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Diary of James Caldwell (1759-1838) of Linley Wood, Talke, Staffordshire, England.

The following is a transcription from the diary of James Caldwell.  This volume covers the period 1821-1825 (191 pages).  For transcriptions of other diaries and notes please click here (Index of notes and diaries of James Caldwell).


James Caldwell Diary: 1821-1825


Page 1 1821 Continued


Monday July 27 At home.


Saturday 28. At Etruria speaking to Mr. Jos. Wedgwood relative to the reference to him of the intervention dispute between Miss Stamford & Mr. Wood which he undertook & also relatives to the  money remaining there from the late Mr. Bann & Mr. Youall with a view to his ascertaining in what proportions the former payments had been made & which I had promised Mr. Sherratt to request him to look into.


Sunday 29. Met Sir John Heathcote at Newcastle, & proceeded with him from thence to Shrewsbury, & arrived at the Lion Inn to dinner.  Met there Dr. Bent of Macclesfield who attended as one of the Executors of the late Mr. Bent.


Monday 30. Engaged on the Concerns of the Brewery which we found in such a state as to consider it necessary that the Executors should consult with Mr. Bent's Family & that a meeting of all Parties interested should then be held for the purpose of determining upon the measures to be adopted, it being very . . . that is could no longer be considered as at present with any continual prospect of . . .. Returned that night to Ternhill where we slept D. Bent accompanying us.


Tuesday 31. Left Ternhill after Breakfast & got home to dinner. In the evening Mr. & Mrs. Wedgwood of Betley came. Arthur Marsh who we had expected by the Mail did not arrive.


August Wednesday 1. Engaged on Alsager Title in consequence of the intended Inclosure of the Commons. Afterwards went to Cliffe Ville, Miller to consult Mr. Tomlinson as to the Rights of Common etc. In the evening Arthur Marsh arrived.


Thursday 2. Set off early to attend Meeting of the Select Committee at Wolseley Bridge. Taking Mr. & Mrs. Thos. Sparrow from Newcastle & Mr. Vaughan from Stone. Attended meeting & returned home at night. Found Mr. & Mrs. Wedgwood gone.


Friday 3. Arthur back and our dear Anne left Linley Wood on their return to London & this closed a Family Meeting from which every Member of it had long promised themselves the highest pleasure. But,alas this is a world of tremble & disappointments!


Attended Meeting at Alsager Lodge relative to the Enclosure of the Common & believed in a Clause in waiting in the usual form. Lord C. . . & Mr. Wilbraham there.  With much pleasure and communication. The Scarlet Fever had appeared Emma caught it from a poor child - I took it from her though I flew with my children & fell ill 3 weeks afterwards at Miss Wedgwoods, the children were sent to their Aunt Maud & escaped after nursing.


Saturday 4. At Cliffe Ville again consulting  Mr. Tomlinson on Alsager business. Most tender nursing my mother brought me to Linley Wood from where Arthur fetched me.


Sunday 5.At home. Service prevented by the arrival of William & Rowland Bent to consult Marsh Caldwell on Brewery Concerns  & previous to a Meeting appointed to be held on Friday next at Stoneyfields of the Executors & other Parties. In the evening very unwell.


Monday 6. So unwell, as to be in bed all the forenoon & prevented dining at the Rev. W Mainwarings of Wolstanton, which I had been some time engaged to do, but Stamford went.


Tuesday 7. At home, so unwell as to be unable to attend the . . .  at Newcastle. Capt. Wedgwood Eliza & I also dined. Engaged making my Will & Testament & on Navigation Papers.


Page 2. 1821 August


Wednesday 8. At home. Still very unwell & in a state of great anxiety relative to the unfortunate state of the Brewery Concerns.


Thursday 9. The same. Mr. Gidman dined.


Friday 10. At Newcastle meeting Sir John Heathcote at the Roebuck & from thence to Stoneyfields meeting the three Executors of the late Mr. Bent, when after much discussion it was thought advisable that the Shrewsbury Concern should if possible be carried on under a different direction, but Mr. John Bent was requested to go to Shrewsbury to examine minutes into the actual state of of the Concerns, & to report thereon to Sir John Heathcote & myself.  This he promised to do next week. Returned to dinner not unreasonably frightened & ill.


Saturday 11. At home in the Morning ill. In the evening went with Eliza to Newcastle & executed a fresh will. Witnesses three of Miss Kinnersley's Clerks.


Sunday 12. At home & miserably ill. Service omitted but . . . in the Evening.


Monday 13. At home. Miserably ill and in bed the greatest part of the morning. Three Miss Hollands of Knutsford arrived in the Evening.


Tuesday 14. The same. Mr. Bent came from Macclesfield with whom much conversation on the Brewing Concerns & he went on to Newcastle to speak to his Brothers.


Wednesday 15. In the morning John William & Rowland Bent came. Still miserably ill Miss Hollands left  Linley Wood & went to Mare Hall in the Carriage


Thursday 16.At home. In the morning Miss Stamford & Emma set off into Wales. Still being ill.


Friday 17.At home. The same.


Saturday 18. Entrusted myself so far as to go to Newcastle & had a long conversation with Mr. Hand at the Brewery, when it seemed too evident that little hope remained of any arrangement by matter with a view to carrying on the Concern. On my return called upon Sir John Heathcote, who was at Talk, with whom much conversation relative to the Shrewsbury Concern but no better prospect presented itself in this case than the other.


Sunday 19. In the course of last night my Sufferings were all but insupportable & I abandoned all idea of being able to meet the Gentlemen of the Select Committee in the evening at Stone pursuant to the engagement for being tomorrow the situation of the proposed . . .


Page 3. 1821 August


Knipersley etc. but feeling some little better in the middle of the day, decided  at all accounts to go & which I accordingly did taking her. I had Mr. Sparrow with me from Newcastle


Monday 20. Set off from Stone a little after seven, having had some sleep. Went in the Boat at Etruria & from thence in Chassis to Knipersley. Mr. Chetwynd, Mr. Webb, Sparrow, Potter, Vaughan, Mr. Lister not attending, & myself . . . the place & returned by Boat to Stoke, from whence Mr. Sparrow & I came by the Chassis, & I arrived at home in the Evening.  We had at first intended going to Caldon Lowe & . . . Lake, but on consideration this was abandoned, there not appearing to be any adequate object in view, & much  fatigued.


Tuesday 21. Got some sleep but much disturbed & so being very unwell. Engaged on the Navigation Papers all morning & writing to Mr. Chetwynd with further minutes for his perusal. Writing other Letters but miserable ill and fatigued in mind and body.


Wednesday 22. At home still ill.


Thursday 23. The same.


Friday 24. The same.  In the afternoon Mr. Tomlinson amongst other things Mr. . . . agreed with me that Mrs. Penlington as the acting Executor now the wife of his with me.  I . . . was the proper Party & given the Receipt for the Navigation Dividends & to transfer the Shares. In the morning we were sent to put off Mr. & Mrs. Swinton Holland 's visit to Linley Wood in consequence of my being so unwell, but being better this evening we determined to send again a request that they would come.


Saturday 25. Better, but still far from well. In the evening Mr. & Mrs. Swinton Holland with them  . . . Evans &Charlotte arrived at Linley Wood.


Sunday 26. In the  night heavy rain & a great change in the atmosphere from yesterday. Went cold. Mr. Wedgwood of  Mare Hall & Jos. dined & staid all night.


Monday 27. Ill.  Mr. Sherratt & Ann & Betsy came from Nantwich which prevented the Hollands going to Knutsford this morning as they had intended doing.


Tuesday 28. Early in the morning the Hollands went. Mr. Sherratt, Ann & Betsy went after dinner. Stamford who had arrived from Branston on Monday set off to Shrewsbury. Again unwell.


Wednesday 29. Worse. At home.  


Thursday 30. Mr. Vaughan with the Notice to Parliament & which he set off to Chester in order to get the same inscribed in the . . . Chronicle. Though very unfit for it yet forced myself to go to Betley to make an . . . before Mr. Tollet to rectify on ones take with the purchase of Stock making & Miss Stamford in the name of Emma . . . , Margaret, Emma Caldwell.  Eliza went with me, & we returned to dinner.


Page 4. 1821 August


Friday 31. At home ill. Mr. Wedgwood of Bignall End relative to Turnpikes Gates intended to be set up on the Newcastle & Audley Road & payment of fourth part of the clearing due on his Mortgage & Bond.


September 1.


Saturday At home ill.


Sunday 2. At home. Part service being too unwell to go through the whole. Wm. Penlington relative to the payment of such of his late fathers old Debts as remained and unchanged & which he approved of being immediately paid off.


Monday 3. Still very unwell. Mr. Vaughan & Mr. Potter in consequence of my having discussed in error & had been committed in surfeit to the names of the Townships mentioned in the Notice which had been . . . in the Papers relative to the intended Navigation Bill. Also Mr. Johnson of the Hollins from whom are obtained the necessary information as to the tunnel, but Mr. Potter went to . . . to see Mr. . . .  & obtain from him the requisite appointment as to the Dane Tender.  Engaged all day on this his himself.   


Tuesday 4. Mr. Vaughan & Mr. Potter again closely engaged all morning finally settling the amended notice which required great care & attention & which Mr. Vaughan then set out with to Liverpool in order to a . . . & Mr. Chetwynd's, & afterwards assisted got . . . in the Chester Chronicle & Staffordshire Advertiser. Extremely unwell all day, being made much worse by the . . .which the above business had occasioned me.


Wednesday 5. In the forenoon ill.  . . .& Miss Sheridan called, when he informed me that he had returned & had settled on half pay & had taken the Horse at Wheelock.  Eliza was out having set off to Newcastle & spoke to Mr. Jinks about the Dining Room Chimney. In the evening Mr. Vaughan again with the Notice which he had shown to Mr. Chetwynd & which was fully apparent by him in case the facts were correct. Appointed Mr. Vaughan to make further enquiries & to come again to Linley Wood on Saturday morning next.


Thursday 6. Still very unwell but engaged much on Navigation Papers etc. Stamford arrived to dinner from Stafford Assizes .


Friday 7. Heavy rain in the night. I was unable to attend Land Tax Meeting at Trentham Inn.


Saturday 8. Mr. Vaughan again, when we finally fixed to take the Notice down to Crosby in order to settle the same Mr. Chetwynd &  to set off tomorrow morning. In the evening prevailed on Eliza to accompany me.


Page 5. 1821 September


Sunday September 9. Mr. Vaughan came to lunch first.  He & I with Eliza afterwards set off in the Carriage, but on getting within a short distance of  Holmes Chapel the Iron tree of the Carriage gave way, & we were overturned.  Fortunately however we all escaped unhurt. The horses which were from Talk on the Hill, being quiet & still. I lay myself upon one of the side sashes which was up, & which broke near me, but without doing more . . . them a very slight cut about the hip. We got another . . . & . . . from Brereton Green with which we provided  . . . coming near to Crosby one of the springs broke & we had to walk about 2 miles.  Arrived about 5 o'clock.


Monday 10. At Crosby engaged with Mr. Chetwynd on the Notice which we finally settled & Mr. Vaughan took to Chester in order to get a Proof Sheet & which it was to send to us by a messenger to correct.


Tuesday 11. Received the Proofs but which we corrected & returned to the Printer for insertion in the Chester Chronicle.


Wednesday 12. After breakfast set off on our return home & where we arrived to dinner about 5 o'clock.  Wrote afterwards to Mr. Vaughan. Though still very unwell I thought myself upon the whole . . . of the sea air while at Crosby is very fine & regretted that I could  not stay a few days longer.


Thursday 13. Wm. Penlington on other affairs being unwell.


Friday 14. Engaged on Navigation Papers. Wrote letters to Mr. Chetwynd & Mr. Vaughan, & corrected & confined the intended report of the Committee to the General Assembly.


Saturday 15. At home.


Sunday 16. At home. Service. Eliza & Mr. Pascoe came to dinner.


Monday 17. At home. Much engaged on Navigation Papers.


Tuesday 18. At home in the morning. The same particularly on the Dist. of the intended Report to the General Assembly. The weather which had been very unfavourable and injurious to the Harvest for some time past rather changed for the better.


Wednesday 19. In the morning at home.  Fine drying day with wind Eliza, Emma, Stamford and I dined at Clough Hall with a large party.


Thursday 20. At home. Engaged on Navigation Papers previous to meeting Mr. Webb at Stone tomorrow. The weather has changed again to heavy Rain & so bad as to destroy all hope of ever to harvest. Eliza, Emma, W Roscoe, Stamford & I dined at Lawton Hall.  Met Mr. & Mrs. Willoughby . . ., Mr. & Mrs. . . etc.


Page 6. 1821 September


Friday 21. Went to Stone early taking E. Roscoe to Parkfields. Met Mr. Webb at the Office with whom went through the various Accounts, Cash Book etc. & returned in the evening.


Saturday 22. At home.


Sunday 23. At home. Service. Stamford went to Chester. In the evening Mr. Roscoe & Eliza returned from Parkfields.


Monday 24. At Stone attending Meeting of the General Committee. Closely engaged all day.


Tuesday 25. At Stone attending General Assembly held this day. Returned at night after I had days of hard Service.


Wednesday 26. At home. Navigation Papers & matters.


Thursday 27. At home. Mr. Roscoe set off to Liverpool. 


Friday 28. Began to carry Wheat. Miss Norton called at Linley Wood. Eliza & I called at Trentham. Jane Loss & Lady Stafford. Very pleasant reception. Mr. & Mrs. . . . of Keele were there on a call. The weather kept pleasantly good so that on our return I found that they had been carrying wheat all the morning, but in the evening it changed to much rain. I met Mr. & Mrs. Wedgwood of Betley at Linley Wood. Mr. Roscoe also came in the evening.


Saturday 29. At home. Engaged with Mr. Wedgwoodetc.


Sunday 30. At home. Stamford returned from Chester.




Monday 1. At Newcastle with letter received from Mr. Chetwynd & settling with Mr. Thos. Sparrow the Notices to be given in the Appeal between the Navigation & the Parish of . . ..  Finished carrying wheat & oats.


Tuesday 2. At home. Unwell & prevented attending the Mayor of Newcastle on the choosing of the new Mayor etc.


Wednesday 3. At home. Engaged on Navigation Papers.


Thursday 4. At home. The same.


Friday 5. At home. The same & writing to Mr. Chetwynd in consequence of his having sent me Mr. Vaughan's opinion. Mr. Wedgwood of Bignall End paying further part of money due on his Bond & Mortgage.


Saturday 6. At home. Engaged on case for Briefs in the Navigation & . . . Appeal.


Sunday 7. In the morning Service. Afterwards at Newcastle attending the Mayor to Church & dined with him. Heard the enchantingly intelligence of the death of Mr. Rennie.


Page 7. 1821 October


Monday 8. At Newcastle meeting Mr. Chetwynd for . . . & preparing Briefs in the . . . Appeal & also settling about observations to be sent to . . .   with the case for his in consideration. Engaged several hours. Dined with Mr. Chetwynd at the Northwich.  Happening that the leading Counsel Meeting at Derby were returned for the . . . , we thought it highly proper that some complaint & . . .  heard & Mr. Vaughan obtained to attend for the company layout to work on Meeting of the Select Committee at Stone tomorrow to attend upon the same.


Tuesday 9. At Stone attending meeting but Mr. Lister was not there, the letter to him not having been sent in time, have of opinion that Counsel . . . & previously bought. Returned home at night. Been of opinion that no further findings in the intended Bill & he suffered another year in consequence of the death of Mr. Rennie. On my arrival found a card from the family in Stamford communicates to me the death of Mr. Rennie.


Wednesday 10. At home. Engaged on various matters.


Thursday 11. At home. Mr. & Mrs. Goldsmith, Mr. & Mrs. Jos. Wedgwood, Jos. W. junior, Dr & Mrs. Belcombe & Mr. Kinnersly dined.  The Wedgwood staid all night.  In the morning Mr. A. Wilson called.


Friday 12. In the forenoon at home. The two Mr. Wedgwoods went early leaving Mrs. W.  Dined at the Red Bull it being the opening of the Lawton Hunt.  At night Mr Vaughan came to me relative to the Trial of the Appeal at the approaching Derby Sessions & with . . . mention from Mr. Chetwynd. Detained long at the Red Bull till 12 o'clock on this business, writing observations & with my final instructions upon the case . . . promised this being left to my decision.


Saturday 13. At home. Wm. Penlington dined.


Sunday 14. At home. William & Roland Bent on Brewing Concerns. Afterwards Service. Stamford went to dine & stayed all night at Lord Staffords. .


Monday 15. At home. Sent the Carriage to Stoneyfields for two Miss Bents of Derby who came to dinner. Two Miss Acklands, Jos. . . . & Harry Wedgwood dined.


Tuesday 16. Miss Acklands & the Wedgwoods met after breakfast. Engaged on sundry Papers. Went afterwards to Alsager. Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Lawton called.


Wednesday 17. At home. Sent the Carriage to Stoneyfields for Mrs. Bent who with her two eldest Daughters came to dinner. Engaged in the morning on various Papers, Letters etc. Finished turning wheel in Birchen Field next to the Turnpike Road.


Page 8 1821 October


Thursday 18. At home. Mrs. & Miss Bent returned to Stoneyfields taking with them Miss Maria Bent of Derby.


Friday 19. At home. Engaged on various matters.


Saturday 20. At home. Mr. . . . Wilson dined & staid all night.


Sunday 21. At home. Mr. Wilson observed the Smoke from the Steam Engine & made a minute of its offensiveness. He went after breakfast. Service.  Stamford returned from Knutsford Sessions but not in time to see Mr. Wilson. Delivered to Mr. Wilson the account with Jane Ross, the Transfer of the Stock & sent him the balance of the account remaining due to her in order that he might finally settle this herself.


Monday 22. At home. Attending Meeting of the Select Committee. Returned at night.


Tuesday 23. Severe attack of Cold & Fever.


Wednesday 24. Confined to my Room.


Thursday 25. The same with great inflammation of the Chest.


Friday 26. The same.


Saturday 27. The same.


Sunday 28. The same.


Monday 29. The same.


Tuesday 30. The same.


Wednesday 31. In the morning went downstairs for the first time.




Thursday 1. Went down to dinner. Stamford & Emma returned from Mare Hall.


Friday 2. Mr. Wedgwood of Bignall End consulting relative to the Title to Coats in the Lodge Estate.  Better but still suffering from the Chest.  Received  Scarfs, Hatband Elizabeth Miss Stamford Gloves on occasion of the death & funeral of Lady Fletcher.


Saturday 3. At home.


Sunday 4. At Talk Chapel in the afternoon Mr. Carter preached. Service at home omitted not being well enough to go through with it. Mr. Chas. Lawton relative to the Account with Anson & Porter whom the sum of £300 appeared to have been paid to them.


Monday 5. At home. William Bent & John Blunt have . . . on their way to Macclesfield. Engaged on union papers.


Tuesday 6. At home. Rode into the grounds.  Setting out draining in the Land next to the Garden at the Farm. Johnson's Deeds. In the morning Mr. Wedgwood of  Bignall End with Deeds relative to the Coals in the Lodge, so returned driving his Hanson.


Wednesday 7. At home. Men began the draining. Samuel Beardsmore etc.


Thursday 8. Eliza & I went to Nantwich to dinner.


Page 9. 1821 November


Friday 9. At Dysant Buildings. Saw Mr. Wase relative to the Mansfield of the Navigation Shares late Penlingtons & appointed to . . . . . . tomorrow. Dined at Mr. Skerratts.  Mr. Wm. Garnett & Miss Hammond.


Saturday 10. Miss French not coming to Nantwich. Determined to stay in tomorrow & go to Bates Green which I did in the evening & finally agreed to have the Draft of the Transfer with Mr. Skerratt in order that it might be inspected by such person as Miss Wrench should appoint & which she promised should be done some day in the next week.


Sunday 11. Returned home to dinner. At the Inn at Sandbach met with Col. & Mrs. . .  and stopped half an hour with them.


Monday 12. At home. Engaged with the draining etc.


Tuesday 13. At home. Began laying Limestone on the Road from the House to the Farm. First picking up& breaking the stone under. Miss Wettenhall dined on account of the death of late Lady Fletcher.


Wednesday 14. At Betley Court calling upon Mr. & Mrs. Twemlow & Miss Fletcher, Eliza Miss Stamford & I. Afterwards called at Betley Hall & saw Mrs. Tollet. Returned to dinner.


Thursday 15. Eliza Miss Stamford & Emma went to Newcastle. Called myself at Rode Hall but Mr. Wilbraham was out. Arranged Navigation Papers preparatory to the meeting on Monday.


Friday 16. Rode on horseback to Newcastle. At the Brewery, Hemmings etc. Miss Stamford & Eliza & I off to Nantwich.


Saturday 17. At home.  Eliza called upon Mrs. . . . at Sandbach.  Received letter from Mr. Vaughan informing me that the Executors of the Select Committee appointed for tomorrow was wished by Mr. Chetwynd & Mr Lister so he postponed.


Sunday 18. At home. Service.


Monday 19. At home. Wm. Penlington on his concerns & particularly as to the sale to Mr. Morris of . . . Land.


Tuesday 20. At home.


Wednesday 21. At home. Farm etc.


Thursday 22. At home. Closely engaged all morning on Accounts.


Friday 23. At home.


Saturday 24. At home.


Sunday 25.  At home. Service.


Page 10. 1821 November


Monday 26. At Stoneyfield meeting Mr. Walthall, John William& Roland Bent on the Brewing Concerns, which now appears a most unfortunate & serious appearance. The loss upon each being very great & such upon the whole as very materially to affect my private circumstances & comfort in life. Mr. Walthall wrote to Sir John Heathcote preparatory to communication with him relative to Shrewsbury Concern. This like the others seeming the most improbable appearance. Eliza who had accompanied me & I dined at Stoneyfields & returned at night.


Tuesday 27. Though very unfit for it, attended Meeting of Commissioners for Measure of  Alsager Heath. Col. Peyon, Mr. Wilbraham etc. was there. The former informed me that the Lands which I had purchased  from Mr. Peats formerly part of Lord . . . Estate & under the same stipulation of  with respect to the Common & Mines as the others. Of this I had no knowledge or notice whatever as the time I purchased, I told him that I did not think it valid, as particularly  acquired a purchase as for a valuable consideration. Promise Mr. Wilbraham to dine at Rode Hall on Friday, which he wished me to do & . . . Mrs. Reade.


Wednesday 28. At home.


Thursday 29. At home. Mr. Walthall & Wm. Bent with whom engaged again on the miserable Concerns of the Breweries. They dined & staid all night.


Friday 30. In the morning engaged again with Mr. Walthall & Wm. Bent but who left Linley Wood in the forenoon. Afterwards Mr. . . . inspecting Plan of Alsager Estate taking the quantities of the Land with a view to ascertaining the proportion of Common to be allotted  in respect of it & the Mines of The Manor and draining Common myself. Mr. . . . assured me that no other use should be made of the particulars or copy of the Plan which he had taken. Dined at Rode Hall met Sir Thos. Reade, Mr. & Mrs. Swettenham, Rev & Mrs. Gregory a Mr. Tillend a Nantwich Gentleman, Mrs. . . . etc.  I had dined with Sir Thos Reade at Rode Hall about nine years ago. Having here a principal  share in the country of Bonaparte at St Helena. I had much conversation with him after dinner relative to that extraordinary Person. He said that he was dreadfully . . . of his Confinement & was continually intriguing to get the Courts of Europe to interfere for his Liberation. That & Maria was his great agent. They have found one letter served up in a piece of Tatton Park of a young Boys . . .coat who was to be sent from the Island & which had nearly been affected. Bonaparte was


Page 11. 1821  November


moderated in his eating & drinking. He drank daily about three parts a bottle of Claret. That whatever he said or did had design it . . . Sir . . . Reades expression he did not move his little finger without design. That he gave his illness the pain attending which must have been very great, with great fortitude never endured acknowledging that he supposed pain for that said he was present when the Body was opened. That the Stomach was conceived he being the breadth of two hands. That his life had been perceived for some time in a most  extraordinary manner by the look of the liver being sucked into & filling up a hole in the stomach nearly large enough to admit the little finger, & which had been eaten by the disease. That Bonaparte was quite aware of the nature of his complaint which I think was a family one & that it would be fatal to him & directed his body to be opened to see whether from the inspection any . . . could be devised that might be useful to any other of his family who might be. That he so willingly spoke of his illness as a Liver Complaint  brought on by his confinement & which was the plight  he made  as in for his liberation or removal of the . . . affected by it. That he was very anxious to complete his . . . to the Courts of Europe interposing on his behalf. Remains of which he did & the transcript was delivered to . . . & he sent to the family. But that . . .having got possession of the . . .  still contains it, with a . . . as is supposed to the publication of the . . . for his can . . . . . ., and . . . to give it up.  He said Bonaparte's private fortune was . . . & . . . the efforts for his liberation & . . . was totally disregarded. He stated his fortune at 97,000,000 of  Francs or upwards of £4,000,000 . . ..  He said  . . . was a very clever man, but of  . . . he spoke in terms of great reprobation. Sir . .  said he did not  think Bonaparte had much or any religious belief, but he  professed the Roman Catholic.




Saturday 1. At home. Liverpool Brewery Papers. Draft of final Return etc.


Sunday 2. At home. Service. The noise & smoke of the steam engine particularly offensive & . . . the same all day & being unwell myself.


Monday 3. At home. Engaged again on Liverpool Brewery Papers.


Page 12. 1821 December


Tuesday 4. At home. Jas.. Massey relative to taking the House & Land n the holding of Moses Barlow. When I . . . him to . . . whether  Moses intended to leave it this day. Mr.  Massey said that on coming to the House this morning the smoke & smell from the Steam Engine was very disagreeable & offensive. Sent letters & Draft of Return to Mr. Denison. Miss Stamford & Emma returned from Nantwich.


Wednesday 5. At home. Engaged slowly in morning on Navigation Papers of the late Mrs. Tollets.


Thursday 6. At home.


Friday 7. At home.


Saturday 8. At home. Closely engaged all morning with Mr. Robert Heath on the Plans of the Mines in Harecastle Hill through which the intended new Tunnel would pass. Estimates of the Coals etc. etc.  Mr. Heath received the Woodfield Colliery Engine with me.  Said the smoke & noise might easily be prevented.  Considered them great nuisances. After Mr. Heath was gone serviced the Plans etc. but finding some difficulty in reconsidering my calculations relative to the Coals with Mr. Heath's. Sent to desire that he would come over again tomorrow morning. After dinner received from Mr. Thomas Sparrow intelligence of the death of his Brother who died at about half past ten o'clock this morning without any suffering. He had had a slight cold for some days, but was not so unwell as to go out the least oppression was about an hour before his dissolution.


Sunday 9. Mr. Heath came again with whom engaged a considerable time when we reconciled the differences between his calculations & my own & which was owing to his not having . . . one that allowance to smoke  for the . . . of the Mines. Afterwards dined as usual. Set off in the afternoon to Stone. Called upon Mr. & Mrs. Sparrow. Got to Stone 6& 7 0'clock  & engaged all evening with the Mr. Vaughan on . . . papers etc. preparatory to the General Assembly tomorrow.


Monday 10. At Stone. Attending General Assembly with much difficulty prevailed upon Lord Harrowby to take the chair.  Long & . . . engaged . . .  in explaining the Plans of the Mines. Calculations etc. which I was must . . .in doing by a little Sketch which I had myself drawn & which with my observations seemed to be much approved. Lord Harrowby . . . expressing himself on very handsome & gratifying terms. Dined at Stone & returned at night.


Tuesday 11. Closely engaged all day particularly on the . . . & navigation dispute as to the . . . from Mr. Wood to Miss Stamford. Went to Mr. Wedgwood to whom it had been referred thereon. Went also to Mr Tomlinson & Mr. Kinnersley. To the latter on the tithe compensation.  Mrs. Barlow & Mr. Boardman relative


Page 13. 1821 December


to continuing or quitting the Public House at Talk but did not decide any thing today. Mr. F.Twemlow called.


Wednesday 12 Closely engaged in morning on papers relative to the regulations dispute of Miss Stamford's Interest. Stamford came to dinner.  Received a Card requesting my attendance at the Funeral of the late Mr. Sparrow on Monday next at 12 o'clock


Thursday 13. At home. Engaged again on Papers closely the whole of the day.


Friday 14. At Cliffe Ville relative to the above matter, when it was agreed that I should meet Mr. Wedgwood & Mr. Tomlinson on Wednesday next at 12 o'clock. Called upon Mr. Smith at Newcastle & delivered to him the Navigation Report with instructions relative to the printing. Sent a card by Stamford to Mr. Kinnersley excusing my not dining with him today to mark the Mayor & Consort of Newcastle as he had invited me to do. Wrote to Mr. Lister declining a very kind invitation to dine & sleep at Armitage Park on occasion of my attending the Funeral of the late Mr. Sparrow.


Saturday 15. At home.


Sunday 16. In the morning William & Roland Bent came, chiefly relative to the advertisement of the Salopian Brewing Shares belonging to the late Mr. Bent,  & which I instructed. They dined & I afterwards went to Stone on my way to Bishton. to attend the Funeral of the late Mr. Sparrow. Took to Mr. Thos. Sparrow from Newcastle. In the evening engaged with Mr. Vaughan.


Page 14. 1821 December


Monday 17. Went from Stone to Wolsley Bridge & from thence on to Bishton. On my arrival was sent for by Mr. Chetwynd  with whom a Mr. . . .. I spent the greatest part of the morning. The latter particularly kind & friendly & expressed great pleasure at seeing me again. Mr. Chetwynd said that I was requested to go in the Mourning Coach with the three Executors, Mr. Littleton, Mr. Sneyd of Ashcombe & Mr . . . of Anglesey as the particular private friend of the late Mr. Sparrow & the Family & which I accordingly did. Then proceeded to Colwich where Mr. Sparrow was interred in a vault in the Churchyard containing the remains of the late Mrs. Macdonald consisted of . . . .  Mr. Chetwynd, Mr. Macdonald, Thos. Sparrow & Mrs. Chetwynd & . . . followed in another Mourning Coach by the three Executors & myself  & there was also a Mourning Coach with family servants. The Principal Persons who attended were Mr. Lister, Mr. Webb, Mr. . . . of Stafford, Mr. Hales of Cobridge who followed us, T. Swinnerton of Newcastle & a great number of Tenants etc. The whole was being proper & handsome. At the request of the Family I had agreed to stay the night, but Mr. Thos. Sparrow having . . . to return I thought it upon the whole . . . to come back with him & we accordingly returned to Stone. Mrs. Sparrow however having expressed a wish to see me. I went to her. She was greatly affected at seeing me and used many strong expressions as to the regard & esteem entertained for . . . & constantly expressed by the late Mr. Sparrow. Our assignations which had been of long standing, having commenced in February 1777 then I was a Clerk to him. He was in his 85th year which he would have completed on the 6 of February next. In the course of conversation in the morning Mr. Littleton said,'I may tell you Mr. Caldwell for your interpretation that that the Grand Junction Canal is considered to be the best conducted of any in the Kingdom.'


Tuesday 18. Engaged with Mr. Vaughan & afterwards returned home to dinner. In the evening engaged on Papers previous to meeting Mr. Wedgwood tomorrow morning in Cliffe Ville on the . . . & variations dispute relative to Miss Stamford's interest.


Wednesday 19. At Cliffe Ville. Met Mr. Wedgwood. Long explanation of the the business to him, showing him the Deed of Dissolution etc.&  returned to dinner, faded & fatigued with the having of this & the proceeding days & far from well.  Left with Mr. Tomlinson at the request of Mr. Wedgwood my Accounts Book with the later Partnership of Wood & Caldwell.


Thursday 20. At home. Engaged on various matters & Papers. Wrote to Mr. Simpson of Birmingham relative to Canal Act received from him & to Mr. Vaughan.


Friday 21. In the morning went to Newcastle finally connecting with Mr. Smith the Proof Sheet of the Navigation Report, and giving directions for the  printing. The morning being wet & stormy, took the Talk Chaise & Eliza  accompanied me to Newcastle.


Saturday 22. At home. Mr. Charles Lawton dined & staid the night. 


Sunday 23. In the morning attended service at Talk Chapel.


Page 15. 1821  December


Monday 24. At home. Engaged on Navigation Papers etc. & preparing Case & information relative to the Company's Laws to purchase Land without measuring the population of the . . . Act.


Tuesday 25. At home. Christmas Day


Wednesday 26. Set off early to Stone to attend meeting of the Select Committee. Met Mr. Chetwynd, Mr. Lister & Mr. Webb. Mr. Sneyd of . . . also there. Mr. Chetwynd on the behalf of the Executors of the late Mr. Sparrow delivered into my hands the Seals of the Company as Chairman of the Committee in the . . . of Mr. Sparrow. Engaged all day &  slept at home, the other Gentlemen going away after dinner.


Thursday 27. Engaged again with Mr. Vaughan. Afterwards went to Bishton to call upon Mr. & Mrs. Sparrow, both of whom seemed much pleased with the attention. Long conversation Mrs. Sparrow who used many strong expressions of support & . . . for me, and spoke much of the respect  entertained for  me by the late Mr. Sparrow. Found Mrs. Chetwynd & Miss Moreton at Bishton & Mr. Sneyd of . . . & Mr. Lander. Returned to Stone. Mr. Vaughan with whom I had again business dined with me at the farm & I returned home at night though very dark & wet.


Friday 28. At home. Closely engaged all morning on Navigation & other matters. Mr. . . . Mr. Jno. Sneyd of . . . & Mr. Clement, & Mr. Jno. Kinnersly of Loxley came to dinner & afterwards went with Eliza & Emma, Miss Stamford & Stamford to Newcastle Assembly.


Saturday 29. Again closely engaged. Wrote long letter to Mr. Tomlinson relative to the Reference & usual other Letters. Stamford & I dined at Lawton Hall. Met Col. . . . , Mr. Kinnersley etc.


Sunday 30. At home. Service.


Monday 31. At home. Closely engaged at the desk all morning.


Page 16. 1822  January


Tuesday 1. At home. Engaged again closely with various papers. In the evening paid & painted with James Walley.


Wednesday 2. At Newcastle with Navigation Case & Observations to be at first at Mr. Sparrows Office, in order that I might send them up & be laid before Mr. Butler. At the Brewery - where I saw Robert Mellor, who was desirous to take the Public House at Talk, which was as Barlow is quitting. On enquiring his Character Mr. John Scott of the Roebuck informed me that he was a very steady man & such  as he thought I might safely take as Tenant. Returned to dinner, Eliza, Emma . . . accompanied me to Newcastle.


Thursday 3. At home. Busily engaged all morning sorting last years Cash Account, arranging Letters & papers etc.


Friday 4. At home. Various matters. Letter from Mr. Hastings to Miss Stamford on the subject of the Insurance. Far from well myself.


Saturday 5. At home. Wrote to Mr. Wilson with papers relative to the Navigation Case to be laid before Mr. Butler. Mrs. & two Miss Kinnersly & Mr. Thos. Kinnersly, Col. & Mrs. . . ., & Mrs. Northam dined.  Mr. Kinnersly, D. Northam& Mr. Chas. Lawton, who went . . .  of the Party did not come.


Sunday 6. At home. Service. Frost & Snow in the night.


Monday 7. At home. In the morning Mr. Vaughan with whom engaged several hours on the Navigation Business, particularly the approaching Trial with the Parish of . . . ..  Mr. Sherratt with Ann & Betsy arrived to dinner.


Tuesday 8. At home. Mr. Roland Bent & Mr. George Fielding relative to the Public House & Land in the holding of Moses Barlow, when I agreed to let the  same to the latter, he having brought a good recommendation from Mr. Brandon of Cheadle & Moses Barlow being ready to give up the profession. Engaged with Mr. Sherratt, James Farndon paying his Rent. A fine frost having set in, busy on the Farm carrying out Manure.


Wednesday 9. At home. Mr. Sherratt.


Page 17.  1822   January


Thursday 10. At Newcastle finally settling on the Brewery the Balances remaining due to Dr Crompton on account of the late unfortunate Partnership, & getting . . . from . . . for the amounts in order that I might remit the same to Dr Crompton. Also at Mr. Sparrow's Office finally settling the . . . of the Navigation Transfers from Mrs. Sutherland previous to there being engaged etc. Rode on Horseback, the Carriage taking Emma & Stamford to Mare Hall. Returned to dinner but a good deal fatigued the Roads being in an unusable state owing to the going of the Park. In my absence Mr. Darling , Mr. Garnett's man, had been at Linley Wood throughout the Chase. Frost gone.


Friday 11. At home. Engaged on late Crompton & Co Partnership business.  Wrote Letter to Dr Crompton inclosing Balances remaining due from myself & the Executors of  the late Mr. Bent. Wrote also to Mr. Donison. In the evening Eliza Miss Stamford & Betsy went to Newcastle Assembly.


Saturday 12. At home. Closely engaged all morning perusing and considering sundry Birmingham Canal Acts, which had been sent to me a short time ago by Mr. Edward Tennison, & making extracts therefore with a view to assist me in forming Clauses relative to the Mines etc. which it may be proper to introduce into the Bill for making the intended Law.  Tunnel through . . . the Hill.  From midday more resembling . . . than January.


Sunday 13. At home. Service.


Monday 14. Set off early to Newcastle where took up Mr. Thos. Sparrow & forwarded to Uttoxeter where we met Mr. Chetwynd & Mr. Lister & Mr. Vaughan & proceeded from thence to Derby to attend the Trial as the Sessions of the tax of the Navigation Co. & . . .. Mr. . . . met us at dinner at the Lion  King's head.  Mr. . . . came late in the evening with whom long conversation was entered to the Case & final consultation at nine o'Clock tomorrow morning.


Tuesday 15. Up early. Attended consultation at Mr. . . .  Junior counsel Mr. Moore & Mr. Williams. After the consultation called upon Mr. . . . with whom much conversation relative to Harrison's business. When we finally agreed that an Entry should be made upon Barristers promised for the purpose of . . . the . . . . which had been levied by him. Attended Trial which took up several hours.


Page 18. 1822  January


Tuesday 15. When order was confirmed although the Chairman Mr. . . . was clearly of opinion & delivered his judgement that it should be quashed. A case was  however granted in order that the opinion of the Court of Kings Bench may be retained. Immediately after the Trial set off on our Return home, . . . to Uttoxeter from whence Mr Lister & Mr Chetwynd proceeded home, leaving Mr. Thos. Sparrow, Mr. Vaughan & myself at Uttoxeter where we slept.


Wednesday 16. Having turned on my thoughts Harrison's business, & considerable doubts having occurred to me as to the of provenance & . . .  of making an actual Entry as Mr.  . . . had recommended. I returned to go back to Derby, on the chance of seeing Mr. . . ., or if he had set off the day before as he proposed doing to London, to get his . . . so that I might . . . to him by the day . . .. Got up early & set off to Derby accordingly. Saw Mr. . . gone but had a conversation with his Partner Mr. Porter, who agreeing on my view of the Case. I wrote a long Letter to Mr. . . . from Derby, & then set off on my return home when I arrived about 8 or 9 o'Clock, after three Days of great mental  & bodily exertion & fatigue.


Thursday 17. At home. Roland Bent relative to the Public House at Talk on the Hill. Engaged closely on this & other matters all morning. Afterwards engaged with Mr. Sherratt. At night very unwell from exhaustion & fatigue.


Friday 18. At home. Engaged on various matters & papers. Roland Bent again with George Bebbington who worked to take the House & Land at Talk & with whom as Mr Vaughan a good Character from Mr. . . . of Somerford & finally agreed. In the forenoon Mr. Sherratt left us on his return home.


Page 19.  1822   January


Saturday 19. At home. Closely engaged all day on Harrisons business & other matters & writing long Letter to Mr. Bal . . . Wrote also to Mr. Denison & Mr Lock.


Sunday 20. At home. Service.


Monday 21. I this day completed the 63rd year of my Life.  It has been marked by great & numerous . . . & several appointments arising from the unfortunate state of the Brewery Concerns, the consequent heavy loss of property & other harassing circumstances whilst the Navigation Business & other affairs have required the greatest attention and execution. Of the sufferings which I have endured no-one can form any idea , but those who with a depressed & wearied mind like mine . . . & maintained the struggle have been compelled to make the mark . . . till . . . has sometimes sunk under the conflict. The old age to which I am now fast approaching, and which I had fondly hoped would have been calm & serene, all perhaps be little more than a contained & painful period of the harass & frustration and the fruits of a life which I may at last be allowed to hope, has not been unsuccessful, & disappointment and a wounded spirit. For myself I trust that I could bear it all to patience and resignation. But there are others to whom happiness and welfare are my toil labour have been directed.


Page 20.  1822   January


Monday 21. Set off early to Stone. Took Mr. & Mrs. Sparrow from Newcastle. Closely engaged all day attending Select Committee. Received Letter from Mr. Lister of excusing his non attendance. Staid at Home all night in order to proceed to Derby the next morning.  Mr. Chetwynd & Mr. Webb went also in the morning.


Tuesday 22. Set off early to Uttoxeter where I met Eliza & Miss Stamford & from whence we proceeded together to Derby. Finding that a Letter had arrived there from Mr. Balgerly.  Long consultation with Mr. Porter & Mr. Barker when we finally determined that it would be most advisable and expedient to defer making the Entry on the property in Bannisters profession. Determined to return to Uttoxeter, but Mr. Horrock calling . . . . before we went to Stafford, & a long conversation taking place with him, we determined to stay all night. Henceforward as that the Chair of the Staffs & was not given up but the most active & minute enquiries were making in order to . . . it.


Wednesday 23. Left Derby about nine o'Clock, & reached Linley Wood between 2 & 3. Mr. Kinnersly called being unwell with fatigue & . . . .


Thursday 24. At home, but very unwell. Engaged on various matters .


Friday 25. Though very unfit for it, went early to Trentham Inn to attend Deputy Lieutenancy Meeting reviewing Militia Lists etc.  In about an hour after my arrival Mr. Booth came, at which time I had waited without being able to proceed to business. No other Dep. Lieutenant attended, being long & fatiguing day of business not getting home till six o'Clock at night.


Saturday 26. At home.  Engaged mostly all day on various matters & papers. Mr. Penlington with a copy of the agreement entered into with Mr. Morris for late  of the Lands in Thurlwood.


Page 21. 1822  January


Sunday 27.At home. Service.


Monday 28. At home. Engaged on various matters.


Tuesday 29. At home. The like.


Wednesday 30. At home. Examining Navigation Transfers & which I afterwards sent by a Messenger to Nantwich in order that they might be executed by Mr. Sherratt ,Mr. C . . . . & Miss. Marsh. Whilst sending my Letter to Mr. Sherratt word was brought me that a Man had been found in almost a dying state near the Water Wheel. Immediately came down & found him extremely ill. He had dropped down suddenly from I suppose more exhaustion as he afterwards told me that he was on his Journey from Blackwall to Chester & had travelled all yesterday & at night without having had any food except a raw Turnip. I immediately got him some bean soup of which we let him take but very little at a time & got him removed to the Farm. Porter the surgeon soon afterwards came who said he had tested him in the . . . manner & in a few hours he was quite recovered. The person who found him  Mr. Withenshaw of Boss  Lane came & said that from the manner in which he lay he would have been suffocated in a few minutes. I asked the Man whose name was William Sampson to have staid all night, but he was so much better & so anxious to get to Chester where he had a Brother to meet him, and after giving meat & money to take along with him he proceeded on his Journey.


 Thursday 31. At home. Engaged on various papers & matters.




Friday 1. At home. Engaged on Navigation Minutes & other papers Making a copy of the forms & sent it to Mr. Vaughan, then busy in draining under the Hole below the Fir Wood.


Saturday 2. At home Engaged closely on Navigation Papers & drawing up additional observations relative to the Rating of the Canal to the Poor, on the ground of the Land taken, having been continued in the old assessment of living  therefore been entered & having paid accordingly, not withstanding is separation from the other lands of which it originally formed a part.


Sunday 3. At home. Service.


Monday 4. Set off early to Stone. Took Mr. Thos. Sparrow from Newcastle. Closely engaged all day on Select Committee. Dined at the Office. Mr. Chetwynd, Mr. Lister, Mr. Webb. Returned at night. Anne & Betsy left Linley Wood this morning & returned home.


Tuesday 5. At home. Engaged on various matters & papers.


Page 22.  1822  February


Wednesday 6. At home. Engaged on various papers. Eliza, Emma & Miss Stamford went to Newcastle.


Thursday 7. At home. Mr. Chas. Lawton relative to the Act of Parliament etc. then I referred him to Mr. Tomlinson on whom he promised to call.


Friday 8. At Trentham Inn attending Meeting of Comms. for hearing Appeals the assessed Idea. Went early & closely engaged all day, not getting back in between 6 & 7 o'clock. Mr. Booth & Mr. Bourne also attended. On my return found a Letter from Mr. George Martin in consequence of the Action which had been brought against him for the News arrived at the Woodfield Coking.


Saturday 9. At home. Thomas Cope called for an answer to Mr. Martin's Letter when I told him that I could not write to Mr. Martin the matter being in the hands of my Attorney Mr Tomlinson & there it was for Mr. Martin to consider what he had to do. In conversation with Cope he said the Smoke was a great nuisance, & the Brick Kiln has a very . . .  action as no good to anyone. Engaged all morning closely at the Desk on various matters & papers. Wrote long Letter to Mr. Tomlinson on Wood Mr. Stamford's business office & also to D. Compton with a Bill on discharge of the principal & Interest Owe on my Bond for  £1000, being the money lent me by D. Compton & make my original at once into the . . .  Concern  at . . . .  .Moses Barlow & afterwards George Bebbington relative to the House at . . . .. The farmer with his Bill for Iron Work which I told him should be settled in his Rent Account.


Sunday 10. At home. Service.


Monday 11. At home. Farm & union matters. Rev. Mr. Mainwaring called.


Tuesday 12. Engaged all morning at the Desk. Dined at Mr. Tomlinsons, where I met Mr. Coyney, Mr. George Clifford, Mr. Walter . . . . & Mr. Edwd. Birch. Eliza, Miss Stamford & Emma went to Mare Hall.


Wednesday 13. In the morning early Mr. Potter with whom long conversation on Navigation Affairs. Miss Stamford & I wrote to Mr. Wedgwood on taking him to prevent on the Reformer in the matter with Mr. Wood & sent the Letters previously to Mr. Tomlinson for his appreciation.


Page 23. 1822  February


Thursday 14. At home & on the Farm. Mr. Penlington sent 4 Carp, 4 Tench, & 6 perch which turned into the Pond in the Farmyard.


Friday 15. At Newcastle early with Transfer of Navigation Shares from Mrs. Sutherland & others to myself, in order to get an error in the . . . . corrected at Mr. Sparrows office which I got done & sent the Transfers to Mr. Denison, to be represented by Mrs. Penlington, Mrs. Timmis & Mr. Collison.


