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Diary of James Caldwell (1759-1838) of Linley Wood, Talke, Staffordshire, England.

The following is a transcription from the diary of James Caldwell.  This volume covers the period 1825-1827 (125 pages).  For transcriptions of other diaries and notes please click here (Index of notes and diaries of James Caldwell).

Page 1. 1825 February

Tuesday 1. At home.  Closely engaged all morning copying afresh the Dent. Of the Petition, with some additions & alterations as approved by Mr. Eyre Lee.  Very unwell & almost overcome with hurry & fatigue both of mind & body.


Wednesday 2.  Mr. Vaughan came early to breakfast to inform me that Sir Geo. Chetwynd did not think the Meeting of the Select Committee which I had sent Mr. Vaughan purposely to propose, necessary, having written to me to propose a Meeting at Lichfield as I went to Town.  So many things however of the utmost importance, admitting too of our delay & on which it was not proper for me solely to determine, made me [restive] to set out tomorrow in order to see Sir George & Mr. Lister, & if judged properly by them to go forward to London understanding this there was great enquiry amongst the Prospectors why somebody was not there on the behalf of this Canal.  Made arrangements as necessary with Mr. Vaughan who, promised to accompany me..  Mr. Potter afterwards came to report to me upon the progress of the Tunnel, & the Knypersley Reservoir, but still no Tidings of Mr. Telford.  Road man Mr. Rob. Heath, with whom I selected to give his assistance on the survey of the branch line so far as selection to the [Morris] Minerals etc. & which Mr. Lister requested me to get some proper persons to do.  Wrote to Mr. S. Wright in reply to an application made by him on the behalf of the Trustees of the River Weaver Navigation respecting the intended Repeal of the restrictive Clauses contained in their Act.  Wrote to Arthur Marsh in reply to a Letter received from him last night.  Wearied out & almost exhausted, & in a very unfit state for the anxious and laborious duty that lies before me.


Page 2.  For Journal from February 3 1825 to March 31.  bid Paper Book marked A.


Page 3.  1825  April


Friday 1.  At home.  Miss Dawson on the Penlington Affairs.  Engaged on Navigation Papers.  Received in the evening from Mr. Vaughan a copy of the Evidence which had been given before the Committee on the Manchester & Liverpool Railway Bill upon Monday March 25.


Saturday 2.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Papers, Farm etc. & afterwards called at Rode Hall with Stamford.  Saw Mr. R. Wilbraham & invited him to dinner Tuesday next.


Sunday 3.  At home.  Service.


Monday 4.  Mr. Vaughan came to breakfast & with whom engaged a considerable time on Navigation business. Went afterwards to Newcastle it being Fair day.  Returned home to dinner.  Received in the evening further Evidence given before the committee upon the Liverpool & Manchester Rail Road Bill.  This morning sent notes to the Kinnersley's inviting them to dine on Saturday the 16, but they . . .were engaged.  When at Newcastle signed with Mr. Booth as the new Deputy . . .for calling out the . . .


Tuesday 5.  Engaged on Navigation Papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow.  Mr. Potter called, with whom engaged some time, and afterwards accompanied him to the Tunnel.  About 10 yards at the North end was completed & into which I was clear.  The work appeared to be going on well, but will cost I think much more than was estimated expense.  Observed to Mr. Potter that an Agreement in writing should have been obtained from Mr. Williamson for our taking down the Houses built upon his Land.  Revd. Mr. Mainwaring, Mr. Randle, Wilbraham & Jos. Wedgwood dined.


Wednesday 6.  Went to Stone early; & where afterwards engaged all day at the General Assembly.  Returned home at night, bringing Mr. Sparrow with me to Newcastle.  On my arrival at home found Mrs. Stamford who had returned this Evening from Eton.


Thursday 7.  At home.  Engaged on various matters & papers.  Wrote to Miss Sparrow & Wilkinson & sent them a copy of the order of the General Assembly relative to the Financial [addition]


Friday 8.  Accompanied Miss Wrench & Miss Dawson to Sandbach, & who I took in the Carriage from Rode Heath to Sandbach, where we proved the Will of the late Miss Penlington before the Revd. Mr. Batty, & which was stated by the


Page 4.  1825  April


Ward of Chester to be necessary to previous to Letters of [Comonde] Lines now of the later Mr. Penlington having granted.  Long Search & Conversation with Mr. J Sherratt relative to the Title to the Tithes, but we could find no Deed.  At Sandbach saw Mr. Sutton & the Revd Mr. H. . ..   Mentioned to the former the Fence at Anderton.


Saturday 9.  At home.  Engaged on papers etc.  Considered Letter from Mr. Bagley relative to the cutting of the Preston Brook Warehouse with a view to replying to the charge contained in Mr. Sanders Pamphlet.  Afterwards upon the Farm , busy sowing oats in the meadow lying up to the Hollins.


Sunday 10.  At home.  Service.  William Bent came to dinner, and with whom engaged, but he returned to Meadowfield early.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan for Mr. Sanders 2nd Edition of his Pamphlet.


Monday 11.  Wrote to Mr. Williams of Shrewsbury & sent him by by [Bangup] Coach from Talk on the Hill, Mr. Hubbert's Trust Deed which I declined executing.  Engaged on Papers & various matters.


Tuesday 12.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Edward Roscoe in reply to his Letter relative to an Invention for facilitating the Navigation of Boats upon canals.  Engaged in the Grounds.  Finished sowing oats.  Planted a Portugal Laurel at the corner of the dining room left side window.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Vaughan with Copy of one from Mr. Bateman relative to Knypersley Reservoir & requesting an Inspection of the work.  Began repairs of Water Wheel.


Wednesday 13.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.  Wrote the draft of a Letter to Sir George Chetwynd relative to Mr. Sanders observations respecting the Warehouse at Preston Brook, & considering his portions.  In the night there had been some light storms.  Stamford came to dinner from Chester Assizes & afterwards set off to Stafford.


Thursday 14.  At home, but suffering from my eyes, which prevents my writing.  They have since my returns from London been weak & occasionally painful.  Another symptom of declining age.


Page 5.  1825  April


Friday 15.  At home, but abstained from writing.  Stamford returned from Stafford Sessions.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Vaughan.


Saturday 16.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.  Copied and sent to Mr. Vaughan the Minutes of the Proceedings of the last General Assembly.  Firm light showers cut the advance of Spring slow & gradual.


Sunday 17.  At home.  Service as usual.  Letter from Mr. Vaughan.


Monday 18.  At home.  Engaged with private accounts, settling Cash Book etc.


Tuesday 19.  At home.  Miss Dawson on Penlington's affairs, & to inform me that the Letters of Admin. de Bones now had been granted to her. & would be sent to me in a day or two.  Mr. Kirk the Engineer inspecting the progress of the work at the Water Wheel & Reservoir, when he said he would request Mr. Potter to look at the latter.  Kirk on speaking of [Redstone] & Locomotive Steam Engine expressed a decided opinion against them as a mode of general Carriage.  Received in the evening a Box containing very old Deeds & papers belonging to the late Penlingtons.


Wednesday 20.  At home.  Mr. Potter and with whom engaged a considerable time on Navigation business, & when I desired him to call upon Mr. Bateman & explain to him that there was no delay or default on the part of the Company in respect to carrying the whole of the Agreement into immediate effect.  Engaged afterwards all the rest of the day examining the papers etc. contained in the Box sent by Miss Dawson, chiefly with a view to the Title to the Tythes of . . .& Bostock House Estate.  In the evening Stamford set off to London.


Thursday 21.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd & sent him enclosed Mr. Bayleys Letter & a copy of the Minute in the Select Committee Book relative to the Warehouse at Preston Brook.  Mr. Kinnersley, and afterwards Mr. Rob. Heath & another person, the Manager of Mr. Williamson's Colliery relation to the constitution amongst the Colliers for advance of wages & many of whom had struck & were going about in large bands to advise others to join them or compel them to give up work.  The


Page 6.  1825  April


principal object of Mr. K. & the others seemed to be to whether the Company would resist any increase of wages to the men working at the Tunnel.  I said that these People were employed under Mr. Telford who had undertaken the execution of the Work & therefore that the Company could not interfere with these & with which explanation they appeared to be satisfied.  I observed too that they might be possibly be engaged on some critical part of the Water Wheel which would not advise of stopping.  In this case Mr. R. Heath observed they must go on . . .what they would.  I desired them to mention the business to Mr. J. Potter.  The Colliers . . wages amount to about 24/- per week.  They want 27/- which the.[Gutter] men said was too much & more than could be afforded.  They said there were no Coals beforehand for the Potters use, & of the Colliers refusal to cut the whole of the seam fortresses would be stopped at the end of the present break  Mr. H. estimated the number of working Colliers in this neighbourhood at about 4000.  In the conversation I urged repeatedly the importance of the Masters being able to show that the Wages they gave or were willing to give were fairer and reasonable otherwise those responsible would see that the other blame would fall upon themselves.  Considered Minutes of Manchester & Liverpool Rail Road Comm., received by this Evenings Post.  Mrs. Twemlow & Miss Twemlow called.


Friday 22.  At home.  Various matters.  In the afternoon James Potter with whom a long conversation relative to the Colliers etc.  He assured me that Mr. Pritchards Wages had been no more than 24/- a week to the miners for 8 hours a day.  a day.  Banksmen & Pitmen 3/- a day.  Other Labourers at about 14/- a week of the latter there were no more than about 35 in the company's employment of them.  The whole employers by Mr. Pritchard.  From this it appears that the complaints made of the men employed at the Tunnel having received greater wages & thereby considered a demand for higher wages amongst the Colliers etc. is granted.


Page 7.  1825  April


Saturday 23.  At home.  Eliza & Mrs.. Stamford called at Clough Hall.  In the evening Letter from Sir Geo. Chetwynd.


Sunday 24  At home.  Service.  Letter again from Sir Geo. Chetwynd.


Monday 25.  At home.  Mr. Slater called, & with whom I surveyed and finally settled the line of the new branch Road from the Hollins to Linley Lane.  Afterwards engaged on Navigation papers, and wrote a long Letter to Sir George Chetwynd.  Received by the Post Letter from Mr. Wilkinson with a copy of a fourth affidavit made by Mr. Wooliscroft in the Caldon business & requesting my opinion thereon.


Tuesday 26.  At home.  Perused & considered Affidavit received from Mr. Wilkinson.  Wrote to A. C. Marsh.  Wrote also to Miss Ward & [Aldon] of Balford Sgt. London, & sent them (by Mail from the Red Bull) the Deed of Indemnity executed on Anne's marriage, which was necessary to be inspected for the completion of some of the Indemnities.  Eliza & Mrs.. Stamford went to Newcastle & engaged the Wilkinsons & Andertons to dine on Thursday the 5th of May.


Wednesday 27.  At home.  Heavy Rain all day.  Finished the repair of the Reservoir, plastering etc.  Mr. Kirks then went from work at the Wheel.  In the evening Letter from Sir. G. Chetwynd.  In the morning James Beardsmore came up to speak to me in consequence of which I had a conversation with him, when we settled for him to go, as soon as convenient.


Thursday 28.  Wrote to Miss Sparrow & Wilkinson on the Caldon case.  Mr. Booth of Audley called for my opinion on a case under the deal for comprehending the Assessed Papers, & which after looking into the Act, I gave him in writing, to show to Mr. Peake.  Unwell.  Eliza & Mrs. Stamford called at the Hill, and at the Wheelock.


Friday 29.  At home.  Unwell.  Letter from Mr. Bateman relative to the business of Knypersley Reservoir.  Letter from Sir Geo. Chetwynd.


Page 8.  1825  April


Saturday 30.  Wrote  Letter to Mr. Bateman in reply to the one received from him.  Called upon the Revd. Mr. Mainwaring, and engaged him to dine on Thursday next.  In the evening Letter from Sir George Chetwynd.




Sunday 1.  At home.  Service.  In the afternoon Mr. Giles on his way to Chester, who dined & staid till eight o'clock.  I had much conversation with him on the Manchester & Liverpool Rail Road business, his own project of Canal & Roadway &. . . . . the Message etc. etc.  He showed me the [heads] of the evidence which he was proposed to give before the Committee of the former, & which appeared fully to show the ignorance or blunder of Stephenson, particularly as to his Lands and Estimates.  Mr. Giles said he should proceed to ascertain the [possibility] of the Agreement across the Mersey by trying for whatever there was a sufficient foundation.  This I recommended him strongly to do before any further step was taken.  He spoke of the whole expense of the load being about £800,000.


Monday 2.  At home.  James Potter called, & with whom looked at the wheel work which Mr. Kirks man had left in such a state that it would not work, when he promised to send a proper person to set it right.  Soon after he was gone two men came from Mr. Kirks, who immediately began the job.  Afterwards engaged all morning on Navigation Papers & wrote long letter to Sir George Chetwynd.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Vaughan proposing Wednesday next for seeing me, which he wished to do, & whence in reply agreeing Wednesday accordingly.


Tuesday 3.  At home.  Mr. Potter called, and with whom engaged on Navigation business.  In the evening Letters from Sir George Chetwynd informing me of the decision


Page 9.  1825  May


of the Caldon Case being the Court of King's Bench & with Minutes of the decision in our favour.  Also enclosing for my perusal Copy of the Willington Special Case as settled by Counsel for Agreement.


Wednesday 4.  At home.  Mr. Vaughan came according to appointment, & with whom engaged all morning.  We arranged that he should purchase the Buildings now on sale opposite to the office at Stone, the Company having the option of taking the purchase, if they thought proper.  Afterwards wrote to Sir George Chetwynd & returned him the Willington Case.  Engaged on the Farm.  Mr. Holland of . . .& the two Miss Hollands came to dinner.


Thursday 5.  After breakfast went to Sandbach to see Miss Sherratt on the Penlington's Affairs, & to enquire after the Probate of Miss P's. Will & the letters of Admin. but neither of them had been received back from Chester, though Mr. Batter who I saw said the Will had been immediately transmitted to the Office by him.  In consequence I desired Mr. Sherratt to see the Registrar at Middlewich tomorrow when he was expected to do, & desired then the article be dispatched immediately.  Long conversation relative to the Title & the Hassall Estates, when it was finally arranged that I  should request Mr. Tomlinson to go to Sandbach & inspect the Deeds with Miss Sherratt.  Dr. & two Miss Northen's, Revd. Mr. Anderton & Miss Anderton, & the Revd. Mr. Mainwaring dined.  In the evening Letter from Sir Geo. C.  N.B. Got early Potatoes.


Friday 6.  Engaged on the Farm.  Mr. Harding [Atly] of Burslem called to enquire as to the Deed relating to the Security from Mr. Wedgwood of Bignall End, previous to the money being paid on the 19 instant, when I planned Saturday the 14 for his inspecting the Deeds.  Sent the Carriage to Newcastle for the two Miss Byerleys & who came to dinner.  My sisters also came from Nantwich.  In the evening Letter from Sir. Geo. Chetwynd, with a favourable report of Gile's examination before the Manchester & Liverpool Railway Committee.  Turned milking cows out into the field under the Terrace, 15 Milkers, 1 Feeder.


Saturday 7.  After breakfast Mrs. & Miss Hollands and the Miss Byerleys went.  Engaged upon the Farm, & various matters.  Letter from Sir George Chetwynd.  Purchased a Milking cow for which I gave £16.


Page 10.  1825  May


Sunday 8.  At home.  Service.


Monday 9.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd.  Mrs. Stamford, Ann & Bessy set off on their Journey into Lincolnshire.  Wrote to Mr. Tomlinson to request him to accompany me to Sandbach tomorrow or Wednesday.


Tuesday 10.  Mr. Tomlinson came about 9 o'clock when we proceeded to Sandbach, and engaged there till near three, examining the Penlington Title Deeds & comparing the same with the abstract.  Minute taken by Mr. J. Sherratt of the particulars necessary for completing the Title which he promised to obtain & also to prove the Will of the late Mr. Darlington.  He said on his applying to Mr. Head. relative to the Letters of Admin. he gave him a short answer, & said he could do nothing till he got back to Chester.  The Conduct of these People's insufferable from their relationship & . . .  Mr. Tomlinson dined at Linley Wood afterwards & showed me the correspondence between himself & Mr. Heathcote.  Sowed Turnips in the orchard.


