. Emma went to Betley Hall.


Tuesday 27: At home. Mr Penlington on their affairs & with whom engaged a long time stating the Account with Mrs . . .[Janvrins?] &c. Isaac Cooper again on his concerns accompanied by Davey. Afterwards engaged Letter writing and on the farm. Elizt. & Miss Stamfordat Newcastle.


Wednesday 28: Went with Mr Beardmore & Jas. Whalley surveying & taking possession of such part of Meanlake Farm as was to be delivered up by Bourne at Christmas last & arranging as to the future management of the Lands. Emma returned from Betley Hall. In the evening finished reading out Rob Roy.


Thursday 29: At home. Navig. Papers previous to going to Wolseley Bridge tomorrow.


Friday 30: Set off early to Wolseley bridge where I arrived about 12. Mr J Sparrow accompanying me in a Postchaise from Newcastle. Attending Meeting of the


Page 167, January 1818.


Select Committee. Mr Sparrow, Chetwynd, Lister, Webb & Self.


Saturday 31: In the morning called at Bishton. Returned to Newcastle with Mr J. S. Dined at Mr Turners with a party of the Corporation & got home in the Evening.


1818, February,

Sunday 1: At home. Service.


Monday 2: At Burslem, and from thence to Etruria, calling upon Mr Wedgwood, to make enquiries after the old Title Deeds relating to the Oldfields Lands part of the property lately sold by Wood & Caldwell to Mr Wedgwood of Bignall Hall & which had been left in the late Mr Tho. Wedgwoods hands when Mr Wedgwood promised to apply to Mr Tomlinson relative to such Deeds. Returned home to dinner. Began marling Prospect Hill having determined to keep the farm in my own hands for the present. Let the Marling, carrying & spreading at per Ton. Moses Barlow to whom I had let the ploughing of the Hilditch field had begun on Friday last. Fine Frost.


Tuesday 3: At home. Writing Letters to Revd. Mr Turner, Mr Chas. Vine & Mrs Margaret Penlington, with remittances of Interest, & Navig. dividends. Isaac Cooper again on his Concerns. Drawing out Account & writing Letter therewith for him to Mr Cave of Coventry, who acted for his Landlords. William Penlington on their affairs & particularly as to his engaging on a Brick track [trade would make better sense but looks like 'trade'] with Jas. . . .[Massey?], which as he had nothing else to do I recommended for one year. Walked to the Marlpit & found the Marl of excellent quality.


Wednesday 4: At home. Farm & various matters. A & E.C. arrived from Nantwich to dinner.


Thursday 6: At home. Various matters.


Friday 7: William Penlington on their Affairs. Mrs Simms Acct &c. previous to his going to Nantwich to settle the same with Mr Skerrett. Rode out on Horseback. Marling &c. Wrote to Mr Wood relative to Title Deeds in Mr Whalleys Lands of which Abstract wanted


Page 168, February 1818.


Saturday 7: At home.


Sunday 8: At home. Service.


Monday 9: At Newcastle on various matters. Paying sundry Christmas Bills &c &c. Lost a cheque which I had drawn a short time ago on Kinnerslys payable to Mr Scott or bearer, but without any Sum being filled up, owing to my not knowing the amount of his Bill. Returned to dinner.


Tuesday 10: At Newcastle again: making enquiry about the Cheque, but without success. At the public office saw one of the . . .[Whiteheads?] accused of the late Highway Robbery of . . .[Mullan?] near Newcastle & saw over the depositions . . .  . . .  . . .[made by him?].


Wednesday 11: At Newcastle again, but not being able to hear any thing of the Cheque, directed the same to be advertised in the Newcastle & Pottery Gazette.


Thursday 12: At home. A young Man who had only Commenced working yesterday in the Marlpit, in which we were getting Marl for Prospect Hill, was unfortunately killed this morning by a lump of Marl falling and crushing his head against the wheel of the Cart, near which he was standing. He died almost immediately; though upon examination by Mr Davenport the Surgeon, no external injury was apparent, sufficient to occasion immediate death but I understand that blood issued in great quantity from his Mouth ears & nostrils. Mr Davenport afterwards told me he supposed his death to have been occasioned by Haemorrage(sic), & possibly from rupture of some of the principle Vessels in the head or some of the pulmonary arteries. There was a compound fracture of one of the legs. This young Man when a parish Apprentice had been offered to serve as a Boy in the family along with Charles Shufflebotham[?spelling, may be Shufflebottom] but the Carter was preferred.

Revd. Mr Anderton called. In the evening Mrs Stamford, my sister came & Elizat. returned from a short excursion to Birmingham &c on which they set out on Monday last.


Page 169, February 1818.


Friday 13: At home, Various matters. In the evening read out Rob Roy.


Saturday 14: At home


"When Brute Creatures die what becomes of their Souls? - What indeed, I know not: but it is nevertheless true that Souls reside in them. There is no necessity that we should know all things; nor are we therefore presently to deny any thing, because we cannot give account of it. We are to receive those things that are evident, and be content to be ignorant of those things which we cannot know.

Le Clere. Notes to . . .[Grotins?] on the truth of the Christian Religion

It had been before observed, that the Soul of Beasts is so far . . .[ocasonable?] as to be able to do such things, and not others.

Some actions of Beasts are so ordered and directed as plainly discover them to be the effects of some small degree of Reason.

But they act always alike; and are unable to do other things which don't require more reason or pains.


Sunday 15: At home. Service.


Monday 16: At home.

When one considers the difficulties of finding the true ideas annexed to words, and particularly in an ancient language, and the difference of opinion that has subsisted amongst Men of the greatest thought and learning, as well as the most honest enquirers after truth, upon various texts and passages of the Scriptures, this surely ought to abate all positiveness, as to this or that one determinate sense, having the only true and proper meaning; and remind us that others proposed of equal possibly of superior critical knowledge and understanding to our own, have come to very opposite conclusions.

  For myself, I have always considered some of the main arguments in favour of the Christian Religion to be derived from its agreeableness to the light of Nature, and the moral obligations of actual Reason. Nor can I help . . .[favouring?] that if ever it be removed from this foundation, or separated from such an alliance, the belief of understanding persons will be endangered. J.C.


Tuesday 17: At home. Engaged with the grounds &c, Began thinning the Plantation between the Dining Room Window and the garden.


Wednesday 18: At home. Engaged on the Farm, Grounds &c. Finished thinning the Plantation. In the evening Mr W Roscoe arrived. Long conversation on their affairs.


[Loose sheet inserted over p169. Broadly speaking laid out as below.]

January 29 1820

Jas. Caldwell Esqr Do

 to Sml Beardmore 14 days

work £1.12.8


Page 170, February 1818.


Thursday 19: At Newcastle making enquiries relative to one John Ball, in whom the residue of a Sum of years was vested, in part of the property sold to Mr Wedgwood by Wood & Caldwell, when Mr Swinnerton promised to apply to Mr Ball of Newcastle & inform me of the result. On my return engaged on the farm.


Friday 20: At home. Engaged in the morning drawing plan of the Lands and preparing Case to be sent to Stamford, for the opinion of Counsels relative to the Colliery Works commenced in Mr Martins Lands; & particularly as to the right of . . .[throwing?] the water raised from the Mines into the old watercourse.


Saturday 21: At home. Finished & copied Plan & Case & sent them by the Post to Stamford with a Letter further explanatory of the Circumstances. Farm & sundry matters.


Sunday 22: At home. Service.


Monday 23: At home. Mr Wm Roscoe left Linley Wood. Engaged in various matters.


Tuesday 24: At home. The like. Farm &c


Wednesday 25: At Stone attending Meeting of Select Committee. Mr Sparrow, Chetwynd. Lister Webb & self. Went with Mr J. S. from Newcastle. Returned at night & found Mr Skerrett at Linley Wood.


Thursday 26: At home. Engaged with Mr Skerrett &c. &c. Mr Penlington on their affairs who dined at L Wood.


Friday 27: At home Farm &c.

A desire of seeming more knowing than other persons, is as strong a . . .[pressure?] as any that molests our Souls. This goes unasked many times under a vizor of seeking reformation, advancing knowledge and the like, when it is in reality seeking applause, insinuating into a party, and vaunting our own selves. Hence too frequently comes an itch to invent.


Page 171, February 1818.


or publish new opinions and fancies, seditions, disobedience to magistrates, heresies, schisms and rebellions.

Walker on Education p 189

He that is conceited of his own worth, despaireth others: and therefore will not take pains to read, or inform himself, what other men say, or know, but when he fixeth in himself this proposition that other men are more ignorant than he then whatever comes in his fancy seems to be an addition to knowledge and must either be reserved as a mystery or vented as the depth of science and oracle of wit; though many times it is but either a great error, or at last a vulgar truth. Ibid 187


Saturday 28: Mr Skerrett & my two Sisters left Linley Wood. At home.

People of prosperity are not only the chief support but the safest and best defence of a free opulent Country.

Montagn. Anct. Republics


1818, March,

Sunday 1: At Home. Service.


Monday 2: At home. Engaged on accounts of late James Caldwell & drawing out final Statement to accompany the balance.


Tuesday 3: At Newcastle making further enquiries about Ball the mortgagee of the Bycars Estate, when I discovered that he had been dead many years having made a Will of which a Copy is to be procured. Showed Mr Sparrow. Letter received from Stamford saying that he should have no objection to being concerned for Mr Wilmot in case of a contested Election at Newcastle & which Mr S had desired me to inquire when we went to Stone together on Wednesday last. Called upon Mr Bent who showed me Letters from John with favourable Accounts of the Liverpool Brewery. Fixed to go Shrewsbury and from thence to Liverpool, the first week in April next.


Wednesday 4: At home. Engaged all morning drawing out final Account with Mr John Caldwell & Mr John Boyle in the affairs of the late James Caldwell of Manchester . . .  . . .[& co?]. to accompany a Bill for the balances sent this day to Mr Spier of . . .[Beath?]. Copying the Account & writing to Mr Spier therewith. Mr Wedgwood of Betley, who staid & dined. Received from Mr Wood the Drat. of the intended Articles with Mr Wedgwood of Bignall end for the supply of the Manufactory with Coals. Perusing & considering the same.


Page 172, March 1818.


Thursday 5: At home Again engaged on Articles with Mr Wedgwood. Also on the Affairs of Richard Harrison & writing long letter to Mr Balguy of Derby in reply to one received from him. Mr Jos. Wedgwood Jnr. called relative to Sir Rob. Peels [presumably the father of later Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel?] Bill for regulating the labour of Children in Cotton Manufactories & the experiences of the Pottery petitioning against such Bill a print of which he left with me & which I promised to peruse & consider.


Friday 6: At home. Engaged arranging various papers &c. Perusing & considering Sir Rob. Peels proposed Bill. Jos. Wedgwood came to dinner to whom I expressed my doubt of the propriety of the Pottery petitioning Parliament against the Bill as it was exclusively confined to Cotton Manufactories though I strongly disapproved of legislation interference or regulation with respect to the labour employed in Manufactories in general.


Saturday 7: At Burslem relative to the Articles of Agreement with Mr Wedgwood, when I proposed to meet Mr Hostage of Sandbach that we might look them over together previous to a copy being sent to Mr Wedgwood. I wrote to Mr Hostage accordingly. Showed Mr Wood S. Rob. Peels Bill when he coincided with the sentiments above expressed. On our way to Burslem called at Clough Hall on occasion of the Marriage of Miss Kinnersly with Mr Atwood. Elizt. Eliza & self. Saw Miss H Kinnersly. Mr & Mrs K being out.


Sunday 8: At home. Service.


Monday 9: At home. Engaged on various matters.


Tuesday 10: At home. Snow.

The advantage of Religion consists in this, that it supplies us with more arguments to do what is right, than we can possibly have without it. Sykes Comment.


Wednesday 11: At Sandbach meeting Mr Hostage of Northwich perusing the Drat. of the Articles previous to the same being sent by Mr Hostage &with whom I left the Drat. for that purpose to Mr Wedgwood. Returned home to dinner and found J Wedgwood of Betley.


Page 173, March 1818.


Thursday 12: At home. Engaged on various matters previous to setting of tomorrow morning to Stafford Assizes. J Wedgwood staid the weather being very inclement.


Friday 13: St off at 6 o clock to Stafford taking Post horses one of the Carriage Horses being still lame. Took Mr Thos Sparrow from Newcastle. Attended upon the Grand Jury Sir C Wolseley Foreman. Dined with the Judges Park & Burroughs. A numerous Calendar but not so large as this time twelvemonths by nearly one third.


Saturday 14: Engaged all day on the Grand Jury. Petition to Parliament brought forwards by Mr Chetwynd against what is called "Blood Money & which was signed by the Grand Jury. This business & . . .[snarl?] of the Cases taking up much time prevented all the Grand Jury finishing the Bills & we therefore adjourned tilll Monday. Dined with the Sheriff. Received an obliging invitation from Mr Ricketts to dine tomorrow at Meaford. From the Sherriffs went to Stamfords lodgings where Mr Pearson & Mr Russell came to take their tea & where I passed a very agreeable evening the Conversation being kept up with much interest & aggreeableness tilll 12 o clock.


Sunday 15: Stamford . . .[here?] departed with me at the Hotel. Went to Meafords to dinner where I met Mr . . .[Cayery?] & Mr Parker of Parkhall. Hospitable & obliging Reception & after a pleasant day returned to Stafford at night.


Monday 16: Engaged again on the Grand Jury. Finished the business & were discharged about half past 12 - Returned to Linley Wood to dinner. Found a Letter from Mr Wilmot requesting my interest &c at the ensuing Election for Newcastle.


Tuesday 17: At home: Wrote to Mr Wilmot. Various matters. Began improvements for irrigating the lower part of the Meadow near the wood.






Page 174, March 1818.


Wednesday 18: At home. Wm. Penlington on their affairs, & writing Letters to Mr. Skerrett relative to Mrs. Simms, Acct.(?) Elizth. & I called at Lawton Hall but they were out. Mr. Henry Broughton & Mr. Pattison called relative to the purchase by the former of Mr. Penlington's share of the House at Rode Heath. I made conversation thereon, when I promised to send a plan to Mr. B. In the morning planted the 3 poplars at the end of the Pool. Mr. Rob. Roscoe arrived in the evening.


Thursday 19: At Trentham Inn attending Meeting balloting for vacancies in the Militia & swearing in Assessors for assessed Taxes. Mr. Spode & Self. Jos. Wedgwood came to dinner. In the Evening Mr. Rob. Roscoe left Linley Wood on his return to London. In the morning the Gardener began making new Asparagus beds.


Friday 20: At home.


Saturday 21: Wm. Penlington on their affairs. Looked at & arranged the plan of the House & Land at Rode Heath previous to W.P. shewing the same to Mr. H. Broughton. Began enlarging the Plantation in the front of the House, in consequence of the Colliery commenced in Martins Land. In the evening Stamford arrived from Shrewsbury.


Sunday 22: At home. Service.


Monday 23: Various Matters. Called with Stamford at Rode Hall, in consequence of Mr. Wilbrahims (sic) having come down into the Country but he was not at home. Called on Mr. Johnson of the Hollins who came to L. Wood & explained how the Mines lie in Martins Land & was positive(?) that the Colliery could never be worked to advantage.


Wednesday 24: At Stone attending Meeting of the Select Committee. Rode on Horseback to Newcastle; and from thence went with Mr. Thos. Sparrow in his Curricle. Unwell with a Cold.


Page 175, March 1818.


Wednesday 25: At Stone. Attending Sel. Committee, & General Assembly, The Concern going on in a very prosperous manner; & the price of Shares still rising. Very unwell with Cold & Fever. Returned home in the evening. Found Miss Tollet & Miss Caroline Wedgwood.


Thursday 26: At home. Very unwell. Pain & Fever.


Friday 27: At home. Still very unwell. Engaged drawing up Minutes for a Letter to Mr. Vernon relative to the Colliery in Mr. Martins Land. Mr. & Mrs. Kinnersly & Miss Harriet called. Jos. Wedgwood came to dinner.


Saturday 28: At home. Still unwell. Writing Letter to Mr. Balguy of Derby in reply to one received from him relative to repairing & letting to Mr. Sanders the House occupied by Mr. Hope, part of the late Richd. Harrisons property.


Sunday 29: At home. Still very unwell: but went through the Service. Stamford left us on his way to Chester


Monday 30: At home being unwell. Engaged closely all Morning on my Will: which I made afresh, & copied fair for execution.


Sunday 31: At home. Still very unwell.



Wednesday 1: At home. Very unwell, but rather better this morning: the severe pain in the head having somewhat abated in the night. Wm Penlington. Mr. Snape.


Thursday 2: Set off after breakfast with Mr. Bent to Liverpool on annual Settlement of Accounts. Arrive there about half past three. In the Evening Dr. Crompton communicated to me some painful intelligence relative to one of Mr. Ab.(?) Cromptons Family.


Friday 3: Engaged closely all day on Annual Accounts: Found the concern rather improving though still yielding little or no profit. Mr. Roscoe dined, & Mr. Hamnett came to Tea.


Saturday 4: Finished do. & signed the Balance Sheet as usual. Much further Conversation with Dr. C. Left Liverpool about 12 o Clock. Crossed the River to Woodside. From there to Chester, Wrexham


Page 176, April 1818.


Saturday 4: and Llangollen where we slept. In our way called at Dr. Richd. Bents (sic) at his Cottage called Plas yr Pentre, & who(?) accompanied us to Llangollen & spent the Evening.


Sunday 5: Viewed Llangollen Bridge then walked to Abbey Valla Crucis with Mr. Bent. A beautiful Ruin but the effect much injured by a White Cottage built by the Proprietor Mrs. Thomas close to the Abbey Gates. Took a short walk through the Lawn of the Cottage inhabited by Lady E. Butler and Miss Ponsonby. The Cottage a poor Building without taste or beauty & the front overloaded(?) with some old Wooden Carvings which to my eye had a bad effect being inconsistent with that simplicity which is the true Characteristic of a Cottage. Went to Plas y Pentre to an early dinner: & spent a few hours very agreeably. In the Evening proceeded to Oswestry, and from thence to Shrewsbury & arrived at the Lion(?) Inn about 9 o'Clock


Monday 6: Engaged closely all day on the Books & Accounts. In the afternoon Sir John Heathcote joined us. Wrote a Note to Dr. Darwin, who appointed to call upon me the next morning.


Tuesday 7: Dr. Darwin called. Recommended a perseverance in the Medicines & plan(?) I had been for some time upon. Afterwards went to the Brewery where we finished the annual Accounts & signed balance Sheet. Left Kemsly(?) about 12 & arrived at Linley Wood in the Evening.


Wednesday 8: At home. Engaged writing various Letters, particularly one to Dr. Crompton at Lune Villa. In the evening Mrs. Stamford &(?) Eliza arrived bringing Miss Ann Lawrence from Birmingham


Thursday 9: At home. Closely engaged all Morning on papers previous to going to Stone on Saturday to see Mr. Vernon on Martins Colliery business. Letter from Mr. Wood on Wedgwoods business & answer thereto.


Friday 10: At home. Engaged again on the above (Colliery) business. Took examination of Wm. Brandreth relative to Trees cut on Sunday last in Swallow moor Wood by Thos. Witney & Saml. Cooper 2 of Mr. Martins people. Michael Ashmore paying his Rent. Considering & advising on the Will of Hannah Harriet(?)


Page 177, April 1818.


of London sent by Mary Baggeley of Newcastle for my opinion & advice. Case from Mr. Evans of Lane End under the assessed Taxes. Considering & answering the same by his Servt.


Saturday 11: Mr. Wedgwood of Bignall End relative to our being appointed Overseers of the Poor. At Stone seeing Mr. Vernon & explaining to him the circumstances relating to Mr. Martins Colliery, when he strongly recommended that I should purchase the Estate, and said he would speak to Mr. Martin about it. In the Evg Letter from Dr. Crompton


Sunday 12: At home. Service. Sent the Letters that I had received & written to Mr. Bent.


Monday 13: At home. Farm & various matters.


Tuesday 14: At Trentham Inn Attending Meeting Militia & assessed Taxes. Mr. Spode & self. Miss Lawrence left us, going to Ollerton Eliza & Mrs. S. took her to Congleton


Wednesday 15: At home. Sent to Mr. Twemlow of Peats Wood invitation to dine on Wednesday next & stay the following day.


Thursday 16: At Betley. Called at Betley Hall. Mr. Wedgwood & Betley Court. Mr. Tollet & Mr. Wickstead, & Mr. F. Twemlow gone to Peatswood, but left Invitations for them to dine at Linley Wood on Wednesday next. Saw the Ladies at all the Houses. Mrs. Wedgwood looking ill but as usual interesting & in Spirits. Mr. Wedgwood promised to dine on Wednesday. I am prevented by being obliged to go to Liverpool on his military duty.


Friday 17: At Barlaston, to dinner & staid all night. Elizth., Mrs. Stamford & myself. Eliza(?) being prevented going by being unwell. Met Dr. & Mrs. Northern Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Bent 2 Miss Parrys Mr. Walter Coyney [Walter Coyney was a lawyer]. An agreeable day.


Saturday 18: Walked through the Grounds &c. which are very beautiful commanding a very fine feast(?) of Trentham Park, Woods, & Grounds & the surrounding Country. Barlaston is a good House and was built as Mr. Mills informed me from a plan & design of Sr. Rob. Taylor [Sir Robert Taylor, noted English architect]. the father of the present Mr. A. Taylor M.P.  There is a very good picture of Lord Clarendon by Vandyke. Mr. P. stopped at Newcastle on our return on various matters & got home to dinner. In the evening Mr. Crompton, with the Dr. & Mrs. Crompton arrived at Linley Wood relative to the unfortunate affair which had occurred in the family of the former, & the proposed arrangement in North Wales.


Page 178, April 1818.


Saturday 18: Much conversation & discussion on this painful business when it was agreed that I should go to Newcastle in the morning to talk the matter over with Mr. Bent.


Sunday 19: Mr. Crompton & the Dr. accompanied me to Stoneyfields where I had the pleasure to arrange matters so as to be satisfactory to the Parties; & the particulars of which Mr. Bent undertook to communicate to his Nephew. The Dr. & I returned to L. Wood to dinner; Mr. Crompton leaving us at Talk on his return into Lancashire. Found Mr. Hostage & Enoch Wood junr(?) who dined. After dinner the Dr. & Mrs. Crompton left us on their return home. Much Conversation & discussion afterwards with Mr. Hostage & E. Wood relative to the Bykars business & the Articles of Agreement with Mr. Wedgwood for the Supply of Coals. In the Evening Mr. Roscoe arrived, & W. Hostage & E. Wood left us.


Monday 20: At home. Wrote to Mr. Vaughan of Stone on behalf of Thompson & Barlow(?) two Boat men, to request that their Case might be investigated. Perusing & considering Drt. of Articles with Mr. Wedgwood which Mr. Hostage had left with me. Writing to Mess. Mousley & Mosley Derby with Deed sent for execution by Mrs. Stamford.


Tuesday 21: At home. Long Conversation with Mr. Wm. Roscoe on their affairs. but no material advance appeared to have been made towards a satisfactory & final arrangement. Took the Deed which had been granted by Mrs. Stamford to Newcastle to be forwarded from thence to Mess. M. & M. of Derby.


Wednesday 22: At home. Mr. Tollet, Twemlow, F. Twemlow & Jos. Wedgwood Junr came to Linley Wood. The three former stai'd all night. In the morning Mr. Roscoe left us.


Thursday 23: After breakfast Mr. Tollet went. Rode out with Mr. Twemlow; & with whom enjoyed all Morning. Mr. F. Twemlow having gone with Mr. Tollet; but returned to dinner. Dr. Northern & Mr. Bent dined.


Page 179, April 1818.


Apl.24 Friday: Mr. Twemlow & Mr. F. Twemlow left us after breakfast ˜ At home the rest of the day.


Saturday 25: At home. Various matters. Wrote to Mr. Crompton of Lune Villa. Miss Wedgwood of Betley came to dinner. Afterwards Mr. W. Skerett of Liverpool called, dined & went on to Nantwich.


Sunday 26: At home. Service.


Monday 27: At home. Various matters & Papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow. Early this Morning Mrs. Stamford, Eliza, & J. Wedgwood set off to London, on their way to Paris.


Tuesday 28: At Stone attending Meeting of the Select Committee. Mr. Sparrow, Lister, Chetwynd, Webb & Self. Afterwards called upon Mr. Vernon relative to Martins Colliery business, who promised that I should hear from him on Thursday next. Mr. Lister mentioned in the course of conversation, that it was intended to call a County Meeting to petition against the intended Bill for the regulation of Country Banks. At the head of this were Mr. Tollet, Rickets, Sr. T.(?) Wrothesley, Sr. C. Wolseley &c. I was struck with one of the Objections which these Gentlemen had to the measure, namely that it would raise the Funds(?) verbum sat (sic)! Returned in the Evening having ridden to & from Stone on horseback.


Wednesday 29: In the morning at home. Engaged on various matters. Afterwards dining at Stoneyfields. Met Mr. & Mrs. Porter & Miss Thomas, Sneyd, Belcombe, & Jos Wedgwood Junr. Conversation with Dr. Belcombe relative to the Newcastle Library. Recommended continuing it another year at the same place, if the Rent were a little lowered.


Thursday 30: At home. Engaged on papers relative to the Longton Gutter Reference [Longton Gutter was an old water level which drained workings in the Longton district], in consequence of a Letter received from Mr. Fenton; & to whom I wrote proposing to call upon him at Newcastle on Monday next. Mr. Bent called relative to the Lune Villa business, & informing me that the matter was finally accedid (sic) to & approved by Sir John. Considered with him the communication from Mr. Williams of Shrewsbury relative to Poole, the late Clerk there, when it was thought best that I should write to Mr. Williams on the subject. In the evening Letter from Mr. Vernon saying that he had not yet seen Mr. Martin, but should do it tomorrow, or on Saturday Morning, & would then write again.


Page 180, May 1818.


Friday 1: At home. Engaged on various matters, Letters &c.


Saturday 2: At home. Wrote to Mr. Vernon in reply to a Letter received from him last night & proposing to meet Mr. Martin at his Office on Tuesday next. Mr. Jones of Leek, with whom settled & discharged his Account for Conveyances from Wm. Lawton Esqr. Received in the evening an evasive Letter from Mr. Vernon.


Sunday 3: At home. Service.


Monday 4: In the morning, Mr. Coomer of Harlington Hall, with a brown Colt which I purchased for the Carriage at the price of 45 Gs. Four years old, coming five. Afterwards at Newcastle, attending Meeting at the Roebuck, on assesses Taxes, W Spode & Self. Met with a Note from Mr. Fenton, who was prevented meeting me on the Longton Gutter business, by an attack of the Gout. Returned home to dinner. Received from Mr. Wood fresh Agreement entered into with Mr. Wedgwood, by which his undertaking to supply with Coals at goin(?) rates, was relinquished in consideration of his paying £3000 addl. purchase Money making the whole £26000. Wrote to Mr. Wood saying that I would be at Burslem with the Agreement.


Tuesday 5: At home all morning in consequence of a Letter from Mr. Vernon expecting Mr. Martin to call relative to the Foxholes Estate but he did not come. Jos. Wedgwood Junr. called. In the Evening went with Eliza to Burslem.


Wednesday 6: At Cliff Villa consulting Mr. Tomlinson relative to Mr. Martins Colliery, when it was proposed that I should send a Case for Mr. Beales(?) [Peakes(?)] Opinion previous to any proceeding being commenced. From thence to Etruria but Mr. J. Wedgwood was out. Returned the Letters from Plas yr. Pentre to Mrs. Bent at Stoney fields Mr. Bent being out.


Page 181, May 1818.


Thursday 7: At home. Engaged all morning finishing & Copying for Mr. Peakes Opinion which sent to him by the Post. Wrote also to Mr. Vernon, in consequence of Mr Martin not having called. In the afternoon received a Letter from Mr. Wood to Mr. Hostage relative to Mr. Wedgwoods being let into possession on Saturday next, which with a few lines addressed by myself to Mr. Hostage, was sent to the Post by Thos. Lowe from Burslem.


Friday 8: At home. Walked with Mr. Beardman to look at the Meanlake farm, & particularly at the Hilditchs fields now laying down for permanent pasture.


Saturday 9: At home. Various matters previous to going to Nantwich tomorrow.


Sunday 10: At home. Service. In the afternoon Eliza. & I went to Nantwich and arrived at Dysart Buildings about 7 o Clock


Monday 11: At Nantwich. Walked to the Heath & viewed the new Enclosures which appear to be a great improvement & promise much benefit to the Town. Mr. Skerrett dined with us at Dysart Buildings.


Tuesday 12: At Nantwich. Called upon Mr. Joseph Salmon. Saw Mr. Garnet(?) who called. Dined at Mr. Skerretts. Mr. Chas. Broughton, Mr. John Garnett(?) & myself. Pleasant day, with much Conversation.


Wednesday 13: Dined at Nantwich & in the Evening returned to Linley Wood after a very agreeable excursion.


Thursday14: At home. Various matters. Turned out milking cows.


Friday 15: At home. Letters & various matters.


Saturday 16: At home. Letter from Mr. Bent inclosing one from Plas y Pentre. Writing Letter to Mr. Tomlinson with particulars of Mr. Peakes opinion. Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence of Birmingham came to dinner. Got early Potatoes.


Sunday 17: Service omitted. Engaged with Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence, who dined and then set off to Ollaston. Cut Cabbage.


Page 182, May 1818.


Monday 18: At home. Various matters. Unwell.


Tuesday 19: At home. Still unwell. Turned Cows into Linley Meadow on account of the fouling of the Water in the old Watercourse


Wednesday 20: At Trentham Inn attending Meeting of Commrs. Mr. Spode & Self receiving Assessments of Assessed Taxes. Returned to dinner: but very unwell.


Thursday 21: At home. Fenced off the Trees newly planted. Mr. Mayor(?) Farrier looking at the Water of which he took some in order to analyse it. Fenced off the old Watering place, & took away the Hurdles that divide The Ground in order that the Cattle might have access to the Water in the Ground under the Wood.


Friday 22: Turned Cows onto the ground before the House. Still very unwell. Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Lawton called. Surveyors, for the purpose of making a new rate(?) [route(?)] for the Parish of Audley, & who looked over the Estate with Mr. Beardmore.


Saturday 23: At home. Various matters. Letter from Mr. Bent informing me that the Plas yr. Pentre business was settled to go on as we had arranged. Cleansed the large Pool & the Pool at the Farm from weed.


Sunday 24: At Talk in the forenoon with Elizth. attending Service. Mr. & Mrs. C. Lawton there. Used the new Carriage Horse for the first time: which promises well. In the evening Mrs. Martin of Newcastle to consult relative to her accepting an Offer of the Brampton(?) House boarding School which had been offered her by Miss Cope, who is quitting the situation; and which I advised her to embrace. Mrs. & Miss Nickisson accompanied Mrs. M.


Monday 25: At home. Engaged on the Farm. Began setting Winter Potatoes.


Tuesday 26: In the morning at home. Farm. In the Evening at Newcastle calling on Mr. Bent who had been indisposed but found him better. Much conversation on various matters. He said Mr. W. Kinnersly had mentioned that the Foxholes.


Page 183, May 1818.


Tuesday 26: might be purchased. Expressed my wish to have it on fair terms, when he promised to make enquiry from Mr. W. Kinnersly as to the particulars of his information.


Wednesday 27: In the morning at home. Dined at Lawton Elizth & Myself. Wm. Penlington also dined.


Thursday 28: This morning about 8 or 9 o Clock the Brick Oven in Mr. Martins ground(?) was fired. Much smoke occasioned by it. I saw Mr. Johnson who still maintained his opinion that there [were] no Coals in the Estate that wd. pay for the getting, & that the Colliery would not be of long continuance.


Friday 29: At home. Farm. Turned the two Carriage horses out to grass.

"Mr. John Adams, the American Ambassador to this Country, regarded the French revolution at the commencement with gloomy foreboding, rather than any pleasurable anticipation and with more truth than usually attends political speculation, he foretold the destruction of a million of human Beings."       

                                                                                                                 Monthly Review May 1817.

I am tempted to note this circumstance from the perfect coincidence of my own sentiments and impressions with those of Mr. Adams, respecting the French Revolution. Those with whom I have been in the habit of communication, will well remember how little I suffered myself to be deceived by those "glowing visions" and "enthusiastic hopes" which dazzled the imaginations and misled the judgement of so many persons; and how constantly I deprecated those "sad realities" which blackened and deformed the history of Revolutionary France. Without pretending with Mr. Adams to calculate the quantity of human life that would be wantonly and uselessly wasted; I steadily maintained however throughout the contest, one Opinion, namely, that it would end in the restoration of the Bourbons, an Event which I have lived to see take place.


Saturday 30: At home. Various matters. In the Evening Mr. & Mrs. John Lawrence arrived on their return to Birmingham out of Cheshire; bringing the intelligence of the death & funeral of Mr. Potts of Ollaston. He died on Saturday the 23. & was buried this morning. Age 67. A truly good & worthy man I had long known & much respected.


Page 184, May 1818.


Sunday 31: At home. After breakfast Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence left us. Service. Changed the Cows into the Pool field this morning.



Monday 1: At home. Letter from from Mr. Hill in Mrs. Tollets Affairs which answered by his Servant & sent around by Barthomley for the perusal of Mr. Hinchcliffe. Wrote also to A.C. Marsh, to go tomorrow by Eliza. Fished the Pools. Mr. Hamnett of Liverpool came to dinner & with whom afterwards engaged.


Tuesday 2: Took Eliza to Stone, on her way to Birmingham from whence she meant to proceed tomorrow to London. Took Mr. Hamnett with us in the Carriage as far as Newcastle. Called at the Navgn. Office at Stone & saw Mr. Vaughan, with whom made Conversation on the Affairs of the Canal, which I found in a very prosperous State. I returned to Linley Wood to dinner.


Wednesday 3: At home. Various matters. In the Evening rode over the grounds on Jessica.


Thursday 4: At home. Wrote to Eliza. Mr. Davenport on account of Wm. Milners relapse. Much Conversation with him: & continue to think him intelligent & well informed in his business, as well as modest & unpretending. He said he had once tried the affusion of cold water in a Case of Gout, but with very hard(?) success as it drove the complaint from the extremity to the Stomach; though in the first instance it completely relieved the local pain. Blistered by his advice the grey Horses back


Friday 5: At home. Various matters. In the Evening Mrs. Stamford & Emma arrived.


Saturday 6: Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lawton called early to invite me to dine & meet Mr. Ackers(?); but declined going. Wrote to Mr. Hostage informing him of Baks(?) Administrations being received at Mr. Sparrows Office of which Mr. Swinnerton had informed me by Letter. Resumed Musick with Emma.


Sunday 7: At home. Service


Page 185, June 1818.


Monday 8: The 34 anniversary of the blessed day which united me with my beloved and excellent wife. More & more dear! as age and time swell the proofs & recollections of increasing friendship, tenderness & love. In the morning at Newcastle on various matters. Requested by the Mayor to sit with the Returning Officers on the approaching Election, the contest being expected to be very close and severe, but which I declined; promising however to be ready to give them every assistance in my power short of that & for that purpose that I would be in the Town if they wished it, and always ready to attend them. Tom & Harry Wedgwood came to dinner.


Tuesday 9: At home. In the evening Letter from Elizath.


Wednesday 10: In the morning at home. Wrote to Eliza. Various matters. Mrs. Stamford, Emma and I dined at Stoney fields. Met Dr. Thos. Bent, Mrs. Rawson, Mr. Woodey, Mr. John Gorton. On our return home found a Letter from Eliza to Emma with the joyful intelligence of our dear Anne being very well after the birth of a little girl which was born at 6 o Clock on Monday evening last. By a rather singular Coincidence the Wedding Day of its Grandfather & Grandmother; the honorable title which belongs to my beloved wife & Myself.


Thursday 1: At home. In the evening Letter from Mr. Sparrow mentioning that it was the wish of the Mayor & the returning Officers that Stamford shd. attend them at the approaching Election requesting my Answer. Letter again from my beloved wife with a continued good Account of our daughter & her little girl. Letter also from Mr. Balguy on the Derby Affairs & preparing the purchases(?) of some Land lying at the back of the Nuns green Houses.


Sunday 12.: At Newcastle. I saw Mr. Sparrow, the Mayor, & Mr. Bentley & by their desire sent an Express to London desiring Stamfords attendance at the Election. The Contest expected be very warm & severe. Mr. Wilmot expected to arrive this afternoon: Sir John Boughey being in the Town. Returned to dinner with Mrs. Stamford & Emma who had taken me to Newcastle in the morning on their way to Parkfields.


Page 186, June 1818.


Saturday 13: At home.


Sunday 14: At home. Service. In the Evening Stamford arrived: just previous to which, I was alarmed by seeing an Empty Gig going down the Liverpool(?) Road, with the Horse on full speed. On meeting Stamford he said he had just parted with Mr. France of Bostock, who was going on in his Gig, they having come down by the Mail together: but he was sure it could not be him from the shortness of the time. On enquiring however it proved to be Mr. France's Gig out of which he & his Servant had jumped, the Horse having run away with them & the Reins having broke. Hastening(?) next up to the Swan where they had been carried. Found Mr. France in almost a senseless state with a severe Contusion on the back of the head(?) & the Servant with his leg broken. Foster the Surgeon having been called in; Sent off immediately for Dr. Northern who on his Arrival seemed satisfied that no injury had been done to the Skull or brain, but Mr. France was very ill. Staid with him with his man Servant 12 o Clock, and left Thomas to sit up with him, having first despatched a Messenger by the Expedition Coach with a Letter to Miss France at Everton.


Monday 15: Went early up to the Swan. Dr. Lowther came at half past eight pursuant to Appointment. Mr. France rather better but still in a very indifferent state. He was bled at the Arm & about 2 hours after 4 Leeches were applied to each temple. Staid with him the whole of the day & left him at night much more comfortable in the care of Wm. Heath who was to sit up with him. Wrote again in the Assurance(?) to Everton.

     In the afternoon a fine Shower which after the long & excessive heat & Drought was most acceptable & useful.


Page 187, June 1818.


Tuesday 16: In the morning two Miss France's & Mr. John Cropper came to breakfast. Afternoon & went with them to the Swan, where we found Mr. France going on very well. Engaged with Mr. Cropper, and also with Stamford on the subject of the Newcastle Election previous to his attending the Returning Officers tomorrow.


Wednesday 17: In the forenoon at home. Afterwards dined at Stoneyfields, Sir John & Mr. Heathcote, Jos Wedgwood Junr. & Harry. Staid later in order to see Stamford & Conversation with him on the Election, & some of the disputed Cases. Returned later having previously fixed with Mr. Bent to go together to Stafford Friday & to attend the Nomination. Good Account of Mr. France. Dr. Northern thinking him so well as to have given his permission for his going to Bostock tomorrow.


Thursday 18: In the morning Mr. Cropper & Miss Frances left. Linley Wood, & took Mr. France with them from Talk on the Hill. Engaged on various matters. Jos. & Harry Wedgwood & Roland here & dined.


Friday 19: Went early to Stafford, attending nomination for the County. Called at the Mayors, considering some adjourned Cases & promised(?) to close(?) on my return. Lord Gower proposed (at Stafford) [transcriber's note: position of 'Stafford' in sentence uncertain] by Mr. Lane & seconded by Grove, Mr. Littleton proposed by Mr. Chetwynd seconded by Mr. Page. Ridiculous & foolish Speech from Sr. Chas. Wolseley: but no opposition set up. Returned to Newcastle & dined with the Returning Officers Stamford & Mr. J. Sparrow at the Woolpack. Much Conversation & Consideration with them relative to the Election & sundry adjudged Cases. Took Stamford up to Stoneyfields and returned late having previously promised to dine again with the Returning Officers tomorrow.


Saturday 20

In conveyance of a Letter from Mr. Hostage saying


Page 188, June 1818.