Saturday 16. At home. Unwell.


Sunday 17.At home. Mr. Roland Bent came in the morning & dined. Service. Afterwards much Conversation with them relative to the Brewery Concerns when I promised to see Mr. Ward tomorrow or the next day, with a view to the necessary arrangements provision to the Executors coming soon.


Monday 18. At home & being a Fair at Newcastle deferred going there till tomorrow. Unwell, but employed myself a short time in the Grounds, & planted 52 privet in the new Plantation at the House.


Tuesday 19. At Newcastle. Called upon Mr. Ward with whom had a long conference on the Brewery Concerns & preparatory to the Executors coming again the next week finally to settle the same. Returned to dinner.


Wednesday 20. In the morning closely engaged Letter writing etc.  In the afternoon at Newcastle with Navigation Transfers to consult Mr. Sparrow on the error but I discovered in such Transfers but which he thought of no consequence.


Thursday 21. At home.


Friday 22. Eliza & I went to Nantwich where I got the Navigation Transfers requested by Mr. Sherratt, Miss Marsh & Mr. Chase.


Saturday 23. Returned from Nantwich to a late dinner. Roland Stamford who had . . .  Land on Farm 


Sunday 24. At home. Service.


Monday 25. At home. John Bent & Mr. Walthall dined. Engaged all morning on Brewery Concerns with the former. Mr. Walthall staid all night.


Tuesday 26. Engaged with Mr. Walthall on Brewery Concerns, after which he returned to Newcastle.


Wednesday 27. At home. Engaged on various matters & papers. At the Farm men busy carrying out . . . .


Thursday 28. At Newcastle meeting all Executors of the late Mr. Bent & making . . . consequence to your bringing the Brewery Concerns to a . . . .  Dined at Stoneyfields with them.


Page 24. 1822  March


Friday 1. At Newcastle with Miss Stamford attending on the Reference made to Mr. Wedgwood relative to the half year's Interest in dispute between her & Mr. Wood. Eliza went with us to Newcastle. Saw Mr. Walthall on the Brewery Concerns . Returned home to dinner. The weather having been dry for the last 2 or 3 days we then had been busy on the Farm carrying out Manure & wheat was finished to day, no opportunity from the continued wetness of the Season having occurred for doing this time past now.


Saturday 2. Called upon Rev. W. Mainwaring at Wolstanton & from thence to Stoke calling upon Mr. Spode, who was gone out, but met him in his carriage on my return, & found him full as well as I had expected, but a great deal changed in his appearance. Met also on the road Sir John Heathcote with whom I agreed to go to Shrewsbury whenever it most proper.


Sunday 3. At home. Service.


Monday 4. Went early to Stone whence engaged on Select Committee. On my return home met with Mr. Telford at the Roebuck, with whom a long conversation relative to the Survey of the Tunnel etc. when he engaged to . . . at Linley Wood tomorrow morning. He informed me that he had seen Mr. Johnson & Mr. Rob. Heath at the Red Bull that day & had a very satisfactory communication with them relative to the . . .  . . . .


Tuesday 5.  Mr. Telford & Mr. Potter breakfasted at Linley Wood after which explaining to Mr. T . the principal objects in view. Long conversation with them on the intended Tunnel & other works & then accompanied them to the Tunnel, on the Survey of which Mr. Telford commenced. Called upon Mr. Johnson as my custom who expressed himself much satisfied with Mr. Telford. Gave up going to Betley Hall where we managed to drive in order that I might see Mr. Telford again & communicated more fully with him. Met him again at the Red Bull where I dined with him & Mr. Potter & had another long & satisfactory conversation with him & particularly so far as related to the present Tunnel of the safety of which he said he was satisfied & that with proper care & attention is expected that . . .  of it no apprehension need be . . . as to its permanent security,


Page 25. 1822  March


but that he was equally satisfied of its insufficiency for the purpose as of the Canal, & that he considered a 2nd Tunnel indispensable. Mr. Telford set off to Newcastle between 7 & 8 o'Clock & we parted I company extremely satisfied with each other, his expressions towards myself & the past I had taken in their . . .   from . . . . . . gratifying. Eliza & Emma & Miss Stamford went to Betley Hall to dinner & staid all night.


Wednesday 6. At home. Engaged on Navigation matters etc. Mrs. Jos. Wedgwood ,Jos. Elizabeth & Charlotte Lady & Miss Macintosh, Miss Wedgwood of Parkfield & Rev. W. Mainwaring dined & staid all night except Mr. Mainwaring.  Mr. Jos. Wedgwood came in the evening.


Thursday 7. In the morning at home. Wrote long Letter to Mr. Chetwynd. The Party left us in the forenoon leaving Eliz. & Charlotte. Jos. came again to dinner, Eliza,Emma, & I dined at Rode Hall met on occasion of it being the Birthday of Mr Booth Wilbraham ,met Honourable Mrs. Booth Grey & Miss Grey, Mr.& Mrs. William  Egerton, Mr. & Mrs. & Miss Roses & Mr. 7 Mrs. . . . .  A very agreeable & pleasant day. Much pleased with Mrs. William Egerton her person & manners being particularly pleasing & interesting. I sat next to her at dinner & had much conversation with her relative to India, where she had lived more than ten years. Mr. Wm Egerton is a singular instance of the fine English dearness & . . . of complexion by personal in spite of climate having resided 24 years in India & come back without ever having been affected by Liver complaint or any change in the colouring of his countenance more than the ordinary . . . . . . from age. The weather was today very stormy, with occasional snow & mist.


Friday 8. A good deal of snow had fallen in the night. At home.


Saturday 9. At Newcastle with Navigation Transfers Sutherland to Penlington.


Sunday 10. At home. Very unwell insomuch as to prevent my going through the usual Service.


Monday 11. At various . . . in relation to the Navigation forms etc. Returned to dinner. Eliza & Emma had gone with me to Newcastle.


Tuesday 12. At Trentham Inn attending Dept. of Lieutenancy Meeting.  Mr. Kinnersly & Mr. Booth also attended. Stamford  & Emma went to Nantwich ,the former to get the Navigation Transfers executed.


Wednesday 13. Stamford returned bringing along with him the Navigation Transfers, but I had in the meantime  . . . a . . .  confirm in the same. Determined to .  .. .the same Mr. Duke  At home all day.  Ill.


Page 26. 1822 March


Thursday 14. Very unwell but called at Lawton Hall to speak to Mr. Chas. Lawton relative to the Act of Parliament etc. & returned him the Copy of the Agreement which had been kept secret at the time of my purchase & which had never been known to me like the proceedings for going to Parliament & made  same paragraph last year. I told him that if my were settlements were . . . I want . . . a Bill on Chancery. He said that he . . .recommendations obtain the Opinion of Court . . . far the Agreement was which as to the Party to it. Eliza & Emma called with me. In the evening very ill with a violent nervous Attack.  Stamford set off in the morning to Stafford Assizes.


Friday 15. At home & unwell.  In the evening received a full & satisfactory opinion from Mr. Peake relative to the Navigation Transfers. Planted on back later out of Swallow Moor in the bottom row of the Plantation before the House being the from the Gate. Also planted 2 Summer Damsons in the now enclosed in Linley Meadow.


Saturday 16. Still far from well but rode out & engaged on several matters relative to the farm. Received Scarf etc. in memory of Mr. Storm . . . who had married one of the Daughters of Mr. Crompton of Lime Kiln, and is lately dead.


Sunday 17. In the morning attended Service with Eliza & Emma at Talk Chapel, but in the evening unwell.


Monday 18. A bad night. Sent Navigation Transfers again to Mr. Dennison to be executed by Mrs. Penlington & Mrs. Timmis, & wrote Letter to Mr. Peake.  Very unwell.


Tuesday 19. At home. Unwell but better than yesterday. Wrote to Mr. Vaughan opportunity Thursday next for seeing him here on Navigation Accounts etc.


Wednesday 20. At home. Engaged on various matters.


Thursday 21. At home. Engaged all morning with Mr. Vaughan on Navigation Affairs & papers. Afterwards planted Larch at the Top of the Fir woods in the spaces where the Trees had been some time ago blown down. Began sowing oats in the Hollins Ground.


Page 27. 1822 March


Friday 22. At home. Mr. Potter called early & with whom engaged on Navigation Transfers a considerable time. Afterwards rode with him & spoke to Mr. Slater, Mr. Telford's man of who is employed in taking a Survey of the Roads relative to the best line to be taken & he said that there was no instructions. whatever of crossing the Linley Wood Estate as had been mentioned to me a short time ago by Mr. Kinnersly. On my return finished planting Larch in the Fir Wood, making in the whole 100. Emma went to dinner at Parkfield to join Lady & Miss Mackintosh, on her way with them to London in the . . . Mail, which was to take them after Stone.


Saturday 23. At home. Engaged on the Farm & other matters. Mr. Jones of Wheelock called, but not being in the house at the time, I did not see him.  Stamford returned from Shrewsbury Assizes. Sent Navigation Transfers which I received back yesterday again to Mr. Denison the witness to the executor by Mrs. Penlington & Mrs. Simms having omitted to sign the Alteration.


Sunday 24. At home. Service.


Monday 25. At home. Stamford went to Cliffe Ville to consult with Mr. Tomlinson relative to the action brought by Marton . . . , & to fix a day for the examination of the . . .  Engaged myself drawing a State of the Case.


Tuesday 26. At Newcastle in consequence of a Letter received last night from Mr. Bent to make an arrangement relative to the intended Journey of Sir John Heathcote, Mr. Wetheralll & myself to Shrewsbury, when Mr. Bent promised to see Sir John today & inform me of the Result.   On my return gathered in  the Ground below the Terrace a Cowslip in flower. Finished yesterday sowing the oats in the Hollins Ground.


Wednesday 27. At home. Engaged on various matters.


Thursday 28. At home. Engaged all morning on drawing Case relative Martins Colliery & Steam Engine. Wrote also to Mr. Telford acknowledging the Rev. of his Report.


Friday 29. At home meeting Mr. Webb examining the Half years Accounts which we completed.


Saturday 30. At home. Engaged completing Case relative to the Steam Engine & Brickiln & preparing for Journey tomorrow with Sir John Heathcote to Shrewsbury he having fixed this day.


Sunday 31. Set off to meet Sir John according to appointment at eleven.  Proceeded with him to Shrewsbury.  Dined at Ternhill & arrived in the Evening at Shrewsbury.


Page 28. 1822  April


Monday 1. Closely engaged with the Books & Accounts the examination of which we completed.  The Balance Sheet presenting a miserable appearance of the prospect of a heavy loss.


Tuesday 2. Left Shrewsbury after breakfast & arrived at Linley Wood to dinner much fatigued and unwell.


Wednesday 3. At home. Engaged on Navigation Papers & other matters previous to going to Stone tomorrow.


Thursday 4. Went to Stone. Took Mr. Sparrow in the Carriage from Newcastle. Engaged closely on the Select Committee & returned at night.


Friday 5. At home. Good Friday.


Saturday 6. At home, Mr. Tomlinson came about eleven to take the examinations of the Witness in the Causes relating to the Steam Engine & Brickiln, & with whom engaged already all day. Eliza Roscoe with her two children arrived before dinner.


Sunday 7. Mr. Tomlinson who had staid all night left us after breakfast. Service as usual. James Walley came this morning . Confirmed all his former evidence relative to the Steam Engine & Brickiln.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Monday 8. At home. Mr. Morris relative to a Reduction on the Canal in the Tonnage of Rock Fall from Roster which I promised to submit to the consideration of the Committee at Stone tomorrow.


Tuesday 9. Set off to Stone early. Took Mr. Thos. Sparrow from Newcastle. Engaged closely all day on the Committee. Lord Harrowby was there & at my particular request took the chair. He also staid for dinner. I sat next to him & had most pleasant conversation with him & he said may consider things. Mr. Littleton was also there & staid all night. He showed me much interest & attention.


Wednesday 10. At Stone. Engaged again on the committee of which I took the chair as usual. Afterwards engaged on the General Assembly, which was very satisfactorily attended, & in which I was also in the chair. The Business of both days went off perfectly well, everybody appearing to be pleased & satisfied & many handsome things were said to me.


Page 29. 1822  April


as to the management of the Concerns which Mr. Listerton in moving a vote of thanks to me said it was considered to be one of the best conducted Public Concerns in the Kingdom. Returned home at night but much fatigued, the business having required great attention and exertion.


Thursday 11. At home. Engaged on Navigation Papers correcting & copying Minutes of the Proceedings of the Committee agent assembly to be sent to Stone to be entered. Received at night from Mr. Chetwynd copy of the Case in the . . . matters as finally settled by Mr. Robert W. Clarke.


Friday 12. Went to Mr. Vaughan with Minutes & to Mr. Chetwynd.  Afterwards at Newcastle meeting Sir John Heathcote & Mr. Walthall relative to the Shrewsbury Brewery when it was determined to advertise the same for Sale & that Mr. Ward should prepare a Deal of an advertisement & send it to me for perusal.


Saturday 13. At home. In the morning Mr. Peake of Lawton relative to my share of the . . . for the Land in Lawton purchased from Mrs. Lawton Snr on Account of which he promised to make our land corner. He said that the Farm which he held from Mr. Lawton was something more than 200 acres about 208 or 210.  His Rent 532 a year includes all Taxes etc.


Sunday 16. At home. Service.


Monday 15. At Newcastle with the Probate Copy of the Will of the late Mr. Mawdsley which I showed to Mr. Thos. Sparrow who made the necessary Minute for registering the same. Observed that in the Transfers to myself  the date of the Will is omitted being mentioned to be the 7th instead of the 10 January 1798.  There is also an Error in all the Transfers on Mr. Sutherland being called Mr. Lister instead of the Name of Mr. Mawdsley. Drew up an Memorandum explanatory of all this which we thought would be sufficient if in as much upon the Transfers  but which I determined to send back to Mr. Wilson. Saw Mr. Ward & mentioned to him again a Notice of the . . . relative of the late Partnership of Mr. Bent &  Co being inserted in the Gazette which he thought should be done & said that he would speak again to Mr Walthall about it. Afterwards sorted out the Brewery & from there went to the Candle Inn to meet Mr. Booth on some Dept. . . .  business but Mr. Kinnersly coming along with him my staying was unnecessary.


Page 30. 1822  April


Tuesday 16. At home. Writing long Letter to Mr. Wilson. Called afterwards upon Mr. Morris & delivered to him a bundle of papers which he had left last week at Stone. E.R went to Betley to dine at Mrs. Twemlow's, & continued in the carriage bringing back with her Mrs. Wedgwood.


Wednesday 17.  At home. Sent Navigation Transfers by Mail to Mr. Wilson. Engaged on various Papers, Advertisement of Salopian Brewery etc.  Mr. Wedgwood of Betley came to dinner.


Thursday 18. At Newcastle with Advertisement of the Salopian Brewery as I had altered & corrected it & which I left with Mr. Bent to be shown to Mr. Ward & afterwards to be sent to Sir John Heathcote. Returned to dinner & engaged with Mr. Wedgwood.


Friday 19. At home. Engaged with Mr. Wedgwood etc.


Saturday 20. After breakfast the Wedgwoods left us. At home. In the evening Mr. Bent with Letter received from Mr. Martel relative to purchasing the Salopian Brewery, when I appointed to meet Sir John Heathcote at Newcastle on Monday next on this business.


Sunday 21. At home. Service.


Monday 22. At Newcastle to have met Sir John Heathcote who did not come having sent word that he would be at the Brewery. I saw Mr. Wallhall who promised to see Sir John when he came tomorrow. Allowed meeting to hear a Case of unpaid Taxes at the Castle Inn, Mr. Booth & self. Returned home to dinner.


Tuesday 23. At home. Unwell.


Wednesday 24. At home. Samuel Boardman went to Congleton to . . . Miss Barlow's . . .  . . . relative to Carriage of Stone with Mr. Lockett. Wrote Letters to Mr. Wilson & Mr. Vaughan. Stamford set off to London at night by whom I sent the copy of the Case & Opinion received  from Mr. Wilson relative to the Navigation Transfers.


 Thursday 25. Went to Cliffe early to give instructions for Declaration in the Action brought by Mr. Martin it being thought then the whole might be intended in an action by him alone. Left with Mr. Tomlinson the Case which I had some time ago prepared, the Minutes of the . . . reserve taken on the 6 inst.& the Letter which I had received from Mr. Martin on the Action being brought. On my return home went


Page 31. 1822  April


to Red Bull Wharf & looked at the Warehouses with a view to the . . . of them. Mr. Roser arrived this morning on his return from London.


Friday 26. At home.


Saturday 27. At home. Unwell with a cold & attack upon the Chest.


Sunday 28. So unwell as not to go through the Service. Read the Illustrations of the life of Lorenzo de Medicci  just published by Mr. Rosere an indication of his work from the observations made upon it principally by Simonde . . . & which Mr. R. Ledham so good as to present to me. As far as I am competent to . . . . . appears and only to have been hasty & . . . in what he has said but to have wanted sufficiently deep knowledge of his subject to warrant his observations & particularly the tone & manner in which they are made & therefore that he will . . . the . . . which Mr. R . . .   There are two or three little things . . . which I promised on to W.R. & if the Work goes to a second . . . the Letters etc. which form the the appendix & which are almost entirely in Italian ought to be translated as they in . . . referred to in support of the original work & therefore what every Reader should he enabled to . . . .


Monday 29. Still being unwell. Wrote to Mr. Littleton in reply to a Letter received from him relative to the intended Bill for amending the Statutes concerning Commissions of Sewers, and recommending that the operation of it should not extend to Inland  Counties, notwithstanding Mr. Dickinson the member for Somersetshire who had proposed the Bill had consented to a Clause intended on being for the production of Canals.


Tuesday 30. After breakfast Mr. Roscoe with his wife & Children left Linley Wood, the Carriage taking them to Brereton Green. Cut Asparagus.


Wednesday 1. Wrote Letter to Mrs. Sheridan in reply to announcing that the Deputation of the Manor of Alsager which I have had for some years past would in future be given to Col. Tyson.  Rode to Red Bull & spoke to Mr. Peake relative to the . . . papers not being regularly determined when he said that he had received a Letter from the Gen. Post Office & asking him to enquire into the matter. He believed the fourth day at Newcastle when the Letter s are sorted.  Dined at Dr. Northons.  Eliza ,Miss Stamford & myself.  Met Mr. & Mrs. Twemlow of Betley Court, Miss Fletcher. Mrs. Marsh, Miss Marston & Capt. . . .


Page 32. 1822  May


Thursday 2. Mr. Penlington with Charles Cowell & his wife the two latter of whom had called yesterday relative to the Money due to them from the Estate of the late Dr. Penlington to the late Mr. Ralph Audley when I explained the whole circumstances to them & referred them to Mr. Anthony Mainwaring Executor of Ralph Audley who alone has power to act. Wrote Letter to Mr. Vaughan relative to the postponing the stoppage of the Canal as requested by the Birmingham Canal Company.


Friday 3. Eliza went to Newcastle. Rode part of the way up Mow Cop but found it so very rough & stoney as to be unable to ride & having no one to take care of my horse I returned.  I saw enough however to satisfy me that the view from the summit must be magnificent.  A great deal of Stone is got for the Roads, & the tile stone Quarries are still worked.  But I mean to take the first opportunity to revisit this fine mountain. They told me that a great many people come every Summer.


Saturday 4. A home. Miss Stamford returned from Mare Hall where she went on Thursday.


Sunday 5. At home. Service,


Monday 6. At home. Mr. Beardmore settling Rent & other Accounts. Completed the Farm against the Meadow.  In the evening Mr. Boardman consulting me relative to his taking Mr. Shaw's Land.


Tuesday 7. Turned 15 Milking Cows out this morning into the Ground below the wood. Eliza & Miss Stamford went to Congleton. Engaged on the Farm.


Wednesday 8. Went to Harecastle Farm to look at Mr. & Mrs. Kinnersly's stock of fat cattle advertised to be sold today. The fat Bullocks & Cows were very fine some of the former would weigh. I should suppose from 20 to 25 stone per Quarter. I was told that one of the Bullocks shown last year & which then weighed only 12 stone to the Market, was killed a few days ago & weighed 19 stone 10 lbs. per Quarter. The price was of course low, though I was told they reached 5s. per lb. I understood afterwards that some of the larger Bullocks were sold .


Thursday 9. Greatly engaged all morning drawing afresh the Bill for the intended New Tunnel & Reservoir. Mr. Wilbraham called & engaged to dine with Mrs. W. at Linley Wood in the first week in June.


Page 33. 1822  May


Friday 10. Set off early to Stone to attend Meeting of the Select Committee. Took Mr. Sparrow from Newcastle. Closely engaged all day & returned at night. During my stay at Stone & on my return the Rain was excessive.


Saturday 11. At home. Engaged all morning arranging & copying Minutes of the Proceedings of yesterday to be sent to Mr. Chetwynd & writing Letter to him therewith  In the morning changed the milking cows to the Land before the House.


Sunday 12. At home. Service. William & John Bent came to dinner.


 Monday 13. At Cliffe Ville early with the copy of the Declaration in the Action against George Martin, considering the same with Mr. Tomlinson & settling consternation to be sent for the amendment of the Declaration, & laying the same with the Custodian before Mr. Peake.  Afterwards called at Rode Hall but Mr. & Mrs. Wilbraham were out. Mr. Wedgwood of Bignall End to request me to look over for him the various Bills of Costs which had been delivered to him by Mr. Ward  Sol. Burslem on the business with Gallaman etc. etc.& as of which he left with one 


Mr. Tomlinson told me this morning that the Parish of Stoke contains about 7000 Cases. That his Tithe did not average 5/- an acre, out of which were to be  paid . . . Rates & Taxes. That he had offered to compromise at an average of 6/8, he continuing  to pay the Rates & Taxes.


Thursday 14. At home. Searched over Mr. Wedgwoods Bills of Costs.  Engaged also on other papers, Salopian Brewery.  In the evening received by the Mail a Letter from Mr. Chetwynd with a Bill now in Parliament for permitting Goods imported to be served on Wardens without payment of Duty on the first Entry  & containing a Clause restraining the Removal of Goods from Port to Port to a . . . by a coastwise although by a previous Clause they were declared to be removable by coastwise or by Inland Navigation but informing me that the Chancellor of the Exchequer & Mr. Walthall whom he had seen along with Mr. B. . . the Grand Junction Canal Company Agent had promised to exchange the latter Clause Received also Mr. Chetwynds bags . . . Bill as amended by the Committee. Wrote to Mr. Chetwynd this morning in reply to his Letter.


Page 34. 1822 May


Wednesday 15. Went to Betley & attended Sale of Mr. Talbot's Flock consisting 20 Devon & other fat Cattle. They reached an average according to my calculation about 5/- per lb. were very handsome & in prime condition. The highest price given was £19.10.  Afterwards dined at Betley Court . Mr. Twemlow, Mr. Wedgwood & Robert, Mr. Hodgson.  In the evening examined a Letter from Mr. Peake strongly urging my attendance at . . . Farm the next day it being a Meeting of Commissioners of Land & assets.


 Thursday 16. Having engaged to Call at Betley Hall this morning wrote a note to Mrs. Talbot to excuse myself in order that I might go to . . .  Went accordingly but to my own disappointment & this of the great number of persons who were in attendance no other Commissioners came.  Returned home to dinner having fixed Thursday next for another Meeting.


Friday 17. At home. Looked again over the Bills of Costs left by Mr. Wedgwood. Wrote to Mr. Vaughan on the Minutes of last Committee Meeting to be entered in the Book. Wrote also to Mr. Simpson of Birmingham in reply to a Letter received from him relative to the Gloucester & Berkeley Canal. Bill now in Parliament. Turned the two Riding Horses out to grass. Weather very warm.


Saturday 18. Mr. Wedgwood relative to the Bills of Costs but which as they related so much to Law & Chancery Business, I recommended to him to have looked over by some respectable practising Solicitor to be approved by himself & Mr. Ward.  Received afterwards a Letter from Mr. Wedgwood informing me that he should pay in £4000 on the 19 of . . . next part of the money remaining due on his Bond & mortgage.


Sunday 19. At home. Service. In the Morning Thunder & lightening with light Rain.


Monday 20. At home. Fine thunder Rain. The country in great beauty.  Engaged on sundry papers.


Tuesday 21. At home. Engaged on the Farm. In the evening a fine shower. Changed the Milking Cows to the Ground next to the Terrace.


Wednesday 22. At home.


Page 35. 1822 May


Thursday 23. At Trentham Inn attending Meeting for receiving Land & assessed Taxes Assessment.  Mr. Booth & myself.  Interesting day.


Friday 24. At home.  Sundry matters preparatory to being home tomorrow.


Saturday 25. Eliza & I went to Coole taking the horses to Nantwich.  Eliza upon for Miss Kenwood who was very ill.  Arrived at Coole to dinner.


Sunday 26. At Coole.  Rain which prevented any of the Party going to Audlem Church.  Much conversation with Mr. Sherratt relative to the conduct & affairs of his Brother & Nephew by which he said that he was made very unhappy.  He complained much of the misapplication of the money which he had advanced.   He requested that I would furnish him to nominate me the Sole Executor of his Will, but to which I stated to him the objections.  In the evening I read prayers.


Monday 27. In the morning went in Mr. Sherratts Rig to Nantwich to speak to Mr John Garnett again relative to the the money remaining due to the Executors of the late Mr. Wedgwood from the Estates of the late Mr. Benn & the late Mr. Youall, when he promised to send on that day to the Rev. Mr. Brassington.  Returned to Coole to dinner.


Tuesday 28. Received Letter from Mr. John Garnett enclosing one from Mr. Brassington requesting a Statement of the transaction & which I returned to Mr. John Garnett with a Copy of the Account.  Mr. Sherratt let off his Fish pond in which he found a great deal of fine growing fish.  Dined at 2o'clock & afterwards returned home.  Miss Kenwood having expressed a wish to see me I called with Eliza upon her, as we from all appearances for the last time, she being . . . in a . . . declining state.


Wednesday 29. Eliza & I went to . . . to call upon Col. & Mrs. Tegson, who we found at home & invited to meet the Wilbraham's dinner on Wednesday next the 5 of June.


Thursday 30. Mr. Potter with whom engaged a considerable time on Navigation Matters particularly as to the intended Tunnel & Reservoir.


Friday 31. At home.  When Dr Witt was once asked How he was able to transact such a multiplicity of affairs& He replied 'By doing only one thing at a time'. Mod.. . . Hist.




Saturday 1. Wrote to the Rev. Wm. Turner Newcastle upon Tyne informing him that I should pay off the £1550 & inst. due on my Bond to him at Christmas next. At home all day.


Page 36. 1822  June


Sunday 2. At home. Service.


Monday 3. At Newcastle with Eliza.  Bearing Concerns etc. Returned to dinner.


Tuesday 4. At home. Closely Engaged all morning Redrawing Bill for the new Tunnel & Reservoir, with special clauses relative to Coole.


Wednesday 5. At home. Mr. Wilbraham & Miss Emma W., (Mrs. Wilbraham being prevented coming by indisposition.) Mr. &Mrs. Eliza Tollet, Mr. & Mrs. Wedgwood of Betley, Rev & Mrs. . . . dined. All the party but the Wilbraham's staid all night.


Thursday 6. After breakfast the Party left us. At home all day. The heat has been for several days past excessive.


Friday 7. At home. In the morning Mr. Potter, Mr. Robt. Heath & Mr. Johnson by appointment considering the compensations to be made to the Proprietors of the Coal that would be taken in making the new Tunnel & . . . to be left for the occasions of the same, the Clauses which I had prepared for making satisfaction at such times . . . as the Coals would in the course be worked, if not agreed & paid for in the first instance, and which they fully approved.  Finished the amended Dec. of the Bill.


 Saturday 8. The anniversary of the happy day that united me with my ever dear Eliza. The anniversary of . . .   At home all morning.  At home. Engaged on Navigation Papers preparatory to attending Meeting of the Select Committee at Stone on Monday next. Purchased from Mr. Thorley of the Horse Shoe Public House Lawton Heath a cream colt 3years old. Son of Atlas out of a Mare of Mr. Bakewells breed of Leicestershire.


Sunday 9. At home. Service.


Monday 10. Set off early to Stone to attend Committee Meeting.  Met Mr. Tomlinson at the Roebuck Inn Newcastle after . . . who being . . . with him the . . . Copy of Declaration in the Action . . . as finally settled by Mr. Peake. Took Mr. Sparrow in the Carriage to Stone where we arrived at 10 o'clock. Closely engaged from that time after this


Page 37. 1822 June


on business. Mr. Ricketts dined with us. On our return Mr. Sparrow & I walked toTrentham Pool to view the cleansing of it, on which a great number of Men, I think between 3 & 400, have been for sometime been employed. I walked almost entirely west of the Pool on the Planks which were laid for wheeling upon.  It is a heavy & expensive piece of work, the Pool having been so much filled up with mud as to be little use as I have been told than about 10 inches deep.  When cleansed I should suppose it will be 4 or 5 feet deep or perhaps more.  The expense I have heard completed, at £10,000.  Mr. Potter said that if it was cleansed to the depth of the bottom of the River it could cost £12,000.  On my arrival at home found a long Letter from Mr. Tomlinson & later to his disputed Land Tax with the Parish of Stoke & stating that the collections had that day come to . . . and as a warrant of distress signed by myself Mr. Booth.  Knowing that there must be some mistake I determined to go over in the morning & speak to Mr. Peake. This evening heavy storm of thunder, Lightening & Rain. The Lightening was the most vivid, being great streams of flame which made distant objects distinctly visible. That I ever . . . waterfall.  The thunder . . .& continued.


Tuesday 11. Went early to Silverdale & saw Mr. Peake, when I found that the Warrant which Mr. Booth & I had signed had a relation only to Rivers of Stafford Taxes & had nothing to do with the Land Tax. The mistake seems to have provided from the Collectors having insisted on the same list both the Defaulters of Land Tax & assessed Taxes, instead of making separate Lists, as they ought to do. Wrote on my return to Mr. Tomlinson. Wrote also to Mr. Chetwynd . . ., business for my return from Silverdale stopped at Newcastle & subscribed £5.5s  to the relief of the . . . Irish.


Wednesday 12. At home.Changed the Milking Cows to the front of the House.Went up to Talk to settle with Bebbington relative to the . . . . . . by Moses Barlow. Thought him unreasonable & all he showed me I was this time apprentice.


Thursday 13. At home. Engaged revising & copying Minutes of the last Meeting of the Select Committee, which, sent to Mr. Vaughan to be copied into the Book. Finished sowing Turnips in the Hollins ground.


Friday 14. At home. Wrote to Mr. Lockett of Congleton in reply to a Letter received from him relative to the affairs of the late Mrs. . . . & declining to act as an Executor.  First arranging to see him & Mr. Lowndes on Monday next.


Saturday 15. At home. Engaged considering the Copy of a Petition to Parliament of the . . . . . .  Merchants etc. of Gainsborough for an outline repeal of the Talk Tax, which I received last night with a letter from Mr. Vaughan, and writing to him tomorrow.  At night some Rain.


Page 38. 1822  June


Sunday 16. At home. Service. Mr. Bent came to dinner. Conversation on Brewery Concerns. In the evening Letter from Mr. Chetwynd, informing me that the Argument on the . . . last was adjourned to Wednesday next & wrote to Lewis on safety.


Monday 17. At home. Mr. Lockett & Mr. Lowndes did not come. The late Bishop Watson calls patriotism, 'a scandalous game played by public Men for private ends, and frequently little better than a selfish struggle for power' or as I fear one may add that ignoble objects of the enrolments of Offices.


Tuesday 18. At home. Eliza went to Parkfields in the expectation of meeting Emma but she did come.  Letters at night from Dr Holland & Anne.


Wednesday 19. In the morning at home. Wrote to Dr Holland.  Mr. Lockett & Mr. Lowndes called with abstract of the Title to an Estate near Congleton, later the property of Mrs. Steadman & of which I had been approved a Trustee under her late will with the Revd. Salmon.  They left the abstract with me in order that I might consider of executing a shortage of the Estate pass . . . to the like.  Eliza & I dined afterwards at Rode Hall, Miss Stamford who had been invited & did not go being unwell.  Met Mr. Willoughby C. . .Mr. & Mrs. Ford, Mr. & Mrs. Swettenham.  An agreeable day, & many kind of professions of regard for Mr. & Mrs. Wilbraham in consequence of their approaching Departure for the Continent. My thoughts & findings much enjoyed & interested all day, in consequence of the Letter received last night from Dr Holland.


Thursday 20. At home, perused the Abstract left with me by Mr. Lockett.


Friday 21. Began mowing the Meadow. Miss Stamford & Eliza went to call at Parkfields. Engaged on the Hay.


Saturday 22. Measured this Morning a large Hawk or Gland which the Gardener shot on Thursday last in Swallow Moor Wood. It measured from the tip of one wing to the other, something more than 53 inches & from the Beak to the tip of the tail, 27 inches. Went to Congleton seeing Mr. Lockett & Mr. Lowndes relative to the Trusts of Mrs. Thomas Will & to the former of whom I returned the Abstract which he had left with one of the Title to Doors Green Estate.  I usually permit that Mr. Lockett  send another Det. of the intended mortgage for £700  I . . . to be envied by the . . . .   Returned to dinner.  Letter from Dr Holland.


Page 39. 1822  June


Sunday 23. At home. Service. Thundering & Lightening, with heavy Rain in the Evening.


Monday 24. Stopped on the Hay by the weather which continues showery.  At home all day.


Tuesday 25. Called at the Revd. Mr. Mainwarings of Wolstanton, but he was out & returned home. Afterwards at Newcastle on various matters. Returned home to dinner.


Wednesday 26. Received Letters from Mr. Holland of Knutsford.  Mr. & Mrs. Twemlow of Betley Court, Miss Fletcher. Mr. & Mrs. & Chas. Lawton , Miss Moreton & Wm. Penlington dined.  The Twemlows & Miss Fletcher staid all night.


Thursday 27. After breakfast the Twemlows & Miss Fletcherleft.  Wrote to Mr. Holland of Knutsford in reply to his Letter on the interesting subject of our dear Emma & his son.  Mr. Potter called & Mr. . . . accompanied to view the line of the intended.  I viewed Mr. Banks Coal Road etc. and which engaged all the morning.  We returned by the Towing path over the Hall & received the point where the Tunnel will come to the North side of Harecastle.  Busy carrying Hay. Letter from Mr. Tomlinson monitoring a suggestion from Mr. Vernon of the matter with Martin being settled without going on to a . . .


Friday 28. The weather again changed to wet. Mr. James Potter making Plan & usage of the Colliery Brickiln etc. etc. for this purpose of the . . . of the Cause at  Stafford.


Saturday 29. Engaged again with Mr. James Potter who breakfasted too.


Sunday 30. At home.  Service.




Monday 1. At Stone early & engaged closely all day attending Meeting of the Select Committee. Took Mr. & Mrs. Sparrow from Newcastle & Returned at night.


Tuesday 2. In Consequence of a Letter received this morning from Mr. Thos Sparrow, went to Newcastle to meet Mr. Challinor of Leek, the Solicitor concerned for the Parish of Caldon in order to settle with him & Mr. Chetwynd various companies on the Trial of the Cause. Returned to dinner.


Wednesday 3. Again at Newcastle engaged with Mr. Chetwynd settling the Brief etc. it appearing to me that from various circumstances it . . . be explained to from there the . . . of the Cause to Michaelmas Session, sent a Messenger with a Letter from us. Thos. Sparrow to Mr. Challinor to enquire whether this would be aggreable to him.


Page 40. 1822  July


Thursday 4. At Trentham Inn early attending Meeting for hearing Land Tax Appeals & particularly the long agitated ones of Mr. Tomlinson in agr. the assessments for Penkhull etc. The Inspector  General of the Taxes, Mr. Leigh, came all the way out of . . . to the present & the Meeting was attended by Mr. Tollet, Mr. Twemlow, Mr. Ricketts, Mr. Bourne & myself. We were closely engaged from between 11 & 12 to near 8 at night, having carefully investigated the matter.  We finally returned the assessment to the several . . . in vain that they might be commended & returned to us at a Meeting appointed to be held  for that purpose on the 1st of Aug next. Mr. Tomlinson & Mr. Minton qualified as Commissioners. Violent Rain with Thunder & Lightening. On my return found Mrs. Martin at Linley Wood.


Friday 5. Engaged all morning correcting & copying the Minutes of the last Meeting of the Committee on Monday last & writing therewith to Mr. Vaughan.


Saturday 6. Mr. Tomlinson having delivered to me on Thursday a Letter which he had received from Mr. Vernon with some propositions for an advisable settlement of the Action by against Martin, engaged sketching sent an answer thereto & afterwards at Cliffe Ville considering & settling the same with Mr. Tomlinson in order that he might transmit it to Mr. Vaughan. Returned to dinner. In the evening Mrs. Martin left us, Eliza taking her home.


Sunday 7. Service. John & William Bent came to dinner.


Monday 8. At Cliffe Ville early organised . . . dining again the answer to be given to Mr. Vernon & completing the same.  On my return home, stopped at Newcastle on various matters, & on getting again into the Gig my foal slipped off the iron steps against which my shin then struck & was considerably hurt.  Got home to dinner. Met Mr. Vaughan at Talk who had come over to see me relative to the Caldon Appeal.


Tuesday 9. At home confined to the House by the hurt on my leg. Eliza & Miss Stamford called upon Mrs. Chetwynd at Wolstanton.


Page 41. 1822  July


Wednesday 10. Still confined. Revd. Mr. Mainwaring called.


Thursday 11. Though unfit for it went on the Carriage to Stoneyfields  where engaged with the new Partnership Books & Accounts all morning. Instructions were given to Mr. Ward for Partnership Articles. Dined at Stoneyfields & on my return at night found Stamford who had arrived from London.


Friday 12. At home. Laid up with my leg.


Saturday 13. At home. The same. Mr. Tomlinson, Mr. Vernon & Mr. George Martin met at Linley Wood to try to settle the Cause stopping for meal at Stafford where I made certain propositions to which they were to give an answer on Monday morning next at furthest. Mr. Vaughan also called.


Sunday 14. At home the same. Unable to go through the Service but which was done by Stamford.


Monday 15. At home the same. In the evening letter from Mr. Tomlinson missing one from Mr. Vaughan, when he informed me that I would see him tomorrow morning.


Tuesday 16. Though unfit for it  went to Cliffe Ville at last to let the Trial of the Course & stand over the Land Assizes in order to see whether Martin  about the missing as he promised to do. On my return called at the Brewery & gave my consent to ale being brewed for the purpose of assisting the Sale of the P. . . & keeping up the Commission of the Land whist Mr. J Bent continued, on the concern was sooner broke up or disposed of & which was sold at the particulars required of Sir John Heathcote significant though Mr. R Bent. From thence to Mare Hall to dinner, Eliza & Miss Stamford going by themselves.


Wednesday 17. Wishing to consult Stamford before I finally returned to postpone the Print of the Cause with Martin set off early to Cliffe Ville, from whence Mr. Tomlinson accompanied me on our way to Knutsford to speak to Stamford who was attending the Sessions. Called at Linley Wood & found Mr. J. Potter engaged on the Plans. Proceeding on our way to Knutsord, but met Stamford on the Road. Returned to L.Wood where upon talking over the matter, Stamford much approved of Cutting the Course . . .. . . I wrote a letter accordingly to Mr. Cannon with continual of it . . . of . . . which after being & arrived by Stamfords servant was given to him be returned to Mr. . . . as he passed through Stone with his Master who set off to join the . . . at . . . . Mr. Tomlinson dined & who afterwards went home in the Carriage. Met Potter after having finished . . . the Plan also set off home. Late at night


Page 42. 1822  July


Mr. Davenport came to look at my leg, which he found going on well not withstanding. In a great hurry & fatigue which I had gone through today, whilst at home mentioned to Mr. Jos. Wedgwood Emma's engagement.


Thursday 18. At home. Leg laid up all day. Engaged on Navigation Papers preparatory to the annual Survey of the Canal which stands fixed for next week.


Friday 19. At home. Still laid up. Engaged on various matters & papers, being now disappointed in not seeing our dear Anne & Emma a letter arriving by the Post saying that they had been stopped at Brick hill by Anne being again very unwell.


Saturday 20. Leg the same. In the Evening late, Anne & Emma at length arrived with the three Children, the former full as well as we expected to see her.


Sunday 21. In the morning Service. In the afternoon set off to Stone on our intended Survey of the Canal though from the State of my Leg very unfit for the Journey.  Met Mr. Chetwynd & Mr. Lister who came in the course of the Crossing.


Monday 22. Set off at 7 from Stone & arrived at Middlewich that night & where we slept. Mr. Stamford who I had appointed to meet me at the Red Bull Wharfe, at 2  but who from our arriving there much earlier, I missed seeing.  . . . me to Middlewich, with my leg being very indifferent.  He now recommends the core treatment,


Tuesday 23. After a very not pleasant night, proceeded again upon our Journey, setting off at 7.  Arrived at Runcorn about 3 when we went on Board the Steam packet & on which we proceeded to Liverpool.  I was confined to the Cabin all the way, which from the badness of the weather was filled with Passengers . . . very slow & disagreeable. During the passage we had a violent storm of Thunder, Lightening & Rain. Took up our abode at the Waterloo Hotel.


Wednesday 24. At Liverpool, but confined to the Sopha the whole of the day.  Mr. Roscoe dined with us. We finally arranged to set off tomorrow morning on our return to our respective homes, & to go by Land, as in case we travelled in the Boat it would occasion our being out in the night,


Page 43. 1822  July


Thursday 25. At 7 Mr. Lister & I set off from Liverpool in a Postchaise, sending our Servants by Coach. Arrived at L. Wood about halfpast one when Mr. Lister took lunch & then proceeded on his Journey, by expressing much admiration of the places. We had a very pleasant journey & much conversation in the . . &  . . . he used many . . . & flattering expressions of personal respect & regard towards me.


Friday 26. At home, but confined by my leg.  Mr. Holland of Knutsford came & staid to dinner, & assured himself in the most kind & satisfying manner on the deeply interesting subject which now engaged so much of our thoughts. Speaking of Treasury matters, he said that the . . . Bridge Entrance would be Doctors after his death. Mary Anne Darwin came just as we finished dinner, we dined early on account of Mr. Hollands return.


Saturday 27. At home. Still confined. Mr. Davenport changed the treatment. Engaged on Navigation Papers. Mr. Wm. Edwards applied for the Alsager Estate in case Daniel Johnson left it.


Sunday 28, At home. The same Service. Stamford returned from Stafford.


Monday 29.  At home. The same. Daniel Johnson paying some part of Arrears of Rent. Dear Miss Darwin left Linley Wood.  Eliza & E. Roscoe taking her to Newcastle on her way to Mare.


Tuesday 30. At home. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lawton called. Still confined.


Wednesday 31. At home. Leg the same. Engaged on abstracts of Title & other papers relating to Lands in works. Coppenhall proposed to be given me.  . . . by Mr. Edleston of Nantwich Brewery . . .E Caldwell for £600 & £4.10 & received yesterday from Mr. Sherratt.


August Thursday 1. Though still unfit for it went to Newcastle & attended adjourned meeting of Land Tax Commission to receive the amended assessments of Stoke Parish with Mr. Tollet, Mr. J Twemlow, Mr. Shenton, Mr. Tomlinson & self. When the Inspector General also attended. Long & fatiguing sitting  Returned to dinner.  In the evening seized with a shivering fit which ended in an attack of Diarrhea .


Friday 2. Confined to Bed all the day having had much pain & illness all night. Took at night 15 drops of Laudenan by advice of Mr Davenport.


Page 44. 1822  August


Saturday 3. Had a good night, my complaint being much abated. Engaged this morning again on Mr. Edleston's Tithe & papers making observations  thereon & writing to Mr. Edleston. Sent the above by a Messenger to him.


Sunday 4. At home. Service, but still unwell.


Monday 5. Still unwell, but went to Newcastle & attended Meeting of the Select Committee. Mr. Chetwynd & Mr Lister & Mr Webb. Afterwards dined & slept at the Roebuck.


Tuesday 6. Set off early this morning from Newcastle, went on board the Boat at Etruria Wharf & proceeded on Journey up the Caldon Canal, which we completed viewing also the Lines . . . at Caldon Low, got to Uttoxeter at night. Very unwell having to been cold & my Complaint still continuing.


Wednesday 7. Visited this morning the Wharf Warehouse etc. etc. at Uttoxeter, & then separated on our return home. Mr. Sparrow & I coming in a Chaise to Newcastle,instead of returning by Boat, as the latter would take up so much more time. Arrived at Linley Wood between 1 & 2 o'clock. Fatigued & unwell.  Mr. Davenport came in the evening & found my leg going on well but the wound still considerable.


Thursday 8. Mr Davenport mentioned to me this morning that he knows several instances of men with . . . & some of them receiving relief from this Parish who paid a shilling or two shillings a week in buying food for their bull dogs. This fact I was glad to get at, it being my intention to suggest a heavy taxing levied on these dangerous useless animals as the most means of putting an effectual stop to this savage custom of Bull baiting, which I was sorry to find still kept up in this neighbourhood & Mr. D. informing me that Bulls being baited yesterday at the Milestone . .  the . . .  Drew out support  Minutes of proceedings of Select Committee on the late Meetings & Surveys & copying the same for . . . in the Book. Finished the Hay.


Friday 9. At home. Mr . . . paying the 4th  installment of £1000 which became due from Mr. Wood under the Deed of Dissolution of Partnership & the joint Bond from himself this & his Sons for that sum, & the latter of which was thereupon cancelled & delivered up to Mr. . . .  Stamford went to Oldfield . Still confined by my leg. Engaged on Navigation papers & . . .


Page 45. 1822  August


completing Minutes of the proceedings of the Committee on the late. . . which I had drawn out yesterday. Mrs. Twemlow & Mrs. Fletcher called again.


Saturday 10. At home. Mrs. & Miss Tollet & Mrs.. Wedgwood called . In the evening, Ann & Betsy arrived. Wrote Letter to Mr. Chetwynd relative to the proposed printing of the Dis.of the intended Bill, & recommending the same to be postponed till the result of the Commission with the . . . & Mine business be known. Sent the copy of the Minutes to Mr Vaughan & wrote to him. Engaged all the day closely on these Navigation matters. Received by Post the  Review . . Navigation Act from Mr. Chetwynd. Cut wheat & oats on Land late Mr Bent's.


Sunday 11. At home. Service. Mr Bent dined. Stamford returned from Oldfield & Manchester.


Monday 12. At home. Leg better but still confining me to the House. Mr. Penlington, who executed the Dedication of Trust relative to the two Shares of the Trent & Mersey Canal vested in him. Wrote afterwards to Mr. Chas. Mare, & sent the Dividends due to the Executers of the late Mr. Bate.