Wednesday 11.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Balgery on Harrisons Affairs.  Barlow to consult me relative to trespass committed on an Estate which he holds under the Sneyds of Keele, by water being fetched from a well in the Lands,  where I advised him to act intuitively under the direction of his Landlord, but if any [damage had been] done he might apply to a Magistrate.   Morris to advise with me on this criminal of some . . .Buildings which he had erected on Lands in Alsager. held it on the Lawtons of the Manor,whom I declined interfering on the occasion.  John Taylor relative to his claim to the Estates in Warwickshire, whom I sent ,by Mr. Williams of Sandbach, whom he said wished to see it,have a Letter from Mr. . . .Parkfield on 7 September 1824 requesting at the same time that it might be returned to me.  Turned the Milking cows into the House field.


Thursday 12.  At home.  In the House almost all day, it being heavy Rain.  In the evening Letter from Sir Geo. Chetwynd.


Page 11.  1825  May


Friday 13.  Engaged in the morning selecting Title Deeds to Estates in mortgage to me from John Wedgwood of Bignall End. For the inspection of his solicitor Mr. Harding tomorrow morning.  Dined at Dr. Northen's (Eliza not being well enough to accompany me).  Met Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Adderley & a Gentleman with them. (Mr. Whaley I think they called him), Mr. & Mrs. F. Twemlow & Miss . . ., Miss Moreton & Miss Morgan.


Saturday 14.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Mr. Harding of Burslem examining Title Deeds with a view to preparing . . .of Mr. Wedgwood's mortgage & to whom I delivered one of the Deeds by direction of Mr. Wedgwood.  Turned the Cart Horse to grass in the Land next to the house of Mr. Jenks.


Sunday 15.  At home.  Service.


Monday 16.  At home.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd in reply to his last Letter, & also of the Select Committee at Lichfield.  Wrote to Mr. [Shortage] of Northwich, & to Mr. Sherratt of Nantwich.  George Beardmore came by appointment & with whom I looked at the Ground for the site of the Public House intended to be built at the Hollins, & Mrs. Chas. Lawton & Mrs. [Fryer] called.  Sowed Swedish Turnips in the small piece of Land adjoining the Road.  Mr Wedgwood of Bignall End called & appointed Thursday next at eleven 1 March for discharging the principal & Interest remaining on his Mortgage & Bond.


Tuesday 17.  At home.  Mr. Potter on Navigation business, and to whom I delivered a Letter which I had received from Mr. Bateman relative to the Title & a Plan of the Land agreed to be given to him in exchange, in order that he might show it to Sir George Chetwynd.  Desired Mr. Potter to inform Mr. Webb that I would meet him any day at Stone to examine & settle the . . Cert. and if Mr. Vaughan did not think a Meeting


Page 12.  1825  May


of the Select Committee quite necessary, to communicate this to Sir Geo. Chetwynd, & that the Meeting which I had proposed at Lichfield might stand over, & that he & Mr. Lister were in the . . .


Wednesday 18.  At home.  Engaged looking over Deeds etc. previous to Mr. Wedgwood & Mr. Harding coming here tomorrow to dis charge the residue of principal & Interest due on Mr. Wedgwood's Mortgage & Bond.  Letter from Mr. Vaughan relative to Settlement of the Treasurer's Account, examination of Cash Book etc., & which I replied to by this Post.  Mr. Booth Of Audley relative to the case & opinion under the passed times which I had given him a short time ago & to regard my attendance tomorrow at Trentham Inn but which I was prevented from, by my engagement with Mr. Wedgwood & of which I had by Letter informed Mr. Peake.  Thomas Morris relative to his nomination to be a collector of the Land tax.  Wrote by him to Mr. Peake.


Thursday 19.  Mr. Wedgwood & Mr. Harding paying off all principal and Interest remaining due me on the Bond & Mortgage, & delivered to Mr. Wedgwood the Bond together with all the Title Deeds after the same had been compared with the Schedule by Mr. Harding.  Afterwards went to Newcastle & paid £5695 into the hands of Kinnersley & Co. to whom I am directed to pay by . .  £1000 to J. T. Caldwell being a further advance made to him, & also to purchase for me £3000 now 4 for Cons. Stock.  Letter from Mr. Vaughan, [Balgery],[Shortage & . . .


Friday20.  Mr. Sutton of Shardlow & Mr. Clifford called relative to a communication with the Canal at Anderton for Rock Salt when I recommended that a Plan should be made of what they proposed previous to any thing being done & said that I would speak to


Page 13.  1825  May


Friday 20.  Mr. Vaughan about it.  Also relative to an indulgence being given in the Tonnage of Rock Salt , but for explaining which they promised to furnish the necessary Statements & Calculations.  Wrote to Mr. Hartley of Stoke acknowledging the receipt of a Letter enclosing £100 Bank post Bill for Mrs. Stamford.  Took a short Ride with Eliza in the Carriage.  Mr. Vaughan came to dinner, & with whom engaged on Navigation business & various matters on which he wished to consult me.  He left with me the Cash Book in order that I might go over the same, previous to meeting Mr. Webb at Stone, & which I promised to do the next week to settle the Insurers Accounts etc. it being the day to be fined by Mr. Webb.  I engaged also to accompany Mr. Vaughan to Anderton some day in the week after next, in order to see the plan & the proposed communications with the River.


Saturday 21.  Engaged with the Navigation Cash Book a long time, & the examination of which I completed.  Called at Mr. Morris's but he was not at home.  Called also at Daniel Johnson's.  Turned the Carriage horses out in the Hollins Land Saw Mr. Slater who was taking the Levels of the branch Road.  He said they should have begun in a few days, but that he thought it best to let the Hay Crop be first got in.  He thought they would finish the Road this year.  Mentioned to him a slip of Ground being left at the intended near building, which he said should be done.  Letter from Sir George Chetwynd.  Mrs. Stamford Ann and Bessy arrived to tea.  Almost the whole of the day I have been very unwell.


Sunday 22.  At home.  James Bent arrived after breakfast.  Service.


Monday 23.  James Bent went after breakfast.  Went myself to Cliffe Ville to show the Bond of Indemnity given to me by Mr. Wood & his sons in the dissolution of the late Mr. . . .wife to Mr. Tomkinson, who was decidedly of opinion with me that it neither could nor ought to be given up.  Returned home direct, not stopping at Newcastle, though it was the Whitsuntide Fair & on my return sent the Navigation Cash Book to Mr. Vaughan by the Messenger who came for it.  In the evening Thunder with heavy showers of Rain & Hail.  Alsager to agree for the making of the Land called when he appointed to come again in the morning.


Page 14.  1825  May


Tuesday 24.  Wrote to Mr. [Hartage] declining to give up the the Bond of Indemnity & sent him a copy of the material Words.  Thunder & lightening in the night with heavy Rain.  Letter from Mr. Eyre Lee with Statements etc. relative to Birmingham & Liverpool Rail Road.


Wednesday 25.  At Stone early examining & settling with Mr. Webb & Mr. Vaughan the Treasurer's Accounts, & the Cash Book.  Engaged closely all day.  Returned in the morning.


Thursday 26.  At home.  Wrote to Dr. Holland relative to the payment of the £2000under his marriage Settlement.  Wrote to Mr. Eyre Lee in reply to his Letter accompanying the Birmingham & Liverpool Rail Road Papers.  Engaged afterwards with Mr. Sherratt, and with then making sound for all in Alsager Lands.  In the evening Letter from Sir George Chetwynd enclosing , for my consideration, a long letter from Lord [Clive] relative to a proposed branch of Canal from the Chester Canal to Middlewich.


Friday 27.  At home.  Considered the Letter from Lord [Clive] I engaged on this matter previous to replying to Sir George Chetwynd's Letter, then on preparing the old Marsh Pit in the Land late Mr. Jenks, the Marsh approving to be good, and being recommended by the late Tenant Mr. Twemlow.  Mr. Latham of Talk with his account which I settled and paid.  Mr. John Wilson of Newcastle relative to the question in dispute between the Trustees of the Brereton & Linley Lane Turnpike Roads & the Coach proprietors, & to obtain a Meeting of the Commission when I recommended it to him to apply to Col. Ford.  He said that there had been a late Decision of the Court of Kings Branch in favour of the Coach Proprietors though the Words of the Act of Parliament were thought then in this case., & which confirmed the opinion I had originally given.  Mr. Sherratt left us in the afternoon, & I sent him in the Carriage to Sandbach.  Miss Morgan came to dinner.


Page 15.  1825 May


Saturday 28.  Miss Morgan went after breakfast.  At home.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd in reply to his Letter enclosing Lord Clive's, and the latter of which I returned to Sir George.  Engaged on the Farm  Mr. Booth of Audley relative to his case under the assessed Taxes, & for the opinion of the Judges, which the Commissioners had agreeably being opinion directed to be prepared, when I recommended it to him to see Mr. Peake again, a distress having been threatened to be made.  Eliza, Ann & Bessy went in the morning to Newcastle.


Sunday 29.  At home.  Person called from Mr. Robert Williamson relative to Harecastle Tunnel, when I appointed to see Mr. W. at Linley Wood tomorrow at one o'clock, he preparing to call on his way to Liverpool.  Service.  In the afternoon


went to see Daniel Johnson, who had grown much worse since I was last there.  Sat a considerable time with him & endeavoured to make his mind easy about his account with me etc.  From thence called at Mr. [Barkers] who had been seized with a fit whilst at Danl. Johnson's this morning.  Saw his wife & his son & strongly their leaving not a moment in obtaining medical advice.  In the evening Letter from Dr. Holland relative to the payment of the £2000 which I had proposed paying in pursuant to the Settlement made on his marriage.


Monday 30.  Changed Milking cows into the Hollins Ground.  Mr. Rob. Williamson called pursuant to appointment & with whom a conversation relative to the Tenants necessary to be made in the new Tunnel for the accommodation of his Coal Boats, but said that some might be applying to me, he understood this was intended to be done.  There were other matters spoken of but which he said he would write to me upon.  Called afterwards at Danl. Johnson's & Mr. [Barkers].  The former still very ill, the latter his wife said was much better.  D. Johnson I employed today at the Macclesfield carrying the mud etc. being the beginning of the Draining.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan & appointed Friday next for going to Anderton.


Tuesday 31.  Went to Newcastle & made arrangements with Kinnersley for the payment of the £2000 to Dr. Holland by direction to . . .to pay that sum to the order of J. S. Caldwell, on account of his signature being known to them.  Mr. Davenport called & made a more favourable Report of Decl. Johnson , previous to this I had sent a Messenger with a note to Tunstall from


Page 16.  1825  May


Tuesday 31.Mr. Davenport had not been at the Oak since Sunday last.  Letters from Mr. Vaughan & Sir Geo. Chetwynd.  In the evening our dear Anne and her four children arrived.






Wednesday 1.  Wrote to Mr. Sutton of Shardlow in reply to a Letter received from him by this morning's Post relative to the recommendation which he wished to have at Anderton, and informing him that Mr. Vaughan & I were going to Anderton on Friday next.  Wrote to Dr. Holland relative to the payment of the £2000 under his Settlement, & in consequence of the Letter which came by the Post, wrote a second time, desiring him to take the money upon his own party & let the investment of it under the Settlement wait his accommodation.  George Beardmore with further Plan of the proposed new Buildings at the Hollins, when I desired him to stake out the ground, & which he said he would do on Monday next.


Thursday 2.  At home.  Sent Messenger with a Letter to Kinnersley to take care that the 2000 was payable on Saturday next, & if necessary to write by the Post.  Engaged with Navigation Papers previous to going to Anderton tomorrow.  Mr. Vaughan came to dinner, & with whom engaged.  Letters from Sir George Chetwynd, Mr. Davenport of Capesthorne & Mr. Giles.


Friday 3.  Accompanied Mr. Vaughan to Anderton & Acton Quarry at which places engaged all day taking the necessary survey of the works carrying on at Anderton,& the proposed communication with the Canal etc. in order that the same may be considered by the Select Committee.  Dined at Middlewich on our return, I looked at the Ground in dispute with Henshall.  In the course of the day I had much conversation with Mr. Vaughan relative to the proposed [Audherly] & Middlewich Canals, when he fully agreed with me as to the danger to be apprehended from those schemes and the necessity of this company meeting with the greatest caution & being competent to commit themselves this very necessary enquiry had been made.  In my absence the Revd. Mr. Aitkens had called.


Page 17.  1825 June


Saturday 4.  Long conversation again with Mr. Vaughan relative to the projected Canals,  which more & more confirmed my opinion of the necessity of caution.  Gave Mr. Vaughan a minute of the particulars on which I wished for information such as the comparative distances.  Low wages, Tonnage etc. & which he promised as far as possible to obtain.  After Mr. V. was gone, wrote to Sir George Chetwynd in reply to his last Letter, & proposed a meeting of the Select Committee.  Wrote also to Mr. Davenport.  N.B. Mr. V. took with him my Volume of Navigation Acts, in order to get this new Act bound into it.


Sunday 5.  At home, but very unwell, and suffering much.  Service.


Monday 6.  Still very unwell.  Wrote to Miss Sherratts of Sandbach on late Penlington's Affairs, & arranging dispatch.  Wrote to Mr. Giles in reply to his Letter.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Lister preparing a Meeting of the Select Committee & wrote to him in reply offering to attend any day in this or the next week that he appoint.


Tuesday 7.  Ill.  Miserable suffering.  Eliza , Mrs. Stamford & Anne Marsh went to Newcastle.  Letter by the Post from Sir George Chetwynd requesting that a meeting of the Select Committee might be appointed for the 5 of July, but thinking it not proper to defer so long seeing Mr. Lister, I wrote by this Post & proposed meeting him at Stone on Monday next, being the day he had mentioned for that purpose.


Wednesday 8.  Ill.  Severe suffering.  Wrote a Letter to the Revd. Mr. Aitkens to inform him of the cause of the delay in the payment of the Navigation Dividend to him & Mrs. Penlington, but he called soon after, when I gave him the Letter, & satisfied him that it was entirely owing to them now being unable to obtain the Letters of Admin. from Chester.  Mr. Roscoe arrived in the Evening.  Brought me from his Father 'Observations on Parish Justice' part 3 which he had just published.


Thursday 9.  At home.  Engaged with Mr. Roscoe.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Lister appointing Tuesday next for my meeting him at Stone.


Page 18.  1825  June


Friday 10.  Anne & Louisa with Mr. Roscoe set off to Liverpool after breakfast the Horses taking them to Knutsford.  Called at the Hollins where Mr. Johnson informed me that Mr. Danl. Eardley & another person had this day been looking over the Hollins Grounds, in consequence as he considers word of Mr. Heathcote having some Coal scheme on foot.  This appeared to me extraordinary behaviour without any coaching as had, or notice taken, things Mr. Heathcote was himself over to Linley Wood.  Mrs. Lawton who called today, having mentioned that she saw, and spoke to him, as she turned in at the Linley Lane Gate, he being on the stile opposite, & saying that he was coming in search of a Coal Mine.  N.B. The Coal in all the Lands belonging to me both Copy hold & Freehold, & can mine having purchased from Mr. Meynall whatever might or interest therein belonged to the Land of the Manor.  In the evening went up to Talk with John Crosby to look at Mr. Hardings cows, with a view to an exchange of one with him.  By the Post Letter again from Mr. Lister, rather of a gratuitous tone which I replied to this evening and finally fixing Monday for new meeting at Stone.  Wrote also to Mr. Vaughan.


Saturday 11.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers preparatory to meeting Mr. Lister at Stone on Monday next.  Mrs. Northen & Miss Moreton called.  Wm.  . . .brought the Plan of the Canal etc. at Anderton & Acton Quarry etc. & with whom engaged a considerable time.  Navigation business.  In the evening as I was sending a Letter, got a violent fall, the chair which I thought was behind me being removed in consequence of which I came upon the floor, & which was attended with a great shock & strain across the back & [spine].


Sunday 12.  Much pain in the night & in bed almost all day.  Mr. Davenport.  Sent Letter to Mr. Lister to postpone our Meeting.