Saturday 20: that he should be at Burslem today for the purpose of getting the Bycars Deeds [Bycars was a colliery at Burslem]. executed. Went to Burslem where all the Deeds were duly executed by Mr. Wood Mr. Wedgwood & myself. Proceeded from there to Newcastle. Found that a Riot had taken place in the Hall, one part of the Burgesses having by force prevented Mr. Walthall one of the new made Burgesses from polling & having pulled down part of the Hustings. Dined with the Returning Officers Much consideration as to the Course that it would be proper to pursue, when they agreed to wait the event of tomorrow: in order to see whether the same nuisance was likely to be occasioned(?), & if so to have Military in readiness in case the civil power should not prove sufficiently powerful to keep the peace. Stamford returned with me to Linley Wood. In the morning Miss Lawrence came to L. Wood.


Sunday 21: At home. Miss Lawrence. Much Conversation & Consideration with Stamford relative to the Election. I have suggested the propriety of creating National(?) Special Constables & strengthening the Civil power to the utmost. If this could not be done to a sufficient extent it and(?) then he has to send to the Yeomanry Cavalry to be in readiness in case of further Riot, and in case the civil power was not strong enough. Desired Stamford to mention this to the Returning Officers whom he had promised to meet at half past five this afternoon at the Mayor's.

     The Weather which for upwards of a Month had been exceedingly hot & dry changed the latter end of the last week to most beneficial Rain; but became so cold last night & today, that we had recourse to Fires.


Monday 22: At home. Miss Lawrence left L. Wood after breakfast. Accompanied to Talk by Mrs. Stamford & Emma, who then heard from Sir John Heathcote that the Election was concluded, by the resignation of the Contest. In the afternoon


Page 189, June 1818.


June 22: Stamford returned, having as I all along understood discharged the the duties of a delicate & arduous situation with much credit to himself and to the entire satisfaction of all the Parties concerned; and clearly(?) justifying the anxiety that I had felt, that so public an occasion should not pass over without his appearance .


Tuesday 23: At home. Various matters. Sent to Betley Court a Note of Enquiry after Sir John Boughey.


Wednesday 24: At home. Note from Mr. Wm. Kinnersly inviting me to dine at his Election dinner today at the Roebuck; but declined the same, as did Stamford to whom an Invitation had also been sent. In the Evening received a Letter from my ever dear Eliza with a good Account of Anne.


Thursday 25: At home. Wrote to Eliza.


Friday 26: At home. Various matters. Tom & Caroline Wedgwood dined


Saturday 27: At Newcastle, Calling upon the Mayor & returning Officers, & invited them to dine on Wednesday next. Invited also Sparrow, Plant, & Scott. At the Brewery. Called also on Mr. Wm. Kinnerley. Conversation relative to Foxholes Estate, which he had promised to make enquiry about with a view to facilitating my purchase of it. Requested him for the present not to take any notice which he said he & his Brother Thos. would not do till he heard from me again, civilly desiring that I would make use of them on the occasion, whenever I thought it proper. Received on my return Letter from Mr. Wood relative to Arrangements in the Burslem Concern. This morning Began to mow the bottom of the Meadow.


Sunday 28: Enoch & Joseph Wood dined here with whom much Conversation relative to the Burslem Concern, & wrote by them a Letter to Mr. Wood explanatory of my Sentiments on the business. Turned the grey horse out again to Grass. In the Evening received Letter from my more than ever beloved wife, with a good Account from Whitehall place.


Monday 29: At home. Went on with the Mowing. Wm. Penlington dined.


Tuesday 30: At home. Hay Harvest.


Page 190, July 1818.


Wednesday 1: In the morning Mrs. Artusbey(?) of Congleton called. The Mayor of Newcastle (Mr. John Nickisson) with the returning Officers at the late Election Mess: Bentley & Turner dined. Also Mr. Plant & Mr. Scott High Constable. Mr. Sparrow prevented coming. A pleasant day: the Gentlemen staying late.


Thursday 2: Mr. George Martin & Mr. Dale of Talk. Paid the former 2 Years Rent for growth of Timber on Foxholes Estate, he said he should make no more bricks. Busy in the Hay: Some of which was carried in the Evening. Jos. & Harry Wedgwood dined.


Friday 3: At home. Engaged in Hay.


Saturday 4: At home. Weather cloudy which prevented doing much on the Hay. Engaged on Letter to Mr. Wood. Wrote also to Mr. France.


Sunday 5: At home. Service.


Monday 6: At Stone attending Meeting of the Select Committee. Mr. Sparrow, Chetwynd, Lister, Webb, & Self. Engaged to go with the three latter to Shardlow & to be at Wolseley Bridge on the Evening of Sunday the 19th. Left the people at home busy in the Hay Harvest & found to my great surprise on my return at night that the Grass mown on Saturday had been carried quite dry(?) & sufficiently made.


Tuesday 7: At home. Mr. Kempe from Burslem with whom long Conversation relative to the Burslem Concern & the extraordinary part taken by Mr. Wood in Attempting to put an end to the Partnership. Had the satisfaction to find the most unequivocal testimony born by Mr. Kempe to my Conduct as a Partner & the liberality in which I had uniformly behaved towards Mr. Wood, during the time that he had been employed as Chief Clerk & BookKeeper being a friend of 16 or a 17 years. Engaged


Page 191, July 1818.


Tuesday 7: busily in the Hay & did, what I had never known since I was a Farmer Carried in excellent Condition & stacked the Grass cut only yesterday. Harry Wedgwood, & Bob, dined, the former having come here yesterday. Stamford dined at Dr. Northerns. In the Evening a very light Shower of Rain.


Wednesday 8: At Newcastle, with Stamford. Dining with the Mayor & a large party.


Thursday 9: At home. Engaged in the Hay, which we finished. Received in the Afternoon a Letter from Mr. Wood relative to the Burslem Concern & his proposed Dissolution of the Partnership. A Strange Man! and an extraordinary instance how much Vanity & Self Conceit can render unavailing, not to say worthless, inginuity (sic) & Talent which to a certain degree he undoubtedly possesses. But --- ---- ---- ----


Friday 10: At home. Began a Letter to Mr. Wood, but recollecting that my beloved Wife, and friend would be at home tomorrow Evening deferred finishing it, till I had an opportunity of consulting her.


Saturday 11: At home, and late at Night had the happiness to see again my heart dear Wife, who came about 11 o Clock with Eliza and Chas. Wedgwood.


Sunday 12: At home. Chas. Wedgwood dined: & left us after dinner in a Carriage which the party had brought down from Mr. Tollet. In the Evening some fine gentle Rain.


Monday 13: Engaged writing Letter to Mr. Wood. Mrs. Noble & her Niece came to Tea.


Tuesday 14: At home. Began taking down the old Cowhouse at the Farm. Letter again from Mr. Wood & writing in reply to it.


Wednesday 15: At home. Considering with much attention the Burslem Affair. Letter again from Mr. Wood. Mrs. Thomas, a friend of Mrs Noble came in the Afternoon.


Thursday 16: At home. Mrs. Noble(?) & her Niece left L. Wood.


Friday 17: At home. Mr. Kempe with whom a long Conversation relative to the Burslem business: on which I was to have met Mr. Hostage this day at the Red Bull but he was prevented coming.


Page 192, July 1818.


Saturday18: At home. Mr. Hostage & Enoch Wood came in the Forenoon when I finally agreed for sale to Mr. Wood of my Share & Interest in the Concern of Wood & Caldwell for £27,000.

     Mr. Wm. Roscoe arrived in the Evening.


Sunday 19: Service. In the evening went to Wolseley Bridge taking Mr. Vaughan from Stone, in order to set off the following Morning on my excursion to view the Canal from Wolseley to Shardlow.


Monday 20: This Morning Mr. Lister, Mr Chetwynd, Mr Webb, myself with Mr. Poker(?), Mr. Vaughan &c., set off in the Companys Boat on the Survey, having previously seen Mr. Sparrow of Bishton. Went to Harvington & from thence returned to Burton upon Trent, where we dined and slept. Walked in the Evening with Mr. Chetwynd the Scenery about which is truly beautiful. In the afternoon I was suddenly taken ill in the Boat, which prevented my enjoying the Sail that we had today through the beautiful fair Country lying between W. B & Burton.


Tuesday 21: Rose early after a night of great pain & suffering. Proceeded to Shardlow. A Delightful Country through the Vale of the Trent. Surveyed the Company's Warehouses &c. Saw Sutton, who told a fine Tale of his having been invited to stand Candidate for the County of Leicester. Suspected there was something more in it than met the ear. Returned to Burton very late to dinner. Extremely ill myself; & determined to set off home the next morning in the Chaise.


Page 193, July 1818.


Wednesday 22: Passed another miserable night & in the Morning Set off home accompanied by Mr. Vaughan & after a miserable Journey arrived at Linley Wood in the Afternoon.


Thursday 23: At home. Increasingly ill.


Friday 24: At home. Ill.


Saturday 25: Mr. Hostage came in the Morning with whom much Conversation relative to the Agreement & made an additional Minute. Mr. H. dined & then proceeded to Burslem. I had been today rather better.


Sunday 26: At home. Service. Mr. Bent came to dinner with whom much Conversation relative to the Burslem Concern my quitting which he much approved. Mr. Roscoes Affair &c.


Monday 27: At home. Again unwell. Began alterations in the Buildings at the Farm.


Tuesday 28: At home. Mr. Hostage came to dinner, with whom proposed an explanatory Memorandum of Agreement relative to Burslem Concern.


Wednesday 29: At home. Ill.


Thursday 30: At home. Mr. Hostage & Edward Wood. In the evening Mr. & Mrs. Wedgwood from Betley.


Friday 31: At home. Mr. Trubshaw. Engaged with Mr. Wedgwood. Workmen busy taking down the Chimney at the Farm which was discovered to contain much Timber which had been on fire & which if it had not been discovered and attended to might caused(?) the whole Building being burnt down and of which it must long have been in danger. In the evening Mr. & Mrs. Wedgwood left us.



Saturday 1: At home. Unwell.


Sunday 2: At home. Service, but very unwell.


Monday 3: At home. Ill. Mr. Wm. Sneyd from Ashcombe & two Miss Powys came to L. Wood. Also Car. Wedgwood & the young Men from Elsmore.


Page 194, August 1818.


Tuesday 4: At home. So ill as to prevent my attending Newcastle Races.


Wednesday 5: The same, miserably ill.


Thursday 6: The same.


Friday 7: Mr. Wm. Sneyd & the Miss Powys went. Still very ill.


Saturday 8: At home. Ill. Wm. Bent came in the Morning.


Sunday 9: At home. Too unwell to go through the Service. In the Evening Mr. Bent went. Stamford bought from him a bay Horse for £25 to be charged to my Credt. at Macclesfield.


Monday 10: At home. Very unwell. Mr. Trubshaw then came to alter the Marble Chimney piece in the Drawing Room. I put up the Steps at the Door.


Tuesday 11: At home. Very unwell. About 10 at night my most dearly beloved Anne arrived with her Baby at Linley Wood; but owing to my indisposition her Mother & I had retired before she came.


Wednesday 12: Saw my dear Anne & her Little Child: with Emotions new & unfelt before, & proportionately tender & strong: but the miserable state of my health & Spirits clouded the perfect happiness that I should otherwise have experienced & the regret of which added another pang to the many that I have for the last three wretched weeks endured.


Thursday 13: At home. Still very unwell, but rather better


Friday 14: Mr. W. Roscoe. Began cutting Wheat & Oats.


Saturday 15: Mr. Hostage came for the purpose of taking Instructions for Settlemt. on the intended Marriage of A.C. & W.R.  Conversation thereon.


Sunday 16: Engaged with Mr. Hostage on Settlemt. & Instructions for a Draught. In the Evening Mr. H. went to Burslem, having previously signed a Memorandum relative to the Securities to be given to me by Mr. Wood & his Sons. Stamford set off to Belper.


Page 195, August 1818.


Monday 17: At home. Lady Fletcher, Miss Fletcher & Mrs. F. Twemlow called. Also Mr. Tollet, Miss Tollet & Mr. Wickstead; & Mrs. Belcombe. My Sisters also arrived from Nantwich. In the evening a fine Shower.


Tuesday 18: At home.


Wednesday 19: At home. Engaged a good deal with the Buildings at the Farm.


Thursday 20: At home. Unwell.


Friday 21: At home. Engaged on intended Settlement on the Marr. of E.A.C. & Mr. Roscoe.


Saturday 22: At home. Dr. & Mrs. Belcombe, Miss Moreton, Mr. & Mrs. Bent, & Mr. Anderton dined. Sent Drat.of Settlemt. to W.R.


Sunday 23: At home. Service


Monday 24: At home. J.S.C. returned from Derby & Buxton.


Tuesday 25: Went early to Sandon attending Meeting of Select Committee, Mr. Sparrow, Chetwynd, Webb, & Self. Returned at night. Found 2 Miss Darwins, Caroline & Jos. Wedgwood & Mr. Bent at Linley Wood.


Wednesday 26: At home. New Building. Jos & Harry Wedgwood dined.


Thursday 27: Mrs. Wedgwood C.W. & Miss Darwins left Linley Wood. Engaged with new Building &c.

     "The human mind is so strangely capricious, that, when freed from the pressure of real misery, it becomes open and sensitive to the apprehension of ideal Calamities"

                                                                                             Heart of Mid Lothian. Vol.4. p. 50


Friday 28: At home. Engaged on Mr. R. & E.A.C.  Settlement & other matters.


Saturday 29

Elizath. Emma & I called at Trentham. Saw Lord & Lady Stafford & Lady Elizabeth. Whilst there Mrs. & Miss Sneyd of Keele & Miss Carnegie called. All parties seemed disposed to be very agreeable & the thing(?) went off well. On our return Called myself upon Mr. J. Sparrow, who I found indisposed with Gout, but much recovered from his late illness.


Page 196, August 1818.


Sunday 31 [sic in error for 30]: At home. Service


Monday 31: At home. Miss Tollet, Miss Coape, & Miss Aire(?) called, & Mrs. Wilbraham.



Tuesday 1: At home. Mr. Wilbrahim called. Mr. Penlington sent 2d/n(?) Brace of Birds & a Leveret. Engaged writing sundry Letters to Mr. Roscoe &c. Farm Buildings &c &c. In the afternoon a very heavy & seasonable Shower of Rain with distant Thunder. In the evening read out "Mid Lothian" A work which I cannot but think greatly inferior to the preceding ones of the ingenious & justly popular Writer, in Dignity, Pathos & Humour.


Wednesday 2: At home. Engaged at Buildings at the Farm &c. Unwell. Letter Writing &c.


Thursday 3: At home. Farm &c. Finished carrying Oats from Banky Swallow Moor.


Friday 4: Set off to Etruria but prevented going on by the Rain of which we had had some slight & most acceptable Showers during the course of the last 2 days. Very unwell.


Saturday 5: At Etruria calling upon Mr. Jos. Wedgwood & obtaining his Consent to his name being used as a Trustee with Mr. Peake in the Settlement on the Marriage of Eliza & Mr. W. Roscoe. Long Conversation with him on the Settlement, when he repeatedly expressed a strong opinion that the proposed Covt. on the part of Mr. R. to make a future Settlement if it should be in his power was highly reasonable & proper(?) Mentioned to Mr. Wedgwood also the circumstances of the dissolution of the Partnership of Wood & Caldwell. Called at Stoneyfields & the Brewery, but Mr. Bent was out. Saw Mr. Thos. Sparrow, & Consulted with him, relative to the Case of two Men who had been taken up at Newcastle, for collecting Money for the Miners(?) at Manchester, who were in a state of Disturbance. Thought the Offence punishable by the Magistrate by Fine under the Act of Parliament. On my arrival at home, found 2 Miss Wedgwoods of Parkfields, who dined & staid all night. Stamford also returned from Chester Assizes


Page 197, September 1818.


Sunday 6: At home. Miss Wedgwoods left us. In the evening Mr W. Roscoe arrived. Stamford went to Betley Hall to dinner.


Monday 7: Wm. Penlington on their affairs. Afterwards at Sandbach with Mr. W.R. meeting Mr. Hostage & finally settling the Drat. of the Settlement on his intended Marriage with E.C.


Tuesday 8: At Rode Heath. Meeting Mr. Henry Broughton Mr. Pattison Mr. Sutton & the Referees Mr. Massey & Mr. Coomer in order that a valuation might be put by the latter on Mr. Penlingtons Moiety of the House &c, belonging to him & the Devisees of the late Sir Thos. Broughton; but after it had been understood by Mr. Massey that he & Mr. Coomer had agreed, the latter having met & spoke to Mr. Broughton said he should not accede to the terms proposed & the business therefore broke off. Called at Rode Hall but Mr. Wilbrahim was out.


Wednesday 9: At Newcastle with Mr. W. Roscoe in order that he might obtain a License (sic), Mr. Hickin of Audley to whom Application had been made, proving not to be a Surrogate. Called upon Mr. Bent who was so good as to accompany W.R. to the Revd. Mr. Leighs from whom the Licence was procured. In the afternoon had a long conversation with my dear Eliza to whom I explained all the feelings & Motives from which I had acted through the course of the affair & succeeded in setting her mind compleatly at rest as to any displeasure or disapprobation on my part, & which I was desirous to do, that no useless Uneasiness proceeding from me might cloud her approaching happiness.

     In the evening Mr. Skerrett arrived.


Thursday 10: In the morning proceeded to Audley Church - my dear Eliza Ann Marsh & myself in our own Carriage, Bessy & Emma & Mr. Roscoe in Mrs. Harfords Carriage & Mr. Skerrett & Anne Caldwell in Anne Marshs Carriage. Ceremony performed by Mr. Hickin. After which



Page 198, September 1818.


Thursday 10: the whole party returned to Linley Wood to breakfast. Took an opportunity of speaking in the kindest terms to Mr. R., that I might compleat the good work of perfect harmony; & hope that I succeeded in making him comfortable & happy. Between one & two o Clock he & Eliza left us; sending the Carriage & horses with them to Middlewich, on their road into Northwales.


Friday 11: Walked with Mr. Skerrett to Alsager, looking over Oak & Meanlooke farms. Busy cutting Oats in the Hilditchs fields, which owing to being sown very late we did not begin upon till this week. Improvements on Prospect Hill & the Birchin(?) field fallow, by marl broking well.


Saturday 12: At home. Lord Gower & Lady Elizth. called to congratulate us on the Marriage. Sat a long time & were particularly pleasant & sociable. Miss Morgan, Mr. Wedgwood of Betley, & Mr. Jos. Wedgwood also called. Mr. Bent dined. Gave him for his Consideration a Letter in reply to one which I had received from Mr. Denison on the Liverpool Brewery affair.


Sunday 13: At home. Service.


Monday 14: Received Invitation from Lord & Lady Stafford to dine at Trentham on Saturday next the 19th, congratulations on the Marriage. Engaged writing Letters to Mr. Roscoe of Liverpool in reply to one received from him on occasion of the Marriage. Afterwards at Newcastle on sundry matters & left at Mr. Sparrows papers &c on Mr. Armitsteads affairs received from Mr. Owen of Bawtry. Returned to Dinner. In the morning Mr. Skerrett & my Sisters left us on their return to Nantwich. In the night heavy Rain.


Tuesday 15: At Newcastle again attending Meeting of the Committee for managing the Theatre; & long discussion with Mr. Stanton, when it was agreed to give him a further trial to bring a better Company. Executed Deed sent from Bawtry being a disclaimer under the Will of the late Revd.


Page 199, September 1818.


Mr. Armitstead under which I had been appointed a Trustee & Executor, but which was afterwards changed by the Appointment of his Son in Law Mr. Prickett in lieu of myself. Left the Deed to be forwarded from Mr. Sparrows Office to Bawtry. In my absence Mr. & Mrs. Kinnersly & Miss Kinnersly kindly called.


Wednesday 16: At home. Engaged with Deeds relating to the Burslem property & drawing out Abstract for Mr. Hostage. Dr. Northern in the evening to see Mrs. Harford, who was again much indisposed.


Thursday 17: Engaged on the like. Anne returned from Parkfields where she had gone on Monday last & Stamford from Pentswood, where he went on Tuesday.


Friday 18: At home. Sent Abstract & sundry Deeds to Mr. Hostage & wrote to him on the business. Mr. Beardmore & Richd. Beresford relative to his License being withdrawn from the latter: in consequence as he said of a Representation to the Magistrates from Mr. Wilbrahim & Mr. Wittenhall. Advised him to go first to Mr. Wettenhall to enquire into the causes of any Complaint.


Saturday 19: In the morning engaged on Mean Lake farm. Carrying Oats. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lawton called. Dined at Trentham. Eliza Stamford Emma & I. Met there Mr. & Lady Elizth. Vernon. Mr. Bosen(?) Fagel, Envoy from the Netherlands & Mr. Lane. Very agreeable day, & met with much and very kind attention. Lady Stafford regretted to Eliza that Count Lieven the Russian Ambassador & the Countess, had gone away that morning, as the latter was an extraordinary performer on the Piano forte & she thought it would have given me much pleasure to hear her. On this account she asked(?) me to hear her, & She said they had fully depended upon their staying over today. Lord Stafford shewed me a picture by Jackson, who he spoke of as a promising Artist, Moses in the Bullrushes. Prettily painted, but the head seemed to me as if cut off from the Body, owing to one dark separating line which had to my eye a bad effect. Finished carrying the Oats.


Sunday 20: At home. Service. Mr. & Mrs. Bent dined on their return out of Lancashire.


Monday 21: At


Tuesday 22: In the evening Marsh and his two Sisters arrived at Linley Wood


Page 200, September 1818.


Wednesday 23: At home. Engaged on various Letters & papers. Burslem & Liverpool Brewery.


Thursday 24: Called at Lawton Hall


Friday 25: At Wolseley Bridge attending Meeting of the Select Committee. Went with Mr. Thos. Sparrow from Newcastle & returned at Night


Saturday 26: At home. Engaged with Letters & papers: but walked to Mean Lake with Eliza.


Sunday 27: At home. but too unwell for going through the Service


Monday 28: At home. Unwell.


Tuesday 29: At Stone with Stamford attending General Navgn Assembly. Took Mr. Thos. Sparrow in the Carriage from Newcastle. Returned at Night.


Wednesday 30: At home. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lawton & Mr. Penlington dined.



Thursday 1: At home. Mrs. Chas. Lawton dined. Marsh & Stamford went to Coole.


Friday 2: At home. Various matters. Farm &c. Mr. Wedgwood called bringing Miss Caroline Darwin, who staid at Linley Wood.


Saturday 3: Eliza Anne & I called at Swinnerton Hall. Saw Mr. & Mrs. Fitzherbert who were very friendly & seemed glad to see us again. From thence to Parkfields. Called upon Miss Morgan at her new Cottage. Afterwards dined at Parkfields, where we met Miss Marshs Emma & Miss C. Darwin. On our Return found Stamford & Marsh.


Sunday 4: At home. Service.


Monday 5: Dined at Lawton Hall. The Marshs Emma Stamford & myself. Met the Ackers, Mr. Apperley(?), Mr. Penlington and a Mr. Powell Member for Cardigan. An agreeable man with whom I had much conversation.


Tuesday 6: At Newcastle dining with the late Mayor Mr. John Nickisson. A very large party and excellent dinner & every thing well conducted.


Page 201, October 1818.


Wednesday 7: At home. Received from Mr. Hostage a Drafts of Deed of Dissolution of Partnership with Mr. Wood. & of other Deeds relative thereto, in order that I might look over the same previous to Mr. Hostage seeing me, & which I fixed for him to do on Saturday next.


Thursday 8: In the Morning engaged with the papers received from Mr. Hostage. At Newcastle dining with Mr. Nickisson Senr. of the Marsh. An agreeable Party. Sat next to Mr. Ward of Newcastle who I found a very agreeable well informed Man & with whom I had much interesting Conversation. Promised to send him Houghtons Essays, & Waltons Angler neither of which he had seen.


Friday 9: At home. Engaged again on the papers received from Mr. Hostage which I found in several respects not consonant to the Agreement.


Saturday 10: Mr. Hostage with whom a long discussion of the Drafts. In some of my Observations on which, he readily concurred, but some difference arising as to the disposal of the old Title Deeds, it was proposed that the Draft Agreement should be laid before a Counsel on my behalf & whose Fees I consented to pay. After dinner Mr. H. returned to Burslem.


Sunday 11: At home. Having declined going to Newcastle to dine with the New Mayor Mr. Rob. Hill, not being very well, & A. Marsh being obliged to set off on his return to London tomorrow in consequence of unexpected business. Service. Jos. & Harry Wedgwood came to dinner.


Monday 12: The Wedgwoods went early; & after breakfast we had the painful task of parting with our dear friends, & the little Infant, which had been a source of new and exquisite delights to us for several weeks past. Mr. Twemlow of Alsager called with an obliging Message from Mr. Jenks giving me the option of purchasing the Lands lying up to Swallow Moor Wood. Mr. Randle Wilbrahim


Page 202, October 1818.


Monday 12: also called with a Note to Eliza from his Mother inviting us and Arthur Marsh & Anne to dine on Friday next. Walked & talked a good deal with him, & found him a very pleasing gentlemanly young Man with the appearance of much good disposition. At night Mr. Beardmore with Letters & papers from Anne Malkin of Whitmore relative to some property to which she had become entitled by the death of her Son a Soldier in India & for my advice thereon.


Tuesday 13: Eliza & Mrs. Stamford set off after breakfast to Coole. Perused the papers left with me last night by Mr. Beardmore. Wrote to Mr. Jenks thanking him for and accepting the Option he had given me of purchasing the Lands lying up to Swallow Moor Wood & requesting the particulars & price. Afterwards engaged at the Farm with workmen altering the Yard. Read part of Evelyns Journal, a Book of much interest & amusement. Eliza & Mrs. Stamford returned about nine o Clock.


Wednesday 14: Mr. Beardmore relative to Ann Malkins business which I promised to enquire about. Allan Booth & Thos. Colclough relative to the Title to a Horse [House?] belonging to the latter, & advising them thereon. Mr. Henshall Moss relative to the dispute with the late Mr. Eardleys Executors. Advised a reference to Counsel. Called on Mr. Pencron(?) on my way to Newcastle & mentioned this to him. At Newcastle. Dining at Mr. Bentleys. Stamford, also dined who came from Ashcombe where he had been since Monday with Emma. Beautiful day.


Thursday 15: Mr. Johnson of the Hollins relative to his appointment to the Collectorship of the assessed Taxes of which he had no Notice. Engaged at the Farm, &c. Wm. Dawson(?) came on trial as Coachman.


Friday 16: At Trentham Inn, attending Meeting to hear Appeals under the assessed Taxes. Mr. Spode & Self. A great number of people, but got through the business so as to return home to dinner.


Page 203, October 1818.


Saturday 17: Walked with Eliza in the Alsager Grounds, looking at the Lands intended to be purchased from Mr. Jenks. Received a Letter from Mr. Colclough with the offer of an exchange in case I should refuse them, & they shd. be purchased by Mr. Galley. Afterwards engaged with Men at the Farm.


Sunday 18: At home. Service. Mrs. Martin of Newcastle who desired to consult me relative to the sale of Her House upon the Marsh & the Offer of £800 made by Mr. Ward. Walked in the afternoon to the Hollins to have spoken to Mr. Johnson; but he was out. In the Evening Mr. Beardmore relative to the Settlement Case between the Parishes of Lawton & Audley which stands for Trial at Knutsford Sessions. Stamford dined at Lawton Hall.


Monday 19: Mrs. Stamford & Emma set out to Southport. Beardmore again, & consulting with him & Stamford, previous to their setting off to the Sessions. Engaged on Burslem Papers a great part of the day.


Tuesday 20: In consequence of a Note from Mrs. Martin, & thinking that I might best serve her by seeing Mr. Ward, went to Newcastle for that purpose. Saw Mr. Bent & Mr. Ward, & afterwards Mrs. Martin. The matters agreed to stand over till Thursday between [now] & which time I was to look into the Deed in my possession & then see Mr. Ward again. In the evening received Letter from Mr. Jenks with offer of the Lands in Alsager at £1000 & some reservation of profits, if Coals should ever be found & worked.


Wednesday 21: Looked over the papers in my possession relative to Mrs. Martins business. Wrote to Mr. Jenks accepting his Offer. Mrs. Jos. Wedgwood called.


Thursday 22: Eliza & I went to Stoneyfields. Engaged in the Morning on Mrs. Martins business with Mr. Wood. Afterwards all day on Settlement of Annual Accounts. Miss Bent & Mr. Sylvester of Derby at Stoneyfields. The latter a Man of strong natural genius & ability, by which I understood that he had saved himself from a very inferior situation of Life so as now to stand high as a Philosopher. He wrote the Article on Pottery in Rees Cyclopaedia.


Friday 23: Early in the Morning called upon Mrs. Martin. Finished Annual Account. Mr. Sparrow & Mr. Ward dined at Stoneyfields. Considered the bargain with the latter for Sale to him of Mrs. Martins House at £810.


Saturday 24: Returned home to dinner. Found Drafts papers from Mr. Hostage relative to the Burslem business.


Page 204, October 1818.


Sunday 25: At home. Service.


Monday 26: At home. Engaged much on papers received from Mr. Hostage. Mr. & Miss Tollet called.


Tuesday 27: At home. Engaged on Burslem papers & drawing out Observations to be laid before Counsel. William Penlington dined. Stamford killed 2½ brace of Pheasants & a Brace of Partridge. Sent the latter & a brace and & a half of Pheasants to the Ladies.


Wednesday 28: In the morning at home. The two Mrs. Wedgwoods came. Afterwards Mr. Bent, with whom & Stamford dined at Lawton. On my return found a handsome Letter from Mr. Jenks.


Thursday 29: Set off with Mr. Bent to Macclesfield. Where engaged all day closely on The Books & Accounts. The weather so mild that at night we were obliged to let the fire go out.


Friday 30: Returned to Linley Wood after breakfast. On walking into the Garden found the Tyger Lilly (Ferraria) in full bloom & beauty in the open air. Gathered fine Mushrooms in the House field. Engaged closely on Burslem papers previous to sending them to Mr. Tomlinson for his advice & assistance, and to their being laid before Counsel on my behalf. Finished getting up Potatoes.


Wednesday 31: Writing long Letter to Mr. Tomlinson with the Burslem Papers - which sent to him by William Dawson(?). Wrote also Mr. Jenks, informing him that the purchase Money should be paid as he requested.



Sunday 1: At home. No Service Eliza going to Church & the Servants mostly out. In the afternoon Stamford went to Leek on a Reference from the Quarter Sessions.


Monday 2: At home. Wrote to Mr. Beckett of Brooklands relative to Sale to Mr. Nickisson & Mr. Ward of our Lot on Newcastle Marsh. Mr. Tomlinson came early in the forenoon, but with whom closely engaged all day, perusing & settling the Drafts of the Burslem Deeds previous to the Draft of the Deed of Dissolution & Assignment being laid before Mr. Philips the Conveyancer for his reconsideration.

     Speaking of the Poor Rates Mr. Tomlinson said that he had Documents in his possession from which it wd. appear that the Poor Rate for the Parish of Stoke was at one time only 15£. a year. It was last year £15000.


Page 205, November 1818.


November: Tuesday 3d

Set off early to Burslem to attend Meeting of the Select Committee. Took Mr. Tomlinson who had staid all night at Linley Wood, in a Chaise with me to Newcastle. On the road he mentioned that the late Newcastle Election had cost Mr. Kinnersly 17000. Mr. Wilmot not considering himself liable for(?) engagements which he had by Letter from Mr. K. as to the expence. Took Mr. Thos. Sparrow from Newcastle, & Vaughan from Stone. Got to Sandon about 11. Attending Committee. Mr. Sparrow, Lister, Chetwynd, Webb, & Self. Dined at Sandon & returned home at night. Mr. Lister said he was going to dine at Lord Harrowbys at eight. Weather inclined to rain & as if breaking. Vaughan said 240 Boats had lately passed the Summit pound in one day.


Wednesday 4: Rode to Alsager on Heather. Mr. & Mrs. Jos. Wedgwood, Elizth. & Caroline, Jos. Wedgwood Junr., two Miss Wedgwoods of Parkfields, & Miss Morgan dined. In the evening the paper brought the melancholy account of the death of Sir Saml. Romilly [noted English legal reformer].


Thursday 5: At home. Heavy & incessant Rain all day. Reading &c. In the evening Mr. Beardmore with whom a long discussion & consideration relative to the Poor within the Hamlet of Talk & making Minutes preparatory to my investigating the Accounts &c. &c. Stamford dined at Rode Hall, having returned from Leek to Lawton Hall yesterday, where he dined & staid all night.


Friday 6: Heavy Rain. Engaged perusing & Considering long Bills of Costs in the Causes between The Grand Trunk & The Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canals which Mr. Thos. Sparrow had desired me to look over, previous to his delivering the same. Michael Ashmores Son in Law paying the half-years Rent which became due at Lady day last. Began watering the Meadow.


Saturday 7: At home. Engaged all Morning perusing & abridging the Evidence taken by Stamford in the Reference on which he had been engaged 3 days at Leek (having the Case of a disputed Road across private Lands between Mrs. Sneyd of Ashcombe & the Owner of an Estate adjoining hers of the name of Oulsnam(?)) and on which from the extreme length & contradictions of the Evidence he was desirous to have my Sentiments. Received from Mr. Hill, the Mayor of Newcastle, a very fine Pike, which I sent to Mr. Charles Lawton, knowing that they had still Sr. Wm. Anson &c. Beardmore consulting on Mr.(?) Gibsons Case of Settlement. In the Evening Stamford set off to London.


Page 206, November 1818.


Sunday 8: At home. Service. Great Fog.

     It is natural to be glad to find excuses for ones own infirmities, perhaps this may have led me to copy the following Observation.

     "No Man is angry, but he that feels himself hurt. Therefore tender & delicate persons must needs be wey(?) foot angry; for they have abundance of things to trouble them, which more robust Natures have hardly any sense of." Prone to Anger as I am, I yet hope that I have never let the Sun go down upon it.


Monday 9: At home. Wrote Letter to Mr. Hostage. Rode out to Alsager; & to broke(?) at the Hedge dividing Prospect Bank from the Hilditchs Fields, which began removing on Saturday last. Called at Michl. Ashmores who said Twemlows Estate had been sold cheap: worth £1000 (sic) buying(?). He stated the price at 8000 (sic) Guineas. Fine November day. Mild & dry.


Tuesday 10: At home. Wm. Penlington with Conveyance from the Trustees of Linley Lane to me of parts of the old Road. Rode out again to superintend the work at Prospect Bank. Fine day but rather(?) windey (sic).


Wednesday 11: In the last night very heavy & incessant Rain for many hours. Eliza & I dined at Etruria. Met Mr. & Mrs. Aikens(?)


Thursday12: Went from Etruria where we staid all night to Newcastle Attending Meeting of the Agricultural Society. Eliza dined at Dr. Northerns, which I was prevented from doing by my attendance at the Meeting. In the Morning called at Smiths & agreed for Rees's Cyclopaedia. To be the same as Mr. Bents perfect copy Royal paper, Proof Impressions of Plates &c. Saw Mr. Ward & agreed on the behalf of Mr. Beckett & myself to sell to him & Mr. Nickisson the piece of Land upon the Marsh at a price to be put upon it by Mr. Heaton. Called with Mr. Wood at Mr. Philips inspecting the Deeds in his possession. Returned home at night, which being fine, Rode on Horseback.


Friday 13: At home. In the Evening received a Letter from Mr. Knight of Whitchurch (Mr. Jenks's Solicitor) relative to my purchase of the Lands in Alsager.


Saturday 14: Went to Cilff Villa consulting Mr. Tomlinson on Mr. Knights Letter, & my Answer thereto. It being wet went in the Carriage taking Eliza with me to Newcastle. On my return


Page 207, November 1818.


engaged writing Letter to Mr. Knight particularly relative to his proposed Reservations & powers as to Coals, & which appeared to Mr. Tomlinson & myself to be inadmissible.


Sunday 15: The Letter to Mr. Knight appearing to me to be of much consequence sent it to Mr. Tomlinson for his perusal & which he returned with his full approbation of it. Service. Heavy Rain. At night sent the Letter to Mr. Knight by the Post.


Monday 16: At home. Various papers & matters. Unwell. Perusing & Considering Draft of Assignment of Mrs. Martins House on the Marsh to Mr. Wood.


Tuesday 17: At home. Received Letter from Mr. Denison with Draft of fresh Liverpool Brewery Articles.


Wednesday 18: At home. Wrote to Mr. Denison & perusing the Draft previous to shewing it to Mr. Bent. At night arrived the intelligence of the death of the Queen at one o'Clock yesterday.


Thursday 18: At Newcastle with the Drat. of the Articles which Mr. Bent & I concluded to put into the hands of Mr. Ward, in order that he might correspond with Mr. Denison on the business & afterwards seeing Mr. Ward, & explaining the matter to him. Long Conversation with Mr. Bent relative to the affairs of the Newcastle lower Canal, on which he mentioned that Mr. Danl. Whalley & he wished to have my advice when I promised to meet Mr. Whalley at Stoneyfields on Saturday next and go through the papers &c. with them. Spoke to Mr. Heaton relative to his putting a Value upon the Lot of Land on the Marsh proposed to be sold by Mr. Beckett & me to Mr. Ward by Mr. Nickisson. Returned home to dinner.


Friday 20: At home. Engaged with sundry papers.


Saturday 21: At Stoneyfields, meeting Mr. Danl. Whalley with whom & Mr. Bent closely engaged examining the Accounts & state of the affairs of the Newcastle lower Canal; when we agreed to meet again on Mr. Whalleys return from London & in the mean time to consider what plan would be the most eligible to adopt & for which purpose I brought the Act of Parliament back with me. Dined with Mr. Whalley at Stoneyfields, & returned home at night.


Sunday 22: At home. Service. Fine dry day. Gathered Auriculas both red & purple Roses, Chrysanthemum, Primulas, African Marigold Mignionet & Scarlet Poppy: which with Laurustinus in full flower, formed a very beautiful Bow fot(?) [transcribers note: it seems impossible to make 'bouquet' from what has been written].


Page 208, November 1818.


Monday 23: At home. Engaged with various papers, Letters &c. Gathered the whole Asters in flower.


Tuesday 24: At home. Various matters. Took the Cows into the Buildings at night.


Wednesday 25: The Birthday of my more than ever loved & valued Wife and friend who compleated her 64th Year, A crown of glory to her Husband, and a blessing to all around, or connected with her. Many, and happy, will yet I trust be the years of her life, and that she will be long spared to enjoy the new sources of happiness and comfort, which by the Marriages of two of her Daughters, seem to be so certainly opened to her.

     Having received early in the Morning a Letter from Mr. Tomlinson informing me that he had got back the papers from Mr. Philips, went to Cilff Villa, perusing & considering his observations, when we determined that Mr. Tomlinson should send the whole to Mr. Hostage signifying at the same time my readiness to accede to the arrangement recommended by Mr. Philips relative to the deposit of the Title Deeds.

     On my return saw Mr. Thos. Sparrow & paid him Mr. Rowleys Fee for attending Arbitration in the matter of Wm. Banner(?)


Thursday 26: At home. Engaged with various papers. John Bent, who had come up on account of the affairs of the Liverpool Brewery, with whom had much Conversation on the vexatious business, and I promised to go to Newcastle tomorrow to talk the matter over with his Father.


Friday 27: At Newcastle accordingly. Took the Letters which had passed between the Doctor, Mr. Denison, & myself along with me, & read them all to Mr. Bent & John, both of whom expressed their entire satisfaction with what I had written. Saw Mr. Ward, who was instructed to write to Mr. Denison in reply to a Letter which he had received from him this morning with our refusal to execute any Bonds. Returned to dinner. On the road met Mr. Wilbrahim: with whom a pleasant How do ye do Chat.


Saturday 28: At home. Wrote a Letter to Mr. Knight of Whitchurch, in


Page 209, November 1818.