Tuesday 13. At home. Walked out but my leg still unhealed. Engaged letter writing etc. Stamford called at Wheelock.


Wednesday 14. At home. Engaged on Navigation papers.


Thursday 15. Mr. Potter came to breakfast & afterwards went with me to Knypersley Hall to see Mr. Bateman Jnr. summoned to appointment relative to the intended Revision of the . . . & Land belonging to Mr. Bateman which would be wanted for that purpose. Long conversation & Discussion on the subject, the purpose of which Mr.B. promised to communicate to his Father, whose . . . object is to get the freedom from the Reservoir made navigable, but this for many reasons which I explained to Mr. B. first would not be connected with the present Bill. Returned home to dinner.


Friday 16. At home. At noon Dr. Holland & Arthur Marsh arrived at Linley Wood. Col. & Mrs.. . . ., Miss Sheridan, Dr. & Mrs. Northam & Revd. Mr Mainwaring dined.


Saturday 17. At home. Engaged with Dr. Holland & Marsh.


Page 46. 1822  August


Sunday 18. Dr. Holland set off very early to Knutsford & returned at about eleven o'clock this morning, riding the long journey. Service read in part by myself, & in part by Stamford, being interrupted by Mr. . . . Jun. of  Leek, who came to confer with me relative to a branch of Canal which the inhabitants of Macclesfield were desirous to have made from the Inn to the Grand Junction Canal at Lawton. In the afternoon conversation with Dr. H. on Settlement etc. . . . promised to communicate with his Father & then write to me.


Monday 19 At home. Wrote to Mr. Bateman of Knypersley that I require an answer from him relative to the Parks & Townships on what the Reservoir . . . be situated, & determined to go down tomorrow to Parkgate finally to settle the Notices etc. without Mr. Chetwynd.


Tuesday 20. Set off about 9 o'clock to Parkgate, where I arrived about 4. In the evening saw Mr. Chetwynd.


Wednesday 21. Engaged with Mr W. Chetwynd finally settling notices which he sent for consultation on the Navigation papers. He also met Mr. Bradshaw relative to Macclesfield papers & Canal & I wrote to Mr. Parker for Survey of Tunnel etc. to be forwarded at the next meeting of the Select Committee on the 2nd of September.


Thursday 22. Set off at eight on my return home, & arrived to dinner finding Mr. Sherratt who came to Linley Wood today.


Friday 23. Mr. Fenton having sent Mr. Telford's plans & Estimate of the intended alteration of the Newcastle Turnpike Road which I found on my arrival at home yesterday. Went this morning to Newcastle to have conversed with him on the subject, but not finding him at home. Left the Plans etc. with Rob. Parton.  At the Brewery & afterwards signed at Mr. Parton's Office a Letter of Attorney for receipt of a . . .& on to the Salopian Brewery in a Course in Chancery, Harding etc.  E. Roscoe went with me to Newcastle in the Gig. Returned to dinner, & in the evening Mr. Sherratt & went to look at the Gardens at Rode Hall.


Page 47. 1822  August


Saturday 24. At home. Engaged with Mr. Sherratt etc. Mr. Roscoe arrived in the forenoon.


Sunday 25. Went to Mr. Chetwynd relative to the Navigation Notices.  Service. After dinner Mr. Sherratt, Ann & Betsy left Linley Wood on their return home.  Stamford went with them on his way to Chester Assizes.


Monday 26. At home. Walked to Hollins, & had a conversation with Mr. Johnson relative to the proposed alteration of the Talk on the Hill Road preparatory to my attending the Meeting of the Trustees at Newcastle tomorrow.


Tuesday 27. At Newcastle attending Meeting of the Trustees of Newcastle Turnpike Road & of Uttoxeter Road. Mr. Slater (Mr. Telford's assistant / appointed surveyor of this & other Roads in this part of the Country at a Salary of £300 a year) suggested to the meeting that the property of the . . . proposed to be made in the Harecastle Road with a river to avoid Talk Hill, being made from the Harecastle & the Hollins & from thence to the Linley Lane Turnpike just after the entrance into these grounds. Which seemed to be approved & a Survey ordered to be made. Returned to dinner.


Wednesday 28. At home. Mr. Roscoe & Eliza R went to Betley & returned at night bringing Eliza Wedgwood with them back.


Thursday 29. At home. Miss Wedgwood's of Parkfields came to dinner. In the morning engaged relative to the Settlement to be made on Emma's marriage in consequence of a letter received from Dr. Holland.


Friday 30. At home. Miss Wedgwood's left us.


Saturday 31. Engaged closely all morning at the Desk, writing letter to Dr. Holland with . . . extracts of a . . . Settlement, & other matters. Eliza Wedgwood left Linley Wood.




Sunday 1. At home. Service. Stamford returned from Chester Assizes.


Monday 2. Went to Stone early where engaged all day on Select Committee examining & passing Cash Treasurers Accounts etc. Took Mr.  Sparrow in the Gig from Newcastle, Mr. Lister, Mr. Webb & myself. Mr. Roscoe left Linley Wood & returned to Liverpool.


Page 48. 1822  September


Tuesday 3. At home. Engaged drawing Clause relative to appointment of Select Committee to be introduced into the intended Bill etc. 


Wednesday 4. At home. Wrote letter to the Revd. Mr. Hill, respecting the Enquiries made by Mr. Prickett in the late Mrs. Tollets Affairs, & sent Mr. . . . therewith to the Hough. Engaged on these matters all morning being very anxious to get them brought to a conclusion.


Thursday 5. At Trentham Inn attending Meeting for hearing Appeals, . . . Taxes etc. as part of the labour of the day I signed my name 1092 times to the Composition contracts. On my return home found Mr. Manley, son of Mr. . . . Manley friend of Stamford's.


Friday 6. At home. Engaged in Navigation Papers & drawing Clause to be inserted in the Bill relative to the choosing of Committees. Mr. Manley staid  on today.


Saturday 7. At home. After breakfast Mr. Manley went. Two Miss Rigby's of Oldfield came to dinner, & Charlotte, Jos. & Mary Wedgwood. In the evening much delighted with the Miss Rigby playing on the Piano Forte of which she seems a complete Mistress. Decidedly the best lady Player I ever heard combining great service & taste with the most perfect execution.


Sunday 8. At home. Service omitted the Party going in the morning to Talk Chapel. In the evening some delightful music.


Monday 9. At home. The Wedgwood's left us. In the evening Music.


Tuesday 10. Wrote letter to Mr. Holland of Knutsford which I sent by Miss Rigby who left us this morning. Dined at Dr. . . .  Mr. & Mrs. Basnett, Miss Edwards & Miss Wetherall, Mr. & Mrs. . . . , Revd. Mr. Mainwaring, Revd. Mr. Goldworthy, Mr. Wheatley Jun. Of Stone, Eliza, E. Roscoe, Emma & myself.


Wednesday 11. At home.  Mary Holland came to Linley Wood. In the morning letter from Dr. Holland recommending the marriage by Banns & wrote to him in reply. This is important conformity to the opinion which I had myself outlined & expressed from my first perusal of the Act.


Thursday 12. At home. Engaged drawing Affadavit previous to going to be ready tomorrow to gain directions for notification of Banns & also engaged  on Navigation papers previous to joining Mr Vaughan at Linley Wood tomorrow pursuant to an appointment for that purpose.


Page 49. 1822  September


Friday 13. Mr Vaughan came after breakfast & with whom engaged a considerable time on various matters preparatory to the General Assembley & The General Statement of Accounts, Intended Report etc.  Miss Bent, John Blunt & Mr. Bent called, & I afterwards went to Audley with Emma settling  the Affadavit etc. with Mr. Hickin & giving Particulars of Names etc. for the Banns & which I left with Mr. Hickin together with the Affadvit duly . . . by Emma.  E. Roscoe accompanied us.  No terms of Reprobation use two . . . to apply to this Act of Parliament as it . . . to the absurd slovenly & almost contradictory manner in which it is drawn, what's more may be the . . . of its object. Eliza & Miss Stamford, Anne Marsh & Emma afterwards called at Lawton Hall.


Saturday 14. At home. Engaged on Navigation Papers. Anne Marsh & E. Roscoe went to Parkfields.


Sunday 15. At home. Service. Dr. Holland arrived to dinner. In the evening received letter from Mrs. Chetwynd with account of the . . . of W. at Parkgate.


Monday 16. Conversation with Dr. Holland & arranged respecting the Settlement.  Wrote to Mrs. Chetwynd.  Afterwards went to Newcastle in consequence of an appointment that had been made with Sir John Heathcote to come to some final determination affecting the Shrewsbury Brewery. Saw Mr. Ward who had had a big conversation with Sir John, & who was of opinion, that Sir John & . . . arrived . . .it, in consequence of which the business stood more for a few days longer. Returned to dinner.


Tuesday 17. At home. Engaged all morning on papers relative to the intended Marriage. Drawing . .  or . . . by any of instructions for the Settlement on Deals of which it was thought best shall be prepared in Town & by the same Solicitor who preferred Mr. A. Marsh.  Went to Mr. . . .Holland relative to his being nominated as Trustee & sent the letter by Dr. Holland who left us about half past eight this evening on his return to Town, leaving us more & more impressed with a sense of his worth & . . .


Page 50. 1822  September


& proportionally happy in the fair prospects of future life afforded to our dear Emma.


Wednesday 18. At home. Eliza W.& Emma went to Knutsford taking Mary Holland with them. Engaged on various papers & matters.


Thursday 19. Mr. Potter called early this morning, with whom engaged a considerable time on various matters in orders in the Book preparatory to the business of the Committee & General Assembly next week.  Afterwards took him along with me to Clough Hall, calling upon Mr. Thomas Kinnersly showing him the Plan of the new Tunnel & Report which he fully approved & agreed that the . . . in his . . . should be taken at a fair valuation which he said there would be no difficulty on making. In the evening Eliza & Emma returned from Knutsford. On my return from Clough Hall wrote letter to Mr. Lister with a copy of the intended Navigation Report.


Friday 20. In the forenoon at home. Afterwards dined & staid all night at Betley Court. Miss Stamford & E. Roscoe, Emma & myself.  Met Dr. & Mrs. Northam & Mr. Twemlow of Peats Wood.


Saturday 21. Called at Betley Hall on our return home, & where we left Emma. Found Mr Vaughan at Linley Wood with whom went through the Minutes of the Committee, since the last General Assembly & other matters preparatory to the Meeting of the Committee& the General Assembly on Monday & Tuesday next.  Mr Vaughan dined, & returned in the Evening. Received letter from Mrs. Chetwynd , with but an indifferent account of Mr. C.


Sunday 22. At home. Service. A . Marsh arrived.


Monday 23. Went to Stone. Took Mr. Sparrow from Newcastle. Closely engaged all day on the Committee & being in the Chair.


Tuesday 24. At Stone. General Assembly. In the Chair. Returned at night. Found Miss Caroline Roscoe & Eliza Wedgwood.


Wednesday 25. At home. Closely engaged all day on Navigation Papers. Revised Minutes of the proceedings of the Committee & General Assembly, & sent the same by Post to Mr. Vaughan, in order that they might be transmitted to Mr. Chetwynd. Wrote also to him at Parkgate. In the evening also wrote to


Page 51. 1822  September


Dr. Holland relative to the Settlement. A toilsome & fatiguing day having had the pen in my hand the whole of it & being also much worried from the business of the two preceding days. In the forenoon Mr Thos. Hill arrived.


Thursday 26. At home. Engaged again on various papers.


Friday 27. Mr. Loyd the Barrister arrived to breakfast. Sent a letter from Dr. Holland, & one from myself to Mr. Wedgwood, requesting him when named as justice in the Settlement, by Eliz. Wedgwood who with Miss . left us at  noon today.


Saturday 28. At home on the Brewery Concerns in consequence of a Letter received last night from Wm. Bent. Took A. Marsh in the Gig & returned to dinner.


Sunday 29. At home. Service. Captain Powys called.


Monday 30. At home. Men busy carrying out & spreading Manure upon the Meadow. Engaged on various matters. Walked with A. Marsh & Ann on prospect Hill etc.




Tuesday 1. At home.  Eliza C. Roscoe & A. & A. Marsh went to Betley 


Wednesday 2. At home.  Mr Kinnersly & Capt. Powys dined, the latter staid all night. Capt. Powys went after breakfast.


Thursday 3. Closely engaged all day on the Dent.of the Settlement which I received from Mr. Delmar last night, & writing to him thereon. Sent the Papers to the office to go by the Morning Mail. Mr. Roscoe arrived at noon. A. Marsh & Stamford dined at Lawton Hall. At night very unwell from too great hurry & fatigue of Mind.


Friday 4. In the morning at home. Engaged on various papers etc. Afterwards dined at Miss Mortons, Eliza, E. Roscoe, Mr. Marsh & myself.  Met Miss Wedgwood, Miss Morgan, Dr. Northam, Revd. Mr. Mainwaring & Wm. Bent.


Saturday 5. At home. Engaged on various matters.


Sunday 6. At home. Service. After dinner Mr. Sherratt with Ann & Betsy arrived and at night Dr. Holland & his sister Betsey.


Page 52.  1822  October


Monday 7. At home. Confused & examined with Dr. Holland the two parts of the Settlement which he had brought along with him from London. Mr. Holland of Knutsford with Mrs. Holland,Mary & Lucy arrived to dinner. In the evening Mr. Holland & Dr. Holland executed the Bond of Settlement & Emma & I the latter.


Tuesday 8. At a little after nine o'clock proceeded to Audley Church the Party consisting of Mr. & Mrs. Holland, Mary, Lucy & Elizabeth Holland, Arthur Marsh & his wife, Mr. Roscoe & his wife, Elizabeth & Charlotte Wedgwood, Stamford, Mr. Sherratt, E. Caldwell, Dr. Holland, Emma & myself, when the ceremony was performed by Mr. Hichins & I gave the hand of my most dearly & tenderly beloved Emma to the Doctor.  Mr. Bradshaw called with whom I had a long conversation relative to the Bridgewater & Trent & Mersey Canals, & the projected Macclesfield Canal, the transport of which I promised to communicate to the . . . Committee. He was very obliging & communicative & I believe our interview was mutually satisfactory.


Wednesday 9. In the morning went to Cliffe Ville on the Lawton business, when Mr. Tomlinson showed me a letter from Mr. Jones affirming that he had maintained the Agreement which had been witheld to me at the time of the purchase.  My Indignation & astonishment as this most . . . & audacious . . . was more than I can . . .  No such argument ever having been mentioned to me at that time, nor was it was ever suggested. Later I called upon Mr. Jones relative to the Act of Parliament being applied for, . . . I can see if ever a copy was sent me by Mr. John Lawton on the 16 May 1821.Of all the shameful tricks that I ever known this is one of the most disgraceful, & I have no doubt with ultimately being . . . . . . . . . . . .upon all who are partners to it. Mr. Tomlinson wrote to Mr. Jones with a direct contradiction on my part of what he had stated. Returned to dinner.  In the evening Arthur Marsh & Stamford went to Mr. Kinnersly.


Thursday 10. Met Mr. Vaughan at Newcastle. Called upon Mr. Sparrow relative to 


Page 53.  1822  October


the Parish of Caldon Appeal Case, & the Admissions etc. From thence to Burslem  viewing the Wharf etc. & fixing the situation of the intended Crate shed.  From thence to Hanley viewing the Rail Road & intended allination of the same, and giving directions for Plans etc. . . . and busily engaged all day, & returned late to dinner & much fatigued. Found  Mr. Sherratt had returned home.


Friday 11. At home. Engaged on Navigation papers previous to attending Meeting of Select Committee tomorrow at Sandon. We this day parted with our two dear Daughters.  H. E. Roscoe his daughters & their dear children. The former returning with Mr. Roscoe to Liverpool, the Carriage taking them to Brereton Green & the latter with A. Marsh & the Children to London.


Saturday 12. Set off early to Sandon taking Mr. Thos. Sparrow from Newcastle & Mr. Vaughan from Stone. Engaged at Sandon all day attending Minutes of Select Committee.  Mr. Chetwynd attended, but though greatly recovered from his . . . . illness , yet still looking but very indifferently & appearing to require the utmost care & caution in regard to his future health. Returned at night after a long & fatiguing day.


Sunday 13. At home. Service. In the evening discharged William Dawson Coachman for great & misconduct, & directed him to leave the house immediately, which he accordingly did.


Monday 14. Miss Stamford with my two sisters set off to Southport. Mr. Beardmore paying his rent. Engaged on Navigation papers, Plans & preparatory to writing to Mr. Bradshaw. Called at the Red Bull Wharf to obtain an account of the Clay sent by the company's Boats from Rushton . . . to the Potteries.


Tuesday 15. Stamford set off to Knutsford Sessions. Closely Engaged on Navigation papers. Drawing Plans & Statement as to Macclesfield Canals etc.


Wednesday 16. In the morning engaged on various matters & the above papers. After dinner went to Stone on my way to attend the Sessions etc. at Stafford them being of the Parish of Caldon Appeal Cause taking Mr. Sparrow from Newcastle. In the evening engaged with Mr. Vaughan on Navigation Papers & matters.


Page 54.  1822  October


Thursday 17. Left Stone at 7 this morning taking Mr. Vaughan & Mr. Sparrow with me in the Carriage, & arrived at Stafford before eight. At a little before 9 attended consultation at Mr. Pierson's Lodgings.  Mr Pierson, Mr. . . . &  J.Caldwell all agreed in the strength of the Case. Afterwards attending Court & Hearing, when the court to the great surprise for . . .of Mr. . . . confirmed the Rate. Mr. Lane in the Chair. In a county which has been so highly . . .  by the Trent & Mersey Navigation, I could not but observe with regret so evident as hearing or indisposition against the Company as appeared to me to be evident on this occasion. Returned to Stone to a hasty dinner & from there home.


Friday 18. At home. Engaged in preparation previous to setting off to Southport tomorrow.


James Caldwell diary pinned into the diary at 18 October 1822 


Page 54a


Left home at half past seven.  Called at Mr. Hollands at Knutsford.  Dined at Ann . . . & arrived at Southport between 5 & 6, after a good Journey though the weather was showery.


Sunday 20. At Southport. In the morning  said prayers, & a sermon. Though the weather was unfavourable yet  I've got a walk upon the Sands which we found very fine & good, either for walking or riding, & the air mild & salubrious.


Monday 21. Weather still unfavourable, but . . . of on walking upon the sands. Engaged on Navigation papers. Wrote to Mr. Vaughan. Wrote also to Mr. Bellamy.


Page 54b.


Tuesday 22. Fine day. Long walk on the Sands in the morning and afterwards a Ride on Horseback having procured a horse from Barlow who keeps one of the Inns.  Fevered symptoms of a cold, & had . . . to my system of abstinence which I have found to be the test . . . on such occasions.


Wednesday 23. In the House all day. Employed on Navigation Papers.


Thursday 24. Cold better. Wrote to Mr. Kinnerly, Newcastle. Mr. . .  Derby & Mr. John Wilson of Newcastle. Employed also on Navigation Papers. At night received a Basket from Mr. Vaughan containing a Hare and a brace of fine carp.


Page 54c.


Friday 25.  Wrote long letters to Mr. Vaughan. Engaged on Navigation Papers. Rode on Horse back on the Shore. Long conversation with a person that I met with, & she appeared to be intelligent & . . .  Southport belongs to the Family of . . .& . . .      The property has been divided, & some of the Houses belonging to one family, others, to the other. They are for the most part built upon Land for 3 homes. It has an appearance of being on a crossing place. The surrounding . .   are chiefly Fishermen. They are handy & long lived. Their  Diet almost entirely Potatoes & Buttermilk. The fish chiefly taken is Plaice, Cod, Flakes & now & then Turbot & shark is and to . .  very fine. The Cod also appears to be very grand. Manchester & Liverpool


Page 54d


with the chief markets. The former takes the fish of any description. They take the Cod with lines sometimes a Mile & a half in length, which are . . . the sand with Hooks at a foot or a foot& a half apart, baited with small flakes or another fish & which being persuaded with cockle flesh as the rising tide. The fishermen get 1/- a piece for the whole catch the


. . . catching the chance of their being great or Small.


Saturday 26. After breakfast took a long ride upon the shore. On my return received a letter from Mr. Bent, informing me that they had made an arrangement for Sale of the Plans and the Shrewsbury Brewery.  Instantly made my . . . acquaintance thereon.


Sunday 27. The weather being particularly fine took a long Ride again upon the shore. Eliza with Ann 


Page 54e


& Betsy went to Church.  Miss Stamford being prevented by a cold which she has been suffering from ever since we came. On my action from received a second letter from Rowland Bent with the melancholy intelligence of the death of Sir John Heathcote who had been suffered with Apoplexy on Thursday later, died the day following about 4o'clock in the  morning. No . . . was to . .     great than unexpected. Wrote however to Rowland Bent immediately & offering to . . .    by this sudden change. In the evening walked out upon the shore, & afterwards read prayers as usual.


Monday 28. Engaged on Navigation Papers. Rode out . . . on Horseback. In the evening we all dined . . . Mr. . . . Mr. & Mrs. . . . & Miss Robinson.


Page 54f.


& two Miss . . .


Tuesday 29. Rode out on the South Sands on horseback with Betsey. A very fine Ride it being high Tide & the . . .


Wednesday 30. Engaged on papers. Rode on Horseback. In the evening Mr. & Mrs. . . . & two Miss . . . drank Tea with us.


Thursday 31. Rode out again. Afterwards walked bathed in the warm Bath.




Friday 1.  Rode out. Afterwards bathed.


Saturday 2. Set off on our return home.  Eliza, Betsey & I in our Carriage.  Ann accompanying Miss Stamford in hers.  Called on the Hollands at Knutsford & arrived at home to dinner, Mr. & Mrs. Tollet did not . . .


Page 55.  (no entry)


Page 56.


Saturday 2. Arrived at home from Southport about half past five.


Sunday 3. At home. Service. Rowland Bent dined. No letter arriving from Mr. . . . in reply to the one written to him from Southport, we determined to go to Derby tomorrow in order to be in readiness to do whatever might be proper in respect to the . . . said to have been levied by Bannisters & to make an Entry for avoiding the same of  necessary.


Monday 4. Miss Stamford , Eliza & I set off to Derby where we arrived between 2 & 3 o'clock. Immediately called upon Mr. . . .  He said that he had been absent from home upon a Commission, that he had returned only on Thursday, was so ill with a violent headache on Friday that he could not write that day , but that he had written in reply to my letter on Saturday last. Said there was another Claimant of the name of William Harrison by whom an Ejectment had been delivered, but that he thought the claim so confounded, if it was the person on who he believed it to be that he should not have thought worth while to trouble us with any mention of it.  Said that he had intended appearances to be continual. That on his return home from whence he was just then setting off to go again upon the Commission, he would investigate the Claim & let me know the result. That no person of the name of Harrison could make out any claim. He said that on search being made it did not appear there any time had been levied by Barristers or any of the Harrisons. Which he had himself searched when in London on January last.  Afterwards called with Eliza & Miss Stamford at Mr. Joseph Strutts, but as we found they were just going to dinner we did not stop to see them.


Tuesday 5. Called upon Mr. Porter who said that he had ordered appearances to be entered & for greater certainty, had desired the Agents to acknowledge the receipt of his Letter, in order that there might be time to write again if necessary. Said the present Claimant was one of the persons who had set up a claim before, but what I hear his Solicitor had abandoned it, but that he was . . . got into other hands. Confirmed what Mr. . . . stated suspecting no . . .  having . . . by Bannisters or the Harrisons.


Page 57. 1822  November


Afterwards called at Dr. Thomas Bents where Eliza & Miss Stamford had gone whilst I called upon Mr. Porter. Saw two Miss Bents & the Doctor.  Left Derby & arrived at home about 5 o'clock.


Wednesday 6. At Longton attending Funeral of the late Sir John Heathcote, who was this day interred at Lane End.  I had known Sir John  upwards of 40 years & since the Shrewsbury Concern have had much communication with him. I always experienced much anxiety for him, & do not recollect that a single unpleasant word ever passed between us. Throughout the partnership, which was considered more trying from it being unsuccessful he always behaved handsomely, candidly and well. He was much looked up to by the populous neighbourhood in which he lived, & was I understood charitable and kind to all about him. He died very suddenly of Apoplexy at about four o'clock on Friday morning 25th of October, having been seized only about noon the day before & for which time he remained quite insensible. He was in his    year. The Pall Bearers were Revd. Mr. Butt, Mr. Sparrow, Mr. Caldwell &Mr. Conway on the left and Mr. Wedgwood of Mare, Mr. F. Twemlow, Mr. Kinnersly & Mr. Tollet on the right.  The Crowd of People was very great.  Returned home between 3 & 4.  By this evenings Post I received a Letter from  Mr. . . . , but as it is without date, & the Post mark is No.4, I cannot help suspecting from these & their circumstances, that it was not written till after I had seen him on the Monday last. Had it been written on Saturday, it ought to have been him on Monday or Tuesday at the very latest.


Thursday 7. At home. Sent the Carriage to Newcastle for Mrs. Bent & her 3 daughters who came to dinner. Engaged on the Farm etc.


Page 58. 1822  November


Friday 8. Called upon Mr. Penlington at Rode Heath in consequence of a Message received from him yesterday, he heavily confined to his room.. Appointed to meet Mr. Sherratt of Sandbach tomorrow to look at Mr. Darlington's Mortgage Account etc. & . . . about the payment of Money due to Mr. . . .   Arranged Navigation papers previous to seeing Mr. Vaughan tomorrow.


Saturday 9. Mr. Vaughan came early this morning with whom engaged on Navigation business a long time. Afterwards went to Rode Heath & met with Mr. Sherratt, whom he promised to speak to Mr. Darlington about advancing the Money wanted by Mr. Penlington.  The weather which has been somewhat mild & fine, for sometime past & accordingly changed & become cold & dry. In the forenoon Mr. & Mrs. Bent returned to Newcastle.


Sunday 10.  In the night much rain.


Monday 11. Set off this morning to Stone & took Mr. Thos. Sparrow from Newcastle. Engaged all day & till late at night attending on Select Committee. Mr. Chetwynd, Mr. Lister, Mr. Webb & myself, but Mr. Webb went in the evening .


Tuesday 12. Engaged again on Committee this morning & returned home to dinner.


Wednesday 13. Went with Miss Stamford & Eliza to Mare Hall to stay a couple of days.


Thursday 14. At Mare Hall.  Engaged with Mr. Wedgwood etc.


Friday 15. Returned from Mare Hale. Went from Newcastle to attend the Election of a Surgeon to the North Staffordshire Infirmary, when Mr. T.G. Coombes was elected by a considerable majority. Mr. Sparks Partner of the late Mr. Bentley & Mr. Wm. . . . was the other Candidate. Returned home to dinner .


Saturday 16. At home. Engaged on various matters. 


Sunday 17. At home. Service.


Monday 18. At home. Mr. Chetwynd came to LinleyWood, Mr. Jos. Wedgwood, Mr. Jos. Wedgwood Junr. Mr.Kinnersly & Mr. Thos. Sparrow dined.  The two Mr. Wedgwood's staid all night.


Tuesday 19. Engaged with Mr. Chetwynd on Navigation Concerns etc. etc. Mr. & Mrs. F. Twemlow & Dr. & Mrs. Northam dined. The former staid all night.  When walking about this morning & patiently in the flower Gardens the smoke from Mr. Martins Engine, was very offensive


Page 59.


and noticed by Mr. Chetwynd who pronounced the Engine an . . . nuisance.


Wednesday 20. After breakfast Mr. Chetwynd & Mr. & Mrs. Twemlow left us. Took the former in the Carriage to Newcastle on his return home.


Thursday 21. In the morning Mr. Wedgwood of Bignall End paying £4000 further part of principal due on Bond & Mortgage. Mrs. Percival & Miss M. Twemlow of Sandbach called. Afterwards went to Newcastle taking Eliza in the Carriage & paid the . . . money & also the Interest received from Mr. Wedgwood into Kinnersly's hands , with directions to lay out £3500 in Exchequer Bills.


Friday 22. At home. Not well & the weather being wet & stormy, in the House all day.


Saturday 23. Mr. Gilbert Engineer called relative to the proposed lines of the Canal from Shetford & . . . to Hope Green with the Plan. Much conversation with him relative to the share & of which I made mention whilst was here.


Sunday 24. At home. At home. Service.


Monday 25. Called at Longton when I left my Card, Mr. Heathcote being out.  On my return called at Mr. Tomlinson's, but he was not at home. Called also at the Brewery. Went with Wm. Bent to Mr. Ward's relative to the Sale of the Salopian Brewery to Mr. Heathcote, who had proposed that it should be valued by 2 indifferent persons. Called with Wm. Bent at Mr. Penton's Office relative to the . . . of . . . Mortgage, & to have extended the same but the alterations in the Deed . . . not been made. Returned to dinner. This morning Daniel . . . came upon trial as Coachman.  If he staid agreed for £20 a year wages.


Tuesday 26. At home.  Mrs. Wedgwood of Mare Hall & Elizabeth came to Linley Wood to stay a few days.  Jos. & . . . came to dinner & staid all night.  Unwell myself.


Wednesday 27. At home. Jos. Wedgwood & Wm. Bent dined. Engaged in the morning on sundry matters. Men busy draining in the Hollins ground.


Thursday 28. Mr. Morris of Lawton relative to the Cut made into the Canal at his Wharf in . . ., when he promised to make up the same if required by the Company, he requested me to go down & look at the frames & which I promised to do so before the next Meeting of the Select Committee. Engaged on Letters & papers relating to Swallow Moor Title etc. previous to seeing Mr. Tomlinson


Page 60. 1822  November


to conclude upon the Steps necessary to be taken for or consequence of a reply being sent to the Letter which he had written to Mr. Charles Lawton requiring a performance of the agreements for retaining an Act of Parliament & the completion of the Title.


Friday 29. Called upon Mr. Henshall Moss, Red Street, & agreed for Tiles for Mr. Holland of Knutsford.  Afterwards called at Red Bull Wharf to enquire about the Carriage.


Saturday 30. At home. Engaged on various papers.




Sunday 1. At home.  Service.


Monday 2. Mr. & Mrs. Wedgwood left us. Engaged on papers relative to the Lawton Tithe previous to calling upon Mr. Tomlinson tomorrow. Went to Red Bull Wharf & gave directions for sending Mr. Richard . . . to Wineham Wharf by that Canal.


Tuesday 3. Went to Cliffe Ville.  Saw Mr. Tomlinson when after again expressing mutual indignation at the paperwork advanced by Mr. Jones & the ill treatment which I experienced from the Tithe not being complicated & the Act of Parliament appeared for . . . to the Agreement, it was concluded that Mr. Tomlinson should again write to Mr. Charles Lawton, as to my being  nominated a Trustee under the Will of the late Mrs. Stedman & showed him the . . . of a Mortgage which I had received fro Mr. Lockett, when he recommended my . . . & Dr. . . . of the Trust & . . . a Release. On my return called at the Brewery, & afterwards met Rowland Bent who had been at Linley Wood to inform me that Mr. Heathcote had finally purchased the Salopian Brewery. My share of the hops, over & above £1500 given up before, will be about £700. So much for the Breweries into which I was . . . by the late Mr. Bent.  Wm.Richard . . . & others coursing on Shaw's ground From . . . together coursed & . . . the Hare on my grounds close to the Terrace.  . . . though I gave him repeated notice not to come up on my Land persisted, & pitched away the House.  These then had two or three I . . . on other . . . & a . . . of people to consider.


Page 61. 1822  December


Wednesday 4. Wrote to Mr. Lockett of Congleton & returned the Dent. & abstract which I had received from him in Mrs. Stedmans Affairs & proposed to disclaim the Trust. Mr. Ford called making excuses for what took place yesterday. Afterwards saw Mr. Benjamin Eardley, who said that they would send Notices to Ford & Washington & then Mr. Baddeleys . . . to some upon Mr. Heathcote's Lands. Eliza & Miss Stamford went to Wheelock, & called upon Mrs. . . Arrived this Morning a Letter from Mr. . . . with the agreeable intelligence that he had settled & finished the whole of


the Legacy Dates examining . . . on Mrs. Tollets Affairs, and that a Release of the Trustees of the  Will might now be executed to Mr.Hill & myself.


Thursday 5. Wrote to Mr. . . .  Engaged on Navigation Papers, particularly those relating to Macclesfield Canal & making observations thereon previous to seeing Mr. Vaughan tomorrow.  At night a great storm of wind & Rain.


Friday 6. In the night the storm increased to great violence afterwards 20 panes of glass were broken in the different Rooms, 7 large Fir Trees on the top of the wood were blown down & among others broke to pieces.  I observed that the Birch trees, which from there big . . . might have been expected to have escaped had suffered severely.  The wind which came from the North west was quite terrific, and much mischief was done in the neighbourhood, but I have not learned of any lives being lost. Three Men who were sleeping in the same Room at . . . Coopers the . . . had a very narrow escape. A  Chimney having been blown down which forced its way through the Roof, & fell into the Room where they were.  A considerable part on the bed of one of them, but he escaped with only a light bruise. Mr. Vaughan arrived about 12 o'clock, with whom  closely engaged on Navigation business. We went to Butterton & met Mr. Morris looking at the Cut made by the Cistern  into the Canal. On our return engaged again on Navigation papers etc. Mr. Vaughan dined & staid all night.


Saturday 7. This morning engaged on my papers. After Mr. Vaughan left us, I went down again to look at Mr. Morris's cut, & afterwards called upon him, when he said that he would have it to much to settle the matter with the Company called also on Mr. Penlington.  Sent the Cart to Betley Hall, with two foreign birds of the Goose . . .  which had arrived by the Canal last night at Red Bull Wharf for Mr. Tollet


Page 62.  1822  December


Sunday 8. At home. Service.  Wm. & Rowland dined. Just heard of the improper behaviour of Thos. Lowe.


Monday 9. Sent to Mr. Boardman with the above conversation on the subject. Charge denied by Mr. Lowe & in consequence there be further enquiries necessary.


Tuesday 10.  Rode down to Alsager & looked upon the damage done by the late storm at the Oak Farm. Chimney blown down. Roof of Stables injured & some healthy large Poplars blown down. Went afterwards to Parkfields to dinner with Miss Stamford & Eliza, Mr. & Mrs. . . .Jos. Wedgwood & Mrs. Grocott. Staid all night. 


Wednesday 11. Returned from Parkfields home to dinner. Some frost.


Thursday 12. At home. Frost. Navigation Bill.


Friday 13. At home. Mr. Rowland Bent with letter which he had received from Miss's Daintry & Royle . . . that their Account might be discharged this Quarter.  The Balance R.B. stated to be about £2,400. He said that they should be able to raise their share of the money & I promised to pay my proportion any day when called upon. Sleat.


Saturday 14. Went to Mr. Wedgwood on the late . . . & Yoxalls business & sent a copy of the Account which had been stated by Mr. Garnett & myself for his approval. Went to Alsager & fixed with Mr. Edwards the payment of the money due on my Bond £800 for the 23 inst. Observed several trees which had been blown down by the late Storm. Stamford arrived to dinner. Dined with Marsh.


Sunday 15. At home.  Service.


Monday 16. Severe Frost. At Newcastle attending meeting for assessed Taxes at the Roebuck & other matters. Rode on horseback & returned to dinner. Saw Mr. Tomlinson who said he had not yet received any answers to his last letter to Mr. Charles Lawton, but we thought it proper to wait a short time longer.


Tuesday 17. Went to Stone. Took Mr. Sparrow from Newcastle. Closely engaged all day on the Select Committee.


Wednesday 18. Engaged again on Select Committee. On my way home called at the Brewery. Also met Mr. Wards & Mr. . . .   At the latter place executed . . .Partner of the late Mr. Bent & Co an . . .  of a . . .


Page 63.  1822  December


for £80, the money being then paid to Mr. Rowland Bent, who was along with me.


Thursday 19. At home. On the Farm, & harassed with the provoking business of Thomas Lowe, thinking it right to part with him, as he took no steps or showed any  anxiety to clear himself. In the evening spoke to him again.


Friday 20. After talking to Thos. Lowe again this morning in the presence of Mr. Beardmore & obtaining no satisfaction, I settled & paid him his wages to Christmas next & discharged him.. Wrote to Mr. Chetwynd on Navigation business & also to Mr. Vaughan. Rode out on horseback & engaged on the Farm. In my absence Mrs Antrobus of Congleton called.


Saturday 21. Engaged correcting & copying Minutes of the last meeting of the Select Committee to be sent to Mr. Vaughan for insertion in the Book.  Afterwards went to Mr. Morris' to have spoken to him relative to the Cut into the Canal, but he was not at home. Mild Frost.


Sunday 22. In the morning Mr. Vaughan on his way into Cheshire on occasion of an attempt having been made to let out the Canal at Dutton by some Persons who had cut the Towing path through as far as the Water edge, on every enquiry into the facts & call upon me on his return tomorrow. Afterwards Service.


Monday 23. At Newcastle fetching from Miss Kinnersley the Money to discharge the principal & Interest due on my Bond to Mr. Charles Edwards & which I afterwards paid to him at Linley Wood, which he & his Son William Edwards came to receive it.  Mr. Vaughan, who I expected to dinner, did not arrive.  Stamford went to Cheadle.


Tuesday 24. Mr. Vaughan who breakfasted at Linley Wood on his return out of Cheshire, & with whom engaged relative to the bank at Dutton & on other Navigation business a considerable time. Afterwards went to Nantwich with Eliza & arrived to dinner at Dysant Buildings. Miss Stamford having gone before us.  Hard Frost.


Wednesday 25. At Nantwich. Stamford came in the morning & brought letter from Lord Bridgewater relative to the proposed Division of the Trent & Mersey Navigation . . . Mrs. Clarkson & Miss Mainwaring came to tea & staid the Evening. In the morning Mr. John Garnett called relative to the old Account between the Executors of the late Mr. Wedgwood & Miss . . .& Yoxall, which he paid to settle previous to my leaving Nantwich.


Page 64. 1822  December.


Thursday 26. Engaged on the subject of Lost Burgesses Letter & writing long Reply to his Lordship. Afterwards dined at Mr. Sherratt's, Mrs. Clarkson & Miss Mainwaring & two Miss Garnett came to Tea. In the morning Mr. . . .  & Mr. Joseph Salmon called. Stamford who had been at Mr. . . returned to Linley Wood.


Friday 27. Called with Mr. Sherratt at Mr. Garnett's Bank & finally I received for Mr. Wedgwood's Executors the balance of this long & troublesome Account.  The frost had now become very severe but notwithstanding I rode out on horseback to look at the improvements made on the Chester Turnpike Road, which I found in excellent order.


Saturday 28. Called upon Mr. . . . & Mr. Joseph Salmon. The Cold & Frost very severe but rode again on Horseback to look at Rees Heath, which appears to be greatly improved.  On my return met Mr. Henry Tomlinson.  Weather still more severe, there being a strong carting wind.


Sunday 29. This morning Eliza & I left our dear & hospitable friends, as I was obliged to attend the Navigation Meeting at Stone tomorrow, but for which I felt very unfit being . . . with a severe Cold. Arrived at home to Dinner.


Monday 30. Though very unwell, went early to Stone attending the Meeting of the Committee, to consider of the proposed Division of the Shares. Lord Harrowby in the Chair. Much discussion & Difference of Opinion as to the expediency of the . . ., when the question was raised to the General Assembly namely whether instead of the Shares being absolutely divided by the intended Bill power only should be . . .for . . . & empowering a Division to be made in case it should hereafter be thought of . . . & be mentioned by two General Assemblies. At this meeting it was proposed & unanimously agreed to when I was not present then the all . . . to me shall be . . .to 300 Guineas a year. This, as Lord Harrowby was pleased express it, not in the least in the way of


Page 65. 1822  December


remuneration of my services in which case they must have taken in widely different scale of compensation, but mainly as consternation of various current expenses that I must necessary be put to. Lord Harrowby, when we parted took occasion to enquire very obligingly after Emma. Returned in the Evening but much fatigued with the journey & business of the day. The weather very severe. Before coming away I paid Mr. Wedgwood the money that I had received on . . . & Youalls business from Mr. Garnett.


Tuesday 31. At home. In the morning engaged with Mr. Smith Star Printer, who came over for the purpose with the Copy of the Resolution of the Committee & giving him instructions for printing the same also on Advertisement which I had purchased relative to the mischief done at Doulton. Stamford returned from Mare Hall where he went on Monday. Severe frost, & confined to the House by my cold. The Robins took shelter in the House.


Page 66.  1823


January 1. Wednesday. At home. Engaged all morning on Navigation business, relating to the Earl of Bridgewater etc.  Received the proofs from Mr. Smith of the circular Letter to the . . .& the Advertisement relative to the . . .at Doulton Dane, which I can etc. & returned for printing. Afterwards settling & balancing last year's Cash Account. The weather extremely severe.


Thursday 2. At home. Mr. Vaughan on Navigation business & arranged with him the sending out of the Restrictions etc. etc.  In the last night the weather had changed to Rain. Mr. Lockett of Congleton with Deed of Disclaimer of the Trust under the Will of the late Mr. Stedman, which I executed. On Mr. Locketts mentioning the Alsager . . .  I told him that I did not choose to say whether I had or had not the Deed of Conveyance from Lord Brereton to Col. Egerton, nor I did think it a fair question & he asked as the Deed might have relation to other Parties hereto myself.


Friday 3. Went to Stoney  field with Eliza, on annual Settlement of Brewing Accounts & engaged thereon the rest of the day. The weather is now changed.


Saturday 4. Finished the Accounts which proved satisfactory, and gave me reason to hope for much satisfaction in the Commission with William & Rowland Bent, whose industry & activity and good conduct cannot be too much commended. It was regarded at my suggestion to change the Farm from Wm. Bent & Co. to Wm. R. Bent & Co. chiefly for the sake of distinction. Returned home to dinner.


Sunday 5. At home. Service. In the evening received a letter again from Lord Bridgewater.


Monday 6. At home. Engaged on Navigation papers & business.


Tuesday 7. The same. Frost.


Wednesday 8. Wrote long letter to Lord Bridgewater stating the heads of the Bill etc.  In the evening letter from Mr. Lister to which wrote in Reply.


Thursday 9. Went to Newcastle, & engaged closely all morning at Mr. Pentrose Office, with him Mr. Heaton examining company with the vouchers & . . . the Commissions Accounts relative to the Measure of Newcastle Town fields, and which were . . . to . . .Recorded under the Act of Parliament.


Page 67.  January  1823


Friday 10. Went to Stoke. Met Mr.Vaughan, Mr. Potter & Mr. Fenton pursuant to appointment viewing Stoke Bridge & fixing the alterations & improvements to be made.  Afterwards to greet Fenton, accompanied by Mr. Booth, Mr. Baker & Mr. Spode & Mr. . . . with the . . . former . . . & Mr. C. Mr. P. & Mr. F. surveyed the Rail Road etc. with a view to ascertain the . . . of a gutter being made under the same to convey the .. . .water into the Canal.  Afterwards viewed the two Bridges at Shelton & connecting with Mr.Fenton, Mr. Vaughan & Mr. Potter the alterations & improvements which they stand in need of. Out all day.  Houghton & his daughter who we expected today did not come.


Saturday 11. At home. Engaged on various Papers, Letters etc. Afterwards rode out on horseback. Fine Frost.


Sunday 12.  At home. Service.


Monday 13. At home. Engaged on various papers,Navigation etc.


Tuesday 14. At home. Engaged on the intended Navigation Bill, & sent down by Miss Dorrington & Son. Wrote to Mr. Charles Lawton relative to the completion of the Tithes to Swallow Moor etc. & sent the Letter to Lawton Hall by Daniel . . . who said that he delivered it to Mr. Charles Lawton himself.


Wednesday 15. At home. Engaged on various matters. Snow. Stamford came from Chester Sessions to dinner, & afterwards set off to Chester.


Thursday 16. At home. Engaged all morning on Navigation Papers, perusing & considering them preparatory to the General Assembly, making minutes of business etc. etc.  Before dinner, walked to the Hollins to view the line of new Road from there to Linley Lane.


Friday 17. At home. Private Accounts. Miss Stamford with Ann & Betsy went to Newcastle. Rode out on horseback.


Saturday 18.  At home. Engaged again on the Navigation Bill. Afterwards engaged with Mr. Vaughan, who called at Linley Wood on Navigation Business.


Sunday 19. At home. Service.


Monday 20. At home. Engaged again all morning on Navigation papers & business.  In the evening second letter from Mr. Birch Hollinshead requesting me to . . .in of his Shares against the proposed dimensions.


Page 68. 1823  January


Tuesday 21. I this day completed the 64 years of my age.


Wednesday 22. Went early to Stone. Took Mr. Sparrow & Mr. Simpson of Birmingham in the Carriage from Newcastle, very . . . & respectable General Assembly, Mr. Egerton of Tatton who came purposely, Mr. Littleton . . .  by there I was unceremoniously called to the Chair. From an anxiety to prevent the . . .of dissension & the abstracts that might be shown in the way of the intended Bill.  I . . . the business over . . .with Mr. Lister, who in consequence consented to walk over the proposed . . . of which he accordingly did in a very candid & handsome manner.  I . . . to the great relief & satisfaction of all present as the day afterwards went off with the greatest harmony. Returned at night bringing Mr. Chetwynd with Mr. Sparrow to Newcastle, & found Mr. Sherratt at Linley Wood.


Thursday 23. Closely engaged the whole of the day in Letter writing particularly to Lord Bridgewater, & to the . . . , whose promise I hold in . . . them of the . . . of the meeting at Stone yesterday. In the Evening Stamford set off to London.


Friday 24. Set off early to Green Man Inn, where closely & laboriously engaged all day at a Deputy Lieutenancy Meeting, securing Militia Lists, hearing appeals etc.etc. Mr. Davenport & myself Returned late to dinner.


Saturday 25. At home. Engaged again on Navigation business. Wrote to Mr. Lister etc. Still severe frost.


Sunday 26. At home. Service. Engaged with Thos. Edwards to continue on his plans at £16 to be found in his own banking.


Monday 27. At home. Discharged George Deane the Gardener. Engaged with Mr. Skerrett. Severe Stormy Day. In the evening appearance of a .  .


Page 69. 1823  January


Tuesday 28. After breakfast Mr. Skerrett left us, taking the Carriage to Sandbach.  Afterwards engaged on Tradesmen Rolls etc. previous to going to Newcastle tomorrow.  Fine snow.


Wednesday 29. Went to Newcastle. Eliza & Betsy along with me. Attending at the Roebuck  Mr. Kinnersley attending Dep. Lieutenancy Meeting which I had been adjourned to this day, from Trentham Inn, to give further time for examining Militia Lists etc. Afterwards discharging Tradesmen Rolls in Newcastle.  Returned to dinner. Rain & rapid thaw.