Monday 13.  Still suffering very much & upstairs all day.  Mr. Potter Navigation business & who I particularly [insisted] to call upon Mr. Bateman without delay.  Letters from Mr. Lister & Mr. Vaughan.


Tuesday 14.  Still upstairs, but the pain having much subsided.  Wrote to Mr. Lister & to Mr. Vaughan appointing Monday next for the Meeting at Stone.


Wednesday 15.  Still upstairs.  Mr. Barker to inform me of the Sale of the late Miss Hatchells Lands in Alsager, when after a good deal of conversation he left with me the permitted advertisement & promised to call again tomorrow morning.  In the evening went downstairs, & walked a little out of doors, but still in great pain.


Page 19.  1825  June


Thursday 16.  Came downstairs after breakfast being much better, but still pain.  Engaged on Navigation Papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow.  Mr. Barker called again, when I determined to attend the Sale this afternoon.  I told W.B. That if Col. [Teyan] wished to purchase, I would on no consideration make a Bid against him, & the Ladies for the Lands which Mr. B said were so desirable & valuable to the Estate.  Mr. Harding of Burslem called with the reassignment of Mr. Wedgwood's Mortgage & a [sum] of years both of which Deeds I executed, conforming to a note from Mr. Tomlinson who had perused & approved them on my behalf.  In the afternoon went to Sandbach.  Saw Mr. Sherratt who said that he would received the Transcript of the [Recovery] in Penlington's Title in a few days: but that he could not yet obtain the Letters of Admin. though he had written again.  Afterwards attended the sale of Miss [Hachells] Lands & purchased the Briny Field with the Timber, & left on Commission with Mr. Sherratt to purchase the 3 pieces of Land called the . . .at £770 & giving him a discretion for something more.  These were the Lands which Mr. Barker particularly wished to purchase by me.


Friday 17.  Went to Stone.  Met Mr. Lister & Mr. Thos. Lister.  Engaged on the Select Committee & returned at night, but a good deal fatigued with the hurry of this and the preceding day.  Mr. Lister said that many of the Proprietors of the Trent & Mersey Canal had become . . .to the repeatedly his wish that I would take shares, and said I cover urgency into it,as by doing so may be beneficial to this company.  Found on my return notes of Proceedings of the Court of Kings Branch in the Caldon & Oxford Canal.


Saturday 18.  At home, but unwell & a sense of pain from my accident.  Perused notes of Proceedings of the land of K.B. in the Caldon Case, and the Oxford Case.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan & sent him a copy of the order made yesterday relative to the Towing Path at Anderton.  Wrote to Dr. Holland to suggest the use of his name in trust for me in the [Autherley] Canal Subscription, thinking of expense & paper, in consequence of what Mr. Lister stated to me yesterday, to take some shares.  By the Post Letter from Sir George Chetwynd.  Wrote to Mr. Eyre Lee, and desired him to subscribe for 20 shares in the Nantwich & [Autherley] Junction Canal.


Sunday 19.  At home.  Service.  Mr. Bent came to dinner.


Page 20.  1825  June


Monday 20.  At home.  Unwell & still pain.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd.  In the evening Letter & old Linley Lane Conveyance from Mr. Sherratt who informed me that Mr. [Galway] was the purchaser of the Land called [Spratts] at £765.  [Long] & advised that he would give £2000 rather than not be the Purchaser, which Mr. S. said induced him to  deadline handling further.


Tuesday 21.  At home.  Unwell.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.  By the Post, Letter from Dr. Holland with full authority to use his name in the [Autherley] Canal Subscription in trust for me.


Wednesday 22.  At home.  Still unwell.  Sent the Horses to Knutsford to meet Anne Marsh, who arrived in the evening.  By the Post letter from Mr. . . .


Thursday 23.  At home.  Unwell but rather better.  Began mowing the small piece of Clover at Mere Lake.  By the Post letters from Mr. Vaughan & from Mr. Giles.  The former containing statements of distances etc. of the proposed [Autherley] & the Trent & Mersey Canal.  The letter with an account of the steps he was taking in the proposed Canal & Roadway Scheme to Runcorn.  Mr. Buckley of Congleton called in the morning to mention a Claim of the Parish of Congleton as upon the late Mr. Penlington.


Friday 24.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers, & considering the Statements received from Mr. Vaughan.  Wrote to Mr. Eyre Lee & endorsed Deposit money on 20 shares of the [Autherley] & Nantwich projected Canal.  Mr. Chas. Lawton called to request my viewing with him on a commission the alteration of the Turnpike Road at Lawton, & furnish tomorrow for the purpose.  Stamford arrived to dinner.  Still very unwell.  Eliza, Ann & Mrs.. S. called at Rode Heath.


Saturday 25.  Engaged settling Cash Account for the Half year ending the 24 instant.  Weather changed to Rain, but went down to Lawton Hall & afterwards surveyed with Mr. Chas. Lawton the new branch of Road.  Eliza, Anne & Mrs. S. went to Newcastle.  Examined the additions in Mr. Telford's Estimate of Birmingham & Liverpool Rail Road, and in which there appears to be an error of £8000 instead of £6000 as mentioned by Mr. Eyre Lee against the project,& which I have stated to him.  Changed Milking cows to the Pool field & Hollins Ground.


Page 21.  1825  June


Sunday26.  At home.  Service.  "No man can help his own opinion or so command his own judgement, as to think what helplessness.  For the understanding follows not the Will, but the Will the understanding.  Our conception of things will be such as the evidences of them appear to us, and as our capacities can receive them: and therefore the man, who in the utmost sincerity of his Soul, uses all the means in his power to inform his judgement right, as to the touch of things, cannot possibly in our any guilt whatsoever, however his thoughts may happen to be determined for what can human abilities do more?  Such a man's conscience must be innocent, however his judgement may be mistaken.  How miserable then must it be for the affections of brethren to be united in charity, when their different apprehensions of things may be on both sides considerable! A practice to punish involuntary error!"            Hayley D.D>


Received in the evening account of poor  Danl. Johnson being worse & immediately sent down Joseph [Handsom] to look after him.  Mr. Davenport also sent word that he would call here tomorrow.


Monday 27.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. [Balgery] on the late Richard Harrison's Affairs in consequence of my not having received the Accounts as promised by W.B.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan in reply to a Letter received from him by the last night's Post.  Mr. Davenport called, & made a bad report of Danl. Johnson, being apprehensive of water in the Chest.  Still very unwell myself.  Stamford went to Newcastle on Bank business.  Cold and wet day.  Wrote to Miss . . .& son with order for Madeira Sherry wine.




Tuesday 28. Mr. Potter called & with whom engaged on Navigation business, who he said was satisfied Mr. Bateman   etc. etc.  Afterwards Revised & copied & wrote therewith to Mr. Vaughan to whom I sent them by this Post, ( the Minutes of the last Select Committee Meeting.)  Still very unwell.  Letter from Mr. Vaughan.




Wednesday 29.  Went to Newcastle & left with Mr. Wilkinson the notes of Proceedings on the Caldon & Oxford Canal Cases.  Spoke also to Mr. Fenton about the completion of Mr. Bateman's Title, but he said he had not lately heard from him.  Attended meeting of Commissioners of the Newcastle Turnpike Road, when the making of the new Branch market to [Bayley] & Wm. Bate for £1035 being the amount of this Estimate, & also engaged to complete the same before the end of May next.  Mrs. T. & Anne Marsh went to Betley.


Page 22. 1825 June


Thursday 30.  Wrote to Mr. R. L. Percy & enclosed a Bill.  Wrote to Mr. Vernonof Stone, & paid to call upon him on Tuesday next to discharge his account & secure the Deed of Covenant for the production of the Gilbert Title Deed.  Went to the . . . & staid a considerable time with Danl. Johnson, who I found in a very precarious state, proposed him seeing Dr. Northen, but to which he objected.  Desired that they would tell Mr. Davenport to call upon me tomorrow.  Mrs.. Burgess called to propose her son for any situation that might be situated in the Navigation Co. company.




Friday 1.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Sherratt of Sandbach in Penlington's Affairs, but before the Messenger returned, Miss Dawson brought me a parcel from Mr. Sherratt containing the Copy of the Manuscript of Receiving that was wanted.  The letters of Admon. De . . .& the purchase.  Agreement of the Land purchased at the Sale at Sandbach for Miss Hatchells for my execution.  Saw Mr. Davenport with whom a long consultation about Daniel Johnson when I desired that he would request Dr. Northen to see him without delay & which he promised to do this morning or tomorrow morning.


Saturday 2.  Heard at breakfast this morning of the death of Mrs. Kinnersley at Leamington on Thursday last.  Went to Audley it being a private Grant, to speak to Mr. Tomlinson on Penlingtons, Title etc.  Saw him thereon & also spoke about the Lawton Bill, when I said that I would see Mr. Williams to arrange the suffering of the . . .at the approaching Chester Assizes if this had not been already done.  Saw Mr. T. Twemlow, with whom I promised to dine on Friday next.  Returned by Alsager, whence I called & sat some time with Danl. Jihnson who appeared to me to be declining.  Mentioned to him that Dr. Northen who I had seen on my way to Audley would call upon him.  The weather today dry & fine for the Hay, then finished the mending & I engaged them to begin mowing on Monday morning.


Sunday 3.  At home.  Service.  By the Post Letter from Mr. Wright of Knutsford relative to conversation with the River Weaver.


Page 23.  1825  July


Monday 4. At home.  Closely engaged on Navigation papers preparatory to attending Select Committee Meeting tomorrow.  Mr. James Potter called & brought Letter from Mr. Telford relative to the allowance to be made to him.  Eliza & Mary Ann [Tollet] came to dinner.  Jos. & Sarah Wedgwood dined.  Began mowing the meadow.


Tuesday 5.  Went early to Stone & where engaged closely attending Meeting of the Select Committee.  Previous I had called upon Mr. Vernon & discharged a Bill for business done.  In the course of conversation he mentioned Mr. Martin's


Estate,& who he assured me would not sell to any person till it had been refused by me.  Mr. Vernon said he wished me to have it & having said something of £2500 & I at length said that as I wished to give a . . .price I would give £2250 thus dividing the difference between the price suggested, & the price which I had in my own mind thought of being £2000.  Mr. Vernon said he would speak to Mr. Martin.  Sir George Chetwynd & I staid all night, Mr. Lister & his son returned home in the morning.


Wednesday 6.  Wrote to Mr. Wright of Knutsford.  Called at Mr. Sparrow's office & executed the Letters of Admin. de bones now in Penlington's Affairs.  On my arrival at home found that Mr. Pickford & Mr. [Dickens] of Coventry had called relative to John Taylor's Claim to the property in Warwickshire.  Sent a note to request their company at breakfast tomorrow morning.  Eliza & Mary Ann Tollett returned returned home & took Anne Marsh & . . .along with them.  Received from Mr. Williamson abstract of the Title to be taken for the . . Reservoir.  Brought by Hollins.  George Beardmore with specification of the the intended new Building at the Hollins.


Thursday 7.  Mr. Pickford & Mr. [Dickens] came to breakfast,after which had a conversation relative to Taylors Claim, when they produced a Pedigree showing that he was descended from John a younger branch of the Family, & the Pickford's from Wm. an elder, & that the claimant had mistaken the younger for the older Brother.  I recommended their suing Mr. Williams, & which they agreed to do, & that the proper Registers to be searched to ascertain the print of Seniority, on which the whole case hinges.  Mrs. C. Lawton & Mrs. [Miler] called.  Wrote to Mr. Giles to request his attendance at the Meeting of the general Committee on the 18 instant.  Went to Betley Hall to dinner taking Stamford in the carriage.  Eliza & Mrs. Stamford not being well enough to go.  Met at dinner Mr. & Mrs. T.Twemlow & Revd. & Mrs. Fenton.Page 24.  1825  July


Friday 8.  After breakfast at Betley Hall, called upon Mr. . . .  From thence went to Betley Court & met Mr. Twemlow of [Parts Wood] who had come purposely to talk to me about the proposed [Autherly] Canal, which is intended to pass near to his House, & which he said that he would join in opposing if there were any hope of doing it with success, but the sense of the Landowners were definitely in favour of the project,  that there [was] every reason to consider that it would be carried into effect.  Dined at Mr. T .Twemlow's.  Mr. . . .also dined.  Returned home at night.


Saturday 9.  Went early to Clough Hall to attend the the Funeral of the late Mrs. Kinnersley.  She was in her 68th year, 67 in the 18 of April last.  The procession which was large, consisting of 16 or 17 carriages left Clough Hall at 1/2past eleven, but did not arrive at Ashley till four.  Mr. H. Williamson went with me.  The Bearers were as follows, Mr.John Robinson, Mr. Davenport. Mr. H. Williamson, Mr. CaldwellMr. Johnstone. Mr. Tollet, Mr. W Hassalls & Mr.Heathcote.  Returned . . .from Ashley.  Found Mrs. C. Lawton, [Mrs. Milner],Miss Morgan, Dr. Northen & Jos. & Sarah Wedgwood went at dinner.  W.L. Lawton being prevented coming by being unwell, & Mr. Wickstead who had engaged to dine & stay all night, being prevented coming by the arrival of a print at Betley Hall.  Violent flash of lightening in the evening, with instant Thunder, but no mischief done.  Rain succeeded.




Sunday 10.  Miss Morgan went after breakfast.  Mr. Pickford & Mr. Dickens, who had called in my absence came again relative to Taylor's business & to confirm what they had before stated as to the Pedigree but Mrs. Williams being prevented meeting there at Linley Wood, it was thought that Mr. Dickens should write to Mr. Williams & desire finally to know whether he meant to . . .with the . . .causes or not.  Afterwards attended service at Talk, Eliza going with me.  In the evening, called upon Mr. Dickens at the Red Bull, to show him a copy which I had found of my Letter to Mr. . . .


Page 25.  1825  July


in the [oats] & of this business.  Mr. Dickens said he had got the Letter of which he spoke in very handsome terms, & said that Mr. Pickford had himself acted very injudiciously in insisting the case in his reply to me, on the ground of Taylor the [Divisions] insolvency, instead of going at once to the question of Pedigree.  That he had instead led to the conclusion, that on point of pedigree the Claim was correct.  By the Post Letter from Mr. Lister.


Monday 17.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Lister & to Mr. Vaughan.  Afterwards engaged in the Hay.  Thunder in the forenoon, but no Rain to impede the Hay-making  till about four o'clock when it became violent.  Mrs. Turner arrived in the evening.  By Post, Letter from Mr. Hollinshead of Liverpool.  George Bent came & then began this morning with the foundations of the intended new House by Building at the Hollins.  Received this morning from Mr. [Balgerys] clerk by Coach, the Bills of Costs & Cash Account in the affairs of the late Mr. Richard Harrison of Derby.


Tuesday 12.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation business.  Wrote to Mr. Hollinshead.  Busy in the Hay.  Wrote to Mr. Horrocks of Derby on Harrison's affairs.  Received draft of Worthington Case from Miss Sparrow & Wilkinson.


Wednesday 13.  At home.  Sent Abstract of Mr. Williamson's Title to Miss Sparrow & Wilkinson per Mary [Bickerton].  Perusal & considered the Willington Case.  Mr. Sherratt & my two sisters came from Nantwich.  Busy in the Hay.


Thursday 14.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Horrocks of Derby requesting his Account in the Affairs of the late Richard Harrison.  Wrote to Miss [Carbonell] & Son & include Bill for wine.  Inspected with George Beardmore the foundations of the House at the Hollins as now set out.  Very busy in the Hay & carried.  Loads.  Called at Danl. Johnsons, with whom I staid some time, but found him little or no better.  By the Post received Letter from Mr. Giles.


Friday 15.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation papers preparatory to the Meeting of the Committee on Monday next.  Very busy carrying Hay & in night finished with great Meadow.  Went again to the Hollins to consider further the situation in


Page 26.  1825  July


of the Toll gate House intended to be deviated, & desired George Beardmore who called at Linley Wood afterwards to see Mr. Slater.  Saw Mr. Johnson who approved the situation of the House, & said there was plenty of good water.  Miss Sarah Wedgwood came to dinner.  Mr. Mainwaring called.