Nov. 28: consequence of my not having received any reply to mine of the 14, but sent it to Mr. Tomlinson for his perusal previous to its going away. Rolled the ground just before the House: the day being dry & favourable. Prepared & executed Codicil to my Will.


Sunday 29: At home. Service. In the afternoon at Talk Chapel with Eliza.


Monday 30: At Longport meeting Mr. Vaughan of the Navgn. Office, inspecting the Sheds lately erected by Mr. Potter for the accomdn. of the Potters & Storage of Crates & sundry other alterations in order that I might state the same at the next Meeting of the Select Committee. In the afternoon Mrs. C. Lawton & Miss Belcombe called. Beautiful day.



Tuesday 1: At home. Various matters. Dined at Lawton Hall with Eliza.


Wednesday 2: In the Morning received from Mr. Tomlinson the Drat. of the Deed of Dissolution in the Burslem [Concern] with long Reservations(?) by Mr. Hostage. Engaged much perusing & considering the same previous to seeing Mr. Tomlinson tomorrow & drawing out Observations thereon.


Thursday 3: At Cliffe Villa(?) perusing & considering the papers: when it was concluded that if Mr. Wood refused to execute the Deed in the form in which Mr. Philips had finally settled it on behalf of both parties, that recourse must be had to a Bill for a specific performance. Returned home to dinner.


Friday 4: Closely engaged copying Letters from Mr. Jenks to me & from me to Mr. Jenks relative to the purchase of the Lands in Alsager to be sent to Mr. Knight of Whitchurch, & writing to him therewith(?); and also writing a very long Letter to be sent to Dr. Crompton relative to the Liverpool Brewery Concerns no reply to me received from him on this harrassing (sic) and vexatious business.


Saturday 5: At home. Engaged again on Liverpool Brewery business &


Sunday 6: At home. Unwell


Page 210, December 1818.


Monday 7: Went to Betley with Eliza. Dined & staid all night at Mr. Wedgwood's.


Tuesday 8: Called at Lady Fletchers. Miss Mainwaring(?) & Miss Moreton there. Returned home to dinner. Found the Letter to Dr. Crompton returned to me by Mr. Bent to whom I had sent it for perusal with one announcing his determination to withdraw from the Concern. In the evening Mrs. Stamford & Emma arrived.


Wednesday 9: John Bent came again, to say that he should no longer continue in the Concern & that Dr. Crompton had also determined that it should be given up. Wrote a fresh Letter to Dr. Crompton to go by John Bent & which I promised to send up to Talk in the Morning that he might find it as he passed by and take it to Liverpool. In the evening Letter from Mr. Tomlinson inclosing one from Mr. Hostage to him on the Burslem business.


Thursday 10: At home but very unwell. Much Vexation and Anxiety about these harrassing affairs.


Friday 11: At Cilff Villa. Considering Burslem business when we finally concluded that Mr. Wood should have the Deeds on giving Attested Copies &c., as proposed by Mr. Philips. Returned by Hanley Chell & Penstok(?). Mr. & Mrs. John Lawton Mr. Carter junr. Mrs. Penlington & Wm. Penlington dined. Stamford arrived from London.


Saturday 12: At home. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lawton, Wm. Lawton, Mrs. Belcombe & Mr. Penlington dined. Dr. Belcombe & Miss Eliza Belcombe prevented coming, being both unwell.


Sunday 13: At home. Service.


Monday 14: Set off early to Wolseley Bridge to attend Meeting of the Select Committee. Took Mr. Thos. Sparrow from Newcastle. Attending Committee, Mr. Sparrow, Lister, Chetwynd, Webb & Self. Slept at Wolseley Bridge.


Tuesday 15: Called at Bishton. Saw Mr. Macdonald & Mrs. Chetwynd there. Conversation with Mr. Sparrow on a paper he had shewn me the night before relative to an intended Application to parliament for power to lay(?) the venue(?) in whatever County a felony committed by Boatmen on the Canal shd. be detected,;& for extending the Law of Evidence in case of Masters of Boats. Strongly recommended to him to withhold the latter(?) which, he consented to do, acknowledging the force of the Observation I had made. On my return, called at The Brewery, but Mr. Bent was gone home. Came(?) to Linley Wood to dinner.


Page 211, December 1818.


Wednesday 16: At home: but very unwell, being much hurried(?) [harried?] in mind by the provoking and injurious state of affairs at the Liverpool Brewery. Wrote Letter to Mr. Balguy relative to the Derby property, in reply to one from him proposing a Lease to Mr. Saunders of one of the Houses.


Thursday 17: At home. Still so unwell as to prevent my dining at Dr. Belcombes which we had engaged to do. Eliza, Mrs. Stamford, & Stamford went. In the evening received Dr. Rees Cyclopaedia which I had purchased from Longmans & Co. through Mr. Smith of Newcastle. It is the best paper & impression with proof impressions of the Plates. The 78 Numbers including 4 Vols of plates Cost £57, but I am to pay for the remaining Numbers the Subscripn. price which is £1:16 per Number. Mr. Bent who first recommended the purchase to me paid only 14/6 per number, but mine was 15/- the price having risen.


Friday 18: At home. Still very unwell. In the Evening Eliza, Mrs. Stamford, & Stamford went to Newcastle to the Assembly. In the morning looked over the Cyclopaedia which appeared to me to be right.


Saturday 19: At home. Still unwell. Mr. Clement Kinnersly, who had returned with them from Newcastle Assembly, Jos: & Charles Wedgwood dined. Wrote to Mr. Wedgwood for payment of the half years Interest on his Bond & Charge(?) for £23000. Answer that he wd. call upon me.


Sunday 20: At home. Mr. Tomlinson relative to the Burslem business & Mr. Woods refusal to execute any Deed except in the form in which it was originally drawn by Mr. Philips; which it was agreed by Mr. T. & myself could not safely be agreed to by me; but determined to wait over Saturday next before any step taken as I am on that day to meet Mr. Hostage at Etruria to get the Bykers (sic) Conveyance executed by Mr. Jos. Wedgwood.


Monday 21: Mr. Kinnersly Jos & Chas. Wedgwood left Linley Wood. At home but very unwell. Eliza wrote to Dr. Crompton in reply to a Letter from him to me on the unfortunate Liverpool Business, on which & the Burslem business my thoughts & attention very anxiously turned.


Tuesday 22d: At home, but still very unwell.


Wednesday 23: At home. Still unwell. Slight Frost. Engaged reading &c. Eliza Emma & Mrs. S. went to Betley to call upon Mrs. Drewe.

"The doctrine of Jesus Christ was none other than that which was impressed by the Creator on the most ancient of the human race That He is and governs all things, in such wise, than no man, even by death, escapes from the


Page 212, December 1818.


Wednesday 23: recompense of his Deeds. He announced also the important principle, that those sacerdotal rites which had long been permitted in indulgence to the rude infancy of nations, but whose insufficiency David & Isaiah had already felt, were now to cease, and that man should henceforth seek to acquire the favour of God by that gentleness and benevolence which He taught and practised. Accordingly, Jesus not only made no alteration in the political affairs of the State, but he even introduced no order of Priesthood, nor any outward form of religious worship. He connected the remembrance of himself, with the enjoyment of the indispensible (sic) necessaries of life. Those primitive truths alone, which, . . . [s . . . .] man possesses by his organization no means of fathoming them, as he scrutinizes the ideas of sensible things, must certainly have been otherwise implanted by God in his creation, were by him renewed, and restored to that purity in which it is necessary that they should from time to time be reinstated, and which at intervals they have received from Providence, but never in so perfect and excellent a manner, or combined with principles so universally beneficial to the human race, as through the mediation of Jesus Christ."

Translatn. of Müllers Universal History Vol.1. 350


Thursday 24: At home. Engaged on various matters. Still unwell. Eliza Emma & Mrs. Stamford went to Etruria. Wrote to Mr. Hostage informing him that Mr. Wedgwood would be at home at 12 on Saturday, when I would meet him to get the Conveyance to J. Wedgwood of Bignallend executed. Sharp Frost.


Friday 25: At home. Sent to Mr. Owen of Bawtry, by the Manchester Mail the Draft of the Deed of Disclaimer under the Will of the late Mr. Armitstead, which I had executed with Mr. Harrisons Opinion & Approval of it on my behalf, & wrote to Mr. Owen by the Post.


Saturday 26: At Etruria meeting Mr. Hostage who brought the Conveyance from Mr. Wood & myself to Mr. John Wedgwood of the Bycars & which Mr. Jos. Wedgwood executed he having been nominated a Trustee with Mr. Hugh Williamson under the Deed declaring the uses of the Fine some time ago levied by us(?). From thence to Cliff Villa calling upon Mr. Tomlinson relative to the Burslem business, Mr. Hostage having taken no Notice of it to me. Suggested by Mr. T. that notice should be given to Mr. Wood by the Bondholders for payment of their Money.


Sunday 27: At home. Service. Mr. Williams & Mr. Marke(?) of Betley dined.


Page 213, December 1818.


Monday 28: At Newcastle to see Mr. Bent relative to the Liverpool Brewery Concerns, but to my great surprize found that he had received no letter from Dr. Crompton. Delivered to Mr. Sparrow my Account relative to Widow Hales(?) Money. Returned to dinner.


Tuesday 29: Received early this morning a Letter from Mr. Wedgwood of Bignall End, inclosing one to him from Mr. Wood warning him not to pay the Interest of the 23000 to me. I went to Cliff Villa, & shewed the same to Mr. Tomlinson, when he finally agreed that no course was left but to proceed by Bill in Chancery for a performance of the Agreement. Mentioned my intention of laying the particulars of the affair before Mr. Jos. Wedgwood & Mr. Hugh Williamson, to the latter of whom I understood from Mr. Tomlinson that Mr. Wood had made an improper representation. This approved by Mr. T. On my return called again on Mr. Bent in the hope of prevailing upon him to go down to Liverpool but which he still declined. In the evening received Letter from Mr. Knight proposing a Meeting relative to Mr. Jenks purchase at Nantwich.


Wednesday 30: At home. Closely engaged all day, on the various matters now so urgently & anxiously pressing upon my thoughts. Wrote to Mr. Tomlinson inclosing Mr. Knights Letter & my proposed Reply. Wrote also to Mr. Wedgwood of Bignallend.


Thursday 31: At home. Closely engaged all day on the Burslem Papers. Wrote to Mr. Knight of Whitchurch proposing to meet at Woore on the 6 Jany. Sent my Letter in the Morning to Mr. Tomlinson who approved of it & said he would attend. Very unwell.

     This year has ended.


Page 214

[blank page]


Page 215, January 1819.


Friday 1: At home. Unwell. Looked over papers for Stamford.


Saturday 2: At home. Closely engaged all Morning on Burslem & other papers. Received at night Letter from Mr. Hostage.


Sunday 3: At home. Sent the Letter from Mr. Hostage to Mr. Tomlinson. Service. A very injudicious Letter received from Dr. Crompton. Harrassed beyond measure by these vexatious matters.


Monday 4: In the morning at home. Stamford & I dined at Mr. Tomlinsons of Cliffvilla. Large party. Miss Wedgwoods, Spode &c.


Tuesday 5: At home. Engaged looking over papers &c, preparatory to meeting Mr. Knight of Whitchurch at Woore tomorrow, finally to settle the purchase from Mr. Jenks. Also called upon Mr. Johnson of the Hollins asking his opinion as to the probability of there being in any Coals in the Lands, when he informed me that were none.


Wednesday 6: Met Mr. Tomlinson at the Roebuck at ten o Clock this morning: Eliza accompanying me so far in the Carriage. From thence proceeded with Mr. Tomlinson to Woore, where we met Mr. Knight & his Partner Mr. Lee with whom we amiably and satisfactorily concluded this business.


Thursday 7: At home. Letter again from Mr. Wedgwood of Bignall End declining payment of the Interest on his Bond & Mortgage without an Order from Mr. Wood. Mr Haygarth came to dinner, with whom a very pleasant Evening, & some Musick.


Friday: At home. Engaged with Mr. Haygarth. Long Walk through Swallow Moor Wood, the day being uncommonly fine & much pleasant Conversation. Mr. Wedgwood, Mr. Jos. Wedgwood & Miss F. Allen dined: Mr. Bent, who I had invited was prevented from coming. The Wedgwoods returned in the Evening leaving Miss F. Allen. An agreeable day; which seemed to pass off much to the satisfaction of all parties. In the evening some Musick. Mr. H. said that Pergolesi died at the age of 23, having been poisoned. That he used to play to Vernet. [Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, 1710-1736, Italian composer; Claude Joseph Vernet, 1714-1789, French painter]


Page 216, January 1819.


Friday 8: whilst he was painting, as the latter found great advantage from this when at work

    I have since discovered that so far as relates to the death of Pergolesi this is erroneous. Pergolesi died at the age of 33 & the story of having been poisoned is quite discredited. Rees Cyclopaedia.


Saturday 9: At home. Engaged with Mr. Haygarth previous to his leaving Linley Wood, which he did about one o'Clock on his way to Dorfold(?): but giving us reason to hope that he would spend another day or two at Linley Wood on his return into Hampshire. Miss F. Allen, Jos. Harry & Chas Wedgwood, the two Tomlinsons & a Mr. Taylor, a Clergyman from Liverpool, who was on a visit at Cliff Villa, dined.

     The following Observation reconciles me to the Great labour & difficulty that I have always found to be necessary to render successful any effort that I have myself, in my humble Sphere of Action, ever made.

     "The Gods sell to Mortals, says an ancient Philosopher, all that is great and beautiful at the price of immense labour."

But – The Theory of every art is vain and useless, unless it guide & facilitate practice.


Sunday 10: At home. Prayers only. In the evening Dr. & Mrs. Crompton, with Henry, & Caroline, arrived at Linley Wood. Long & unsatisfactory discussion of the unfortunate Brewery, which for 10 years has been a source of continual anxiety, trouble, & vexation to me, & must now end in a very serious loss.


Monday 11: At home. Engaged on various matters Liverpool Brewery &c


Tuesday 12: Went to Macclesfield with Mr. Bent on annual Settlement of the Accounts, which compleated as usual.


Wednesday 13: Looked at Mess. Woods Water Wheel. A very excellent piece of Machinery. Diameter 26 feet. Power about 60 Horses. Also viewed the Gas Works. 100c(?) of coals yields 500 Cubic foot of Gas. Returned to Linley Wood to dinner. Found Mr. Haygarth who had arrived to dinner the day before. In the course of our Journey, had much conversation & discussion with Mr. Bent relative to the Liverpool Brewery, when we finally agreed to wait a little longer before we come to any final & absolute determination.


Page 217, January 1819.


Thursday 14: Dr. & Mrs. Crompton, Caroline, & Harry left us after Breakfast; as did Mr. Haygarth about 1/2 past 12 going in the Bangup(?) to Birmingham, on his way into Hampshire. Engaged on Burslem papers previous to seeing Mr. Tomlinson tomorrow, Mr. Hostage having fixed to meet him on Saturday next with a view to an amiable Settlement of this business.


Friday 15: At Cilff Villa. Delivered to Mr. Tomlinson the original Agreements &c &c. & finally settling with him the terms to be accepted. In the evening Eliza, Emma, & Mrs. Stamford went to Newcastle Assembly.


Saturday 16: At home. Snow had fallen in the night, being the first this Winter. Mr. Henshall Moss relative to the dispute with the Executors of Eardley when I promised to call again upon Mr. Sparrow. Beardmore, Poor business. Reading &c.

     I am much struck with the happiness with which the following lines express, the idea which I have ever 

entertained of the essential difference & independence of Soul & Body

   "This frame, compacted with transcendent Skill,

     Of moving joints, obedient to my Will,

     Nursed from the fruitful glebe like yonder Tree,

     Waxes and wastes; I call it mine, not me.

     New matters still the mouldering mass sustains,

     The mansion changed, the tenant still remains."

     I know well, the reasonings by which the conclusion from the above fact is combated; but they have never satisfied my judgement.


Sunday 17: At home. Service. In the evening received a Letter from Mr. Tomlinson informing me of his having settled the Burslem business with Mr. Hostage & requesting to see me tomorrow.


Monday 18: At Cliff Villa with Mr. Tomlinson on the Burslem business which I found that he had finally settled, but not without much trouble & vexatious contention with Mr. Hostage. Stopped at the Brewery(?) on my return from Cilff Villa (from which place I walked) & much painful conversation with Mr. Bent relative to the unfortunate Liverpool Business, John Bent who was there, persisting in


Page 218, January 1819.


Monday 18: his determination not to continue in his present situation. In the night some Snow fell.


Tuesday 19: At Newcastle again it being the Sessions, & dining with the Mayor &c. at the Roebuck. In the forenoon saw John Bent, with whom some Conversation, but found him unchanged in his Resolution. At the Brewery, & undertook to write to Dr. Crompton. Signed the petition to Parliament for the Gas Light &c Bill for Newcastle, & subscribed for 2 Shares of £25 each.


Wednesday 20: At home. Wrote to Dr. Crompton, also to Mr. Geo. Marsh who we understood was at Liverpool, with invitation to L. Wood.

     In the morning Eliza & Emma went to Nantwich.


Thursday 21: At home but confined to the House with gouty attack in my foot. Engaged on various matters: regulating Books &c. I this day compleated the 60th. Year of my Age.


Friday 22: Went to Trentham Inn in the Gig to attend Lieutenancy Meeting for receiving Militia Lists & hearing appeals: but Sir John Heathcote & Mr. Spode, who had promised to attend sent word that could not come in consequence of which sent to Mr. Ricketts, who was gone to Betley; but fortunately Mr. John Crackett came to Trentham Inn, who staid & acted with me, & thus prevented the great inconvenience that must have been brought upon the numerous body of people who attended in case an adjournment had taken place. In the evening Beardmore on parish business.


Saturday 23: Called at Lawton Hall, but Mr. C. Lawton was out. Engaged on various matters.


Sunday 24: Went to Nantwich in Stamfords Gig, One of the Carriage horses being lame. Got to Nantwich found Anne but indifferent & Mr. Skerrett very unwell.


Monday 25: At Nantwich. Spent almost the whole of the day sitting with Mr. Skerrett. In the evening a violent Storm of wind & Rain, but went through it, from Dysart Buildgs to Mr. Skerretts.


Tuesday 26: Called at Mr. Granvilles(?), & Mr. Bowmans & Miss Harmonds. The rest of the day spent with Mr. Skerrett.


Wednesday 27: Returned to Linley Wood to dinner; leaving our friends in but an uncomfortable state.


January      1819

Thursday 28: At home. Various matters. Wrote to Dr. Crompton.

"Nothing is more unfavourable to the question of those energies which lead to a useful and honourable station in Society, than the early possession of a fortune just sufficient to gratify present wishes, and preclude the necessity of immediate entrance into any vigorous course of Action."

     So it was said of Shenstone. Ex uno disce omnes. The observation is almost invariably true.


Friday 29: At home. Various matters. Began forming the extension of the Plantation in the front of the House to shut out the Colliery. Walked with Mr. Beardmore to Mean Lake farm looking over Land &c.


Saturday 30: At home. Engaged on the Farm, & various matters. Eliza, Emma, & Mrs. Stamford went to Newcastle. In the evening attack of Gout in my finger.


Sunday 31st: Unwell with Gout & considerable pain. Service.



Monday 1: At home. Still considerable pain with much Swelling & inflammation. Engaged on various Navgn. papers previous to going to Wolseley Bridge tomorrow. Mr. Sutton with plan & Estimate of House & Shop which he wished to be erected at the Tunnel Mouth.


Tuesday 2: Set off to Wolseley Bridge early in the morning. Took Mr. Thos. Sparrow from Newcastle. Arrived at about 12. Mr. Sparrow, Mr. Lister, Chetwynd, Webb & Self. Closely engaged: Considered particularly the discharge of all the Mortgages remaining due on the Tolls which measure it was resolved to carry into effect. by dividing the whole into two Classes. All went home but Mr. Thos. Sparrow Vaughan & myself.


Wednesday 3: Engaged examining & passing Cash Books. Drew the form of a Letter to the Mortgagees which Mr. Sparrow who came again after breakfast approved; but the measure appearing to me to be one of great importance & which should not be hastily carried into effect obtained his Consent to the Letters being withheld till after the next Meeting of the Select Committee. On my return dined with Mr. Scott of the Roebuck & a Corporation Party. On my arrival at Linley Wood found two Miss Tollets two Miss Drews, two Miss Wedgwoods from Etruria with Jos. & Harry and whom had come to Linley Wood yesterday.



Page 220  1819  February


Thursday 4.  At home.  The young party left us. Wrote to Mr Lister of Armitage Park relative to the Navigation Matters.  Mr Twemlow of Peats Wood called to invite me (to) spend a day or two with him through (the) week, but being engaged with the [Miller] on Wednesday I prevailed upon him to come here on that day.  Engaged in the water meadow etc. etc.


Friday 5.  At Newcastle to see Mr Bent relative to the Liverpool Brewery business, when I prevailed upon him to go down in compliance with the Doctors request, & we planned to set out on Monday the 15th & to take Shrewsbury in on our way.  Attended a meeting on the [Newcastle Town] Canal, and returned home to dinner.


Saturday 6  At home.  Letter writing.  Dr. Crompton, Mr Balgary of Derby with a copy of the Will of the late Mr Stamford, Mrs Perlington & Mr Chas. [Warren] with . . .of Navigation Dividends.  Wm. Perlington relative to a [returned] Bill & advising him thereon.


Sunday 7.  At home. Service.


Monday 8.  At Cliffe Ville with Mr Tomlinson on the Burslem business.  Filling up blanks in the [Draft]. etc.  Returned home.


Tuesday 9.  At Trentham Inn attending Meeting for hearing Appeals under the assessed Taxes.  Mr Spode & self.  Busy day, but returned to dinner.  Wrote to Mr Wedgwood of Mr Bignall End for his [Intended] Bond & Mortgage.


Wednesday 10.  At home.  Mr & Mrs Mills of Barlaston, Miss Henderson, two Miss Wedgwood's, Mr Wedgwood, Dr Northen (Mrs Northen being prevented coming by indisposition) & Mr Twemlow of Peats wood dined, & all staid all night except Dr Northen.  Stamford arrived at noon.  Wrote again to Mr Wedgwood in consequence of the Bond.


Thursday 11.  After breakfast all the party left us.  Engaged in the Meadow etc.  Writing etc.  Stamford went to Peats wood.


Friday 12.  At home.  Various matters.  Stamford returned from Peats Wood.  Wet & stormy day.


Page 221.  1819  February


Saturday 13.  At home.  Engaged arranging Liverpool Brewery Letters & papers previous to Mr Bent & my going there.


Sunday 14.  At home.  Service.


Monday 15.  Went to Newcastle & set off from there with Mr Bent to Shrewsbury where we arrived to dinner.  Dined & slept at the Brewery.  Long discussion & consideration relative to . . .business.


Tuesday 16.  It being thought advisable to have the opinion of Counsel attending Mr Williams a Barrister at Shrewsbury for that purpose, with Mr [How] the head Clerk of Messrs [Log] & Williams our Solicitor, long consultation with him.  In the evening saw Mr [Farrily] ourselves, when the business was put with a train of being satisfactorily settled.


Wednesday 17.  Left Shrewsbury about 8 o'clock, on our  Journey to Liverpool, passing through a great deal of fine & beautiful country particularly between Ellesmere & Wrexham.  The vale of Pointon through which the Dee meanders particularly attracted my notice.  Arrived at . . .yard when the Tide was turning.  Met here with William Skerrett who was on his return from Dublin.  A good passage in spite of the Rain, the Wind which had been very boisterous in the early part of the day, having fortunately subsided.  Arrived at Liverpool about five o'clock.  Dined & staid at the Brewery.


Thursday 18.  Engaged on the concerns of this most unfortunate Brewery & in considering & arranging the [Cash] plan for relinquishing it.  When we finally agreed  that the Stock etc. should be gradually disposed of & counted into money & in the meantime every enquiry made for a purchaser.  Mr. Aiken the architect was also consulted as to the balance of the Land & Buildings & their [correct ability] to any other purpose.. This he was to consider, & make a plan of any arrangement that he might  with Mr. R. who I met coming to the Brewery think best.  Went afterwards to Edge Hill, & called upon dear Eliza, who I had the satisfaction to find in a very pleasant & comfortable habitation and above all comfortable & happy herself.  From thence walked with her & Mr Roscoe to Mr Roscoes, who we found was gone out, but saw Mrs Roscoe & Mrs Griffiths.


Page 222. 1819 February


             Returned to the Brewery, where Mr Roscoe, Mr Roscoe & Mr Aiken dined with us.


Friday 19.  Left Liverpool about 10 o'clock on our way to Macclesfield, where we arrived between 4 & 5.  Found Mr Bent was gone to Buxton, but who joined us at Breakfast the next morning, when we took a look over the Brewery & then proceeded homewards.  Mr Bent went to Newcastle & I arrived at home between 1 & 2 o'clock.


Saturday 20.  At home.  Engaged on various Letters which had arrived during my absence & sundry other matters.


Sunday 21.  At home. Service.


Monday 22.  At home.  Engaged planting the new plantation to screen out the Colliery.  Removed into it two Oaks from the corner of Linley Meadow, which had been sown by Elizabeth & Eliza & which were of considerable size.  The one now standing next to the house was planted by my beloved wife & the other by Stamford.  Mr Skerrett arrived to dinner with Mr Rob. Skerrett on their way to Buxton & with whom engaged.  In the evening received from Miss & Mr Fenton the Draft of the Newcastle Gaslight Bill, with various Gaslight Acts of Parliament & requesting my perusal & consideration of the same.


Tuesday 23.  Mr Skerrett & Mr Rob Skerrett left us after breakfast, taking the Carriage to Congleton.  Some snow had fallen in the night.  Stamford went to Parkfields.  Returned by his Servant the Newcastle Gaslight Bill etc. to Miss Fenton as I found that there would not be time to peruse & consider it with suitable attention so as to return it tomorrow as desired and an opportunity would be afforded for perusing it before its going into a Committee.  Received at night Letter from Mr Tomlinson, saying that he had appointed Friday next with Mr Hostage for the completion of the Burslem business & requesting my attendance.  Also Letter from Mr Vaughan with the copy of a circular from the Committee to various Noblemen & Members of Parliament & requesting their attention to the proposed Bill


Page 223.  1819  February


             for laying a duty on Inland Coals & the injurious consequences of such a measure.


Wednesday 24.  A heavy snow had fallen in the night.  Wrote to Mr Tomlinson preparing to call upon him tomorrow, previous to the Meeting with Mr Hostage on Friday.  Engaged looking out all the Burslem Deeds & papers – also perusing the Draft of the Conveyance from Mr Jenks.  Wrote to Mr Vaughan.  Wrote a sketch of a Letter to be sent to Dr. Crompton in reply to his to Mr Bent.


Thursday 25.  Went to Cliffe Ville.  Delivered to Messr Tomlinson, Wood & Caldwells Partnership . . .that an attested Copy might be made.  It being much Frost & Snow, took the Talk Chaise & Horses.  Found that Mr Tomlinson had received a Letter from Mr Hostage putting off the Meeting till Wednesday.  Went through the various matters & points to be settled at the Meeting, also settled the Draft of the Conveyance from Mr Jenks.  Returned to dinner.  Snow, in the Evening Miss Stamford & Eliza went to Etruria.


Friday 26.  Went to Newcastle to see Mr Bent in consequence of Letter received by him on Monday last from Dr. Crompton.  Found John Bent at the Brewery.  Long conversation & consideration of this unfortunate business, when I sketched out a Letter to be written by me to the Doctor.  Called on Mr Sparrow to have fixed our journey to [Brockton] Lodge in consequence of a Letter which I had received from Mr Chetwynd, but he wished the agreement to be off till after the Assizes.  Heavy snow.  Returned to dinner.


Saturday 27.  At home.  Much snow in the night.  Engaged with Mr Twemlow of Alsager making out the description to be inserted in the Deeds of the Lands purchased by me from Mr Jenks.  Wrote Letter to Dr Crompton.  Wrote also to Mr Chetwynd.  About half past one o'clock, Stamford set off to join the Circuit at Oxford.


Sunday 28.  At home.  Service.  Fine day & snow going fast.




Monday 1.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Planting the screen before the House.  Looking over Deeds & papers relative to the Burslem business previous to going to Cliffe Ville tomorrow.


Tuesday 2.  At Cliffe Ville early delivering to Mr Tomlinson the Burslem, Deeds etc.  From thence to Trentham Inn attending Lieutenancy Meeting.  Ballot to fill up vacancies.  Sir John Heathcote & self.  Heard & delivered also the Case under the assessed Taxes recovered from the last Meeting [King} & Aston.  Of opinion that a Horse who in a Farm may


Page 224.  1819 March


             be [disclaimed] for Arrears of Land tax though not [attainable] for Arrears of Rent.  The former being for a duty due to the . . .& the distress in the nature of an Execution.  Returned to dinner.  Planted one third large oak in the screen.  The men had planted several others which they had removed out of Swallow Moor Wood.  Taken Roots of the oaks & were cut off before being replanted.


Wednesday 3.  Engaged planting in the Screen.  Amongst the rest several larger oaks of considerable size out of Swallow Moor Wood.  (plan of trees previously planted)   Elizabeth : Stamford: J.C.  J.C.  Eliza & I went to Alsager Hall to have called upon Col. & Mrs [Tagon] (late Miss Sheridan) but they were not there.  Col. [Tagon] had been there about an hour or two on Monday last but returned with Mrs [Tagon] who had stopped at Mr Richardsons at Congleton the same day, being as Mr Richardson (when we afterwards called) informed us in . . .to join his Regiment.


Thursday 4.  Set off early to Wolsley Bridge to attend Meeting of the Select Committee,in the Talk Chair, went to call upon Mr Tomlinson in consequence of an objection raised by Mr Hostage to [attending] the balance of £594.14.9 & on a Bond standing in the name of Dr Crompton, but recollecting when I got to Newcastle a paper which I thought might be of consequence I came back to Linley Wood.  From thence went to Cliffe Ville having appeared with Mr Thomas Sparrow for him to call upon me there.  From Cliffe Ville to Wolsley Bridge where we arrived about one o'clock.  Engaged on Committee all day.


Friday 5.  Returned home to dinner.


Saturday 6.  Having been prevented calling upon Mr Tomlinson on my road home as I had appointment.  Went then this morning & found to my utter astonishment that Mr Hostage reported to let the Deeds be executed unless the . . .on the Bond to


Page 225.  1819  March


             Crompton was relinquished, but said he wished to see me upon the matter.  Returned home & wrote to Mr Hostage requesting an early Meeting.  The conduct of the Burslem Parties & Mr Hostage [assumes] every day a deeper & darker hue.


Sunday 7.  In bed the greater part of the day owing to a severe cold attended with much fever, in consequence of which wrote a Note to the Mayor of Newcastle excusing my not attending a Meeting to be held tomorrow relative to petitioning against the Removal of the Insolvent Debtors Acts & in favour of the intended New Road from Runcorn to Northwich.


Monday 8.  Still very unwell and in the House all day.


Tuesday 9.  At home still very unwell.  Letter from Mr Hostage appointing a Meeting at Sandbach on Thursday next.  Sent the Letter Mr Tomlinson requesting his attendance & received back his answer that he would sleep at Linley Wood tomorrow night & go with me the next morning to Sandbach.  Engaged to meet on the Burslem Papers & affairs though still very unwell.


Wednesday 10.  At home.  Engaged on Burslem business arranging papers etc. previous to the Meeting tomorrow.  In the evening Mr Tomlinson arrived.  In the morning Eliza & I planted 6 Red . . .trees at the top of the Garden at the Farm, thus adjoining the other Trees being planted by me & some . . .by her & myself


Thursday 11.  Went with Mr Tomlinson in the Carriage to Sandbach where we met Mr Hostage & Mr Kempe.  Long discussion relative to the £594.14.9 when it was finally agreed that the Bond for £1000 in which this Balance remained due should be omitted in the Deed of Arrangement etc. but without prejudice to any proceedings for recovery of the same.  Returned to Linley Wood to dinner.


Friday 12.  At home.  Engaged writing sundry Letters.  Afterwards on the Farm etc.  Planted with my own hand the trees adjoining the water in which with the pool  in order to make a Screen to the Garden at the Farm from the East.


Saturday 13.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Farm etc.


Sunday 14.  At home.  In the morning Roland Bent.  Service.  Fine day.


Monday 15.  At Newcastle Shrewsbury business & Liverpool business.  Found that the Doctor had been at Newcastle on Monday last &


Page 226.  1819  March


             at Stoneyfields, in consequence of which much conversation and explanation had taken place.  Letter received from John Bent mentioning an [overture] for the purchase of the Brewery from a Mr Preston though the [medium] of Mr [Rolfs].  Returned to dinner.  Very fine day.


Tuesday 16.  Went with Eliza in the Carriage to Etruria.  Fine day.  Mr Jos. Wedgwood to whom I wished to have mentioned the meeting at Cliffe Ville on Thursday.  On return saw Mr Bent, who told me that a Sale of the Brewery to Mr Preston might be effected, & that Dr Crompton had written to, to call upon us on his return out of Warwickshire.  Came home to dinner.


Wednesday 17.  At home in the morning.  Closely engaged on Burslem Books etc. previous to the Meeting tomorrow at Cliffe Ville.  Called at Lawton Hall but Mr C Lawton was out.  Wrote to Mr [Watkiss] of Liverpool, & sent him a five pounds Banknote in consequence of a Letter received from him last night.


Thursday 18.  At Cliffe Ville meeting Mr Hostage, where I executed the Deeds of Dissolution of Partnership with Mr Wood, & by whom they had been previously executed, thus finally completing the termination of a Connection which for nearly 28 years has been a source of continual anxiety, vexation & disappointment, entirely owing to the self conceit & [perverseness] of one, unquestionably proposed of ingenuity and [talent] & which if neglected by good sense, and applied with judgement,might  have been the means not only of securing to himself much general respect and is . . .but of obtaining an ample fortune both for his own family & my own.  The total disregard of Truth and [Candour] however comical through the whole business of the termination and dissolution of the Partnership has left me nothing but self congratulation on my escape, & as long as it has been, out of the hands of the


Page 227. 1819 March


             Man.  The Deeds were at the same time executed by Mr Jos. Wedgwood who had been named as a Trustee in some of the purchase Deeds, & who had been so good as to come to Cliffe Ville for the purpose.  Mr Kemp also attended to witness the execution.  Returned home to dinner.  Left the old Title Deeds & the Partnership Articles with Mr T.  Attested copy being to be made of the . . .


Friday 19.  Engaged in the morning with private Cash Book & Accs.  On the debate on the Climbing Boys Bill ( though this is a measure which one cannot but earnestly wish to see adopted) yet I could not but be struck with the following words from Lord Lauderdale the truth and importance of which it has been too much the fashion & the practice to disregard.  'In many cases mankind were carried away by ideas of humanity which prevented them from giving due consideration to the subject they took a partial view of the evil they wished to care, and did not look at the relation in which it stands to the great body of Society.  Hence they were not aware of the extent of the mischief their remedy would produce.'. . .March 16 1819.  In the night, or rather early this morning, there was a violent gust of wind succeeded by loud Thunder.  Dined at Stoneyfield with a party.  Returned at night.


Saturday 20.  Eliza & I called at Stoneyfield, as I wished to have a further conversation with Mr Bent relative to the venture that had been made for the purchase of the Liverpool Brewery.  Long conversation of the same & the terms to be asked, which we agreed upon & Mr Bent promised to write accordingly.  Returned to dinner.  In the evening Miss Stamford, H. E. Roscoe & Wm. Roscoe arrived.  Stamford also arrived from Shrewsbury.


Sunday 21.  At home.  Service.  At night the wine from [Carbonalls] arrived.


Monday 22.  At home.  Engaged on the Farm etc.


Tuesday 23.  At Trentham Inn early attending Dep. Lieutenancy Meeting & assessed Taxes swearing in assessors.  Mr Spode & Self.  Busy & fatiguing day.  Returned to dinner.  Mr & Mrs Jos. Wedgwood, Mrs [Drewe], Miss Allen, Miss F. Allen & Miss G. [Drewe] dined.


Page 228.  1819  March


Wednesday 24.  At home.  Farm & various matters.  Mr Chas. Lawton called agreed with him for the price of Land lately held by Thos. Beardmore & intended for the Gardener at £10 a year.  Miss Bent, Eliza & Charlotte Wedgwood, Jos. & J Wedgwood came to dinner.


Thursday 25.  At home.  Farm etc.  The Wedgwood's & Miss F. Allen left.  Fine day.  James Faram with . . . from the Jury who sat upon the . . .of two men who had been . . .in Lawton Locks, one on Sunday & the other on Tuesday last . . .altercation on the Steps etc.


Friday 26.  Went down to the treble Locks at Lawton meeting a Mr Potter & Faram, inspecting the same & directing some alterations with a view to guarding against such fatal accidents as had lately happened.  Mr Roscoe accompanied me.  Mr F Twemlow called.  Agreed with Moses Barlow for the carrying & filling of Manure from Red Bull Wharf.  Carriage 1/6 Filling 2d. or 1/8 per Ton in the whole.


Saturday 27.  At home.  Various matters.  Light showers.


Sunday 28.  At home.  Service.  Roland Bent dined.  At noon Mr Roscoe set off to Liverpool.  In the night, Rain.


Monday 29.  At home.  Began drawing & spreading on the large Hatton's field the . . .of the Towing paths, as a top dressing.


Tuesday 30.  At home.  Rain.  Reading etc.


Wednesday 31.  At home.  Eliza, & Miss Stamford & H. E. Roscoe went to Parkfields.  Mr & Mrs Chas. Lawton called.




Thursday1.  At home.  Farm.  Wrote to Mr Hollinshead of Liverpool in reply to letter received from him last night.


Friday 2.  At home.


Saturday 3.  At home.  Mr [Elkin] & Mr (blank) relative to Mrs Bates house at Etruria Wharf with plan etc.  Eliza & Miss Stamford went to Mr [Butts] to dinner.  Stamford went to Nantwich.  Engaged on the Farm etc.  In t he afternoon Mr Williams of Betley.  In the evening Mr R who had gone to Parkfields returned with party to L. Wood.


Page 229.  1819  April


Sunday 4.  At home.  Service.  Mr Williams of Betley dined.


Monday 5.  At home.  Engaged on the Farm.  Began setting out burnt clay upon the Road field.  Miss Stamford, H.E. Roscoe, Mr Roscoe & Stamford went to Etruria to dinner.


Tuesday 6.  Went with Eliza to Etruria to dinner & staid all night.


Wednesday 7.  Went from Etruria to Stoneyfield, and from thence with Mr Bent to Shrewsbury on annual settlement.  Sir John Heathcote being prevented going by indisposition.


Thursday 8.  Engaged closely all day on Brewery business Accounts which we completed.


Friday 9.  Left Shrewsbury after breakfast & arrived at Linley Wood to dinner.


Saturday 10.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Farm etc.


Sunday 11.  At home.  Service.


Monday 12.  At home.  Engaged on the Farm & various matters.


Tuesday 13.  At home.  Various Letters, papers etc.  Mr Roscoe went to Liverpool.


Wednesday 14.  At Trentham Inn attending Lieutenancy & assessed Taxes Meeting, Mr Spode & Self.  Returned to dinner.  Eliza & Miss Stamford took E. Roscoe to Nantwich & returned in the Evening.


Thursday 15.  At home.  Letters etc.  First [appearing ]of the projected Road from But Lane across to the Farm.  Called upon Mr [Poulson] who said the Survey & Levelling had been done by order of Sir John Heathcote & Mr Kinnersly.  Mr Pilkington & 3 Miss Pillkingtons came to dinner.


Friday 16.  Mr Poulson came down at my request.  Pointed out to him the great injury that could be done to this Estate by the proposed Line.  He said amongst other things which had been noted by the orders of Sir John Heathcote that Sir John had regretted that he had not known of this before Mr Kinnersly went to London, & that the matter had been in agitation between Mr Kinnersly & him on several matters.  After breakfast the Pilkingtons left us.  Stamford came from Chester.