Thursday 30. At home. Engaged on various matters, Farm etc. etc.  Frost rapidly disappearing. In the evening copying Minutes of proceedings of the last General Assembly for entry in the Book & writing therewith to Mr. Vaughan.




Saturday 1. At home.  Engaged again upon the Nav. Bill, Drawing further Clauses etc.  Wrote to Mr. Chetwynd & Mr. Lister.


Sunday 2. At home. Service.


Monday 3. At home. Engaged on Navigation Papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow.


Tuesday 4. Set off early to Stone taking Mr. Sparrow from Newcastle. Closely engaged on Select Committee the whole of the day, and then later in the Evening the Parliamentary business taking up much time & requiring great attention. The alterations which I have made in the Bill were approved & it was sent to Mr. Harrison to peruse & settle.


Wednesday 5. Again engaged on the Committee & afterwards returned home to dinner. Frost again severe.


Thursday 6. Weather this morning very stormy and severe. Ann & Betsy who had proposed setting off to Nantwich agreed to prolong their stay , to which they had consented last night. Engaged all morning letter writing & Navigation etc. Wrote to Mr. Pointon . . . to Tatton Park Colliery.


Friday 7. At home. Engaged on various matters & papers. Looking over sundry Acts of Parliament to afresh me on farming or Clause relative to the Select Committee expenses etc.


Page 70. 1823  February


Saturday 8. At home. Again engaged on Navigation Papers , Acts of Parliament etc.


Sunday 9. At home. Service. Thaw.


Monday 10. In the night much rain & the snow going fast. Went to Newcastle to meet Mr. Fenton relative to the Navigation Company's granting power to the Fenton Park Colliery Co. to make a gutter under the Rail Road at Fenton for the purpose of discharging their Mine water into the Canal.  Long conversation with Mr. Fenton & with whom I  left a copy of sundry minutes which I had made relative to this himself.  Long conversation also with Mr. Fenton relative to the alterations & improvement of Stoke & Shelton Bridges the particulars of which he said that he would communicate to the Trustees of the Roads at their next meeting.  Saw also at Mr. Fenton's office Mr. John Bateman with whom had a conversation relative to the intended Reservoir in Shrewsbury Valley, when he said that he had written to me at length upon the subject by Mr. Potter with this . . . upon which his Father would consent to the Bill. Returned home to dinner, but the Roads miserably wet and dirty. This being Fair day at Newcastle, I understood that fat cattle had . . . so much so  P. for H.


Tuesday 11. At home. Engaged on Navigation Papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow.


Wednesday 12. Went to Stone early taking Mr. Sparrow. Closely engaged all day on the Select Committee.


Thursday 13. Engaged again on the Committee. Returned home to dinner. Found a letter from Mr. Chas. Lawton.


Friday 14. At home. Engaged on  Navy Papers. Answered Mr. Chas. Lawton's letter. Mr. Vaughan came to breakfast with whom engaged looking over the papers which he was to . . . on & by whom I wrote to Mr. Chetwynd asking to meet him at Wolsley Bridge on Monday on our way to town.


Saturday 15. At Newcastle attending Turnpike Meeting. Returned to dinner & engaged all evening on propositions for my Journey to London also engaged on the Lawton Papers etc.


Sunday 16. At home. Read papers. Wrote again to Mr. Chas. Lawton. Mr. Bent arrived to dinner.


Page 71. 1823  February


Monday 17. Set off to London. Reached Wolsley Bridge between 10 & 11.  Mr. Chetwynd came soon after. Left Wolsley Bridge about 11 & reached Towcaster where we dined & slept, about half past 7.


Tuesday 18. Set off at 8 & got to London about 4, taking up our abode at Mr. . . . Westminster.


Wednesday 19. Began on the Navigation Commission the particulars of which are entered in the Minutes, & from which we had not the least . . . not going over to any public place or other . . ., but devoting our whole time & thoughts to the Bill, & which continued to Monday the 3rd of March when we determined to return . . . , as the Bill could not go into a Committee till after the Holidays.


Page 72.  Blank Page


[note that Thursday 20th February 1823 to Monday 3rd March 1823 do not appear in this sequence]


Page 73. 1823  March


Tuesday 4. Mr. Chetwynd.  His son George & I left London, miserably ill myself with depressed spirits & arrived that night at Dunchurch where we slept.


Wednesday 5. In the evening arrived at Linley Wood the only resting place in which I can ever hope to enjoy the smallest portion of comfort during what . . . to me of life. The malady so fatal to my family seizes me with irresistable  violence, and senseless this goodly form of nature and the world, many stale, flat & . . . to me. One guardian Spirit only, one Angel in a woman's form hovers around me with unchanging tenderness, and softens the . . . that would otherwise overpower me.


Thursday 6. Miserably ill.,but compelled to exert myself in writing Navigation letters etc.  Miss Stamford set off to Birmingham in the morning.  Sent a special Messenger with a letter to Mr. Bateman at King . . . Heath but he was set off to London.


Friday 7. The same, and again engaged in Latter writing & Navigation business.


Saturday 8. The same, but busily engaged on Navigation & other business.


Sunday 9. In the morning engaged with Mr. Rob. Heath considering and settling Mining Clauses in the Navigation Bill & filling up the blanks as to the dimensions & distances of the Gateways Average etc. etc.  Rowland Bent to dinner.  In the evening prayers as usual.


Monday 10. Set off early to Stone taking Mr. Sparrow from Newcastle, and closely engaged all day on the Select Committee & till eleven at night, there being many Letters wrote & much extra  trouble occasioned by the monstrous Clause (for I can call it nothing less), proposed by Lord Shaftesbury for expecting the powers in the original Navigation Acts enabling the Company to take the Waters for the supply of the Canal.


Tuesday 11. Again engaged closely on the Committee Bill & was . . .Returned home to dinner greatly fatigued and much doubting whether to entertain or . . . the . . . & troublesome situation of Chairman.


Page 74. 1823  March


Wednesday 12. At home. Engaged on various papers all morning. Afterwards rode on Horseback to Alsager Heath.


Thursday 13. At home. Engaged on Navigation & other papers, particularly the affairs of the late Mrs. Tollet & making abstract of the Mortgage Deed to send to Mr. . . .  Mr. Kinnersly called relative to the Mining Clauses intended to be . . . and into the Navigation Bill now in Parliament but conversation with . . .  Began draining in Linley Meadow.


Friday 14. At home. Engaged on Navigation & other papers. Mr. Sparrow, Mr. Potter & Mr. Vaughan called on Navigation business & particularly relative to the communication with Mr. Kinnersly.  At night the gouty symptoms from which I had been suffering for some days past, the consequence of too much hurry both of mind & body, considerably incensed & soon after going to bed I was for a short time very ill, but relieved the Gout settling in my right hand.  I received other  Evening a letter from Lord Bridgewater including an explanation from Lord Shaftesbury of the Water Clause.


Saturday 15. Being unwell but obliged to exert myself.  Wrote Letter to to Lord Bridgewater, afterwards went to Newcastle persuant to appointment to the . .& consider with Mr. Fenton the Deal of the Fenton Colliery Mine Water Agreement with the Navigation Co. also the clause intended to be introduced into the Bill . . . in Parliament for altering the Shelton Canal, as to the other . . . of the two Bridges charter as of the Canal & the proportion to be born by the Company of the future references of such Bridges. Also to . . . settle the Clause on the Bill for the alteration of the Darlaston & . . . Road & the trunk Road to Linley Lane & settling with Mr. Fenton the Clause relative to the Course of such branch though Mr. Shaw's land & mine & as approved by Mr. Shaw & the Ironstone of the Road at this Meeting. Returned to dinner. In the Evening Letter from Lord Granville.


Page 75. 1823  March


Sunday 16. At home. Service.


Monday 17. Engaged on papers on the affairs of Mrs. Tollet, wrote Letter to Mr. Prickett to whom I this morning sent for . . . Re . . . which had been perused by Mr. . . . & an . . . of the Mortgage for securing £14000 . . .Afterwards engaged on Navigation papers previous to setting off to Stone. Went to Stone to dinner taking Mr. Sparrow from Newcastle & engaged on the Select Committee till late at night. Sent Letter to Lord Bridgewater with a Plan and explanatory observations as to the Waters, which I had prepared . . . consequence of which had taken place with Lord Shaftesbury.


Tuesday 18. Up early drawing a Resolution to be submitted to the Committee relative to the late proceedings satisfactory the Poor Rate Clause. Afterwards closely engaged on the Committee, whom the Resolutions unanimously approved & . . . to be sent to the People. Returned home at night.


Wednesday 19. Much fatigued & far from well. Late engaged at the Desk on Navigation business from half past ten in the morning to past four in the afternoon without once stirring from my seat writing Letters to Lords Harrow Grenville & Bridgewater, sending Copies of the Plan & observations to accompany the . . . etc. etc.etc.


Thursday 20. Early this morning constructed & sent the copy of the Resolution . . .on Tuesday to Mr. Smith Newcastle with instructions for printing the same.  Wrote to Mr. Rob. Fenton Newcastle relation to the population of my . . . & agreed to be . . .by the Company of the future . . . of the intended Bridges over the Canal at . . . the Caldon Canal & . . . the plan of the Roads relative to the Fenton Park Coking Co. business.  Wrote and sent answers to Navigation Letters received from Mr. Davenport of Longport, Mr. Bateman. Mr. Edward Simpson & Mrs. Finch.  Eliza & I dined at Dr.  Northam's meeting the Sneyd Kinnersly wife of Loxley etc. This morning the snow high & nearly half a foot deep upon the plain.


Friday 21. At Newcastle correcting the proof Sheet of the Resolution of the Committee & giving


Page 76. 1823  March


directions for printing etc.Called at Mr. Kinnersly's but did not see him. From thence went to Sneyd Colliery & had a long conference with Mr. Robt. Heath relative to the Clause in the Bill as proposed to be altered & which he finally approved & said he did not think Mr. Kinnersly could or would object to them.  From thence went to Longport to see Mr. Williamson & with whom I had also a very long conference relative to his selling the Company so much land as would be necessary to effect an Exchange with Mr. Bateman but which for various reasons of which I made a . . . he determined doing. Returned home much fatigued & unwell. In the Evening Letter from Lord Bridgewater relative to the Water Clause.


Saturday 22. Lord Bridgewater's Letter requiring a considerate answer & not having a satisfactory reply to it . . .  Mr. Vaughan & obtaining some further information relative to the Brook & . . . in question . . .to know this morning. Called at Mr. Kinnersly in . . .Newcastle who said that he would attend to the Mining Clause immediately upon the return of Mr. Twemlow from  London & which he expects he would be in a few days. One . . .at Stone . . . John . . . with whom & Mr. Vaughan a long description relative to the Waters etc. then they both afraid that the Reasons he bought into the . . . were made below the level of Knypersley Reservoir & could not therefore be known onto it. Wrote Letter to Lord Bridgewater from Stone & also wrote to Mr. Chetwynd appointing a Meeting of the Select Committee on Wednesday next. On my return called at . . . where I had left Eliza in the morning. Got home to a late dinner.


Sunday 23. At home. Service. In the evening another Letter from Lord Bridgewater, wishing for freshwater information as to the . . . being applied for the use of the Reservoir.


Page 77. 1823  March


Monday 24. Closely engaged at the Desk all morning drawing Plan of the present & proposed Reservoir Park Brook etc. etc. & sent to Lord Bridgewater & afterwards writing to his Lordship.Engaged also a long time with John . . . on . . . the sufficiency of the Flood waters of Park Brook to apply the additional Reservoir, & which in consequence of the opinion given by Mr. Williamson on Friday last & a Letter also received from him this morning . . . of it, & had become . . . necessary & assistance to the greatest certainty.


Tuesday 25. At Newcastle on Brewery Concerns & to have seen Mr. . . . relative to the Shrewsbury business but he was not at home. On my return engaged on Navigation Papers, Letters etc. & arranging the same . . . Minutes preparatory to attending the meeting of the Select Committee at Stone tomorrow.


Wednesday 26. Set off about 8 to Stone. Called at Mr. . . . notice being endless . . . on the luck of Miss . . . Mortgage Deed of  Shrewsbury Brewery Gazettes etc. all of which he promised should be attended to. Arrived at Stone at half past ten.  Mr. Chetwynd & Mr. Lister came soon after, Mr. Webb being prevented by a death which had taken place in his family. Long & direct the various letters which I had received from Lord Bridgewater knowingly . . . etc. the Clauses of the Bill when I particularly fully . . . & influenced the operation of the Clause restraining the Main . . . from making their chances contrary to the Act 6 Sec 3  & mathematical to a virtual Repeat of the Clause introduced by the late Mr. Sparrow with the Act of 42 Sec.3. They approved allowance of the Clause etc. handing in the Bill & said they would take their full share of any of the consequences.  . . . Flame Act might be important on account of it.   . . . observed that I would etc. have vision front of mind on account of it. Returned at night, but . . . & fatigued.


Page 78. 1823 March 


Thursday 27. Having received a note this morning from Mr. Kinnersly saying that he would call at Linley Wood this evening I enjoyed looking over & considering the Clauses in relation to the Mines etc.etc.  preparatory to seeing them. In the evening Mr. K. came accordingly when I went through the several alterations in the Bill proper & on the behalf of his Brother stating distinctly the objections to . . . & be left with one.The Bill with the alterations for consideration.


Friday 28. Went this morning to Knypersley Hall and engaged between 4 & 5 hours with Mr. Bateman & Mr. Potter (who came in some time after my arrival, in relation to the Reservoir & the previous arrangements & . . .to be made & particularly relative to the Mines of which no mention had been made before, then Mr. Bateman promised to furnish me with a statement of the additional compensation this would be necessary to be made in support of the Mines.


Saturday 29. At home. Engaged on the Bill & observations left with me by Mr. Kinnersley, drawing . . . Clause relative to the satisfaction to be made for the Mines etc.  Also engaged copying minutes of the . . . of the Select Committee at the Meeting & the Committee from the 10 March . . . in order that they might be entered provision to the General Assembly. Col. Ingram settled & offered me the small slip of land in Linley Lane and the cottages at Mear Lake which I told him that I would take at a price to be past upon them by Mr. Heaton & Mr. Tennant to whom he also agreed to have the price & said he would mention the matter to them.


Sunday 30. At home. Service.


Monday 31. Engaged on Navigation Bill & papers copying Mr. Kinnersley's observations previous to going to Newcastle to confer with him


Page 79.  1823 


& Mr. Fenton. John Trubshaw called bringing the Plan of the Land that would be wanted from the House of the late Mr. Sparrow, & with whom also engaged considering improvements of  Knypersley Tracks. Afterwards went to Newcastle to have seen Mr. Kinnersley, but found that Mr. Kinnersley was at Liverpool & that Mr. Fenton was unwell at the Lodge. On my return met Col. Ingram who in speaking of the slip of Land I . . . again said that I should have them & that he would speak to the Commissioners.




Tuesday 1. Went to Stone where engaged all day on the Meeting of the Committee.


Wednesday 2. At Stone.General Assembly. In the Chair. A day of much business & exertion, but gone through (apparently) to the satisfaction of all present. Returned home at night.


Thursday 3. At home. Engaged on . . . of Thanks to Mr. Bridgewater & sent a Draft to Mr. Chetwynd. Wrote to Mr. Bateman relative to the Reservoir, Mines exception in the Clause in the Bill on to Houses & proposing an agreement to be entered into. Wrote also to Mr. Vaughan.


Friday 4. At home. Mr. Slater with whom engaged viewing the course of the intended branch Pond from the Hollins & found that the working side of the Turn Road should not be known to Beardmore Barn then 37 yards. Received from Mr. Wedgwood, Mr. Tomkinsons Case, my being relative to the Tithes of the Meeting of Stoke with Mr. Shadwell's opinion & requesting my sentiments thereon. In the evening . . . & considered this case.


Saturday 5. At home perused and considered the Case & opening again it making alterations thereon . . . to seeing Mr. Wedgwood . . . Morning. When he had appointed to see inc. Laws. Afterwards engaged on the Navigation Papers.


Page 80. 1823  April


Sunday 6. Mr. Wedgwood came to breakfast & with whom engaged on the Case when he requested to have a Copy of my observations & which I promised to send him/  Afterwards Service. Wm. & Roland Bent who we expected to . . . did not come.


Monday 7. Copied & sent to Mr. Wedgwood the observations on the Case. Afterwards wrote to Mr. Bridgewater including the . . . of the General Assembly.


Wrote also to Mr. Chetwynd.  Mr. & Mrs. Tollet called. 


Tuesday 8. Engaged nearly all morning on the Copy of the Bill as altered & received from Mr. Chetwynd & making . . . observations thereon in consequence of the communications with Mr. Kinnersley Mr. Bateman & the Mill owners on the River Dane. Afterwards went to Newcastle in consequence of a letter from


Mr. Bent informing me that Thursday next was fixed for the completion of the Shrewsbury business. Returned to dinner. Afterwards engaged with Mr. Potter who called on the Nav business.


Wednesday 9. At home. Engaged again finishing observations on the Bill. Mr. Vaughan came in the afternoon & dined. Engaged with him considering the Caldon Case, for which I suppose he had come over at the request of Mr. Chetwynd. Concluded that . . . the . . . could be with certainty be affected within the time, it will be proper to enter a fresh appeal, but the former would be the latter course in order to . . . expense to the Ranters. Considered with Mr. Vaughan also the Observations which I had made upon the Bill.  I sent the Bill & Observations by him to Mr. Chetwynd. Afterwards engaged with . . . Johnson & return to the Oak Farm, . . .  etc. When it was agreed this, Mr. Booth of Knutton he consulted on the settlement of their business.


Thursday 10. Set off to Newcastle . . . able to appointment to meet Mr. Heathcote, Mr. . . . called the other parties in order to execute the Deeds & complete the Shrewsbury Brewery business, but met Wm. Bent on the Road who was coming to inform me that in consequence of the Deeds and having . . . back


Page 81. 1823 April


from Bath the Business was postponed. In consequence of this I determined to accompany Mr. Stamford & Eliza to Mare Hall, where we were engaged to dine & stay the night. Returned home however, & soon afterwards went with them to Mare. In the ensuing conversation with Mr. Wedgwood on the Tithe Case & left with him the Draft of my Observations thereon, but for his private use only.


Friday 11. Breakfasted at Mare Hall & returned ti Linley Wood to dinner.


Saturday 12. Mr. Vaughan came to breakfast for Navigation Business, & who informed me that he had delivered the Copy of the Bill with my Observations to Mr. Chetwynd & that they should set off together to Town on Tuesday next. I mentioned applying to Miss's Wheatley & Barlow of Stone in case I stood in mind of any professional assistance in regard to the Agreement with Mr. Bateman to which Mr. Vaughan approved. Afterwards went to Newcastle on Shrewsbury Brewery Business, with Mr. Caldwell who looked over the Deeds. Executed the conveyance of the Household part of the Property to Mr.Heathcote, & left with Mr. Ward a cheque on . . . for £593.10 to be paid with Heathcote being my share of the money to be paid to him.


Sunday 13. At home. Service. Rowland Bent dined. In the evening Letter from Lord Bridgewater.


Monday 14. Engaged these days on various matters preparatory to intended.


Tuesday 15. Journey to London.


Wednesday 16.


Thursday 17. Eliza & I set off to London. For Sanctions of my Proceedings from this day to Saturday the 7th of June when we arrived at home again with the Minutes at the end of this Book.




Sunday 8. The Anniversary of the Happy day which thirty years ago united one with my more than ever dear Eliza. Service as usual.


Page 82. 1823  June


Monday 9. Mr. John Lawton, Mr. Carter of Liverpool & his Son the Revd. Wm. Carter  called to request my good office in recommending the latter as a


Candidate for the Incumbancy & School of Little Peover in Cheshire, & afterwards wrote a Letter to Mr. Hollins of Knutsford thereon. Engaged on various papers & wrote to Mr. Dolmass relative to A. Marsh's Settlement, to Mr. Vaughan relative to Limestone Bank, enclosing a Letter from Mr. Kinnersley upon the subject, and to Mr. Bateman for Counterpart of Agreement entered into between the Stacy Co. & his father.


Tuesday 10. Rode out on horseback looking over the Farm etc. In the morning tried one of the brown Colts (Correct for the first time in harness & found hi very gentle & manageable.) In the evening Miss Stamford & Eliza Roscoe arrived from Liverpool.


Wednesday 11. Mr. Wedgwood of Bignall End who paid me £3000 part of the principal money remaining due on Bond & Mortgage with the . . . due 19 May last. Engaged afterwards on various papers. Rode the brown colt in the grounds.


Thursday 12. Engaged settling London Accounts posting Cash Book etc. Afterwards rode on horseback. Tried the other brown colt in harness & found him gentle & steady as the other. Mrs. & two Miss Hollands of  Russell Square arrived to dinner & Mr. Roscoe in the evening. Received also cost of Title to the late Mr. Sparrows Land intended to be purchased by the Navigation Co. in order to make the exchange with Mr. Bateman.


Friday 13. Engaged perusing & considering Abstract with Mr. . . .  thereon. Afterwards wrote to Alsager Cookong Oven with Danl.Johnson part of the Oak Farm, with a view to . . . etc. In the evening Letter from Mr. Chetwynd.


Saturday 14. Engaged Letter writing to Mr. Chetwynd etc. etc. & on various matters. Mrs. & Miss's Hollands left us after breakfast.


Sunday 15. Service. Rowland Bent came to dinner. In the evening Mr. Roscoe set off to London.


Page 83. 1823  June


Monday 16. At home. Danl. Johnson paying money on account of . . . of Rent. Afterwards wrote to Mr. Sparrow on the subject of the . . . received on  Thursday last. Wrote also to the Revd. Mr. Atkins Hawley with Dr. of  . . . of Mr. . . . interest in Canal Horses that had been sent for my perusal. Afterwards on the Farm.


Tuesday 17. Miss Stamford & Eliza Roscoe set off to London. Sent Papers to Mr. Sparrow & Mr. . . . with Letters as above. Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.


Wednesday 18. Engaged all morning settling Bankers Account etc. etc. Drew up Advertisement offering a Reward in consequence of the Irish . . . the Gardener at the Farm having been again robbed & sent the same to the . . .


Thursday 19. Settled Saml. Beardmores Account during my absence. Delivered to him the above Advertisements to be stuck up & distributed. Wrote to Mr. Vaughan in consequence of a Letter from Mr. Bateman relative to Mr. Bentley's demand for . . .  In the evening received Letter from Mr. . . . on Mrs. Tollet's affairs.


Friday 20. Wrote to the Rev. Mr. Hill in consequence of Letter received last night from Mr. . . . requesting leave to appoint an early day for my seeing him at the Hough, on these affairs. . . . Penlington consulting on his affairs & the explaining of selling his Estates, when we determined that Henshall's share be immediately advertised for Sale & he promised to see Mr. Darlington upon the business. In the evening wrote to Mr. Lister in consequence of a Letter received by this Post from Mr. Chetwynd & wrote also to Mr. Vaughan in reply to one received from him.


Saturday 21. Mr. Hill having fixed Monday next for seeing me. Engaged on papers in Mrs. Tollet's affairs preparatory . . 


Sunday 22. At home. Service.





Page 84. 1823 June


Monday 23. Went this morning to the Hough pursuant to Mr. Hills appointment & had a long conference with him on the final settlement of the affairs of the late Mrs. Tollet, & then we agreed in opinion that it would not be proper to infringe over the Trust Estate to Mr. Josiah Prickett & accept an Indemnity as proposed, and that some other mode of adjustment should be adopted with by assigning Mrs. Pricketts share to the Trustees where her Settlement or by calling in the Trust Monies & paying them over to the Rates entitled, & I promised to write to Mrs. Prickett to that effect showing, Mr. Hill a Draft of my proposed Letter which had been approved & also a conversation with Mr. Hill contained the Talk Chapel Money in the hands of Mr. Kinnersley to the interest of which Mr. Hill deemed to consider himself entitled & determined to see a paper to that effect which I promised to Mr. Tollet.  On my return called at Betley where I had left Eliza in the morning.  Saw Mr. Tollet, when I promised to get the account of the present transfer & Interest from Kinnersley & confer with him again upon the subject on Thursday the 3rd of July, when we agreed to dine at Betley Hall.  Saw also Tho. . . .  except Mr. Wedgwood who was gone to Shrewsbury.  Called at the Twemlow's.  Returned home to dinner.


Tuesday 24.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Chetwynd, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Lister.  In the letter relative to Armitage Poor Rate.  Considered papers relative to the Talk on the Hill Chapel Trust Money etc.


Wednesday 25.  Copied & sent letter with copy also of Mr. . . . opinion to Mr. Prickett for Post.  Afterwards went to Newcastle & paid £300 to Kinnersly to be invested in 4 . . . Also to obtain account of the Talk on the Hill Chapel money remaining in their hands, & which they promised to furnish me with year past.  The weather so cold that I . . . in a great coat.


Thursday 26.  About noon Eliza & I went off to Knutsford on visit to Mr. & Mrs. Holland & Where we arrived to dinner


Friday 27. After breakfast rode with Mr. Holland to Tatton & Tabley.  The Park at the former place is very fine & extensive containing about 2300 acres


Page 85. 1823  June


& is very beautifully wooded. But this water is inadequate to the grounds & the approach to the House to my eye reasonably bad. But it was the work of Webb!!!  The House is a fine looking handsome structure, but it did not go into it.  The Gardens are large, & the Grounds surrounding the House very handsome.  Tabley was built by Mr. Carr of York, But I was not much pleased with the Elevation.  The Park Grounds appear to be in a neglected state as did everything about the House. Mr. Holland introduced me to Sir John Leicester who was very courteous & polite.  I was disappointed in the Pictures, but the best of Sir John's collection on Garden land in Town. Thence was an unfinished head of Lady Webster by Sir . . . Lawrence which was by far the most beautiful thing I saw. It is well worth notice.  Mr. H. said that Sir John had given 200gs. for it.  In conversation after dinner Mr.H. told me that Mr. Evert of Manchester, who is a man of great . . . as meek as . . . knowledge, pronounces Perkins, improvement of the Steam Engine as J. Harrison & false in its principle.


Saturday 28. Having been disappointed yesterday in seeing any of the large Red Deer in Tatton Park. Travelling with Mr. Holland into the Park this morning, when we were fortunate enough to meet with a couple of the Stags & which were very noble animals. Their general appearance & size reminded me of the . . . which I have seen in London, though I judged them to be extremely short of the latter in height. The . . . stag is said to be 14 hands & an Inch.  The Horses are family ranched, one of them was a kind of dark red or chestnut the other not so much red.and bald facial. When seen in the Glade where we found them amongst the large oaks, the complete forest scenery with which this Park presents, they were very striking objects, & beautiful objects & the scene altogether truly picturesque. At certain seasons of the year they are very fierce & fight, & they sometimes kill each other.  One of them stopped the Carriage twice as it was entering from Knutsford with Mrs. Egerton & I compelled Coachman to go back & take a different route.  Left Knutsford at 11.a.m. on our return home on turning out of the . . . . Road one of the young horses became . . . owing I think to some . . .


Page 86.  1823  June


of the Horses was so violent that it was not perhaps be prudent to try him again.  The Rev. Mr. Mainwaring called just on our arrival at home & gave us the first account of the death of Sir John Boughey which happened yesterday Morning at 4 o'clock.  An event most truly understanding & distinctively & which will be . . .by his Family and Friends.  He was in the 40th year of his age having completed his 39 on the 1st of May last.


Sunday 29.  At home.  Service.


Monday 30.  Wrote to Mr. Lister & Dr. Holland.  Afterwards went to Newcastle on Brewery business.  Saw Mr. Walthall who said that the Draft of the Deed of Arrangement between the Executor & Mr. R Bent was now before Council, but would be finished & executed as soon as received back & the necessary Notice of Dissolution of the old . . . .should then be given.  In the afternoon Mr. Lawton & Miss Bel. . . called.


July  Tuesday 1.  At home.  Colonel & Mrs . . . called.


Wednesday 2.  At Newcastle at 11 Meeting Mr. Chetwynd & Mr.Vaughan on Navigation Business, when we finally agreed that under the present circumstances of the assizes & the county & Mr. . . .to postpone the Survey and we directed Mr. Vaughan to write to Mr. Lister accordingly.  Whist at Newcastle a printed Hand Bill came out from Sir John . . . with an offer of his services to represent the County.  Returned to dinner, but completely wet the Rain being very heavy.


Thursday 3.  Engaged in the Morning on sundry papers.  Eliza & I went to Betley.  Went to dinner & where we staid the night.  Mr. . . .dined.


Friday 4.  This morning conversation with Mr. Tollet relative to the Talk on the Hill Chapel money & to whom I showed the Recommendation explaining that it was placed in Mr. Kinnersleys hands for the use of the Chapel.  He said however that the case Mr. Tollet told him that it was to accommodate for the organisation of the Salary of the Minister, & Mr. . . .made a Minute to that effect to to send to Mr. Hill.  On the back of which Law . . .be afterwards wrote   what I stated & was understood to be the case, money that the balance of the Benefit Money £56.14.5d the Interest was to be applied for Repairs


Page 87.  1823  July


& other purposes of the Chapel itself and this I am satisfied was the invitation From Betley Hall went to Nantwich to dinner & staid the night in Dysant Buildings.


Saturday 5.  At Nantwich all morning.  Came from thence to Wheelock & dined at Col. . . .Mr.& Mrs. J & Miss Post, Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Philip Salmon & Miss . . .  Returned home in the Evening.


Sunday 6.  At home.  Service.  Mr. Roscoe arrived before dinner.  Mr.  Bent dined.


Monday 7  At home.  Mr. Barker of Alsager who agreed to give me of the possession of the small slip of Land on Linley Lane agreed same to be purchased from Col. . . .on the Larkins & who said that for the accommodation of sale . . . he would sell to them a small issue of Land being near to the House & Farm occupied by him in which any purchase money for the above Land & that for the Cottages at Mear Lake suggested be invited.  Afterwards engaged on Papers in the affairs of the late Mrs. Tollet & writing Letter to the Rev. Mr. Hill, writing one to Mr. . . .land to be registered by Mr. K. & myself requesting that the Money due upon the Mortgage & Bond might be paid in.  Engaged on Navigation Papers necessary to attending matters of the Select Committee at Stone tomorrow.


Tuesday 8.  Set off to Stone early, where engaged all day attending Meeting.  Mr. Chetwynd, Mr. Lister Mr. Webb & myself.  On my way thither called at Mr. Kinnerslys Country House to inquire after him & in the afternoon heard at Stone the . . . intelligence of his death.  Returned at night & found Mr. Roscoe had left Linley Wood on his return home.  Found letter from Mr. Hill including the one to Mr. Armistead signed by him & which was perfectly proper.


Wednesday 9.  Sent Letter to Mr. Armistead in Mrs. Tollets affairs.  Wrote to Mr. Fenton of Newcastle on Navigation business in reply to two letters from him.  Began mowing Clover in the Ground behind the Farm Gardens & finished it this evening.


Thursday 10.  The weather continually to have a favourable appearance began Mowing the large Meadow, but it changed again to Rain , whiched stopped the Mowing.  At home all day.


Friday 11.  At home.  Perused & considered Minutes of Proceedings whilst in London written view to making an abridgement for the General Accounts.  Wrote also to Mr. Vaughan.  Eliza called at Parkfields.  Received invitation to attend the Funeral of the late Mr. Kinnersly.


Page 88.  1823  July


Saturday12.  At home.  The weather such as to prevent any thing being done in the Hay.  Intended to have called at Northam,s but finding the Family had but very lately arrived I postponed it.  Mr. Peake, the person who before set up a Intended Clause to the Copy hold Estate purchased from John . . . called, when I told him that I should have nothing to do with the business further than defending my Father if he thought proper to attack it, having satisfied that it was good & solid & was admitted so to be by the Solicitor Mr. Wilson of Newcastle who had before him concerned for him in the matter, & to whom I had explained it.


Sunday13.  Inn the morning Eliza & I attended service at Talk Chapel


Monday 14.  At home.


Tuesday 15.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Bateman in reply to a Letter received relative to Mr. Eardleys Claim for . . . etc. against the Navigation Co. & sent him a copy of the order made at the last Select Committee Meeting.  The weather still raining, so that nothing could be done in the hay.  Engaged on private papers & accounts.


Wednesday 16.  Went to Mr. Vaughan appointing Saturday Morning next for his coming to Linley as he requested to look over the Parliamentary Accounts.  Afterwards attending at Clough Hall the Funeral of my late truly worthy & highly & deservedly respective Friend, Mr. Kinnersly, & which was numerously made & respectively attended.  Amongst others were Mr. Littleton, Heathcote, Tollet, C.Lawton,Basnett, Hassells etc. etc.  The Participation was large consisting in the whole of 16 or 17 Carriages.  Mr. Thos. Kinnersly and one of his Sisters attended the Funeral to Ashley, where it arrived untold between 4 or 5 o'clock.  The Coaching Corps was drawn up at the Wharf, through whom we passed, & the Mayor & Corporation was assembled at the other end of the Town, in the Townfield through whom we also passed.  Indeed every possible . . .of us first was shown to his Mourning, & which was not more than was his due.


Thursday 17.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Chetwynd proposing a Postponement of the Select Committee appointment to be held at Newcastle on Thursday the 24 in consequence of it being the time of the Election.


Friday 18.  In the morning Hudson with whom I agreed to come as a Gardener at 18/- a week as from George Dyers continual misconduct I felt myself at being compelled to discharge him & to whom I was warning accordingly to leave in a month.  Afterwards called at Trentham Inn Lord & Lady Stafford & Lady Gower to whom Lady Stafford introduced me, with whom I spent a


Page 89  1823  July


very agreeable half hour.  I thought Lord Stafford much changed in consequence of his late illness, & Lady Stafford looking pale & unwell giving the idea of having suffered . . . & confinement.  Lady Gower is a very fine tall young woman with an agreeable countenance & . . . though not to my eye so beautiful as I had expected to see her other manners very pleasing & unaffected.  Mrs.Wedgwood came to Linley Wood in the forenoon.  In the evening Mr. Hood relative to the Tonnage of Limestone & Coal upon the Canal, when after some discussion I appointed him to come again tomorrow morning to meet Mr. Vaughan when we might more fully consider these matters.


Saturday 19.  Mr. Vaughan came to breakfast with whom afterwards engaged on Navigation business.  Mr. Hood also came relative to the Limestone & Coal Tonnage.  Mrs. Bridgwood left us after breakfast.  Miss Sarah Bridgwood called.


Sunday 20.  Eliza & I attended Morning Service at Talk Chapel.  Received by the Post Letter from Mr. Chetwynd approving of the postponement of the Select Committee to Wednesday 30 instead, & afterwards wrote to Mr. Vaughan informing him of the same.


Monday 21.  At home.  In the morning Mr. Henshall of Middlewich relative to Land early mining the Canal formerly exchanged & on which he wanted some  accommodation when I finally recommended his attending the Meeting of the Select Committee on the 30 instant, & bringing with him the Deed of Exchange & which he agreed to do.  . . . & heavy Rain almost the whole of the day.  In the evening Stamford arrived from Stafford, who mentioned that he had been applied to by Mr. Sparrow to attend Newcastle Election which commenced this day as officer, but which having business at the Assizes, he had declined.  The Candidates are Mr. Dennison of whom Mr. Littleton speaks very handsomely to me at Clough Hall & Mr. Heathcote.


Tuesday 22.  At home.  Received Letter from Mr. Hostage, in reply to which I appointed tomorrow morning for increasing the Money remaining due upon the Bond for £1000 standing in the name of Dr. Crompton in trust for the Legatees of the late Thos. Caldwell.  Also engaged all morning on Navigation & copying Minutes of the last meeting to be sent to Stone.


Wednesday 23.  Mr. Hostage came to breakfast, with whom afterwards engaged, & who paid the principal & Interest . . . due on the Bond standing in the name of Dr. Crompton in trust etc. & who produced the several joint Bonds from Mr. Wood.


Page 90  1823  July


& myself which he had discharged personal to the Articles for the dissolution of the Partnership, & all of which we cancelled.  Eliza called at Lawton Hall.  The weather still raining & miserably hard.


Thursday 24.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Chetwynd proposing a postponement of the Select Committee Meeting in consequence of a Letter received last night from Mr. Lawton informing me that the Abstract was now upon Mr. Rushton, but that it was very delightful which then it would be received back by the 30th.  Afterwards called at Red Bull Wharf, about Mr. Parker relative to the irregularity in the Letters to Brereton Lodge, when he assured that the Letters are punctually forwarded from their office, & that the fault lay at elsewhere.  At night Miss Stamford & Eliza arrived.


Friday 25.  After breakfast Mr. Potter called on his way to Red Bull Wharf to which place afterwards went viewing the Warehouse, & arranged with him various matters directed to be done at the last Meeting of the Select Committee, & gave him the copy of the Minutes to be delivered to Mr. Vaughan.


Saturday 26.  At home.  Executed a Conveyance of Land . . . inc. Mortgagee to the late Partnership of Wm. Bent & Co. Jenkinson to Tunnicliffe, & which Mr. Bent sent for execution by me.  In the evening Stamford arrived from Shrewsbury Assizes.


Sunday 27.  In the morning Service at home as usual and in the afternoon at Talk Chapel.  A Personal Sermon on occasion of the death of the late Sir John Boughey & Mr. Kinnersly preached by the Rev. Mr. Carter.


Monday 28.  At Newcastle on various matters & took E. Roscoe so far on her way to Parkfields.  Eliza also accompanied us.  In the afternoon carried the Clover & Hay which was mown on the 9 & 10 instant. &.  We put some salt amongst it when stacking at the rate of about a peck to a Ton, by way of experiment.


Tuesday 29.  At home.  Engaged on papers previous to attending Navigation Meeting at Newcastle tomorrow.


Wednesday  30.  At Newcastle attending Meeting of the Select Committee.  Mr. Chetwynd & I left returned home later.


Thursday 31.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Lister informing him of our having found the 25  of August for meeting at Stone.  The weather being promising mowed the upper Meadow.  Mr. & Mrs. Miss & Capt. Wedgwood of Betley came to dinner.  Mr. Roscoe arrived in the Evening.


Page 91.  1823  August


Friday 1.  At home.  Engaged with Mr. Wedgwood.  Went on with the mowing.


Saturday 2.  At home.  Mr. & Mrs. C. Lawton & Miss Belcombe called.  In the afternoon the Wedgwood's left us, & Ann & Betsy arrived in the Evening.  Fine sunset & promise of better weather.


Sunday 3.  The weather again changed this morning to heavy Rain.  Service as usual.


Monday 4.  At home.  Mr. Roscoe & His family left us after breakfast.  The day proving fair engaged in the Hay.  Received Letter from Mr. Vaughan with a copy of one from Mrs. Sutton of Shardlow, with intermation of a . . . being in agitation which if carried out to effect would prove highly injurious to the Trent & Mersey Navigation.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.


Tuesday 5.  At Newcastle Races, dined at the . . . & returned home at night.


Wednesday 6.  At home in the Morning but after dinner rode to the Course & saw the Race.


Thursday 7.  At home.  The day being fine busily engaged in the Hay.  Received in the morning from Mr. Egerton of Tatton his . . . to write for him on the Trent & Mersey Navigation Concerns, & in the Evening Letter from Mr. Vaughan.


Friday 8.  Wrote to Mr. Egerton.  The weather again changed to Rain.  At home all day & engaged on various papers & matters correcting the Copy of the Report made to the Trent & Mersey Resolutions at the Meeting in London.


Saturday 9.  At home.  The weather so rainy that nothing will be done on the Hay.  Engaged on various matters arranging papers etc.  Wrote to Mr. . . .   In the evening Mr. Vaughan came on Navigation business, & to whom I delivered Mr. Egertons Proxy, in order that it might be duly filed.


Sunday 10.  At home.  Service.  Miserably ill.  W. & R. Bent who had promised to dine did not come.


Monday 11.  At home.  In the morning Mr. Partington consulting relative to Sale of Estate when he resolved immediately to advertise Henshalls Farm for Sale in September next.  Mrs. C. Lawton ( Mr. C.L. being prevented coming by indisposition ) Miss. L. Belcombe, Miss . . .  of Sandbach, Dr. & Mrs. Belcombe & the Rev. & Mrs. Mainwaring of Wolstanton dined, & then staid all night.


Page 92.  1823  August


Tuesday 12.  In the morning at home.  Afterwards went with Eliza & Betsy.  Dined & slept at Mr. Wedgwood's.  Met Mr. Fenton


Wednesday  13.  Called upon Mr. Parton but he was gone out.  Afterwards called with Eliza & Mrs. Wedgwood at Betley Court & saw Mr. & Mrs. Twemlow, Miss Fletcher being gone with Sir. J. Boughey to . . .   Returned home to dinner.  Soon after our arrival Mr. Sherratt came.  Violent Rain.


Thursday 14.  At home.  Engaged with Mr. Sherratt consulting on his Affairs, & who executed a Codicil to his present Will & said that he should immediately get a fresh Will prepared by Mr. Edleston.  Heavy & continual Rain almost the whole of the day.


Friday 15.  At home.  Again engaged with Mr. Sherratt.  Eliza & I called at Clough Hall& left our cards, the family being out.  Wrote to Mr. Chetwynd accepting his Invitation to dine & sleep at Brocton Lodge on Monday the 25. on setting out upon the Navigation Survey.


Saturday 16.  At home.  Still Rain.  Wrote to the Revd. Wm. Turner Newcastle upon Tyne, desiring him to return the discharged & cancelled Bond for £ 1550 & Interest.  Wrote also to Mr. Prickett of Hull on Mrs. Tollets Affairs, & sent him a Copy of the note in which Mr. Hill & I had given to Mr. Armistead to pay on the principal & Interest due on the Mortgage & Bonds from her late Mother.  Mr. Sherratt left us at Noon.


Sunday 17.  At home.  Service as usual.  Wm. & Rowland Bent came to dinner.


Monday 18.  In the morning Mr. Vaughan with whom engaged on Navigation business.  Afterwards busily engaged in the Hay, the whole of which was broke & just got together again in Coils when heavy Rain again came on.  The State of the Weather for several weeks past has been almost unprecedented.  Joseph Hudson Gardener came to his place.  Started by the week of 18th  & the House in Butt Lane.


Tuesday 19.  Engaged drawing up advertisement for Sale of Mr. Penlingtons Estate in . . . of me sorting Mr. Sherratt of Sandbach, & which sent to Mr. P. this morning.  Still Rain.


Wednesday 20.  At Newcastle on Brewery concerns.  Deed of consignment amongst the Bent Family, the Draft of which I delivered to Mr. Ward with my nominations thereon.  Returned to dinner.  During my absence had been very heavy Rain at Linley Wood, though not a drop had fallen at Newcastle.  Stamford off to Chester Assizes.


Page 93.  1823  August


Thursday 21.  My sister left us after breakfast going home to Mr. Roscoes.  Purchased a brown colt from Plant of . . . ., likely to match the brown colt which I now have, got by Atlas out of a known good Mare, & 3 years old last July.  Price £12.12s.


Friday 22.  At home.  Received Letter & my Bond to Mr. Lawton from. Mr. Sherratt & sent him £1100 in further part of payment in case the Bond should . . . to have been duly assigned.  The day being fine engaged busily in the Hay when we carried all that was cut being 20 loads.  It was mown just 3 weeks ago, had been suffered to be without much making & was got together dry & salted at the rate of about a peck to a Ton.  As it is my first experiment with salt, . . . this particular to enable me to judge its effects.


Saturday 23.  Mr. Potter on Navigation concerns.  Afterwards engaged all morning arranging papers & making Memorandums of business preparatory to the Meeting of the Select Committee & Survey of the Canal.  Went on all morning.


Sunday 24.  At home.  Service.


Monday 25.  Went to Brocton Lodge to dinner, Eliza accompanying me to Newcastle.  Called at Stone & arranged sundry matters with Mr. Vaughan.  Met the Chetwynds Carriage which he had sent to Stafford.  Dined & slept Brocton.  Rev. Mr. Levi Holine dined.


Tuesday 26.  Went with Mr. Chetwynd from Brocton Lodge to Wolsely Bridge, there we met Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Sparrow,Mr. Potter & the Boat in which we proceeded to Armitage Park when we called & took up Mr. Lister.  Went to Burton that night.


Wednesday 27.  From Burton to Shenston.  I managed the Warehouses Wharf & afterwards retuned to Burton having then determined from the state of the weather etc. to relinquish going to Gainsborough, as we had at first intended doing.


Thursday 28.  Set off early from Burton.  Parted with Mr. Lister at Armitage Park & with Mr. Cetwynd at Burton.  Mr. Sparrow, Mr. Vaughan & I came homewards and . . . & I arrived at home in the Evening.  Fine day.  Wheat cutting on the banks of the Trent.


Friday 29.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers.  The weather again turned.  Rain which prevented anything being done in the Hay.


Page 94.  1823  August


Saturday 30.  The weather being again fair engaged busily in the Hay, part of which we carried beginning another stack & without salting it.


Sunday 31.  At home.  Service.  The day being very fine afterwards I was induced to carry the remainder of the Hay, which we accomplished, but this making it the last day of August before my Hay harvest was completed.  The Season has indeed been most uncommon then not having been one day without rain for nearly 8 weeks past, perhaps more, but I have not left a particularly amount, it was frequently very heavy & incessant.




Monday 1.  At home.  Received advertisement of Sale of Mr. Penlingtons Estate in Hassall, & wrote to him thereon.  Weather again became showery.  Engaged on the Farm, & afterwards on Navigation Papers with a view to the Report that may be proper to be made to the next General Assembly.


Tuesday 2.  At home.  Miss Penlington, & Miss Dawson called.  Mr. . . . from . . . /relative to the Sale when they promised to consult Mr. Sherratt as to the day, & let me know tomorrow.  Engaged on private Accounts etc.


Wednesday 3.  At home.  Engaged again on Navigation Report.  Miss Moreton & Miss Pearson called.  Received amended Advertisement of Mr. Penlingtons Estate fixing the Sale for Friday the 19 instant, when I promised to attend.  Mr. Henshall of Middlewich relative to the exchange of Land with Navigation Company, & when he disclaimed any intention of converting his intended Building out in Manchester as had been suggested.


Thursday 4.  At home.  Eliza called upon John Lawtons & Mrs. Carter.  George Cope called to inform me that he was about to purchase Mr. Martins Engine & organised whether he shall try to purchase the Estate for me, Mr. . . .having declared to him his determination to sell it, when I advised Cope to inform Mr. Martin that I was willing to trust with him for it in fair terms, & that if he would call when he came over to the Foxholes, with George & Cope we might probably agree.