Saturday 16.  Miss S. Wedgwood went after breakfast.  Then mowed the small Croft at the back of the Farm Garden.  Hot day.  In the evening went to Sandbach & met Mr. Williams who was on his way to Linley Wood.  Conversation with him on Taylor's pedigree when we agreed that all further proceedings shall be staged at last for the next Assizes, it appearing that Taylor was not descended from the older branch, & Mr. Williams promised to write to Mr. Dickens accordingly by this Post.  Mr. Williams informed me that the Lawton . . .would be suffered at the next Chester Assizes, & when the Draft of the Deeds which had been prepared by Mr. Sugden was completed he would send it to me I mentioned to him that Sir.W. Boughey  will probably have a Bill in Parliament the next Session & that the same Survey might be sufficient for the purpose of both Bills & of which Mr. W. expressed his approbation.  Afterwards saw Mr. James Sherratt & urged the necessity of the immediate completion of the Penlington Title in order that the Creditors might be paid.  This indeed was the principal object of my Journey.  He perceived that there should be no delay on his part.  Left with him the agreement for the purchase from Miss Hatchell for examination previous to my signing it.


Sunday 17.  At home.  Service.


Monday 18.  Went early to Stone & met Mr. Giles & with whom I had a conversation previous to the Meeting of the General Committee.  Afterwards closely engaged all day on the Committee, & returned home late at night.  Weather intensely hot, & which remained, the business of the day very fatiguing.


Page 27.  1825  July


Tuesday 19.  Much tired & unwell.  At home all day.  Weather very hot.  In the evening Thunder & Rain.  George Beardmore called today, when I finally paid for him to proceed with the new Building, but omitting for the present the large [loan].


Wednesday20.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers, revising Minutes etc.  Wrote Letter to Mr. [Bouverie], & to Mr. Wright of Knutsford pursuant to Resolutions of the Committee.  Men completed the Hay stack & finished this year's Hay Harvest.


Thursday 21.  Went to Newcastle on various matters.  Met there with Mr Adderley of . . .who introduced himself to me on the sense of former communication, & with whom I had a deal of conversation.  He mentioned the Bishop of Durham as an extraordinary instance of longevity being in his 96 year.  Lasting as clear and good & handsome as at any time of his life.  I think Mr. A. said he had lately .have a Letter from him.  On my arrival at home found a Summons to attend from a Special Jury Case & which in addition to the Summons upon the Grand Jury determined me to go.


Friday 22.  Set off early to Stafford, & got there about nine o'clock, but finding that the special Jury Case was upon a Canal Navigation Tender (the Birmingham), I thought it would not be proper to serve, & as there was no great business for the Grand Jury, I determined to return home, & which I accordingly did.  Saw Mr. . . ., Sir . . .,George . . .etc. etc.  W.L. Said that Eyre Lee was now planned. in all sides for bringing forward the project of the [Autherely]Canal, but that it will go on.  Mr. Peake agreed to spend Monday next at Linley Wood & Mr. [Mahon] would have accompanied him had he not been obliged to stay at Hereford on Sunday.


Saturday 23.  At home, but not very well.  Wrote to Mr. [Balgery] on Richard Harrison's affairs.  A .C. Marsh arrived at Linley Wood before dinner & with whom engaged.  Wrote to Mr. Daniell of Little Berkhampstead in reply to a letter received from him on Navigation business.


Sunday 24.  At home.  Service.  Received by the Post Letters from Mr. [Bouverie] & Mr. Wright of Knutsford on Navigation business.  Stamford arrived from Stafford Assizes.  Unwell myself all day, with symptoms of Gout.


Page 28  1825  July


Monday 25.  At home.  Still very unwell.  Sent the Horses early to Trentham Estate to meet Mr. Peake who arrived in the forenoon.  Considered Letters received from Mr. Bouverie & Mr. Wright.  Wrote to the Rev. Mr.. . .& sent him his share of the Navigation Dividends on the shares late vested in Mr. Penlington decl. in hand for W.A. & Mrs. M. Penlington.  In the evening A.Marsh left us on his return to Town.


Tuesday 26.  At home.  Wrote to Mrs. M Penlington & sent her share of Navigation Dividends.  After breakfast Anne Marsh & her dear little children set off on their return home, our horses taking them to Park Fields where she proposed staying till Thursday.  Mr. Peake & Stamford went to Longport to speak to Mr. Philips inspecting the Highway Robbery committed upon him & leniency being shown to the offender, convicted at the late Stafford Assizes.  Holiday.


Wednesday 27.  After breakfast Mr. Peake left us on his way to Shrewsbury.  Lent the horses to him to [Nantwich].  Engaged on Navigation business, in consequence of a Letter from Mr. [Hostage] relative to the communication with the River Weaver.  Stamford went to Stafford proposing to attend the Insolvent Debtors Court.  Engaged on the Penlington Papers & accounts, & completing list of Creditors.


Thursday 28.  Wrote to Mr. [Hostage] in reply to his Letter.  Remitted Miss Woodhouse Liverpool their account for him.  Wrote to Mr. Sherratt of Sandbach on Penlington Affairs, urging dispatch in order that the Creditors might be paid; nd to Mr. Williams on the Lawton business, & proposing a Meeting with Mr. Tomlinson at Linley Wood, whenever the Draft of the Deed is ready for perusal.


Friday 29.  At home.  Very hot day.  Letter from Mr. Morrison enclosing observations relative to Harecastle Tunnel & sent late for new coach.  Viewed the new Building at the Hollins.


Saturday 30.  Called with Eliza at Clough Hall, & saw the three Miss Kinnersley's.  Mr. K. being gone to Newcastle.  Extremely hot day, afterwards engaged on sundry matters.  Letter to Miss [Byerley] relative to the House at Newcastle.


Sunday 31.  At home.  Service.  Stamford returned from Shrewsbury to which place he had gone from Stafford.  In the afternoon at Talk Chapel with Eliza.


Page 29.  1825  August


Monday 1.  At home.  Mr. Potter called on Navigation Business, and with whom engaged a considerable time.  He brought me from Mr. W. . . .a printed Copy of his argument on the 4 & 9.  I was last submitted to the Court of Kings Branch in the Case of the King on the prosecution of Sir George Chetwynd Bart. Against [Caslton] & others propr. & publishers of the British Press for a Writ against Sir George on the business of Abraham & Charles . . .  Afterwards went with George Beardmore to view the new Building, & the cross of the new Hannah Road from the Hollins to Linley Lane, which was begun upon this morning.  Received a fine Pike from Mr. Vaughan, & which I sent to Lawton Hall.


Tuesday 2.  In the morning few light showers.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan & appointed Saturday next for his coming to Linley Wood on Navigation Business in consequence of my intended Journey to Liverpool, & on other canal matters.  Bate & Bagley the tender takers of the new Branch Road called, & with whom engaged a long time viewing the ground, & whom I suggested the coming upon the part of the Linley Road at the junction & which they both thought about, & agreed in principal & said they would mention to Mr. Slater.  Mrs. C. Lawton & Mrs. [Milner] called.  The bridge having been cut in the large Pool, the net was . . .the fish where we took two brace of Carp of a moderate size, which we turned into the pit in the Farm Yard.


Wednesday 3.  At home.  Note from Mr. James Potter informing me that Mr. Telford was expected to be at Harecastle Tunnel tomorrow.  Looked out Navigation papers to which I might have occasion to [suffer].  Viewed again the cross upon the Branch Road which the men were marking out, previous to seeing Mr. Slater & Mr. Bate again tomorrow.


Thursday 4.  Wrote & sent a note to Mr. James Potter, & soon after received one from him saying that Mr. Telford was then at the Tunnel, where he wished to see me.  I considering went & had a long conference with Mr. Telford, who gave me the most satisfactory account of the progress of the Tunnel.  He said he could not now wait to see the Select Committee nor was it all necessary it being sufficient to see me, but if they wished it he could come down on purpose.  He said he was to be at Birmingham tomorrow night & was then going to view the Reservoir.  I think he would furnish me with a


Page 39.  1825  August


Thursday 4. full report upon the whole in the course of a week.  On my return found Mr. Rob. Hill of Newcastle who had accompanied Mr. Slater & Mr. Bate & with whom I finally arranged as to the new Branch Road & the point of junction with Linley Lane Turnpike Road.  By the Post Eliza received from Dr. Holland the happy intelligence of our dear Emma having yesterday morning at 9 o'clock been brought to bear of a fine healthy Boy & that she & the Child were going on perfectly well.  Letter from Mr. Vaughan.


Friday 5.  Called at Trentham, Stamford accompanying me.  Saw Lord & Lady Stafford, who received us with much kindness, & with whom we spent half an hour.  By the Post, Letter from Sir George Chetwynd with a Copy of one which he had received from Lord Clive.


Saturday 6.  At home.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd.  Engaged on Navigation Papers preparatory to seeing Mr. Vaughan who came in the afternoon, & with whom closely engaged all the evening upon Navigation business.


Sunday 7.  Mr. Vaughan went after breakfast.  Service.  James Bent came to dinner, & returned in the evening.  Very unwell myself.


Monday 8.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. . . . Child relative to . . .on the Tonnage of his Iron Stone . . on the Canal & which had been allowed by the Company.  George Beardmore & paid him £100 on cut of new Building at the Hollins.  Received instruction from Mr. Peake that the . . .Post would after they will leave Lawton at 10 in the morning.  Mr. Williams of Sandbach called relative to the Lawton Estate Bill & engaged to meet Mr. Tomlinson at Linley Wood any day the next week that would be appointed.


Tuesday 9.  In the morning engaged on Navigation Papers.  Afterwards at Newcastle taking Stamford in the Carriage.  Dined at the [Ordinary}, & went to the Race Course, but returned home before the Race was over it growing late.


Wednesday 10.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.


Page 31.  1825  August


Thursday 11.  Dined at Hanley & attended the Pottery Races this day.  In the morning engaged making preparations for Journey to Liverpool tomorrow.


Friday 12.  Set off with Eliza to Mr. Roscoes.  Called at the Hollands at Knutsford having accidently met Mr. Holland on the road.  Arrived at [Sonitham] Lane to dinner.  Mr. Roscoe dined with us.


Saturday 13.  Eliza & I went with Mr. Roscoe ( who we called upon & took in the Carriage,) to Liverpool.  Saw the Casts etc. etc. at the Institution.  Saw also the Diorama, a wonderful Deception of the Sight, representing the inside of Trinity Chapel Canterbury.  In the afternoon the Christening of the two Boys took place, the ceremony being performed by the Revd. & Mr. [Hericks].  The older Boy called William Caldwell, the younger Arthur.  Afterwards a Party at dinner, Mr. Lace, Mr. & Mrs. Edw. Roscoe, Revd. Mr. [Hericks], some other friends Edw. & Chas. Crompton.  Mr. & Mrs. H. Booth, & in the Evening Mrs. Griffiths etc. etc.


Sunday 14.  Mr. Roscoe called with Miss Roscoe & took Eliza with them to the Chapel.  Mr. Roscoe & I walked , & afterwards I passed an hour or two in reading.  Dined at Mr. Roscoe's, where we met with great kindness & attention.  This indeed had been strongly received throughout by all our friends.  In the evening Mr. Roscoe read . . .to me the Manuscripts of some been as intended to be preferred to his intended catalogue of the Books at [Halsham], we passed a very pleasant evening.


Monday 15.  After breakfast left our friends at [Sonitham] Lane on our return home.  Called at Eton to enquire after Miss Vaughan, who was ill at . . .account ago very . . .  Called upon Miss Noble at . . ., who I considered an exemplary instance of 'patience . . .   Suffering much but complaining little.  Generous & high minded.  Arrived  at home to dinner.


Tuesday 16.  At home.  Fatigued & unwell.  Engaged on the farm & viewing the new Road, with which they are rapidly proceeding.  Wrote to Mr. Tomlinson, assenting to his wish to meet Mr. Williams here on Saturday, instead of Friday next.  Stamford returned from Buxton.


Wednesday 17.  In the morning Mr. Vaughan came on Navigation Business, & with whom engaged a considerable time.  Appointed a Meeting of the Select Committee


Page 32.  1825 August


Wednesday11. For Tuesday the 30 instant, and of which Mr. Vaughan was to inform the Clerk of the Trustees of the River Weaver.  Afterwards engaged with the Men working at the new Road, & who had stopped up the Approach to the House.  Heavy Rain.


Thursday 18.  Mrs. Stamford set off to Southport.  Engaged closely n Navigation Papers, & began drawing a Case for Parliament, relative to the proposed [Autherley] & Middlewich Canals.  Stamford went to Buxton.  Unwell myself & suffering much.  Received intelligence of the death of Lady Eliz. Heathcote of Leamngton, and of my late Nightman Mr. Speakman.


Friday 19.  At home.  Engaged again on Navigation Papers.  In the evening Mr. Giles arrived being on his survey of the Canal, & with whom closely engaged till late at night, considering & discussing various important mattes relating to the Canal,its improvement etc. etc.


Saturday 20.  Mr. Giles went after breakfast, but with whom I had a previous conversation, & relating to several matters to which I requested his attention Conduction.,. . .Survey etc.  He said that he should return on Monday or Tuesday, & would call again at Linley Wood.  Wrote to Mr. Sherratt of Sandbach on Penlington's Affairs.  Miss Dawson called with a letter which she had received from the Stamp Office & which I requested her to show to Mr. Sherratt.  Mr. Tomlinson & Mr. Williams came at noon, & with whom engaged all day on the Lawton Business, papers etc. preparatory to applying for the Act of Parliament the next session, but it appeared that fresh difficulties had arisen from an unfortunate disagreement between Mr.. Charles & Mr. John Lawton.  Elizabeth staid to dinner.  In the evening received the Penlington Abstract from Mr. Sherratt.  Mr. [Ferman] called in the afternoon on Navigation Business, & said they were very busy surveying the Middlewich intended line of Canal.


Sunday21.  At home.  Service.  Very unwell & suffering greatly.  Received Note to attend Funeral of Lady Eliz. Heathcote on Wednesday next.


Monday 22.  Engaged on Navigation papers, & with Case intended for the Proprietors.  Mr. Charles Lawton called, & with whom I rode &  looked as the Hollins & Lawton


Page 33.  1825  August


new Land ship of Rode.  He mentioned, with great warmth, the new Partners of . . .introduced by his Brother John in the Parish of Lawton, & planned much the manner in which it had been carried into effect.  I endeavoured to soften the business, but found that a little time must be given before conciliation could be hoped for.  By the Post arrived the melancholy intelligence of the death of poor Miss Crompton of Eton.  She died at Dublin, where she was on a visit to her sister Mrs. Hatton, on Friday last.


Tuesday 23.  At home.  Engaged again on Navigation Papers preparatory to seeing Mr. Giles who I expected this evening.  Finished cutting the wheat in flat Swallow Moor.  Stamford came to dinner from Buxton. George Beardmore with application from Mr. Acton of Burslem for refusal of the House at the Hollins, but which I declined making any promise of.


Wednesday 24.  Went early to Longton & attended the Funeral of Lady Elizabeth Heathcote.  The Pall Bearers were a under (picture of coffin) left side, Revd. Mr. Hutchinson, D. Northen, Mr. T. Twemlow, Mr. Tollet, and right side Revd. Mr. Butt, T. Caldwell, Dr. Bent and Mr. Cunnliffe.  Lord Sir . . .&Mr. Parker of Parkhall I understand had been asked but did not attend.  About half past 12 . . .Mr. Parker sent his empty carriage, but we had been kept waiting for him upwards of an hour.  I believe written note or Message accompanied the carriage.  The concerns of people was very great.  Lady Elizabeth was a person of very visible manners, highly respected & greatly commended.  She also possessed much talent, & . . .in all very well.  I did not see the inscription upon the coffin, but I understand that she was about 42 years of age.  Two gentlemen, who I understood were the Bishop of [Kildern] & Lord [Belcarver], Lady E. . . .of Burslem attended.  Soon after my return Mr. Giles arrived in time for dinner& staid all night & with whom the whole of the evening was passed in close consideration & discussion of the Navigation business.