Saturday 17.  At home.  Saw Mr Jackson who was again surveying & levelling.  Said he had come by the orders of Sir John Heathcote & was under the belief that it was with my approbation & consent, or he would


Page 230.  1819  April


             not have set a foot on the Land knowing the impropriety of it.  He came up to the House & I pointed out to him the various consequences to this property of a Road being carried through it on the proposed line, & which he said he was fully aware of.  I told him that I had lived 60 years in the world, 30 of which I had known Sir John Heathcote, during which period I failed and could not [contend] myself with having on any occasion showing him any mark of the situation & respect in my power, but that I considered the treatment which I had now received as the most pointed mark of disrespect & incivility .that I had come in my life experienced from anyone, as well as having for its object, one of the greatest injuries that could possibly be done to me.


Sunday 18.  At home.  Service.  Stamford returned to Chester Assizes.


Monday 19.  At Newcastle on various matters.  Mr Ward relative to the completion of his & Mr . . .purchase of Land on the [Marsh] from Mr Beckett & my self & returned him the Draft for . . .  Explained to Mr Sparrow & Mr Bent the circumstances which had taken place relative to the Talk Road, & of which they both expressed to them strong reprehension.  They saw also Jackson who had surveyed & who repeated that he had had his . . .from B. Eardley.  Returned home to dinner.  In the evening saw Mr Johnson of the Hollins of who again expressed his decided opinion that there were no coals in the Fox Holes Estate that would ever [answer] to get; though I understand from John Martin of Cockshead who I met this morning with Mr Geo. Martin as I was going to have [written] ,that they were going immediately to erect an Engine.  I told him that if it was found injurious to my property I should bring an Action.


Tuesday 20.  At home.  Very wet day.  Mrs Wedgwood of Betley with Eliza came with Mr & H.E. Roscoe to L. Wood.


Wednesday 21.  At home.  Mr & Mrs Kinnersly, Mr W. K. & J.K., Miss Jane & Miss Harriet K., Mr & Mrs Wedgwood of Betley, E.W. & Mr Butt dined.  Got early Potatoes out of the Farm.


Page 231.  1819  April


Thursday 22.  At home.  Mr Butt went after breakfast.  Engaged on various matters.  Newcastle [Passing ]& Gas Bills.  Farm etc.


Friday 23.  Mr & Mrs Wedgwood & E.W went at noon.  Mrs Jos. Wedgwood & Charlotte called & staid to dinner.  Anne & Bessy came from Nantwich.  In the evening Mr George Marsh arrived.  NB lent Mrs W of Betley the 1st Vol. Of Disraeli.


Saturday 24.  At home.  Engaged with W.G. Marsh etc.  Mr & Miss Richardson called.  Cold easterly winds.


Sunday 25.  At home.  Service.  Mr Jos. Wedgwood called.  Cut cabbages in the garden at the Farm, at the end of the House.


Monday 26.  At home.  Mr G. Marsh.


Tuesday 26.  Mr G. Marsh set off in the Mail this morning to London.  After breakfast Mr Roscoe & Eliza set off on their return to Liverpool.  Eliza taking them in the Carriage to Knutsford.  Cold dry wind; & some of which took advantage in purchasing & working the Land at the Hollins previous to sowing it with oats.


Wednesday 28.  At Newcastle.  Executed assignment to Mr [Nickisson] of his part of Land on the Marsh.  At the Brewery.  Long Conversation with Mr Bent on the state of the Concern at Liverpool, & the Letter which I had received from Dr Crompton.  Afterwards dined with a Party at Mr Plants.  Signed a Petition against the Tunstall & Biddulph Road Bill.


Thursday 29.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Liverpool Brewery etc. with Mr John Bent, who had come up in consequence of Dr Cromptons forwarding any further Brief Poster.  After much discussion I promised to go to Newcastle tomorrow in order to talk the matter over with his Father.


Friday 30.  After breakfast went to Newcastle.  Long conversation with Mr Bent, whom I wrote a Letter to the Doctor which we both signed in order that it might go by the Post.  Returned to dinner.  In the evening Mr [Boardman], relative to making a leg of meat from which I determined to do and settling terms & particulars.




Saturday 1.  At home.  Draw of advertisement for [Ley], which sent to Newcastle to be printed.  Busy sowing Oats & Clover in Hollins Land, but did not quite finish.  Appearance of Rain & a few drops, but it went off.


Page 232.  1819  May


Sunday 2.  At home.  Service.


Monday 3.  At home.  Engaged on various papers etc. previous to going to Stone tomorrow to allow Meeting of General Committee & Gen. Assembly.


Tuesday 4.  Went to Stone.  Took Mr Chetwynd & Mr Thos. Sparrow in the Carriage from Newcastle.  General Committee but very few attended.


Wednesday 5.  Engaged with Mr Webb early at the Office examining & company with the Books the General Statement of Accounts to be laid before the General Assembly.  Staid afterwards to dinner & returned home in the evening.  This morning ten Milking cows were turned out into the Ground under Fir wood, the pasture being very good.


Thursday 6.  At home.  Mr Perlington on their affairs.  Sent Letter to Mr Tomlinson (in consequence of me which carried my reference from Mr Hostage) to fix tomorrow for Meeting at his office in order to exchange the Deeds & complete the business of the late Partnership of Wood & Caldwell.


Friday 7.  At Cliffe Ville meeting Mr Hostage when Deeds were exchanged & the business finished except as to the £594.14.9 remaining due on the Bond to Dr Crompton as a [tender] for the Legatees of Thomas Caldwell.


Saturday 8.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Writing Letter to Dr Crompton relative to the money remaining to me on the Bond & to request him to give regular Notice to Mr Wood to pay it in.  At night turned the two [Harbundry] Horses out to grass with the Milking cows.  Planted with my own hand 50 Hollies about 2 feet high, had from Mr [Littler] of Over in the Plantation before the House.  George Dean & Saml. Beardmore assisted in digging, watering etc.


Page 233.  1819  May


Sunday 9.  At home.  Service.  Mr Bent, Mr John Gorton & Rowland Bent dined.


Monday 10.  At Cliffe Ville relative to the Burslem business with Letter to Dr Crompton desiring him to give notice to Mr Ward to pay in the £594.14.9 & Interest.  Appointed Wednesday 19 to go to Whitchurch to complete purchase from Mr Jenks.  Called at the Brewery to have considered further with Mr Bent the Liverpool Brewery business, but as he had just received an account of the death of Miss [Gorton] this was postponed.  Remitted to Mr John Bent a Bill for £650 to be placed to my credit with Crompton, Bent & Co. & the balance of which it would liquidate.  Returned home to dinner.


Tuesday 11.  At home.  Engaged on the Farm & various matters.  Received the Iron Chest from Burslem & two crates of Earthen ware which Eliza had sent for.


Wednesday 12.  At home.  Reading etc.  Mr Skerrett came from Buxton to dinner.  Got early Potatoes out of the Frames.  Opened the Ley at Mear Lake.  Turned Stamford's horses into it.


Thursday 13.  At home.  Engaged with Mr Skerrett etc.


Friday 14.  At home.  After dinner Mr Skerrett with my sister left us and returned to Nantwich.


Saturday  15.  Changed this morning the Milking cows into the Pool field.  Began setting winter Potatoes.


Sunday 16.  At home.  Service.  Carriage Horses turned out into the Hollins Ground.  This Spring, has been the finest I ever remember, & the season now, such as to justify all that has been ever said or written on the beauty of the month of May.  The Lilacs are in full flower, the Laburnums ready too, and the apple Trees covered with the finest blossoms.  The blossom in the Holllins Ground only about a week ago are beginning to make their appearance.


Monday 17.  In the morning went down to Alsager & called at Mr Ashmores.  Returned by Prospect Hill, & the Ley, which is full of grass.


Pge 234.  1819  May


Tuesday 18.  At home.  Farm.  Setting Winter Potatoes.  Engaged on various papers previous to going to Whitchurch tomorrow.


Wednesday 19.  Left home about half past six in the morning, Eliza accompanying me in the Carriage to Newcastle, where I met Mr Tomlinson, with whom proceeded to Whitchurch & completed the business of the Land in Alsager bought from Mr Jenks, paying the money, £1000, & receiving Deeds etc.  Returned to Woore to dinner, and from thence to Newcastle & home.  Fine soft Rain, which came most favourably & particularly for the Shropshire part of the County through which we passed, where it seemed to be much wanted: the Wheat in many places looking very yellow & [unfavourably].


Thursday 20. At home.  Fine showery weather.  Eliza & Miss Stamford went to Newcastle.


Friday 21.  At home.  Various matters.  Finished setting Potatoes.


Saturday 22.  At home.  Rain with Thunder & Lightning.  Changed the Milking Cows in to the Linley Meadow.  Busy with the Men arranging & putting down the Hurdles in the front of the House..


Saturday 23.  At home.  Service.  In the afternoon rode to the Ley.  Fine day.  Sunshine vegetation uncommonly rapid & the Country wearing the most promising & beautiful appearance.  In the morning Letter from Mr Tollet relative to the Navigation Co. Bond conveying Miss M Tollet from Leamington.  Wrote to Mr Vaughan & sent him the Letter.


Monday 24.  At home.  Rain.  The Lovers of Music will listen rather than talk, and give way to their feelings, instead of losing the pleasure which melody, harmony and compassion are so able to give.


Tuesday 25.  At Trentham Inn attending Meeting .  Land Assessed Taxes.  Receiving Assessments, Mr Spode & Self.  Eliza & Miss Stamford took me in the Carriage and from thence went to Parkfields.  Returned together to dinner, and on our arrival at home found Mrs Noble & her niece Priscilla.


Page 235.  1819  May


Wednesday 26.  At home.  Farm and various matters.


Thursday 27.  At Newcastle calling on Mr Bent relative to the Liverpool Brewery Concerns when we concluded that he should write to John.  Afterwards attending a Meeting of the Subscribers to Newcastle Theatre.  Two troops of the 10 Hussars under the Command of Col. [Quintin] ( who was said to be mounted on a horse later from Bonaparte) came in the town & made a fine appearance.


Friday 28.  In the morning the troops pass at Linley  Wood.  At home.  In the night time there had been a very sharp Frost.


Saturday 29.  At home.  Mr & Mrs Chas. Lawton called.  Mr Lawton said their gardens had suffered much from the Frost, as was said to be the case generally in the neighbourhood, but nothing in either of the Gardens at Linley Wood appeared to be injured.  Day very cold.


Sunday 30.  At home.  Service.


Monday 31.  At home.  Engaged on Liverpool Brewery papers.  Also on the business of the Debt remaining due from Mr Wood on the Bond to Dr Crompton, & writing Letter to Mr Denison as the Doctors solicitor relative to the Action that it may be necessary to bring for recovery. Of the money.  NB We had this day made in the whole 27 Cheese for the [Factor].




Tuesday 1.  At home.  Wrote to Mr Tomlinson inclosing the Draft of the Letter tot Mr Denison.  Received his answer, highly approving the same.  John Bent called, having come up on the Liverpool business.  Long conversation with him.  Afterwards sketching out a Letter which it might be proper for Mr Bent & myself to address the Doctor, in order that it might be considered & of tomorrow morning, when I promised to go to Newcastle on this business.  Busy also with the Joiner completing the putting up of the Iron Chests.  Arranging various papers etc.


Wednesday 2.  Copied Letter to Mr Denison & sent the same by the Post.  Afterwards at Newcastle, considering with Mr Bent the reply sent to Dr Crompton, which is finally agreed upon & put soon in writing that the same might be arranged by John Bent.  Returned to dinner.  Fine Day.  The Ladies went to Newcastle.


Page 236.  1819  June


Thursday 3.  At home.  Mr Thomas Hollins of Hanley to request my advice with respect to the establishment of their Claims in France under the [Colne] Treaty when I promised to write to Mr Littleton to request his assistance in the business.


Friday 4.  At home.  Wrote to Mr Littleton.  Also to Mr Hollins inclosing the Letter to W.L.  Engaged with the Painter, painting . . .Books on the covering of the iron chests.  Miss Morgan & Miss Wedgwood called.  A curious circumstance occurred with the Port wine.  A Bottle decanted yesterday, (Jones & Atkinson 1814) & which was then perfectly bright on being brought to the table today was quite thick & unfit to drink.  On sending for a Bottle of the last Burslem but one, it was in the same state, but grew brighter on standing a short time in cold water.  This effect, however was not produced by cold water on Jones & Atkinson's nor did it at all five on having set to the fire, but another got worse.


Saturday 5.  At home.  Engaged again with the Painter.  Rev W Wettenhall called to solicit my good offices for his son who was commencing business as a Solicitor at Sandbach.


Sunday 6.  At home.  Service.  In the afternoon rode to [Mear] Lake farm looking with James Whalley at Banky Swallow Moor which we had begun to plough preparatory to the intended experiment with the Salt ashes.  In the Ley a long . . pasture.


Monday 7.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Painter etc.  This day got early potatoes out of the Common ground in the border under the high brick wall & which were very good.  Cut Artichokes two or three days ago.


Tuesday 8.  At home.  Engaged in consequence of Letter from Dr Crompton on Liverpool Brewery & from Mr Denison the matter of Crompton & Wood.


Wednesday 9.  At home.  Painter etc. who this evening finished.  In the morning, Mr Perlington with an account of the extreme illness of his Father, who the day before yesterday had become suddenly worse & of whom no hope has been entertained.  In the evening sent to [Rode Cut] received a hopeless account.


Thursday 10.  Mr Perlington with the intelligence of the death of his Father which took place a quarter before eleven last night.  He expired almost in his sleep, without pain, & in a manner severely perceptible to his son who sat closely to him, or to the rest of the Family who were in the Room.  He was a perfectly honest & well disposed man, for whom I had a sincere regard having known him from infancy & for many years, and [revered] to care & assist him in his difficulties.  He was 59 on May last.


Page 237.  1819  June


Thursday 10.  Consulting & advising with Mr Perlington relative to the Funeral, he having come by his mothers desire for that purpose.  Arranged & settled various particulars.  Wrote to Mr Butters of Nantwich the undertaker to attend at Rode tomorrow.  Mr George Jones of Etruria & his son relative to his dispute about Land at Burslem (formerly Simpsons), & desiring me to act as umpire in a reference in which I thought it best to decline having been so much concerned & consulted on the business on his behalf.


Friday 11.. At Newcastle calling upon Mr Bent with Dr Cromptons Letters to me, & the draft of a proposed answer to it, the latter of which Mr Bent fully approved & desired that it might be sent.  Returned to dinner.  The Ladies went to dine at Parkfields, to meet & bring home our dear Emma, & all returned at night.


Saturday 12.  At home.  Copying Letter to Dr Crompton & which sent by the Post.  Mr Perlington relative to the Funeral etc.  Spread the Salt ashes which had come from Northwich on the Banky Swallow Moor, now ploughing for a Summer fallow about 3 Tons to an Acre.


Sunday 13.  At home.  Service.  In the evening Rev Mr Wettenhall & his two sons called.


Monday 14.  At Cliffe Ville seeing Mr Tomlinson on the matter of Crompton against Wood, & with the Letters which I had received from Dr C.  This morning got  green peas in the House Garden.


Tuesday 15.  At Rode Heath and from thence to Sandbach attending the Funeral of my old and much respected Friend Mr Perlington.  Called upon Mr Wettenhall.  Took him & Mr John Lawton in the Carriage from Rode & Sandbach.  The Funeral was attended by the Rev Mr Battie in the room of Mr Salmon (who had promised to perform the Service, but now prevented by indisposition) Mr Holland of Sandbach the medical attended & the following Pall Bearers. (Foot to head left side) Mr Morris,Rev Mr Richardson & Rev J Lawton. (Foot to head right side) Mr Darlington, Rev Mr Wettenhall & Mr Caldwell.  Mr Perlington & Mr Collison head mourners.  The Funeral was in every respect well conducted, and a proper Tribute to the Memory of the deceased.  The remains were disposed in the Family Vault close to the centre aisle of Sandbach Church in conformity to a family purchase, the outer coffin with the inscription upon it.


Page 238.  1819  June


Wednesday 16.  Set off early to Wolsley Bridge to attend Meeting of the Select Committee.  Eliza took me in the Carriage to Newcastle from whence she went to Maer Hall, & I proceeded with Mr Thos. Sparrow in a Chair.  Got to Wolsley Bridge about 11.  Engaged on business all day.


Thursday 17.  Attending upon Select Committee again the whole of the morning.  Took an early dinner & returned with Mr Sparrow (bringing Mr Vaughan to Stone) to Newcastle where Eliza met me & brought me home in the Carriage.


Friday 18.  At Cliffe Ville in consequence of Letter which I found on my return home last night from Mr Hostage & Dr Crompton relative to the action which had been brought against Mr Wood & proposal from the former of a Reference comparably to what I had myself & first suggested.  Called also at the Brewery & long conversation with Mr Bent relative to the Liverpool Brewery & the Letter from the Doctor.  Attended Mr Ward & also with the Deed of the Conveyances of the Land on the Marsh, & settling the same.  Returned to dinner, but unwell.


Saturday 19.  Closely engaged all morning, though very unwell, writing Letters to Mr Hostage & to Mr Denison [consorting] to a Reference provided it to a respectable Barrister to be approved by Mr Denison and offering in that case to obtain my sisters consent .  Wrote also Letter to Dr Crompton on the Brewery business.  Mr Tollett & Miss Tollet called the former expressing his sense of the Service I had rendered him about the [Best].


Sunday 20.  At Talk Chapel.  In the evening Eliza, Miss Stamford & I called upon Mrs Perlington at Rode Heath, where saw Mrs Margaret Perlington.


Monday 21.  At home.  Unwell.  Mr [Mare] of Newcastle looking at the Pony which had fallen lame a few days ago.  He pronounced it a complaint rather singular, in the fore feet, arising from aggravation between the outer & inner sole & the case sometimes of Hunters that had been hard ridden, and sometimes as in this from little work, & plat. . .


Page 239.  1819  June


Tuesday 22.  At home.  'No candid Man can defend any Party in all particulars: because every party does in some particulars, things which cannot be defended; and therefore that Man who goes blindly into all the steps of his Party, and vindicates all their proceedings cannot vindicate himself.' Preface to Cato's Letters.  Wrote to Mr Wedgwood of Bignall End for payout of his interest.  Eliza, Emma & Miss Stamford went to call at Betley Hall.  Miss Darwin Charlotte Wedgwood, Allan, Jos. & Chas. Wedgwood dined at Linley Wood.  In consequence a Letter from Mr Hostage concerning him having commenced hostile proceedings set off immediately after dinner to Cliffe, Ville.  Met Mr Tomlinson at Newcastle to whom I delivered the Letter which he promised to answer.


Wednesday 23.  Set off early this morning to Macclesfield to meet Mr Bent there, who was on his return from Manchester.  Engaged all day on Books & Accounts.  At night went to the theatre.  Saw a Mr Gough in Richard 3rd.  Another humble but noisy invitation of . . .; though he went through some of the scenes very decently.


Thursday 24.  Set off from Macclesfield about 8.  Went with Mr Bent to Newcastle to attend a Meeting of Drafts of the Lower Canal which attended accordingly.  Saw Mr Ward on the Marsh Conveyance.  Returned home to dinner.


Friday 25.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Much Rain.


Saturday 26.  At home.  Very unwell.  Mr . . .relative to Mrs Edwards Arrears of Taxes, & signing summer for him to attend Mr Spode & myself at Newcastle on Tuesday next.


Sunday 27.  At home.  Very unwell.  Prayers only.


Monday 28.  At home.  Very unwell.  The Ladies went to Newcastle.  Navigation etc.  About half past five a Letter from Mr Hostage with a . . .in Chancery, which his Clerk sent in by Thomas Lowe & including . . .away without serving the same personally.  Went to Cliffe Ville found Mr Tomlinson gone to London, but desired his Clerk to order an [appearance] to be entered.


Tuesday 29.  Again at Newcastle, Navigation Transfers etc.  Met Mr Spode, but Edwards not attending signed Warranty against him, after taking the . . .on Oath of Mr Thos. Kinnersly Junr. & Mr . . .  Left at Mr Sparrows office the Bond from Mr Wood & Myself to Dr Crompton, which Mr . . .promised to put in the Post Office.


Page 240.  1819  June


Tuesday 29.  Observing just as I was inclosing the Bond in a Letter to Messr. [Taylor] & Roscoe that there was a private Memorandum on the back of the blank sheet in my handwriting & not having compared the same with my Cash Book to which it referred, in order to see that it was correct.  I obliterated it, but on second thoughts, thinking it better that it should appear as it was I immediately wrote it afresh, & gave the Bond to Mr Swinnerton to send away.  The Memorandum was entirely useless & incorrect as the Interest had been subsequently settled to & made payable from the 17 of October.  Interest on the up to 29 September.  J. C. Cash Book for the year 1792.  Returned to dinner, but very unwell.


Wednesday 30.  Very unwell.  On comparing the above Memorandum with my Cash Book I found the same to correspond with the Book.  Entry 25 December 1792.  Bled with Leeches at the back of the . . .6 on each side & from which found much relief.




Thursday 1.  At home.  In the house all day.  Engaged on sundry papers.  Drawing Draft of Deed relative to Navigation Shares late Perlington.


Friday 2.  At home.  The like.  Unwell.


Saturday 3.  At Newcastle with Letter received from Dr Crompton & which left with Mr Bent for consideration.  Left the Draft of the Deed relative to the Navigation Shares at Mr Sparrows for his perusal on the part of Mr Mare.  Miss Stamford who with Eliza & Emma had gone with me to Newcastle executed . . .report of Transfer from Mr Sneyd of Ascombe which had been omitted on the purchase of the Shares from him; I had executed a counterpart as to my Shares on Tuesday last.


Sunday 4.  At home.  Service.  In the evening Mr Williams of Betley & a Mr [Huxley] the Agent of the late Mr Colclough of Sandbach called.


Monday 5.  At home.  Began mowing.


Tuesday 6.  At Newcastle.  Liverpool Brewing business.  Dined afterwards at Lawton Hall.


Wednesday 7.  At home.  Engaged in the Hay.


Thursday 8.  At Cliffe Ville to have seen Mr Tomlinson in consequence of a Letter from Mr Denison, but he was from home.  On my return found a Copy of the Bill in Chancery which had been filed by Mr Wood.  Fine day.


Page 241.  1819  July


Friday 9.  At Cliffe Ville consulting with Mr Tomlinson relative to the Bill which had been filed & the Reference, & as to instructions for Answer to the Bill.  Wrote also to Mr Denison.  Heavy Showers in the Morning but the latter cleared up & on my return found the people busy in the Hay.


Saturday 10.  At home.  Engaged on the Bill & preparing Instructions for Answer.


Sunday 11.  At Stoneyfield calling upon Mr Bent in consequence of the dangerous illness of Mrs Bent.  Returned to dinner.  Eliza went to Mare Hall & brought Emma back in the Evening.  Stamford arrived.


Monday 12.  Engaged in the Morning on the Bill & Answer.  Dined early, and went again to Stoneyfield & had the happiness to find Mrs Bent somewhat better, but still in a very uncertain state.


Tuesday 13.  In the course of Search found this morning Statement & Letters from Mr Wood sufficient for the purpose of expressing the . . .of his conduct and the gross falsehood of the principal allegations of the Bill.  Mrs Perlington & Mr Perlington, Mrs Margaret Perlington, Miss Rawsthorne & Miss Dawson dined.


Wednesday 14.  At home.  Engaged finishing & Copying instructions for Answer to Mr Woods Bill.  People busy in Hay; carried  nearly the whole of the upper Meadow.  The day being very fine, it was got together in excellent condition.


Thursday 15.  At home.  Engaged in the Hay.  Observed this morning for the first time the Smoke from Mr Martins Engine & which threatens to be a great nuisance & annoyance.  In the morning John Lawrence of Birmingham arrived.  John Lawrence went early.


Friday 16.  At home.  Engaged on Papers Wood agr. Caldwell.  Busy in the Hay & finished Mowing.


Saturday 17.  At Cliffe Ville with the instructions for the Answer in Chancery, going through the same with Mr Tomlinson, comparing Letters etc.  Eliza went with me in the Carriage & called upon Mrs Bent.  Called on my return at the Brewery.  Returned to dinner.  Fine day but cloudy.  In the afternoon Mr Wood Inv. but £1200 being the first Instalment of £4000 & interest.


Page 242.  1819  July


Sunday 18.  Service.  In the evening went to Stone to meet Mr Chetwynd, Mr Lister & Mr Webb previous to setting out in the morning on Survey of the Canal.  Took Mr Thos. Sparrow from Newcastle.


Monday 19.  Set off from Stone in the [Brat].  Mr Chetwynd, Mr Lister (Mr Webb having been prevented joining us through indisposition), Mr Thos Sparrow, Mr Vaughan & Mr [Porter] dined at the Red Bull at Lawton, & went on to Middlewich, where we slept.


Tuesday 20.  Left Middlewich in good time.  Extreme wet day; the Rain so heavy as . . .to confine us to the Boat, which  prevented our making so much observation as we should otherwise have done.  Mr Morris went with us to Preston Brook.  Arrived at Runcorn where we dined & slept.


Wednesday 21.  After surveying the [Works] [Warehouse] etc. at Runcorn, proceeded in one of the Steam Packets to Liverpool; & arrived at the Waterloo Hotel.  Dined early, and afterwards took a view of the Docks.  The sail down the River was very fine: a heavy swell of the water occasioned by a brisk wind meeting the Tide, but which gave us an opportunity of judging of the Steam . . .which performed her voyage perfectly well.


Thursday 22.  In the morning Mr Lister left us on his return into Staffordshire.  Mr Holland called, also the two Mr Roscoes.  Walked with Mr Chetwynd surveying .


Friday 23.  Engaged again in surveying the place, Mrs Chetwynd & two of the young ladies joined us. Went on found an [American] report & with the neatness & comfortableness of which much pleased.  Viewed the Union Cable Manufacturing.  In the evening Mr Chetwynd returned with Mrs C to Crosby.


Page 243.  1819  July


Saturday 24.  Breakfasted at Roscoes on my return home.  Called at Mr Roscoes.  Arrived with Mr Vaughan at Linley Wood to dinner.


Sunday 25.  At home.  Service.


Monday 26.  Much engaged on various matters.  Drawing up Observations on the Case of the NavigationCo. & Pickfords expected to be tried at the ensuing Assizes.  Letters to Mr Wedgwood, Tomlinson, Denison etc.


Tuesday 27.  At home.  Mr Ward of Burslem relative to the Case of Ward against Wood & to request my allowance as a Witness.


Wednesday 28.  At home. Engaged previous to setting off to the Assizes.


Thursday 29.  Went to Stone in the Evening with Mr Thos. Sparrow on my way to Stafford Assizes & to examine witnesses in the Cases of Navigation Co. against Miss Pickford.


Friday 30.  Set off to Stafford.  Arrived between 10 & 11.  Served on the Grand Jury & dined with the Judges [Holroyd] & Richardson.


Saturday 31.  Engaged all day on the Grand Jury, which was discharged about 4 o'clock.  Invited by Lord Gower to accompany him to Trentham, but declined the Invitation being engaged to attend Consultation tomorrow on the Navigation Cause.






Sunday 1.  At Stafford.  In the evening attended [Consultation][Juries] Peake & Caldwell.


Monday 2.  Served on Special Jury [Butterton] v [Furber] & [Farley & Holroyed to try the extra . . .of B. . .Grange.  After a long time sitting of nearly 11 hours found for the Defendant thereby setting aside the Claim which had been so being contended for by the late Mr [Whitworth].


Tuesday 3.  Detained at Stafford on Ass. Navigation Cause & Ward v Wood,


Wednesday 4.  Attended Trial of Navigation Cause before Mr Justice Richardson, when a verdict found for Miss Pickford on the question of due Case not having been taken up of the Warehouse at Leek out of which some of their goods had been stolen & for recovery of the value of which this action had been brought.  Afterwards attended on the Cause of Ward v Wood, but not called as a Witness.  Returned home at night, leaving Stafford about 8 o'clock, but before verdict had been given.  Found Eliza & Emma at the . . .Newcastle, it being the Races, & came home from thence with them


Page 244.  1819 August


Thursday 5.  At home, but so unwell as to be unable to attend today at Newcastle Races.


Friday 6.  At home, but still very unwell and in the house almost all the day.  Mr Barker relative to proposed inclosure of Alsager Heath, & advised that the Ladies should not be in a hurry, but look into their Title Deeds.


Saturday 7.  At home.  Still unwell.  Wrote to A. C. Marsh, & Mr Turner inclosing Bills for interest of Money due to them.  Wrote also to Mr Tomlinson relative to calling upon him in order to forward putting in the Answer in Crompton ags. Wood.  People at the Farm busy weeding clearing Turnips.


Sunday 8.  At home.  Service.  In the evening Miss Georgina Tollet to be conveyed to Liverpool tomorrow by Miss Stamford.


Monday 9.  At home.  In the morning Mr Twemlow of  Alsager, with Letter from Mr Galley of [Congleton] relative to the piece of Land lying up Prospect Hill which I had some time ago expressed a wish to a purchase; & saying that he had no doubt his Brother would be happy to grant my wishes.  Mentioned to Mr Twemlow . . .I had before mentioned to Mr Barker that the inclosure of Alsager Heath should not be hurried, but the Title Deeds & Rights of the Parties he first looked into,& I ascertained before any thing done.  He said the same opinion had been lately expressed by Lord Crewe.  Miss Stamford set off to Crosby.


Tuesday 10.  At Cliffe Ville.  Closely engaged with Mr Tomlinson on the instructions for the Answer in Chancery.  Returned late to dinner.  Returned late to dinner.  Called at Stoneyfield relative to Liverpool Brewery.


Wednesday 11.  Set off early to Wolsley Bridge, Eliza taking me in the Carriage to Newcastle from whence proceeded in a Chaise with Mr. Thos. Sparrow.  Arrived about half past eleven.  Engaged all day on Select Committee, Messr. Sparrow, Lister, Chetwynd, Webb & self.


Thursday 12.  Returned home & afterwards dined at Clough Hall.


Friday 13.  At home.  Closely engaged on the Answer in Chancery, but very unwell.


Saturday 14.  At home.  Engaged on the same.  Still very well.  Received about a half of . . .from Mr Bent of Macclesfield.


Page 245.  1819  August


Sunday 15.  At home.  Servants went to Church in the Morning.  No private Service.  Mr Bent dined.


Monday 16.  At home being unwell with serious attack brought on by too much exertion & thought particularly relative to the answer to the shameful Bill filed by Mr Wood.


Tuesday 17.  The same.


Wednesday 18.  The same.


Thursday 19.  So unwell that Dr Northen was called in.


Friday 20.  Still very unwell.


Saturday 21.  Dr Northen came again.  Thought me somewhat better.


Sunday 22.  So unwell as to be able only to read a Chapter & Prayer.


Monday 23.  Ill


Tuesday 24.  Ill.  In the morning extremely so with dreadful suffering.


Wednesday 25.  Ill.  Mr Tomlinson & Mr W Tomlinson.  Engaged with the former on the Answer in Chancery, but not without great & painful efforts.  In the evening Stamford arrived.


Thursday 26.  Ill.


Friday 27.  Ill, but engaged on Answer in Chancery.


Saturday 28.  Ill.  Mr Bent called.  Liverpool Brewery.


Sunday 29.  Ill. Unable to perform the Service, but read prayers at night.


Monday 30.  Ill, but engaged on Chancery papers.  Stamford & Emma went to Betley Hall.  Thos. Sparrow on his way to Chester Assizes.


Tuesday 31,  Ill. Read Letter from Mr Denison proposing Reference of Liverpool Brewery business, which I sent to Mr Bent.




Wednesday 1.  Ill.  Letter to Mr Denison acceding to Reference, which I sent to Mr Bent for his approbation.  Sent the remaining part of instructions for Answer in Chancery to Mr Tomlinson.


Thursday 2.  Ill.  Mr Bent & Mr Thos. Gorton called.


Friday 3.  Something better, but still very indifferent.


Saturday 4.  The same.  Mrs B. . & Mrs [Gill] called.


Sunday 5.  The same, but went through the usual service.


Monday 6.  The same.  Engaged on Liverpool Brewery Papers.


Tuesday 7.  Much the same.


Wednesday 8.  Still very unwell.  Wrote to Dr Crompton proposing Meeting.


Page 246.  1819  September


Thursday 9.  Mr Wedgwood of Betley came to dinner.  Stamford called at Trentham. Sent Liverpool Brewery statements to Mr Bent.  Still very unwell.


Friday 10.  Eliza set off to Liverpool, Emma accompanying her in the Carriage to Knutsford.  Mr Wedgwood went after breakfast.  Letter from Dr Crompton declining Meeting.  At night some attack Of Gout to my foot.


Saturday 11.  Mr Bent came to Liverpoo (on his way to [Flinton}.  Long conversation relative to the proposed Reference of Liverpool Brewery matters & pressing the Statements of Facts, which Mr Bent & I had respectably drawn up for the information of Mr Wright.  Rather better night, but still very unwell.  Charles Wedgwood came to shoot.


Sunday 12.  A bad night, & much suffering from Fever & Gout, which now had decidedly appeared in my left foot.  Received a Letter from my beloved wife, with the account of poor Eliza's suffering & disappointment from the birth of a still born child: but happily she and herself doing well.  No Service, the Servants going to Church, & indeed too unwell to go through it, but prayers as usual in the morning.


Monday 13.  Letter to Emma from her mother with a good account of Eliza.  Rode out in the Carriage with Emma, being the first time of my having been out of the Gates since Thursday the 12 Aug.  Still very unwell, though a little better.  Letter from Mr Bent saying that Mr Wright would act as our Referee.


Tuesday 14.  Miserable night.  Fever & Gout.  Letter from Mr Denison appraising a Meeting of the Parties as proposed by me which was sent to Mr Bent.   To my great disappointment no letter from my dear Wife.  At night received a Letter by the Umpire with a good account.


Wednesday 15.  Bad night with much pain.  Rode however in the Carriage with Emma to Newcastle.  Called on Mr Bent the Liverpool Brewery business, where we fixed to go there on Thursday next if I were well enough.


Thursday 16,  Still very indifferent.  Wrote to Mr J Sparrow informing him that I was unable to attend Navigation Meeting tomorrow.  Mr Roscoe arrived in the afternoon.


Friday 17.  Engaged with Roscoe.  Rather better.


Saturday 18. Mr Roscoe left us after breakfast, on his return home.


Sunday 19.  Read prayers, but not well enough to go through the whole Service.


Page 247.  1819  September


Monday 20.  Rather better night.  But still very indifferent.


Tuesday 21.  Much the same.  Sent a Note of Congratulations to Trentham on the late Marriage of Lord & Lady Belgrave, & received a very obliging one from Lord & Lady Stafford in reply.  Mr Potter called with whom much conversation on Navigation matters & further supplies of water.  He left with me for my consideration a Notice intended to be given to Carriers in consequence of the decision in Pickfords case.


Wednesday 22.  Indifferent night.  Considered the Navigation Notice & wrote to Mr Vaughan with my opinion thereon.


Thursday 23.  Much the same; but severe cold with Fever.


Friday 24.  Emma set off to Liverpool taking the Carriage to Knutsford to meet her Mother at Warrington & who arrived at home about 8 o'clock to my unspeakable joy & comfort & bringing a good account of our dear Eliza.


Saturday 25.  Still very unwell.  The weather which had been for a long time past quite dry & fine, changed this morning to Rain, & which comes very favourably.


Sunday 26.  Read prayers, but not well enough to go though the whole of the Service.


Monday 27.  Rode out with Eliza in the Carriage.  Mr Twemlow of Alsager with whom agreed for immediate possession of the Land lately purchased from Mr Jenks.


Tuesday 28.  At home.  Rather better.


Wednesday 29.  Mr Leigh of Consall & Mr Bourne of Cheadle relative to arrangements respecting Leases of Consall & a proposed Partnership between Mr Leigh & Miss Griffiths & long conference with them thereon when I recommended that the present value of such Leases should in the first place be ascertained by some competent person.


Thursday 30.  At home.  Rather better.  Mr Chas. Lawton called & Mr Wedgwood of Betley.  The former wished to have the Land again which I had taken from him with a view to serve the [Gardiner] & which I agreed to give up.




Friday1.  Set off to Shrewsbury with Miss Stamford & Eliza.  Miss S having determined to consult Dr Darwin & both she & Eliza being very [determined] that I should accompany them.  Set off about 9 o'clock & arrived at the Lion Inn at about half past three.  Saw Dr Darwin that evening, who came to the Lion, but said he would see us again the next


Page 248.. 1819  October


Friday 1.  morning, a little before nine o'clock.  Passing invitation to take up our quarters at his house, but which we declined Miss Darwin being ill.


Saturday 2.  In the morning took a long walk with Eliza for the purpose of seeing the Town, she n ever having been at Shrewsbury before.  Returned in time to see Dr Darwin with whom further Consultation.  Miss C Darwin & Emily called & sat some time.  Left Shrewsbury on our return about eleven o'clock, but (left) two Miss Wedgwoods of Parkfields at Ternhill.  Called at Mare Hall & arrived at home at about eight o'clock, and our own horses having met us at Whitmore.


Sunday 3.  Mr Bent dined.  Service prevented.  In the evening prayers as usual.  Fixed to go to Liverpool as soon as convenient to the Doctor.  Received this morning a present of a brace of Pheasants from Mr Leigh of Consall.


Monday 4.  Mr Goodall with sundry Tax papers which signed.  Wrote to Dr Crompton proposing Friday next for going to Liverpool.  Mr Johnson of the Hollins relative to the Millstone public house & wrote to Mr Tollet in favour of the present Tenant Thos. Hill.  Engaged with Men in the Land late Mr Jenks thinning trees etc.


Tuesday 5.  Better.  Engaged again with the Men clearing the above ground, thinning trees etc.  Mrs Tollet, Mrs Wedgwood of Betley, & two Miss Tollets called.  John Locket an old servant of the Navigation Co. for my assistance in obtaining the allowance, & wrote to Mr Vaughan accordingly.  Stamford dined with the Mayor of Newcastle; prevented myself by not being well.


Wednesday 6.  At home.  Wrote to Mr Bent in consequence of a Letter received from Dr Crompton appointing Friday next for going to Liverpool.


Thursday 7.  At home.


Friday 8.  Set off with Mr Bent to Liverpool on Brewery Affair.  Evening saw Miss C Neil Isabella.  Most delighted with her performance, but thought it in many parts inferior to which I remembered of Mrs [Saddons] early & best performance.


Saturday 9.  Engaged on Brewery business but came to no decision.  Mr Roscoe & Mr Roscoe dined with us.


Sunday 10.  Set off on return journey.  Called at Mr Roscoes & much grateful with seeing my dear Eliza looking well & so much recovered. Brought


Page 249.  1819  October


Sunday 10.  Emma to Knutsford, where she was met by her Mother.  Mr Bent & I going round by Macclesfield.


Monday 11.  Arrived home in the forenoon; but without having had a miserable night.  Mr Leigh of Consall, Mr Bourne accompanied by [Kirk] the Engineer relative to the business with the Griffiths & advising further thereon.


Tuesday 12.  At breakfast received a very kind invitation from Lord & Lady Stafford to Eliza, myself & Stamford to dine at Trentham on Thursday next to meet Prince Leopold which we accepted.  Afterwards rode on Horseback to Newcastle.  Long conversation with Mr Bent relative to the Liverpool Brewery, when he consented to leave it to me to settle the business.  Eliza, Miss Stamford & Emma called at Mare Hall.  In the evening, Letter from A. Marsh with an account of our dear Ann having born him another daughter on Saturday last.


Wednesday 13.  Rode on Horseback again.  Men busy on the Fallow at Banky Swallow Moor, setting on burnt clay & other refuse soil.  At noon Charles Crompton & Henry Roscoe arrived.  The weather still uncommonly fine.  Mr Bent told me yesterday that the thermometer stood at 66 in the shade.