Page 95.  1823  September


Friday 5.  At home.  Eliza gathered at Miss . . . at Parkfields.  Again Rain.  The Sun Newspaper of September 2nd preferences their August Agricultural Report for the Counties of Worcester, Stafford & Salop with the following Remarks on this extraordinary Season.  'It is rather a matter of various record to begin on August Agricultural Report with a notice of the Hay Crop but it is a certain fact that much . . . yet remains out, and the two harvests of Hay and Corn are frequently seen cut in adjoining fields.  The late heavy and severe storms of Rain have z incalculable mischief to the Hay, the redirection of the duty on Salt which has been abundantly used, is a great relief to the Farmer, as without its . . . a mixture still more Hay would have been usable as Fodder.'


Saturday 6th.  Allan Booth relative to Mr. . . . . Land Tax assessment in the Marshes of Burslem & Wolstanton.  Afterwards went to Etruria calling upon Mr. Jos. Wedgwood.  Returned to dinner.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Chetwynds stating that the G. I. Shares had been sold to Mr. J. Marsh at £2150 each.  In the conversation this morning Mr. Wedgwood explained great doubts of Perkins Steam Engine, as he still refuses to bring it to practical test.


Sunday 7.  At home.  Service.


Monday 8.  The weather having taken up for a day or two past,began Mowing Oats in the Land brought from Mr. Jenks.  Afterwards went to Cliffe Ville, (Eliza who was to call at Wolstanton taking me in the Carriage to Newcastle) consulting Mr. Jenkinson on the Lawton business, when he was of opinion that in the first place a Notice in writing should be given to Mr. Lawton, calling upon him to obtain the Act of Parliament conformally to the Covenant in the Deeds, & which we determined should be done in the course of the last fortnight if we we heard nothing from Mr. Lawton in the meantime.  On my return called at the Brewery, Kinnersly etc.  Delivered to Mr. T. Fenton the copy of the old Agreement to each the Navigation Co. & the Mill owners upon the River Trent which he had some time ago sent to me & paid him Five Guineas for his trouble relative to the Agreement with Mr. Bateman.  In the evening wrote to Mr. Sherratt enclosing a Bill for £200 on discharging of the Money remaining here upon my Bond to Mr. Lawton & which he had assigned to Mr. Sherratt.


Tuesday 9.  Began cutting wheat in the Big Brickiln field.  At home all day.  Fine autumnal weather.


Page 96  1823  September


Wednesday 10.  Busy in the Corn.  Eliza & I called on the . . .& Miss Williams & Miss . . . at Wheelock, when Col. & Mrs . . . & Miss Sheridan engaged to dine at Linley Wood on Thursday the 13.  On my return stopped at Mr. . . . farm to have looked at the trespass done to his Estate by the diversion of the Turnpike Road, but the Tenant was not in.  In the evening Miss Stamford returned.


Thursday11.  At home.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Vaughan confirming me that the Oxford & Coventry Canal Delegates would come to Stone on the 22nd


Friday 12.  Mr. Potter called with whom engaged on Navigation business, Afterwards called at Rode Heath when made arrangements with Mr. Penlington relative to the Sale, but he was not returned from Liverpool.  Mrs. & Miss Pearson, Miss Morgan & Misses Wedgwood's of Parkfields & Mr. Wedgwood all have dined.


Saturday 13.  After breakfast Misses Wedgwood's & Miss Morgan left us.  The weather had turned again to Rain, which today was heavy & incessant.  Mr.  Minshall (Mr. Levetts Tenant ) called relative to the decision of the Sandbach Turnpike Road, when I promised to call and view it on Friday next.  Wrote to Mr. Chetwynd informing him that the Delegates from the Oxford & Coventry Canals would meet us at Stone on the 22nd instant.


Saturday 14.  At home.  Service.  John Martin dined.  One of the most pleasing and promising young men there, I have for a long time seen.  William & Rowland Bent were prevented coming.


Monday 15.  In the night and this morning violent Rain.  At home all day having having prevented going to Newcastle by the weather.  Sent the bay horse bought from Mr. Booth of Audley to the Fair where Sam Beardmore was offered £33 for him but which he refused.


Tuesday 16.  At home.  Again busy in the Corn.  Mr. & Mrs. John Lawton, Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Carter & Mr. Penlington dined.


Wednesday 17.  Mr. Penlington came to breakfast & with whom engaged afterwards relative to the Sale & whom he promised to get the proposed conditions for my consideration.  Afterwards at Newcastle getting Bills from Kinnersly & ordered to be . . ..  Eliza & Miss Stamford called upon Mrs.


Page 97.  1823  September


Taylor at Wheelock when the engagement for their dining at Linley Wood tomorrow was put off.  This morning began brandishing a Cart Horse at the Farm.  Engaged on Navigation papers in the forenoon.


Thursday 18.  At home.  Mr. Penlington again with the Conditions of Sale for my perusal.  Busy in the Corn.  Wrote to Mr. Tomlinson on the Lawton business.  Wrote also to Mr. Vaughan.


Friday 19.  In the morning at home.  Mr. Penlington came to an early dinner, after which I accompanied him to Sandbach to attend the Sale of the Estate, but the same was not sold, £4100 only being bid.  On my way I called again at Mr.Levetts Farm & looked with the Tenant at the proposed alteration of the Road which appeared to be proper.  Mr. Ford of Abbey field had come there in the . . . to meet me but had returned before I arrived.  I mentioned the business to Mr. Sherratt of Sandbach who promised to send me a plan of the Road & proposed situation that I might show it to Mr. Levett & to communicate to Mr. Ford about the proposal.


Saturday 20.  At home.  Busy in the Corn.  Received from Mr. Vaughan the counterpart of the Agreement with Mr. Bateman executed by him.


Sunday 21.  At home.  Service.  Much Rain.


Monday 22.  After breakfast set off to Stone to attend the Meeting of the Select Committee previous to setting off on Survey of Knypersley Reservoir etc.also to attend a meeting of a Delegation from the Oxford Coventry & Birmingham Canals appointed to be held to pay to confer on the rating of Canals for the relief of the Purse & the late Divisions upon the subject.  The Delegation met accordingly consisting of Mr. Lear Snr & Mr. Lear Jnr., Mr. Galton on the part of the Birmingham Canals, Misses Beech & Woodward for the Coventry Misses Tooley & Timms for the Oxford.  A long satisfactory & harmonious discussion took place.  Mr. . . . dined with us afterwards & set off on their return, apparently, much pleased with the reception they had met with.  In the chair at the Meeting & at dinner.


Tuesday 23.  Set of early to Knypersley.  Revised the structure of the intended Reservoir & Dam I suggested an alteration being made in the . . . which was approved.  Went from there to Leek along the Canal.  Conferred also with Mr. Williamson.


Wednesday 24.  Set off early.  We all parted on board the Boat.  Afterwards engaged on business.


Page 98.  1823  September


Thursday 25.  At home .  Engaged on Navigation Papers & other matters.


Friday 26.  (no entry)


Saturday 27.  At home.  Engaged with Mr. Vaughan.


Sunday 28.  At home.  Service.


Monday 29.  At Stone attending Meeting of General Committee.


Tuesday 30.  Ditto.  Attending General Assembly.  On my return called with Mr. Sparrow at the Mayors.


October Wednesday 1.  (no entry)


Thursday 2.  (no entry)


Friday 3.  Set off with Eliza to Southport & arrived there to dinner, taking up our Quarters at the House which we occupied the last year.  Remained at Southport from that time to Thursday the 23 of October, when Eliza & I went to Mr. Roscoe's at Broad Farm Liverpool & where we arrived to dinner.


Friday 24.  Went with Mr. Roscoe to Liverpool.  Visited the Botanical Garden.  The Exhibition of Pictures at the Institution & looked also at Mr. Hargreaves' Miniatures.  Saw Mr. Hollinshead on Navigation business, & who expressed again his disapprobation of Mr. Telford as Engineer for excavating Tunnel etc.  On making enquiry from Mr. Roscoe relative to the . . . from . . . in Liverpool he said that he had invited his Brother, Mr. E.Roscoe who is concerned in a large Manufactury in Liverpool to dine with us, & who would be able to give every information.  Our Party at dinner consisted of Dr. & Mrs . . . , Mr. Crompton, & Mr. & Mrs J. Roscoe.  After dinner I had a long conversation with Mr. E. R. on the subject of the Welch Iron Tender ,whose observations corresponded with & on finish the communication which I had received from Capt. Bentshaw, & the importance of support being given to Miss Jean Masters in Staffordshire.


Page 99.  1823  October


Saturday 25.  After breakfast left Broad Farm on our return home & called upon Mrs. Roscoe in our way.  Called also at Mr. Holland's at Knutsford, arrived at home about 7 in the evening.


Sunday 26.  Eliza went in the Morning to Talk Chapel.  Wm. & Rowland Bent came to dinner on Brewery business, & particularly on account of the alteration in the Assignment of their Shares proposed by Mr. . . . & the . . . having a Mortgage thereon to which I respected and decided objections & promised to go to Newcastle tomorrow Morning & confer with Mr. . . .thereon.


Monday 27.  At Newcastle accordingly.  When I had a long conference with Mr. Ward who again expressed his own entire disapprobation of the Mortgage proposed by Mr. Waltham, & which he said could on account be assented to by me.  He said that he had that morning had a long conversation with Mr. Waltham & explained to him the . . .as though & in advisability of what he proposed.  Called with Mr . Sparrow at Mr. Fentons relative to the Title to the Lands to be given in exchange to Mr. Bateman when he said that the Abstract was now before Mr. Sugden, but he did not apprehend any material difficulty in respect of the Title.


Tuesday 28.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan in consequence of Letters which I had received at Southport from Capt. Renshaw on the subject of the Welch Iron Tender at Liverpool.  Sent on of the late Acts of Parliament toMr. Hollinshead of Liverpool.  Afterwards on the Alsager Estate with Mr. . . .Daniel Johnson Samuel Chesters & Mr. Ashmore receiving the ground intended to be mined, & examining previous to a search being made for Limestone.  In the evening Stamford arrived.


Wednesday 29.  Compared with the Deeds the Notices which Mr. Tomlinson had proposed, in order to be delivered to Wm. Lawton Esq. & his two Brothers requiring the Act of Parliament to be obtained pursuant to the Covenant on the Conveyance, & afterwards signed the same & wrote to Mr.


Page 100.  1823  October


Tomlinson on therewith.  Looked over Navigation Papers previous to meeting Mr. Chetwynd today at Mis s Moretons, when Stamford, Eliza & I afterwards dined at the home Mrs. Miss Chetwynd & Mr. D. Sneyd of Ashcombe.  In the evening a conversation with Mr. Chetwynd on various Navigation concerns, when he mentioned that an Arrangement had been made for Mr. . . . .coming into Mr. Sparrows Office.  On my return found a Letter from Mr. Vaughan.


Thursday 30.  At home.  Examined a long Trust Deed in the Affairs of Mr. Hulbert of Shrewsbury which had been sent for my examination as one of the Partners in the late Partnership of Sir  John Heathcote & Co., and which I found  concerns in several respects & shall send to Mr. Ward, to whom I had hoped mentioned the matter.  Cold day with Snow.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.  Perused Caldon Appeal Papers which Mr. Chetwynd gave me yesterday.


Friday 31.  At home.  The pipe of Port Wine purchased from Carbonet & Son in the Spring was this day bottled at Stoney fields, & at night , my half buy 27 dog & 8 Bitches including 2 broken in the Carriage, arrived at Linley hound, . . . sent it, with Thomas . . . .to Stoneyfield in the morning.




Saturday 1.  At home.  Mr. T. Tomlinson with the Lawton Notices, which I signed, & went on to deliver.  Mr. Vaughan came, & with whom engaged closely the whole of the day on Navigation business, he dined & staid all night.  In the evening Miss Stamford with Aunt Betsy arrived from Southport.


Sunday 2.  At home.  After breakfast Mr. Vaughan left us.  Service.  Received a Note from Mr. Chas. Lawton appointing Thursday next for seeing me at Linley Wood, whom I informed him that I would be at home.  He also sent a Hare.


Page 100a.  Inserted into the diary of James Caldwell at Page 100 29 October 1823.


detail that something must be done to furnish the means of transit for the Goods seeing that 30,000 looms are now worked when in 1814 there was not one - it must prove that at present the increased quantity of goods manufactured is most enormous and yet you will find that when the smaller quantity of Goods passed from one of these places to the other and afforded the only means of conveyance yet these canals were well employed, they were paying and they were profitable.  I do not however mean to trouble the committees with many observations upon the profits of those Canals but if they were profitable then what must they be now, when the haul has increased to the enormous extent that I have just stated.  The Committee will have some idea of the means in addition to these facts with respect to the


Page 100b.  manufactured articles I call to their attention the quantity of articles that must be supplied for the daily consumption of the Inhabitants besides the Cotton and the articles manufactured besides all those articles which must be sent from Manchester into the Country you will form no very inadequate idea of the want of conveyance to this enormous and most increasing population - perhaps the most impressive and shortest way of stating that the transit between Liverpool and Manchester does not fall short of 1200 Tons every day that between the 1st of January to the end of  December upon an average there passed between the


Page 100c.  Two Towns 1200 Tons and that there has been an increase of a thousand Tons a week beyond that which existed the year preceding therefore if twelve hundred Tons be the quantity that now passes between those two places we have reason to believe that an enormous amount of facility of transit will be required in the progress of time though it may be attempted to be shewn that there are means to satisfy the demand at present in which however I do not find to be the fact - therefore if there is an increase of demand Parliament must make a provision for it unless it will stop the progress of the improvements now going on in those two places.  I will now trouble the Committee with a Statement of the means of


Page 100d.  furnishing that supply independently of the Common Turnpike Roads which must be left out of the question for the passage of bulky articles in point of economy and dispatch there exists three means by which Goods may be conveyed from Liverpool to Manchester there is the old River the Canal the Mersey and Irwell Navigation incorporated about two centuries - I believe the original shares were £70 a share and to shew you the increase in the value of the shares arising from the increase in trade I would state that the selling price is £1250 at present the next mode of conveyance is the Duke of Bridgewaters Canal certainly a production which does that Nobleman immortal honor - no person who has the interests of his Country at heart can ever look upon this work but with the most profound respect to the noble projects and that should deprive his family of any thing to which


Page 100e.  more I will shew that we shall exceed in all those particulars cut if I do that I do that I must succeed for I think at this time of day I should do sufficient if I shew that what we purpose is as good as the other and I shew there is a want of some thing more I should hold that I wasted the time of the Committee if I attempted to argue for the abstract principle of free trade and open competition for it is now acted upon as the principle or upon which the commercial intercourse and the commercial prosperity of this country are to rest with these introductory observations.  Sir I will proceed to call your attention not much in detail to what is the present condition of Manchester and Liverpool with reference to the means of conveyance between those two places at us see whether the means of conveyance which are available are at all in proportion to the demand in order to ascertain that I must let you know what the demand for transit is with reference to those means you will recollect Sir that Manchester and the country of which it


Page 100f.  Is the centre includes a Manufacturing population of above half a Million and when you recollect that Liverpool is the Port of England which carries on by much the larger share of intercourse with the United States of America with South America with British America with Ireland with Africa as well as connected with many other important branches of Trade you will not be surprised to hear the amount of Traffic which passed between those two large commercial Towns but before I do that I will state what is the amount of population and what means of conveyance between these two places adapted to the efforts of that population between are to be found at present the Population of Manchester amounts to 165,000 within the last three years it has increased 50,000 and that perhaps is carrying it porther back than the great Commercial increase of the country requires but the progress has been gradual and it shews that the Manufacturing interests of that part of the country rest upon a solid foundation and likely to continue improving I have stated to you that the


Page 100g.   Manufacturing population of the District of Manchester alone exceeds half a Million cut that is not all you have to provide for you will find that Manchester is the channel of communication through which the Clothiers of Yorkshire send their commodities the Manufacturers at Sheffield send much of their Hardwares as well as a variety of other commodities which are sent from different Districts in that part of the country - they all make use of Manchester as the centre and for all which we are to provide upon the same grounds as we provide for the goods manufactured in the immediate vicinity of that large and populous Town without making any particular statement as to the goods sent from the clothing District of Yorkshire for the committee must know it sufficiently it is sufficient of Manufactured articles the transit of which is to be provided for at Manchester and through Manchester to Liverpool and if that be so with


Page 100h.  the articles exported it must be exceeded by the imported articles for the greater part of the articles Manufactured in Yorkshire and in the neighbourhood of Manchester are far more bulky and require much more space in their raw state than where Manufactured so much for with respect to Manchester and the Population in the back of it and connected with the surrounding country.  With regard to the necessity of an increased facility of transits I would observe that if this Rail Road should receive the sanction of Parliament there will be another most important article of transit that will be much increased namely coal for the supply required for so large a Town as Manchester with its Steam Engine and the consumption in the Town of Liverpool


Page 100i.  will alone extend to a considerable amount and to that extent we must provide the means of conveyance beyond that which now exists - This alone must strike the committee with the necessity of making more suitable provision but I will more strikingly prove it by alluding to one article alone - I will state one single article namely cotton which will at once shew the necessity of that for which we ask your sanction the committee perhaps will be surprised to hear that the quantity of cotton sent from Liverpool to Manchester in 1824 exceeded one hundred and sixty Million pounds weight in 1815 it amounted to the hundred and ten Millions pounds so that between those years there has been the increase of the difference between one hundred and ten Millions and a hundred and sixty Millions if the progress of our commercial interests are to go on in


Page 100j.  The same ratio the committee will see that we are not asking too much when we ask for an increased means of transit and which will be afforded by this Rail Road.  I will endeavour for next to put the committee in possession of the condition of Liverpool - the present population of Liverpool amounts to very nearly the same as Manchester 164,000 people out to give you some idea of the trading interests of that place I will state to you the number of shifts that found their way into the Docks of that Port in the years 1824 in that year 10,001 ships were received into the Docks at Liverpool confirming tonnage to the amount of 1,180,914 tons I could hardly believe it - it appears so enormous sound unless the attention of Honourable Members has been previously called to it they could not have thought it had amounted to anything like quantity you will find that there has been a regular increase in the trade there as in Manchester you will find that in the year 1823


Page 100k.  The County of Lancaster in and through the several 'Parishes or Places by opening an easy and expeditious communication between the two large trading Towns of Liverpool and Manchester and by affording an additional mode of transit for Merchandize and other articles and other articles and Matters between those Places and also to and from the neighbouring Country' and we alledge in various other respect it will be a matter of great utility.  Having stated the preamble I will now proceed to explain why we ask permission of Parliament to exercise the Power referred to in this preamble it will be necessary to show what is the condition of the trade in its present improved state and that . . . not sufficient means afforded for the transit of Goods other from the seal of Manufacture to the Port from whence they are to be exported or the means of sending the Raw Materials to the place where they are to be worked up at present we say there is not a sufficient supply of means for the conveyance of Goods from Liverpool to Manchester and back again from Manchester to Liverpool I will undertake to show the fact that the present means of transit are deficient


Page 100l.  In itself it is uncertain attended with great risk and attendance with great expence upon the other Hand the mode that we present to you as a substitute or rather I should say as an addition and I trust the Committee will not think we are anxious to supersede any of the existing establishments on the contrary we are desirous to go hand in hand with them but I am bound to ask that the mode of conveyance shall be as speedy as cheap as safe and as certain as the other in all respect if I show this I think I shall make out a case sufficient to call upon Parliament for its aid but I shall do more


Page 100m.  Manchester that though at present there were 30,000 looms worked by Steam in 1814, there was not one worked in that mode I mention this to you for this purpose if you find that the articles sent from Manchester to Liverpool and the Raw articles from Liverpool to Manchester are greatly increased


Page 100n.  And if you find that the facilities of conveying those Articles are not greater in point of capacity than at that time am I not entitled to ask you to decide without troubling you by going into any detail.


Page 101.  1823  November


Monday 3.  After breakfast went to Sandbach in consequence of a Note from Miss Darlington & Sherratts requesting my attendance at a Meeting of the Trustees of the Spen . . . & Talk Turnpike Road, & which I attended accordingly.  Lord . . . ,Col. Ford, Revd. Mr. Salmon, Col. . . ., Mr. Latham & myself being present.  Read the Draft of the . . . outlined Linley Park to be with Parliament in the next Sessions for a Removal of the present Act & the Clause as of which were considered as & settled.  Returned to dinner.  When at Sandbach agreed with Col. . . . for the purchase of the small slip of Land adjoining Linley Lane for the sum of £50, where he described it.  I would immediately take the possession take down the Trees & do what I pleased with it & said that if I would call at Wheelock he would show me the Titlement Deed, in order that I might see in what manner the conveyance must be prepared.  Having proposed himself highly satisfied with the price which at his agreement I measured myself & sent they had once been purchased £25 for it.


Tuesday 4.  Set off early to Stone to attend Meeting of the Select Committee & took Mr. Sparrow in the Carriage from Newcastle.  Closely engaged all day upon business, there being much to do, & till late in the evening.


Wednesday 5.  After breakfast left Stone & on my arrival at home found that the Hollands of Knutsford, who were to have come to us today, were prevented by the dangerous illness of Mr. Sharp.


Thursday 6.  In the morning received Notice from Mr. Wedgwood of his intention to pay £2000 more of the money seeming due on his Mortgage & Bond.  Mr. Daniel Eardley called to request my acting as joint Referee in a difficult matter the article of the Eardley Family Society, which the opposition Party had refused to come to Mr. Tollet & who I wanted but their Solicitor Mr. . . .a . . . consented to refer to . . . & which I undertook accordingly, finding that this would be the manner of saving much trouble & expense.  Mr. Chas. Lawton called pursuant to his appointment.  He first enquired whether I would not be satisfied with the Indemnity alone, which I told him that I would not & that the Act was one . . . to be obtained.  In our conversation, he acknowledged that all that I had said in respect to the expense of the Act was that I would like all the case I could that the expense


Page 102.  1823  November


should be kept down as much as possible, and that if it would be very accommodatory.  I would lay down his Brothers Share of the Money, for the repayment of which he (Mr. C.L.) & afterwards staked out some small parcels of Land which I agreed to take at a fair valuation.  In respect to the private agreement he said that he had quite forgot it when my purchase was made, otherwise they would have been acting like I wonder,but that Mr. Williams was taking an opinion upon it, which when obtained should be sent to Mr. Tomlinson or myself.  Stamford shot a woodcock in Swallow Moor Wood.


Friday 7.  At home.  Engaged on the Farm.  Began carrying Grain from the Newcastle Brewery for Measure.  James Boardman agreed with Walker of the Foxhole for 10/- per day, to go twice with his Cart.  The Toll to be paid by me.  Wm. Bent & Wm. Penlington dined.


Saturday 8.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Tomlinson on the Lawton business.


Sunday9.  At home.  Service.  In the evening Stamford set off to London.


Monday 10.  Wrote to Mr. . . . on Richard Harrison.  Engaged examining Kinnersly's Accounts.  Afterwards went to Rode Heath & got Declaration of Trust to the Revd. Mr. Aitkins as to 2/5 parts of 2 Navigation Shares late belonging to the Exec. of Chas. Bate Esq. executed by Wm. Penlington.  That Mr. Morris with whom looked at his Wharf,  but was of opinion that Mr. Penlington could not let him have the further Land which he wanted.  In my return home found a Packet from Mr. Sherratt, including a Draft of his . . . for my perusal.


Tuesday 11.  Wrote to Mr. Williams of Shrewsbury relative to my non execution of Mr. Hulberts Trust Deed, & explaining my reasons.  Wrote to Mr. Slater objecting to the line set out through my Grounds of the interested Road, & desiring him to meet me again at the plain.  Afterwards went in the Gig to Whichurch to make the necessary Extracts from the Settlement Deeds in order that a Conveyance might be prepared.


Page 103.  1823  November


of the small Slip of Land in Linley Lane as agreed for with Col. . . .  On my way met Col. . . . with Col. Peach & the Revd. Mr. Salmon, who were going to make a survey of what improvements could be made in the Linley Lane Road.  Pointed out to them an alteration of the Agreement.  Went on to Whichurch & made the necessary Extracts, Mrs. . . .showing me the Deeds, which Col. . . .said she had in her possession.  While engaged with the Deeds Col. . . .came in, & both expressed their satisfaction at the service that I had given.  I feared to send the conveyance to him which he promised to get executed as he & Mrs . . were shortly going to Town.  On my return home found a packet from Mrs. Chetwynd containing the Abstract of a Title to the Knypersley Lands with Mr. Sidebotham's opinion & objections thereto.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan who had sent them by a Messenger acknowledging the receipt.  N.B.  When I met Col. . . . this morning on the road he said something of the Mines & Memorials being essential, but agreed that they were not worth a farthing.  Nothing of this kind however mentioned at the time thus I agreed for the purchase, nor did he mention it again though we talked a good deal about the purchase & balance of their Estate in Alsager .  Considering the price given it would indeed be as  memorable as well as contrary to the original Agreement.


Wednesday 12.  At home, very unwell with a Cold.  Perused & Considered the Abstract & other Papers received from Mr. Chetwynd & I wrote to him.  Perusal & Considered the Draft of Mr. Sherratt's Will & making observation thereon.  Engaged closely all day.  Mrs Wedgwood & Charlotte came to dinner.  Fine mild frost.  Spread more Grains in Land  late Mr. . . .


Thursday 13.  Sent . . . advising situation to a change against him for altering a counterfeit sovereign & which had been bound over to appear & as from his Statement I could not but believe him innocent.  I advised to comply some respectable Attorney in his defence & let me hear again.  Wrote to Mr. . . . with Bill for Mr. Caldwell.  Perused again the Deed of Mr. Sherratt's bill, & wrote to him.  The weather being dry began taking out manure upon the Farm Meadows.  Drew the Instructions for a conveyance of the small piece of Land agreed for with Col. . . .


Page 104.  1823  November


Friday 14.  Sent the Draft of Mr. Sherratt's Will, & my Letter by a Messenger to Nantwich:  Mr. Sutton of Shardlow called & with whom engaged a considerable time on various Navigation Concerns.  Wrote to Mr. Twemlow of Peats Wood.  In the forenoon Mrs. Wedgwood & Charlotte left us.  Mr. Vaughan came to dinner& with whom engaged on Navigation business.


Saturday 15.  Mr. Slater called relative to the line of the intended Road from the Hollows to Linley Lane & which he promised to stake out afresh in the course which we had before proposed.  Engaged again with Mr. Vaughan.  Afterwards went with him to Etruria Locks, where we met Mr. Potter, & considered the proposed alternative, which I was quite confirmed in my opinion ought to be immediately done.  I come thence but with Mr. Potter & viewed the situation that would be considered for the Engine to return Water out of the Stoke pond & the line of the Gutter, when this improvement which I had myself suggested appeared possible to both of us.  On my return called upon Mr. Tomlinson & gave instructions for conveyance of the small piece of Land in Linley Lane.  Returned to dinner.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Chetwynd relative to the intended conference between Mr. Landon, Mr. Fenton & myself on the subject of the Title to the Knypersley Land, & mentioning findings sent for this purpose at Newcastle.


Sunday 16.  At home.  Service.  Wrote to Mr. Chetwynd that I would meet Mr. Landon on Friday next as proposed.  Sent Draft of Lease from Mr. Mrs. Moseley to the . . . Co. to Mr. Williams of Sandbach, per Coach from Coopers , Congress at . . .  . . . all day.


Monday 17.  In the morning went to Cliffe Ville with plan & advertisement of the small piece of Land in Linley Lane, which had been made by Woodworth, & finally settling the Draft of the Conveyance.  On my return called at the Brewery, and on Mrs. Bent.  Returned home to dinner.  On my way out met Mr. Hugo . . .hounds which had this morning . . .off as Bondsman this morning & appeared to be a fine Pack.


Page 105.  1823  November


Tuesday 18.  Mr Daniel Eardley relative to Mellors Referene when I named Saturday 6 December, but recommended it to him to call upon Mr. Williams, in the meantime & show him the particular Clause in the Articles, which have upon the question,  Afterwards went to look at the ground in the Alsager Estate where we had begun to sink in the hope of finding Stone for draining, but the appearance was so little promising, that I determined for the present to give it up.


Wednesday 19.  At home.  In the afternoon received from Mr. Tomlinson the Conveyance by . . . of the price of Land on Linley Lane & which I forwarded to Col. . . .by a Messenger who he had sent for it, as they were setting off to London tomorrow morning.


Thursday 20.  Engaged on Navigation Papers previous to Meeting Mr. Landor & Mr. Fenton at Newcastle tomorrow.  Mrs Twemlow & Miss Fletcher called. Looked over Letters & papers relative to the Claim for dilapidation being since made by Mr. Hill on the Executors of the late Revd. Ralph Moreton, with a view to mentioning to this subject to Mr. Landor tomorrow.  In the evening received Letter from Mr. Landor with observations on the Title in relation to Mr. Sidebothams opinion which considered attentively & compared with the Abstract of the Settlement of Miss & Mr. Sidebotham's Observations.


Friday 21.  Went to Newcastle.  Met Mr. Landor with whom a long conference at the Roebuck previous to seeing Mr. Fenton.  Afterwards went with him to Mr. Fenton's office where we saw Mr. Rob. Fenton & had a long description with him of the Title when it was finally settled this the Abstract should again be laid before Mr. Sidebotham with the answers to his objections.  Returned to dinner.  Miss Stamford & Eliza went & returned with me.


Saturday 22.  At home.  Engaged all Morning on various papers & matters.  Considered again the Title to Mr. Sparrows Lands.  Eliza & Miss Stamford called at Lawton Hall.


Sunday 23.  At home.  Service.


Monday 24.  In the morning received Lease from Mr. & Mrs. Moseley to the Navigation Co. & wrote to Mr. Williams desiring that a counterpart might be preferred.  Mr. Lawton's hounds from the Alsager Estate & Swallow Moor.  In the Evening Letter from Mr. . . .on Harrison's Affairs which I replied to by this Post


Page 106  1823  November


and informed him that I would come to Derby on Thursday the 4th of December.


Tuesday 25.  Engaged in the morning on various matters previous to setting off to Peatswood, to which place I went to dinner.  Eliza & Miss Stamford intended going to Maer Hall, where I was to set them down, but was prevented by a Letter from Mrs. Wedgwood with so bad an account of Miss Wedgwood, who was at Shrewsbury, as to put off their visit.  Arrived at Peatswood at five.  Met at dinner Mr. P. . . , Revd Mr. Carr, Mr. Smethwick & Mr. J. Twemlow the caller of whom staid the night.


Wednesday 26.  After breakfast walked with Mr. Twemlow over his grounds & also viewed a House now building by a Mr. Sillitoe from a Design of Mr. Soames, but which to any eye does him no credit the Elevation being spoiled by trapping casement, & afterwards rode on Horse back by Hale Cheshire drive etc .returned to dinner.  The party consisted today of Revd. Mr. Offley Gent, Mr. Tollet,.who staid all night, Mr. Cresswell Legal & Mr. Twemlow.


Thursday 27.  After breakfast set off on my return home.  Called at Maer Hall & found a Letter account of Miss Wedgwood, but who still continued in a very precarious state.  Arrived at Linley Wood to dinner.  In the evening wrote to Mr. Langham in reply to a Letter which I found from him relative to the Staffordshire Iron Musters Committee.


Friday 28.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers & Concerns preparatory to the Meeting of the Select Committee on Tuesday next.  Drawing Minutes of business to be done etc. also . . . again the late Mr. Sparrow's Title to the Land at Knypersley.  Examined & drew out Statement of account with John Parr, one of the legatees of the late Mr. Thos. Jackson, & who having attained his age of 21, had applied for his Share of the Residue of the effects.  Afterwards went to look at the hedge between the Alsager Lands & Land purchased from Mr. Jenks which I had intended to be stocked up, & on which the . . . went.


Page 107.  1823  November


Saturday 29.Engaged the Morning drawing out & copying Account with John Poor, of his third share of the Estate & Effects of the late Mr. Thos, Jackson, he having attained the age of 21.  Afterwards at Newcastle on sundry matters, & got a Bill for the balance of Poor Account.  Received a note in the morning from Misses Darlington & Sherratt requesting my attendance at Sandbach on Monday next at a Meeting of the Trustees of the Span Society & Talk Turnpike Road.  In the evening received Letter from Mr.. . . & saying that he would be at home on Thursday the 4th of December.


Sunday 30.  At home.  Received intelligence of the death of Miss Wedgwood, who died at Shrewsbury, yesterday morning at 7 o'clock.  I have known her well from her earliest infancy.  Assured . . . & more generous heart, & more active benevolence, never passed from mortality to await their due reward from a just and beneficial Creator.


Monday 1,December.  Mr. Johnson of the Hollins relative to the supply of Beech for the intended Tunnel & recommending a Brick work at Tunstall.  Closely engaged all Morning on Navigation Papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow to attend Meeting of the Select Committee.  Revd. Mr. Aitkins of Hanley called to hand deliver the Assignment & Declaration of Beech executed by Mr. Penlington relative to 2/5 of Shares of the Trent & Mersey Navigation which Mr. Aitkins had purchased from the Executors of the late Chas. Bate Esq. of Nantwich.  Afterwards engaged on papers in the affairs of the late Mr. Harrison preparatory to my going to Derby pursuant to appointment with Mr. . . .


Tuesday 2.  Set off early to Stone taking Mr. Sparrow from Newcastle.  Closely engaged all day attending Select Committee.


Wednesday 3.  Engaged again in the morning, & afterwards returned to Linley Wood instead of prevailing to Derby, then having some meeting with then not be called to attend the Funeral of the late Miss Wedgwood, but no land having arrived.  Returned home to proceed to Derby tomorrow.


Thursday 4.  Set off th Derby this morning & arrived there to dinner.  Sent a note to


Page 108 1823  December


Mr. . . . ,who immediately came up & with whom I had a long conversation upon the subject of Harrisons Officers & the Crescent Claims set up to the property, but which, from the . . . shown to me & the circumstances of which Mr. B. assured me, I was satisfied were without any foundation.  Mr. B. . . having a party at home to dinner, which he invited me to join, but which I declined.  I was left during the evening to myself, & of which I availed myself to make Minutes of such further enquiries & . . .as it might be proper to confer with Mr. . . . upon tomorrow morning whom he engaged to breakfast with me.  But my Evening was rendered most uncomfortable, & my mind much disturbed by an intelligence which had been given to me this morning by William Bent who I met on my way to Newcastle , & who said that he was going to Linley Wood, to inform me, that from the present state of the Concern at Newcastle, his Brother & he were satisfied that it would do no good to carry it on & therefore it would be best to give it up.  My suffering was as great as the countenance was unexpected.  I told him that I had no wish on my part but, under any circumstances but to do what was promised & memorable & to act as I had always done, towards his Brother & himself.  He strongly expressed their views of my friendship towards them, and as it was when our former to when . . .---- we agreed that the matter shall rest for consideration till the beginning of the next week.  What with Harrison himself at this proposing upon my Trust, I had a miserable night.  However I called my spirits the myth the next Morning when Mr. . . . came to breakfast & had a further & satisfactory coversation with him.  We then went to look at the piece of Land which I had purchased for us, & on the way met Mr. Horrocks, on whom I had intended to call.  He considered that the Claim of


Page 109.  1823  December


Harrison, one of the two present Claimants as quite . . .   The other, . . . ,he said he did not know much about.  But of the ground left . . . of I was more satisfied from the Religions.  At Mr. . . suggestion I asked Mr. Horrocks for an attested copy of the Entries in the Family Bible in his profession of the Harrison Family, & which he promised to supply.  Mr. . . .also promised to send one untitled copy of the Testament declaring the uses of the Terms & a State of his accounts & are their . . ..  Left Derby a little before 12 o'clock & went home to dinner.


Saturday 6.  At home.  Engaged on various papers & matters.


Sunday 7.  At home.  Service.


Monday 8.  Engaged all morning Letter writing etc.  Wrote to Mr. Roscoe & Mr. Wilson.  Considered & copied a codicil to my will.  Afterwards rode on horseback, believed the place near Bradwall where one of the trenches had this morning been  constructed & fallen down the the Embankment which is here, as on other dangerous parts of this Road, almost without a fence.  Luckily no serious injury not done to the Passengers.  It is my intention to apply to the Trustees for a substantial wall or other fence, along these Embankments which may be sufficient for the safety of Surveillance, & I therefore note this accident.


Tuesday 9.  At home.  Various matters , Farm etc.


Wednesday 10.  Engaged on Navigation business & wrote to Mr. Vaughan in reply to a Letter received last night from him & appointing Monday the 22nd instant for meeting Mr. Webb at Stone examining the Treasurers Account.  Wrote also to Mr. Armistead in reply to a Letter received from him, relative to the Affairs of the late Mrs. Tollet, & signifying my compliance with Mr. Armistead to request that the payment of the money due on the Mortgage & Bonds might be postponed to the 5 April next.  Wrote to Wm. Bent in reply to a Letter from him & requesting that he & his Brother Rowland would dine here tomorrow in order to consider the state of the Brewery Concern, and engaged in the Evening making transcriptions in writing on this . . . & execution business previous to seeing them.


Thursday 11.  Engaged in the morning on Brewery business preparatory to seeing Mr. Roland


Page 110.  1823  December


Bent who had fixed to dine here to day, his Brother being gone to Macclesfield.  Afterwards engaged a long time Mr. Potter on having business, particularly in respect to the Double Locks at Etruria, the proposed culvert & Steam Engine for returning water out of the Stoke Round etc.  Speaking of the latter he said that he had mentioned it to Mr. Rob. Heath who was most forcibly struck with this idea, & he expressed his astonishment that a thing so practical & useful should have account to no-one but myself.  R. Bent came to dinner with whom a long conversation on the present executions & uncomfortable state of the Newcastle Brewery Concern, & the course that it would be most proper to . . ., when I stated the misfits of some arrangement being in the first place made with the Executor, but that everything should be done with the general care & circumspection.  Mr. H. conduct appears to have been much worse than Stamford.


Friday 12.  Rode to Newcastle immediately after breakfast and attended a Meeting of the Committees of Subscribers to the Newcastle & Pottery Library, in consequence of a Note received last night from Mr. Smith to consider removing the Library to his House, but is approving that there would be no Room for the accommodation of the Subscribers, but that the Books would be placed along one side of his shop, we thought it best to agree again with Mr. Bull for the pursuant Norm, & which was accordingly done at £15 a year, the Subscribers finding a Librarian or proper person to attend in the room & take care of the Book, & for which it was thought that a steady woman would be sufficient.  Afterwards called at the Brewery & saw Revd Bent.  Returned to dinner.  Stormy & cold with sleet.  In the evening Letter from Mr. . . .Received today a present of a brace of Pheasants from Mr. . . . of Newcastle.


Saturday 13.  At home.  Various matters.  I was busy the last two or three days, Carrying & Farming path scrapings to spread on Pasture Land next to the Farm.  Men finished yesterday building fence of the piece of Land bought from Col.. . . & the Ladies.


Page 111.  1823  December


Sunday 14.  At home.  Service.  In the afternoon very unwell with an attack of the Bowels.


Monday 15.  So unwell as to be in bed almost the whole of the day.  Mr. Davenport.


Tuesday 16.  The same Mr. Davenport.


Wednesday 17.  Better & went down stairs, though still very unwell.  Mr. Hood called & determined to meet . . . from the Limestone Burners relative to a . . . of the Tonnage of Limestone from Caldon Lowe, which after a conversation with him upon the subject I promised to consider & lay before the Select  Committee.  Mr. D W.  In the evening Letter from Col . . ..


Thursday 18.  Better but still too unwell to go out of Doors.  Wrote fully to Col. . . . in reply to his proposed of a Resumation  of the Mines in the small piece of Land in Linley Lane stating my objections though.  Afterwards engaged a long time with Mr. Williams on the Lawton Business, showing him the Deeds & with which he explained himself fully satisfied & said that was the wish of Mr. Lawton that the business should be bought to a . . . business & the Act obtained, which it was therefore understood was to be proceeded with on without delay.  George Cope called with some main Hurdles etc.he said that on mentioning to Mr. Martin the Foxholes Estate he said, that he would not as . . . sell it.  Mr. Roscoe & Mary Ann came to dinner.


Friday 19.  Still confined to the House.  Engaged with Mr. Roscoe all morning.  Mr. Tollet & Dr. Belcombe came to dinner, & Stamford returned from Cheadle where he went yesterday.  Snow.


Saturday 20.  In the night snow with wind.  Dr. Belcombe went before Breakfast & Mr. Tollet after.  Gave the former  for his consideration the Observations which I had drawn up relative to the . . . or the Hill . . . Money.  Also stated to him what I had done relative to the question of Delapidations referred to me by the late Mr. Sparrow & of


Page 112.  1823  December


which he much approved.  Sent Mr. Tollet , Mr. . . .Illustrations of Lorenzo & du Medici & observed  in reply to . . .  In the evening looked over with Mr. R. . the large Book of Engravings, many of which be thought fine impressions. Looked also at the Raphael Bible.  He said many of the original Drawings done by Raphael's own hand, with written directions in the various parts as to the colours such as this to be blue, this red etc. came up H. . . . He sent them these Engravings now very faithful Representations.  The Drawings are not so large as the Engravings, one half in the books.  Long & entertaining conversation relative to Pope & Mr. R. . . .now Edition of his work.  In the forenoon engaged copying Navigation Minutes etc.


Sunday 21.  Rain.  Service.  Afterwards engaged selecting & writing up Papers preparatory to going to Stone tomorrow.


Monday 22.  Went to Stone.  Met Mr. Webb with whom he & Mr. Vaughan engaged closely examining & sorting Measures Account with the Navigation Co. from 17 August 1822 to t13 Dec 1823, after which Mr. Webb returned home.  Afterwards closely engaged all evening , & till near 12 o'clock at night with Mr. Vaughan examining the Cash Book, comparing & ticking off the several Entries with the vouchers etc etc.


Tuesday 23.  Finished with Mr. Vaughan the examination of the Cash Book.  Mr. Chetwynd & Mr. Lister came between 11 & 12 with whom persevered on the businesses of Select Committee.  Lord J. Vincent came to dinner.  Mr. Lowndse of London attended in the


Page 113.  1823  December


morning on the behalf of Lord Granville to know if the Committee would consent to Lord J. Vincent reconsidering his Award &further hearing Endeavour & which we immediately consented to.


Wednesday 24.  Went from Stone to Nantwich where I arrived to dinner.


Thursday 25.  Christmas day.  Remarkable for its mildness.


Friday 26.  Weather very wet.  Dined at Mr. Sherratt's.


Saturday 27.  Engaged writing Letter to Col. . . .in reply to one received from him relative to the small Slip of Land on Linley Lane.  Stamford arrived at Mr. Sherratts.


Sunday 28.  Dysant Buildings.


Monday 29.  Mr. Sherratt & Stamford dined.  In the morning called upon Mr. Bent and Mr. Jos. Salmon.  Also at Mr. Botts & Mr. Roland Bent but they were about.  Called also upon Mr. Kent.


Tuesday 30.  Called at the Revd. Mr. Grattons & the Revd Mr. Hawkes.  Dined afterwards at Mr. Sherratt's.  Revd. Mr. Gratton, Mr. James Garnett, Mrs. Garnett & Eliza being of the Party.


Wednesday 31.  Left our kind & hospitable friends I returned to Linley Wood leaving Miss Stamford at Nantwich.  Stamford also returned.  Canal Plans ended another year of life.


Page 114.  No entry.


Page 115.  1824  January


Thursday 1.  Engaged on Accounts.  Wrote to Mr. Chetwynd.  Mr. Hill the Parish Officer called, when I informed him that I had given Notice to Hannah Wilding to quit at Lady Day.  Rain & wind but rode out upon the Farm.  In the evening Letters from Col. . . .& Mr. Vaughan.


Friday.  At home.  Engaged again on annual Accounts.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.  Miss Tollet, & Miss Eliza called on their return from Astbury where they had been attending yesterday the opening of a new organ in the church presented by Sir Edmund Antrobus.  In the evening received Brewery Papers from Wm. Bent.


Saturday 3.  Engaged perusing papers received last night from Wm. Bent.  Agreed with Thomas Alcock for 57 weeks some service at £27, he to find his own clothes,etc.etc.  Dr. Northam & Mr. Davenport to consult on Eliza's indisposition.  When the former assessed his strong hope that it was not of any serious nature., but if it had not . . . shortly to the decisions presented, he would write to Dr. Holland.  Afterwards rode out on horseback, the day being remarkably mild and fine.  Stamford went to Lawton Hall to dinner, & to spend a day or two.


Sunday 4.  At home.  Service.  Wm. & Rowland Bent came to dinner, with whom considered the State of the Brewery Concern at Newcastle, & the . . .made of dividing into Lots & disposing of the property, it appearing to be proper to put an end to the business.  I promised to call upon Mr. Ward in a day or two.  Mr. Bent proposed my joining him in the Brewery at Macclesfield for which he said that a Capital of £4000 would be sufficient & that he would advance me £2000.  This I said that I would consider of, and give an answer to.


Monday 5.  At home.  Engaged on various matters & papers.  Remarkably fine mild day.  Daniel Johnson who said £101.12 on account.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Chetwynd requesting me procure the attendance of Mr. Bateman & Mr. Fenton at Stone on the 19 instant.



Page 116.  January  1824


Tuesday 6.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Halls Account etc.


Wednesday 7.  At Newcastle.  Calling upon Miss Fenton in consequence of the Letter received from Mr. Chetwynd, & proposing a meeting of all Parties at Stone on the . . ., when Mr. N. Fenton said, that they had written to Mr. Bateman to enquire whether he would accept my Title shortage strictly legal one, & till that was known no appointment could be made.  Called upon Mr. Sparrow relative to old Account with Eardleys Executors.  Afterwards at the Brewery relative to the intended Sale of the Buildings etc. & to have met Mr. Ward, who was not at home when I arrived, but came to me to the Roebuck & also approved of what I had suggested as to the division of the Lots.  Dined at Lawton Hall.  Eliza staying at home.  Revd. E Powys & Stamford & some young relative.


Thursday 8.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Chetwynd.  Farm,& other matters.


Friday 9.  Wrote to Mr. Marsh, & appointed Tuesday week next for seeing him at Linley Wood on Matters Reference, Mr. Fenton paying his Rent.  Mr. Hood relative to the Memorial of the Lime Barrows at Lawton etc. & to whom I communicated the order of the Select Committee, alluding a redirection of 1st in the Tonnage of Stone from Caldon Lowe for 1 year from . . .1824.  Miss Stamford called at Parkfields Eliza being prevented by her indisposition. Stamford came from Lawton Hall to dinner.


Saturday 10.  Engaged on Minutes of the last Meeting of the Select Committee correcting & copying the same & afterwards writing therewith to Mr. Vaughan. Dr. Northam & afterwards Mr. Davenport.  . . .& Cope.  Rain all day.


Sunday11.  At home.  Service.  Mild Frost.