Thursday 25.  Stamford went this morning to Nantwich on his way to the Chester Assizes.  Engaged again this morning with Mr. Giles previous to his proceeding upon his Journey to survey the southern part of the Canal.  He promised to write to me at length previous to the Meeting of the Select Committee on the 30 instant.  Afterwards engaged with Wm. [Farance] who called


Page 34. 1825  August


on Navigation Business.  Wrote to Mr. Tomlinson & sent him by Mr. [Beckiston] the Abstract of the Penlington Title with a letter which I had received from Mr. Sherratt & the Estates from the Registers.  Wrote also to Mr. Twemlow of Peats Wood inviting him to Linley Wood for the 7 & 8 September.  By the Post Eliza received a Letter from Arthur Marsh with the gratifying intelligence of our dear Anne having a son, & that both she & the child were doing very well, though the latter had arrived rather sooner than he was expected.


Friday 26.  At home and unwell with an attack of Gout in my foot.  Engaged on Navigation Papers & on case for the [Persecution].  In the evening the Revd. Mr. J. Lawton & the Revd. Mr. Carter called to consult with me upon the present differences in the Lawton Family, & to request my good Offices in officiating an amicable Settlement of them.  A long conversation took place in which I [undisguisably] explained my sentiments as related to both Parties & which ended on Mr. John Lawton requesting me to see his Brother & he giving me a written Authority to state to them that he would cover the conformation for Title between the Parish of Lawton & the Arrangements of the intended Title ment of the Lawton Estate to Lord Crewe & Mr. Tollet, with any assistance if they desired it.


Saturday 27.  Looked over & selected papers necessary for the Meeting of the Select Committee on Tuesday next, & searching Minutes of the several matters requiring their attention.  Afterwards went to Lawton Heath to have seen Mr. Charles Lawton & communicated to him what passed last night & used my best endeavours in restoring harmony and peace, but he was gone to Manchester.  On my return called at the Revd. Mr. Carter's, who confirmed all that had been said last night & particularly that as objection would be made by Mr. James Lawton to the allowance of £500 for . . .to Mrs. Charles Lawton for her life in case she survived her husband.  Gout still painful & compelling me to use a cloth shoe.


Sunday 28.  At home.  Service as usual.  Wm. Bent came to dinner.  Agreed to take jointly 10 more shares in the intended 


Macclesfield Canal.  In the afternoon attended service at Talk Chapel.  Gout better.


Page 35.  1825  August


Monday 29.  Mr. Charles Lawton called & with a long conversation relative to the Tithes etc. when I gave him a copy of Mr. James Lawton's proposition for a Reference to Lord Crewe & Mr. Tollet, & which Mr. C.L. said he would show to the former.  Afterwards went to Cliffe Ville & communicated what had passed to Mr. Tomlinson, who wrote a note to Mr. John Lawton to prevent his again collecting Milk till the court of the Reference was known.  Engaged with Mr. Tomlinson also on the Penlington Title & Affairs.  Returned to dinner, & then engaged putting up papers etc. previous to going to Stone tomorrow.


Tuesday 30.  Went to Stone early & where engaged closely on Select Committee all day.  Sir George Chetwynd & Mr. Lister also attended.  Mr. T.L. Also there.  Bought Mr. Wilkinson with me in the carriage back to Newcastle.


Wednesday 31.  At home but fatigued with yesterdays business.  Busy carrying wheat.  Stamford returned from Chester.  Called in the morning at the Revd. Mr. Mainwarings.




Thursday 1.  At home.  Engaged with Navigation Papers.  Wrote to Mr. Giles, & to Mr. James Potter.  Received 2 brace of Grouse from Richard Bent of Manchester.  Received by Post from Mr. Wilkinson the proof I had of the Notice to the Proofs of the adjournment of the General Assembly to the 25 of October next.  Finished carrying wheat.  Mrs. Tollet, Mrs. Wickstead, Mrs. [Crowthorn] & Miss Tollet called.


Friday 2.  Went to Newcastle to settle the Proof of Share etc. with D.Smith some attention being necessary.  Saw Mr. Wilkinson & with whom considering the Admission of Transfers of Shares containing Trusts in which he wanted to hear my opinion.  I thought . . .signing necessary.  Called at Dr. Northen's & requested his seeing Eliza.  On my return wrote to Revd. Bent.  Dr. Northen came, his report favourable.  Afterwards Stamford & I dined at Cliffe Ville.  Mr. Tollet, T. Twemlow, Spode, Northen etc.  Carried oats & nearly finished.  NB.  Delivered to Mr. Tomlinson Official copy of Transcript of Recovering in Penlington's Title & brought work over a Draft of an Assignment of the Debts.


Saturday 3.  Finally settled Proof of Share of the Navigation.  Letter sent the same by a Messenger to Newcastle.  At home wrote also to Mr. . . .relative to the Road& complaining of what had been done.  Received from Mr. Williamson Declaration of an Agreement for the pasture Land taken for the Reservoir, with a request that I


Page 36.  1825  September


would immediately look over the same.  The Declaration is long & special & will required care.  Received Letter from Stamford Crompton, accompanying a copy of the late Miss Crompton's Will, of which, I am appointed an Executor and Trustee.


Sunday 4.  Attended Service at Talk in the Forenoon.  Wrote to Stamford Crompton, James Bent dined.  Mr. James Lawton mentioned to me that he & his Brother Charles had shook hands, & thanked me in the warmest terms for the part that I had taken.


Monday 5.  Mr. Slater came in the morning, & with whom engaged a considerable time considering the best course for making a Road to Linley Wood in line of that taken away when he promised to speak to Mr. Fenton upon the subject.  Note from Mr. Charles Lawton, which to my great surprise still shows difficulty in the way of the proposed Reference.    Answered the note by the servant expressing my concern, & shortly stating the advantages of the Reference.  Mr. C.L. sent me a brace of Partridge.  Looked at the Draft of the Navigation Agreement sent by Mr. Williamson but found it necessary to see Mr. Potter previous to making any observation thereon.  Looked also at the Draft of the Assignment on Penlington Affairs which I had brought from Mr. Tomlinson in order to enable me to make the necessary enquiries.  Stamford went to Ashcombe.


Tuesday 6.  At home.  Engaged on various matters in the Grounds etc. etc.  Stamford returned from Ashcombe.  Letter by the Post from Mr. Vaughan.


Wednesday 7.  At home.  Mr. Hollins called from Mr. Williamson for the Draft of the Agreement when I informed him that it was necessary to see Mr. Potter & probably Mr. Tomlinson before it could be finally settled.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan with a Draft of General Assembly but mentioned for the Staffordshire Advertiser.  Mr. Twemlow of Peats Wood, Mr & Mrs. F. Twemlow , Miss Fletcher, Jos. & Mary Wedgwood dined & staid all night.  Mrs. Antrobus called.


Thursday 8.  Engaged with our Party Mr. Twemlow, Mr. F. Twemlow &  I went to Harecastle & inspected the Tunnel.  Saw Mr. Pritchard & James Potter with whom much conversation.  Everything going on well.  Revd. Mr. Mainwaring  dined but the Revd. Mr.


Page 37.  1825  September


had promised, did not come being prevented by setting off into . . .  Mary Wedgwood dined, & Jos. came in the Evening.


Friday 9.  Mr. Twemlow went before breakfast, & Mr. F. Twemlow & the ladies, the two Wedgwood's after.  Rode with Mr. F. Twemlow as far as the oak, he going that way to Audley.  He spoke again about my having the cottage at the Farm & said he would mention it to Sir George Chetwynd.  Called at Daniel Johnson's & with whom & sat sometime, but thought his Recovery very doubtful.  Mr. C. Lawton sent 2 brace of Birds having sent some a few days ago.


Saturday 10.  At Newcastle on various matters.


Sunday 11.  In the morning Service as usual.  After dinner went with Eliza to Nantwich.  Previous to leaving home, I aspired & sent to Mr. Vaughan by the Post the the Minutes of the last Select Committee Meeting.  Reached Dysant Buildings to tea.  Stamford set off to Leamington.


Monday 12.  At Nantwich.  Mr. John Garnett & Mr. Josh. Salmon called.  Mr. Sherratt dined.  Received bad account of Emma's little Boy.


Tuesday 13.  Called at Mr. J. Garnett's Bank.  Called also upon Mr. J. Salmon.  Saw Mr. [Edleston] & left with him my consent relative to the Navigation Transfers from Mrs. Sutherland in order that he might settle with Mr. Chas. . . .Walked with Bessy to . . .Nursery Ground & called at Mrs. Wicksteads.  Dined at Mr. Sherratt's, Two Miss Garnett's & Miss W. . .came to tea.  Received by the Coachman Letter from Mr. Giles.  Better account of Emma's little Boy.


Wednesday 14.  Returned home to dinner.


Thursday 15.  At home.  Mr. Slater came by appointment, and with whom engaged setting out the approach from the new branch of Turnpike Road, to the House.  Wrote to Mr. Ford of . . .field by Bayley, & informed him that the Select Committee could not consent to the alteration of the Aquaduct at [Child's Hill] an amount of the great inconvenience to the . . ., that the necessary stoppage of the Canal 14 days would occasion.  Eliza received by the Post a Letter from Anne with the account of little Rose having broken her arm.


Friday 16.  Engaged again at the new Road.  Eliza & I afterwards called at Rode Hall, saw Mrs. Wilbraham & with whom we spent half an hour, Mr. Wilbraham


Page 38.  1825  September


being out.  Afterwards called at Rode Heath.  In the evening Mrs. Stamford arrived from Southport.


Saturday 17  Went to Sandbach (Eliza accompanying me) on the Penlington's Affairs, and engaged a long time with Mr. James Skerratt upon the Title.  Also respecting the purchases from Mrs. Hatchell & Mr. . . .where he promised to get these matters arranged & completed without delay.  On my return found Mr. Wilbraham had called, Mr. Chas. Lawton afterwards called upon Stamford but who was from home.  He spoke to me of the Title business on the same strain as before  & whom . .condemning Mr. John Lawton for the steps he had taken.  He said Lord Crewe was outrageous Lord W. . Willoughby advised him to [respect] upon the claim to the title.  I said his Brother should call the Tenants together & they should agree it amongst themselves.  This I said could actively be the easiest course.  He said he had not seen Mr. Williams lately about the Settlement, but expected to do it shortly.  Mr. C. Lawton appeared to me to have some injudicious  [corrosions]who instead of using this .  . .to heal an unfortunate Family boil and make peace between Brothers, indulged in declamation about the Title business, & thereby keep Mr. C. L. in a state of much excitement.  On my way to Sandbach this morning met Mr. Vaughan, who was returning out of Cheshire & said he had intended calling at Linley Wood, but being anxious to get home, we talked over our Navigation business on the spot & he then proceeded forwards.


Sunday 18.  At home.  Service.


Monday 19.  Engaged on Navigation & other papers.  Birthday.  Looked at the new approach to the House from the Turnpike Road, surveying the same with the Men who were pleased with it.


Tuesday 20.  Engaged again on the same papers.  Afterwards went to Alsager & called upon Daniel Johnson who I found better, but still in a very precarious state.  Called also upon Mr. Barlow & looked with him at the piece of Land which I lately purchased from Miss Hatchells.   By the Post arrived various Letters from Mr. Vaughan being replies to those written relative to the rating of Canals to the Poor with a Case & Mr. Nolan's opinion the latter of which I promised and wrote to Mr. Vaughan by his request relative to his attending a Meeting at . . .[Grounds] in Cheshire.  Wrote by this Mornings Post to Eliza Roscoe & sent her half years interest due the 10 inst.


Page 37.  1825  September


Wednesday 21.  At home.  Engaged perusing the Case & opinion & the several Letters received last night from Mr. Vaughan.  Afterwards viewed with [Everardworth] & Sarah Beardmore the slip of Ground in Linley Lane, & comparing the Plan made by the farmer with the ground.  Miss Dawson with whom engaged a considerable time on the Penlington's affairs examining sundry accounts etc.  James . . . relative to Thos. Johnson's discharge from the Company Service as a watchman & which he said he had referred to his Brother & Mr. Vaughan & of which I expressed my approbation.  Viewed with George Beardmore the new Building at the Hollins which is going on well.


Thursday 22.  At home.  Engaged again on Navigation Papers all morning.  John Turnock to whom I spoke relative to his getting the Home in Talk Quarry for the Navigation Company and promised to mention the matter to Mr. Potter.  Emma arrived in the evening with her two children.  The little Boy in a very delicate state.


Friday 23.  At the new Buildings & viewing also the Road.  Afterwards at Newcastle.  Upon my way called at Mr. Dales to have looked at a horse, but found was not yet upon sale.


Saturday 24.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation papers preparatory to Mr. Giles expected arrival tomorrow.  In the evening Mr. Davenport called to say that he had purchased a Horse for Stamford, price £52 and to be sent for.


Sunday 25.  At home.  Service.  Dr. Holland came to dinner.  J. Bent also dined.  Mr. Giles arrived in the evening.


Monday 26.  At home.  Closely engaged with Mr. Giles on Navigation business.  Dr. Holland went to Knutsford at noon.  In the evening a Mr. . . .who stated himself to be a Solicitor called with another person to make a claim to the late Richard Harrisons property at Derby.  I declined asking any questions or entering into any conversation observing only that being satisfied with the validity of the . . .Tithe we should defend it, and resist any claim set up thereto.


Page 40.  1825  September


Tuesday 27.  Went to Stone taking Mr. Giles with me in the Carriage and where engaged all day on Select Committee.


Wednesday 28.  Returned to Linley Wood.  But far from well.


Thursday 29.  At home.  Unwell.  Wrote to Mr. [Balgary] & sent him enclosed the note received from Mr. Smith on Monday night last.  Engaged with Dr. Holland , who returned from Knutsford, bringing his three sisters along with him.  Mrs. Holland who had promised to dine at Linley Wood did not come.  By the Post, received a Letter from Mr. Vaughan requesting my instructions for his Reply to one which he had received from Miss Eccles & Co relative to the intended Macclesfield Canal.


Friday 30.  After breakfast went with Dr. Holland to the North end of the new Tunnel, which we surveyed, & with which he was most gratified.  From thence went to Rode Hall, where we called & saw Mr. & Mrs. Wilbraham.  The former said he was just setting off to call at Linley Road.  Mr. Holland came to dinner.  In the evening the Doctor left us on his return to Town, his Father accompanying him in the Carriage to Talk.  Afterwards much conversation with Mr. Holland relative to the Macclesfield Canal and of which he thought very favourably.  He said that Mr. Telford had pronounced a canal connection between Knutsford & Macclesfield to be quite out of the question, from the nature & difficulty of the intervening country.




Saturday 1.  Mr. Holland went after breakfast.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan & returned the Letter which he had sent me from Miss Eccles . . & [Shots].  Afterwards engaged at the new approach to the House, cutting Trees etc. etc.  Miss Hollands went before dinner, the Carriage taking them to Brereton Green.  Stamford arrived from Buxton to dinner.  He brought an Account of the death of poor Wm. Hoggarth which took place on the 26th of Sept at 8 pm.


Page 41.  1825  October


Sunday 2.  At home.  Service.  Unwell and suffering much as has been the case for several days past.


Monday 3.  At home.  Mr. Morris called, & with whom a long conversation relative to the proposed Coal from the Canal into the River Weaver at Acton Quay, & which he strenuously recommended.  Spoke to him about the Deeds of Covenant necessary in Penlington's Affairs as well for the other purchasers as for the use of the Devises about the Will, to which he made no objection, & said he would mention the matter to Mr. Barker.  He said he wished to hold the small piece of Land


at the Canal Side & said that he & I should not differ about the Rent.  Engaged closely all morning on Navigation Papers.  Emma & Stamford called at Betley Hall.  By the Post Letter from Mr. Vaughan.


Tuesday 4.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan in reply to his Letter, & fixed Saturday next for seeing him at Linley Wood.  Wrote to Mr. Tomlinson by J.S.C. on the Penlington Affairs & his seeing Mr. Williams relative to the Lawton Settlement.  Engaged again on Navigation papers.  Afterwards with a Labourer making a passage for Carriages through Linley Meadow, the old Road being stopped.  Observed this morning when fine a clock in the long window of . . .& . . .& which presented a beautiful appearance.


Wednesday 5.  At home all day, engaged on various matters.  Emma & Stamford went to Betley Hall to dinner.