Thursday 14.  Rode again on Horseback in the Alsager Grounds.  Afterwards Eliza & I with Stamford dined at Lord Staffords.  Invitation for ½ past 6 at which time we arrived at Trentham, but found Lord Stafford, Lord Gower & Dr Francis in their morning dress the Prince not being arrived, nor did he come till near eight o'clock owing to the distance from Chatsworth where he had been, being greater than he had expected.  Lady Stafford came in soon after us, dressed.  The Prince very soon came inn after his arrival being dressed in a very short time & when Lord S introduced him to every one present.  The company consisted of the Prince, Baron [Ward. . .,Sir Rob. Gardiner, Lord Dartmouth, Sir Thomas & two Miss Cliffords, (his sister & daughter), Mr & Mrs & 2 Miss Sneyds of Keele Mr & Mrs Fitzherbert, Mr Tollett, Mr & Mrs Chetwynd, Mr Kinnersly, a Doctor Smith & a Dr [Strachmaer] Mr Monckton & Mr E Monckton and ourselves.  The Prince is a tall, lean, rather than thin man


Page 250.  1819  October


Thursday 14.  with dark hair & a complexion rather dark and a countenance more expressive of good sense than which may be called handsome.  His voice deep & not very melodious but he speaks English well.  His exterior not being upon the whole such as deemed particularly captivating or attractive, the [presence] given him by the late Princess does . . .greater honour to her judgement & good sense.  His demeanour is extremely courteous & prepossessing.  I had the honour of a good deal of conversation with him in the evening in the course of which he spoke of the places & manufacturing that he had seen as well as the present delighted state of the county, in which he showed that he had made much observation.  Upon the whole we spent a very interesting and pleasant evening, much kind attention from Lord & Lady S.  We got home about ½ past two in the morning.


Friday 15.  Rode again on horseback on Mere Lake & Alsager Grounds & fell some more trees by way of clearing.  Wedgwood came to dinner.


Saturday 16.  Wrote to Dr Crompton proposing my coming to Eton to endeavour our case soon to settle the Brewery business.  Rode on Horseback.  Men busy in the Fallow.  Mr Wedgwood came to dinner again having gone back this morning with his Brother.  In the evening Chas. Crompton & Henry Roscoe left us, setting off to London in the [Cobney] Coach.


Sunday 17.  At home.  Service as usual.


Monday 18.  In the morning engaged on various matters previous to going to Stone for what place I set off in the afternoon, taking Mr Thos. Sparrow in the Carriage from Newcasle.  Got there to dinner soon after which Mr Webb came, & we arranged to examine the Books early in the morning.


Page 251.  1819  October


Tuesday 19.  Went early with Mr Webb tot he office, where closely engaged till after ten o'clock, examining Annual Statements of Account with the Books, previous to its being laid before the General Assembly.  Afterwards engaged on Genl. Committee & Genl. Assembly.  Arrangement made for more frequent & regular Meetings of the Select Committee etc.  Returned in the evening.


Wednesday 20.  Engaged drawing up Resolution expressive of the request felt by the Genl. Assembly at the absence of Mr Sparrow of Birkton being the first time since the commencement of the undertaking, & which I had been requested to do by Mr Wedgwood & Mr Lister & sent a Copy to Mr Thos. Sparrow that such Resolution might be transmitted to his brother.


Thursday 21.  Set off early to Eton to endeavour once more to settle the Liverpool Brewery Business with Dr Crompton: Eliza accompanying me.  Took our own horses to Knutsford.  Arrived at Eton to dinner.  Long conversation in the Evening with the Doctor, Mr Denison being present but nothing done.


Friday 22.  Resumed the subject with the Doctor alone, when I finally settled the same, the Doctor agreeing to the price which I had put upon the Land etc. of £13000, & which he said he consented to do entirely in consequence of my Interposition.  Mr Denison came afterwards where a Minute of each was drawn up in order that I might show it to Mr Bent.  Mr Roscoe & Eliza who met us at Eton yesterday & Mr Denison dined.


Saturday 23.  Set off after breakfast on our return home, the Doctor sending his horses with us to Warrington.  Our own sent to us at Knutsford.  Met Mr Holland on the road with whom a . . .chat.  Arrived at Linley Wood about five o'clock.


Page  252.  1819  October


Sunday 24.  At home.  Service.  In the afternoon Miss [Powys] with Mr Henry & Mr Charles [Powys] called.


Monday 25.  At Newcastle, seeing Mr Bent & communicating to him the particulars of what I had done on my late Journey to Eton, all of which he much approved, & expressed his acknowledgement for the trouble I had taken, & the conclusion I had put to this unfortunate end, of late, most horrifying business.  We both signed the Notice of dissolution of the Partnership, which with an Affidavit of the signature.


Tuesday 26.  At home.  At noon Rode out on Horseback.  Men busy in the Fallow at Banky Swallow Moor setting out burnt clay.  NB. The part on which the Salt had been applied was sown last week.  Getting up potatoes.  Dr Balcombe called, when I was out.  Mr Perlington sent from Bostock House 3 brace of very fine Carp & 3 brace of Tench, which turned into the small stream in the garden.  Mr B dined again at Linley Wood.


Wednesday 27.  At home.  On Horseback again.  Began reading Cox's Life of the Duke of Marlborough.  Men engaged on the Fallow.  Frost.


Thursday 28.  At home.


Friday 29.  At Trentham Inn attending Meeting for compounding assessed Taxes.  Mr Spode & Self.  On return was stopped by Lord Gowers servant & requested to attend a Meeting then held at the Roebuck relative to the intended [preparation] Meeting intended to be held on Monday next at Hanley about . . .we finally agreed to send to Lord Dartmouth the new Lieutenant of the County & request an . . missing from the . . .in the neighbourhood & we agreed to meet on Monday.


Page 253.  1819  October


Friday 29.  at the Roebuck to be ready to act on circumstances they require.  There were present Lord Gower, Mr Tollet, Mr Twemlow etc.  On my return home found the Draft of the Answer in Chancery as drawn by Counsel etc.  A Letter from Mr Tomlinson.


Saturday 30.  Closely engaged with the Answer & sent to Mr Tomlinson desiring that he would come to Linley Wood tomorrow as time permits & I found his requirements as well as my own were numerous & urgent for the next week.


Sunday 31.  Mr Tomlinson came with whom closely engaged on the Answer all day & which he left for my final completion.




Monday 1.  At Newcastle attending Meeting of Magistrates.  Lord Dartmouth, Lord Gower, Tollet, Rickets, Cagney, Twemlow & Sneyd of Keele.  In the course of the Morning other Gentlemen came in, & it was agreed that a General Meeting of Lieutenancy & Magistrates should be held on Monday next for the purpose of considering of raising an additional armed force in the County.  Much preparation had been made by a proper military force being provided against any riot or disturbance.  But the Meeting which was held in Hanley went off with perfect quietness.  The above Magistrates however except Mr Sneyd, agreed to remain together at the . . .till late in the evening.  I staid and dined with the & came hoe about eight.  The only speakers at the Meeting were Mr Ridgeway of Shelton & one of his men.


Tuesday 2.  At home closely engaged all day on the Answer though miserably ill.


Wednesday 3.  Engaged again with Answer.


Thursday 4.  The same & thereby prevented from attending the agreed Meeting at Newcastle.


Friday 5.  At Cliffe Ville finally settling the Draft of the Answer previous to it being laid before a reasoning Counsel.  Engaged from 11 to 6 though at the time miserably ill.


Saturday 6.  At home.  Mr Poulson relative to the late Widow Halls Acct. & Mr Martin relative to the Colliery when he promised to give me the report of the Estate he should determine to sell.


Page 254.  1819  November


Sunday 7.  At home.  Service.  Mr Booth dined.  Received Note to attend the Funeral of the late Mr Kinnersly on Thursday next.


Monday 8.  Set off early to Stafford to attend General Meeting of the Lieutenancy & Magistrates to consider if the expediency & means of increasing the armed force of the County.  On calling at the Navigation Office at Stone, was informed that the Meeting of the Select Committee which had been appointed to be held tomorrow at Wolsley Bridge & to which place I had intended to proceed from Stafford, was postponed, on account of the illness off Mr Sparrow.  Attended Meeting which now most numerously & unexpectedly attended, & when an [inscription] County, & which [measures] appeared to be carried with [seemly] a dissenting voice except Lord . . .and one or two of his friends, & finally entered into for augmenting the Yeomanry . . .of the . . .those present were the Mayor of Stafford (in the Chair) M of [Anglesea], Lords Dartmouth, Anson, Granville, Waterpark & Gower.  Some opposition made by Lord Anson in a clumsy but modestly delivered speech, stating the [perfect] [tranquillity] of the people etc. & much of the common place dedications which a certain party in the County seem to have [endangered] themselves in, in spite of the glaring facts before their eyes.  [Finarty] the Reporter of the Morning Chronicle,got into the Room for the purpose of reporting the Proceedings, but upon deliberation, it was resolved that he should not be permitted to be present, this being a Meeting of Deputy Lieutenants & Magistrates only; & in the course of whose discussions much matter might be disclosed as to the actual state & military force of the County that would be highly dangerous & improper to be made public at such a time as the present, & that the presence of such a Force might also shackle the freedom & unreserve with which


Page 255.  1819  November


             it was desirable that Gentlemen should express themselves on so important an occasion.  A very long Letter from Sir Charles Wolsley being received by the Chairman, it was upon consideration decided that such Letter should not be formally read from the Chair, as it contained no satisfactory reason for Sir Charles non attendance in person, if he wished to deliver his sentiments, and which it was in this case his duty to have done, but that such Letter should lie open to the perusal of any Gentleman who might think it worth while to read it.  This decision appeared to me to be perfectly right upon principle, because the object of a Meeting is the advantage to be derived from personal & [residual] & reciprocal communication, observation, & discussion, & that if individuality were shown to deliver these sentiments by Letter, it could be subversive of a defeat & the very object of a Meeting and the whole of whose time too might be wasted in reading, without any opportunity being afforded if eliciting or investigating their accuracy or force and all real business greatly & thoroughly obstructed if not absolutely precluded & put a stop to.  Returned with Mr Spode in the Carriage to Stone where we dined together, & where I had some conversation with Mr Vaughan who wished to see me on Navigation business, & arrived at home about nine o'clock.


Tuesday 9.  At home.  A quiet day, & the first that I have had for a considerable time past.  Cleared out another of the rough Pits on the late Mr Jenks Land.


Wednesday 10.  At home.


Thursday 11.  Attending the Funeral at Ashley of my old friend & acquaintance the late Mr Kinnersly, who died suddenly at Buxton in his 67 year.  The attendance was numerous consisting of 22 Gentlemen.  Eight Pall Bearers as under r Bent, Mr Williamson, Thos. Fenton & Thos Davenport, and on the other side John Robinson, R Bourne of [Lower]Lane, Thos. Sparrow & J Caldwell.


Page 256.  1819  November


Thursday 11.  We left Clough Hall a little before 11 & as the procession moved slow, did not arrive at Ashley till a little after three, when the Service was performed by a Mr Hazlewood, a friend of the Family.  Mrs Atwood & 3 other of the young ladies attended in the Family Coach, [contrary] as Mr Davenport who went with me, informed me to his wishes & representations & indeed to common custom but they felt it as a most of . . .affection & respect which they could not prevail upon themselves to relinquish.  The Revd. Mr Leigh accompanied me back.


Friday 12.  At Stoneyfield engaged all day closely on annual Settlement of Brewery Accounts.


Saturday 13.  Engaged again on the like, doing the same.  Afterwards called with Mr Bent, & with whom I returned home to dinner.. Miss Stamford went in the morning to Nantwich.


Sunday 14.  At home.  Service as usual.  In the afternoon at Talk Chapel with Eliza.


Monday 15.  At home.  Papers etc. previous to attending Meeting of the Select Committee at Wolsley Bridge tomorrow.


Tuesday 16.  Set off at 7 o'clock to Wolsley Bridge, taking the Carriage to Newcastle.  From thence went in a Chaise with Mr Sparrow to Stone where Mr Vaughan joined us, & we travelled to Wolsley Bridge together.  Arrived before 11.  Mr Sparrow being unwell we adjourned the Meeting to his house.  Closely engages all day.


Wednesday 17.  Engaged in the morning with the Books.  Called again at Bishton & returned home to dinner arriving between 3 & 4 o'clock.


Thursday 18.  At home.  Wrote long Letter to Mr Daniell on Navigation Concerns.  Took one Carp & one Tench out of the stream for dinner tomorrow.  Mr Spode & Mr Bent having promised to call on their return from Manchester.


Page 257.  1819  November


Friday 19.  At home.  Mr Spode & Mr Bent dined.


Saturday 20.  At home.  Engaged with Men clearing ground lately purchased from Mr Jenks & particularly the piece lying up to the Turnpike Road.


Sunday 21.  At home.  Service.


Monday 22.  At Newcastle attending Meeting of Comm. for compounding for assessed Taxes.  Mr Spode & Self.  NB The windows at Linley Wood not having been surveyed & rated since the new Building, though I had often requested that this might be done, & finding that if I paid the composition upon the number now erected, it would amount to the same sum as if the windows were erected afresh & remained on the old duty, I adopted the former course by the recommendation of Mr Penke; as in case the windows had been rated according to their actual number, I should not have compounded having no intention whatever of opening a single additional one.  Returned to dinner & found Miss Stamford & Emma, who had just arrived from Nantwich.


Tuesday 23.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.


Wednesday 24.  At home.  Engaged in the Grounds, taking down fences on Land late Mr Jenks . . .that forming the division with the Birchen field.  Fine.  Frost.  Recd. Deed of Conveyance of Linley Lane Meadow from Mr [Dent].


Thursday 25.  Eliza & I called at Clough Hall on occasion of the death of the late Mr Kinnersly.  Saw Mrs Kinnersly who seemed much affected, and all the Ladies.  Mr Hazlewood the Gentleman who performed the Funeral Service also there: who spoke of his acquainted with the Marsh's particularly the Revd. Mr Augustus Marsh.  Invited Mr H to dine at L. Wood, but said he should be happy to visit in the Spring, when he should again be at Clough Hall.  Fine Frost.  Busy carrying out manure into the Meadow.


Page 258.  1819  November


Friday 26.  At home & in the house all day: a very heavy snow having fallen in the night.  Having very openly, & unequivocally, as well as repeatedly expressed my opinion that the Meeting held at Manchester on the 16 of August last, which was attended so much Notice & drawn further much observation was an illegal Meeting.  I could not but feel much satisfaction at the following opinion given by the Chancellor in the House of Lords on Tuesday last on the debate on the Address.  He said,” It was his clear, distinct and unqualified opinion, that according to every principle of the English Law, the Meeting at Manchester was an illegal Meeting”.  Star Newspaper November 24 1819.


Saturday 27.   At home.  Sundry matters.  Considering & settling Deed of Conveyance of Linley Meadows etc.


Sunday 28.  Mr Perlington on their affairs.  Service as usual.


Monday 29.  At Newcastle attending Meeting for compounding Assessed Taxes, Mr Spode & Self.  Eliza & Emma went with me in the Carriage & returned to dinner.  Rain.


Tuesday 30.   At home.  Mr Perlington relative to an intended sale by Mr Salmon of his share of Lands at the Saltworks; when I promised to see hom tomorrow at Sandbach.  Various matters, & looking over papers previous to meeting Mr Hostage at Sandbach tomorrow.  Mr John Stanton called on his way to Newcastle relative to the intended repairs of the Theatre.




Wednesday 1.  At Sandbach meeting Mr Hostage, when after much descussion, his having offered that the £594. 14.9 should be divided, which I declined, it was finally agreed that all proceedings in the Suits at Law & in Equity should be stopped, that Mr Hostage would dine with me some day after the 15th inst., & that if he & I could not then settle the questions to the £594. 14. 9 (all other matters being considered as finally closed), such questions be left to Reference the particulars of which we were to settle when we met.  In the course of the circumstances, Mr Hostage directly stated that the Deeds were executed by Mr Wood the same morning that they were brought to Cliffe Ville & when I executed the same.  Conversation with Mr Salmon


Page 259.  1819  December


Wednesday 1.  Mr Perlington relative to the intended Sale of Mr Salmon's share of Land to Mr Sutton, when Mr Salmon agreed to wait a while in order better to consider of the matter.  Called at Mrs Furnival where I had left Eliza who had accompanied me to Sandbach, & returned home to dinner.


Thursday 2.  At home.  Men busy clearing out the Wood from the larger Pool.  Fine mild day.


Friday 3.   At home.  No fact was better ascertained than that Men practically attempted impracticable Theories.  This when exemplified in virtue and in science, was, at each effort, a step towards improvement, but when such essays were made in a bad cause, the progress of vice and wickedness was too frequently misused, and though the obtainable object could & would be secured, still the coil done in the endeavour might be beyond all possible calculation.  . . .though unusual suffrage was not to be established, universal anarchy and confusion would necessarily ensue from the conflict in support of it.  No harm given to this Christian Country, could for a minute believe that pure unmitigated broad a. . .Lord Wellesley ,Speech on the State of the Nation  . . .. in the attempt to reach had this visionary goal, might not all morals and all order be destroyed?. Star 1 Dec 1819.  In the evening Mr Morris & Mr Wm. Perlington relative to purchase by the former of Mr Salmons Share of the Lands at the Saltworks & when it was agreed that Mr P should call upon Mr Salmon tomorrow & l. . the . . .price he would take or close with him at £1200.


Saturday 4.At home.  Mr Perlington previous to seeing Mr Salmon today, relative to the intended purchase. 


Sunday 5.  Mr Perlington again.  Mr Salmon having taken till Thursday next to consider of the purchase sale.  Service.


Monday 6.  At home.  Engaged with the Men forming the Walls & putting up the Paling in the Plantation next to the Stable yard.


Tuesday 7.  At Betley Hall.  Eliza & Self, Miss Stamford & Emma.  Party  Col. & Mrs Egerton.  Mr James Tomlinson, Mr Inge, Miss Beckworth.   Staid all night.


Wednesday8.  Conversation with Mr Tollet relative to the School at Talk in consequence of Mr Binghams application for . . .Returns.


Page 260.  1819  December


Wednesday 8.  & promised to make enquiries.  Also relative to the Money in Kinnerslys Lands for the [benefit] of the Chapel which I also promised to inquire into & endeavour to get settled.  Called at Lady Fletechers.  Also at the Wedgwood's but Mr & Mrs W were at Parkfields.  Returned home to dinner.  Leaving Emma at Mr Wedgwood's.  Severe cold & Land frost, which had set in in the night.


Thursday 9.  At home.  Busy carrying out Manure; the frost being severe.


Friday 10.  At home.  Mr Perlington with a copy of the Agreement which he had signed for the purchase of Mr Salmons Share of Land in [Thurland} & Rode.  Engaged on various matters, Letters etc.  Men employed carrying out Manure.  Emma returned home, having ridden on horseback.  Sent the Carriage to Knutsford to meet Mr Roscoe & his wife but they did not come.


Saturday 11.  At home.  The Roscoes came to dinner.  Sent the Carriage again to Brereton Green.


Monday 13.  In the Morning at Newcastle attending Meeting Mr Spode & Self.  Returned home to dinner.  Mr Jos. Wedgwood & Jos. W Junior dined & staid all night.  In the evening Mr Roscoe set off to London.  Severe Frost.


Tuesday 14.  Set off early to Wolsley Bridge to attend Meeting of the Select Committee.  Took Mr Thomas Sparrow in the Carriage from Newcastle to Stone.  From thence proceeded in a Chaise Mr Vaughan joining us, & arrived about 11.  Mr Webb, Mr Chetwynd & myself (Mr Lister not attending) adjourned to Bishron, Mr Sparrow being very indifferent, & where we did the business.  Advised an add. Dividend of 2½ per share on the half year becoming due at Christmas next.  Returned to the Inn to dinner, but Mr Chetwynd did not stay.


Wednesday 15.  Engaged with the Books & . . .Bills, which I settled & allowed.  Heavy Snow.  Called again at Bishton, & returned home to dinner, but very unwell, with a severe cold.


Page 261.  1819  December


Thursday 16.  At home.  Unwell.  About 6 o'clock to my great joy, my dear Anne safely arrived at Linley Wood, with her two little girls; both fine, healthy & lovely infants.


Friday 17.  At home.  Stormy day.  Wind & Snow.  Still very unwell.


Saturday 18.  At home.  Mr Hostage relative to the matters in dispute when he proposed by direction of Mr Wood, that the [Drag] houses & Land purchased from George Cope should be relinquished to me in discharge of the principal & Interest due on the Bond to Dr Crompton, when I promised to make enquiry into the value, but it was agreed that if the matter could not otherwise be settled, it should be referred as before proposed when we met at Sandbach.  Mr Hostage staid to dinner but returned that night.


Sunday 19.  At home.  Service.


Monday 20.  At Newcastle.  Engaged in the Burslem business & papers, & other business.


Tuesday 21.  At home.  Various matters.  Mr Perlington relative to the purchase made by Mr Morris & when I fixed to see him & Mr Morris on Friday Morning at Linley Wood.


Wednesday 22.  At home.  Mr Wedgwood of Bignall End paying half years Interest of the Money due on his Bond & Mortgage & advising relative to new Road made by Mr Williamson near by the Inns on the Red Bull trunk were [evaded] when he promised to send me the Acts of Parliament for my perusal & consideration.


Thursday 23.  At Newcastle seeing Mr Bent relative to the Articles of Dissolution of Partnership of Crompton & Co. which I had sent to him for his perusal, & he approved, subject to some observations which I had made thereon & had communicated by Letter to Mr Denison to whom I was to return the Draft.  Called upon Mr Sparrow on Select Navigation Matters & Securities.  Went in the Gig.  On my return heavy fall of Snow.  Miss Wedgwood of Parkfields dined.  When at Newcastle sent a Letter to John Trubshaw requesting his opinion of the Houses etc. at Milton proposed to be relinquished to me by Mr Wood.


Page 262.  1819  December


Friday 24.  At home.  Mr Morris & Mr Perlington relative to the Land purchased by the former & much conversation thereon, when they said they should be entirely governed by my advice as to any communication with Mr Sutton etc.  Busily engaged also Letter writing on Navigation Matters to Mr Vaughan etc. & with relation to the Letter proposed to be addressed to Sir Charles Wolsley, which Mr Sparrow of Bishton had sent for my perusal.  Ann & Bessy came from Nantwich & arrived to dinner.  Frost.


Saturday 25.  At home.  Engaged perusing Acts of Parliament & writing my opinion to Mr Wedgwood of Bignall End to Coals passing along Mr Williamson's new Road to Burslem, & which he thought were subject to a Penalty as an invasion of the Tolls.  Also engaged writing to Mr Denison of Liverpool with the Draft of the Articles etc. which I sent to him this day by Coach from Red Bull.  Stamford arrived to dinner, & Mr W Roscoe some time after.  Hard Frost.


Sunday 26.  At home.  Service.  Fine day, hard frost.


Monday 27.  At home.  Engaged on sundry matters, Letters etc.


Tuesday 28.  At home.  Carried Limestone which laid on the Bank Road immediately below the House.  Engaged on sundry matters.


Wednesday 29.  Walked to the . . .  Sent Letter to John Trubshaw for a valuation of Houses etc. at Milton.  Mr Richardson & Charles Wedgwood called, the latter previous to setting off for India.  Proposed leaving Stafford on Saturday next, & expected to go on board ship on Tuesday next.  He was to sail on the [Astill Indonian].


Thursday 30.  At home.  Various matters.


Friday 31.  In the night a very heavy snow had fallen & which continued this morning.


Page 263.  Blank.











January 1820


Saturday 1st January 1820

The first day of the new year. If it be passed like the last, with what little satisfaction can I look forward to it! The Burslem and Liverpool Affairs having almost deprived me of a single day of comfort or quiet. However, let me be thankful that they are so nearly brought to a conclusion! But to me, who am conscious of having never failed to use my utmost endeavours to promote the interests of both the one and the other, and to preserve harmony amongst the Parties concerned, so painful and troublesome [close of?] them seems hard measure: independent of the heavy pecuniary loss that I shall sustain by the latter: and the want of satisfaction to me in the former.

The snow lies very deep: more so than any that I have observed for many years, and therefore pleasant. Walked with Mr Williamson to Talk-on-the-Hill to meet [Henndah?] Moss and other inhabitants in order to obtain information relative to the School to enable me to reply to Mr Brougham’s enquiries.

Wrote to W. Hostage. Isaac Cooper to whom paid his years interest. Lawtons prevented dining today as they had engaged to do, owing to being unwell.


Sunday 2nd January 1820

At home. Service. Heavy fall of snow.


Monday 3rd January 1820

At home. The snow lay this morning 15 inches deep upon the Plain surface.


Tuesday 4th January 1820

Set off to Stone on my way to Wolseley Bridge to attend Meeting of the Select Committee. Mr Thomas Sparrow went with me from Newcastle. In the evening much conversation with Mr Vaughan on various Navigation matters.


Wednesday 5th January 1820

Went from Stone to Wolseley Bridge where we arrived about 11. Mr T Sparrow, Mr Vaughan and myself: owing to the great depth of the snow and bad state of the roads obliged to take 4 horses from Stone. Adjourned the meeting to Bishton. Mr Sparrow, Mr Chetwynd, Mr Lister, Mr Webb and myself. Augmentation of Mr Vaughan’s salary from 300 to 500 a year, proposed by me, approved and ordered. Dined and stayed all night at Wolseley Bridge, but Mr Chetwynd and Mr Lister went home before dinner; the former on account of the death of the late Lady Talbot.


Thursday 6th January 1820

Called at Bishton with Mr Thomas Sparrow. Sat with Mr Sparrow upwards of an hour, in the course of which much conversation and discussion of various matters, and received from him some very strong expressions of his confidence and regard. Returned to Newcastle. Dined with our Party at Dr Northens. Mr and Mrs Clarke, Kinnersley, some Officers, Miss Moreton and ourselves. Eliza, Emma and E Roscoe. A gentle thaw had commenced in the morning and which continued at night.


Friday 7th January 1820

At home. Engaged on various matters. Frost returned.


Saturday 8th January 1820

At home. Dr Belcombe and Mr Richard[?] Wedgwood of Betley dined and stayed all night.


Sunday 9th January 1820

At home. Dr B and J.W. went after breakfast. Service. Severe frost.


Monday 10th January 1820

At home. Mr Skerrett arrived to dinner. Emma went to Betley Hall.


Tuesday 11th January 1820

At home. Much snow. Read out a great part of the 1st Volume of Ivanhoe.


Wednesday 12th January 1820

At Macclesfield meeting Mr Bent who had come by the way of Leek. Took the horses in the Talk chaise to Congleton: the carriage being at Betley Hall. Engaged at Macclesfield all day on annual Brewery Accounts. Then busy setting out burnt clay on the land above the pool.


Thursday 13th January 1820

Finished Accounts and returned home to dinner. Mr Bent going on to Newcastle. Found Mr, Mrs and Miss Wedgwood of Betley hall. The two latter stayed all night. In the evening A. Marsh arrived by the Mail. Mr Skerrett and my sisters had gone away in the morning.


Friday 14th January 1820

At home. Various matters. Frank and Harry Wedgwood dined and stayed all night.


Saturday 15th January 1820

At Sandbach meeting Mr Hostage on the Burslem business when I explained to him the omission of the Hall purchases 2350 on the Partrinear[?] of the Partnership property sent to me by Mr Ward, when he undertook to communicate with Mr Ward on this extraordinary circumstance. Returned home to dinner. Mr Roscoe arrived soon after.


Sunday 16th January 1820

At home. Service.


Monday 17th January 1820

At home. Sent Articles of Dissolution of Liverpool Brewery Partnership to Mr Denison per Mail and wrote to him therewith. Engaged on various matters.


Tuesday 18th January 1820

At home. A.C. Marsh and Mr Roscoe with there wives and Stamford went to Parkfields. Some appearance of a thaw, but very cold.


Wednesday 19th January 1820

At home. Engaged on Navigation Papers. Letter to Mr Vaughan on Tomlinson’s business. Wm Penlington relative to Mear Lake farm for which he recommended a tenant. Also consulting on his affairs. Delivered to him the last conveyance of part of Linley Lane that he might shew it to Mr Darlington and point out an error in the description.


Thursday 20th January 1820

At home. Engaged on various papers, accounts &c.


Friday 21st January 1820

The night had been so stormy and the snow which had fallen so much, and so drifted, that Wm Dawson who set off early with the horses to here brought [here tonight?] the Party from Mare Hall was obliged to turn back at the first Turnpike.

I this day completed the 60th year of my age.


Saturday 22nd January 1820

J.W. Bent and Dr Belcombe called. The Party from Mare Hall arrived and Marsh, Roscoe and Stamford with Ann and Emma dined at Lawton Hall.


Sunday 23rd January 1820

At home. Service. The frost began to give way and a thaw commenced but unaccompanied with rain. In the evening received the intelligence of the death of my old Tenant Michael Ashmore.


Monday 24th January 1820

At home. Prevented by the weather and state of the roads from going to Newcastle.


Tuesday 25th January 1820

At home. Again prevented going to Newcastle by the weather &c.


Wednesday 26th January 1820

Went to Newcastle taking Eliza in the carriage. Paid off Christmas Bills. Swearing affidavit before Mr Thomas Sparrow relative to the Fine [levied, carried?] on Harrison’s affairs. Returned to dinner.


Thursday 27th January 1820

At home. Various matters.


Friday 28th January 1820

At Trentham Inn attending Dep. Lieutenancy meeting, Mr Spode and self, receiving lists and hearing appeals. Engaged all day.


Saturday 29th January 1820

At home. Mr and Mrs Charles Lawton, Mrs Northen dined. Dr Northen, Miss Moreton and Mr and Miss Bent who were to have been of the party being prevented coming. In the morning walked over the farm with A. Marsh. Spreading burnt clay upon the pastures above the Pool.


Sunday 30th January 1820

In the evening at Talk Chapel with Eliza.


Monday 31st January 1820

At Newcastle with A. Marsh and W Roscoe calling upon Mr Bent and Dr Belcombe. Heard the first rumour of the death of the King, and which at night was confirmed by a message from Mr Smith informing me that the Mail had brought certain intelligence of the event having taken place.


Tuesday 1st February 1820

At home. A.C.Marsh, W.Roscoe and his wife and Eliza (Anne Marsh being prevented going) went to Betley Hall to dinner and to stay all night. Engaged relative to Wm Johnson’s claim to property at Bearsly, and writing there on to Mr Jones.


Wednesday 2nd February 1820

At home. The Party returned from Betley. Mr and Mrs Jos. Wedgwood, Jos, Eliz and Charlotte Wedgwood dined and stayed the night.


Thursday 3rd February 1820

Walked in the morning with Jos Wedgwood junior ( Mr Wedgwood having gone away early) over the Alsager Lands. On return overtaken by Mr Bent and Miss Turnival and returning from the marriage of Miss Turnival of Sandbach with Dr Thorpe of Ludlow.


Friday 4th February 1820

At Trentham Inn with Mr Spode hearing appeals under assessed Taxes. Long and fatiguing day’s business and returned late to dinner. In the evening A. Marsh left us on his return to London.


Saturday 5th February 1820
The eldest of the children being unwell Dr Northen was sent for. Received a note from Mr Thomas Sparrow expressing the wish of the Mayor of Newcastle to see me tomorrow to consult on the Procession at the intended  Proclamation of the King’s accession on Monday next.


Sunday 6th February 1820

At home. Service. Received another note from Mr Sparrow saying that my attendance would not be requisite till Monday, the order of the Procession having been nearly fixed.


Monday 7th February 1820

Went to Newcastle taking Eliza and Emma with me in the carriage. Looked over the order of the Procession with the Mayor, when the same was finally arranged and was as follows-


Yeomen Cavalry, Newcastle and Pottery Troop.


Infantry part of 90th Regiment.

High Constable and Town Clerk.




Mayor and Recorder



A.C.Dermer D of D.

Gentlemen &c


Monday 7th February 1820

The procession moved from the Town Hall to the Marsh where the Proclamation was first read in the centre of a circle formed by the Militia &c &c, by the Rev.Mr [Kycke, Hyde?] the Curate of Newcastle, from thence to the [Guan?] where it was again read from thence into the Lower Street in the Middle of which it was again read, then to the bottom of tehe [Lenthall?] Street where it was again read and then to the Market Cross from the Slope of which it was finally read, and ended by the national Air of God Save the King being sung. Huzzars succeeded each reading of the Proclamation. The Military were under the command of Major Dixon of the 90th, who conducted the whole with great order and precision. From the Market Cross the Gentlemen adjourned to the Town Hall where cake and wine were provided and after a few loyal toasts, the Party broke up. Returned home to dinner and found Dr Northen at Linley Wood, who had again attended Anne Marsh’s eldest girl, and who stayed all night. The child much better.


Tuesday 8th February 1820

In the morning Roscoe and his wife left Linley Wood on their return to Liverpool, the carriage taking them to Knutsford. At home all day. Engaged on various papers and matters.


Wednesday 9th February 1820

At Cliffe House meeting Mr Vaughan relative to the Title Compensation question between Mr Tomlinson and the Company in order that I might inform myself fully on the subject with a view to settling the same at the next Meeting of the Select Committee. Conversation also with Mr Tomlinson relative to the Burslem business and the properties made by Mr Hostage for settling the same, in consequence of the disarray that I had made of the error in the particular of the Partnership papers sent by Mr Wood to me.


Thursday 10 February 1820

 At home. Engaged all morning on the affairs and papers of the late Mrs Tollet in consequence of an Application from the Stamp Office for Duties left unpaid by the late Mr Armistead and writing letter to Mr Prichet of Hull thereon.


Friday 11th February 1820

At home. Engaged in the Burslem business and writing letter to Mr Hostage thereon. Mrs Wilbraham of Rode and Mrs Antioben[?] of Congleton called.


Saturday 12th February 1820

At about 8 o’clock this morning my dear Anne with her two lovely and most interesting children set off on their return home. The carriage taking them to Trentham Inn. Engaged on various papers and matters. Men busy digging the ground for enlarging the plantation before the House, which we had agreed yesterday.


Sunday 13th February 1820

At home. Service.


Monday 14th February 1820

Met in the morning in the Gig to Newcastle it being the Fair, but made no purchases. Cattle selling high. Long conversation with Mr Fenton relative to a deviation of the Newcastle to Liverpool road so as to avoid Talk-on-the-Hill summits, when he and Mr Bent promised to dine with me some early day, and look over the ground, with a view to this important improvement. Saw Sir John Heathcote relative to Talk School, when he informed me that he could not find my papers respecting it, but understood that they must be in the hands of the late Reverend Mr Fernyhough of  [Newcastle?]. Returned home to dinner.


Tuesday 15th February 1820

At home. Busily engaged planting before the House. Eliza, Miss Stamfordand Emma went to Newcastle. Mr Brittain with message from Mr Martin relative to treaty for sale of the Foxholes Estate.


Wednesday 16th February 1820

At home. Engaged again with the men planting, particularly some large oak plants rumoured from Swallow Moor Wood, of which Emma planted the one which is the largest, and a few other. Sent James Whalley with a letter to Mr Martin in consequence of what Mr Brittain had showed me yesterday. This, Mr Martin, said in his reply was a mistake; but that if he should dispose of the Estate, he would himself offer it to me, deferring other men. In the evening sharp frost.


Thursday 17th February 1820

At home. Mr Hostage came in the forenoon pursuant to appointment relative to the Burslem business when after a long discussion I finally agreed to accept the £594 (it should have been expressed £594.14.9), with the common costs of entering the appearance of the Bill (which though not specified in the Memorandum which we signed Mr Hostage undertook to pay) and left the remaining costs to the consideration of Mr Enoch Wood junior and his brother. The £594 to be paid as the other monies within 5 years from the dissolution of the Partnership.

And this I trust is for ever ended this most unjust and vexatious [‘litigation etc’ crossed out] business originating as I verily believe the dissolution of the Partnership did in feelings of malignity and revenge on the part of Mr Wood and fellowship as it has been by the violation of all probity, truth, justice and good faith.

Mr Henshall and Mr Taddon[?] called to obtain Mrs Stamford’s and my vote on person of the ballot[?] as House Surgeon to the North Staffordshire Infirmary.


Friday 18th February 1820

At home. Engaged on various papers and matters. Eliza and Emma went to Newcastle and brought an account of Mr Bent’s being very unwell having been attached with much indisposition at Shrewsbury from where he returned the day before.


Saturday 19th February 1820

Went to Newcastle to see Mr Bent who I found very unwell and in bed. Asked his opinion of Mr Seddon the Candidate for the Surgeons place to the Infirmary; at which he said had he been well enough he should have attended to have examined the pretensions of the several Candidates, but without which he should give his vote, not knowing their respective merits. I therefore determined to make no promises myself. Returned home to dinner. Cold frosty day with slight snow or sleet.


Sunday 20th February 1820

At home. Service. Sent to Newcastle a better account of Mr Bent.


Monday 21st February 1820

At home. Received further account, but not more unfavourable.


Tuesday 22nd February 1820

Went with Eliza, Miss Stamfordand Emma to Parkfield to meet the Sneyds of Ashcombe. In our way Eliza and I called at Stoney field. Mr Bent having had a bad night did not see him. From fear of receiving any hurry; and not the smallest apprehension of danger appeared to be entertained. He had been affected with violent sickness attended with shivering. The inflammation which had begun and been confined to one part had spread, but abated on the part at first affected.
Dined at Parkfields, Mr Sneyd, Wedgwood of Betley and Dr Balcombe.


Wednesday 23rd February 1820

Went to Stone to breakfast, where Mr Thomas Sparrow had arrived. Proceeded with him and Mr Vaughan there closely engaged all morning on business. Mr Sparrow being pretty well. Much trouble on Mr Tomlinson’s business, but which I finally settled. Letter which I had written to Dennett and Gears &c. in reply to one from them in Pickfords business, highly approved by the Select Committee and ordered to be sent.

Signed Requisition to the Sheriff for a County Meeting for an Address of Condolence and Congratulation to the King.

Dined and stayed all night at Wolseley Bridge, but Mr Chetwynd, Lister and Webb went after dinner.


Thursday 24th February 1820

Called at Biston, and from thence came to Stone. On getting out of the chaise Mr Fowler who I met in the passage without any preparation announced to me the unexpected intelligence of the death of my old, intimate, and highly valued friend and associate William Bent, who Mr F informed me died about 2 o’clock this morning. Went on to Newcastle. Stopped at Mr Sparrows and sent a message to Stoney fields by the Stoney field servant who happened to be passing that I would come up there in a few minutes. Went up accordingly. Saw Wm Bent who had just arrived from Macclesfield. Mrs Bent being much hurried did not see her and left the house. Called back by Mr Bent who said his mother wished to see me, on my return saw Dr Thomas Bent who said Mrs Bent understood that I had something particular to communicate. On my saying this was not the case he said from the excitement she had undergone he thought I had better not see her, and I came away without having that satisfaction and without a word being said respecting the Funeral or anything in the least relating to my old and valued friend.


Friday 25th February 1820

Sent a servant to Stoney field with letter to Mrs Bent and received a favourable account of them all. Symptoms of a bad cold.


Saturday 26th February 1820

Being prevented going to Stoney field by my Cold and a violent inflammation of the chest which let me in bed all day, sent again to Stoney field. Mr Charles Lawton and Mr Richardson called but could not see them.


Sunday 27th February 1820

Confined all day; but the fever with which I had been much affected and inflammation considerably had subsided in the night.


Monday 28th February 1820

Still so very unwell as to send for Dr Northen, who came in the evening. Eliza and I prevented by this illness from going to Ashcombe, but Mrs Stamford, Emma and Stamford went.


Tuesday 29th February 1820

Still very unwell though considerably better and [power?] from fever.