Monday 12.  After breakfast went to Newcastle.  Conference with Mr. Ward at the Brewery relative to the Advertisement for Sale of the Brewery when he promised to send a Draft for my perusal & consideration.  Agreed with Wm. Bent & Mr. Ward for the purchase of . . .


Page 117  1824


January12.  Byerley House & the Freehold & Leasehold Land laid to it as per Plan at the sale of £575 for the whole, my share to be taken as part of the sum of £600 owing to me from the concern, being the Money advanced to pay off Dantry & Crescent.  Paid various Tradesmen's Christmas Accounts at Newcastle.  Subscribed at Co. Societies, Ten Guineas towards the National School intended to be corrected at Newcastle.  Returned to dinner.  Fine mild frost.


Tuesday 13. At home.  Received from Wm. Bent the Draft of the proposed . . . with the Plans etc. which I perused & considered.  Mr. Marsh came pursuant to Appointment on the Reference to one of the matter between Mr. Mellor & the Stewards of Audley Friendly Society; when I fully explained to him the legal grounds on which I hold myself compelled to decide in favour of the Society, though I considered it a case of great hardship & said that I should represent it accordingly to the Stewards.  Revd. Mr. Mainwaring afterwards called.  Wrote to Mr. Tomlinson on the Lawton business & informing him that Mr. Williams had not got back from Counsel, the Case, on which an Opinion was to be taken as to the private Agreement, and of which Mr. . . had informed me.


Wednesday 14.  At home.  Engaged perusing again & settling the Drafts of the Advertisements received from Mr. Bent, previous to my taking them to Newcastle tomorrow finally to arrange the same with Mr. Ward.  Afterwards engaged on the Farm.  Stamford set off to Stafford Sessions.  In the evening Mr. Davenport.


Thursday 15.  Went to Newcastle & finally settled with Mr. Ward, with whom I was engaged a considerable time, the Drafts of the Advertisement etc.  Saw Mr. R. Fenton, who said they had not yet heard from Mr. Bateman.  Paid sundry Tradesmen's Bills.  On my return, found Mrs. Wedgwood of Mare & Elizabeth who dined & staid all night.  Dr. & Mrs. & Miss Northam also called, the former of whom who I met with the Party on my way home,gave me the grateful assurance that my beloved wife was certainly better.


Page 118.  1824  January


Friday 16.  At home.  Engaged rephrasing & reconsidering the Articles & Affidavit left with me by Mr. Marsh, previous to making my Award.  Miss Sarah Wedgwood called: & went from here with Mrs. Wedgwood to Mare Hall.  Engaged on sundry Papers, & afterwards on the Farm.  Fine mild Frost.


Saturday 17.  At home.  Stamford returned from Stafford Sessions.


Sunday 18.  At home.  Service.


Monday 19.  At Stone attending Meeting of the Select Committees & took Mr. Sparrow with me from Newcastle.  Closely engaged in business with Mr. Chetwynd & Mr. Lister took dinner & in the evening with Mr. Chetwynd, Mr. Lister having left us, being unwell.


Tuesday 20.  Engaged again with Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Lander etc. on various matters.  Came to Newcastle proposing to attend the court & afterwards dine with the Mayor, it being the Sessions, but finding that there was no business of consequence, & being . . . at home I excused myself with the Mayor & got home to dinner.  Found that my ever dear Eliza had undergone the cussing as recommended by Dr. Holland.


Wednesday 21.  I this day completed the 65th year of my age.  Engaged on Navigation papers & other matters.


Thursday 22.  At home.  Navigation Papers, & wrote to Mr. Telford.


Friday 23.  At Trentham Inn attending Deputy Lieutenancy Meeting for receiving Lists & having Moderation Appeals, a busy day there being a crowd of people.  Mr. Brown & Mr. Booth also attended.  Stamford set off to London.


Saturday 24.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Chetwynd on Stamford's account.  Looked with Samuel Beardmore at the draining water Prospect Hill in Holditch's field which we had begun a few days ago.  A very considerable quantity of water discharged from the Sand, which lies upon a red Rock.


Page 119.  1824  January


Sunday 25.  At home.  Service.


Monday 26.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation Minutes & copying the same for entry in the Book.  Afterwards engaged on the Farm.  Began draining the small croft behind the Garden.  The Men who were draining in Holditch's field had come to a hard Stone which yielded much water, & I directed them to go through it.


Tuesday 27.  At home.  In military language you always describe the County by the Current of water, and speak as if you are looking down the drain.  Note, in Southeys Peninsular War.  Richard Crowder called to make an offer of contracting for part of the new Tunnel, when after some conversation with him I told him that I would speak to Mr. Potter tomorrow.


Wednesday 28.  Mr. Wedgwood of Bignall End, paying half a year's interest of £115000 which became due the 19th of November last & entered at the same time his coal Account to Christmas last.  Mr Potter called relative to the Tunnel & other matters.  Settled with him the draft of an Advertisement to be printed, for proposals for contracting & executing the open cutting.  Afterwards went with him to the Tunnel mouth & revised such cutting as now set out.. Saw Mr. Gray & mentioned to him that the Committee were desirous that a few Bricks should be made by one of the Parties who have sent proposals for contracts, in order that they might be brick, previous to any final contract being made.  On my return home having Storm of Snow & Sleet.  Mrs. Wedgwood of Betley & Jesse came to dinner.


Thursday 29.  Went to Newcastle & called at Miss . . .in pursuance of the request of the Select Committee, to propose an enlargement of the time for carrying into executions the Agreement with Mr. Bateman, which Mr. Fenton approved, & promised to prepare improvement to be put upon the back of the articles. Returned to dinner.


Friday 30.  Wrote to Mr. Chetwynd.  Mrs. Wedgwood & Jesse went at noon.  Mr. Latham relative to Talk Appreciation, whom I recommended the same advertisement which had been presented some time ago at Burslem.


Page 120.  1824  January


Saturday 31.  Called at Rode Heath, with Navigation Receipt to be signed by Mr. Penlington & afterwards consultation in respect to his affairs, & particularly the Sale of Proudlove's Estate when he said that he would make an offer of it to Mr. . . .at £5000.  If that was not accepted, he wished the Mortgage to be paid off.  Afterwards called upon the Revd. Mr. Mainwaring.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Telford.




Sunday 1.  At home.  Service.


Monday 2.  At Sandbach attending Turnpike Meeting.  I subscribed £100 towards a proposed improvement of the Road between Challis Hall & Lawton Gate Returned to dinner.  In the evening Letter from Mrs. Chetwynd, Mr. Chetwynd ill.  Enclosing Letter from Mr. Lister relative to the company consenting to a Bridge being made over the Canal in the Parish of Alewas being the line of now intended new Turnpike Road.  Before going to Sandbach sold the Chaise to Mr. Mellor at 58.


Tuesday 3.  At home.  Engaged drawing Form of consent to the above Bridge, & wrote therewith to Mr. Chetwynd.  Afterwards engaged on the Farm etc.


Wednesday 4.  Mr Latham & Mr. J. Done consulting relative tto the proposed Talk Association for the prosecution of Felons etc.  Afterwards Mr. Slater with whom received the line of intended Road between Linley Lane & the Hollins, when he promised to stake out the same as I proposed in order that I might then view it again.  Afterwards rode to Lawton Heath & Chales Hall receiving the course of the intended improvement of the Sandbach Road.  Busy on the Farm carrying out spreading Manure on the Ground before the House: & finished the draining in the Meadow behind the Farm Garden.


Thursday 5.  Went to Betley to have seen Mr. Twemlow relative to the proposed Culvert through the Land of the late Sir John Boughey, for re-conveying water out of the Stoke Level into the Caldon Canal, but Mr. Twemlow was not at home.  Saw Mrs. Fletcher, & Miss M. Twemlow.  Called & sat a while at the Wedgwood's.  Called at Betley Hall, but they were all away from home.  As I was going to Betley met Mr. Slack, to whom I delivered the Audley Friendly Society Contracts, & the Affidavit on the matters of Theoph. . .Mellor, which he had left for my consideration, and at the same time communicated to him my final decision that


Page 121.  1824  February


February 5. the friends of Mellor had no claim upon the Funds of the Society, he having met his death while in an unlawful pursuit & contrary to the Articles. Mr. . . . proposed himself perfectly satisfied with my determination.  Very fine day.  Mr. Allen Booth relative to the final Settlement of Halls Contract which I fixed for Friday the 13 at Newcastle.


Friday 6.  Met Mr. Potter & Mr. Vaughan at at Etruria Locks receiving the Locks & the Attention as now commenced.  Consulting also with Mr. Vaughan on several matters.  On my way to Etruria called at the Burrows & upon Mr. Ward, relative to the Brewery Concerns etc. and on return called at Mr. Sparrows to inform him that Friday the 13 was fixed for Halls business, but he was out.  Miss Sparrow however saying that she had no doubt that he would be at home, on that day.  I called at Allen Booth's & told him that he might fix Tuesday as with Mr. Ellison.  Received from Mr. Eardley. Mr. Barley & Mr. Heatons Accounts in Martins collecting References.


Saturday 7.  At home.  Received Letter from Col. Tryon enclosing one to him from Mr. Locket relative to the small piece of Canal in Linley Lane.  Wrote Letters in the morning to Mr. Delmar & Mr. Tomlinson.


Sunday 8.  At home.  Service.  A right faith is wholly in order to a good life and is of no value any further than it hath influences upon it.  Tillotson.  Acts 10.38 'Who went about doing good'.


Monday 9.  Went to Sandbach & attended Meeting of the Trustees of the Talk & Span Smithy Turnpike Road.  Proceeded thence with Mr. Ford, the Revd. Mr. . . .& Mrs Morris & the Surveyor Mr. . . .to view another line which had been suggested by myself & others beginning at the Aquaduct, and which upon walking over we approved.  An order was made for a Plan and Estimate of the expense of making it. Mr. Ford accompanied me back on the Carriage to Linley Wood to collect the line of the intended Road from Linley Lane to the Hollins which he had not before seen.


Tuesday 10.  Mr. Ward of Newcastle sent his Clerk to copy the Mortgage Deal in Mrs. Tollets Affairs, which he accordingly did & I afterwards examined the material parts, & particularly the parcels with him, previous to sending the same to Mr. Prickett who had requested to be furnished with such Copy.  Afterwards engaged with Mr. Slater, setting out the line of Road through my Grounds from Linley Lane to the Hollins.  From thence went to Chesterton & called at Mr. Benjamin Eardley's to have settled with him


Page 122.  1824  February


February 10. my share of the expenses of Foxholes Colliery& Furnace, but he away from home I left the money with his clerk.  Mr. Mellor weighed the Cheese, & paid for 33 cw. at 50/- the remainder to be purchased & paid for about Lady day.  Mr. Sherratt, Ann & Betsy came to dinner.


Wednesday 11.  Mr. Vaughan came to breakfast on his return from Runcorn, & with whom afterwards engaged a considerable time on Navigation business. Delivered to him the Minutes of the last Meeting for Entry in the Book.  Afterwards engaged with Mr. Sherratt.  Miss Stamford & I dined at Dr. Northam's. Met Mrs. Mills.


Thursday 12.  At home.  Mr. Sherratt etc.


Friday 13.  Went to Newcastle to meet Mr. Ellison of Nantwich settling & paying Balance of Principal & Interest due from the late Partnership of Sparrow & Caldwell on account of Hales Talk on the Hill Brief Money, Land . . .left on their hands.  Called at Mr. Fenton's Office & left with Mr. R. Fenton, the Draft of the Extra work to be put on the back of the Articles for enlarging the time for carrying the Navigation Co. Agreement with Mr. Bateman into appeal.  Proceeded to Cliffe Ville to confer with Mr. Tomlinson on the Land tax Business, when we agreed that he should write again to Mr. Williams, signifying very disappointment at any further delay & urging that the Application to Parliament might be made this Session.


Saturday 14.  At home.  Engaged in various matters.  Viewed the line of new Branch Road above Beardmores as marked out by Mr. Slater & which I found to be directly contrary to the Act of Parliament, and which by particularly stipulation on my part, requires the Barn to be lifted at a distance of not less than 37 yards from the north side of the new Branch Road,which it is now left a little more than 25 yards.  Wrote to Mr. Slater thereon.  Wrote to Mr. Chetwynd in reply to a Letter received from him last night.


Sunday 15.  At home.  Service.  Wrote afresh & sent Letter by Post to Mr. Chetwynd.


Monday 16.  Sent Letter to Mr. Slater by Mary Bickerton.  This morning light Snow.  Engaged on various matters.  Mr. Sherratt etc.


Page 123.  February  1824


Tuesday 17.  At home.  Closely engaged all morning on papers inc. Mrs. Tollets Affairs & sent the Copy of Mr. Armisteads Mortgage with the Draught of the Release which had been perused by Mr. Marlowe to Mr. Prickett with a Letter to him.  Joseph Hudson this day planted the part of the Stonecliffe at the back of the Plantation in the front of the House.


Wednesday 18.  Mr. Done junior called with Message from Mr. Peake particularly requesting my attendance at Trentham Inn tomorrow, to hear appeal against assessed Taxes.  Afterwards engaged again on papers in Mrs. Tollet's affairs, & writing long letter to the Revd. Rob. Hill in reply to one received from him on Monday last.  Planted this day with my own hand eighteen Portugal Laurels, & Fourteen Rhododendrons, had from Smith of Tunstall, in the clump below the turnips at this end of the front corner Garden.  Also more smaller hedge of Rhododendron, the first at the upper end.


Thursday 19.  Went to Trentham Inn & closely engaged all day hearing appeals ag. assessed Taxes.  No other commissioner attending I was induced to go through the business myself rather than give the People of whom there were many of who attended to appeal, the trouble of coming again.  Returned to dinner at five & found Dr, Northam who dined.  Whilst at Trentham Inn the Rev. Mr. Ball & John Blunt called upon me.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Chetwynd fixing the next Select Committee Meeting for the 2nd of March as I had proposed instead of the 1st to which be the day he had before requested it to be postponed on account of his going to Town.  In mentioning 2nd Althorpes Bill, he said that he would not leave Town without conferring with J.T.C.


Friday 20.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.  Engaged in the Morning with Mr. Sherratt who left us before dinner.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Lister confirming the appointment of the next Select Committee Meeting for Tuesday 2nd March.


Saturday 21.  At home.  Various matters.


Sunday 22.  At home.  Service.


Monday 23.  Being prevented going to Cliffe Ville as I had intended by the Witness of the morning sent the Letters & Papers relating to the pursuance of the slip of Land in Linley Lane to Mr. Tomlinson & wrote to him with the same.  In the Evening Letter from Wm. Bent with Draft of Advertisement of Brewery Property for Sale by Auction on


Page 124.  1824  February


Monday 23. the 10 of March next.


Tuesday 24.  At home.  Engaged on private accounts & affairs.  Mrs. & Miss. H. Kinnersley called.  Rolled Land in the front of the House.  The Furrow which Mr. Slater had made as the line of path was Branch Road & to which I sent him long objection, I found, today filled up.


Wednesday 25.  Engaged perusing & considering Advertisement for Sale of Newcastle Brewery & the Stoneyfields Estate, which I received on Monday last from Mr. Bent for that purpose.  Afterwards called upon the purchase of Smallwoods Estate by Mr. Sherratt of Sandbach, but he said he thought it should not go for less than £5000.  He promised to consider further of it & see me in a day or two again.  Mrs. Holland of Knutsford, Misses E & J Holland & Miss K. Holland of Liverpool came to dinner.


Thursday 26.  At Newcastle with the Advertisements & finally settled the same for insertion in the Newspapers, with Wm. Bent & Mr. Ward.  Slight Hail & Snow.  Stamford arrived from London.  Mr. Holland of Knutsford, Mrs. J & Charlotte Wedgwood came to dinner.


Friday 27.  Mr. Potterr called early this morning & with whom engaged a long time on Navigation Business.  Mr. Holland went after breakfast & Mrs Wedgwood & Charlotte at noon.  In the course of the day some snow.


Saturday  28.  Mrs. Holland & Susan went home.  Sent them in the Carriage to Brereton Green & which brought back Mrs. Lamb & Miss A. Holland. Bebbington paying residue of his Rent.  R. . . . with offer of his Services to who the open cutting as the Tunnel.  Wrote to Mr. Tomlinson relative to Linley Lane Land Business, & in the coming received his answer.  Dr. Northam called in the forenoon & reported favourably of Eliza.  Engaged arranging papers for the next Sel. Committee Meeting on Tuesday next.


Page 125.  1824  February


Sunday29.  At home.  Service.  Miss Dawson called relative to Mr. Penlington's affairs.




Monday 1.  Engaged on various matters & papers preparatory to attending Select Committee tomorrow, at Stone, being prevented by the Rain from attending the Turnpike Meeting at Sandbach.  Wrote to Col. Tryon enclosing Letter from Mr. Tomlinson relative to the purchase of the Slip of Land in Linley Lane, to be sent tomorrow morning to Wheelock.


Tuesday 2.  Went to Stone taking Mr. Sparrow from Newcastle.  Closely engaged all day attending Select Committee.  Mr. Chetwynd & myself.  Mr. Lister not coming


Wednesday 3.  Just as we were leaving Stone this morning, Mr. Lister arrived having missed the day of the Meeting.  Read over to him the minutes of the proceedings of yesterday, all of which he approved.  Saw Miss Moreton & Miss C. Chetwynd at Stone.  Had a conversation with Mr. Chetwynd relative to Altorpes Bill, & left with him a sketch of a Letter which I prepared to address to Lord Stafford.  Miss E. & Miss K. Holland who were to have met me at Newcastle on their return from Maer Hall, did not come being prevented by the badness of the weather.


Thursday 4.  At home.  Miss Holland came from Maer Hall.  Wm. Penlington called & with whom I had a long conversation on his affairs.  I drew out and gave him for his consultation a Statement of the advantages & disadvantages of selling the Estate or borrowing money upon them, & advised him in the first place Henshalls to Mr. Lowndes for £5000 & if he took it, to certain Bostock House, there being a probability . . . that Land would rise in value.  But of this I told him that he must judge & determine for himself.


Friday 5.   At home.  Mrs. Lamb & the three Miss Hollands went after Breakfast, sent them in the Carriage to Brereton Green.  Stamford returned from Stafford General Sessions.


Saturday 6.  At home.


Sunday 7.  At home.  Service.


Monday 8.  Vernon called relative to the open Cutting at the South end of the 


Page 126.  1824  March


new Tunnel which he was desirous to contract for when I referred him to Mr. Potter & the Meeting of the Select Committee on the 22 inst.  Afterwards at Sandbach attending Turnpike Meeting, Mr. Ford, Mr. Latham & myself.  When we postponed coming to a final determination as to the proposed new Line, there being so few Trustees present, & postponed the same to the next meeting.  Cold & very stormy day, & which I felt severely on my return, leaving in the Gig.


Tuesday 9.  At home.  Engaged in the morning on Navigation Papers.  Copying minutes of the last Meeting for insertion in the Book.  Miss Stamford, Ann & Betsy went to Newcastle.  Began under drawing the Bank near to Shaws Land, in the Hollins ground.  Fine day but cold.


Wednesday 10.  At home.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Bradshaw, with Navigation Papers containing an instant of an extension of the Peak Forest Canal.


Thursday 11.  In the morning engaged on Navigation Papers & writing to Mr. Bradshaw in reply to his Letter.  Wrote also to Mr. Williams requesting his considerate attention to the business of the Lawton Estate Bill.  After breakfast Ann & Betsy left us.  Went to Stone in the evening for the purpose of conferring with Mr. Vaughan on the Peak Forset Scheme etc. and on my way to Stafford Assizes.  Took Stamford to Stone in the Carriage.  Long conversation in the evening with Mr. Vaughan relative to the Peak Forest Scheme & other matters.  After supper Stamford went on in the coach to Stafford.


Friday 12.  Took Mr. Vaughan to Stafford.  Served upon the Grand Jury.  Dined with the Sheriff after which Mr. Jos. Wedgwood took his . . . & spent the evening in my Room at the Hotel.


Saturday 13.  Called on Mr. Peake.  Breakfasted in the Grand Jury Room.  Engaged again on the Grand Jury.  Concluded the business between 3 & 4 in the afternoon.  After which I came home.  A singular instance of sagacity on Navigation in a Horse was proved before us in a case of Horse stealing.  The Horse had been stolen from Preston in Lancashire, & bought from thence to Wolverhampton where it was offered for sale, but from some suspicious circumstances the person who had it was taken into custody.  Advertisements being


Page 127.  1824  March


circulated, the Owner came soon after to reclaim it.  But the person in whose custody the horse was being desirous to be well satisfied as to the prosperity. The owner said that if he would take him onto the field where the horse was, he would soon remove all doubt of this kind, which by . . . saw coming into the field he whistled & called to the Horse 'Come' Bobby come' by then at an indescribable distance the Horse took no notice.  But on the person going nearer & whistling & calling again the Horse pricked up his Ears, began neighing, came galloping to him, put his nose to the man's . . .,on which the man in whose care the horse was closely observed 'Why to be sure it does look as if these people had seen one another before'.  The identity of the Horse was further proved, if further proof had been needed, by the Blacksmith's mark upon his shoe.


Sunday 14.  At home.  Service.


Monday 15.  At home.  In the evening Letter from Mr. . . .on Harrison's business & informing me that Mr. Greaves the Attorney for one of the claimants was satisfied that they had no ground to proceed further upon.  In the course of the day called on Mr. Beardmore, who seems fast declining.  Sent note in the morning to Miss . . .per Mr. Bickerton relative to the House on Newcastle Marsh.


Tuesday 16.  At home.  Wrote to Mrs. . . .on Harrison's business & on reply to his Letter.  In the evening received printed copy of Span Smithy & Talk Turnpike Road Bill from Mr. Morris.


Wednesday 17.  At home.  Perused & considered Span Smithy & Talk Road Bill, the Title of which appears to be incorrect.  Afterwards engaged in the Grounds, laying out, with Joseph Hudson, a walk by the water, into the Fir Wood.  Remarkably fine day.


Thursday 18.  At home.  Drew out Memorandums of business for rent.  Meeting of the Select Committee.  Afterwards engaged completing the new wall with Joseph Henderson & Samuel Beardmore.  Mrs. Bent, Mrs. Northam & Miss Moreton called.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Chetwynd on Navigation Business, & informing me of the precarious state of Sir George's health.


Page 128.  1824  March


Friday 19.  Went to Newcastle to call upon Mr. Fenton & requested him attend the Select Committee at Stone on Monday next on Mr. Bateman's business as proposed by Mr. Chetwynd & which he promised to do.  Called also upon Mrs. Bent previous to her leaving Stoneyfield & which she proposed doing on Monday next.  From thence went to Etruria Locks viewing the progress of the Alteration.  Returned to dinner, & wrote to Mr. Chetwynd & Mr. Vaughan.  On my return found Mrs. C. Lawton who had called upon Eliza.


Saturday 20.  At home.  Engaged with the man fencing out in the Post & Chassis the new walk round the water etc.  Eliza Roscoe & her three children arrived in the Evening, & Stamford, late from Shrewsbury Assizes.


Sunday 21.  At home.  Service.


Monday 22.  Went to Stone taking Mr. Sparrow from Newcastle.  Engaged all day on Select Committee.  In the evening long conversation with Mr. Chetwynd on several important matters.  Settled with him the letter which I intended to address to Lord Stafford, relative to Stamford obtaining the appointment of assessor under Dr Althorpes Bill.


Tuesday 23.  After breakfast returned home.  Found Wm. Bent who was waiting to consult me on several particulars relative to the Sale of the Brewery Property etc. which was to take place this Evening at Newcastle.  Afterwards wrote, & sent the Post the Letter to Lord Stafford.


Wednesday 24.  Fatigued and unwell.  Called upon Mr. Beardmore who appears to be fast declining.  In the evening Letter from Wm. Bent informing me that there had been no Bidders for the Brewery Property.


Thursday 25. At home.  In the forenoon engaged with Joseph Hudson in the Grounds.  Still unwell.


Page 129.  1824  March


Friday 26.  At home.  After breakfast Mr. Vaughan called with whom engaged all morning on Navigation business Accounts.  Order of proceeding & business for the General Assembly etc.etc.  Mr. Vaughan on intelligence of the death of Mr. George Chetwynd, who died on Wednesday last.  Mrs. Wedgwood of Betley & Mrs. Wedgwood of Maer called.  Began draining the Bank above the water in the corner of the flower Garden.


Saturday 27.  Engaged on the Farm.  Began laying manure on Rough Clough land from Canal.  At home & in the evening Letter from Dr. George Chetwynd on occasion of his Father's death.  Also a Letter from Lord Gower assuring me in the . . . Terms of Stamford's appointment to the Assessorship under the County Courts Bill in it were voted on Lord Stafford.


Sunday 28.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd.  Service.


Monday 29.  At home.  Wrote to Lord Gower.  Mr. Davenport dined having brought a black Horse from Mr. Godwin of . . . ,7 years old for Stamford to look at, which he determined to take at £60 & paid W.D. accordingly.


Tuesday 30.  Met Mr. Potter by appointment at Harecastle Tunnel and at about half past eleven o'clock, dug up myself the first clod of the open cutting of the intended new Tunnel, in the piece of Land belonging to the company & adjoining the Dwelling house; in the presence of Mr. Potter, Mr. Thos. George . . .one of the Contractors for the Cutting & a considerable number of other Bystanders, thus making the first beginning of this great and useful work.  Cold morning with snow & rain.  In the evening Letter from Sir George Chetwynd including one which he had received from Lord Gower.  Stamford set off to London on County Courts Bill Account.


Wednesday 31.  At home.  Mr. Roscoe & Miss Jane Roscoe arrived.  Mr. Davenport relative to the Horse, but which was finally determined to keep from a reliance upon Mr. Godwin's Report.


April Thursday 1.  Sent to Stamford for . . .case received last night from Mr.Turner of Newcastle for his approval.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation business considering & drawing out Heads for Report to be made to the approaching General Assembly.  Received at dinner a Letter from Ann with an alarming account of Mr. . . , who was in a state of great danger from a pack hound in the House.


Page 130.  1824  April


Friday 2.  Received a favourable account of Mr. Sherratt.  At Trentham Inn attending Meeting of Commission for assessed Taxes etc.  Delivering Instructions & Survey in the assessors.  Also on Deputy Lieutenancy Ballot to fill up vacancies in . . .   Mr. Spode & Mr. Bourne also attended.


Saturday 3.  In the morning George & John Cope relative to their contracting for a Steam Engine for the Navigation Co. when I referred them to Mr. Potter who told them he thought might be a proper engine from one about them.  Wrote to Rev. Mr.. . . & Mrs. Penlington enclosing their respective shares of the late  Bonus.  Called upon Mr. Beardmore.  From thence to the Hollins & settled with it, paid Mr. Johnson for his attendance relative to the new Tunnel.  Mr. Mrs. Tollet called.


Sunday 4.. At home.  Service.  In the afternoon rode out on horseback with Mr. Roscoe.


Monday 5.  At home.  Engaged on the late Mrs. Tollet's papers.  Wrote to the Revd. Mr. Hill, & to Mr. Berrisford of Macclesfield, & enclosed a letter carried from the latter to Mr. Hill.  Called again upon Mr. Beardmore.  In the Evening Mr. Roscoe & Miss J. Roscoe left us for London.


Tuesday 6.  Went to Nantwich to see my old & highly valued friend Mr. Sherratt, and who I had the pleasure to find fast recovering from his late dangerous and almost fatal illness.  On my way met Mr. Cunningham who was coming to Linley Wood with the intention of spending a couple of days with Stamford.  I proposed him to go on notwithstanding Stamford's absence and which he consented to do.  Dined and staid all night at Nantwich.  Mr. Kent said that of Mr. Sherratt was worried about any thing it might bring on great . . .of . . .& should . . .  . .   The Train accident which is in uproar on account of a Dr. Bridge who had come there to state as a Physician, who was in attendance upon Mr. Sherratt, & by his skill at attention had given great satisfaction.  Letter to him & to Mr. Kent. The circumstance alleged against him was


Page 131.  1824  April


that he had lived at Tavistock in Devon & in under another name, so far from which, the Doctor maintained that he had never been at Tavistock, thence the matter . . .for explanation between him & Mr. James Bayley of Devon or Mrs. Bayley who had first returned the matter.  Mr. Atkinson & Mrs. W. Garnett called at Mr. Sherratt's.


Wednesday 7.  Ann having shown me a letter which Mr. Sherratt had received from his Brother, but would not send through, I desired her to . . . him of it, & at the same time to ask him whether he would wish his Brother to be informed of his . . .  Mr. Wm. Garnett called.  Returned home to dinner & found Mr. Cunningham with whom engaged.  Letter from Mr. Vaughan with statement of Account of Navigation ending at Christmas last.


Thursday 8.  After breakfast Mr. Cunningham left us, proceeding to London.  Revised & considered Account received from Mr. Vaughan.


Friday 9. At home.  Unwell with a cold.  Engaged on Navigation Papers & other matters.  Stamford arrived from London.  E. Roscoe went to Maer Hall.


Saturday 10.  Had a miserable night with severe pain in the chest, & otherwise being unwell.  Confined to the House but engaged on Navigation Papers & particularly revising & attending the Draft of the Report for the General Assembly  Stamford related to me the particulars of what he had done in London; & particularly the application which he had made to Mr. Peel.  All of which appeared to me to be proper & satisfactory.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Hill in reply to my letter of the 4th.


Sunday 11.  So unwell as not to be able to go through the usual Service.  Stamford went to Nantwich on his way to Chester Assizes.  In the evening received long letter from Mr. Prickett with the Draft of the Deeds for the final Settlement of the late Mrs. Tollet's affairs & Mr. . . .further opinion thereon.  In the evening snow & Hail with some lightening.


Monday 12.  I had a uncomfortable night.  Closely engaged all Morning on Navigation papers previous to seeing Mr. Vaughan who had proposed coming to Linley Wood, wishing to see me on various matters preparatory to the General Assembly.  Long conversation with him accordingly.  He staid to dinner, but went back in the evening.  I read to him the Draft of the intended Report which he fully approved, & which I sent


Page 132.  1824  April


by him to be forwarded to Sir George Chetwynd with a long Letter which I had written this morning to Sir George on Navigation business, & communicating to him also the particulars of what Stamford had done in London, and the appreciation which had been made to Mr. . . .& looked over the Papers in the late Mrs Tollet's affairs received yesterday, I wrote Letter to the Revd. Mr. Hill.  This morning considerable snow on the ground.


Uesday 13.  Engaged again on Navigation papers.  Perused minutes of the last Select Committee Meeting, & made a copy which I sent by Post to Mr. Vaughan for insertion in the Book.  Afterwards engaged on Mrs. Tollet's papers, & sent the Letter to Mr. Hill.  Called upon Mr. Beardmore & thought him worse.


Wednesday 14.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Hollinshead of Liverpool, informing him that the Selection of an Engineer for the Tunnel would take place at the General Assembly.  Mr. Sutton of Shardlow called & with whom engaged a considerable time on Navigation business.  Miss Stamford & E. Roscoe went to Newcastle.


Thursday 15.  Went to Newcastle & called upon Mr. Williamson who I found with Mrs. Wilkinson at Mr. Sparrows & when they only just arrived, called after my return home on Wm. Beardmore.  Still worse.  When at Newcastle called at Kinnerslys & signed a consent to exchange my 4 . . .stock to the ¾ plants as proposed by the Minister.  In the evening received a very hard letter from Sir George Chetwynd returning me the Draft of the Report & the Account with his . Fierce apperbation.


Friday 16.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.  Revised again the Draft of the Report & afterwards made a copy of the same to be laid before the General Assembly.  Severely cold day.


Saturday 17.  Wrote to Mr. Prickett on Mrs. Tollet's affairs acknowledging receipt of papers.  Wrote to Mr. Tomlinson appointing Monday next to see him on these affairs.  Mr. Potter called with whom engaged relative to the agreement with the contributions for the open Cutting.  Afterwards accompanied


Page 133.  1824  April


him to the South end of the Tunnel, receiving the progress of the work, and afterwards rode with him over the hill viewing the line of the the additional Tunnel as now marked out.  On my return called on Mr. Beardmore.  Very cold day.


Sunday 18.  At home.  Service.  Mr. Roscoe arrived.  Mr. Bent also dined.  Unwell with a return of my cold occasioned by my Ride of yesterday.


Monday 19.  At home.  Engaged on various papers & matters previous to going to Stone tomorrow but very unwell.


Tuesday 20.  Went to Stone early.  Called at Mr. Sparrow's but he was not ready.  Got to Stone about 10.  Saw Mr. Vaughan.  Afterwards engaged in General Committee, in the Chair.


Wednesday 21.  At Stone.  General Assembly.  Previous & satisfactory conversation with Lord Harrowby, who was afterwards in the Chair.  Business of the General Assembly gone though with great concerning & unanimity.  Lord H. have set being not to stay a . . . & upon Mr. Littleton to take the chair at dinner.  Long conversation with Mr. Littleton about Dr. . . . of Nantwich of whom he spoke in the highest terms of respect saying that he had known him 9 years.  He expressed himself to me in my strong terms supporting Dr. B. & said that he moved . . . letter to me . . .of the Sentiments which he then personally expected.  Brought Mr. Sparrow back with me to Newcastle, being unwell myself with a seasoned cold.  When at Stone had much conversation with Sir George Chetwynd on his affairs & various matters.  He said that he would be meeting with Mr. Peel relative to Stamford, & would also speak to him on the subject when he got to Town.


Thursday 22.  Miserably bad night.  Mr. Law & Bannister on the Northern Circuit, Jos. & Kinsley Wedgwood dined & staid all night.  . . . was prevented coming.


Friday 23.  Very unwell.  Jos Wedgwood & Mr. Law dined.  . . . having gone to Betley.  Called at Beardmore's.  Engaged on late Mrs. Tollet's papers previous


Page 134.  1824  April


to consulting Mr. Tomlinson upon them & which I thought it proper to do.


Saturday 24.  Jos. Wedgwood & Mr. Law left us.  Went to Cliffe Ville consulting Mr. Tomlinson and left the papers with him for his consideration.  Brought E. Roscoe, who had been at Parkfields the two last days from Newcastle.  Still very unwell.


Sunday 25.  At home.  Service.


Monday 26.  At home.  Went to Mr. Littleton in reply to a Letter received from him relative to Dr. . . .  Unwell.


Tuesday 27.  Mr. Rob. Heath to propose for my consideration the application of the water piping out of the Caldon Canal into the Grand Trunk at Etruria Locks to the purpose of a corn or other mill, & for which it will afford an ample supply.  Received this morning from Mr. Tatton the late Mr. . . .Report on the Peake Forest & . . .Junction line of Canal which he had promised to send for my consideration.  Rode out on horseback & called at Beardmores.


Wednesday 28.  At home.  Began sowing the Birchen field next the Turnpike Road.  In the evening received from Sir Geo. Chetwynd for correction the boundary of the Extract from the Acts 4 c 53, which I approved, & returned to him by this Post.  Stamford set off to Stafford Assizes, from whence he goes to Town.


Thursday 29.  At home.  M. Wedgwood of Betley dined on his way to Parkfields.


Friday 30.. At home.




Saturday 1.  At home.  Sowing.  Brough relative to the improvement of the Road in the front of the House, & appointed him to call again on Monday morning.


Sunday 2.  At home.  Service.


Monday 3.  Mr. James Lucas relative to the Navigation . . .consent to his obtaining a Licence for a house near the north end of the Tunnel mouth, held on Lease from Mr. Heathcote, where I finally told him


Page 135.  1824  May


that I would consult Mr. Vaughan.  Afterwards engaged on Newcastle Brewery papers, in consequence of a Letter received from Mr. Ward relative to the Title to the Public House in the . . . Street.  Rain all day.


Tuesday 4.  At Newcastle being the Sessions.  Called upon Mr. Ward but he was from home.  Afterwards dined with the Mayor etc. at the Roebuck, & returned in the Evening.


Wednesday 5.  Called upon Mr. Penlington relative to his discharging the Mortgage to Mrs. Skerratt of Sandbach, who he said that he would see & obtain his accounts of principal & Interest.  In the evening Mrs. & Miss Crompton of Eton,Edward, Mary, & Emma arrived at Linley Wood.


Thursday 6.  Mr. Vaughan called early on Navigation business.  Deliverance a Letter from the Chairman of the Committee Birmingham Canal relative to the projected Railway from Birmingham to Liverpool.  Wrote to John Laurence acknowledging.  . . of . . .& Birmingham Canal Dept.  Engaged with Peter Crompton. Letter  from Mr. Hollinshead informing me of a revival of the project for making a Rail Road from Manchester to Liverpool.  In the course of the day received a Letter from Col. . . .declining to carry the agents for the Land in Linley Lane with effect which I replied to.


Friday 7.  Wrote to Mr. Lee & to Mr. Hollinshead.  Engaged on various matters , afterwards with Edward Crompton.  We received by the Post the joyful intelligence upon dear Emma having a Daughter,& going on safely & well.  Received also on a Letter from Sir George Chetwynd in consequence of his having seen Mr. Telford.  Wm. Penlington dined, having been at Sandbach, but Mr. Sherratt was from home.  Sent Mr. Littleton Letter relative to D. Boody to Nantwich.


Saturday 8.  At Newcastle taking Edward Crompton in the Carriage.  Called upon Mr. Ward, & settled with him the Draft of my answer to the Heathcote amicable Bill in Chancery relative to the Shrewsbury Brewery property & getting them to make some family arrangements as to John Heathcotes share.  Left with Mr. Ward the counterpart of the assignment of the Shrewsbury Brewery to Mr. Heathcote, to be executed by . . .of the Partners who had not got down it, also left with him the assignment from Col . . .& his trustees to one of the share in the Newcastle Brewery & check was wanted in order to be with Mr. Ward to make out the Title to the


Page 136.  1824  May


public House in the . . .Street.  Left also with him the copy of the assignment from Col. Buckley to his Trustees.  On my return wrote to Sir George Chetwynd in Navigation Business.


Sunday 9.  At home.  Service.  In the Evening rode out with Edward Crompton.


Monday 10.  At home.  Engaged with Edward Crompton etc. Turned 13 milking cows & one barren into the ground under the wood.  Fine hot day.


Tuesday 11.  Mr. Potter called and with whom engaged a considerable time on Navigation business.  Wrote to Mr. Williamson relative to seeing Mr. Bateman. Wrote  to Mr. L . . of Rugeley to enquire whether he had spoke to Mrs. Sparrow & Miss Moston relative to Talk Co. of Dilapidations.  Also to Mr. Tomlinson from whom I received back yesterday the Draft of the Release on the late Mrs. Tollet's affairs, & appointing to call upon him on Thursday.morning next. Mr. Ward's clerk with my answer to the Bill in chancing filed by Mr. John Heathcote, which I attended with him,in the best manner I could, and then signed. Wm. Penlington on his affairs & particularly as to discharging the Mortgage, to Mr. Sherratt of Sandbach, which he was anxious that I should do.


Wednesday 12.  Wrote to Mrs. Fancourt & Mr., . . .Derby. Afterwards went to the Tunnel mouth, to see how the work was going on, & where I found all well.  Edward Crompton accompanied me.  Engaged on Mrs. Tollet's papers previous to seeing Mr. Tomlinson tomorrow.


Thursday 13.  Went to Cliffe Ville on Mrs. Tollet's affairs, settling with Mr. Tomlinson the Draft of the Release etc.  Called also upon Mr. Wilkinson at Newcastle, with the Minutes of the Contract for the open cutting at the Tunnel mouth & giving him the necessary instructions to propose an Agreement & Bond. On my return home found Dr. Crompton.


Friday 14.  Engaged with the Doctor who left us between one & two o'clock, on his return home.  In the evening letter from Sir George Chetwynd.


Page 137.  1824  May 


Saturday 15.  At home.  Mr. Vaughan on Navigation Business & with whom engaged a considerable time.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd & Mr. Lister, & penned Tuesday the 25 instant for a Meeting of the Select Committee at Stone & to meet Mr. Telford.


Sunday 16.  At home.  Service.  Letter from Sir George Chetwynd by the Post enclosing minutes of the meeting before the court of K.B.of the Caldon case.


Monday 17.  Closely engaged on Navigation business & on various matters from breakfast to dinner.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd, Mr. Simpson of Birmingham, Mr. L. . of Rugeley & Mr. Peake of Silverdale.  John Taylor called relative to his claim to Estates in the possession of Mr. Richford when I gave him my opinion that the Claim was unfounded, but recommended to him, if he had any doubt, to take the opinion of counsel.


Tuesday 18.  Engaged on Navigation Business, copied the Minutes of the last committee & General Assembly, & writing therewith to Mr. Vaughan.  Called afterwards at Mr. Beardmore's.  Received notice from Mr. Wedgwood of Bignall End that he should pay in on the 19 of November next, £4000 further part of principal due on Bond & mortgage.


Wednesday 19.  In the morning Mr. Wedgwood of Bignall End paying me £2000 on part of the sum of £11500 due on Bond & Mortgage, & half a year's interest this day.  Afterwards went to Newcastle & paid £2245.19 into the hands of Kinnersly's.  Edward Crompton accompanied me.


Thursday 20.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation concerns.  I wrote to Sir George Chetwynd in reply to a Letter received from him last night, & making an offer of coming to Town if my presence was at any time deemed necessary, on occasion of the . . .project now in . . . .


Friday 21.  Went to Trentham Inn at the urgent solicitation of Mr. Peake, attending Meeting of Commissioners of Land & assessed Taxes.  Closely engaged all day & returned late to dinner.  In the Evening Letter again from Sir George Chetwynd expressive of the alarm at the new projects.


Page 138.  1824  May


Saturday 22.  Closely engaged all day on Navigation papers & business.  Particularly drawing circular Letter to be sent to the Prop. Relative to the various admin. & projects now on a . . .


Sunday 23.  After breakfast the Crompton's left us on their return home, our horse taking them to Brereton Green.  Service.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd.


Monday 24.  Went to Newcastle by appointment to have met Mr. Thomas Fenton at his office on Mr. Bateman's business & the Knypersley Reservoir, but he being unwell I fixed with Mr. Rob. Fenton to meet him some other day with Mr. Potter and of which I was to give him notice.  Afterwards on Navigation papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow.  On my return found a letter from Mr. Williamson offering to meet me any day at Newcastle on the Reservoir business.  Began the . . .& alteration of the Road in the front of the House, having agreed with Brough to do the work.


Tuesday 25.  At Stone attending Select Committee Meeting.  Mr. Telford attended with whom we finally arranged that he should take the management of the executive of the Tunnel through Harecastle Hill as consulting and directing Engineer.  He afterwards went with Mr. Potter to rearrange what had been done in the open cutting etc. & with which on his return he expressed being of well satisfied.  Closely engaged all day.  In the evening much conversation with Mr. Telford particularly as to the proposed Rack Roads & Steam Engines, the idea of which he thought absurd, & that they now could practically answer.  He seemed to come to the same opinion as to the preferred Peak Forest & Crawford Canal.


Wednesday 26.  Several matters having come to my mind, particularly as to Mr. Telford's Terms etc.  I rose at a little after 5 o'clock and desired to see him before he set off on his return to Town, he having moved 6 for that purpose.  Long conversation with him again & now 7 o'clock.  On the subject of Terms he said that considering himself as standing on the Shares of the late Mr. . . . , who had been employed by us, he should scale his charge accordingly


Page 139.  1824  May


but he should not stick at Trustees, and so great was to have been Mr. . . . charge for coming down to survey the Tunnel as he knew nothing of what his charges were. Finished the business of the Select Committee & returned home.  Called at Mr. Fenton's Office & found Saturday next for meeting his Brother at Newcastle on Mr. Bateman's business.  Miss Tollet came to dinner.  In the evening Letter from Lady Chetwynd informing me of Sir George having had a severe attack of bowel complaint, & on Navigation business.


Thursday 24.  Engaged all morning on Navigation concerns.  Wrote to Lady Chetwynd, sent a copy also of the Select Committee Minutes relative to Mr. Telford.  Wrote & sent by a Messenger a letter to Mr. Williamson requesting him to meet me at Newcastle on Saturday next.  Hot day.  Fanny & Emma Wedgwood came to dinner.


Friday 25.  At home.  Engaged again on Navigation business.  Wrote to Mr. Lee Chairman of the Birmingham Canal Committee.  Wrote also to Mr. Simpson. Miss Tollet left us.


Saturday 26.  At Newcastle meeting by appointment at the Roebuck Mr. Williamson, Mr. Fenton & Mr. Potter for the purpose of deciding to settle all matters & objections on the part of Mr. Bateman & Mr. Williamson on relative to the making of the Knypersley Reservoir & when after much discussion & consideration of the several circumstances stated I was so happy as to this effect and to . . . all further difficulty in case Mr. Baddeley consent to the Road being carried on the eastern instead of the western side of the Reservoir, can be obtained, and which there is every reason to hope for as this course will be advantageous to his own Estates and Tennants.  Saw & explained to Mr. Williamson.  Sir John Heathcote settled account with the late Partnership of Sparrow & Caldwell.  Returned to dinner, and suffering from lumbago.


Page 140.  1824  May


Saturday 29.  Wrote Letter to Mr. Kinnersley relative to Stamford's business.  Fanny & Emma Wedgwood went before dinner.


Sunday 30.  At home.  Service, but suffering from lumbago.


Monday 31. At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers preparatory to writing to Sir George Chetwynd in reply to a letter received from him by the last night's Post relative to the Rail Road Project etc.




Tuesday 1. At home.  Wrote long letter to Sir George Chetwynd in reply to the one last received from him.


Wednesday 2.  At home.  Engaged all morning on Navigation Business.  Writing long letter to Mr. Telford in reply to one received from him.  Copied & sent to Mr. Telford the copies of the Minute made at Stone & of Mr. . . . account.  Wrote also to Mr. Vaughan & sent him copy of the Minute made relative to the purchase of Sir Charles Wolsley's Ground Rent.  Mr. Broadmarsh of Mansfield & Mr. Wm. Broadhurst of Manchester & staid to dinner.  Turned the Carriage Horses out to Grass with the horses in the Hollows Ground & the latter Bay Horse in to . . . Meadow.


Thursday 3.  At home.  Engaged with the men making the alterations in the Ground before the House.  Mr. Holland of Knutsford came to dinner, & with whom afterwards engaged.  Bone Dust costs about £4 per Ton, 89 Bushels or 2 Tons at least shall be used to the . . .Core.  The Bushel weighs about 56 lbs. or 2/- per Bushel.  If ground small, as some persons use it, 2/3 per bucket.  Lay it on the ground in Cold . . . or . . .or any of the . . .from this as may be convenient.  It  seals cold Land the best.


Friday 4.   After breakfast Mr. Holland left us.  Engaged again with them in the front of the House.