Thursday 6.  At home.  Mr. Potter came after breakfast, and with whom engaged perusing and making observations from the Draft of the Agreement with Mr. Williamson relative to the Land taken for Knypersley Reservoir.  Copied & delivered to Mr. Potter, along with the Draft, the Minutes made at the Roebuck 29 May 1824, in order that he might show it to Mr. W.  Afterwards engaged at the new Road.  Emma returned from Betley Hall bringing Miss Tollet along with her.


Page 42.  1825  October


Friday 7.  At home.  Engaged on private accounts.  Mrs. Stamford, Miss Tollet & Emma went to Mare Hall & returned to dinner.  Stormy day.  By the Post received from Sir. G. Chetwynd printed statement (being cut out of the newspaper) of a a Birmingham & Liverpool Rail Road Meeting.


Saturday 8.  At home.  Miss Tollet went after breakfast.  Engaged again on Accounts etc.  But very unwell.  Wrote to Miss Sherratt of Sandbach on Penlingtons Affairs, . . .the number made in the Deed of Settlement of 1697 of a Deed which  Mr. T. thought to be produced, but which appeared to be only giving an Estate for life to the Party manner.  Remitted A. Caldwell 1/2 years Interest due at . . .& £20 to be paid to Mrs. Phillips on account of debt due for the Party . . .


Sunday 9.  At home.  Service.  In the afternoon at Talk Chapel with Eliza.


Monday 10.  At home.  Engaged in the Morning on Navigation papers preparatory to seeing Mr. Vaughan who had appointed to come here today, instead of Saturday last, and who arrived about 2 o'clock accompanied by Mr. Wilkinson.  Closely engaged with them till dinner, after which Mr. Wilkinson went and then engaged again the whole of the evening with Mr. Vaughan.  Mrs. & Miss Wilbraham called.


Tuesday 11.  Engaged again with Mr. Vaughan, but who went after breakfast.  Afterwards dined at Newcastle with the Mayor, Mr. Cooke.  A large Party and as agreeable day.  There appeared to be a strong disposition in favour of Mr. Wilmot Horton, notwithstanding the difference of opinions upon the Catholic question, and I took an opportunity of expressing strongly any high opinion of the Gentleman and my good wishes for him, & which seemed to give great satisfaction.


Wednesday 12.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. [McClark] Nantwich on Penlingtons Affairs & to Mr. Smith Stapeley on Nantwich Bible Society & . . .him to put down my name as an annual Subscriber of 1 [Guinea].  Engaged on various matters.  Stamford went to Betley Court to dinner.  Looked over & assayed various Navigation Papers.


Page 43.  1825  October


Thursday 13.  Wrote to Mr. Wedgwood requesting to see him here on Thursday next, to dinner & to look at Mr. Telford's Report, which he had expressed to Mr. Vaughan, a wish to see on other Navigation business.  Wrote to Miss Byerley . . .(the . . .of the years rRent) & mentioned that I would call soon & look at the House.  Afterwards went with Eliza to Newcastle.  On my return from thence inspected the new branch Road etc. etc.


Friday 14.  At home.  Received Book with copy of Select Committee Minutes from Mr. Vaughan.  Engaged all morning on Navigation Papers etc.  Eliza Roscoe came in the Evening with her four children.


Saturday 15.  Called at Longton, but Mr. Heathcote was from home.  On my return met at Stoke Mr. Giles, who was upon his survey of the Canal, and with whom I had a conversation, & requested his attention particularly to the [punctualbilty] of any additional [Resources] being made in Rudyard Vale.  In the evening engaged on Navigation affairs.  Eliza unwell.  Mr. Davenport came at night.


Sunday 16.  At home.  Service.  Eliza better.  William Bent came to dinner.  Whilst he was at Linley Wood received from Mr. Fitzjohn, Mr. [Hallarts] Trust which had been sent again for my execution, but which I declined, & returned the Deed by the Messenger.  Very unwell myself & suffering severely.


Monday 17.  A miserable night.  At home and engaged closely from Breakfast to dinner & again in the evening on Navigation Papers & drawing up a Report to be made to the General Committee and the Proposition at this Meeting on the 25 of October instant.


Thursday 18.  Bad night again, with much suffering but this being the day on which the General Assembly should, strictly, meet under the Act of Parliament I deemed it proper to attend, and having occasion also to refer to the Books, in order to complete the Report.  I set off early to Stone, where I arrived a little after nine o'clock.  I had also engaged to attend a Meeting of the Prospectors of the Newcastle Theatre today relative to see arrangements respecting the Buildings executed by the late George Wilkinson.  After having


Page 44.  1825  October


Tuesday 18.  been closely engaged a long time with Mr. Vaughan.  I returned to Newcastle & attended the Theatre Meeting, which indeed had been posponed an hour or two on my account.  Got home to dinner but much harrassed and fatigued with the business of the day.  Stamford set off this morning to Knutsford Sessions.  The weather changed today to heavy Rain after been fair some part [unnecessary] favourable and fine.


Wednesday 19.  Received two copies of the Report from Mr. Vaughan, which I considered.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd enclosing one of them, & which I sent by Stamford who stopped here on his way from Knutsford to Stafford.  Engaged the remainder of the day on Navigation Papers, preparatory to a conference with Mr. Wedgwood tomorrow, pursuant to appointment for that purpose.  Still very unwell.


Thursday 20.  Bad night.  Wrote to Mr. Lister, and sent him a copy of the Report.  Engaged again on papers for the inspection of Mr. Wedgwood, who with Mrs. Wedgwood Elizabeth & Fanny came to dinner.  Immediately after dinner Mr. Wedgwood & I began with the Navigation Papers & which engaged our close attention for hours without interruption.  Received note from Mr. Giles saying that he wished to confer with me upon the subject of his Report & that he wants to come to Linley Wood tomorrow at four o'clock.


Friday 21.  Engaged again till 12 o'clock with Mr. Wedgwood on various Canal Papers & business which we had not time to go through last night.  The Wedgwood's went before dinner.  Received and made a Copy, to be laid upon the Table, of my Report to the Committee & the Proprietors.  Mr. Giles came to dinner.  After which closely engaged with him the whole of the Evening and till between 11 and 12 o'clock midnight relative to his late Survey of the Canal, intended Report Supplies of Water etc. etc.  Received from Mr. Bent per Post Copy of Mr. Telford's Report on the intended.


Page 45.  1825  October


Saturday 22.  At home.  Closely engaged on Navigation Papers, Scheduling and arranging them for the Committee Meeting on Monday & Tuesday next.  Mr. Martin called and staid some time & with whom I had much conversation relative to the Jurisdiction . . .by his Estates seen making the . . .Agreement being completed especially etc. etc.  The agent promised that he would dispose of the Estate without giving me the refusal.  He also gave me the right of sporting & pursuing the game upon it to Mr. J.L. [Card] said he would give the necessary directions that day to the Tenant.  Stamford returned from Stafford Sessions.  Unwell being [greatly] unsure as to the labour & fatigue of the work.  Nearly the whole of my time & thoughts having been closely engaged on Navigation business.


Sunday 23.  At home & very unwell.  Service . In the evening put up Papers for Stone tomorrow.


Monday 24.  Set off early to Stone.  Still unwell.  I met Mr. Giles with whom engaged previous to the Meeting of the General Committee & on which afterwards closely engaged the whole of the day, being in the Chair.  Mr. . . & Mr. Brook Hollinshead attended.


Tuesday 25.  Up before seven o'clock though after a disturbed & restless night.  Copied afresh the Minutes of the Proceedings of yesterday.  Again in the Chair, when the General Committee went through the whole of the business that remained to be done, including the reading and consideration of Mr. Giles Report which took up much time.  Received note from Lord Harrowby with consequence of his being unable to attend & which I replied to.  Dined at Stone & returned to Linley Wood in the evening but much harassed & fatigued with the business & execution of this on the previous day.


Wednesday 26.  At home, but far from well.  Busy, looking over & arranging Navigation Papers.  By the Post Letter from Mr. Eyre Lee, with an account of the Stockton & Darlington Railway expansion etc.


Thursday 27.  At home.  Considered proposed new branch of Canal from Stone to Radford Bridge.  Wrote to Mr. Eyre Lee.  Very unwell.



Page 46  1825  October


Friday 28.  At home.  Confined to the House.  Wrote to Sir Geo. Chetwynd & Mr. Lister relative to Stone & Radford Canal & proposing a Communication with the Staffs & Worcestershire Canal Company on the subject.  Mr. Sherratt with Ann & Bessy came soon after breakfast.  Col. [Tayon] called.  Said they had found the other part of the Deed for Lord [Branstone] & a Mr. Norton other . . .said there was no question that they were entitled to the Mine.  I explained to her that whatsoever might be the case as to the Oak Farm that had nothing to do with Mr. Jenks Land of which I was also unknown for a valuable consideration without notice.  Mr. Ward's Clerk called with an answer in Chancery for me to sign on Mr. Heathcotes Family . . but which I declined doing till I had seen Mr. Ward.  He also brought a Transfer of these Newcastle Canal Shares, late belonging to the Brewery but which I also postponed signing till I had . . .Thomas Alcock gave me . . .--------at Christmas, having determined as he said to go into business as a Butcher.  Very unwell all day with  much Fever and Headache.  By the Post arrived Letter from Mr. Littleton.


Saturday 29.  Restless night with Fever  & Headache, & dreadful depression of Spirits.  Suffering almost unavoidable.  Mr. Vaughan called before I was got downstairs, but with whom engaged a considerable time on Navigation business.  Showed him the Letter to Sir Geo. Chetwynd & Mr. Lister, which I had been prevented sending away last night, & which he approved.  Consulted him also as to sending a state of the last years Accounts to Mr. Littleton which he had requested in order to send to Mr. R. Smith when he agreed with me that it will be the . . to send only the General Balance as stated in the Report.  Delivered to Mr. Vaughan the original Minutes of the late Meeting for entry in the Book.  Mr. Wilbraham called.


Sunday 30.  So unwell as to be in bed almost all the forenoon & unable to go through the usual service.  Severe headache, in the Fever.  But read passages in the evening.


Monday 31.  Still in a state of  much suffering But wrote Letters to Mr. Littleton with a Copy which I had made also much of the Report as related to the last annual account for the information of Mr. Robert Smith.  Mr. Potter afterwards called & with whom engaged


Page 47.  1825  October


a considerable time relative to the agreements with Mr. Collinson & Mr. Bateman for the Lands there for the Reservoir, which promised to see Mr. Williamson & Mr. Lawton & bring the agreement with the former with my minutes thereon, to the next Sel. Comm. Meeting.  Sent for Mr. Davenport who soon after came.




Tuesday 1.  Still very unwell, but the Fever abated.  Our dear Emma & her children left us about half past eight on their return home.  Sent the Horses with her to Stone.  Wrote to Mr. Wedgwood and appointed Thursday morning next for his coming to Linley Wood to look over with me Mr. Giles Report.  Wrote also to Mr. Tomlinson & approved Saturday next for my going to Cliffe Ville on the Penlington Affairs & the Lawton business.


Wednesday 2.  Rather better having had a good night.  William Goodwin who took Emma to Stone yesterday Morning, having staid all night & kept the Carriage Horses out with him & having twice refused this morning to come & speak to me though sent for so to do.  I gave him a written discharge from my service, and directed him to quit today.  Read over Mr. Giles' s Report, preparatory to seeing Mr. Wedgwood thereon tomorrow morning.  Mr. Edwards of Alsager to come with me on a Settlement . . .of Case.  I thought the indenture void from want of the proper Stamp.


Thursday 3.  At home, and still so unwell as to be confined to the House.  Mr. Wedgwood came to breakfast after which engaged with him a considerable time perusing & considering Mr. Giles 's Report & on other Navigation Concerns.  Mr. Wedgwood's going, copied afresh the first Sheets of the Trent & Mersey Canal Case, which I am proposing against the Meeting of Parliament.  By the Post received Letter from Sir Geo. Chetwynd & Mr. Lister highly approving of the communication with the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal Co. which I had suggested, and in . . .manner of which Mr. Lister says that he had written to Mr. Littleton.


Friday 4.  Bad & restless night, with Headache & extreme Fever.  Rode out 


Page 48.  1825  November


a little on  horseback in the middle of the day, but without much . . .  Saw Mr. Slater, to whom I complained of the injury done to the Clover at the Hollins, the entrance to the Road not being made safe, also mentioned the Storing of the Fence along the new Road, but his look that he gave me being by any means satisfactory.


Saturday 5.  Went by appointment to Cliffe Ville where engaged a long time with Mr. Tomlinson on the Penlington Title where we finally thought the best course would be to bring the . . .before counsel.  Mr. T said he had heard nothing further from Mr. Williams over the Lawton business, though he had promised to send him the . . . of the outlined Settlement, when he last saw him at Hanley.  On my return saw Mr. Slater again & who seemed now disposed to arrange


matters to my satisfaction.


Sunday 6.  Restless night & unwell.  Service.  James Bent came to dinner.  By the Post received Letter from Mr. Vaughan requesting to me to send Mr. Giles.  Report for the perusal of Lord Harrowby who was desirous to see it.  Stamford set off to London.


Monday 7.  Sent John with Letter to Mr. Vaughan & Mr. Giles's Report for Lord Harrowby's perusal.  Engaged afterwards on Navigation papers.  Wrote to Mr. Tomlinson on Penlington's affairs, & proposing Mr. T. Tomlinson going to Sandbach.  Heavy Snow.  Still very unwell.


Tuesday 8. At home.  Still unwell.  Very stormy day with much snow.  Engaged all morning on Navigation Papers, & observations to be sent to the . . .previous to the Meeting of Parliament.  By the Post Letter from Mr. [Cruse] relative to any Reservoir being made now at Leek.  Very stormy day.


Wednesday 9.  At home.  Still unwell.  Engaged again on the observations.  Rode out about half an hour.  Mr. Sherratt came to dinner.  By the Post Letters  from Mr. Williamson && Mr. Giles appointing tomorrow morning for settling the Notices of the intended Stone & Radford Canal.  Mr. Williamson sent a very important & incorrect Draft desiring me to [settle]it.  Letter also from Miss . . . & Co . . .House relative to a [Patent]which they had


Page 49.  1825  November


obtained for painstaking the passage of Boats upon Canals by Steam.


Thursday 10.  Still unwell.  Drew afresh the Notice of the intended Branch of Canal for insertion in the Newspapers.  Samuel Jones came to offer terms for a Coachman,& with whom I agreed at [£24] a year wages, in case the Character for which I wrote to his late Master Mr. Mason of [Lanedelph] proved [necessary.]  Mr. Giles, Mr. Williamson & Mr. Vaughan came pursuant to appointment & with whom engaged a long time on Navigation business & finally settled the Notice, which after some discussion all agreed in opinion, it was better to confine to the Stone & Radford Canal.  Mr. Wm. Roscoe came to dinner.  Wm. Goodwin came to petition to coachman again with his place, but which I refused telling him that I had engaged another, & that otherwise after his behaviour, I could not possibly take him in my service again.


Friday 11.  At home.  Better but unwell.  Wrote to Miss . . .& Co.  Rode out & looked at the work going on the farm.  Mr. Sherratt with Ann & Bessy left us about 3 o'clock.


Saturday 12.  At home.  Frost with some snow in the night.  Mr. [Ford] Tomlinson called on his way to Sandbach to make enquiries relative to the Penlington , & by whom I wrote to the Revd. Mr. Salmon requesting such information as he might be able to give.  Unwell but rode out a little on Horseback.  Mr. F. T. called on his return and dined, with whom engaged on the Penlington business & suggesting that the difficulties on finding the Tithe would be removed.  Frost.


Sunday 13.  At home.  Service.  Received from Mr. Ward answer in Chancery in Mr. Heathcote's concerns.


Monday 14.  Still unwell.  Perused the answer in Chancery sent by Mr. Ward & making sundry alterations therein the same being incorrect.  Mr. Roscoe left us on his return home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers.  By the Post Letter from Mr. Vaughan relative to the Notice which had appeared of a projected Rail Road from Manchester to Lawton & requesting my instructions thereon, & informing that Mr. Giles would be at Linley Wood tomorrow or Wednesday.