Wednesday 1st March 1820

Having had a bad night sent again for Dr Northen who pronounced me decidedly unfit to attend the Funeral of my old and dear friend Wm Bent tomorrow. Received letter from Mr Kinnersly relative to the Funeral, which he wished to be as early as possible on account of his Election Engagements. Sent to Stoney fields to inform them that it would not be in my power to attend. Prevented also going today to Newcastle to meet Mr Birds and Mr Vernon to complete the purchase of Linley Lane Meadow pursuant to appointment.


Thursday 2nd March 1820

The carriage went to attend the Funeral at Newcastle. About 2 or 3 o’clock this morning a tremendous squall of wind, which did considerable damage to the – wood; Mr Birds and Mr Vernon came to Linley Wood where I paid Mr Birds the purchase money and received the conveyance of Linley Lane Meadow. In the afternoon snow. Felt considerably better today, the fever and cough having much subsided.


Friday 3rd March 1820

Still confined to the House. Better, but recovery very slow. Frost.


Saturday 4th March 1820

The same. Snow and sharp frost.


Sunday 5th March 1820

Much the same. Read prayers, not being well enough to go through the whole service.

That form and Institution of Religion is proportionately the most perfect which has the fairest positive external Rites, and lays the least stress upon them; and wherein these Rites which are appointed have the most direct and immediate tendering to promote real virtue and holiness.

Clark - - 250


Monday 6th March 1820

Still confined to the house.- - [not visible in image] getting better. Sharp frost. Stamford went to Newcastle relative to the approaching election.


Tuesday 7th March 1820

Stamford went again to Newcastle to sit as Assessor for which he had been retained by the Returning Officers, the Election commencing this day. The Candidates Mr J. Kinnersley, Mr Wilmot and a Mr Gates Browne from London. About noon went out in the carriage for the first time of my going out of doors, but meeting Mr Walthall who was coming to Linley Wood on poor Bent’s affairs I rode only to the Turnpike and then returned. Much conversation about the affairs, Will &c. And the carrying on of the several concerns with the Executors which I promised to consider of and recommended to Mr Walthall to call upon Sir John Heathcote, which he promised to do. The Executors Mr W said, were himself, Dr Thomas and Richard Bent, the Will being made out in 1814.


Wednesday 8th March 1820

Eliza and I made our first call at Stoney fields on the late melancholy event and had an affecting interview with Mrs Bent. Saw Mr Thomas Sparrow relative to the Election &c.


Thursday 9th March 1820

Set off early to Stafford to attend the Nominations. Took Mr Thomas Sparrow in the carriage. Stopped at Tellington to join Lord Gower’s procession which was by far the most numerous and respectable that I had ever seen both as to carriages and [Merriment?] Proceeded from thence to the Race Ground and Stafford. The Stand big and as a Hustings, but found that all the front space had been some time occupied by the Opposite Party; which proved on the shew of hands to be highly disadvantageous to Lord Gower, as to the nomination. Lord Gower proposed by Mr Ricketts, seconded by Mr Monckton. Mr Littleton proposed by Sir Oswald Moseley, seconded by the Rev. Henry d. Broughton. Sir John Boughey proposed by Mr Tollet, seconded by P [Lloyd?] Kennedy. Shew of hands declared in favour of Mr Littleton and Sir John B and Roll drummed by Lord Gower. There was upon the whole the largest concourse of people I had ever seen assembled on any such occasion, and the day being fine, the appearance upon the ground was very striking. Stayed at Stafford all night though far from well, resolving to attend the Assizes. Mr Morris, Mr [Colough?] and [Walter?] Barlow attended at – the Nomination.


Friday 10th March 1820

Served upon the Grand Jury; which contrary to my expectation, was but thinly attended, there being only 18 Jurors. I had never known less then the full number sworn in before. Dined afterwards with the High Sheriff.


Saturday 11th March 1820

Engaged closely all day on the Grand Jury. Discharged between 5 and 6 o’clock. Dined again with the High Sheriff.


Sunday 12th March 1820

Left Stafford on my return home, thinking that my presence might be useful in my own neighbourhood on securing some votes for Lord Gower and Mr Littleton stopped at Newcastle. Saw Mr Walthall, Sparrow and Wilson, and called at Mr Fenton’s to obtain [lad?] tax assessment. Was introduced for the first time to Mr Wilmot by Mr Walthall. He and Mr Kinnardy had been returned the day before for Newcastle after a contest which had cast since Tuesday last. Stamford sitting as Assessor. Majority in forum of Mr Wilmot upwards of 40 for Kinnersly [?] much greater. Arrived at home to dinner. Found a letter from Lord Gower requesting me to act as one of his Committee. Sent again for Beardmore in order that he might again speak to the Freeholders who had promised me their votes. Samuel Salmon of Audley, one of those who had promised me on application made through Beardmore on my first hearing of a Contest being expected, had changed to Mr Tollet


Monday 13th March 1820

A heavy snow had fallen in the night one which account did not go to Newcastle as I had intended. William Bent called, with whom much conversation in consequence of the late event, relative to the Brewery concerns &c &c. Sent to Mr Robert Fenton for list of Freeholders in this Parish, who were duly rated to the Poor Rates.

A little before two o’clock, to my unspeakable surprise received by a special messenger, a letter from Lord Gower announcing that he should not continue. The Contest for the County !!!!! From my personal observation as well as from what I have since learnt, there was a very great majority of freeholders in favour of Lord Gower at the Nomination. The

Concourse of people was greater than I had ever before witnessed on such an occasion. But Lord Gower by coming late had suffered his active opponents to gain possession of the vantage ground nor could the Sheriff see the great number of Lord Gower’s people who stood behind. It was a miserably ill managed business.


Tuesday 14th March 1820

Went with Eliza to Stoney fields. Called at the Brewery and long conversation with Rowland on sundry matters. Called upon Mr Ward and afterwards upon Mr Walthall relative to the Brewery concerns but they were both out. Called upon Mr Sparrow relative to the proposed address of Condolence and Congratulations by which, by request of the Mayor, I undertook to prepare and move on Saturday next, being the day appointed for the meeting. Returned to dinner. Fine mild day.


Wednesday 15th March 1820

Again at Newcastle. Met Sir John Heathcote with whom much conversation relative to the extraordinary event of Lord Gower’s resignation and the reasons which might have let to it. On arrival at Newcastle found strong rumours of what Sir John had mentioned, an opposition to Sir John Boughey being still [set] up either by the return of Lord Gower, or some fresh Candidate. Saw Mr Walthall relative to the Brewery concerns, and endeavours being used to collect in the doubtful debts. Fixed with him to go to Shrewsbury on the 25th April. Sir John H and I thinking that the presence of one of the Executors at the Annual Settlement would be highly proper. Called upon Sir John at  Talk on my return and finally fixed the day with him. Rode for the first time the horse which I lately bought and liked his paces much. On my return engaged copying the proposed Newcastle Address and draft of which I had before sketched out.


Thursday 16th March 1820

At home. Engaged on the Address &c.


Friday 17th March 1820

At home. The like.


Saturday 18th March 1820

Went to Newcastle in the morning. Moved the Address of Condolence and Congratulation to His Majesty in a speech which seemed to be much approved as was the Address. Returned to dinner. In the evening Stamford arrived from Shrewsbury Assizes. Mr Kinnersly sent this morning 40 brace of Fry Carp.


Sunday 19th March 1820

At home. Service.


Monday 20th March 1820

At Newcastle. Examining the [Engrossment, engagement?] of the Address, copies of the Resolutions &c previous to their being sent away. Wrote letter to Lord Sidmouth to accompany the Address. Called upon Mr Kinnersly; invited him to dine upon the 29th which he promised to do. Recollecting in the Evening that there was an omission in the Resolution of the thanks of the Meeting to Mr Thomas Sparrow, who returned for Answer that he would attend to it.


Tuesday 21st March 1820

Called with Stamford at Lawton Hall. Mr William Sneyd of Ashcombe, Mr Clement Kinnersly Allan and Tom and Caroline Wedgwood came to dinner.


Wednesday 22nd March 1820

Set off early to Wolseley Bridge to attend Meeting of the Select Committee. Took mr Thomas Sparrow in the carriage to Stone, from whence proceeded in a chaise with Mr Vaughan and arrived about 11. Went over to Bishton where the business was done. Mr Chetwynd, Lister, Webb and self. Afterwards much conversation with Mr Chetwynd relative to the late extraordinary event in the County. General surprise and indignation excited by it. Dined all together at the Bridge. Mr Thomas Sparrow, Vaughan and I returned to Stone.


Thursday 23rd March 1820

Engaged examining Cash Book and Accounts with Mr Vaughan. Returned to dinner. Found all the young party had left Linley Wood this morning except Caroline Wedgwood. Showers but still very cold.


Friday 24th March 1820

In the morning snow.

“The names of Whig and Tory will, I am afraid last as long amongst us as those of Guelph and Ghibellini did in Italy. I am sorry for it; but to some they become necessary for distinction sake, not so much for the principles formerly adopted to each name, as for particular and worse reasons. For there has been such chopping and changing both of names and principles that we scarce know who is who. I think it, therefore, necessary in order to appear in my own colours, to make a public profession of my political faith; not doubting but that it may [assure?] in several particulars with that of many other persons who are as undisuredly no posed as I am.

My notion of a Whig. I mean of a real Whig, for the nominal are worse than any sort of man is, that he is one who is exactly for keeping up to the strictness of the true old Constitution, under the three estates of King (or Queen) Lord and Commons: the Legislature being seated on all three together, the Executive entrusted with the first, but accountable to the whole body of the People in case of maladministration.

A true Whig is of opinion, that the Executive power has as just a title to the allegiance and obedience of the subject according to the rules of known Law enacted by the Legislature as the subject has to protection, liberty and property; and so on the contrary.”

Lord Molesworth’s Preface.


The moderate Whigs are much in the same sentiments with the moderate Tories; both desiring that the Government may be maintained on the ancient foundation.

The moderate Tories would not suffer the King to loose any of his Constitutional prerogative; but then, they would not sacrifice the rights of the People.

But, unfortunately, the general motives that have formed and kept the two parties, appear in the main to be no other than the private motives of particular persons; Self interest is the primour mobile of their actions; ever since the rise of these factions,  each has struggled earnestly to get the advantage of the other; in as much as from such superiority accrue places, and honours, and promotions &c which the prevailing party usually distributes amongst its own members exclusive of the contrary party.

With respect to the points which have discriminated the two parties, it is the same as it is with all other sects of men under the agitation of hope and fear, ambition and interest; they tighten or relax their principles as suits best their convenience.

Under these impressions I early determined to abstain, as I religiously have done, though life, from connecting or committing myself with either party, and to judge for myself; to look at things as they really appeared from History and observation, and to act and speak my mind, with that freedom which becomes truth and independence; never suffering however, occasional predominance of any feeling or opinion in respect to either party to withdraw me from the performance of those active duties which contribute the practical good of the State; and to which wise and good men will direct their attention instead of suffering themselves to be diverted by abstract theories, or inflamed by exaggerated and distorted representations of fact.



Mrs Stamford, Mrs Noble and Priscilla arrived from Nantwich.


Saturday 25th March 1820

In the morning storm of hail and snow; the latter very heavy.


Sunday 26th March 1820

At home. Service as usual. In the morning received a letter from Lord Sidmouth stating the presentation of the Address and that it had been most genuinely received by the King.


Monday 27th March 1820

At home. Engaged on various matters. William Penlington called.


Tuesday 28th March 1820

At home. In the morning rode to Oaklinger Hall, the weather being milder and finer than for some time past.


Wednesday 29th March 1820

In the morning rode to Alsager. Mr Sneyd of Bradwall, Mr Kinnersly, C. Lawton, Sparrow, Balcomb and Ab Wilson dined and Mr Sneyd staid all night.


Thursday 30th March 1820

At home. Looked over the farm with Mr Sneyd; who went about noon. Fine Spring day.


Friday 31st March 1820

At home. Reading &c.


Saturday 1st April 1820

At home.


Sunday 2nd April 1820

At home. Service. Miss P. Noble so unwell, that in the evening we sent for Dr Northen and Mr Davenport.


Monday 3rd April 1820

At home. Mr Skerrett and my Sisters came from Nantwich. The latter returning at night.


Tuesday 4th April 1820

In the morning engaged with Mr Skerrett who left us at noon on his way into Devonshire. Afterwards went to Stone taking Mr Thomas Sparrow with me in the carriage from Newcastle to meet Mr Webb for the purpose of examining the half yearly account previous to its being laid before the General Assembly tomorrow. Left my dear Emma very unwell.


Wednesday 5th April 1820

Engaged in the morning again with the Books. General Committee unanimously requested on the motion of Mr Chetwynd to take upon myself the arduous Office of permanent Chairman of this great concern in the absence and on the retirement of Mr Sparrow, and which I consented and encouraged to do from the very handsome and gratifying terms in which the Committee were pleased to express themselves in regard to myself. Took the Chair accordingly; and the day seemed to pass off pleasantly and well to all present. Returned in the evening and found to my great affliction that my dear dear Emma had suddenly grown much worse soon after my departure in consequence of which Dr Northen had been called in. But I had the joy to find her better, though still very ill. Great fear and apprehension of inflammation in the brain. The bleedings however, had been beneficial and produced the intended effect. Mr Davenport slept here.


Thursday 6th April 1820

[‘At home. My dear Emma still very ill but upon the whole better’ crossed out]

In the morning Mr Davenport mentioned to me the noise made by Mr Martin’s Engine, which he said might be injurious to his Patient in consequence of which I sent over to Mr Martin, who returned answer that he would call upon me on Saturday morning. At home all day, my dear Emma something better but still very ill. Mr Davenport again slept in the house.


Friday 7th April 1820

Emma something better. At Trentham Inn attending Meeting Militia and Taxes. Returned to dinner. Emma rather better.


Saturday 8th April 1820

At home. Emma rather improving. Mr Martin and John Martin of Norton called. Promised to conserve the smoke at the Engine and prevent the noise. Dr Northen dined.


Sunday 9th April 1820

At home. Service. Emma better.


Monday 10th April 1820

At home. Various matters. Emma still mending.


Tuesday 11th April 1820

Began taking down the fence in Mr [Jenks, Tonks’s ?] land in the Turnpike Road. Emma not so well. Dined at Miss Moretons. Eliza being prevented going by Emma’s illness. Met the Mills’s of Barlaston and Mr Sneyd of Ashcombe.


Wednesday 12th April 1820

At home. Engaged on various matters.


Thursday 13th April 1820

Went to Ashcombe to dinner. Emma better but not so much so as to admit of Eliza’s accompanying me. Mr and Mrs Goldsmith, Miss [Assen?] Mr and Mrs Sneyd, Kinnersly, Clem Kinnersly, Mr Burton Philips dined. The Kinnersly and Mr Philips staid.


Friday 14th April 1820

Walked with Mr Sneyd in the morning to Hazlehurst Locks, viewing the same and the alteration. Lady and Miss Buller, Mr Willett and Mr John Buller, the latter of whom had yesterday come of age, dined.


Saturday 15th April 1820

Returned home to dinner, and had the comfort to find my dear Emma much recovered and once more safe. Left with Mrs Sneyd the Deed which I had received from Stamford.


Sunday 16th April 1820

At home. William and Rowland Bent called, but did not stay. Service.


Monday 17th April 1820

Set off early to Wolseley Bridge to attend meeting of the Select Committee, Mr Vaughan accompanying me from Stone. Arrived about eleven. Mr Chetwynd, Mr Lister and Mr Webb. Whilst there Lord and Lady Stafford stopped with whom a very pleasant interview both being extremely friendly and cordial. Lord Stafford told me that Lord Gower intended calling at Linley Wood today. Went over to Bishton where we did business. Dined at the Inn and got back to Linley Wood at night. 


Tuesday 18th April 1820

At home. Put 24 brace of the Fry Carp which were lately sent by Mr Kinnersly, and which had been hitherto kept in a small [stew?], into the large Pool, and 14 Brace into the Kite Pool.


Wednesday 19th April 1820

At home. Alsager Title &c.


Thursday 20th April 1820

At Newcastle. Engaged with Roland Bent at the Brewery. Settling the Books &c. Returned to dinner.


Friday 21st April 1820

At home. Farm &c.


Saturday 22nd April 1820

At Newcastle again. Finishing with R. Bent the Books &c. Called also at Stoney field. Returned to dinner. Cut Asparagus.


Sunday 23rd April 1820

William Penlington called. Service as usual.


Monday 24th April 1820

At Rode Heath called upon Mrs M Penlington in relation to transfer of Nav Shares.

Got early Potatoes out of the frames at the back of the Stable. Very fine. Engaged on papers &c previous to setting out to Shrewsbury tomorrow.


Tuesday 25th April 1820

Set off to Shrewsbury about 8 o’clock. Received a note at Newcastle from Miss Heathcote mentioning that Sir John was so unwell that he could not accompany Mr Walthall [and] myself. Proceeded to Shrewsbury with Mr Walthall. Arrived about half past 3. Dined. Engaged all evening on Tomly’s business.


Wednesday 26th April 1820

Engaged closely all morning with Books, Accounts &c and drawing out Balance Sheet; but thinking it proper that Sir John should see this, before the Entries were made in the Books, Mr Walthall and I determined to get to Turnhill on our return home, this evening but just before we were to set off Sir John Heathcote arrived. In the mean time I had called at Dr Darwin’s and saw the Doctor, from whom I experienced the greatest cordiality and kindness. He had called twice in the morning at the Talbot in the hope of meeting with me.


Thursday 27th April 1820

Engaged again at the Brewery. Made all the necessary entries in the Books, which I finally settled and with the concurrence of the Parties and the Balance Sheet was signed by Sir John, Mr Walthall and myself. Came to Turnhill to dinner and got home in the evening. Mr Walthall promising to dine with me tomorrow.


Friday 28th April 1820

Unwell. Mr Walthall did not come to dinner being prevented by a hurt in his leg which he got at Shrewsbury. Elizabeth Wedgwood dined.


Saturday 29th April 1820

Lady Macintosh and Eliza Wedgwood came from Betley to breakfast, and returned soon afterwards taking Eliza W with them. Went to Newcastle to have seen Mr Walthall again on Brewery concerns but he was gone to Hanley. Stayed some time at the Counting House with Rowland Bent advising on several matters. Still unwell.


Sunday 30th April 1820

At home. Service.

“there is not a deeper and finer observation in all my Lord Bacon’s works, than one which I will apply and paraphrase.

The most compendious, the most noble, and the most effectual remedy which can be opposed to the uncertain and irregular motions of the human mind, agitated by various passions, allured by various temptations, inclining sometimes towards a state of moral perfection, and oftener even in the best, towards a state of moral depravity, is this. We must choose at times such virtuous objects as are proportioned to the means we have of pursuing them, and as belong particularly to the stations we are in, and to the duties of those stations. We must determine and fix our minds in such manner upon them, that the pursuit of them may become the business, and the attainment of them the end of our whole lives.”

Bolingbroke. Idea of a Patriot King. 117


Monday 1st May 1820

In the forenoon went to Alsager Lodge to attend meeting of the Trustees; but returned to dinner. Busy sewing Oats in the Land in Alsager in my own hands, on the piece next to Swallow Moor Wood, and the little Birchen field.

Socrates used to say, that although no man undertakes a trade he has not learned, even the means by yet every one thinks himself qualified for the hardest of all trades, that of Government.


Tuesday 2nd May 1820

In the morning Mr and Miss Noble and Emma set off to London, the carriage taking them to Sandon. At Newcastle the meeting Mr Walthall on the Brewery concerns. Sealed the salaries of William and Roland Bent at £200 each. Returned home to dinner.


Wednesday 3rd May 1820

At home. Mr Potter called with whom much conversation relative to Navigation concerns and promised to accompany him to Knapersly on Friday to view the situation of the intended Reservoir.


Thursday 4th May 1820

At home. Miss Stamfordand Eliza went to Newcastle. Engaged on Navigation business.

“It happeneth frequently to men that are wise by experience and not learning, that they cannot give a reason of their opinion or advice, tho’ it be really that best; as a mere mechanical workman knows there is a fault in the work, tho’ he cannot tell punctually what it is. Dispise not such mens opinions for want of discourse.”
Rbt Walker.


Friday 5th May 1820

Mr Potter came to breakfast, with whom I afterwards went to survey the ground for the intended Reservoir at Knypersly. In our way called at Mr Kinnersly’s boat wharf, on occasion of  a child having been drowned this morning by the sinking of a boat occasioned by running for the train. Ordered the Surgeon to be sent for to look at the body, though it was a hopeless case. Met Mr Vaughan and John [Trubshaw?] at [at -?] with whom and Mr Potter looked over the ground. The idea struck me of the practicality of enlarging the proposed Reservoir by raising the dam so as to be level with and take in  the present one and with a view thereto, I directed John Trubshaw to furnish me with an accurate statement of the supplies of water. Mr Vaughan returned with me to Linley Wood to dinner. Found John Bent on Brewery affairs who also dined. Mr Wilbraham also called. Miss Stamfordand Eliza dined at Miss Moreton’s which I was prevented doing by the various engagements of the day.


Saturday 6th May 1820

In the morning attending Coroner’s Inquest on the child drowned yesterday. Mr Thomas Sparrow afterwards dined at Linley Wood.


Sunday 7th May 1820

At home. Service.


Monday 8th May 1820

At home. Fine mild rain. Engaged on various matters. In the afternoon Miss Stamfordand Eliza went to Newcastle to drink Tea at Dr Northen’s; and hear the Band of the 55th Regiment play. This morning began putting down the Rail fence to the Turnpike Road in the land late Mr Jenkins.


Tuesday 9th May 1820

At home. Wrote to Rev Mr Yates, Liverpool, in consequence of letter received from him relative to Nantwich Chapel. Engaged in the forenoon. Mrs Bent and her three Daughters and Miss Kirk came to dinner.


Wednesday 10th May 1820

At home. Heavy shower of rain. Turned 11 milking cows into the land before the House. Engaged in the grounds. Daniel Johnson relative to the Will and affairs of the late Michael Ashmore.


Thursday 11th May 1820

In the morning Mr Peak and Daniel Johnson, one of the Executors again relative to the affairs of Michael Ashmore, and advising them thereon. Afterwards at Newcastle at the Brewery on sundry matters. Returned to dinner.


Friday 12th May 1820

At home. Rowland Bent dined. Farm &c. Opened the [Levy?] at Mear Lake. Turning out into the Big Broken field which had been saved last year.


Saturday 13th May 1820

At Newcastle in compliance with the wish of Richard Bent attending at Mr Ward’s Office relative to the affairs of Mr [Tittinson, Tillinson?] on which the late Mr Bent was Trustee and advising thereon. Returned to dinner. Cut Cabbage. Mrs Bent and the Party left us in the evening. At night fine rain.


Sunday 14th May 1820

At home. Service. Fine growing weather.


Monday 15th May 1820

At home. Rev Mr Yates of Liverpool and two Miss Yates called on their way to London. Thunder and lightning with heavy showers of rain. Engaged with papers previous to going to Wolseley Bridge tomorrow.


Tuesday 16th May 1820

Set off early to Wolseley Bridge, taking Mr Thomas Sparrow and Miss Sparrow from Newcastle. Arrived there about ½ past ten. Engaged on Committee at Bishton. Dined afterwards at the Bridge; and returned to Linley Wood at night. Miss Stamfordand Eliza were gone to Maer Hall. A busy and fatiguing day.


Wednesday 17th May 1820

At home. Mr Morris of Lawton relative to a reduction of the tonnage of salt between his Works at Malkins Bank and Preston Brook. Wrote to Mr Ronnie, inviting him to Linley Wood during his stay on the proposed Survey of [Newcastle, Harecastle?] tunnel. Men busy setting Potatoes.


Thursday 18th May 1820

At home.


Friday 19th May 1820

At Trentham inn. Militia and Assessed Taxes, but as other Dep. Lieutenant or Commissioners attended in consequence of which much of the business could not be completed, but I swore the Assessors to their Assessments, leaving them to be signed at the next Meeting, as without the being done they would all have been under the necessity of attending another Meeting clearly much vexatious trouble and inconvenience would have been occasioned to the company [country?] Returned late in the afternoon. Mr Lawton, Mr and Mrs C. Lawton and Miss Louisa Belcombe dined.


Saturday 20th May 1820

At home. Engaged writing long letter to Arthur Marsh relative to the letting of the House in Gower Street. &c &c.


Sunday 21st May 1820

At home. Turned the last horses out to grass.


Monday 22nd May 1820

At Newcastle. Brewery and various other matters. Returned to dinner. Mr Beardmore sold the Cheese which had last year fetched 82/per [lev?] to Mr Bate for 56/6, an instance of the depression in the price of agricultural produce.


Tuesday 23rd May 1820

At home. Engaged on Navigation papers. Wrote letters to Mr Rennie, Mr Sparrow of Bishton and Mr Vaughan. Turned the carriage and riding horses out to grass and changed the milking cows from the land before the house to that under the wood.


Wednesday 24th May 1820

At home. Miss Stamfordwent to Coole. Engaged reading &c &c.


Thursday 25th May 1820

The morning being wet prevented my going down to Lawton to look over Mr Lawton’s farm as I had engaged to do when they dined here on Tuesday last. The painters began painting the Hall &c.

“Since the qualities of our minds are the ornaments of human nature with what pains and industry ought we to cultivate and improve them all, but most especially the understanding? The understanding is to man, what the Sun is to the Universe, a glorious light and most admirable ornament. It is the very faculty that distinguishes us; our peculiar characteristic, and the prerogative that renders us conspicuous, and illustrious. Whatever difference Birth, Quality, or Fortune seem to make between one man and another, there is really no essential difference between them, but what is made by their understanding; that is the only particular property that makes them more or less men. Intelligence certainly gives the Angel an essential superiority over man; Reason gives the same to man over Brutus; and the case is exactly the same between man and man. Such is the peculiar, eminent prerogative of our intellectual Faculty. That it belongs to that alone to raise us above common and sensible objects, to think, to reason, to apprehend, to penetrate into the most abstruse things, and to unravel their secret principles; to soar to the very Deity, and venture in some measure even to define his nature and essence, though infinite and incomprehensible. But this noble superiority over the rest of mankind is not attainable without great application. This our business therefore to cultivate and perfect the seeds of wisdom and virtue which [he well?] sows in us; and no person in the world is exempt from the care and pains of improving and perfecting himself in his rank and station.

The way is from our youth upwards to employ all the hours of our time and use all our endeavours to improve the Talents and gifts of nature. The study of the best authors, whether of letters &c the conversation of judicious, able men in different arts and employment, frequent reflexion, deep and intense thinking, experience, custom, practice and exercise; this is the way to give the finishing stroke to the work, which nature, though never bountiful to us did but roughly design. 

By these advance steps in our early years we may acquire such a rich and plentiful stock of merit, as not to be so sensible of those decays and lapses which age brings upon us. For though at this period the memory may decay, the wit flag, the taste be impaired, all the fine qualities of the Soul savour of the frailty and infirmity of the body, which in regard to them is no longer capable of discharging the same functions; yet along accustomed happy practice and habit of improving and perfecting all the faculties of the soul, leaves such marks and impressions behind it, as are not easily defaced. The memory may grow less faithful to names, but things and facts it still retains. The imagination is not perhaps so sprightly, but reason and judgment understand the flights to condemn them if wild, and to admire them if regular. The Taste may be somewhat superannuated as to the composing of [risk?] and [body coolly?] things; but yet it relishes what is good and excellent in others. In short the luster and beauty may perhaps be past, but all the substance and solidity remain.

When too a man looks back upon his past memories, his imbecility, ignorance and darkness, his own weak understanding, false reasonings, trivial thoughts and childish taste together with all the mistakes, errors, and wanderings of his own heart, what a pleasure must it be to reflect that by time and study he has rendered himself superior to all this and is no more the sport of so many imperfections.”

Gratian Passion.


Eliza and I dined at Lawton Hall.


Friday 26th May 1820

At home. Navigation business. Wrote to Mr Hollinshead of Liverpool in reply to a letter from him relative to the Liverpool Embankment Bill now in Parliament. Received papers from Mr Vernon relative to the Road Bill  now in Parliament in which the Navigation Company were interested and requesting my attention, thoughts and considered the same previous to seeing Mr Vaughan tomorrow.


Saturday 27th May 1820

Eliza went to Coole early. Went myself to Norton Green to meet Mr Vaughan and John Trubshaw to view the valley at Norton, as a situation for a Reservoir; but did not think the same would answer principally from the great length of dame that would be necessary. [Agreed?] with Mr Vaughan to go to Stone to meet Mr Vernon relative to the Bills in Parliament previous to attending a Meeting of the Select Committee. Returned to dinner. Eliza and Miss Stamfordcame back in the evening. 


Sunday 28th May 1820

At home. Service.


Monday 29th May 1820

At home. Engaged on Navigation papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow to meet Mr Vernon relative to the Chindle and Ashborn and Derby Road Bills and the Tolls from [Newcastle?] Wharf &c. Also on papers relative to [Martins?] Colliery.


Tuesday 30th May 1820

Went to Stone. Conference with Mr Vernon. Returned home to diner. Miss Stamfordwent to Betley. Miserably wet day.


Wednesday 31st May 1820

At home. Letter writing &c. To Mr Denison, Mr Hollinstead. Wet stormy day.

“I can hardly believe there are any men upon earth so perfectly equal in their tempers as never to show the least discomposure or alteration. We continually see and hear things so very much out of the way, and so repugnant to reason, that our indignation will of necessity rise up in us, and suddenly bolt out, before we can possibly repress its first sallies and motions.”



Thursday 1st June 1820

Revised and corrected the minutes of the last Meeting of the Select Committee and sent the same to Mr Vaughan to be entered in the Book. Eliza went to Betley early to fetch Mrs Stamford. Mr Potter called with whom engaged on various Navigation matters. Finished painting the Hall and other Door, Oak.


Friday 2nd June 1820

At home. Various matters.


Saturday 3rd June 1820

At home. Changed the Milking cows to the Hollins Land. Weather still remarkably cold, wet and stormy.


Sunday 4th June 1820

At home. Service. Roland Bent came to dinner with whom much conversation and consideration of various matters relative to the Brewery Concerns. Still very wet.


Monday 5th June 1820

Closely engaged on the various Navigation papers and matters intended to be laid before the Select Committee at their Meeting tomorrow, particularly on the Liverpool Embankment Bill now in Parliament, the Extension of the [Sarkey?] Canal Bill. Cheadle and Ashbourne Roads Bill &c &c, and which businesses had engaged much of my attention for some days past, drafting Circular Letter to Members &c for the consideration of the Committee. Miss Stamfordwent to Mare Hall. Mr Blunt came to dinner and staid all night.


Tuesday 6th June 1820

Set off early to Wolseley Bridge, taking Mr Thomas Sparrow from Newcastle, and Mr Vaughan from Stone. Arrived about half past ten. Meeting of Committee held at Bishton; where engaged closely on Liverpool Embankment Bill and other business. Dined at the Inn, and returned home at night. A hard days work.


Wednesday 7th June 1820

At home. Engaged writing to Mr Hollinshead; and a long letter to Mr Chetwynd relative to the Liverpool Embankment and Sankey Canal Bills. John Bent came, relative to Accounts with Liverpool Brewery &c. Arranged with him the manner in which the same should be finally settled, and the balances paid. Miss Stamfordreturned from Mare Hall.


Thursday 8th June 1820

The anniversary of the blessed day that united me with my more than ever beloved and adored wife with whom I have now passed 36 years.

At home. Engaged closely all morning at various matters. Mr Johnson of the Hollows sent a very fine brace of Carp which turned into the small Stew [stream?] in the Farm garden. At night much rain and wind. 


Friday 9th June 1820

At home. Rain almost the whole of the day. In speaking at breakfast this morning of the imperfectness of humor, felicity and the pains and sorrows of this life, how much was I delighted to hear my beloved Eliza say that she had had so much happiness that she should be content to live her life over again.


Saturday 10th June 1820

“Il n’y a point d’etat de vie si huereuse, qui ne soit accompagnie de beaucoup de chagrins secrets qui empichent qu’on ne puise jouer transquillement de son Bonheur.Voila ce qui fait que ce qu’il y a deplus eclatent dans la fortune des autres leau portent anise; c’est qu’ils ne connaissent pas leurs peines secretes.

Bellgarde. Les  Regles de la vie Civile.


Sunday 11th June 1820

At home. Service.

“The most general and greatest difficulty in understanding the true sense of the Scriptures arises from our not knowing the proportion between the ways of speaking used in the East, and those in such a northerly Country as our own. An Italian would not stick at calling that little Parterre, with two rows of trees about it, a paradise and my villa in the County a magnificent palace. As we are acquainted with their ways of speaking, we know very well that they mean nothing by this but a pretty little garden and a tolerable house; but, if any one less acquainted with their way should take it literally, and assert in plain honest English, that I was master of a magnificent palace, and that my garden was equal to the garden of Eden, nothing could well be more ridiculous. Now the disproportion between our ways of speaking and that of the Orientalists is much wider at present and was still more so formerly, then between our plainness and the Italian Hyperbole.”
Lord Bolingbroke.

In the evening Mr Roscoe, his wife and Miss Georgina Tollet arrived from Liverpool.


Monday 12th June 1820

At home. William Penlington, Mr Edwards and his son relative to a fresh survey of Alsager when I appointed a meeting of the occupiers of Lands for Saturday next at Alsager Lodge at 11. George Beardmore for a recommendation to Mr Tomlinson for building one of the intended new Churches in the Pottery. Surveyor of Halms Chapel relative to a Claim on the Navigation Company for repairs of Bridges on that road. Mr Beardmore relative to an order of removal of Mrs Cliffe’s family from Parish at Audley to Alsager.


Tuesday 13th June 1820

At home. Engaged on various matters. Two Miss Tollets called to fetch their sister. Still much rain.


Wednesday 14th June 1820

At home.


Thursday 15th June 1820

At home. Mrs Jos Wedgwood and Elizabeth came to dinner. Began taking down more fences in the Land purchased from Mr [Tonks, Jenks?] and engaged with the men.


Friday 16th June 1820

At Trentham Inn attending Meeting of Land tax and Assessed Taxes. Commissioners, Mr Spode and self. No other Commissioners attending though Sir John Heathcote, Mr Tollet and the Rev Mr H Broughton had promised to be there. Mrs Jos Wedgwood went in the morning leaving Elizabeth.


Saturday 17th June 1820

Attended meeting at Alsager Lodge relative to an Appeal against the new Assessment to the Poor; but nothing could be done, Mr Tremlow having possession of the old Assessment and neither attending himself, nor sending the Book. Afterwards called at Rode Hall, but Mr Wilbraham was gone to London. Fine day; being the first for a considerable time past. Mr Adams of [Ashbridge?], Mr Preston of Burslem called relative to the completion of the Title and conveyance to Thomas Beardmore of Lands in Burslem on which I had been consulted by him and arranging the same.


Sunday 18th June 1820

At home. Service.


Monday 19th June 1820

At home. Mr Tremlow and Mr Lowe relative to the Alsager Assessment and long discussion with the thereon. Miss Stamfordand Eliza Roscoe set off to Park fields on their way to London. Wrote long letter to Mr Wilson relative to the House in Gower Street.


Tuesday 20th June 1820

At home. In the evening Mr Wm Roscoe left Linley Wood on his journey to London. Received letter from Mr Vaughan inclosing one from Mr Simpson relative to improvement of the Oxford Canal.


Wednesday 21st June1820

At home. Mr Wedgwood of Bignall came with the half year’s Interest of £23,000. Engaged at the farm &c. Wrote to Mr Vaughan relative to the Oxford Canal &c.


Thursday 22nd June 1820

At Newcastle on Brewery and various other matters. Called also at Stoney fields. Returned to dinner.


Friday 23rd June 1820

At home. Engaged on the farm &c. Fine day and the weather apparently taking up after almost incessant rain and wet for the last month; this being the first day that we had not had fire at dinner.


Saturday 24th June 1820

At Newcastle with Eliza. Brewery &c. Weather becoming very hot. Returned to dinner.


Sunday 25th June 1820

At home. Service. In the afternoon at Talk Chapel. Service prepared by the Reverend Mr [Lawton, Carter?] Day very hot.


Monday 26th June 1820

At Newcastle and breakfasting at the Roebuck with the Bishop of Chester Dr Law and the Mayor and Corporation, it being a Confirmation at Newcastle. From the little conversation which I had with his Lordship, he appeared to be a mild sensible and moderate man. In speaking of the unfortunate business of the Queen, he said he was no advocate for introducing many names and particularly many persons in the Liturgy. Thought the King was proper, but he thought the more general prayers were the better [beyond?] this. Returned to dinner. Very hot day.


Tuesday 27th June 1820

At home. Engaged on sundry papers. Woodfield Colliery &c. Mr Edwards relative to Alsager Assessment, when he said the matter would be settled by Mr Booth and myself. Great annoyance all morning from the noise of the Engine.


Wednesday 28th June 1820

At Stone, where Mr Webb met me and wit whom engaged all morning examining Cash and other Navigation Accounts, comparing the same with the branches &c. Called upon Mr Vernon who said he had not written to Mr Martin but would call upon him, and come with him to the Colliery, where he had no doubt  but that matters would be settled to my satisfaction and in the mean time he requested that I would not commence any proceedings. Returned to dinner. Weather very hot. At Trentham and a few other places they began the Hay harvest.


Thursday 29th June 1820

At home. Mr Walthall came to dinner and with whom much conversation on Brewery business previous to our going together to Macclesfield tomorrow to examine the Books, Accounts and to settle the same up to the 24 inst.


Friday 30th June 1820

Went to Macclesfield with Mr Walthall. Settled the Books and Accounts to Midsummer.
Afterwards dined at the Hotel and returned to Linley Wood at night. Rain.


Saturday 1st July 1820

After breakfast walked with Mr Walthall. Observed with him the total diversion of the water by Mr Martin, from the ancient watercourse, and which appeared to us both to be as gross a nuisance and a violation of right as we had ever known. Mr Walthall also noticed the offensive small at the House door occasioned by the smoke from the Engine and Brick kiln and made a Memorandum of it at my request in order that if necessary he might prove it. Mr W. left us at noon.


Sunday 2nd July 1820

At home. Service. Cold and rain.


Monday 3rd July 1820

At home. Mr Booth of Knutton relative to the Alsager Survey, and with whom engaged a considerable time. Wrote to Mr Vernon of Stone on Martin’s Colliery, and to Mr Wright of Flaxton in reply to a letter from him requesting my application to Lord Stafford relative to the Vicarage of Eccles and in favour of Mr Barton. 


Tuesday 4th July 1820

Went to Alsager, called upon the Edwards; Barker and Dav Johnson relative to the Survey when they all agreed to my recommendation to leave any of the Estates about which there was a question to be resurveyed by Mr Heaton of Endon and Mr Booth. Eliza went to Congleton.


Wednesday 5th July 1820

At home. In the evening Anne and Bessy with Mrs Lum and Miss Holland of Knutsford arrived from Nantwich.


Thursday 6th July 1820

At home. Began mowing. Changed the Milking Cows to the Clover in the Hollins ground.


Friday 7th July 1820

At home. Mowing.


Saturday 8th July 1820

At Newcastle. Brewery. Hay. Mr and Mrs Charles Lawton called.


Sunday 9th July 1820

At home. Service. Roland Bent came to dinner. In the afternoon Eliza, R.B. and I at Talk Chapel.


Monday 10th July 1820

At home. Busy in the Hay. Mr Frank Tremlow called relative to his acting as a Commissioner of the Land Tax &c. Began carrying Hay.


Tuesday 11th July 1820

At Trentham Inn attending Meeting for hearing Land Tax Appeals. Busy day; but returned to dinner. Mr F Tremlow who qualified and acted as a Commissioner, Mr Spode and self. Carried Hay.


Wednesday 12th July 1820

At home. Busy in the Hay. Carrying.


Thursday 13th July 1820

Called at Lawton Hall and went with Mr C. Lawton to survey a Navigation Bridge in their lands which had been made only for foot passengers, instead of for carriages. Looking also at the Towing Path, fence &c, previous to mentioning these matters to the Select Committee on Monday next.