Saturday 5.  After breakfast Mrs. Holland with her daughters Charlotte & Louisa left & went on their return to Knutsford.  Afterwards went to Dr. Holland on the County Courts Bill affair.  Engaged with man in the front of the House who this day cut in the Ground.  Called upon Mr. Beardmore who has


Page 141  1824  June


a Relapse of his complaint.


Sunday 6.  At home.. Service.


Monday 7.  Mr. Vaughan came to breakfast, to consult with me upon various Navigation matters, & with whom engaged almost all morning.  In the evening called at Mr. Beardmore's who I found much worse.  Called also upon Mr. Johnson, to determine that he would be ready to give every information in his power to Mr. Telford, relative to the mines etc. in the making of the new Tunnel & which he promised to do.  In my absence Miss Dawson called to inform me of Mr. Penlington being in a state of considerable danger, & requesting me to see him when convenient.  Hot day.


Tuesday 8.  Mr. Potter came this morning and with whom engaged a very considerable time on Navigation business.  I particularly dwelt upon the late Delay in returning the water into the Canal after the stoppage of which Mr. Vaughan . . improved me greatly.  Also the error that Mr. P had committed in supposing that the company were at their expense to execute the Bridge at Stoke & showed him the Minute, when he acknowledged his mistake, I desired him to let this be explained considerably to the Partners.  I argued him to locomotive in obtaining Mr. . . .consent to the Road we proposed by Mr. Williamson etc. and explained the absolute . . .of cash Department of business being attended to by the persons to whom it was committed & who would be deemed responsible for it. Afterwards wrote to Mr. Telford a letter to enclose a Bill which I expected from Mr. Vaughan by this Evening Post . . .62-4 being the account of Mr. Telford's changes for business down in 1822.  This Bill was afterwards received & . . .accordingly.  About 12 o'clock received the account of the death of my oldest highly esteemed neighbour William Beardmore, who died this morning about o'clock.  Few persons in his situation of life & am from more fully or deservedly respected, and in all my circumstances with him, which for many of cases been almost constant, I always found him punctual, honest and anxious to discharge his duty.  In the evening went down to Rode Heath to see Wm. Penlington who I found in a very doubtful state.  Staid with him some time.  Wrote at his request to Miss Sherratt's relative to the purchase of a piece of land lying within Smallwood's Estate, & which as it was highly desirable to save the Lane, I said that I would . . . the money that


Page 142  1824  June


he wanted.  Advised him before I came away to call in some further material thence, and suggested as determinedly as I could that propriety of making any arrangement of his affairs that he might be desirous of.


Wednesday 9.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan acknowledging the Receipt of the Draft which I remitted yesterday to Mr. Telford and on other Navigation business. Revised Minutes of the last Select Committee meeting & sent them to Mr. Vaughan for entry in the Book.  The additional step at the Haledon was finished today; but so all managed, that I desired Mr. Allan might himself come & look at it.  In the evening Eliza went out in the Carriage for the first time since her Return from Nantwich Christmas last.  She intended to have gone with me to Rode Heath, but finding the exercise more than she expected, she stopped at Coopers while I went on.  Found Mr. Penlington rather better.  Made further arrangements with him for bidding for the piece of land at the Sale.  Mrs Sherratt having asked £55 for it, by private contract.


Thursday 10.  At home.  Mr. Henshall (Mr. Penlington's Tenant) with whom made an arrangement for Mr. Broody to bid at the Sale tomorrow on behalf of Mr. Penlington, to the extent of £450.  Engaged with the man attending the . . .Road into the Stable yard etc.  In the evening George Beardmore consulting as to his Father's Funeral, which is appointed for tomorrow.


Friday 11.  Attended the Funeral of Wm. Beardmore at Audley, taking the Revd. Mr. John Lawton with me in the Carriage & afterwards dined at Linley Wood.  Called at Mr. Hickins.  In the evening received Letter from Mr. Vaughan relative to the late delay in filling the canal with water.


Saturday 12.  Went to Newcastle to confer with Mr. Williamson on the Wellington appeal business, in order that all due preference might be made & whom he said that he would apply to Mr, Vaughan, or Sir George Chetwynd for a copy of the Notice of Appeal.  On my way to Newcastle met Mr. Benjamin Eardley with whom I had a conversation relative to Woodshutts Colliery water being taken into the Canal, and as it appeared to be of


Page 143.  1824  June


consequence, particularly from the apparently settled business of the matter, I appointed to go with him on Tuesday morning neat week to look at the water. On my return home wrote to Mr. Vaughan, requesting his sentiments as to my agreeing for the same.  Wrote to Mary Hill & remitted Bill for the half year annuity.


Sunday 13.  In the morning Service at home.  In the afternoon at Talk Chapel & heard an excellent sermon preached by Mr. John Lawton from the last verse of he 29 chapter of Deuteronomy, & which contains as much sound sense and good preaching instruction as is to be found in any verse in the Scriptures.  The words are.  'The sweet things belong unto the Lord our God: but these things which concealed belong unto us and to our Children for own, that we may do all the all the words of the Law.'  In the evening fine Rain.


Monday 14.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Brownsword who married one of Legatees under the late Mrs. Tollets called to require payment of his wife's Legacy, being the money which Mr. Hill had paid into the hands of the late Mr. Harding, who explained to Brownsword that I had never interfered in the receipt or payment of the effects & that the transaction with Mr. Harding was a matter entirely between him & Mr. Hill & with which I had nothing at all to do.  With this explanation Brownsword expressed himself fully satisfied so far as related to me, but said he was advised to call upon Mr. Hill for the Legacy. In the evening letter from Mr. Vaughan.


Tuesday 15.  Mr. Eardley called pursuant to appointment.  After much conversation relative to the Woodshutts Colliery.  I accompanied him to the places, . . .the Water. Engine,etc. & it appearing to seem to be highly expedient this the Navigation should service it themselves the business of it we . . .that Mr. Rob. Heath should be called in to assist & report upon the quantity for which that would be delivered with certainty into the Summit Pound in the Summer months. Mr Eardley would then consult Mr. Heathcote as to . . .& we then appointed to meet again.  Mr. Rob. Heath to call upon me as soon as he had . . .& was able to . . upon the quantity of water.  From thence went to call upon the Revd. Mr. Mainwaring, but he was from home.  In the Evening Miss Stamford arrived home from Birmingham.


Page 144.  1824..June


Wednesday 16th.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Letter from Mr. Rob. Heath relative to the Woodshutts Colliery  water & appointed him to call upon me on Tuesday next after draining the water, which he proposed doing the next day.


Thursday 17.  At home.  Considered and drew out minutes of business for the Select Committee at their next meeting.  Wrote to Mr Tomlinson on Mrs. Tollet's affairs.  In the evening letter from Mr. Potter informing me of Mr. . . . consent to the arrangements as to the Road at Knypersley Colliery.  Miss Stamford went to Betley & returned to dinner.


Friday 18.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Landon relative to Talk Curacy Dilapidations previous to my finally settling this matter with Mr. Hill.  Mr. Hill arrived.  In the evening went to Rode Heath to see Mr. Penlington, who I found in a very indifferent & previous state.  He and his sister expressed again their strong wish that I would pay off the money due to Miss Sherratt's Mortgage.  On my return, found letter from Mr. Vaughan, with an account of the water in the Reservoir and suggesting me to appoint a day for his coming over to consult me on various matters.


Saturday 19.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan leaving to him the whole of the day for my seeing him etc.  Dr. Northam  & the Revd. Mr. Mainwaring dined. Weather changed again to Rain.


Sunday 20.  At home.  Service.  Showers with some thunder.


Monday 21.  At home.  Engaged with the men putting down the main Hurdles, and finishing the ground in the front of the House.  In the evening letter from Mr. Vaughan appointing Thursday next for his coming to Linley Wood.  Turned 15 Milking cows & 2 freshers into this ground.  Thunder & Rain.


Tuesday 22.  At home.  Mr. Rob.  Heath came to us & went to appointment relative to the Woodshutts Colliery water, when we finally agreed that the . . . of the working of the Engine & other circumstances, should be accurately ascertained, in order to enable Mr. Sherratt to pronounce upon the quantity of water that would be actively


Page 145.  1824  June


delivered, previous to any Treaty being entered into with Mr. Heathcote.  Considered with Mr. Heath the subject of returning the water out of the Pound into the Caldon Canal by means of a Water Wheel instead of a Steam Engine; the power of which would appear to be the least expensive mode, in case the consent of the Road owners through whose land the necessary culvert must pass, can be obtained.


Wednesday 23,  At home.  Various matters.  Mr Stamford & Miss . . went to Parkfields.  Letter from Stamford to his mother, with claim to further allowance !!! on the ground of a promise to be made of £500.  No such promise was ever made indeed could be made by end of the little . . .that I have for a few days past enquired, & from which I was claiming sensible benefit.  All this is hard work.


Thursday 24.  Engaged settling & balancing Cash Book for the Half year ending this day.  Afterwards on Navigation matters preparatory to seeing Mr. Vaughan.  Wrote to the Rev. Mr. Hill, relative to Talk Curacy Dilapidations, & informing him that the Representatives of the late Revd. Mr. . . . were willing to pay the sum of £50, if accepted in satisfaction of all claims.  Afterwards engaged with Laborious laying out the back Road from the stable yard through Stonecliffe Wood.  Strange question made to me of my Lane's promised to allow J.S.C. 500 . . .the such money having given him the . . .Ill with Headache & depressed Feelings.  It seems as if rest and quiet will never to dwell with me!  No sooner do I begin to experience the last . . . of Repose, but something or other arrives, and too often from quarters when it is least expected, to hurry and disturb me, and . . .me into the state of anxiety and vexation from which I seemed for a moment to have escaped.  Mr. Vaughan came to dinner, & with whom afterwards closely engaged on Navigation Business.  Persistent Rain.


Friday 25.  Mr. Vaughan went after breakfast, having previously talked over the Caldon Case & the nature of the affidavits that would be requisite.  Unwell & slight attack of Gout.  In the evening letter from Mr. Telford.  Bad account of Mr. Penlington.  Miss Wettenhall called. 


Saturday 26.  At home.  Unwell & Represented and Reconsidered the Caldon Case.  Engaged with Warham finishing the Stable Yard, putting up the Gates etc.  In the evening went down in the Carriage to Rode Heath, & saw Miss Penlington & Miss J. . .


Page 146.  1824  June


but Mr. Penlington was so ill, that they did not propose my going up stairs to see him.  Both D. Belcombe & Mr. Holland had strongly urged the importance of keeping him perfectly quiet & prevent any agitation.  Miss Penlington said they had some letters from Liverpool particularly one from Mr. Tunstall, but which they thought it best not to show to him, particularly that from Mrs. Tunstall which spoke of his being in a dangerous state & which they feared might alarm & hurt him.


Sunday 27.  At home.  Unwell.  Service.


Monday 28.  At home.  Unwell, but a good deal engaged with the workmen in the Stable Yard, Road etc.  In the evening letter from Mr. Vaughan, including statement of Pool field loss account on limestone got at Caldon Lowe.


Tuesday 29.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers & particularly reconsidering the Caldon Case, in consequence of the Statement received from Mr. Vaughan, & making observation thereon.  Received in the evening a letter from Mr. Williamson, informing me that Sir George Chetwynd had selected the Wilkington Appeal Case with Mr. . . . In the course of the day heavy Rain.


Wednesday 30.  At home.  Engaged again on Navigation Papers, particularly the Caldon Case, & copying my observations thereon to be laid before the Select Committee.  Still very unwell, with Fever fits, but Gout gone.




Thursday 1.  Bad night.  Much Fever and restlessness.  When the Horse is now weighted, a Feather will overpower him.  When the mind has been over strained, a small thing will cross it.  When the Harp of a thousand strings has been overstrung, a small thing will break the chords or turn their harmony into discord!  God only knows, how much I have of late years felt, and how botherly I now feel all this!!  Went to Newcastle in the Carriage to have seen Mr. Fenton, relative to Mr. Bateman's Agreement, but he was not at his office.  Called at Mr. Allan's, & gave him directions for alteration of the monument


Page 147.  1824  July


on the Sconce of the vault in Audley Chancel, in which the name had been curiously spelt Caldwall instead of Caldwell & the place Lindley Wood instead of Linley Wood, and which he promised to get done & attend accordingly.  In my absence Mr. Wilbraham of Rode Heath & Mr. Randle Wilbraham called.


Friday 2.  Considered again the Caldon Case & made further observations thereon particularly in reply to one . . .the being by then C.J. . .   Afterwards called at Rode Hall, & had a most considerate & friendly meeting with Mr. Whittaker & Mr. Randle. W.  Sat a while with them.  On my return called at Rode Heath. Miss Dawson informed me that having mentioned to poor Penlington that they had seen one side up toRode Hall, he expressed a great wish to see one, in case I called.  I went upstairs & found him in bed, but not so much reduced as I expected to find him.  He spoke in a strong voice, and seemed in to be in good spirits.  I staid with him so long as I thought it prudent without fatiguing him.  But I fear there is no chance of any . . .   In the evening Mr. Sherratt with Ann & Betsy & Miss P . . .arrived, the Carriage having gone for them this morning.


Saturday 3.  After breakfast went to the South end of the Tunnel mouth to inspect the progress of the work.  As I was returning, Mr Telford arrived, who joined me & with whom I had much conversation.  I soon after left him as he was proceeding on his survey, he having promised to dine at Linley Wood tomorrow.


Sunday 4.  At home.  Service.  Soon after William Bent arrived on Brewery Affairs & with whom engaged some time.  Mr. Telford, Mr. Potter & Mr. Jas. Potter also came to dinner.  The day passed agreeably, & well.  They returned to Longport in the Evening.


Monday 5.  Set off early to Stone.  Took Mr. Wilkinson with me in the Carriage having him requested to do so by Mr. Thos. Sparrow.  Engaged all day on Select Committee.  Mr Telford having strongly recommended making a Towing path for horses through the intended Tunnel, we determined to call a Meeting of the . . . Committee, to determine after this important question, & which was Thursday next accordingly.


Tuesday 6.  Returned home, left soon after, went back on case and of some papers Mr. Telford's Report on the  S. . . Meeting which I wanted, bur which had been left at Stone to be copied.  Took a hasty dinner at Stone, & arrived at farm in the Evening, but much Fatigued.


Wednesday 7.  At home.  Closely engaged all morning on Navigation Papers preparatory to attending Meeting of the General Committee tomorrow.


Thursday 8.  At Stone, attending Meeting where Resolution came to construct the Tunnel through Harecastle with a Towing path.  Returned home in the Evening, late much tired.


Friday 9.  At home.  Received from Robt. Heath the intelligence of the death of poor Penlington & he had expired at about half past eight o'clock this morning, and a request that I would come down tomorrow morning, Miss Penlington being anxious to see me.  Afterwards engaged on Navigation Papers & considering whether the late powers of the late and former Acts would enable as to make the intended Tunnel, with a Towing Path.  Began mowing the meadow.  In the evening sent to Rode Heath, when I received back on the page requesting me to see them at eleven tomorrow morning.


Saturday 10.  Wrote to Wm. Brownsword in reply to a Letter received from him relative to a Legacy under the late Mrs. Tollet's will.  Wrote to Mr. Stevens Music Master Newcastle with an order on Hemming's for £10.10 in full of his account.  Went to Rode Heath pursuant to appointment, but Miss Penlington was so unwell that she could not see me, but Miss Dawson & Miss Wrench expressed her desire that I would give such directions and make such arrangements satisfactory the Funeral as I might judge . . .,& to request which was the object of her writing to see me.. After some conversation with the Ladies, I said that I would come down again tomorrow Evening, in the hope that Miss Penlington might then be able to see me, & that they might desire Mr. Butters of Nantwich, who was to furnish the Funeral also attends.  Mr. Sherratt left us about noon on his return home.  John Taylor relative to his claim to Foleshill Estate when I appointed him to come again on Monday with Memorial from the Manchester & Liverpool Rail Road Projections to the . . . of Liverpool Service .  Wrote to Mr. Telford.  In the evening went again to Rode Heat with Mr. Butters the undertaker & made all the Arrangements respecting the Funeral, which was fixed for Friday the 16 inst.


Page 149.  1824  July


Monday 12.  At home.  Continued Mourning.  John Taylor relative to his claim to an Estate called Foleshill in Warwickshire or Leicestershire, and from the property of George Taylor, whom he brought a statement of the bills etc. of his family from which I made out his judgement claim by descent & a copy of which I gave to Mr. Yates the overseer of the arrears of the . . of Rode, who accompanied Taylor in order that he might experience the same with the Registers.  Taylor now receives Parish Relief.


Tuesday 13.  Busy in the Hay.  Went to Rode heath finally to arrange respecting the Funeral etc.  Miss Penlington on my mentioning the necessity of her making a will, said she had already signed a paper with these . . ., & which on my asking to look at she immediately went to fetch, but after keeping me waiting a quarter of an hour more she came back saying it was done in so rough a manner that she would make another will or making some excuse to that effect.  She asked me to make a Will so far as to secure the Debts, and she could when do what she liked with the rest.  But this I declined, recommending it to her to send for Mr. Sherratt of Sandbach, whose name she had mentioned, as soon as the Funeral was over, to make a Will in a proper & regular manner.  There was an air of Mystery, or something about this refusal to show me the paper, that I did not like & which could not best raise a suspicion that all was not quite right.


Wednesday 14.  At home.  Busy in the hay & on various matters.


Thursday 15.  Went to Newcastle & called upon Mr. Fenton relative to the Shrewsbury Reservoir business, when he said that on a consent in writing being required by Mr. Adderley for the alteration of the Road is proposed, met Mr. Bateman having the small slip of Land he thought no difficulty would attend the work being begun upon whenever it was desired.  On my return, busy in the hay.  Wrote a letter to Miss Penlington to be delivered after the Funeral.  In the evening finished carrying the hay in the upper Meadow, an abundant crop & been easily got.


Friday 16.  Attended the Funeral of poor Penlington whose remains were deposited in the Family vault in Sandbach Church.  The Funeral was very repectable & properly conducted.  The arrangements had been left almost entirely to myself.  The order was as in the following page


Page 150.  1824  July


Rev? & Mrs Butters.


Mr. Holland (in a chair) 




Mourning Coach.  Mr. & Mrs. Caldwell,  Mr. James Hill.


 Rev. Mr. Salmon.  J. Caldwell in our Carriage


Mr. Bayley Mr. Lowndes, in Mr. Salmon's Carriage


Revd. Mr. Lawton.  Mr. Morris, in Mr. J. Lawton's Carriage


Revd. Mr. Richardson, Revd. Mr. Carter, in Mr. Morris's Carriage


Tenants etc. 


(on the coffin is written, William PenlingtonJuly 9 1824 Age 23 years.)


Bearers on the left - Mr. Morris, Mr. Lowndes & Mr. Caldwell, on the right Rev. Mr. Lawton, Mr. Bayley, & Rev. Mr. Salmon.


I had some difficulty in prevailing upon the Ladies to let me give precedence to Mr. Salmon.  Mr. Charles Lawton, & Dr.Belcombe were invited but could not attend.  I gave the Letter which I had written to Miss Penlington to Mr. Butters at Sandbach, (who was going back to Rode ) and requested him to desire Miss Dawson to give it to Miss Penlington tomorrow morning.  On my arrival at home was Mr. Stamford who had come from Stafford Sessions.  Mr. Clive of Tunstall called relative to a comparison being made by the Navigation Company for water discharged from his coal mine into the Summit Round.


Saturday 17.  Bringing in the Hay & preparing for Journey to Liverpool etc. on Navigation Survey.


Sunday 18.  In the morning at Talk Chapel.  In the evening went to Stone & met Sir George Chetwynd & Mr. Lister.


Monday 19.  Set off early on our Journey to Liverpool, & slept at Middlewich.


Tuesday 20.  Proceeded to the Boat to Runcorn, where we called upon Capt. Bendshaw & with whom we had a long conference relative to the Manchester & Liverpool Rail Road etc.  From Runcorn to Liverpool in the Steam Packet & arrived between 8 & 9 at the Waterloo Hotel.


Wednesday 21.  Engaged at Liverpool.  Mr. Hollinshead, Mr. Jonathan Hollinshead & Mr. Roscoe dined, & a long conversation & discussion took place relative to the Rail Road Schemes, & particularly upon that Manchester to Liverpool


Page 151.  1824  July


when Mr. Jonathan H. directed must open the necessity of the Canal Communicators being made as perfect as possible, and particularly of improved accommodation & greater dispatch being afforded by the Bridgewater & . .  .Canal & without .which he was of opinion that the Rail Road project between the two places would ultimately be carried into effect.


Thursday 22.  We all set off on our Return home, & I arrived at Linley Wood between 2 & 3 with Mr. Vaughan, who set me down & then went home.  Sir George C. & Mr. Lister who was to have dined, & slept at Linley Wood being prevented, went on.  Mr. Wilbraham, Mr. R. Williamson, Dr. Northam & Revd. Mr. Mainwaring dined, & we had a very agreeable day, everybody appearing to be pleased and in great humour.  The Wilbraham's, who on returning to the sentiments , parted with us with this evening with expression of friendship and good will.


Friday 23.  At home but unwell being much fatigued with my journey & Exertions.  Finished the Hay Harvest, which has been got without any Rain. & carried by instead a single drop, from first to last.  The crop was very good, & the quality of the grass much improved since the last year.


Saturday 24.  At home.  Mrs Martin of Newcastle & her son John called.  Unwell from fatigue & over hurry of mind & Body.


Sunday 25.  At home.  Service.  Copied the Resolution of the Select Committee granting a remission of the Tonnage & dues upon Stone & other materials which may be brought along the Canal for the purpose of rebuilding Stoke Chase to be sent to Mr. Tomlinson tomorrow & writing letter to him, & both of which was delivered to Mr. Bickerton to take to Cliffe Ville.  Received Minutes of the Survey from Mr. Vaughan.


Monday 26.  Went to Newcastle on various matters.  I returned the little bay horse to Mr. More, who . . . the off fore leg.  In the evening received a message from Miss Penlington that Miss Dawson would call upon me tomorrow, which I answered by a future appointment to go . . . of to Rode Heath tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock.  Received a letter from Mr. Tomlinson very handsomely expressing his sense of what had been done by the Select Committee relative to Stoke Church.


Tuesday 27.  Went to Rode Heath pursuant to appointment I had a conversation with Miss Penlington ( Miss J. Rowbotham & Miss Dawson staying in the room all the time) relative to her affairs, when I gave the best advice in my power recommending Goodman to be retained, a list of Debts to be made out, & the Estates to be . . .in order that Miss Penlington might judge whether it would be better to sell or borrow further money on the Mortgage.  It was mentioned twice that Mr. Sherratt had made another new will but not the slightest intention was given me how she had disposed of her property now who were her Executors.  Miss . . .,after my long communication the family, & her own previous declaration that she wished to consult me in any thing could not change then the suffering


Page 152.  1824  July


which I had before felt, & on reflection determined me not to make the matter further only I was satisfied that the Will, at least, contained nothing that was unjust.


Wednesday 28.  At home.  Took down the Oak tree which grew in the land bought from Mr. Jenks, at the end of Swallow Moor Wood, & which produced a good effort by opening to view the ground behind.  In the evening Miss Dawson & Miss Wrench called.  No forward on Miss Penlington's affairs, where I explained myself to her relative to the Will, when she said , that Miss Penlington had no wish to conceal anything from me, & that she considered as her greatest friend & support, & that she had only been restrained from speaking to me about the Will by a fear of giving me unnecessary trouble.


Thursday 29.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers Revising & copying for entry in the Book Minutes of proceedings of the Select Committee.  Miss Dawson & Miss Wrench called, the former leaving Miss Penlington's Will for my perusal & consideration.  As a favoured appraisement of the personal property, . . .Furniture etc. which is very inconsiderable, . . .to Miss Penligton who is now indisposed,we thought this might be omitted.  Eliza received by the Post a Letter from Arthur Marsh with the truly gratifying Intelligence of the birth of a boy, and of our dear Ann, the child being well.


Friday 30.  Having opened Miss Penlington's Will this morning & finding to my great suffering that subject to the payment of the Debts and Legacies she had advised me . . . of the section of her real Estate to me in fear, after the demise of the two Miss Rowbotham's & Miss Dawson to whom such . . . be given for their homes & the life of the . . ..  I took not a moment in writing to Miss Penlington entirely declining this mark of her kindness but saying that I would if she allowed me consider with her what might be the proposed dissatisfaction of this show of the . . .& that I would call upon her tomorrow evening.  Received letter from Wm. Bent by a Messenger informing me that Mr. Ryle &


Page 152a.  1824  July


Mr Wood of Macclesfield intended calling upon me tomorrow relative to an intended Rail Road from Macclesfield to the Red Bull Lawton.  In the morning I had managed . . . & in part copying the minutes of our late survey of Canal in order for entering in the Book.


Saturday 31.  Engaged on the Navigation Papers.  Mr. Ryle & Mr. Wood called at Linley Wood & with whom I had a long conference relative to a communication being given between the Town of Macclesfield & the Trent & Mersey Canal, to which they said it was the wish of the inhabitants should be effected by a Canal or Railway from Macclesfield to the Red Bull at Lawton.  They stated that the Trade & Population of Macclesfield (the latter of which was . . .at 2800 & they contended were entitled to consideration & required accommodation, but that they generally professed a direct communication with the Trent & Mersey Canal, to a connection with the Peake Forest ) which had been suggested and indeed offered, or to any other.  They stated that so far as relates to Lawton with what place the Tender of Macclesfield is principally carried on the personal conveyance of goods is by land to the Red Bull & from thence by the Canals.  I think the the goods with Liverpool is carried partly by Land Carriage from Northwich to which place Goods are brought by River Horses instead of by the way of the Reservoir owing to some differences about the Freight.  The Gentlemen repeatedly & in the most unequivocal manner disclaimed any . . . balance declaring that this official . . . nothing on view but the accommodation of Macclesfield.  That in . . . of the facilities given to the Peake be furnished with coals from this side of the country of a better quality than whom which are now used, and that there would be a heavy tonnage of the . . . Stone, which from its excellent quality requires nothing but a facility of carriage to be . . .onto great


This page was loose.  It had been cut out and then rewritten into the diary.


Page 152b 


use and consumption.  I told the Gentlemen that I could say nothing myself I think they with great candour & solidness acknowledged that . . . on the part of the Trent & Mersey Canal.  We thought when their plan was realised & they set . . .  with. . . . . . . .  . .the company statement or . . . . that they might favour one with before the Select Committee of the Trent & Mersey Canal & who I was persuaded would pay all due attention to the subject: observing at the same time that something would give greater facility to the object they had in mind that such an . . . or security . . . be satisfactory to the Trent & Mersey & Bridgewater Canals.  Henshall the Tenant of Miss P. called to know whether we would . . . the price of land lying within their Estate at £500 or not.  I said I would go back to Miss Penlington & he sent from me one in a day or two.  In the Evening went down to Rode heath and again represented to Miss Penlington that I could on no account whatever accept the benefit entered me by her will, & beg her that she would consider that other . . .to make of the part of her prosperity.  The agent then argued in the strongest measure, saying that it had been the wish of her father & Brother & of her late Brother & that she could not be satisfied in her mind to making alteration.  This known I told both her & Miss Dawson, who was present, must be done, & said I would speak to Mr. Sherratt her solicitor about it.  On maintaining the Land, she intended to think it right . .  ., but left me to do what I thought at best in this, but everything also saying that should not find but myself capable advising or doing anything for her.


This page was loose and found inside the 1813-1821 diary.  It would appear that James Caldwell cut it out and then recopied it from and into the 1821-1825 diary?


Page 15.  1824  July


Mr. Wood of Macclesfield intended calling upon me tomorrow relative to an intended Railway from Macclesfield to the Red Bull at Lawton.  In the evening I had been engaged expressing & impart copying the Minutes of the late Survey of the Canal by the Select Committee in order for entry in the Book.


Saturday 31.  At home.  Mr. Ryle & Mr. Wood called with whom I had a long conference relative to a communication from Mac to the Trent & Mersey Navigation near Red Bull at Lawton by Canal or the Railway & which they stated to be the wish of the inhabitants in preference to a communication with the Peake Forest Canal, or any other.  After hearing about the Gentlemen had to . . .I told them that I could say nothing myself on the part of the Trent & Mersey Navigation, & which they with great candour acknowledged that they did not expect, but when they had finished themselves as to the necessary facts & details.  I would with great pleasure lay any Statement or communication before the Select Committee and who I was persuaded would pay all due attendance to the subject.  Henshall, Miss Penlington's Tenant called to know whether we would purchase the price of Land belonging to Mr. Wolfe & for which he said that nothing less than £55 would be taken.  In the evening went down to Rode Heath, & again represented to Miss Penlington in the presence of Miss Dawson that I could on no account whatever accept the benefit under her will, & begged she would consider what other disposition might be last to make fit.  She argued the matter being in the strongest manner saying that it had been the wish of her Father, Mother, & Brother, & that she could not satisfied in her mind to make any alteration.  This, however, I told her must be done, & desired again that she would consider of it accordingly.  On speaking to her about the Land she thought it might be best to prevent it getting into any troublesome hands, when I said that I would purchase it, & I would go & see Mr. Sherratt on Monday.




Sunday 1.  At home.  Service.


Monday 2.  Went to Sandbach.  Saw Mr. Sherratt & agreed with him for the 


Page 154.  1824  August


purchase of the Land for £500 & desired him to prepare a conveyance to me accordingly.  I also arranged with him to pay off their Mortgage debt, as soon as they had proved the Will of the late Mr. Darlington, & am assigned of the Mortgage could be preferred.  On asking his opinion as to the choice of a person to value the Estate & he strongly recommended Mr. Heaton.  On mentioning Miss Penlington's will to him, & saying that I could not accept the demise of the money the . . .he said that he followed only Miss Penlington's instructions & which he showed me in writing.  I mentioned the collision, he said there appeared to be a great dislike to them, & which he was not satisfied at.  Whilst at Mr. Sherratt's I received a message from a Meeting of the Executors of the Brereton & also of the Linley Lane Turnpike Roads, who were then assembled at the George Inn & suggesting my attendance, & who I attended accordingly.  Saw Mr. Twemlow, who said he had not been able to ascertain whether the Land through which the Navigation Culvert ( if made ) was to pass the joint or several property but that he would speak to Mr. Armistead about it.  Returned to dinner & had the great delight to find my dearest Emma with her little Baby arrived in perfect health & happiness.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan & sent by the Post the Select Committee Minutes of the 5th and 8th of July last.


Tuesday 3.  In the morning at home, then went to Newcastle Races.  Dined at the culinary at the Roebuck, which was . . & respectably attended, upwards of 50 sitting down to dinner.  In the morning heavy partial showers but the afternoon was particularly fine.  Sir John . . . attended but Mr. Dennison was gone abroad.


Wednesday 4.  At home.  A person called relative to the Barn piping which Mr. Furnival wished to lay along the Canal Towing Path at . . .& who showed me the p. . of 20 Mansfields & Sir John Stanley.  Difficulty when I told him that nothing further


Page 155.  1824  August


could be done till the meeting of the Select Committee, of which, if necessary Mr. Furnival should be informed, nor could I hold out any expectation of his wishes being complied with.  The Person who called said that Mrs. Vaughan who he had seen would to me in a day or two.  In the course of conversation he said that Mr. Canning & Mr. . . . would support the Railway from Manchester to Liverpool: & offered me some shares, which I of course declined.  Being unwell and a good deal fatigued I gave up attending Newcastle Races today.  In the evening fine mild rain.


Thursday 5.  In the morning at home.  Dr. & Mrs. Northam called.  Afterwards went to the Pottery Races, taking Dr. Northam with me from Newcastle in the Carriage.  Dined at the culinary at the Swan Hotel.  Saw the first Race but heavy Rain having come on, & being a good deal tired, Dr. Northam & I came away.  I received a . . .from the Bailiff at Hanley, to attend upon another special Ferry Case at Stafford.  Found at Linley Wood a letter from Mr. Vaughan.  John Shuker of Burslem to consult me as to his claim to the property of Wm. Shuker died whom I desired him in the first place to procure a copy of the late Mr. Shuker's will.


Friday 6.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.  Then managed transplanting Turnips into the orchard in Linley Meadow.  In the afternoon received the melancholy intelligence of the death of Miss Penlington, who died this morning about ten o'clock.  She went to bed much better than usual, having supped with a good appetite, & being very cheerful.  She went comfortably to sleep, but waked a little after eight in a fit of apoplexy, of which she had . . .& died in the last fit about 20 minutes past ten.  Thus in the short space of four weeks the Brother and Sister, the former only 37 & the latter 35 years of age were cut off, and this Family of the Penlingtons became ex. . . ,except only Mrs. May Penlington who still survives.  The Ladies having sent word that they were anxious to see me as soon as convenient.  I appointed to be with them at eleven tomorrow morning.


Saturday 7.  Went down to Rode heath at 11.  Saw the two Miss . . . & Miss Dawson, who confirmed the above particulars.  Considered the arrangements for the Funeral, which we agreed should be as near the same to those of her late Brothers, as circumstances would admit, but Miss Wrench & Mr. Butters being expected at Rode heath tomorrow.


Page 156.  1824  August


Saturday7.  I promised again on their arrival and of which they were to inform me.  The Ladies informed me that Miss Penlington had been at Sandbach on Tuesday on account of the . . .to her late Brother & that she had done which was necessary on the business under the direction of Mr. Sherratt.  On asking Miss Dawson whether Miss P. had made any alteration in her will, she said she had not, but had expressed to the last her wish that I should have what she had given me.  In the evening Miss Stamford arrived.


Sunday 8.  In the morning at home.  Mr. John Martin came.  Service.  In the afternoon went to Rode Heath & finally settled with Miss Wrench, Miss Dawson & Mr. Butters the arrangements of the Funeral.  I mentioned to Miss Wrench who was not before aware of it, that she was an Executor under the will.  It was thought that it might be proper for Mr. Sherratt who had prepared the will from Miss Penlington's personal instructions to attend & read the same, & take the necessary directions for proving it.  On my return, found a Letter from Mr. Keen, informing me that the judge expected the attendance of the Special Jurors in the Cause of Roedam Stables on . . .on which I had been summoned on Thursday last.  I wrote to Mr. Keen immediately saying that I hoped the death of a Friend would be admitted by the Judge as as apology for my non attendance.  Independent of this . . . , I did not feel myself well enough to encounter the Journey & Hearing.


Monday 9.  The Revd. Mr. Carter with Yates & John Taylor who brought the Register of Baptisms from Newchapel, but the name of Wm. Having been written in one of them, in view of the name of John though which a pen had been struck, I requested Yates to refer to the Copy of the Register sent to Stafford in 1776, & then see me again.  Afterwards Mr. George Martin to whom I paid a years rent for the good of . . .upon Foxholes Estate, but


Page 157.  1824  August


nothing passed about buying or selling.  I explained to him to look at the circumstances of the Reference & that I was to pay one half.  John Martin went.  Mr. Vaughan came to dinner & with whom engaged all evening on Navigation business particularly the intended Meeting of the Delegates etc. etc.


Tuesday 10.  After breakfast & a further conversation on Navigation Business, Mr. Vaughan left Linley Wood.  John Taylor & Yates again relative to Taylor Title, & it appearing that a copy of the Newchapel Register was at Lichfield not Stafford.  I directed them to apply at the former place.  Miss Stamford & Emma went to Newcastle.  Received from the Revd. Carter a present of a spaniel puppy, which he had offered to me on Monday, & which had been intende for the late Mr. Penlington.


Wednesday 11.  At home..  Mr. Potter called, with whom engaged a considerable time on Navigation Business.  Delivered to Mr. Potter a form of consent & he signed by Mr. . . on the back of a Plan of the intended Reservoir in Knypersley Valley, but which he was previously to show to Mr. Fenton for his approbation on the part of Mr. Bateman.  Also gave Mr. Potter the Minutes of the Orders of the Select Committee which required his attention previous to the next Meeting.  Dr. & Mrs. Northam dined.


Thursday 12.  Went down to Rode heath to make the final arrangements respecting the Funeral.. Miss Stamford & I dined at Mrs. Kinnersley's at Clough Hall. Miss, Mr.& Mrs. Adams & Mr. Johnstons Sons of Dr. Johnston of Birmingham, the Revd. Mr. Mainwaring & Revd. Mr. Lawton.


Friday 13.  Went early to Rode Heath & attended the Funeral at Sandbach of poor Miss Penlington


Revd. Mr. Batter, Revd. Mr. Carter, Mr. Holland in Mr. Salmon's Carriage


WilliamsonRevd. Mr. Richardson


Revd. Mr LawtonMr. Bayley


Mr.CartwoodRevd. . . .


Mr. & Mrs. . . Mr. Tunstall in a Mourning Coach


(On the coffin it read Mary Penlington aged 35 years)




Page 158 : 1824  August


August : On my return brought Mr. Carter to Snape.  Found Miss Moreton at Linley Wood.  Received a brace of Grouse from Mr. Bent.  Saturday 14 : Went to Rode Heath this morning & met Mr. J Sherratt, who read over the late Miss Penlington's will in the presence of Mr. Thos. Collinson, Mr. & Mrs Tunstall, Miss Wrench, Miss Dawson, Miss Jane Rostherne & myself, and to which no objection or complaint was made.  On mentioning to Mr. J. Collinson apart that I had not been consulted by Miss P. as to her will & knew nothing of the contents till she sent up to me shortly after it had been executed: he said that he knew well the Terms.  I had surrendered to the Family & that as to me and that a complaint could be made.  I asked him to furnish me with a list of Mrs. M. Penlington's Demand ( which he said he would do) & I would then consider what was proper to be done.  Stamford arrived from Shrewsbury Assizes. Sunday 15 : In the morning, service at home.  In the afternoon attended service at Talk Chapel.  Monday 16 : Went to Sandbach, taking Miss Dawson & Miss Wrench in the Carriage, to hear proved the Will of the late Miss Penlington, but it appearing that it would be necessary for another . . . to be taken out to her late Brother, and present proving the Will with this be done.  Had a long conference with Miss Sherratt on these affairs & from which I was but to apprehend that the Debt would turn out to be a greater amount than was expected.  Mrs. Tollet & Miss Eliza & Miss Eliza Wedgwood, Dr. & Miss Northam & Revd. Mr. Mainwaring dined.  Mr. Tollet was prevented from coming.  Tuesday 17 : At noon the Tollets left us.  Engaged on various matters, Navigation etc. Wrote to the Rev. Mr. Hill & sent him the money from which I had obtained for him, the Administration of the late Rev. Mr. Moreton for Dilapidations in Buildings belonging to Talk Curacy.  Received by the Post Letter from Mr. Littleton with a Copy of Mr. Greaves Report on Railways etc. Locomotive, Steam Engines


Page 159 : 1824  August


Wednesday 18 : At home.  Closely engaged at the desk all morning.  Wrote to Mr. Bourcair Grand Junction Canal Office & to Mr. Vaughan.  Wrote to Mr ...  of . . . Read Mr. Greaves Report preparatory to writing to Mr. Littleton.  Thursday 19 : John Taylor & Mr. Yates relative to Taylors Claim to the Estates in Warwickshire when Taylor told me that he had seen both the Mr. Pickford's & that Mr. Rushford had promised to send him in a few days all the Documents in his possession which could throw weight upon the business: and for which I advised him to submit & then see me again.  Considered again the Steam Engine & Rail road Report, & wrote to Mr. Littleton.  Wrote also to Mr. Heaton requesting him to undertake the valuation of the Bostock House & Rent from the Estates Wrote to R. Bent.  Engaged closely greater part of the day.  Received from Mr. Holland of Sandbach, his account against the late Miss Penlington.  Miss Sarah Wedgwood came to dinner.  Friday 2 : At home.  After breakfast Miss Sarah Wedgwood left us going on a visit to Eliza Roscoe.  Looked at part of Daniel Johnson's Farm.  In the evening Letters from Sir George Chetwynd & Mr. Vaughan.  Saturday 2 : At home.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd & Mr. Vaughan. James Bent came to dinner.  Heavy Rain.  Letter from Mr. Collinson & one from Mr. Tomlinson with thanks from the Stoke Church Committee.  Letter from Sir G. C. proposing Tuesday 7 September for meeting at Stone & being the day I had mentioned in my Letter to him.  Sunday 22 : At home on Service. Afterwards rode on horseback with Mr. Bent to Alsager.  Wrote to Sir G. C. finally finding that 7 September for the meeting of Selection Committee. Letter from Revd. Mr. Hall with Revd. For Talk Curacy Dilapidations.  In the Evening J. Bent returned.  It has always been my desire to see Religion treated as a rational thing.  Free from all about duty and folly.  Dr. Sykes.


Page 160 : 1824  August


Monday 23 : At home considered & made Minutes of business for the next Select Committee.  In the evening letter from Mr. Vaughan.  Tuesday 24 : Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.  Mr. John Wilson of Newcastle called with Case & opinion relative to the Tolls upon the Brereton Green Turnpike Road & advising with him thereon when I recommended it to him to show the Case & Open to Mr. Ford.  Miss Jane Rosthorne, Miss Wrench & Miss Dawson called, & with whom all advising relative to Miss Penlington's affairs, & the payment of the Debts.  Also engaged looking over the old papers in my possession in relating to these affairs.  Mr. Mayer the Farrier also called, recommended turning the little bay horse out for the winter.  In the evening letter from Mr. Peake requesting my attendance on Friday next at   Inn on assessed Taxes.  Received from Mr. Ward of Newcastle for my perusal, the Draft of the . . . & Conveyance of the House showed on Newcastle Marsh purchased by me for the Trustees & Executors of the late Mr. Bent.  Received by this Post from Dr. Holland the melancholy intelligence of the death of the poor little infant in Whitehall Place.  Wednesday 25 : At home.  Looked over the Drafts sent to me by Mr. Ward & wrote to him thereon there being an Error in respect of the purchase money.  Mr. Allen stone mason with whom arranged the steps of the Hall Door.  Engaged on sundry papers.  Mr. Short the Surgeon from Betley came to extract a tooth for Emma.  In the evening received from Sir George Chetwynd copies of affidavits which had been filed by the Department in the Caldon Businesses.  Thursday 26 : Perused & considered the Affidavits received last night from Sir Geo. Chetwynd.  Afterwards called at Trentham.  Saw Lord & Lady Stafford & Mr. Govern from all of whom I experienced a particularly kind & friendly Reception.  Had a conversation with Lord S. about the projected Rail Roads, & who expressed his perfect . . . with my observation that the true course was to render the Canal as perfect as possible.  He approved much of the new Tunnel being constructed with a Towing path for Horse.  Lady S. expressed their hope to see me all being well there, then Dr. Holland of whom she spoke in the highest of terms & said that if ill she shall consult him was down, & said she had advised Emma in Town to mention this to us.  They all spoke with great friendship about Stamford's business, & that it would have given Lord S. very great pleasure to have had him in his firm & to give him the Appointment.  On my return brought the then Miss


Page 161 : 1824  August


Wedgwood of Mare Hall in the Carriage from Newcastle.  Harry Wedgwood also came to dinner.  Friday 27 : Rode Heath all morning examining papers & making out a List of Debts with Miss Wrench & Miss Dawson, & when they both expressed a wish that I would purchase the Estates, but I told them that there would be time enough to consider this, when the Estates had been valued and the amount of the Debts ascertained; but that I should be desirous to do whatever might be most beneficial to all the Parties interested.  Letter, in the evening from Sir George Chetwynd informing me that all disputes relating to his Father's affairs had been amicably settled.  In the morning Miss Morgan called.  Sent Affidavits received from Sir George Chetwynd on the Caldon Matters to Misses Sparrow & Wilkinson.  Saturday 28 : Engaged on papers, Penlingtons Affairs etc.  The Wedgwoods left us, taking our Carriage to Newcastle.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Ward of Newcastle acknowledging the Error in the Drafts which I had pointed out.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd.  Sunday 29 : At home.  Sent a Letter to Sir George Chetwynd.  Service.  In the afternoon Dr. Holland arrived & in the Evening Stamford arrived from Buxton.  Monday 30 : John Taylor &Yates called relative to the Taylors claim, but not having heard any thing from Mr. Pickford, we thought it had best for M. Yates to go immediately to Manchester & speak to Mr. Thos. Pickford upon the business, & to know finally what they meant to do.  Mr. Wilson of Newcastle with case & a second opinion of Mr. Venables relative to the payment of second Tolls on the Brereton Green Road & to ask my opinion thereon in perusing & considering the Act.  I agreed in opinion with Mr. Venables that the Toll was payable & respect of the Horse & not in respect of the coach, as I look greater a different ground or view of the case to what Mr. Venables had done they coming to the same conclusion.  Mrs. Robinson of W. . .& son Charles called with a Letter from M. Henry Robinson suggesting Dr. Holland's guard affairs with Mr. Canning to appoint him to the situation of a Carrier in the Tonnage Office.  On mentioning the matter after they were gone to Dr. H. he said that


Page 162 : 1824  August


it was an enviable professional Rule with him never to interfere in matters of this nature, & that it would in this instance be particularly objectionable from Mr. Canning having so lately been his Patient.  Dr. Holland & Stamford called at Grantham.  Began cutting wheat in the upper Hollins Ground.  Tuesday 31 : John Taylor again with a Dis . . . from a younger Brother of the Family & who I satisfied that the former was the Heir at Line.  Application from Danl. Finney for the House & Garden on Butt Lane, when I said that I would make Enquiry about him.  Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Lawton called.  Delivered to Mr. C. Lawton the Plan of the Lawton Estate.  He said that Mr. Williams told him a few days ago that no Reasoning had been suffered, but that this would be done at the next Chester Assizes & he understood & wished that every thing & be satisfactorily selected.  I then showed him what I had before shown to him & to Mr. Williams 'the Transcript of the Recovery'.  He said it was being extraordinary, but that he should see Mr. Williams again in a day or two&if he would speak to him on the business if he had still any doubts on the Recovery he might look at the Transcript again& which I said he was at liberty to do.  Mr. Jos. Wedgwood & Dr. Northam dined, the former staid all night.  September1 : Wednesday : Sent the Report of the Caldon Case to Mr. Wilkinson of Newcastle per Bickerton.  At home all day, busy cutting wheat.  In the evening Dr. Holland left us on his return to Town.  I took him in the Carriage to Talk on the Hill, then I parted with him about half after nine o'clock he going by the Coborough Coach.  Thursday 2 : At home.  Navigation Papers.  Very hot day.  In the afternoon Thunder but very little Rain.