Page 50.  1825  November


Thursday 15.  Still unwell.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.  Engaged on Navigation papers preparatory to seeing Mr. Giles.  Eliza Roscoe left us on her return home.  Mr. Giles came to dinner & with whom closely engaged all evening on Navigation business, & considering the exploring of the Trent & Mersey Company making a Canal from the Bridgwater Canal to the Trent & Mersey Canal at Lawton, & which appeared to be rendered necessary in order to connect the projected Rail Road from Manchester to Lawton.  By the Post received a Letter from Mr. Twemlow of Peats Wood relative to the proposed Nantwich & [Autherley] Canal, & with a list of Land owners who were . . .


Friday 16.  Closely engaged with Mr. Giles who staid all night at Linley Wood, on Navigation business, considering the various adverse Projects now in agitation, & the Land measures to be adopted by this Company etc. etc.  Mr. Giles again dined, & in the evening set off on his return to Town.  Ill myself, being quite tired and with the . . .exertion & attention to these Navigation Concerns.  In the morning Mrs. Stamford & Eliza went to Newcastle.


Thursday 17.  Wrote to Mr. Twemlow of Peats wood relative to the Nantwich & [Autherley] Canal, & the opposition of Landowners.  Afterwards went to Newcastle to have connected with Mr. Ward to answer on Chancery on the Heathcote Suit, but he being particularly engaged we deferred it.  Returned home to dinner.  Eliza having accompanied me to Newcastle.  Mrs. Stamford set off this morning to Eton.


Friday 18.  At home.  Engaged selecting & managing various Navigation papers for use.  By the Post came a Letter from Mr. Lister informing me that a Deputation of the Staffs & Worcestershire Canal Co. would meet the Select Committee at Stone.


***Drawing laid across the page **


Page 51.  1825  November


Saturday 19.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Lister in reply to the Letter received from him last night.  Still unwell.


Sunday 20.  At home.  Service.  In the evening made Extracts from Mr. [Dupins] "Commercial power of Great Britain," relative to the Trent & Mersey Canal.


Monday 21.  At home.  Closely engaged all Morning on Navigation Papers & Case.


Tuesday 22.  At home.  Wet stormy day.  By the Post received Letter from Mr. Vaughan, proposing to come here tomorrow, but being engaged to go to Mare Hall wrote to him to postpone his Journey to Friday next.


Wednesday 23.  As we were preparing to go to Maer Hall, Eliza received a note from Mrs. Wedgwood with an account of an old Servant who had come there to see them, having died suddenly, and on which account they postponed our visit.  Men busy carrying . . .to Land late Mr. Jenks.


Thursday 24.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers previous to seeing Mr. Vaughan tomorrow.  Still far from well.


Friday 25.  Revised Navigation Papers & devised Minutes of the business for the Meeting of the Select Committee on Tuesday next, in order to consider the same with Mr. Vaughan.  Afterwards went down to the Oak Farm & called, and sat sometime with poor Daniel Johnson, who I found altered for the worse since I last saw him, & as appeared to me, fast declining.  By the Post received a Letter from Mr. Vaughan saying that he could not leave home today, but would be at Linley Wood at ten tomorrow morning.


Saturday 26.  Mr. Vaughan came soon after breakfast and with whom engaged all Morning.  Considering particulars and minutes of business for the Select Committee.  Mr. Potter brought me a printed copy of the Evidence upon the late Liverpool


Page 52.  1825  November


and Manchester Rail Road Bill sent by Mr. Bradshaw, with a Letter from Capt. Bradshaw.  Wrote to Capt. B. acknowledging the same.


Sunday 27.  At home.  Service.  In the afternoon Eliza went to Talk Chapel.


Monday 28.  At home.  Engaged on papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow.


Tuesday 29.  Set off at before 8 to Stone, where closely engaged all day & till late at night on business.


Wednesday 30.  In the morning called upon Mr. Vernon, when it was proposed that Mr. Heaton should look over and put a price upon the [Rylands] Estate with a view to my purchase of it, but neither party to be . . .by such valuation, & Mr. Vernon promised to write to Mr. Seaton that day.  Called at Cliffe Ville on the Penlington affairs where we finally arranged that the abstract of the Tithe should be laid before [Counsel].  Got home to dinner.  Left with Mr. Vaughan the Agreement with Mr. Bateman that a Copy might be made.




Thursday 1.  Before I get downstairs received a Message that that Daniel Johnson was much worse & wished to see me.  Went down without delay & found him in a dying state.  He put out his hand which I took into mine, but he could say nothing to me.  I staid with him in the room some considerable time.  The Revd. Mr. Richardson & Mr. Twemlow came till there when the former administered to him the Sacrament.  I then went in again, where he signified a wish to be left alone with me.  John Pearson in attendance before us, but he could say nothing to me.  I continued in the room, but he was fast approaching to his end, & refusing . . . thought & some change I sent the Message in attendance in . . .


Page 53.  December


and he explained a fine & . . .offer.  Message about . . .clock or a little after.  Mr. R. said he was quite composed & resigned.  Mary [Boardman] mentioned this morning to Eliza, that Miss's[Bagshaw] & [Sutton] intended to purchase the Foxholes Estate, & were applying for it.  Very unwell.  Received by the Post Letter from Mr. Williamson relative to the proposed Walsall etc. Canal.  Sent by the Post Letter to Mr. H. Williamson written yesterday in reply to a Letter from him relative to the Land taken for Knypersley Reservoir.  Wrote to Mr. Twemlow of Peats wood requesting his attendance at Stafford on Monday the 12th.  Wrote to Mr.Vernon at Stone proposing to meet . . .on Tuesday next at Stone.  In the night snow.  Received by the Post Letter from Mr. Capper of Birmingham relative to the proposed Birmingham & Baswich Junction Canal.


Saturday 3.  Still unwell.  Wrote to Mr. Capper in reply to his Letter.  Engaged on sundry matters & papers.  Received by the Post Letters on Navigation business from Sir Geo. Chetwynd, Mr. [Fitzherbert] & Mr. Eyre Lee. 


Sunday 4.  Very indifferent night.  Service.


Monday 5.  At home.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd & to Mr. Littleton & sent the former Letter & papers received from W.L. as desired by him to do.  Engaged all morning on Navigation business.  In the evening saw Walker the Tenant of the Foxholes Estate & by whom I sent a letter to Mr. Martin requesting to know the price he put upon it.  Danl. Johnson was buried today, but not being very well, I did not attend the Funeral, but which I had sent word that I would certainly do if it were particularly wished.


Tuesday 6.  At home.  Various matters.


Wednesday 7.  Mr. Martin having sent me an offer writing of the Foxholes Estate at £3600, I accepted the sum & sent a Letter by G. Walker the Tenant to Mr. Martin informing him that I agreed to take the Estate at that price.  Mr. Barker


Page 54.  1825 December


& Miss Johnson relative to the Alsager Estate, the Statement of the Account of Rent etc. when I said that I should . . . Mr. . .[Latham] to Mr. Moses Booth.  Afterwards Eliza & I went to Maer Hall to dinner.  Received from Mr. Littleton a Letter from Mr. . . .to him relative to the proposed new branch of Canal..  Met Mr. W Twemlow at dinner with whom he & Mr. Wedgwood much conversation on Navigation business.


Thursday 8.  Returned to Linley Wood to dinner.


Friday 9.  Mr. Morris who had called yesterday, came again & said that he  had said to Mr. . . .and for the refusal of the Foxholes Estate, intending to obtain this for me & not for himself.  Engaged with him also on various Navigation matters.  Returned Mr. . . Letter to Mr. Littleton by the Post.  Mr. Booth relative to the Alsager business & which I explained to him & gave him a copy of my Court of Rent.  Afterwards rode up to the Foxholes when Walker informed me that he had delivered to Mr. Martin my Letter agreeing to the purchase of it.  While Mr. Morris was here I spoke to him about the Deeds of Covenant for production of the Penlington Deeds whom he said that he would execute whatsoever was necessary & that Mr. Barker & I should arrange the business.


Saturday 10.  At home.  Engaged on various Navigation Matters.& papers previous to seeing Mr. Vaughan who came to dinner & with whom closely engaged all evening, & particularly preparatory to the Meeting of the Select Committee & the Dep. from the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal at Stafford on Monday next.  Revised & copied afresh in the Morning the Minutes of Proceedings of the last Meeting of the Select Committee, & which I delivered to Mr. Vaughan for insertion in the Book.


Sunday 11.  At home.  Service.  Thick fog.


Page 55.  1825  December


Monday 12.  Set off this morning to Stafford to attend Meeting of the Select Committee.  Took Mr. Williamson in the Carriage, & Mr. Vaughan also from Stone.  Called at Mr. [Burrows] & informed him of my having purchased the Foxholes Estate, & that Mr. Martin would meet me at his office tomorrow to sign a regular Agreement & which I requested W.C. to prepare.  Arrived at Stafford at 12.  found Sir John [Mottesly], Mr. Littleton etc. there.  Engaged all day & till late in the Evening on Navigation business.  Slept at Stone.


Tuesday 13.  Again engaged on business.  Inspected with Edward . . ., Sir G.C., Mr. Lister, & Mr. Twemlow the plans of the Parkfield Railway of the [Autherley] Canal.  Saw also there Mr. Wyatt, Lord Ansons Agent, who thought Lord Anson would oppose these Schemes.  On my return called at Mr. Vaughan's where I met Mr. [Martin] & required an Agreement upon [Stamp]for the purchase by me of the Foxholes Estate & I paid him by a Check on . . .£100 in part of the purchase money.  At Newcastle met with Mr. Egerton with whom I had some conversation & he gave me a very kind & passing invitation to come to Tatton.  I just mentioned to him The Weaver & Canal Conversation.  Arrived at home to dinner.


Wednesday 14.  Fatigued, but engaged on Navigation business, & considered & sketched out a Draft of a Civil Letter to be sent to the Proprietors relative to the General Meeting in London being changed from the last Thursday in January to the 23rd of February.  Received in the Evening from Mr. Booth his Statement of the Accs. of Rents etc. of the late Daniel Johnson & the Allowance to be made.  Between 8 & 9o'clock one of the most severe storms of Thunder, Lightening, Wind & Hail I ever remember.


Thursday 15.  Wrote to Mr. Eyre Lee.  Copied & sent by a Messenger to Mr. Smith.  The Draft of the Circular Letter, in order that a proof sheet might be printed.  Wrote to Mr. Ward, & appointed Saturday next for calling upon him at Newcastle & for settling my Answer in Chancery in the Cause Heathcote v Heathcote.


Friday 16.  Wrote to Mr. Booth on the late Danl. Johnson's business.  Received from Mr. Smith the proof sheet of the circular Letter, which I corrected & afterwards wrote to Sir Geo. Chetwynd therewith.  James Potter came to


Page 56  1825  December


Friday 16. consult me relative to a road at Harecastle Tunnel which it was necessary to turn for short distance through Land belonging to Mr. Heathcote, when I visited him in the first place to call upon Mr. Heathcote, & explain the matter to him.  The Revd. Mr. Lawton called to consult me in consequence of a Tunnel which had again taken place between . . .& Mr. C. Lawton & in which he represented the latter to have been guilty of great . . .. . .when I recommended it to him to mention the matter to Mr. Talbot as a common friend who had interfered on another occasion on no account not to take any hasty step & but declined taking any part myself as it might be misunderstood by his Brother, & a more . . .than ever.  Mr. Deakin of Middlewich called to mention his wish to establish a packet boat between that place & Runcorn, then I desired him to take his plan to Mr. Vaughan.  Stamford arrived from London.


Saturday 17.  Went to Newcastle and settled with Mr. Ward, the Draft of my Answer in Chancery, in the Cause of Heathcote v Heathcote.  Called at Mr. Smith's & gave directions as to the printing of the circular Letter to the Trent & Mersey Canal Proprietors.  Received by the Post Letter from Mr. H. Williamson relative to the Agreement for the Land taken for the Knypersley Reservoir, & one from Miss Wrench on Penlington's Affairs . . .to Mr. Williamson in reply to his Letter.  Unwell today, as I have been for some days past, from loss of appetite & want of sleep.  Indeed I have too much


upon my heart and in my hands, for one person, without assistance to get through.


Sunday 18.  At home.  Service.  Reasonably fine day.


Monday 19.  Rain again in the night.  Wrote to Miss Wrench at some length on Penlington's affairs.  Stamford went to Newcastle.  Mr. Potter called and with whom engaged relative to the arrangements with Mr. Bateman & Mr. Williamson after much conversation when I requested


Page 57.  1825  December


to see them immediately again and endeavour to get both matters settled companionably to the . . .requirements and which he promised to do tomorrow.  Requested Mr. Potter to obtain what information he could relative to the causes of the Manchester & Lawton proposed Rail way & the names of the principal Landowners intended.  Received by the Post from Mr. . . .of Manchester a Statement of the advantages to be delivered by the Trent & Mersey Canal from the proposed Macclesfield Canal.  Stamford on his return from Newcastle brought the principal intelligence of the stoppage of Sparrow & Nicholson's Bank.  One of the melancholy instances of the previous length to which the banking System has been easiest & which I have long depreciated.  There was a Run also upon Kinnersleys, but this was not expected to be of any consequence.  The Inhabitants of the Town & Neighbourhood having signed a Declaration, & in which I formed expression of their confidence in the Houses & agreeing to receive their notes in payment.  My name was given by Stamford.


Tuesday 20.  Wrote to Mr. . . .having looked over the Statement, but only said, that it should receive my best attention & that I would lay it before the Select Committee at this next Meeting.  Received by the Post long Letter from Mr. Eyre Lee.


Wednesday 21.  At home.  Mr. Barker consulting on the late Danl. Johnson's affairs, when I desired that a valuation & might immediately . . .by some respectable oppression of the Stock & effects & which Mr. Barker Promised & Mr. . . . Engaged on Navigation Papers in reference to Mr. Eyre Lee's Letter, to which I sketched over the Lands of [answer] Received by Post from Sir Geo. Chetwynd the proof I had of the circular Letter, & also a Letter for my forms at which he had received from Lord Talbot, relative to the Stone & Baswich proposed Canal.  Mrs. Stamford arrived in the Evening from Eton accompanied by Miss Jane Lawrence.


Page 58.  1825  December


Thursday 22.  At home.  Engaged on the circular Letter, the proof sheet of which I had received back from Sir George Chetwynd. Copied the Letter afresh, & sent it to Mr. Smith the printer in order that a fresh proof might be prepared.  Mr. Williamson of Greenway Bank came with the Draft of the Agreement relative to the Land later for the use of the new Reservoir at Knypersley, & with whom engaged a long time perusing & considering the Draft with a view to the arrangement of some small . . which he wished of the . . .given to him some Queries to be answered by Mr. Potter, for the satisfaction of the Select Committee.  Prevented writing to Mr. Eyre Lee in time for the Post.  Wrote to Mr. Eyre Lee.  Miss Lawrence left Linley Wood.  Went to Newcastle, & finally settled with Mr. Smith the proof Sheet of the circular.  Mr. James Potter dined.  Mr. Pritchard & Mr. Vaughan both of whom I expected, were prevented coming


Saturday 24.  At home.  Wrote to Sir Geo. Chetwynd returning him Lord Talbot's Letter, & enclosing a print of the Circular.  Uncomfortable Account from Nantwich of our dear Bessy.  Dr. Northen came & saw Eliza, the return and continuance of whose complaint had . . .given me much anxiety; but he did not seem to entertain any serious apprehension on account of the complaint.


Sunday25.  Christmas day.  At home.  Service.  Mr. Vaughan came on Navigation Business, & with whom engaged a considerable time.


Monday 26.  At home.  Perused & considered amended answer in Chancery received yesterday from Mr. Ward.  Wilson consulting me on his Tithe to Land purchased from Mr. Sale.  Unwell.


Tuesday 27.  At home.  Stamford received by the Post a very handsome Letter from Mr. Peel saying that he had directed his appointment to the Police Magistracy, having selected him from a great name because


Page 59.  1825  December


of other highly respectable Candidates.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Williamson relative to Stamford's attendance as a Commissioner to Mr. Sparrow & Nicholson's Bankruptcy, which Stamford answered appointing Mr. S. & Mr. Williamson in the morning.  Frost.