Men busy mowing at the lower end of the Meadow. In the evening Mrs Stamford, Emma and E. Roscoe arrived.


Friday 14th July 1820

At home. Busily engaged with the Hay. Eliza, Emma and E. Roscoe went to Betley calling upon Lady Fletcher. About noon W. Roscoe arrived.


Saturday 15th July 1820

Busy in the Hay. Very light rain, but only for a few minutes. Rode with W. Roscoe to Alsager. Elizabeth and Frank Wedgwood came to dinner and Stamford arrived in the evening from Stafford Sessions.


Sunday 16th July 1820

At home. Service.


Monday 17th July 1820

At Stone attending Meeting of the Select Committee. Violent storm of rain. Returned at night.


Tuesday 18th July 1820

At Newcastle attending the Sessions. Took the Oaths afresh of Allegiance Infirmary and Abjuration along with the Mayor and Justices. Afterwards dined with the Mayor &c at the Castle Inn and returned at night.


Wednesday 19th July 1820

At home. Hay &c. Mrs and two Miss Tollets, Miss Plummer, Miss Ricketts and the three young men from Mere Hall dined after being on a party to a [Molcap?]


Thursday 20th July 1820

At home.


Friday 21st July 1820

Set off early with Stamford to Stafford Assizes. Served on the Grand Jury. Dined with the Judges Best and Richardson.


Saturday 22nd July 1820

Engaged all day on the Grand Jury. Discharged about 5 o’clock and returned home with Stamford. Found Mrs Wedgwood of Betley and Mrs Wedgwood of Mare Hall.


Sunday 23rd July 1820

At home. Service.


Monday 24th July 1820

At home. Mrs Wedgwood of Mare went.


Tuesday 25th July 1820

At Newcastle on various matters. Went in the carriage with Mrs Wedgwood and Eliza. Returned to dinner.


Wednesday 26th July 1820

At home. Engaged all morning letter writing, Navigation minutes &c. Weather showery, and unable to make much progress with the Clover in the Hollins ground.


Thursday 27th July 1820

At home.

“Nisi utilie est quod facimus, frustra est Gloria” Phadrus.

The day being fine, carried some of the Clover. In the forenoon Mrs Wedgwood left us.


Friday 28th July 1820

At home. Mr Kemep of Burslem relative to Mrs Stamford’s Interest due from Mr Wood and examining her Account with her. Dr Northen to see Miss Stamfordwho was unwell.

We this day began spreading Salt ashes on the fallow late Mr Jenks’s land. This land was in the most impoverished state possible, having been 25 years and upwards under the plough without rest; and was a complete bed of Collsfoot and Couch grass &c. We ploughed and harrowed it twice and raked it once with the cultivator. In this state we have begun to lay on the ashes, after the rate of a full ton to an acre, spreading them thin.


Saturday 29th July 1820

At home. Finished hay harvest. Engaged on papers &c previous to going to Stone tomorrow.


Sunday 30th July 1820

At home. Service. Mr W. Roscoe arrived. In the evening went to Stone accompanied by Mr Thomas Sparrow in order to set off the next morning on annual Survey of the Canal.


Monday 31st July 1820

Set off from Stone. Mr Chetwynd, Mr Lister, Mr Webb and self with Mr Thomas Sparrow, Vaughan and Potter. Arrived at Middlewich at night and where we slept.


Tuesday 1st August 1820

Proceeded on our journey. Dined at Runcorn and arrived at Liverpool in the evening going in the Steam Packet from Runcorn.


Wednesday 2nd August 1820

At Liverpool. Conference at the Exchange with Mr Hollinshead and Mr Stratham on the Liverpool Embankment and Sankey Canal Bills &c. Mr Hollinshead dined with us at the Waterloo Hotel. In the evening Mr Lister left us returning home.


Thursday 3rd August 1820

Early in the morning called at the Porter Brewery but did not see the Doctor or Mr H. Crompton. After breakfast set off on our return home. Going by land to Runcorn in order to view the intended new Communication of the Sankey Canal with the River. Got to Middlewich that night were we slept.


Friday 4th August 1820

Proceeded early on our return home. Arrived at the Red Bull where the Party took a hasty dinner and I then left the Gentlemen and got home about 3 o’clock. We had a prosperous and satisfying journey, finding the Canal and works upon the whole in good repair but more and more satisfied of the propriety of actual journeys by the Select Committee.


Saturday 5th August 1820

At home. Engaged on various matters, accounts &c in consequence of my late absence.


Sunday 6th August 1820

At home. Service.


Monday 7th August 1820

Set off early to Wolseley Bridge, taking Mr Thomas Sparrow from Newcastle and attending Meeting of Select Committee and returned at night. Miss Stamfordgone to Nantwich.


Tuesday 8th August 1820

Went to Newcastle to attend the Races. Met Mr Littleton and Mr W. Kinnersly at Talke who were coming to call at Linley Wood. Dined at the Ordinary at 12, Roebuck, and after the Race returned home.


Wednesday 9th August 1820

At home. Engaged closely investigating the disputed Interest Account between Miss Stamfordand Mr Wood of Burslem. Eliza, Emma and Stamford went in the forenoon to Newcastle, the horses starting at one o’clock.


Thursday 10th August 1820

Went again to Newcastle. Called and left cards for Mr Littleton and Mr Kinnersly. Dined at the Ordinary at the Roebuck. Went to the ground and witnessed the most extraordinary Race perhaps ever known. Three horses started. Sir William Lynnes Tarragon, Sir John G Egerton’s Asthry and Mr Myttins Handel. Handel and Tarragon ran successively three severely contested dead heats. As they won the 4th heat Tarragon was then drawn and Asttery won the 5. This was a handicap. The horses more handicapped by Mr Billy’s of [Antrim, Astumn?] Returned home off the ground. Eliza, Emma and Stamford staying to a second Ball. 


Friday 11th August 1820

At home. Engaged investigating Mrs Stamford’s Interest Account with Mr Wood.


Saturday 12th August 1820

At home. The like. Ann and Bessy returned to Nantwich. Engaged also on Navigation papers.


Sunday 13th August 1820

At home. Service.


Monday 14th August 1820

At home. Engaged much in the grounds. Engaged much also looking over papers &c preparing to survey, Mr Rennie.


Tuesday 15th August 1820

Engaged again on Navigation Papers. Called the Red Bull to enquire of the Mr Rennie.


Wednesday 16th August 1820

Mr Rennie with his two daughters having arrived at the Red Bull this morning, I immediately went down with Mr Potter, who had come to Linley Wood to inform me of his arrival. Long conversation with Mr Rennie relative to the objects of his Survey and Report, and afterwards walked with him to the entrance of the Tunnel, where I left him and Mr Potter. On my return home I found the two Miss Rennies whom I had desired Emma to call upon and bring up, that they might take up their abode at Linley Wood whilst Mr Rennie stayed. Lady Fletcher, Mr and Mrs Tremlow, Miss Fletcher, Dr and Mrs Northen and Miss Moreton dined. The Betley family stayed all night, and the day passed off very pleasantly and well.


Thursday 17th August 1820

Up very early, about 5, to breakfast and went to the Red Bull where Mr Rennie and Mr Potter had slept. The former thinking that this would be more convenient to him than sleeping at Linley Wood. Proceeded with him and Mr Potter to Etruria Locks, which examined. From thence to Leek, where we took pack horses and proceeded to the Churnett about 3 or 4 miles upon the Buxton Road. Examining the river &c &c. when Mr Rennie was of opinion that the surplus waters might be conveyed by a Fendor into the Reservoir and would yield an abundant supply. Returned to Leek and from thence to the Reservoir at Rudyard, the dam and works of which Mr Rennie carefully examined and thought all quite safe. The bubbling up of water at the Arch of the fender, he was satisfied was mainly from the Spring in the side of the banks, and did not come from the Reservoir, it being perfectly clear and which it would not be if it oozed through the dam. From Rudyard returned to Leek and from thence to Hazelhurst Locks which were also examined. Mr Rennie of opinion that three single locks would have been, to use his own expression beyond comparison, better, both as to the saving of time and water; but at the same time the alterations lately made might do very well. From Hazelhurst went to Knypersley to examine the proposed situation of an additional Reservoir, which Mr Rennie thought very favourable and recommended, provided the quantity of water that it would contain would repay the expense. It is supposed that it would hold about 3000 Locks. From Knypersley returned to the Red Bulll, where we did not arrive till after 10 o’clock, and of course too late to go to Linley Wood to dinner, which we had intended and agreed to do when we set off in the morning. Got to Linley Wood about eleven having been out myself nearly 19 hours, nor had we had any refreshment except a mouthful of dried meat at Leek in the forenoon. Found Mr and Mrs Lawrence and two Miss Lawrences of Bingham who had come to spend a few days with us.


Friday 18th August 1820

Up again early and went to the Red Bull where I expressed my earnest wish that Mr Rennie would go and look at the Dam feeder and the Works at the Paper mill, which after some little hesitation he agreed to do, but being then deeply engaged in various calculations respecting the Tunnel he desired me to join him in about 2 hours which I accordingly did and we set off to the Place being about 14 miles. Walked up the side of the Feeder from the Turnpike Road. Examined the drains, tunnel &c all of which Mr Rennie disapproved for indeed (he could not but do) being incapable of conveying the quantity of surplus water which the river would in floods yield, into the Reservoir. He was satisfied that the Dam water, if properly managed and conducted into the Reservoir would yield an abundant supply. There had been some showers which had occasioned the water to run one foot over the weir yesterday. Had the weir and feeder been properly constructed this supply would have yielded 1800 or nearly 2000 Locks in 6 hours; whereas the quantity which actually passed into the Reservoir was only about 500; or about one fourth of what ought to have been obtained. Mr Rennie was satisfied that the banks of the Feeder might with safety be raised, and that if this were done, and the feeder taken out of the upper instead of the lower [loci?] and which he said that he had originally recommended a full 10 feet in the feeder might be obtained, by which means the supply of flood water would be increased, as before observed. Returned to Red Bull between 5 and 6.

Mr Rennie, Mr Potter afterwards dined at Linley Wood. Dr Belcombe also dined; and we had a very pleasant evening, but Mr Rennie and Mr Potter returned to the Red Bull to sleep.


Saturday 19th August 1820

Went again to the Red Bull, where Mr Rennie read over to me the rough draft of his intended Report as to Harworth Tunnel, and on which as one bill or on the other work[?] of the Canal we had much conversation and discussion. Mr Rennie promised to complete his Reports previous to the General Assembly and transmit them to me. Miss Rennies soon after arriving we parted after many expressions of kindness from Mr Rennie and the ladies, and a cordial wish on all sides that we might meet again, and which Mr Rennie had strongly expressed yesterday to Eliza together with a warm invitation to visit them whenever we came to London. The young ladies were, I believe, what they repeatedly and most warmly expressed, much delighted with their stay at Linley Wood, declaring them some of the happiest they had ever spent. They, and my dear Emma, seemed to have suited each other perfectly. Both Miss Rennie and Miss Anne are intelligent, accomplished and well read, with the best manners, but at the same time simple, natural and unpretending,  and [conoiliating?] at once affection and esteem. Mr Rennie I found to be of the first order of men that I had ever met with. On every subject, and if there were a few that he did not tread upon he seemed quite a home. Copious fluent and at the same profound, minute and particular. He seemed to know things not merely in a general and comprehensive way, but on all their details. Abounding in facts and anecdotes his conversation is no less amusing than it is instructive; and I shall ever reckon amongst my highest enjoyments the hours that I was o fortunate as to pass with him. He promised if he returned from Scotland (where he is now going) through this part of the Country, that he would see us again at Linley Wood, and the young ladies equally promised all their influence to accomplish this, declaring again and again their ardent wish to keep up the friendly communication which had been thus so happily commenced.

Engaged the rest of the day with Mr Lawrence.


Sunday 20th August 1820

At home. Service.


Monday 21st August 1820

The Lawrences went to Knutsford but returned in the evening. At home myself.


Tuesday 22nd August 1820

At home. Engaged with Mr Lawrence &c. Felt symptoms of indisposition.


Wednesday 23rd August 1820

The Lawrences left Linley Wood in the morning; but being very unwell I did not get up in time for their departure.


Thursday 24th August 1820

Though very unwell, went to Stone to meet Mr Webb, pursuant to appointment examining Cash Book, Accounts &c. In the evening much worse. In my absence Colonel and Mrs Tryon called. Eliza and Emma also went at Newcastle.


Friday 25th August 1820

Severely ill with violent cold. Cough and inflammation on the chest. In bed almost the whole of the day.


Saturday 26th August 1820

In bed almost the whole of the day. Mr Martin and Mr Vernon called relative to my purchase of the Foxholes Estate, when it was agreed that a [fine?] should be put upon it by two persons, one to be chosen by each party and at which I was to have the refusal. Eliza and Emma called upon Lt Col and Mrs Tryon at Congleton.


Sunday 27th August 1820



Monday 28th August 1820



Tuesday 29th August 1820

Ill. Symptoms of Gout. Stamford arrived.


Wednesday 30th August 1820

Gout much worse. Mr and Mrs C. Lawton called.


Thursday 31st August 1820

Gout much worse.


Friday 1st September 1820

Gout severe. All ache in both feet and unable to walk or move from the sofa. Lt Col and Mrs Tyron, Mrs Belcombe, Mr Wittenhall and W. Penlington dined.


Saturday 2nd September 1820

Still very ill. Dr Northen called in. The Tryons again dined. Also Dr Northen. The two Martins again.


Sunday 3rd September 1820

Severe pain and suffering. The Tryons left Linley Wood.


Monday 4th September 1820



Tuesday 5th September 1820



Wednesday 6th September 1820



Thursday 7th September 1820



Friday 8th September 1820



Saturday 9th September 1820

Ill. But some little remission of all the complaint.


Sunday 10th September 1820



Monday 11th September 1820

Ill. Mr Johnson and Mr [Mem?] consulting relative to purchase of Foxholes Estate, when he recommended Mr Daniel Eandly as a proper person to value on my behalf.


Tuesday 12th September 1820

Ill. But rather better. Carried the Wheat.


Wednesday 13th September 1820

Mr Vaughan. Ill.


Thursday 14th September 1820



Friday 15th September 1820



Saturday 16th September 1820

Ill. In the evening Mr Johnson relative to Foxholes Estate and the Meeting which had taken place between Mr Martin and Mr [Bent?], Audley. Wrote letter to Mr John Martin and Mr [Boyd, Robert?] Eadly with my refusal to be bound to take the Estate.


Sunday 17th September 1820

Sent the letters by Mr Dawson. In the afternoon Mr [Boyd?] Eadly.


Monday 18th September 1820

Ill, but gradually mending.


Tuesday 19th September 1820

Gradually mending.


Wednesday 20th September 1820

The same.


Thursday 21st September 1820

For the first time enable to walk from bed; and with difficulty get down stairs. In the evening William Bent came.


Friday 22nd September 1820

Better, and again down stairs.


Saturday 23rd September 1820

Went out in the carriage but still very weak and inferior. At night Miss Stamfordand Emma arrived from Southport. William Bent left Linley Wood in the afternoon.


Sunday 24th September 1820

Better, but still very inferior and unwell.


Monday 25th September 1820

Though very unfit for it, yet thinking my presence necessary at the Meeting of the Select Committee held at Stone today and of some other propositions for the purpose of taking into consideration Mr Rennie’s reports, I went there taking Mr Thomas Sparrow with me from Newcastle. Got there about eleven o’clock and, being in the Chair, had a long and fatiguing day of business.


Tuesday 26th September 1820

At Stone, but a sufficient number of Proprietors not attending the General Assembly stood [down?] to the 17th October. Lord Harrowby attended who, not without much difficulty, I persuaded upon to take the Chair, and a day sitting of the Committee took place. A Report which I had drawn up of the State of the Canal and the Company’s Affairs was read and approved. In the course of the day I had much conversation and communication with Lord Harrowby with above I was much pleased finding easy and pleasant in his manners, with great knowledge of business and Mr Simpson accompanied by Mr Daniell also attended and said that if they had not found me at Stone it was their full intention to have come on to Linley Wood. Mr Simpson took an opportunity of mentioning in the strongest and kindest of terms the universal satisfaction which my taking the situation of Chairman had given, and how much reason the Proprietors had to congratulate themselves on my consenting to accept it. Stayed to dinner and returned at night, but much fatigued with the hurry and exertion of the last two days, which had indeed been great.


Wednesday 27th September 1820

Closely engaged all day in Navigation papers and finally correcting the Report. Eliza and Emma and Miss Stamfordwent to Mare  Hall.


Thursday 28th September 1820

The like. Making also a Copy of the Report and writing letter to Mr Chetwynd to whom I sent the copy of the Report, in order that he might shew it to Mr Sparrow. Still very inferior and unable to go out of doors. Party returned from Mare Hall.


Friday 29th September 1820

Closely engaged in various Navigation papers. With some difficulty walked out for the first time. Eliza, Emma and Miss Stamfordwent to Newcastle Assembly.


Saturday 30th September 1820

Engaged on various papers. In the afternoon Mr Fieldon (son of Mr Fidder of Didsbury) a friend of Stamford arrived.


Sunday 1st October 1820

Mr [Fieldon, Fiddon?], Mr Tomlinson of Cliffe Ville called. In the evening read papers for the first time since my illness.








Monday 2nd October 1820

Engaged on various papers. Jos Wedgwood junior dined.


Tuesday 3rd October 1820

The same. Dr Belcombe, Jos, Harry and Frank Wedgwood and Mr Weekes, Tomlinson dined.


Wednesday 4th October 1820

Still lame and unable to walk without much difficulty.


Thursday 5th October 1820

Little amendment. Mr and Mrs Charles Lawton, Mr Kinnersly,

Nigel Heathcote and Jos Wedgwood dined. The two latter staid all night.


Friday 6th October 1820

Engaged on various papers. Mr Fieldon [Fiddon?], Stamford and Emma dined and staid all night at Lawton Hall.


Saturday 7th October 1820

Rode out on horseback for the first time since my illness. The party staid all day again at Lawton Hall, the Hounds having turned out this morning. Mr Wickstead called. Busy sowing wheat in the land late Mr Jenks’s. In the evening received the Navigation Report from Mr Vaughan, to whom it had been sent by Mr Sparrow of Bishton with a strong expression of his approbation of it.


Sunday 8th October 1820

Busy sowing wheat. The party returned from Lawton Hall having first gone this morning to Lawton Church. Not well enough to go through the usual Service but prayers in the evening.


Monday 9th October 1820

Engaged on Navigation Papers. Rode out on horse back. The weather being fine busy sowing. Moses Barker with whom settling Rent. Stamford and Mr Fiddon went to Leighton to dinner to stay all night. In the evening received an account from Mr W Roscoe of Eliza having a daughter and being very well.


Tuesday 10th October 1820

Elizabeth set off to Liverpool. Mrs Penlington on their affairs. Drew out and sent statement of the Property to Mrs Penlington, that she might judge as to meeting my alteration in the present Deed of Appointment. Engaged in various papers.

“When due regard is not had to the parity and honour of women, all women Society is assaulted; and from Custom and Opinion they are far less offences exposed to dishonour than men.”



Wednesday 11th October 1820

Stamford went to Lady Bullers. Mr Fieldon delayed leaving Linley Wood till tomorrow. Engaged with him.


Thursday 12th October 1820

Mr Potter called on Navigation business. Afterwards Mr Morris of Lawton with whom a long conference relative to the goods from Liverpool to Macclesfield being brought by the Canal to Middlewich, instead of by the River [lvearre?] to Northwich as at present. Also Mr Thomas Sparrow with papers relative to the prosecution of men committed for stealing iron from the Red Bull Wharf, and consulting thereon. Mrs and Miss Sparrow called with him. Afterwards rode with Mr [Fiddon?] and called at Lawton Hall. Parted with Mr Fiddon at the Red Bull soon after, he setting off in to one of the coaches to Buxton. Called at the Wharf and spoke to Mr [Taubank?] relative to the above prosecution and desired him to send immediately to the Consignors of the iron said to be stolen, to learn whether it had been missed. If so, when and what quantity.


Friday 13th October 1820

Stamford returned form Dilbourne. Engaged on various matters. Rode out a little but still very infirm. Busy sowing wheat.


Saturday 14th October 1820

Mr [Taram, Faubenks and JamesTaram] relative to the prosecution. Examining them carefully as to the facts and afterwards writing letter to Mr Thomas Sparrow. Mr Anderton of Newcastle and Roland Bent called. Emma returned from Ashcombe. In the night rain.


Sunday 15th October 1820

For the first time since my illness went through the Service as usual.


Monday 16th October 1820

At Newcastle attending Agricultural meeting. Lord Gower in the Chair. Meeting well attended and a pleasant day.  


Tuesday 17th October 1820

At Stone attending adjourned General Assembly. Mr [Smith?] Chair. The Report which I had prepared, read and much approved and ordered to be printed and sent to the Proprietors. Returned at night with Mr Thomas Sparrow who had gone with me in the morning; and called on Lord Gower who was at Trentham Inn, it having been the ploughing until [now?] and who seemed much pleased with the attention. Left the Report with Mr Smith, Printer, Newcastle in order that a proof Sheet might be prepared.


Wednesday 18th October 1820

At home. Engaged on various papers and matters.


Thursday 19th October 1820

At home. The like. Carriage of goods from Liverpool to Macclesfield by the Canals, instead of going as at present by the River Weaver and making Memorandum relative to this.


Friday 20th October 1820

At Newcastle correcting the Proof Sheet of the Report with Mr Smith the Printer. Afterwards called at Stoney fields and the Brewery, but they were all gone to [Draycott?] Miss Stamfordand Emma accompanied me.


Saturday 21st October 1820

At home.


Sunday 22nd October 1820

At home. Unwell.


Monday 23rd October 1820

At Stone attending Meeting of the Select Committee and returned at night. Much business.


Tuesday 24th October 1820

At Newcastle attending the Sessions; and afterwards dined with the new Mayor (Bentley) &c at the Roebuck. Mr Chetwynd was a Newcastle and dined with us.


Wednesday 25th October 1820

Engaged copying Minutes of the last Select Committee and writing therewith to Mr Chetwynd. Dined at Rode Hall. Eliza, self and Emma. Met Mr and Mrs Willoughby Crewe, Mr and Mrs Ford, Mr C. Ford and Miss Ford. Reverend Mr Warburton and Mrs W.,  Reverend Mr Royd, Mr Manning, brother of Mrs W. Crewe. Pleasant day receiving much and particular attention from Mr and Mrs Wilbraham.


Thursday 26th October 1820

At home. Mr Johnson and Mr Heaton relative to Valuation of Foxholes Estate, when it was agreed that Mr Willis Bayley should be called in to value the Coals.


Friday 27th October 1820

The Mayor and many respectable inhabitants of Newcastle thinking it proper that an Address should at this time be sent to the King, and having requested me to prepare such Address, engaged this morning drawing up the same. This proceeding originated in an Address having been sent from a certain description of persons in the Town to the Queen but my private opinion is that the proposed measure had better be delayed if not omitted. 


Saturday 28th October 1820

Mr Vaughan came to breakfast with whom engaged a long time on Navigation business. Draw out a circular letter to be printed and sent to the Proprietors with sundry orders made at the General Assembly relation to Proxies &c.


Sunday 29th October 1820

Service as usual.


Monday 30th October 1820

At home. Various matters previous to going to Newcastle tomorrow.


Tuesday 31st October 1820

At Newcastle, called at the Mayor to have shewn him the Draft of the Address, but he was not at home. Afterwards at Mr Smith the printer correcting the proof sheet of the letter and orders of the General Assembly, to accompany the Report. From thence to Stoney field where closely engaged the remainder of the day with Mr Walthall and Mr Bent on annual Statement of the Accounts. Slept at Stoney fields.


Wednesday 1st November 1820

Engaged again all morning on Accounts. Dined at Stoney fields and in the evening Eliza, who had accompanied me, and I returned home.


Thursday 2nd November 1820

At home.


Friday 3rd November 1820

At home.


Saturday 4th November 1820

Again at Stoney fields meeting Mr Walthall, John and William Bent examining the list of Debts &c., and separating such as are good and fining the valuation of the Stock of [Liquors?] &c. Engaged all morning. Dined at Stoney field, and returned at night. In my way to Stoney fields called on Mr T. Sparrow and shewed him the Address which I had prepared.


Sunday 5th November 1820

At home. Service.


Monday 6th November 1820

At Newcastle attending Meeting of Commissioners Assessed Taxes. Mr Kinnersly and Mr Booth of Clayton qualified as Commissioners. Called afterwards at Mr Kinnersly’s and shewed him the Draft of the Address but we agreed in opinion that the measure had much better be deferred.


Tuesday 7th November 1820

At home. Mr [Ronson] relative to the establishment of an Association at Talk-on-the-Hill for the prosecution of felons.


Wednesday 8th November 1820

Rode with Emma to Oakhanger Hall. First heard of the afflicting state of our old and valuable servant Mary Beardmore from an attach of [Gillta Serenor?].


Thursday 9th November 1820

Rode again with Emma. We all dined at Lawton Hall. Meeting Mr and Mrs Willoughby Crewe, Mr Harvey and Reverend Mr Wood.


Friday 10th November 1820

At Betley with Eliza and Miss Stamfordcalling upon Mr and Mrs Tollet. Also called at Betley Court and on the Wedgwoods. I also called upon the Reverend Mr [Tanton?]. Rode the grey horse for the first time since my illness.


Saturday 11th November 1820

At home. Farm &c.


Sunday 12th November 1820

Service. In the afternoon went to Stone, where I met Mr Webb and with whom and Mr Vaughan commenced examination of the Treasurers Account with the Navigation Company, engaged them till late at night.


Monday 13th November 1820

At Stone. Resumed examination of Accounts and on which closely engaged till meeting of the Select Committee which commenced about 2 o’clock, Mr Chetwynd and Mr Lister having arrived. Engaged on Select Committee. Afterwards dined at the Crown and returned home at night.


Tuesday 14th November 1820

At home. Various matters. Farm &c. Letter from Mr Wedgwood of Bignall End relative to the payment of £3000 part of his Bond and Mortgage and fixed to receive the same at Newcastle on Saturday next.


Wednesday 15th November 1820

At home. Mr and Mrs Wilbraham of Rode, Mrs Antrobus, Two Miss Wedgwoods of Parkfields, Mr Wedgwood of Betley, Reverend Mr Tarton[?] and Mr [Frank, Francis?] Tremlow dined. The five latter staid all night. In the evening attacked with symptoms of violent cold such as preceded my last attack of gout.


Thursday 16th November 1820

Much fever in the night, but better this morning. Mr Wedgwood, Mr [Fenton?] and Mr T [F?] Tremlow went after breakfast. Long discussion and consideration with Mr Tremlow relative to the liability of the Canal to Poor and Highway Rates. Mr Thomas Wedgwood of Betley came to dinner.


Friday 17th November 1820

Better, but still very unwell. Miss Wedgwoods and Mr Rd Wedgwood went after breakfast. Mr Edwards of Alsager relative to the Will of Mary [Hanley?] and advising him thereon. At night Mrs and Miss Crompton of Eton and Miss C. Crompton arrived.


Saturday 18th November 1820

At Newcastle meeting. Mr Wedgwood of Bignall called, who paid on £3000 in part of his Bond and Mortgage. At the Brewery &c. Returned to dinner.


Sunday 19th November 1820

At home. Service. Still very indifferent. Rowland Bent came to dinner. In the afternoon Dr Northen to see Mary Beardmore, and considered her case very doubtful.

“When Parties prevail a principal way to get popularity is, to act foolishly for one side and wickedly against the other. So that popularity is often but the price that people pay to their Chiefs for deceiving them.” Gordon Cators Letters.


Monday 20th November 1820

At home. Engaged closely on Navigation Papers and particularly as to the liability of the Company to the Poor Rates and the manner and extent of rating. Mr Bate of Chesterton and Mr Beardmore relative to the Chaise for which the former bid 55/.


Tuesday 21st November 1820

At home. Various matters. Farm &c.


Wednesday 22nd November 1820

Went early to Stone. Met Mr Webb at the Office with whom and Mr Vaughan closely engaged finishing examination of the Treasurer’s Accounts. Afterwards dined at the Crown and returned home at night.


Thursday 23rd November 1820

At home. Engaged on Navigation Papers &c. Received letter from Mr Kinnersly informing me that a Requisition to the Mayor was signing, to call a Meeting for the purpose of addressing this [majority?] which I informed him that I would attend.


Friday 24th November 1820

At home. Engaged on the Address &c.


Saturday 25th November 1820

At home. Various matters.


Sunday 26th November 1820

In the morning the Cromptons left us. Afterwards received another letter from Mr Kinnersly informing me that the Mayor had appointed Tuesday next for the Meeting. Service.


Monday 27th November 1820

At Newcastle. Met Mr Fenton and Mr Sparrow at Mr Kinnersly’s reading over the Address which I had drawn up to them, and which with some slight addition they approved. Returned home to dinner.


Tuesday 28th November 1820

At Newcastle. Attending Meeting which was very numerously and most respectably attended. Read and proposed the Address, which was unanimously approved, and which after the signature of it was completed, I was desired to transmit to Lord Sidmouth, in order that it might be presented to His Majesty.


Wednesday 29th November 1820

Again at Newcastle. Settling with Mr Smith the printing of the Address in the newspapers. Eliza, Miss Stamfordand Emma called at Mr Butts.


Thursday 30th November 1820

Eliza and I called at Trentham. Saw Lady Stafford, Lord S. being gone out. Very friendly reception from her Ladyship and much pleasant conversation. Speaking of the Queen, she seemed to entertain no doubt of her guilt, and said Lord S had attended the whole of the 53 days without being absent an hour. Lord Stafford also satisfied of her guilt as I collected from her Ladyship. Called afterwards at Mr Butts but they were out. Wrote letter to Lord Sidmouth.


Friday 1st December 1820

At home.


Saturday 2nd December 1820

Again at Newcastle with the letter to Lord Sidmouth and which I delivered to Mr Swinnerton at Mr Sparrow’s, in order that it might be forwarded along with the Address, to Lord S by tomorrow morning’s Post. Found the Address had been fully signed, there being upwards of 300 signatures, comprehending almost the whole of the respectable inhabitants.


Sunday 3rd December 1820

At home. Service.


Monday 4th December 1820

At home. Farm &c.


Tuesday 5th December 1820

At home. Very wet day.

“The Physician who heals the diseases, and alleviates the anguish of the body may merit a more conspicuous and honourable place in the temple of Fame, but the Musician, who eminently sooths our sorrows and innocently diverts the mind from its cares during health, renders his memory dear to the grateful and refined part of Mankind, in every civilized nation.” Baird. R. Cyc.

Dr Northen came again to see M. Beardmore, whose case had become less formidable that it was a few days ago.

“In some cases, travelling has not inaptly been compared to sporting; the exercise of it being of much more value than the Game.”


Wednesday 6th December 1820

At Newcastle meeting Mr [Ranyclay?] Mr Sandon and Mr Vaughan relative to Messrs R and S’s new invented Steam Machine for passing the boats upon the Canal. Long conversation and discussion with them, and drawing up minutes of their proposition which I promised to lay before the Select Committee at their next meeting and when I desired Messrs R and S to attend.

Mr Sandon stated that the number of horses at this time employed in taking boats upon Canals &c in the Kingdom amounted to 50,000. Sent them Fulton’s book on Navigation, which contains many drawings of Boats, they not having before seen the work and thinking it might be of use to them.


Thursday 7th December 1820

Engaged all morning on Navigation papers and particularly in considering the business of yesterday and framing an Agreement that would be proper to be entered into. Afterwards rode on horseback to meet Emma, who was returning from Betley. Remarkably mild fine day.

Classed [word rubbed out] in the number of able and useful men, whose nature is superior to their fame, a class of which there are members in every profession and rank of life, and to whose assistance the first rate characters are [served?] great part of their celebrity and success.”


Friday 8th December 1820

At home. Engaged on various matters particularly in reconsidering and correcting minutes relative to the Agreement to be entered into by the Navigation Company with Messrs Rangeley and Sandon.


Saturday 9th December 1820

At home.


Sunday 10th December 1820

At home. Service. In the evening received by the Post a printed letter signed “Thomas Swinnerton, E.J. Richetts and Mr Lister” regarding my signature to a Requisition to the Sheriff to call a County Meeting.


Monday 11th December 1820

At Newcastle meeting Sir John Heathcote on Shrewsbury concerns. Found a letter from Lord Sidmouth to me, at Mr Sparrow’s Office, stating that he had presented the Newcastle Address to His Majesty, and which had been received in the most gracious manner. On my return home, replied to the letter relative to a County Meeting, and informed Mr Ricketts that I could not permit my name to be added to the proposed Requisition cases. Found letter from Mr Boyd Eardley stating that Mr Bagley would tomorrow view the Woodfield Colliery, in order to put a value upon the same, sent to Mr Johnson, who came to Linley Wood and again assured me that there were no coals of any value or worth the getting; but promised to attend the Meeting tomorrow of Mr Bagley and Mr [Bogr?] Eardley.


Tuesday 12th December 1820

At home. Engaged on Navigation Papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow. Received a note from Mr Eardley informing me that Mr Bagley could not attend till the 23rd.


Wednesday 13th December 1820

At Stone attending Meeting of the Select Committee. Took Mr Thomas Sparrow from Newcastle and returned home at night.


Thursday 14th December 1820

At home. Engaged all morning writing various letters to Lord and Dudley who had appointed me his Proxy in the Navigation Concerns. Mrs Finch the like. &c. &c. Mr Morris called relative to the state of the Towing path &c. Fine cold frost.


Friday 15th December 1820

Eliza and I, Miss Stamfordand Emma dined at Dr Belcombes. Met Mr and Mrs Meath, two Miss Wedgwoods, Miss Moreton, William Kinnersly and a Captain Smith who came with him. Rowland and two Miss Bents of Stoney fields. Hard frost accompanied with a high wind. Men busy at the farm carrying out manure to the upper part of the meadow.


Saturday 16th December 1820

Hurricane of wind in the night and extreme cold.

“The Lore of our Country is a fixed disposition of mind to promote the safety, welfare and expectations of the Community in which we are born, and of the Constitution under which we are protected.”

Freeholder. 22.


Sunday 17th December 1820

At home. Service. In the last night snow. Stamford arrived in the evening.


Monday 18th December 1820

At home. Thaw. Navigation papers and matters.


Tuesday 19th December 1820

At home. Various matters. Miss Stamfordand Emma went to Parkfields.


Wednesday 20th December 1820

At Lane End meeting Sir John Heathcote and Mr Vaughan, viewing Watercourse, Rent Road and the Alterations proposed which Sir John wished to be made by the Company. Out all day but returned late to dinner. Found Mr [Bary?] Eardley had called in my absence relative to the Woodfield Colliery and the meeting fixed for Saturday next for the same being [received?] by Mr Bagley. Mrs Tollet called.


Thursday 21st December 1820

Wrote to Mr Hugh Bourne in reply to his letter accompanying a plan for the improvement of the Trent and Mersey Navigation by cutting a Canal from Caldon leave Railway to the Leek Canal and thereby saving the water consumed by the Limestone carriage at Hazelhurst Locks. Afterwards called at Mr B. Eardly’s but he was from home. Called also upon Mr Johnson who promised to attend on Saturday next. Miss Stamfordand Emma returned from Parkfields.


Friday 22nd December 1820

At home. Mr Johnson of the Hollins called to inform me that Mr Bagley had arrived today and that they were then inspecting the mines.


Saturday 23rd December 1820

Mr Bagley called early to inform me that he had examined the mines but, with a view to enable him better to judge, he thought it best not to come to any conclusion till the Pit which was now sinking was gone on with so as to ascertain better the mine which they expected to find about 8 yards lower was there or not. He said they had already been disappointed in one mine which instead of being 7 feet thick as they expected, was not thicker than a hands breadth. He said that if Coal was found, yet was it his own case, he would let them go on, as it could at the utmost be but of a few years continuance. Afterwards he called upon Mr Johnson who confirmed all that he had before said relative to the coals. Wrote to Mr Jones relative to the Lawton title.

Stamford and I dined at Mr Kinnersly’s, Newcastle. Met Mr. C. Lawton, Reverend Mr Basnett, Mr G. Sparrow, Dr Northen, Mr Davenport of Longport and Mr Hassells. In the forenoon Rev Mr and Mrs Butt called.


Sunday 24th December 1820

At home. Service.


Monday 25th December 1820

At home. Upwards of 50 persons, servants &c dined here and ourselves.


Tuesday 26th December 1820

At Sandbach consulting Mr Jones relative to obtaining an Act of Parliament for confirmation of Swallow Moor Wood and Stone Upper Title, when it was agreed that I should speak to Mr Charles Lawton about the matter. Returned to dinner. In the evening ill, so as to prevent Eliza accompanying Mrs Stamford, Emma and Stamford to Newcastle Assembly.


Wednesday 27th December 1820

A dreadful night, not having slept a minute. Sent to Mr Tomlinson requesting to see him tomorrow on the Lawton business.


Thursday 28th December 1820

Better this morning. Miss Stamfordand Emma set off to Liverpool. Mr Tomlinson and Mr Weeks Tomlinson came. Long conversation with Mr Tomlinson on the Lawton business, when we finally determined that it would be best to proceed on obtaining the Act of Parliament.


Friday 29th December 1820

At home. Engaged in various papers.


Saturday 30th December 1820

At home. The like.


Sunday 31st December 1820

At home. Service.


Monday 1st January 1821

This year sets in with severe frost which has now continued for a week or ten days. Mr Charles Lawton called, whom I mentioned here the intended Act of Parliament, but as he was in haste I promised to call upon him tomorrow. Invitation from Trentham to myself, Eliza, Emma and Stamford to dine and stay all night on Wednesday 10th Inst, which owing to my engagements we could not accept.


Tuesday 2nd January 1821

Called at Lawton Hall, and long conversation relative to the Act of Parliament which Mr C Lawton agreed should be obtained and desired me to do what I thought it best respecting it. His only difficulty was about the expense which I told him he must have wore and I would take care that it should be as moderate as possible.


Wednesday 3rd January 1821

At home. Engaged on various Navigation Papers &c previous to setting off to [Birchton?] Lodge tomorrow.


Thursday 4th January 1821

Set off to Birchton Lodge this morning. Arrived at Stone about ½ past 12. Long conversation with Mr Langham and afterwards an interview with Mr Murphy relative to the Steam Machine. Arrived at Stafford about 3 where Mr Chetwynd lives met and took me to Birchton Lodge. Reverend Mr Levett of Mildford dined with us.


Friday 5th January 1821

The weather being very severe, we passed the morning in looking over Mr Chetwynds Books and conversation on Navigation affairs &c &c. Took Mrs Chetwynd in the carriage to Bishton where we dined. Met Rev. Mr Englehard and Mrs Landon of Rugeley and Miss Moreton. Staid all night at Bishton.


Saturday 6th January 1821

Long conversation with Mr Sparrow and Mr Chetwynd this morning on Navigation Affairs and particularly on the proposed Steam Machines when they desired me to write to Mr Rennie for his opinion of the Parties and the project. Met Mr Rangeley again at Stone. Arrived at Linley Wood about six o’clock when I found Mr Skerrett. Wrote to Mr Rennie.


Sunday 7th January 1821

At home. Service. Sent the letter to Mr Rennie.


Monday 8th January 1821

At home. Engaged with Mr Skerrett &c.


Tuesday 9th January 1821

At home. Mr Skerrett &c.


Wednesday 10th January 1821

Set off on journey to Shrewsbury. Met Sir John Heathcote and Mr Walthall at Newcastle; from whence we proceeded together to Shrewsbury where we arrived to dinner. Saw Mr Thomas Bent and Mr John Heathcote in the evening.


Thursday 11th January 1821

Engaged all day at the Brewery; when we finally made arrangements as to the salaries, management &c which appeared to be satisfactory to all parties.


Friday 12th January 1821

Left Shrewsbury after breakfast, arrived at Linley Wood to dinner.


Saturday 13th January 1821

At home. Mr Skerrett &c.