Page 163 : 1824  September


Friday3 : Daniel Johnson paying money £100 on account of arrears of Rent.  Afterwards at Rode Heath on the Late Miss Penlington's affairs examining statement of Debts etc. etc.  In the Evening Letter from Mr. Davenport of Capesthorne.  Saturday 4 : Engaged writing long Letter to Mr. Davenport on Navigation Affairs, proposed Rail Roads etc. in reply to the one received from him last night.  At home all day.  Miss Stamford & Emma called at Clough Hall & Lawton Hall.  Sunday5 : Emma & her dear little Baby went to Nantwich.  Stamford also went there on his way to Chester Assizes.  William Bent came to dinner & with whom a long & satisfactory conversation relative to our Brewery Concerns.  He returned to Marsh Field in the Evening.  Monday 6 : Engaged on papers preparatory to going to Stone tomorrow.  Called upon Dr. Belcombe of York, who was at Lawton Hall, but as he was just sat down to dinner, I left a Card & did not see him.  On my return I met with Mr. C. Lawton at his farm, but he said nothing of the business of the Title, or whether he had seen Mr. Williams. Indeed there was scarcely an opportunity, as he had some people with him.  Tuesday 7 : Went to Stone, & engaged closely on the Select Committee, but got through the whole business as to enable us to return home at night.  Wednesday 8 : At home, & in the house all day, it being excessive Rain.  Read part of Scott's 'Red Gauntlet'.  Wrote to Mr. Bent promising my vote & Miss Stamford's.  Thursday 9 : At home.  The Revd. Mr. Aitkens called relative to his having Dividends, then I explained to him the necessity of a fresh letter of Administration being taken out to the late Mr. Penlington before a Rect. could be given.  Received from Rode Heath sundry other Bills due from the late Mr. P.& his sister.  Friday10 : At home.  Various matters.  Made out List of Debts in Penlington's affairs & engaged on these papers.  Saturday 11 : At home.  Engaged again on the Penlington Papers.  In the evening Stamford returned from Chester Assizes.


Page 164 : 1824  September


Sunday12 : At home.  Service.  Monday13 : At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers.  Carried the wheat, 108 sheaves, from the Land lying up to Mr. Johnsons.  Mrs. Tollet, Miss Tollet, Miss Hemmings & Miss Jervis called.  Very unwell & suffering much.  Tuesday 14 : At home.  Engaged again on Navigation Papers.  Copied Minutes of the last Select Committee Meeting to be sent to Mr. Vaughan for entry in the Book.  Wrote to Mr. Telford informing him of the time of the General Assembly in order, that if he thought it necessary he might attend.  Wrote also to Mr. Robert Heath.  Wrote also to Miss Sherratt of Sandbach relative to the fresh Letters of Administration in Penlington affairs.  Carried oats out of the B . . field adjoining the Turnpike Road.  Still very unwell, Miss Stamford went to Betley Hall.  By this evening's Post received a Letter from Dr. Holland informing me of the miserable & melancholy circumstances of the Banking House in Berner Street [Marsh, Sibbald and Co] which having been obliged to suspend their payments, owing to the nefarious conduct of one of the Partners, Mr. Fauntleroy. Eliza, also had a Letter from our poor Anne,on whom affliction has indeed of late laid her heavy hand, but whose fortitude and admirable conduct on these trying occasions appear to be above all promise. May God support and help her! and enable us to pour valour into wounds which alas! we cannot heal.  Wednesday 15 : At home, but not very fit for business.  Eliza unwell.  In the evening received a note from Dr. Holland written at Newcastle on his way to Knutsford, with intelligence that poor Anne continued unwell, and acting on a manner that reflected upon her the greatest honour.  Thursday 16 : At home.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan & sent him the copy of the Minutes of the last Select Committee Meeting.  Dr. Bent & Mr. Nigel Heathcote called.  Miss Stamford returned from Betley Hall.  Received by the Post printed advertisement of a Meeting at Macclesfield to consider of an Application to Parliament for a canal from a transfer to the Trent & Mersey Canal at Lawton.  A Letter from Mr. Vaughan informing me that Mr. Webb would meet me at Stone on Monday next to examine the Cash and Treasurers Account.


Page 165 : 1824  September


Friday 17 : At home, Mr. Bishop called relative to obtaining the Navigation consent to pipes being laid under the Towing path of the Canal for the purpose of carrying the Gas with which it has been purchased to supply the Potteries.  When after considerable conversation I promised to mention the matter to the Committee & being the Memorial a copy of which be left with me, before them at their next Meeting.  Received by the Post Letter from Mr. Vaughan, with two Birmingham Navigation papers containing passages relative the Rail Roads.  Saturday 18 : At home in the morning.  Dr. Holland arrived from Knutsford at noon, & who I afterwards took in the Gig to Newcastle from whence he set off on a professional visit to the Revd. Mr.Le ... ... of Hodnett having been sent for by express, & from whence he intended proceedings to Town.  We had much conversation about the wretched business in Berner Street & Scotland Yard in the caller of which concerns Wilkins was a Partner.  Emma arrived to dinner, bringing her lovely little baby.  Revd. Mr. Carter dined.  By the Post another Letter came from Anne with intelligence of poor Arthur being ill.  To this I replied myself & in a way which I hope would not fail to administer some comfort to these poor sufferers.  Mr. Williams of Sandbach also called, relative to Taylor's claim to Warwickshire Estates & the Lawton Title the latter of which he assured me would now be forthwith completed, but it being late, & there being no time to enter into particulars on either of these matters, he promised to call upon me again in the course of a few days.  Received two more Birmingham Share Papers with which relative to Rail Roads.  Sunday 19 : At home.  Emma from her great anxiety to see poor Anne, left us on her return homewards at 2o'clock, with her dear & lovely little baby.  This circumstance prevented me having Service this morning. Monday 20 : Went to Stone to meet Mr. Webb.  On my way called upon Mr. Robert Fenton & showed him Mr. Alderly's consent to the Road & other arrangements respecting Knypersley Reservoir, then he said that there could now be no objection to our going on with the Work.  Engaged closely at Stone all day examining & sending Treasurers Account from 13 October 1823 - 3rd September 1824 with Mr. Webb & Mr. Vaughan & examining Cash Book from 13 October1823 to 25 January 1824 comparing the same with the Mr. Vaughan etc. etc.


Page 166 : 1824


Tuesday 21 : At home.  But I am sick in mind & I almost resigned to any exertion.  I every day feel that I have too much upon my hands & thoughts, and yet I see no way in which I can dispose this , as withdraw myself from it.  The last ten years have in various ways been years of great trial and suffering; & when I look back upon them.  I almost shudder at the review.  But it is idle to indulge in unavailing regards, and whilst life remains, I must struggle to discharge the duties of it. May God help me in the endeavours!  Wednesday 22 : Mr. Robert Heath came in the morning by appointment, & to whom I explained the demand made by Mr. Hales upon the Navigation Company, for a compensation for coals to be left in the Downfield side colliery when he promised to survey the same & furnish me with a Report before Monday next.  Afterwards went to Rode Heath, & saw Miss Dawson & Miss J R. . . preparatory to my meeting M. Heaton at Alsager Lodge tomorrow relative to his serving & . . . Bostock House & Hens Lake Estates.  By the Post received a Letter from my poor Anne in reply to the one I wrote to her on Saturday last & full of expressions of her gratitude & affection.  Thursday23 : Received early a Letter fro Mr. Heaton informing me that he could not come to Alsager Lodge this morning.  Closely  engaged perusing Minutes of the Select Committee since the last General Assembly , and arranging papers preparatory to the coming Committee and General Assembly.  Stamford went to Betley Hall.  Friday 24 : At home.  Closely engaged again on Navigation Papers all Morning.  Considering and drawing words of a Report from the Select Committee to the General Assembly in case it should be deemed proper to make one.  Eliza went out in the Carriage, & did not suffer from the exercise.  Saturday 25 : At home.  Mr. Potter came soon after breakfast, & with whom engaged a considerable time.  Afterwards closely engaged on Navigation Papers the whole of the morning, considering again & correcting Draft of Report & copying the same.  By the Post arrived a Letter from my poor Anne requesting a loan of £1000, & which with assistance from other friends to the amount of £4000, making in the whole £5000 would enable Arthur to survive the business in Scotland Yard.  Miss


Page 167 : 1824  September


Saturday  Stamford leaving Linley, offered to lend another £1000 part of the £4000.  I wrote to Anne informing her that Miss Stamford & I would advance Arthur £1000 each, and that to guard against my disappointment from delay in the Admonies of their other friends, particularly as the money would so soon be wanted, ( Thursday next) I would plan £4000 in the Laws of A . . .& Co to be at Arthurs disposal till his other friends made their advances.  Sunday 26 : Mr. Rob. Heath came early with his Survey & valuation of the Coals in Downfield side Colliery, and with whom engaged a considerable time.  Service.  Monday 27 : Went early to Stone.  Called at Kinnersley's & got a Letter of credit on Circumstances to Arthur's Marsh for £4000 & which I trust will be the means of enabling him to establish his new and separate concerns.  Closely engaged in the General Committee.  In the chair.  Tuesday 28 : Engaged early this morning drawing on a circular to be sent to the Prospectors requesting their executions in approving the Rail Road for Birmingham to Liverpool.  Afterwards engaged on the General Accounts.  Again in the chair.  Dined, & returned home at night.  Snow had fallen early this morning.  On my arrival at home found Anne & Betsy who had come from Knutsford.  Wednesday29 : At home.  Busily engaged on Navigation Papers.  Mr. Barker to inform me of a proposed alteration of the Highway in Alsager, leading to Audley, but to which on looking in my plan of my Lands, I told him that I would not consent to as it would be very injurious to the Estate, & which he said he would inform Mr. Booth & Mr. Twemlow who had staked it out.  Not being able to go to Alsager to speak to Mr. Heaton who was there relative to the . . .of the late Miss Penlington.  I sent a message inviting him to breakfast here tomorrow morning.


Page 168 : 1824  September


Thursday 30 : Went to Newcastle settling with Mr. Smith Printer the circular Letter directed by the General Assembly to be sent to the Proprietors requesting this execution in resisting the Rail Road project from Birmingham to Liverpool.  Saw Mr. Ward relative to the Brewery Concerns, which he promised to attend to, and speak to Mr. Bent.  On my return found Ann & Betsy gone.  By the Post received a Letter from Arthur's Marsh, in consequence of which I determined to go immediately to Town being unwell with a cold and Fever.  Mr. Heaton called soon after my return from Newcastle relative to his valuation of the late Miss Penlington's two Estates, & which he promised to send me in writing.  Still unwell.  October Friday 1 : Wrote to Mr. J. Wedgwood in reply to a Letter received from him last night, and sent him a copy of Mr. Rennies Report relative to the Dam Feeder.  Wrote also to Mr. Simpson of Birmingham & to Mr. R. Twemlow.  Saturday 2 : Left home between 8 & 9 o'clock on my Journey to Town on the sad and unhappy occasion of Arthur's Marsh's Affairs ... ... Arrived at Daventry that night.  Sunday 3 : Left Daventry early between 7 & 8.  Breakfasted at Brickhill & arrived in Lower Brook Street between 4 & 5, but found the Doctor & Emma gone to the Priory.


Page 169 and 170  [Blank Pages]


Page 171 : October  1824


Tuesday 19 : At home.  Engaged on various Navigation Letters which I found on my arrival at home yesterday : but so unwell as to be almost unable to attend to any business.  Stamford went to Knutsford Sessions.  Mr. Randle Wilbraham called and engaged to dine here on Tuesday next.  Wednesday 20 : Still very unwell and almost exhausted in Mind & Body.  Wrote to Mr. J. B. Hollinshead of Liverpool to Mr. Lee, Chairman of the Birmingham Canal Select Committee, to Sir George Chetwynd & Mr. Wedgwood & to Mr. Vaughan.  I kept at the desk all day, & without going out of doors.  Thursday 21 : Again being engaged on Navigation Business.  Wrote a long Letter to Mr. Daniell in reply to one from him, which had arrived during my absence.  Received Letter from Mr. Vaughan proposing to come to Linley Wood on Saturday next, as he had several matters of business in which he wished to see me.  Wrote to him & fixed to see him on Saturday accordingly.  Received also a most kind Letter from Dr. Holland informing me that Mr. Ball's opinion was favourable to A. Marsh & affording for this & other . . .particularly a kind & liberal offer from Mr. M. Morrison to join him in the Scotland Yard Concern & to advance the money that might be necessary, being only allowed.  Interest on his advances.  Still miserably suffering myself.  Friday 22 : At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers receiving & copying the Minutes of the proceedings of the last Committee Meeting for insertion in the Book.  Still very unwell.  Saturday 23 : At home.  Mr. K Tenant of the Bostres House Estate requesting to have the money due to him on Bond from the late Mr. Penlington paid in at Lady Day next, when I told him that I had enclosed  ... ... it  ... ... that would be paid before that time ,probably at Christmas next.  Copied Minutes of Proceedings of the last General Assembly.  Mr. Vaughan came agreeable to appointment, & with whom engaged a long time on Navigation Business.  Delivered to him the Copies of the Minutes


Page 172 : 1824  October


Saturday 23 : the Committee and General Assembly.  In the afternoon rode out with Eliza in the Carriage.  In the evening Letter from Arthur Marsh, with a copy of Mr Ball's opinion, which upon the whole was favourable.  Also Letter from Sir George Chetwynd enclosing one from Mr. Challinor proposing to attend at Stone on the 1st of November relative to the Caldon Case.  Wrote to Sir George by this Post in reply.  Still very unwell.  Sunday 24 : At home.  Service as usual.  Monday 25 : At home.  Wrote to Mr. Simpson of Birmingham & Mr. Challinor of Leek on having still business, & in reply to Letters from them.  Mr. Potter called, & with whom engaged a long time on various Navigation matters.  Tuesday 26 : At home.  Engaged again on Navigation Papers.  Mrs. & Miss Emma & Mr. Jos. Wedgwood, Mr. Bough Allen, Mr. Randle Wilbraham & Rev. Mr. Mainwaring, dined & the four former staid all night.  Letter from Mr. Vaughan with statement of the Waters coming into the Tunnel Road & from Mr. J. Wedgwood enclosing the Copy of Mr. Telford's Report, which I had a short time ago sent, & requesting B. . . to inspect the findings of the Committee General Approval.  Wednesday27 : Wrote to Mr. Jos. Wedgwood saying that Mr. Vaughan would any time show him the Minute Book.  Afterwards attended the Election of Physicians for the N. S. Infirmary & voted for myself & Miss Stamford in favour of Dr. Bent.  Knew of Laws declared in favour of Dr. Mackenzie, & a Ballot Poll demanded, which I left after voting.  Dr. Bent proposed by Mr. Swinnerton of Butterton.  Dr. Mackenzie by Mr. Sneyd of his number & seconded by Mr. Leigh Of Consall.  On my way to the Infirmary called at Kinnersley's & gave up the two Letters of Conduct one to A. C. M & & the other myself, of which no use had been made, & which Mr. Ironmonger put into the fire.  NB: Dr. Bent was finally elected by a Majority of 5: there being 62 votes in favour, & 57 for Dr. Mackenzie.


Page 173 : 1824  October


Thursday 28 : Went to Newcastle with Stamford and attended Turnpike meeting on the Uttoxeter & Newcastle Road & the Darlaston Butt Lane & Linley Roads.  When the annual accounts were audited & passed and an order was made for the Branch from the Hollins to Linley Lane being immediately completed.  Mr. Holland of Newcastle who was present having agreed to advance the money that would be matched by £1000.  Friday 29 : At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers preparatory to seeing Sir George Chetwynd who had informed me that he would call here tomorrow.  Persistent Rain & floods.  Stamford dined at the Rev. Mr. Bulls.  Saturday 30 : At home & Sir George Chetwynd came and with whom engaged a considerable time on Navigation Business.  Stamford returned from Mr. Bulls.  Sunday31 : At home.  Service.




Monday 1 : Went to Stone.  Took Mr. Sparrow from Newcastle.  Engaged all day on Select Committee.  A Delegation from the Birmingham Canals consisting of Mr. Lee Chairman & Mr. T Galton a Member of the Select Committee & Mr. Eyre Lee met as relative to the projected Rail Roads & on which engaged till late in the Evening.  Tuesday 2 : Executed my Will at the Navigation Office, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Wm. Vaughan his son, & Mr. James Smith one of the Clerks being the witnesses.  After some conversation on Navigation business with Sir G. Chetwynd & Mr. Lister we separated, & I arrived at home at one o'clock, but far from well.  Wednesday 3 : At home.  Mr. Tomkinson on Mrs. Tollet's affairs when I executed the surrender of Mr. Armistead's Mortgage & I gave up the Title Deeds to Mr. Tomkinson with 2 Bonds of the late Mr. Armistead for £1250 & the other for £850 and a note.  Thursday 4 : Went to Cliffe Ville to speak to Mr. Tomlinson again on Mrs. Tollet's affairs.  Consultation on the Will of the late Miss Penlington when he


Page 174 : 1824  November


said that if I meant to be a Purchaser, I must not prove the Will, & I resolved to take the Opinion of Counsel how to not.  Tuesday 5 : At home.  Received Release & Account in Mrs. Tollet's affairs from Mr. Tomlinson, & sent my acknowledgement of the same for Mr Hill.  Also sent Mr. Tomlinson the attested copy of Miss Penlington's Will.  Very unwell with fever.  Saturday 6 : At home, but miserably hill.  Took two Lettuce Pills on going to bed.  Sunday 7 : The Pills had the effect of giving me some sound and refreshing sleep, & alleging the great nervous irritation from which I have been so dreadfully suffering for the last two days, but not well enough to perform the usual Service.  James Bent came to dinner.  Took two more Lettuce Pills the same as before.  Received Letter from Mr. Lee from Birmingham.  Navigation business.  Monday 8 : To my suffering & disappointment the Lettuce Pill produced this night no effect.  Ill but something better.  Wrote to Mr. Lee in reply to his letter.  Mr Barker a Recruiting Officer at Newcastle Road.  Letter from Mr. Lister.  Tuesday 9 : Went in the Carriage to Newcastle.  Requested a lift with Kinnersley.  Desired Mr. Ironmonger with whom Mr. Barber forgot to mention my Name to him.  The former to receive the 4 plant. . . . . . On my return met Mr. Bent of Newcastle, who said he had been at Linley Wood, & would dine with us on Sunday next.  Wrote to Mr. Lister in reply to his Letter.  Mr. Williams of Sandbach met John Taylor & Yates pursuant to Appointment to consider further of Taylor's claim to the Estate in Warwickshire,whom after much consideration, it was agreed , that Mr. Williams, who was shortly going to Town, should call upon Mr. Dickins of Coventry, the solicitor mentioned in Mr. Pickfords Letters as having a full knowledge of the business and confer with him previous to any further steps being taken. Wednesday 10 : At home.  Better but still unwell.  Stamford dined at Lawton Hall.  Thursday 11 : At home.  Very unwell.  Mr. Randle Wilbraham dined and staid all night.


Page 175 : 1824  November


Friday 12 : After Mr. R. Wilbraham went, I went to Hanchurch & attended Turnpike Meeting of Linley Lane Road.  Returned to dinner.  Found Letter from Mr. Hollinshead of Liverpool & Case in Penlington Affairs from Mr. Tomlinson, as to my power of becoming a Purchaser, from being appointed an Executor. Saturday 13 : At home.  Wrote to Mr. Hollinshead in reply to his Letter.  Perused Case & made observations for Mr. T. consideration.  Still very unwell.  copied Minutes of the last Select Committee to be sent to Mr. Vaughan.  Sunday 14 : At home.  Service as usual.  Wm. Bent came to dinner & returned in the Evening. Monday 15 : At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers.  Copied & sent to Mr. Vaughan the Minutes of the last Select Committee.  Also engaged on Harrison's paper & previous to going to Derby tomorrow on account of these affairs.  Tuesday 16 : Set off Derby where I arrived between 5 & 6 o'clock, but did not see Mr. B . . .that evening he being perfected coming to me.  Wednesday 17 : Engaged all day with Mr. B . . .on Harrison's affairs, when he declared his full conviction of the Title being now perfected.  Called at Mr. Saunders & upon Mrs. T. . .the latter of whom still put off any payment under the plan of simplicity adding an abundance of promise for the future etc. etc. we also saw Miss T. . . & obliged her how the matter was valued & that there 8 years Rent in arrears.  Getting no satisfaction, Mr. B. suggested giving her a notice to quit & which he said he would consider of.  Called on Dr. Bent.  Walked to the Houses & Gardens called Botany Bay.  Dined with Mr. B. . .  On my return to the Inn wrote a note to Mr. H. . . inviting him to breakfast tomorrow morning. Thursday 18 : Mr. H. . . came to breakfast and with whom great conversation.  He said he would search whether he had any of the old


Page 176 : 1824  November


Title Deeds in his possession.  Mr. B. . . came in during breakfast and brought me the Testament dealing the uses of the Fine & also the Conveyance of the Land purchase from Mr . . .  He gave me also a Rental of the property, accounting also on the Arrears of the Rent he had received & promised to let me have his Bill at Christmas.  I was very unwell during my stay at Derby & suffered much from the exertion.  Left Derby at a quarter past one, & got to Linley Wood to dinner between 6 & 7 o'clock.  Friday 19 : Mr. Wedgwood of Bignall End paying me £4000 in further part of the principal on his Bond & Mortgage & having the sum of £5500 due thereon.  He also paid me the half years Interest due this day.  At home the rest of the day.  Saturday 20 : At home.  Mr. Vaughan came soon after breakfast and with whom already engaged several hours, preparing for the Meeting of Delegates from Canals at Birmingham on Tuesday next, & particularly in respect to the complaints alleged against the Bridgewater & Trent & Mersey Canals.  In the evening Letter from Lord George Chetwynd, & one from Mr. B. . . ,with a Copy of Resolution of the Grand Junction Committee.  Wrote to Stamford and sent him a Letter from Mr. Ward of Burslem relative to opening a commission of Bond etc.  Sent him also Letter of Condition Statement & Co. for £200.  Sunday 21 : At home.  Service.  Monday 22 : Set off this morning to Birmingham to attend Meeting of Delegates from several Land Companies relative to the projected Rail Road from Birmingham to Liverpool, & which had been appointed to be held tomorrow.  Arrived at Birmingham between 4 &


Page 177 : 1824  November


5 o'clock & met Sir George Chetwynd, Mr. Lister, Mr. Vaughan & Mr. Wilkinson.  Tuesday 23 : Mr. Simpson breakfasted with us.  After which engaged all day attending the Meeting which was most satisfactorily attended with Mr. Lee in the chair, the offer of which had been made to myself, but which I declined.  There some Delegates from the Great Junction, the Coventry, the Stafford, & Warwickshire, the Birmingham & the Trent & Mersey Canals.  A subscription of £5000 & upwards was entered into by the respective companies & Mr. B . . .,Mr. H . . .,Mr. Lee, Mr. Woodcock & myself were appointed a committee for conducting the opposition in Parliament calling for, & applying the Treasury etc. etc. & Mr. Syme the Agent.  The Oxford Company declined sending Delegates. The day progressed most satisfactorily, not at all unpleasant circumstances having received not even an expression being delivered that would give the slightest umbrage or offence to any one, or much that it was observed, that had there been a newspaper Reporter in the room a possible evil smell have ensued. Wednesday 24 : Mr. E. Lee called.  Left Birmingham about 12.  Stopped at Stone where Mr. Wilkinson, Mr. Vaughan & I dined, & arrived at home between 9&10.  Thursday 25 : The Birthday of my very dear & beloved wife who completed her 70 year.  To what a train of Feelings and Recollections does this best lead? At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers, & on the Farm Draining the Bank near the Meadow.  Friday 26 : Mr. Slater called in the morning & with whom I surveyed the lines of the intended Branch Turnpike Road from the Hollins to Linley Lane & which with a small deviation as to the print Sanction with the latter I approved.  The Revd. Mr. Solomon of Sandbach afterwards called relative to an Account


Page 178 : 1824  November


Friday26 : with the late Mr. Penlington of Rents received by the latter of part of their joint property when I told him that I would look over what papers could be found at Rode Heath & meet him some day at Mr. Skerratt's office at Sandbach on the business.  Rode out on Horseback.  Stamford arrived by the Mail. Saturday 27 : At home.  Looked over Mr. Chapman's Report relative to Canals & Rail Roads, which Stamford had brought me from Dr. Holland, & observations thereon in the Newcastle on Tyne Newspapers.  Engaged on the Penlington & other papers, & afterwards on the Farm.  Draining in the ground below the Flower Garden.  Sunday 28.  At home.   Service.Monday 29.  At home.  Engaged on the Penlington Papers.  Mr. Potter called, & with whom engaged a considerable time on Navigation business.  Directed him to make enquiry as to the line of the projected Rail Road to the Potteries, & the lands which it would pass through, in order that the Land owners might be waited upon, & desired him to call upon Mr. Wilkinson for his assistance.  Desired him also to call upon Mr. Fenton for a consent in writing on the part of Mr. Bateman to the Knypersley Reservoir being begun upon immediately.  George Beardmore brought forth the Plan of the Public house to be visited on the new Linley Lane Branch Road, which I considered and attended & desired him a time for further consideration.  Tuesday 30 : At home.  Engage on Navigation Papers, & Draft of Petition to Parliament against the Birmingham & Liverpool Rail Road.


Wednesday1 : At home.  Engaged all morning on Navigation Papers & completing Draft of Petition.  Heavy snow storm.  Thursday 2 : At home.  Engaged on Penlington & Navigation Papers.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Wilkinson with the affidavits in the Caldon Case supported by Mr. Taunton, & requesting my consideration of the same.  Snow.  Friday 3 : At home.  Perused & considered the Caldon papers received last night from Mr. Wilkinson.  Referred the Draft of the Petition to Parliament.  Page 179 : 1824  December. Saturday 4.  At home.  Closely engaged all morning on the Penlington papers & drawing out a statement of the Facts with the observations for the perusal & consideration of Mr. Tomkinson, who I determined to consult on these affairs from the various difficulties in which they are involved.  Snow.  In the evening received from Stafford Book of Land owners on the line of the intended Rail Road from Lane End to Ravensmoor near Nantwich.  Sunday 5 : At home.  Service.  Monday 6 : Returned the Caldon Case papers to Mr. Wilkinson, & wrote to him thereon.  Sent the Penlington Papers with a Statements of the Facts to Mr. Tomlinson for his perusal provision to my seeing him on this business & wrote to him thereon.  In the evening received papers & a Letter from Mr. Eyre Lee, relative to the National Business.  In the middle of the day Rain.  Tuesday 7 : Again Frost.  Engaged perusing and considering long Letter and other papers received from Mr. Lee, & afterwards writing to him thereon.  In the middle of the day Rain & snow.  The weather most inclement.  Received a card to attend the Funeral of my late neighbour the Revd. Mr. Wettenhall who died on Sunday last.  Received by Post a letter from Wm. Bent informing me of the Newcastle Brewery being let to the Parties from Dudley who had been some time interested in it.  Wednesday 8 : Went to Newcastle with the papers received from Mr. Lee and engaged with Mr. Wilkinson filling up the list of Land owners on the Line from Lane End to Ravensmoor, with their descriptions and addresses & which when completed I desired Mr. W. immediately to return to Mr. Lee, and to wait upon Mr. Sneyd & of that tomorrow relative to the Rail Road.  In the evening letter from Mr. Vaughan desiring me to fix a day for his coming over to Linley Wood to consult me on various matters.  Wrote to him & fixed Friday next.  Thursday 9 : Wrote to Wm. Bent.

Page 180 : 1824  December


Friday 10 : At home.  Mr. Vaughan came to dinner and with whom engaged all the evening on Navigation Business.  The Revd. Mr. Carter to speak to me relative to the presentation to the Meeting of Lawton of which I was a Master.  Saturday 11 : Mr. Vaughan went after breakfast.  Afterwards attended the Funeral of my late neighbour the Revd. L. Wettenhall who was interred in the Chancel at Lawton.  I think in his 70th year.  Sir H. Mainwaring, Mr. Chas . Lawton, a Mr. Ainsworth & myself.  Business.  The Revd. Mr. Lawton & the Revd. Mr. F ... ... the latter of whom proposed the Funeral Service were the only other attendants besides the sons of the deceased.  Received by the Coach the Book of References of the Land owners on the business of the Birmingham & Liverpool Rail Road, including those that were from Lane End to Ravensmoor.  In the evening Eliza R ... ... with her three children & Miss Stamford arrived. Sunday 12 : At home.  Service.  James Bent came to dinner & staid all night.  In the afternoon at Talk Chapel with Eliza & J. Bent.  Monday 13 : At Cliffe Ville on Penlington Affairs.  From thence went to Mr. Sparrow's Office to see Mr. Wilkinson relative to writing upon the Land owners on the Pottery line of Rail Road which was arranged that he & Mr. Vaughan should go together & that I should, previously meet Mr. Vaughan with whom I would look over the Plan with, & Mr. Wilkinson with whom I had left the Plan & Section.  Tuesday 14 : At home.  Engaged all morning closely on Navigation Papers.  Copied the Draft of the Petition afresh & made various additions to & attending thence.  Sent for the Plan & Section of Rail Road left with Mr. Wilkinson in order that I might show them to Mr. Wedgwood tomorrow.  Wednesday 15 : At home.  Mr. Jos. Wedgwood with whom engaged on Navigation Affairs, Railway Reports of Water etc. etc. & also executed Dr. Holland & Mr. R ... ... Marriage Settlements.

Page 181 : 1824  December


Thursday 16 : At home.  Engaged on Rail Road Papers.  Sent back Plan, Section & Book of References of Pottery Line to Mr. Wilkinson in order that he might wait upon Mr. Sneyd of Keele terminus, in which case I prepared, to meet Mr. Vaughan at Newcastle on Saturday, to make the final arrangement for the other Land owners being visited upon.  Mr. Kinnersley called.  Friday 17 : At home.  Engaged on various matters & papers preparatory to going to Newcastle tomorrow.  Saturday 18 : Went to Newcastle & met Mr. Vaughan & Mr. Wilkinson making final arrangements for their meeting upon the Land owners in the Line of Rail Road from Lane End to Ravensmoor & for which proposed it was fixed that they should act upon Monday next.  Returned to dinner.  Sunday 19 : At home.  Service.  Wrote to Dr. Holland, and sent the two parts of his Marriage Settlement to him by the . . . Coach, delivered & Brokerage paid at Talk per Joseph Simon.  Charles Crompton came to dinner.  Monday 20 : At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers.  Wrote Letters to Mr. Hollinshead in reply to one received from last night with enquiries as to our proceedings respecting the Rail Road business.Tuesday 21 : At home.  Engaged on sundry papers.  Wrote to Miss Sherratt of Sandbach with observations & Invoices on Penlington Title which I had received from Mr. Tomlinson.  Wrote also to Mrs. Penlington relative to administration to Mr. Penlington for the purpose of receiving dividends & transferring the shares belonging to her & the Revd. W. Arthers to a fresh Trustee.  Mr. & Mrs. Chas Lawton, Mrs. E. Wedgwood, Eliza & Charlotte, Dr. & Mrs & Miss Northam, & Miss Moreton dined.  Dr. N. delivered to me a Message from Mr. Swinnerton of Butterton expressing his regret at not having an opportunity of speaking to me at the Infirmary Meeting as he wished to have done & which purpose he had looked for me.  I told to Dr. N, that if I was to consider this as an intimation of returning & writing on the part of W. S. I received it with the same feeling, not as one Gentleman might from another, & I authorised


Page 182 : 1824  December


Dr. N. in case anything more was said to express himself to this effect on my behalf & that having the confidence I might place in his delivery & humour I was ready to take such concern on my part as he should think most correct.  I had previously observed to Dr. N. that any advance on my part, in the first instance could never have been made, & which he seemed fully to acknowledge.  Wednesday22 : Miss Moreton went after breakfast.  Sent the Penlington abstract etc. with my Letter to Miss Sherratt for Mr. Bickerton.  Re-perused & made additions to the Trent & Mersey Petition to Parliament.  Jos. & Sarah Wedgwood came to dinner.  Thursday 23 : The Wedgwood's went in the forenoon.  Letter from Mr. Wilkinson informing me of the successful Result of the application to the Land owners on the Cheshire part of the Line of the projected Branch Rail Road.  Mr. Roscoe arrived & brought my two first names being of Mr Roscoe & Mr ... ... to which I had subscribed.  In the evening Letter from Sir George Chetwynd enclosing one from Mr. Kinnersley relative to the . . . Case.  This morning began irrigating the upper part of the large meadow.  Friday 24 : At home.  Engaged all morning on Navigation Papers preparatory to the Meeting of the Select Committee on Tuesday next.  Mr. Sherratt with my two sisters came to dinner.  In the evening Mr. F. Galton & Mr Eyre Lee of Birmingham, & Mr. Vaughan came, the two former to communicate to me a Plan suggested by Mr. Telford for making a canal from the junction of the Birmingham & the Wolverhampton Canals at . . .to Nantwich, by way of depositing the projected Rail Road, & which he proposed being done by the Prospectors of the present Canals, who would being that means be . . .themselves or receiving back any Tonnage that might be taken off the present line.  They stated it as the opinion


Page 183 : 1824  December


of Mr. Telford that the business of Liverpool was so immensely increasing that the present Canal would not be equal to doing it, & that if the proposed line were executed, the Rail Road project would be completely defeated.  That it should be done & he could get the subscription fitted in a week.  I declined giving any opinion till I had considered the matter, & communicated with Select Committee on Tuesday next, & which I promised to do: but the general impression upon my mind was that the Project involved an unnecessary sacrifice of the Trent & Mersey Canal, to serve the Ellesmore & Birmingham Canals & other purposes. Mr. Telford wished to take 100 shares.  He had been appointed Chief Engineer Mr. T Galson . . .& Miss Lee & Hunt Solicitors without any previous communication.  Saturday 25 : At home.  Considered the communication made to me last night, & saw reasons, & as they appear to me, weighty objections to the Project.  Wrote to Mr. Hollinshead of Liverpool in reply to a letter received from him yesterday relative to the opening of the River Weaver Navigation but without saying more upon the subject than that I would lay his letter before the Select Committee on Tuesday next.  In the evening letter from Mr. Simpson of Birmingham relative to the Rail Road etc.  Sunday 26 .  At home.  Service.  In the evening letter Mr. Lister requesting me to meet him at Stone tomorrow.  Monday 27 : Went to Stone to dinner.  Met Mr. Lister & Mr. Thos. Lawton with the former of whom & Mr. Vaughan much consideration of the project suggested by Mr. Telford to which Mr. L. expressed his strong & decided opposition.  Tuesday 28 : At Stone closely engaged all day.  Mr. Eyre Lee attended, to whom the Select Committee strongly expressed their dissatisfaction at Mr. Telford's scheme & thereof it were not given up by the Birmingham Canal Company they could not act longer . . .in common with them when it was agreed by Mr. Eyre Lee that it should be relinquished.  A hard day being enjoyed till late at night. Wednesday 29 : Engaged again in the morning & returned early to dinner.  Found poor Betsy very unwell.  Thursday 30 : Closely engaged all morning on Navigation Papers, answered letters etc. etc.


Page 184 : 1824  December


Friday 31 : At home.  Rev. Mr. Lawton called relative to his presentation to the Rectory of Lawton & which had been vested in Mr. Jones of Wheelock & myself as Trustees, when I remembered the Patron ( Mr. Lawton ) & Mr. Chas. Lawton, to be made Parties & the proper Instrument to be purchased from Mr. Ward the Praetor at Chester, & which Mr. John Lawton approved.  Engaged closely the greatest part of the day on Navigation Papers, Letters etc.  Wrote to Mr. of Manchester.  And here ends another year of my life.


Page 185 : 1825  January


Saturday 1 : At home.  Closely engaged all morning on Navigation business.  Wrote to Mr. Hollinshead of Liverpool.  I drafted out a Letter in reply to one which Mr. Vaughan had received from Mrs. Daniell requesting a prospectus of our Case, in order that she might show to Members of Parliament & on which Mr. Vaughan had declined to have my . . .& repentance.  Wrote also to Mr. Telford.  Poor Betsy being still in a very delicate state, we called in Dr. Northam. John Myatt came again to speak about the place of Coachman & agreed to come a month upon trial.  Sunday2 : At home.  Service.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan with a Draft of a letter to Mrs. Daniell.  Monday 3 : Eliza Roscoe & her children left us on their return home. Dr. Northam breakfasted.  At Newcastle on various matters.  On my return, wrote to Mr. Wedgwood with A. Marsh's Settlement & relative to the Rail Road Plan & Section which he wished to see.  Tuesday 4 : At home.  Engaged on accounts & papers previous to going to Macclesfield tomorrow, & on Navigation Papers relating to the business of Macclesfield Canal thinking that some communication might take place upon the subject.  Wednesday 5 : Went to Macclesfield to have engaged with Mr. Bent on annual Settlement of the Macclesfield Brewery Accounts, this concern being now considered on by him & myself.  Mr. Bent having 2/3rd & 1/3rd.  Thursday 6 : Finished the Accounts & which we settled and signed.  Mr. Bent informed me that Mr . . .had expressed a strong wish to see me relative to the Macclesfield Canal, but had been obliged to go from home the day before I arrived at Macclesfield.  Took an early dinner with Mr. B. at the Hotel, and afterwards returned home.  Friday 7 : At home.  Engaged on Navigation business.  Received a parcel from Mr. Vaughan enclosing Letter & Clauses of Indemnity contained me from Sundry Acts of Parliament sent by Mr. Simpson of Birmingham.  By the evenings Post received


Page 186 : 1825  January


Letter from Mr. B . . , and one from Sir George Chetwynd sending a Letter which he had received from Mr. Wilmot of Coventry for my consideration. Revd. Mr. Carter called with the Presentation of the Rev. Mr. Lawton to the Rectory of Lawton, which I executed the same having been previously executed by Mr. Lawton, Mr. Chas. Lawton & Mr. Jones.  Very unwell this morning from great anxiety & fatigue of mind.  Saturday 8 : Still very unwell.  Engaged on Navigation Papers.  Wrote to Mr. B . . . & to Sir George Chetwynd.  By the Post note from Dr. Holland on the subject of the Rail Roads.  Received a brace and a half of Pheasants from Mr. Littleton.  Sunday 9 : At home.  Severe Suffering.  Service as usual.  In the evening long & kind letter from Dr. Holland, also letter from Mr. Hollinshead.  Monday 10 : At home.  Severe Suffering.  Wrote to Mr. Eyre Lee & Mr. Simpson of Birmingham.  Mr. Enoch Wood junior to confer with me (at the request of Mr. Wright of Knutsford ) on the subject of the proposed Report of the restriction Clauses in the River Weaver Act & an agreement respecting the Clause in the Trent & Mersey Act for protection when I recommended that Mr. Wright should add a Letter to the Select Committee explaining their objects.  Daniel Johnson paying money on account of Rent.  Tuesday 11 : At home.  Still in a state of great suffering.  Mr. Potter called and with whom engaged a considerable time on Navigation Papers, Letters etc.  Wednesday 12 : At home.  Still very unwell.  Engaged closely on Navigation Papers, particularly the Petition to Parliament & making various alterations & additions.  Wrote to Mr. Littleton.  By the mornings Post several Letters from Mr. T . . . & Mr. Jonathan B Hollinshead of Liverpool.  Executed Transfer to Stamford of 3 Trent & Mersey Navigation Shares.  Thursday 13 : At home.  Still very unwell & suffering much.  Closely engaged on Navigation Papers.  Wrote to Mr . . ., Mr. J. B. Hollinshead & Mr. Eyre Lee.  Copied afresh the Den. of the Petition to Parliament.  By the Post Letter from Mr. Vaughan with sundry Letter enclosed.


Page 187 : 1825  January


Friday 14 : At home.  Still very unwell.  Engaged again on Navigation papers.  Mr. Booth of Audley, to look over the oak farm, & to settle the allowance to be made out of Daniel Johnson's Rent during the period of the Agricultural distress.  I having referred this entirely to him.  Set off to have gone over the Estate with Mr. Booth, but fetched back.  Mr. Williamson of Greenway Bank having called , in consequence of the Dam of Knypersley Reservoir having been . . . contrary to the arrangement made at the meeting at the Roebuck Newcastle.  Engaged a considerable time with Mr. Williamson & confused my own Minute with his memorandum of what was done at Newcastle & which perfectly agreed.  By the Post received Letter from Mr. Simpson of Birmingham, with a copy of a Letter from Mr. J. B. Simpson of Derby.  Saturday 15 : Engaged again on Navigation Papers.  Mr. Crompton of . . .called with his son George on their way to Town.  Mrs. Tollet also called.  Afterwards went to Rode on Penlington's affairs, & to settle by which of the Ladies Letters of Mr ... ... the never to the late Mr. Penlington should be taken out & which I left it to them to agree amongst themselves.  Stamford continued from Stafford Assizes.  By the Post Letter from Mr. Littleton & Mr. Eyre Lee.  John Myatt came as Coachman on trial.  Sunday 16 : At home.  Service as usual.  Monday 17 : Having thought it proper not to continue John Myatt as Coachman, I discharged him previous to setting off to Stone.  Afterwards went to Stone taking Mr.  Mansion from Newcastle. Closely engaged all day.  Departed for the new Knutsford Canal attended.  But Mr. Telford to our great surprise did not arrive.  Confidential communication from Mr. Lister.  Tuesday 18 : Mr. Telford not arriving returned home to dinner.  Left with Sir G. Chetwynd for his perusal and consideration the Draft of the Petition to Parliament which I had proposed, & which I had read yesterday to the Select Committee.  On my arrival at home received the


Page 188 : 1825  January


melancholy intelligence of the death of poor Mary Crompton of Etan, who died on Saturday morning last.  Received by the Post one satisfactory Letter from Mr. Telford.  Also a Letter from Mr. J. B. Hollinshead.  Wednesday 19 : At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers.  James Potter called with a Letter which he had received from Mr. Telford to the same purpose as that which I had myself received last night.  Thursday 20 : At home.  Engaged again on Navigation Papers.  Wrote Letter to Mr. J. B. Hollinshead, & invited him to dine & sleep at Linley Wood on Tuesday next on his way to Stone to attend the General Assembly, in order that we might have an opportunity for some communication on Navigation affairs.  Wrote also to Mr. Lister, Mr. Vaughan & to Miss Child & Claire, in consequence of a Letter received from Mr. Child of Liverpool relative to the consequence of her  ... ... upon the Canal, Miss Jane R ... ... , Miss Wrench & Miss Dawson dined, at with whom long conversation relative to the Penlington affairs.  Friday21 : I this day completed the 66th year of my age, to know, 'That which before us has in daily life, Is the prime Wisdom' Milton.  Copied & sent to Mr. Vaughan Minutes of the last Select Committee for entry in the Book.  Wrote also to Mr. Eyre Lee, urging his attendance at the General Assembly on Monday next.  Mr. Goodwin, Servant to Mr. Wedgwood of Maer Hall came to offer himself as Coachman & Groom & with whom I agreed at £22 (51 weeks) in case Mr. Wedgwood gave him a satisfactory character.  By the Post letter from Mr. Vaughan.


Page 189 : 1825  January


Saturday 22 : Ed. Bladon junior with Conveyance to Mr. Sneyd of his house & Mr. Mosley Bennet both of which I received . . of the Navigation Co. pursuant to tender.  At home.  Engaged all morning arranging the necessary Papers, and drawing out Minutes of Business for the Committee and General Assembly on Monday next.  Concluded that it would be brought that Stamford who proposed setting off to London this morning should stay over the General Assembly.  The Revd. John Lawton called in the morning and assured me that he was ready to give in all such acts as should be necessary for the completion of any Title to the Lands purchased from his Brother.  Sunday 23 : At home.  Service.  Monday 24 : Went to Stone early & took Mr. Wilkinson from Newcastle. Engaged closely & obviously all day in the General Assembly being in the chair.  Returned home at night much fatigued, & far from well.  Found Ann & Betsy had left Linley Wood this morning as they intended on their return home.  Tuesday 25 : At home.  Engaged on Navigation business.  Wednesday 26 : At home. The same.  Mr. Potter called & with whom engaged a considerable time.  Wrote Letter to Mr. Lister relative to the . . . adjournment of the General Assembly to London.  Thursday 27 : Mr. Crompton of Lime Villa came to breakfast, who proceeded soon after on his journey back into Lancashire.  Engaged again Navigation papers.  In the evening Letter from Mr. J. B. Hollinshead & Mr. Wedgwood relative to my appointment of an Engineer to survey the Canal: the former recommending Mr. Giles, who had been employed to make a survey of the Port of Liverpool for the Corporation.  Friday 28 : Wrote to Mr. Hollinshead requesting a conference with Mr. Giles.  Engaged on Navigation papers previous to seeing Mr. Vaughan today pursuant to appointment.  Mr. Vaughan came to dinner & with whom engaged


Page 190 : 1825  January


long & closely on Navigation business.  Letter from Mr. Lister.  Determined to call a meeting of the Select Committee.  Saturday 29 : Settled with Mr. Vaughan, who staid all night for him to see Sir Geo. Chetwynd & Mr. Lister & appoint such doing & . . . in this work as should be most convenient to them for meeting, & which I would attend.  After parting with Mr. Vaughan, engaged again on Navigation papers preparatory to seeing Mr. Eyre Lee who had appointed to come here to dinner & stay tomorrow in order that we might finally settle the Draft of the Pathway to Parliament & also other arrangements relative to the approaching business.  Mr. Lee came to dinner & with whom closely engaged this near three o'clock on the papers & other business connected with the Rail Road Appointment.  Sunday 30 : Again engaged with Mr. Lee on papers all morning.  Consulted him as the power of adjoining General Assemblies, when he considered cutting under met with an opinion that some Acts of Parliament gave no such power.  Mr. Lee took an early dinner & then proceeded to Nantwich, having selected that he would give me as early notice as possible when he looked to come to Town.  Letters from Sir Geo. Chetwynd, Mr. Lister & Mr. J. B. Hollinshead.  In the afternoon attended service at Talk.  Monday 31 : This morning Mr. Giles arrived in consequence of the correspondence with Mr. J. B. Hollinshead relative to the proposed Turning of the Canal, and with whom engaged closely the whole of the day.  I found him lively, sensible and, as far as I could judge well acquainted with business & comprehend to our papers.  He staid till past 9 at night, when he proceeded to Birmingham.  He explained to me at some length certain points upon which the standing value had not been complied with in the case of the Nantwich & Linford Rail


Page 191 : 1825  January


Road, particularly the defectiveness of the Plan & Section, & which appeared sufficient to me to stop the proceedings of the Bill in the Committee upon the Petition this objections applied equally he said to the Plan & Section of the Birmingham & Liverpool Railway engagement or fault.  I made no arrangement with Mr. Giles relative to the Survey, but told him that I would submit the matter to the Select Committee who would then decide & inform them that if they wished him to understand it, he was willing to do it.  Received by the Post long Letter from Mr. Simpson of Birmingham, & a Letter from Mr. S. Wright informing me that it was the attention of the River Weaver Trustees to apply to Parliament & for a repeal of the instruction Clause entered on their Act.


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