Sunday 14th January 1821

At home. Service


Monday 15th January 1821

Set off early to Stone to attend Meeting of the General Committee. Took Mr Thomas Sparrow from Newcastle. Much engaged all day particularly relative to the proposed Steam Machine.


Tuesday 16th January 1821

Engaged again all morning, but returned home late to dinner. Began draining in the Meadow.


Wednesday 17th January 1821

Dined at Lawton Hall. Colonel and Mrs and Miss Tryon of Wettenhall and W. Penlington.


Thursday 18th January 1821

At home. Engaged on papers previous to setting off to Macclesfield wit Mr Walthall tomorrow on annual Settlement of Accounts. Mr Buller, Captain Wedgwood and Mr Walthall dined.


Friday 19th January 1821

Set off with Mr Walthall to Macclesfield. Arrived there about 12 and closely engaged the whole of the remainder of the day on Books and Accounts. Dr A. Bent who had lately come to Macclesfield to settle as a Physician dined with us late at the Hotel.


Saturday 20th January 1821

Engaged again with the Accounts which were finally settled and signed. Returned to Linley Wood from whence Mr Walthall proceeded to Newcastle, being engaged to dine at Mr T Sparrow’s. Remarkably mild fine day, more resembling May than January, as indeed the weather has been for some days past.


Sunday 21st January 1821

I this day completed the 62 year of my life. Service and intoned my great climactorial of 63. To what serious recollections does not this give rise.


Monday 22nd January 1821

At home. In the morning Mr Tomlinson and Mr Jones relative to the intended Act of Parliament for confirming the Lawton Title. Colonel and Mrs Tryon, Miss Tryon, Mr and Mrs C. Lawton, Captain Sturt, Captain Wedgwood, Rev Mr Wood and W. Penlington dined.


Tuesday 23rd January 1821

Unwell with a severe cold attended with much inflammation of the chest.


Wednesday 24th January 1821

So unwell as to be in bed almost the whole of the day.


Thursday 25th January 1821

Still very unwell, thought rather better.


Friday 26th January 1821

Though very unfit for it, yet went to Trentham Inn to attend Militia Meeting for receiving Lists and hearing Appeals. A very hard and fatiguing day, an unusually great number of People attending, and the weight of the business falling upon myself, Mr Spode attended, and Mr Hugh Booth came in late being his first appearance as a Deputy Lieutenant. Returned late to dinner much tired and worse from the hurry of the day.


Saturday 27th January 1821

Unwell, and confined to the House all day. In the evening James Whalley detected William Wilshaw shooting in Swallow Moor Wood.


Sunday 28th January 1821

At home. Service. Rowland Bent came to dinner.


Monday 29th January 1821

At home but still confined to the House.


Tuesday 30th January 1821

Being rather better went with Eliza to Newcastle to pay tradesmen’s bills. Long conversation wit Mr Bagshaw and Mr Rowland Bent relative to the rate lately made under the Lighting with Gas Act &c.


Wednesday 31st January 1821

At home. Better. Began thinning the Plantation on the South side of the House by taking out the Larches. William Martin called.


Thursday 1st February 1821

At home. Mr Martin dined.


Friday 2nd February 1821

At Trentham Inn, attending Meeting of Committee to hear Appeals under the Assessed Taxes. Sir John Heathcote, Mr Spode and Mr Booth and myself. The two former went away about 3 o’clock leaving Mr Booth (who had come in late) and myself. Staid till between 5 and 6 o’clock when it being found impossible to get through the whole of the Appeals we adjourned to Friday the 16th. A very hard and fatiguing day, not getting home till near 7 at night.


Saturday 3rd February 1821

At Cliffe Ville settling with Mr Tomlinson the Draft of the Petition to the House of Lords for the intended Lawton Estate Act. Company Deed &c &c. Returned to dinner.


Sunday 4th February 1821

At home. Service.


Monday 5th February 1821

At home. Wm Penlington relative to a proposed division with Mr Morris of Knutwood  Lands and advising him there on and drawing out a proposal and particular with a view to such division &c.


Tuesday 6th February 1821

In the morning spoke to [blank] [Clinch?] the Brickmaker at the Woodfield Colliery who said that the Bricks might as well be made at a greater distance and behind the Engine, and at the present [Irish, West?] bank. That if he did not make the Brick somebody else would, it being Mr Martin’s determination that bricks should be made there.

Afterwards went to Cliffe Ville consulting Mr Tomlinson relative to being an Action &c, but which it proved too late to do so as to bring the matter on for Trial at the Spring Assizes.


Wednesday 7th February 1821

At home. Mr Morris and Mr Penlington relative to division of Knutwood lands and which was finally agreed upon according to a Memorandum which I drew out and delivered to them. Mr Morris afterwards called and desired the Land might not be let in anything like at present be done under the Agreement.


Thursday 8th February 1821

At home. Engaged in the farm &c.


Friday 9th February 1821

At home. Farm &c.


Saturday 10th February 1821

At Wharlock in the morning calling upon Mr Jones in consequence of his having informed me that Mr C. Lawton now refused to concur in the intended Act of Parliament and conversation with him thereon, previous to my seeing Mr C. L. on Monday.


Sunday 11th February 1821

At home. Service.


Monday 12th February 1821

At Lawton Hall relative to the intended Act which it was again agreed should be proceeded with and Mr C Lawton promised that he and his brother would dine at Linley Wood tomorrow to meet Mr Jones.


Tuesday 13th February 1821

At home. Mr and Mrs C. Lawton, Mr Jones dined. Mr Lawton being prevented coming by an attach of Gout. Long conversation relative to the intended Act and the powers that it might be desirable to obtain for the benefit of the Lawton Estate. Mr Jones left with me Kent’s Mortgage and the [Timber?] of it, but the conveyance  from Kent to Mr Lawton had been neglected to be bought and delivered up by Kent. Mr Jones staid all night at Linley Wood.


Wednesday 14th February 1821

Mr Jones set off to Lowchapel to obtain the Deed for Kent and which he promised to send to me; but in the evening received a note from him informing me that he could not find it either in the possession of Kent or Mr Lawton.


Thursday 15th February 1821

At home in the morning. Mr Charles Lawton called with whom looked at the [Inn, house, line?] in Linley Lane in dispute wit the Ladies of the Manor and which said that he went down and belonged to his brother. Dined at Dr Northen’s, Eliza, Mrs S. and Emma. Met Sir John and 2 Miss Heathcotes, Miss Moreton, Rev Mr Jas Mainwaring and Mr Edward Powys.


Friday 16th February 1821

At Trentham Inn attending meeting to hear Appeals under the Assessed Taxes. Mr Spode, Mr Booth and myself.


Saturday 17th February 1821

At home.

“Impress upon the musing visitor the transitory value of human possessions, and the happiness of those who enjoy a humble lot in virtuous contentment.” Kenilworth.

Eliza, Emma and Miss Stamfordwent to Newcastle. Mr Morris relative to Stone Pit at Talk.


Sunday 18th February 1821

At home. Service.


Monday 19th February 1821

In the morning Mr Morris with whom walked to Talk-on-the-Hill, viewing the Stone Quarry which Mr Morris recommended my opening and working in an effectual manner.


Tuesday 20th February 1821

At Lawton Hall early making further search with Mr C. Lawton for the Conveyance from Kent, but which we could not find. Wrote letter to Mr Tomlinson thereupon. Mr Vaughan on Navigation Affairs.


Wednesday 21st February 1821

At home. Eliza, Miss Stamfordand Emma went to Mare Hall. In the evening Ann and Bessy arrived from London.


Thursday 22nd February 1821

At home. Engaged on various papers relating to the affairs of the late Mrs Sarah Stamford previous to my going to Newcastle tomorrow to settle the remaining duties payable under her Will.


Friday 23rd February 1821

At Newcastle engaged with Mr Small on the above business. At Mr Sparrow’s relative to his Bills of Costs and [lew?] with the Navigation Company. At the Brewery. Heard of the death of Mr Mills of Barleston who died this morning at 2 o’clock. Returned home to dinner. Found that Mr Wilbraham of Rode Hall had called in my absence.


Saturday 24th February 1821

At home. Mr Tomlinson and Mr Jones relative to the intended Act of Parliament. Settling Petition, Proofs &c, and finally agreed that a Deed of Confirmation should be taken from Kent, in the original Conveyance from him to Mr Lawton having been lost or mislaid.


Sunday 25th February 1821

Service. Afterwards called at Lawton, when Mr Lawton and I agreed to go ourselves to Mr Kent’s in quest of the Deeds that were missing, and where we had the satisfaction to find them after all the trouble and vexation that had been occasioned. Returned to dinner. Found Rowland Bent also dined.


Monday 26th February 1821

At home. Various matters.


Tuesday 27th February 1821

At home. Mr Charles Lawton relative to the intended Act which I desired that power should be obtained to sell and pay off the mortgages, looking also at the further land which I wished to purchase, when he proposed letting me have an acre more of the Ditches, and the small piece lying to the Turnpike Road adjoining the Rough [Grasses?]


Wednesday 28th February 1821

At Cliffe Ville in consequence of Mr Lawton’s determination and to give instruction for additions to the Petition accordingly. Severe frost and very cold day.


Tuesday 1st March 1821

In the morning Mr George Edwards with whom agreed for the making of the Hilditchs fields at E per ton including everything but spreading. Dined at the Lawton and had dinner at the Red Bull, Mr Charles Lawton, Reverend and Mrs Salmon, Bayley, Wood of Middlewich, Davenport, Loundes, W. Penlington and self. Finally fixed with Mr Charles Lawton as to the Powers of the intended Act and explained to him the further extra expense which would be incurred by the powers of Sale.


Friday 2nd March 1821

At home. Removed from Swallow Moor Wood and planted in the new an oak about 18 feet high and placed nearly at the further end from the House of the lower side of the plantation.


Saturday 3rd March 1821

At Newcastle meeting Mr Vaughan at Mr Sparrow’s examining Accounts between Mr J. S. and the Navigation Company, at Brewery. Returned home to dinner and found Mr Skerrett of Nantwich. Eliza and Emma accompanied me to Newcastle, the latter to consult Dr Northen.


Sunday 4th March 1821

At home. Service. Mr Jones of Wharloch came to dinner and staid all night in his way to Cliffe Ville finally to settle the Petition with Mr Tomlinson.


Monday 5th March 1821

Set off early to Wolseley Bridge to attend Meeting of the Select Committee taking Mr Jones in the chaise to Cliffe Ville. Went with Mr Vaughan from Stone. Arrived at Wolseley Bridge at ½ past 11. Adjourned to Bishton where we did the business. Dined at Wolseley Bridge, returned home at night. Found the melancholy intelligence of the death of poor Charles Wedgwood who had been carried off on the 16th September last in the East Indies by an inflammation of the Bowels.


Tuesday 6th March 1821

In the morning Mr Jones who first apprized me of the difficulty thrown in the way of the intended Act by the secret Agreement which had been entered into by the Lawtons, [abenty?] they were only tenants for life. On his leaving me, went immediately to Cliffe Ville to consult Mr Tomlinson who felt equal indignation and surprise with myself, at this extraordinary transaction, and the Agreement amongst the Lawtons, which Mr Jones did not apprize himself of till after they had completed the Petition and everything that was ready to go to Parliament in the present Session. Mr T. was clearly of opinion that an Agreement of this kind would affect my Title being a [problem?] for a valuable [consideration, amendment?] without [sohel?], but that it would be better to postpone the Bill till the next Session in order to give time for the further arrangements that would now be necessary.  


Wednesday 7th March 1821

Ann and Bessy with Mr Skerrett left us after breakfast. Wrote to Mr Tomlinson on the Lawton business and proposing his writing to Mr Jones. Mr Morris of Lawton who left with me case and opinion relative to Married Rights.


Thursday 8th March 1821

At home. Mrs and Miss Tollet and Miss E Tollet (Mrs Tollet being prevented coming by indisposition) Mr and Mrs Hutton who arrived just before dinner and Dr Belcombe dined.


Friday 9th March 1821

At home. Engaged with Mr Tollet and Mr Hutton &c. In looking at the meadow Mr Tollet recommended putting a little quicklime into the water and which I determined to try. Dr Northen dined.


Saturday 10th March 1821

The Huttons left us after breakfast. Emma accompanied them on her way to Liverpool. The Tollets also left us. Afterwards went to Cliffe Ville to look over with Mr Tomlinson the Deed of the intended Act of Indemnity. Returned to dinner.


Sunday 11th March 1821

At home. Service.


Monday 12th March 1821

Called at Rode Hall. Saw Mr and Mrs Willbraham and engaged to dine their on Monday next. Called on my return at Lawton Hall and informed Mr C. Lawton that the intended Act would be postponed till the next Sessions.


Tuesday 13th March 1821

At Newcastle with Mr Smith, Mr Phillips settling duties remaining due under the Wills of the late Miss Stamfordand Mr Thomas Jackson. Returned to dinner. In the evening Mr Booth of Audley from whom purchased a bay cold rising four years old, for the

Carriage in lieu of the horse purchased from Mr Cromer, which had become, or nearly become broken waisted. Paid £30.


Wednesday 14th March 1821

At home. Engaged on sundry papers.


Thursday 15th March 1821

Again at Newcastle with Mr Smith and Mr Philips relative to the Duties under the Wills of Miss Stamfordand Mr Thomas Jackson. Returned to dinner.


Friday 16th March 1821

Closely engaged on the Lawton business and writing letter to Mr Tomlinson in consequence of having received one last night from Mr Jones.


Saturday 17th March 1821

At home. Closely engaged on Lawton business.


Sunday 18th March 1821

At home. Service.


Monday 19th March 1821

In the morning engaged on various Papers and letters &c. Dined at Rode Hall. Met Rev Philip Egerton of Malpas and Mrs Egerton, two Miss Cottinghams and the Rev Mr Salmon of Sandbach. The Leycasters of Toft were to have been there but were prevented coming till tomorrow.


Tuesday 20th March 1821

At home. Closely engaged with various papers. Copied case with Mr[Serjt Lens’s?] opinion (which had been sent to me by Mr Tremlow of Betley Court) relative to the liability of Canals and Coal monies to be rated to the Highways.


Wednesday 21st March 1821

At home. Engaged on various papers. Miss Stamfordand Elizabeth went to Mare Hall, but returned to dinner.


Thursday 22nd March 1821

At home. Engaged on papers. Found a Cowslip in flower in the ground along the Terrace.


Friday 23rd March 1821

Went to Trentham Inn, attending Deputy Lieutenancy and Assessed Taxes Meeting, swearing in [enrolled?] men &c for Militia, Mr Spode, Mr Booth, Mr R Bourne. On going and returning called upon Mr Smith finally to settle Duties under the Wills of Mr Jackson and Mrs Stamford. Returned to dinner much fatigued. Returned Sergt Lee’s Court Opinion to Mr Tremlow by the Post from Newcastle.


Saturday 24th March 1821

At home. Engaged perusing and considering papers sent me by Mr Skerrett yesterday relative to  Foxholes and Leasehold Lands in Newfoundland belonging to the late General Skerrett, and with a view to a Memorial being presented to Sir Charles Hamilton for a fresh Grant of the same, and writing letter to Mr Skerrett thereon.


Sunday 25th March 1821

At home. Service. William Bent came to dinner. Rowland being prevented from coming as he has proposed doing by illness. William Bent first mentioned the object they had in view, and which they wished to submit to my consideration, namely, the giving up of the Concern at Macclesfield and transferring the business to Lancaster, and which they thought might be done with advantage and particularly as the latter would require the active management of more than one person. Stamford arrived in the evening.


Monday 26th March 1821

At home. Finished and signed the Inn papers.


Tuesday 27th March 1821

At home. Engaged on Mr Skerrett’s papers. Much rain.


Wednesday 28th March 1821

At home. Engaged on Draft and drawing a Memorial to Sir Charles Hamilton and writing letter to Mr Skerrett.


Thursday 29th March 1821

At home. In the morning Stamford set off to Liverpool.


Friday 30th March 1821

Received letter from the Rev Mr Leigh of Newcastle requesting me to attend a Meeting of the Inhabitants of Newcastle for the purpose of petitioning Parliament against the Roman Catholic Commission Bills and to prepare a Petition for that purpose, but which I declined. Afterwards at Newcastle to see Rowland Bent.


Saturday 31st March 1821

At home. Engaged perusing and considering a Bill now in Parliament which I received last night from  Mr Chetwynd for explaining and amending the Statutes concerning Commissions of Sewers and its effects as to Canal Navigation and making observations thereon preparatory to writing to Mr Chetwynd.


Sunday 1st April 1821

At home. Service. Wm Penlington called.


Monday 2nd April 1821

At home. Wrote long letter to Chetwynd with observations in the Bill in Parliament. Mr Beardmore &c &c. Stamford returned.


Tuesday 3rd April 1821

At Stone meeting Mr Webb and examining Cash Book and Surveyors Accounts which we settled. Out all day. The weather being stormy went in the Talk Chaise which was paid for by Mr Vaughan.


Wednesday 4th April 1821

At home. Mr Beardmore with whom settled account including [farm, Fram l?] Beardmore’s on Note and discharged the same as per Cash Book. Planted an Orleans Plum and a Summer Bon Chretien Pear Tree in the orchard in Linley Meadow.


Thursday 5th April 1821

At home. Engaged on the farm. Eliza planted two Bon Chretien Pears in the Orchard at the farm.


Friday 6th April 1821

At Trentham Inn attending Meeting swearing in and balloting Militia. Mr Bourne, Mr Booth and self, all day.


Saturday 7th April 1821

At home. Engaged on Navigation papers &c. Fine mild day. Moses Barlow settling his account of Rent, Repairs &c to Michaelmas last, and the balance of which he discharged. Afterwards rode to the Stone Quarry and gave directions that unless the stone fully answered the Navigation Company purposes no more should be sort.


Sunday 8th April 1821

At home. Service.


Monday 9th April 1821

At Newcastle Brewery previous to setting off tomorrow to Shrewsbury.


Tuesday 10th April 1821

Went with Sir  John Heathcote and Mr Walthall to Shrewsbury where we arrived to dinner.


Wednesday 11th April 1821

At Shrewsbury, closely engaged all day at the Brewery settling the books, accounts &c.


Thursday 12th April 1821

Again at the Brewery. Settled and signed annual Account. Came to Turn Hill to dinner where I purchased a black Welch cow from Mr J Winslett. Arrived at home the same evening.


Friday 13th April 1821

At home. Engaged on various matters.


Saturday 14th April 1821

At home. Heavy and incessant rain. Letter writing. Meeting took place between Mr Baily &c for setting a price on Foxholes Estate. Mr Johnson called in the afternoon and again assured me that there were no coals of the least value; and advised me to be quiet for awhile longer as to purchasing.


Sunday 15th April 1821

At home. Service. Mr Walthall dined.


Monday 16th April 1821

At home. Wrote to Mr Chetwynd. Also to Mr Tomlinson relative to the Lawton business. Miss Stamfordset off to Eton.


Tuesday 17th April 1821

Went to Nantwich with Eliza. Arrived at my sister’s to dinner.


Wednesday 18th April 1821

At Nantwich, dined at Mr Skerretts. Mr Berman of Shrewsbury to whom mentioned the inclosure of Alsager Common for the information of the Trustees of Mr Boughey’s Estate. Mr and Mrs W Garnett and party drank tea.


Thursday 19th April 1821

Went with Eliza and a party to see an Exhibition of Wild Beasts including an Elephant. They called it of the Saloma species. They informed me that he was 9ft 8ins in height, 47 feet in girth and weighed 5.16 T. Apparently very gentle and tractable; but they said that about a week before he had nearly killed one of their people to whom he had taken a dislike, and who went into the wagon to him. He performed various tricks, fired off a pistol &c &c. He took a sixpenny piece off my hand and afterwards returned it. The touch of his proboscis was very light, making little or no pressure on my hand either when he took off the sixpence and returned it.


Friday 20th April 1821

At Nantwich. Rode to Reaseheath and Poole.


Saturday 21st April 1821

Returned to dinner. Found Stamford, Emma, Charles Crompton and Miss Roscoe. Received letter from Mr Heaton relative to Foxholes Estate.


Sunday 22nd April 1821

At home. Service. In the evening Charles Crompton left us on his journey to London.


Monday 23rd April 1821

At Newcastle on various matters. Returned to dinner.


Tuesday 24th April 1821

 Set off to Stone. Called upon Mr Eardley at Chesterton and gave him a letter to send to Mr John Martin relative to [doubts? Abate?] and I explaining the process at that –poned by Mr Heaton.. Took Mr Thomas Sparrow from Newcastle. Engaged all day at Stone on General Committee. In the Chair.


Wednesday 25th April 1821

Engaged on General Assembly. In the Chair. Full meeting. Returned home at night, but unwell and much fatigued.


Thursday 26th April 1821

At home. Unwell.


Friday 27th April 1821

Prevented going to Trentham Inn to attend a further Ballot for the Militia by being unwell and the wetness of the morning. Mr Chambers came to dinner.


Saturday 28th April 1821

At home. Engaged with men in the grounds particularly laying grass clods on the right hand side of the approach to the House. Dr Belcombe dined.


Sunday 29th April 1821

At home. Mr Chambers &c &c. Attending at Talk Chapel this morning our own Service was omitted.


Monday 30th April 1821

Mr Chambers and Stamford left Linley Wood. The former for Chester. Stamford for Liverpool. Turned 10 milking cows into the land under the Terrace, the grass being very fervid and a good pasture.  


Tuesday 1st May 1821

Prevented going to Betley as I had intended by the arrival of Mr Vaughan relative to an intended Appeal by the Parish of Wolstanton against the Poor Rate on account of the Fells of the land not being rated, and drawing up observations as to the liability of the Canal to the Poor Rates and which I desired Mr Vaughan to show to Mr Chetwynd. Engaged closely all morning.

The noise from the Steam Engine occasioned by the discharge of the Steam &c was so disturbing whilst we were engaged on the above business that we could not set with the window open. Mr Vaughan made a memorandum of the fact.


Wednesday 2nd May 1821

Rode to Betley. Called upon the Wedgwoods. Saw Mrs W but Mr Wedgwood was out. Also called at Lady Fletcher’s, saw Miss F, Mr Tremlow, Lady F and Mrs S being out. Afterwards called upon Mr Tollet and Mr Wickstead.


Thursday 3rd May 1821

At home. Engaged on various papers. Began sowing Oats in the Birchen field near the Turnpike Road, which we had been prevented doing sooner from not being able to get the land into any tolerable condition.


Friday 4th May 1821

Went to Measford to call upon Mr Ricketts but he was from home. Elizabeth, Miss Roscoe and Emma went to Trentham to shew the House &c to Miss R.


Saturday 5th May 1821

At home. Finished sowing Oats in the Birchen Field. In the evening observed the Brick kiln first fired this season in Mr Martin’s land.


Sunday 6th May 1821

At home. Service.


Monday 7th May 1821

At Stone attending Meeting of the Select Committee. Mr Lister, Mr Webb and myself. Mr Chetwynd having that morning set off to London. Took Mr Thomas Sparrow from Newcastle and returned at night.


Tuesday 8th May 1821

Engaged on Navigation papers. Wrote to Mr Hollinshead of Liverpool inclosing a copy of Mr Rennie’s Report on Harecastle Tunnel. Afterwards rode to Harecastle to look at Mr Kinnersly’s stock of fat and other Cattle selling by Auction this day. Some Heifers and Bullocks very fat and fine.


Wednesday 9th May 1821

At home. Engaged on Navigation Papers and correcting Minutes of the last meeting of the Committee for insertion in the Book.


Thursday 10th May 1821

At home. Engaged in the morning writing long letter to Mr Chetwynd on Mr M.A. Taylors Bill now in Parliament relative to Steam Engines.


Friday 11th May 1821

At home. Cheese weighed which I had sold to Mr Garnett of Nantwich.


Saturday 12th May 1821

Called upon Sir John Heathcote at Talk relative to the Shrewsbury Concerns and with whom have a long conversation thereon. Proceeded to Cliffe Ville perusing and finally settling the Draft of the Further Indemnity Deed to be given by the Mr Lawtons. On my return home found that John Bent had called relative to the Accounts &c, with the Liverpool Brewery and thinking it important to see him before he went back, which he left word he should do tomorrow morning, went in the evening to Stoney fields taking Elizabeth with me in the carriage. Long conversation with John Bent, William, Mr and Rowland all of whom I found there and who as well as Mr Hand agreed in the observation which I had made as to the error in the statement of the Accounts delivered.


Sunday 13th May 1821

At home. Service.


Monday 14th May 1821

Engaged all morning writing to Dr Crompton on Liverpool Concerns. Also to Mr Chetwynd in reply to a letter received from him last night relative to the exemption Clause introduced by Mr Littleton into Mr W to Taylors Steam Engine Smoke Consumption Bill.


Tuesday 15th May 1821

At home. Changed the milking cows into Linley Meadow. Sent the Cheese sold to Mr Garnett to Wharlock. Cold and rainy as the weather has been for several days past.


Wednesday 16th May 1821

Mr Potter with whom engaged on various Navigation matters. NB. He observed the smell and smoke from the Brick kiln which was now burning and saw that the smoke extended to the farm house also. He said that it must be injurious to the timber and crops.


Thursday 17th May 1821

At home. Mr Tomlinson and Mr Jones with Deed of further Indemnity from Mr Lawtons, which they afterwards got executed at Lawton. Mr Tomlinson dined.


Friday 18th May 1821

At Trentham attending Meeting of Commissioners of Land Tax for receiving Assessments. Mr Spode, Mr Booth and myself. Busy and fatiguing day. Mr and Mrs Wedgwood of Betley, Elizabeth Wedgwood, Charlotte and Robert came to dinner.


Saturday 19th May 1821

At home. Mr Wickstead and Mr [Tustam?] called and afterwards Mr Wilbraham. Engaged with the Wedgwoods &c.


Sunday 20th May 1821

At home. Service. Mr and Mrs Wedgwood and Eliza at Talk Chapel.


Monday 21st May 1821

At Wolstanton called upon Rev Mr Mainwaring.


Tuesday 22nd May 1821

At home. Rev Mr and Mrs Garnett of Nantwich and Mr Skerrett came to dinner.


Wednesday 23rd May 1821

Walked with Mr Garnett over the farm and to Alsager. Found the Coltsfoot in the land late Mr Jenks’s which had been sowed with [Salt?] on the fallow quite clearly free from weed of every description and the wheat very promising. Rev Mr Mainwaring of Wolstanton and Rev Mr Turton dined. In the forenoon Mr and Mrs Wedgwood, Caroline and Robert left us going to Parkfields.


Thursday 24th May 1821

Engaged again with Mr Garnett, they having consented to stay till tomorrow.


Friday 25th May 1821

After breakfast the Garnetts left us, and we then went to Maer Hall to dinner. In the night severe frost. Early potatoes almost destroyed.


Saturday 26th May 1821

Walked on Mr Harding’s farm viewing his stock &c. He said that he had made 400 lb of cheese from cows from his stock being the short horned or Durham. They are fine animals. He showed us also some fine [Leanter?] Sheep, about 40 lb per [Quarter?]. He said that 50lb of Mangel Wurzel was equal to 23lb of bats. But of this that the cows should on no account be allowed more than 50 weight of Mangelwurzel per day. If more it became injurious. May not this circumstance of correct explain the great debate that has existed as to the utility of this feed as properly used, it may be beneficial, given in two great quantity hurtful? He said that milk of the Devon cows was very rich, but that the objection to them was the shortness of the time that they continued in milk only about 18 weeks, other stocks 40. On our arrival at home we received the intelligence of Mrs Penlington’s death which happened yesterday. 


Monday 28th May 1821

At home. Engaged on various matters. Mr and Mrs Charles Lawton called. W. Penlington on the late event.


Tuesday 29th May 1821

At home.


Wednesday 30th May 1821

At home. Mr Brodhurst of Mansfield and Mr Wm Brodhurst, Rev. Mr Mainwaring called. Mr and Mrs Jos Wedgwood and family, Jos, Charlotte, Fanny and Emma and the Brodhursts dined. The latter of whom went in the evening.


Thursday 31st May 1821

At home. The Wedgwoods with us. Dr Northen and Rev Mr Mainwaring dined. W. Penlington in the morning consulting relative to the Funeral. W. Roscoe left us on his return to Liverpool.


Friday 1st June 1821

Mr Potter with plan of the proposed new tunnel through Harecastle Hill.


Saturday 2nd June 1821

In the morning attended the Funeral of the late Mrs Penlington of Rode. Bearers. Myself at the right at the head, Mr Bayley of Stapely opposite, Mr Loundes of Congleton, Rev Mr John Lawton, Rev Mr Wettenhall, Mr Morris.

In the forenoon the Wedgwoods left us.


Sunday 3rd June 1821

In the morning at Talk Chapel and therefore no Service at home.


Monday 4th June 1821

Rode on horseback with Emma to Newcastle. At the Brewery previous to my going to Liverpool on Wednesday next to settle the affairs of the late Partnership of Crompton Bent and Co.


Tuesday 5th June 1821

At home. Engaged on various papers previous to going to Liverpool.


Wednesday 6th June 1821

Set off to Liverpool going in the Gig to Knutsford. Arrived at Liverpool between 3 and 4 o’clock and was soon after joined by Mr Walthall. Took up our quarters at the Brewery.


Thursday 7th June 1821

Engaged on the Accounts &c, which we settled and struck the balance remaining due to Dr Crompton and the Bankers, Mr John Bent being with us. Afterwards called at Mr Roscoe’s Bank that the satisfaction to hear from Dr Crompton &c that the concern was very promising and likely to do well. William Roscoe, Mr Denison dined at the Brewery.


Friday 8th June 1821

After breakfast set off on my return home, bringing Mr Walthall with me in a Chaise to Warrington where we dined and parted. William Dawson met me with the Gig at Knutsford. On my arrival at home had the happiness to find my dear Anne and her three lovely children all perfectly well.


Saturday 9th June 1821

At home. Engaged in evidence relative to Mr Martin’s brick kiln and Steam Engine previous to seeing Mr Tomlinson on Monday.


Sunday 10th June 1821

At home. Service.


Monday 11th June 1821

At Newcastle on Brewery and other matters meeting Sir John Heathcote on Shrewsbury Concern. From thence to Cliffe Ville consulting Mr Tomlinson relative to the Brick kiln &c when we finally were of opinion that it would be best to defer bringing the matter to Trial till the Spring Assizes. Returned to dinner. Wrote to Dr Crompton inclosing Bill for £400 further money on account of my share of Balance remaining due in the miserable concern of the Brewery.


Tuesday 12th June 1821

At Stone attending Meeting of Select Committee. Engaged all day and returned home at night. Took Mr Thomas Sparrow from Newcastle.


Wednesday 13th June 1821

At home. Engaged on various matters.


Thursday 14th June 1821

At home, engaged on Navigation papers &c.


Friday 15th June 1821

At home. Farm &c.


Saturday 16th June 1821

At Newcastle on various matters. Returned to dinner. Elizabeth and Charlotte Wedgwood dined on their way home from Knutsford and went home in the evening.


Sunday 17th June 1821

At home. Service.


Monday 18th June 1821

At home.


Tuesday 19th June 1821

At home. Miss Wedgwoods of Parkfield and Mr Wedgwood of Betley dined. The former staid all night.


Wednesday 20th June 1821

At home. Miss Wedgwoods went after breakfast. Called at Lawton Hall with Eliza. Eliza Roscoe and Anne. Engaged the Lawtons to dine on Friday.


Thursday 21st June 1821

In the morning met Mr Potter and Mr Vaughan at the Red Bull Wharf on Navigation matters. From thence to [Haringwood?] viewing Sir John Heathcote’s Mine water &c. On my return found our dear Emma very unwell which prevented Eliza accompanying E. Roscoe, Anne and myself to Dr Northen’s where we were all engaged to dine. Whilst there were informed by a note that Mr Davenport pronounced Scarlet Fever. Eliza and Anne immediately returned home and first engaging Dr Northen to come in the morning.


Friday 22nd June 1821

Dr Northen came early, who though he found Emma in a very favourable state yet still advised the Children to be taken away, in consequence Anne set off with her children to Nantwich and E. Roscoe to Liverpool. And thus was all the dear party who were enjoying themselves in health and happiness broken up and dispersed in a moment. Mr Wedgwood of Bignall [arrived] paying the half yearly interest sent to Lawton Hall and put off their engagement to dine.


Saturday 23rd June 1821

At Newcastle on various matters. Returned to dinner.


Sunday 24th June 1821

Went to Newcastle to see Anne and the children and to advise with the former as to her staying there in consequence of the Smallpox being on the town, and of which Mr Skerrett who I saw there informed me that vaccinated as well as unvaccinated Patients had died. Mr Kent said it was impossible absolutely to say that the children could not take the infection but he thought they might stay with safety. It was therefore left for Anne to determine according to her own judgment and feelings. She resolved however not to go away the next day. Returned home at night.


Monday 25th June 1821

At home. Engaged on various matters. Drawing transfer of Navigation shares from Mrs Sutherland &c.


Tuesday 26th June 1821

At home meeting Mr Webb examining Treasuries Accounts, also the Cash and Survey Accounts. Engaged long and returned at night.


Wednesday 27th June 1821

At home engaged on various matters.


Thursday 28th June 1821

The like.


Friday 29th June 1821

At home. Engaged all day perusing and examining Acts of Parliament and drawing draft of Bill to enable the Navigation Company to make the intended additional Tunnel at Harecastle [Revision?] at Knapersley &c.


Saturday 30th June 1821

At home. Sir John Heathcote called relative to Shrewsbury concerns and also to Handeywood Mine water taken by the Navigation Company. Afterwards Mr Wilbraham, who invited me to dine on Monday next to meet Rev Mr Jackson but which I declined on account of Emma’s illness and the possibility of infection.


Sunday 1st July 1821

At home. Service.


Monday 2nd July 1821

At Newcastle on various matters. With Eliza and Emma.


Tuesday 3rd July 1821

Began mowing. Went to Nantwich with Eliza. Saw Mr John Garnett relative to Mr Wedgwood’s balance of [beevent?] remaining due on Bond from the late Mr Barrow and Mr Yoxall. Mr Charles Mare relative to transfer of Grand Trunk Shares form W. Penlington which the late Mr Bate had an interest. Dined at Mr and Captain Skerretts. Mr John Garnett dined with us.


Wednesday 4th July 1821

Saw Mr John Garnett again. Called upon Mr [Herbert?] Mr Joseph [Valmer?]. Dined in Dysart Buildings and returned home in the evening. Found that Mr John Heathcote of Shrewsbury had called today.


Thursday 5th July 1821

At home. Engaged on various matters. Hay &c.


Friday 6th July 1821

At Trentham Inn attending Meeting of Land Tax Commissioners, Sir John Heathcote, Mr Kinnersly, R Bourne and myself. Seeing[?] and signing assessments, warrants &c. Long discussion with Mr Tomlinson relative to Stoke Assessment &c. Busy day and returned home to dinner. Long conversation at Trentham Inn with Sir John Heathcote and Mr John H. who came there for the purpose relative to Shrewsbury Brewery concerns.


Saturday 7th July 1821

At home. Busy in the hay.


Sunday 8th July 1821

At home. Service. Stamford arrived from London.


Monday 9th July 1821

At home. Hay &c &c.


Tuesday 10th July 1821

At Newcastle on various matters. Saw at the Roebuck the Kings Horses and Carriages which were on their way to Ireland, and which had arrived just as I came up. There were two coaches and one Baggage Cart each of which was driven by six horses. There were also two more horses ridden by Outriders. All the horses were lofty bright bay horses [without?] any white on them and had the appearance of a good deal of Blood. The coaches were carved with [gilsten?] but the windows frames were gilt and gave one the idea of the Carriages having much gilding upon them. Returned home to dinner. Miss Stamfordand Eliza in the morning to see Anne and the children who arrived at Parkfields today, and returned late in the evening.


Wednesday 11th July 1821

At home. Busy in the Hay. After dinner Eliza received a note from Miss Wedgwood informing her that Anne had been attached with the Scarlet Fever at Parkfields, on which we set off together. We found Anne going on very well, the disease being very mild and I returned leaving Eliza.

In the forenoon Colonel Tryon called relative to Alsager Inclosure &c. He said that they should make no claim in respect of the trees in dispute but give them up, and offered me the Cottages at Mear Lake and the small piece of land near the Turnpike Gate in Linley Lane which I agreed to purchase at a valuation to be [set] upon the same. I promised to furnish him with a copy of so much of the Indorsement on the Conveyance from Lord Brereton as related to Mr [Salley’s?] farm late Jenks, as this might serve to show that it was not entitled to Right of Common.


Thursday 12th July 1821

At home. Letter writing &c. Busy carrying hay the day being very fine.


Friday 13th July 1821

Busy carrying hay. Mr and Mrs Charles Lawton called. Dined at Mr Kinnersly’s at Newcastle. Dr Northen, [Brigd?] Heathcote, Mr Hassels and his grandson Mr Bagshaw and T, Kinnersly. Stamford returned from Knutsford Sessions.


Saturday 14th July 1821

At home. Engaged on various papers and matters previous to going to Stone tomorrow on the annual Navigation Survey.


Sunday 15th July 1821

Service. Afterwards went to Parkfields to dinner. Found my dearest Eliza well and Anne better. In the evening went to Stone and met Mr Chetwynd and Mr Webb.


Monday 16th July 1821

Set off very early on the Survey in the Company Boat. Called at Bishton. Took up Mr Lister at Armitage Park and arrived at Burton at night.


Tuesday 17th July 1821

From Burton to [Strudlow, Stockton?]; and returned again to Burton that night.


Wednesday 18th July 1821

Left Burton early. Called at Bishton. Took Post Chaise from Wolseley Bridge bringing Mr Vaughan to Stone. Called at Parkfield again. Eliza and Anne being still there; and arrive at Linley Wood about nine o’clock. Mrs Stamford, Emma and Stamford were at Lawton Hall, where they had dined.


Thursday 19th July 1821

Engaged in the morning on various papers &c. Afterwards Stamford and I dined at the Roebuck, Newcastle at the Coronation Dinner which was very numerously and respectfully attended, and everything went off perfectly well and evincing the most sincere and ardent attachment to His Majesty and the Constitution. In the morning there had been a Military Display of the Yeomanry and Cavalry to the [privates, favourites?]  of the former and a public dinner had also been given and tea to the  women.


Friday 20th July 1821

At home. Mr Hostage paying off Mrs Stamford’s Mortgage for £3,000 except £75 a half year’s Interest disputed by Mr Wood and agreed to be left to Josiah Wedgwood Esq  to settle. He also paid the 3rd Installment of £1,000 and then another step was made towards the final conclusion of this wretched and harassing business. Mr Hostage dined but returned to Burslem at night.


Saturday 21st July 1821

At home. Unwell but engaged much on Navigation papers particularly the letter to the land owners interested in the land to be taken for the additional Tunnel and Reservoir. Mr Smith, one of the Clerks in the Office in consequence of his dismissal at from his present situation. Long conversation with him and afterwards writing to Mr Vaughan. Eliza and Anne came from Parkfields to dinner. Stamford set off to[Haylake?].


Sunday 22nd July 1821

At home. Very unwell but Service as usual.


Monday 23rd July 1821

At home. Still unwell. W. Penlington on their affairs.


Tuesday 24th July 1821

At home. Unwell. Mr Vaughan on Navigation business..


Wednesday 25th July 1821

In the morning called at Lawton Hall. In the evening Mr Potter with the letters to Landowners relative to the proposed Tunnel and Reservoir for my signature as Chairman of the Select Committee.


Thursday 26th July 1821

Engaged examining the letters and signing the same. Afterwards went to Etruria to have spoken to Mr Jos Wedgwood on the Barron and Yoxall’s business and the reference to him of the disputed Interest between Miss Stamfordand Mr Wood but he was not there. Called at the Brewery at Newcastle and long conversation with Rowland Bent relative to Shrewsbury Business and previous to my going there next week with Sir J H.