Wednesday 28.  At home.  Stamford set off to London.  Fine Frost & Men busy at the Farm carrying out Manure.  By the Post received Letter from Sir George Chetwynd & Mr. Vaughan.  The latter with a calculation which I had desired him to make as the amount on Junction Tunnel to be required from the proposed Macclesfield Canal.


Thursday 29.  Sir Geo. Chetwynd having in his Letter expressed an expressive wish to know the purchase result of Miss Sparrow & Nicholson's Banks.  I went to Newcastle to furnish upon what intelligence I could.  After seeing Mr. Ward the solicitor I had a long and confidential conversation with Mr. Williamson who showed me a Statement of the affairs & from which I had the satisfaction to find there was the greatest reason to hope that the assets would not only be efficient to . . .are believed to have a surplus.  I agreed at Mr. Ward my answers on Chancery in the Cause of Heathcote & Heathcote & which I left with him.  Returned to dinner.  Received by the Post another Letter from Sir George along with one from Mr. Peel to him signifying in the Landowners time his Selection of Stamford to the Police Magistracy at Union Hall from a great number of most respectable Candidates.  Mr. Peel observed that it must be a satisfaction to firmly know that Mr. Caldwell Merits and return his choice of him.


Friday 30.  At home.  Wrote a long Letter to Sir George Chetwynd in reply to those received from him particularly relative to the Bankruptcy & Knypersley Reservoir, & Stamford's appointment.  Dr. Northen came again & thought Eliza better.  Received by the Post Letter from Dr. Holland.


Saturday 31.  Wrote to Dr. Holland.  Settled up the Years Cash Account.  Severe Frost.  Looked over various Navigation Papers, and this ends


Page 60. another year.


Page 61.  1826  January


Sunday 1.  At home.  Service.  Stamford's arrived to make the necessary arrangements relative to his qualification to act as a Magistrate.


Monday 2.  At home.  Engaged on this business, and sent to Mr. Tomlinson to request that he would come to Linley Wood tomorrow to see which Bonds etc. would be necessary and to consult upon the best mode of Qualification.


Tuesday 3.  At home.  Engaged all morning on the business of Stamford's Qualification.  Executed a Bond to Mrs. Stamford for £4000 & . . .at 4 [o' clock] in lieu of the Charge upon the Alsager , but a Charge to be given upon my other Estates or some of them.  Mr. Tomlinson came to dinner & with whom engaged on the Qualification, examining Deeds etc. with a view to the necessary instruction.  Mrs. Stamford went to Maer Hall.  Ill all day, & suffering extremely.  Received Letter from Mr. Kinnersley.


Wednesday 4.  Miserable night.  Upon looking again into the Acts of Parliament.  Stamford was satisfied that the Heir Apparency was the most objective Qualification I looked out the necessary Deeds which he took to Mr. Tomlinson with the Conveyance from Mr. Jenks & the Deed to declare the use of the [Time] of the Derby property.  Mr. Tomlinson had taken last night the Deed of Release & Conveyance to some of the Alsager Estate.  Went to Macclesfield to settle annual Brewery Account & to make arrangements for discharge of the Balance due to Hemmings on the Newcastle Brewery & of the amount of which Mr. Kinnersley had informed me by Letter.  Arrived there to dinner and engaged all the morning with Mr. Bent on these matters and particularly as to Registration of Mr. Kinnersley & Bateman.


Page 62.  1826  January


Thursday 5.  William Bent came to breakfast, to the Hotel, after which we went down to the Brewery where closely engaged examining, settling & closing the Year's Accounts which proved satisfactory.  Dined at the Hotel.  In the evening Rowland Bent arrived in order to consider with us the course to be taken for satisfying Mr. Kinnersley's Account.  On their saying that they had no friend who they could ask for the money, I offered to lend them £1500 on their joint Bond in order that a payment of £2000 might be immediately made in part reduction of Kinnersley's debt.  This they expressed themselves very grateful for.  They said the other part of the Family were liable as well as themselves.


Friday 6.  William & Rowland Bent on coming to me this morning said they had seriously considered the business & that instead of availing themselves of my offer they thought it would be the best to sell Stoneyfield Estate, so that Kinnersley's Balance might be paid at once.  This proposal of course met my fullest approbation & which I expressed accordingly, & then advised them to see Mr. Ward immediately, & for which I brought them in the Carriage to Talk, from whence they proceeded to Newcastle.  Arrived at home to dinner.  Found Mr. Twemlow of Peats Wood had called on the Nantwich & [Autherly] Canal business & who said that he would write in a few days.  Found also a Letter from Mr. Telford with his Harecastle Tunnel Account.


Saturday 7.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Telford.  Revd. Mr. Arthurs called relative to his part of Navigation Shares [rested] in the late Mr. Penlington's trust.  John Farrall to consult me on the Will of the late Samuel [Bondford.  Rev. Mr. Mainwaring to consult me as to letting his Farm at [Biddenhall] to Samuel Beardmore.  By Post Letter from Mr. Twemlow.


Sunday 8.  At home.  Service.  Received by Post Letter from Mr. Vaughan, also one from Mr. Pattison Junior, & Mr. Curtis which had been sent to Newcastle upon Tyne requesting my vote at the Election of London Dock Directors.  Sharp Frost.


Monday 9.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan , also to Mr. Pattison.  Afterwards engaged on Navigation papers.


Page 63.  1826  January


Tuesday 10.  At home.  Engaged again on Navigation Letters & preparatory to seeing Mr. Vaughan who had proposed coming to Linley Wood tomorrow.  John Dickenson came to offer himself as Butler.  Agreed with him to come on the 1st of February upon Trial.  Wages if he staid in the place £30 a year, but to be £35 if at the end of the year I thought his conduct & services such as to merit it.  By Post Letter from William Bent on Macclesfield Affairs.


Wednesday 11.  At home.  Mr. Vaughan came, & with whom closely engaged all morning, considering various important matters, & arranging the business for the Select Committee on Monday next.  Mr. Vaughan delivered me back the Agreement with Mr. Bateman which I had left with him.


Thursday 12.  Eliza being still unable to accompany me I went myself to Nantwich to see our friends & when I arrived to dinner, taking up my abode at Mr. Sherratts.  Had the satisfaction to find from Bessy being better though recovering very slowly.  Great interest & agitation of excited at Nantwich by the ultimate stoppage of the Bank & Commission having been issued.  The Garnett Family plunged into the deepest distress.  Severe Frost.


Friday 13.  At the urgent request of our friends I consented to stay today at Nantwich.  The affairs of the Garnett's [engaging] universal attention & sympathy for the Families.  Frost in the last night particularly severe.


Saturday 14.  Returned home to dinner.  Previous to my leaving Nantwich it was understood that a Docket had been struck against the Cheese Concern of Thomas & John Garnett, which had been carried on since the late Mr. Garnett's death under the firm of George Garnett & Sons.


Sunday 15. At home.  Service.


Page 64.  1826  January


Monday 16.  Went to Stone, attending Select Committee & where closely engaged all day & till 11 o'clock at night.


Tuesday 17.  Closely engaged again till near 3 o'clock, particularly on account of the opposition proposed to be given to the Birmingham & Liverpool Junction Canal, & Mr. Wyatt attending to assure us of Lord Anson's strenuous cooperation in such opposition.  Stopped at Newcastle on my return home, & dined with the Mayor at the Castle Inn, it being the Sessions.


Wednesday 18.  Went to Newcastle to meet Mr. [Landor] of Rugeley & call with him upon Miss Fenton relative to Mr. Bateman's completion of the Knypersley Reservoir business.  Saw Mr. R. Fenton who promised immediately to apply against Mr. Bateman.  Expressed . . .of satisfied as to the Tithe, but said that Sir George Chetwynd promised to show or give an abstract of the Conveyance to the late Mr. Sparrow.  Showed Mr. R. Fenton the Minutes made at the [Deed] of [Roebuck] 29 May 1824 & of which he took a copy.  On asking Mr. [Landor] afterwards whether this might be done without any [written] Disclosure or such as could . . .in Sr George & the Parties, he said that it certainly might, but that it would be troublesome & attended with expense.  I spoke to Mr. Cook about the Macclesfield Account, & the money I should want for my purchases.  Paid sundry Tradesmen's Bills at Newcastle.


Thursday 19.  Closely engaged all morning on Navigation business.  Wrote to Mr. Twemlow & to Mr. Lister enclosing a Note from Miss Keen, Mr. Vaughan etc.  Very unwell with Fever & Headache on having had a miserable night.


Page 65.  1826  January


Friday 20.  Unwell.  Received Letter fro Mr. Williamson of Greenway Bank, also some of the Land taken for Knypersley & which I replied to.  Wrote also to Mr. Littleton, Mr. . . .of Manchester & Mr. Williamson of Liverpool on Navigation business.  Engaged selecting Papers previous to conferring with Mr. Vaughan who had proposed coming here today.  Closely engaged all morning.  Received by Post Letter from Mr. Lister in reply to the one written to him yesterday.


Saturday 21.  Closely engaged again on Navigation Papers.  Wrote Letter to Sir George Chetwynd & Mr. Lister proposing to meet them at Wolsely Bridge on Thursday to confer upon the selection of a Solicitor to undertake the management of the application in Parliament.  Miss Keen, having declined it.  Wrote also to Mr. Vaughan.  I this day completed the 67th year of my age.


Sunday 22.  At home.  Service.


Monday 23.  At home.  Received Letter from Mr. H Williamson relative to the completion of the purchase of the Land to him for Knypersley Reservoir & the payment of the purchase Money.  Engaged almost the whole of the day Selecting & assaying the various papers etc. that it would be proper to take to London.  Received Letter from Mr. Lister agreeing to meet at Wolsely Bridge to which place I had offered to go on Thursday, sent also Letter from Sir George Chetwynd with copy of one from Mr. . . .agreeing to undertake the Parliamentary opposition business in Town.  Having determined to go to Newcastle to speak to Mr. Williamson & to speak to Mr. Tomlinsin at Cliffe Ville.  Looked out papers etc. for that purpose..


Page 66.  1826  January


Tuesday 24.  Wrote to Mr. Potter & to Mr. [Landor] requesting them to meet me at Wolsely Bridge on Thursday next.  Wrote to Mr. Roberrt Heath desiring to see him tomorrow morning at Linley Wood.  Went to Newcastle & saw Mr. [Wilkinson] from thence to Cliffe Ville when it was agreed that Mr. Wilkinson, Mr. Tomlinson, Mr. Williamson & Mr. Potter (with myself if necessary) should meet finally to settle the Agreement in order that a Conveyance might be immediately proposed & executed, & Mr. Tomlinson undertook to write to Mr. Williamson accordingly.  Letter from Sir G.C. By the Post agreeing to meet on Thursday.  Mr. Tomlinson showed me the Abstract of the Penlington Tithe, with the opinion of Counsel upon which it approved that if a few further particulars were ascertained a good Tithe might be made to a Purchase.


Wednesday 25.  Mr. Barker on late Danl. Johnson's affairs.  Engaged on Navigation Papers preparatory to Select Committee Meeting at Wolsely Bridge tomorrow.  Dr. Northen to see Eliza.  Dined early & afterwards went to Stone where engaged all evening on business with Mr. Vaughan.


Thursday 26.  Proceeded with Mr. Vaughan to Wolsely Bridge, where we found Sir George Chetwynd & Mr. Lister who had just arrived.  Engaged closely till half past two closely on business.  Afterwards called at [Bishton] & sat half an hour with Mrs. & Miss Sparrow.  Arrived at home about 9.


Friday 27.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation Case for Mr. Vaughan & other papers.  Received by Post Letter from Mr. Twemlow.


Saturday 28.  At home.  Engaged all morning on Navigation Papers.  Wrote to Mr. Twemlow & Mr. Vaughan.  Received by Post Letter from Mr. . . .relative to Macclesfield Canal.  Mr. Barker on late Danl. Johnson's when we finished for the . . .etc. to be revalued.  Letter from Mrs. [Tunstall] on the Penlington Affairs.


Sunday 29.  At home.  Service.


Page 67.  1826  January


Monday 30.  Went to Newcastle to confer & make arrangements with Mr. Williamson relative to his & Mr. Vaughan's writing upon the Landowners.  On my return made & sent him a Copy of the . . .which I had received from Mr. Twemlow.  Mr. [Gillard] arrived with Letters from Sir Geo. Chetwynd.  Wrote to Sir George & offered to accompany him to Town so as to be there on Monday in order to be present in the Committee on standing orders with the Birmingham & Liverpool Rail Road Bill.  Very hurrying & fatiguing day.


Tuesday 31.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Lister & to Mr. . . .Manchester.  Mr. Wyatt called & who with case relative to Tolls on Holmes Chapel Turnpike Road.  Wrote to Mr. Peake informing him that I could not attend a Dep. Literary Meeting at . . .on Thursday night.  Wrote to Mr. Moses Booth.  Mr. Potter called relative to Plans etc. etc.  Dr. Northen to see Eliza.




Wednesday1.  Wrote to Mr. Wedgwood & appointed Friday next for seeing him here on Navigation Concerns previous to my going to Town.  Wrote to Mr. J. Potter, & invited him to dinner tomorrow, that we might have an opportunity of talking over and considering the Plans etc. etc.  Mr. Moses Booth, with whom consulted & arranged relative to the letting of the Oak Farm to Mr. Barker.  Looked over with him the Linley Wood & Hollins Lands.


Thursday 2.  Engaged on Navigation Papers in consequence of my being determined to go to Town thinking this and be satisfactory to, the Drafts & the Select Committee & particularly if I could forward upon Sir George Chetwynd to acompany me.  James Potter dined.


Friday 3.  Mr. Wedgwood came pursuant to appointment & with whom a long conversation on Navigation Affairs when he expressed his strong approbation of my going to Town & getting Sir George C. to accompany considering that this would be highly satisfactory to the Papers.  Afterwards engaged preparing for the Journey.  Took an early & hearty dinner & went afterwards to Stone to confer with Mr. Vaughan, but had being returned from making the . . .to the Landowners.  Saw Mr. Wm. Vaughan with whom I made the necessary Arrangements as to the Plans etc. being sent to me in Town.


Saturday 4.  Left Stone at 10 & arrived at Junction about one, but to my great disappointment & surprise found Sir George neither inclined to accompany me, nor giving any arrangement to my going alone.


Page 68.  1826  February


He dwelt much upon the responsibility that might attack in either case, & particularly as he considered Mr. Listers Letter as having put a veto upon our proceeding without him.  I . . .& argued the point & said all that I deemed proper & decorous in favour of our considering going to Town & . . the Standing Orders etc. & [making] the opportunity of giving the necessary instructions to Mr. Vaughan etc. etc. but without avail.  It was then agreed to send to Mr. Vaughan to . . .& [indicating] to Grendon, they might know the result of the application to the Land [owners] which Sir George thought . . .necessary we went to Town.  It being now late I staid all night.


Sunday 5.  Attended Service in the Church at Grendon, with which I was much gratified.  The Church . . .or either will be very handsome when finished.  There is a good organ lately presented by Sir George.  The Service was very well performed by the Rector Mr. Smith.  The Congregation was about 200 & very respectable in appearance & almost entirely Tenants of Sir George.  The Estate is large, about 5000 acres in a ring fence.  Some of the Estate's let & some purchased.  The House is in a low situation on the banks of the River [Anker].  His (house) is spacious, & there will be several large Apartments in it; but upon the whole I think it would have been better to have pulled (down) the old Mansion, than to have repaired it.  In the evening Mr. Vaughan arrived where in consequence of his Report, we determined to request Mr. Lister to meet us at Lichfield tomorrow & Mr. Vaughan promised to call upon him for that purpose.


Monday 6.  Sir George & I went in his Carriage to Lichfield.  Met Mr. Lister & made arrangements for our Journey to Town, according to a Minute which I proposed.  Left Lichfield about 4 o'clock &


Page 69.  1826  February


arrived at home that night, but much harassed & fatigued & discomposed at the result of this hurrying & almost fruitless Journey.  I had prepared to accompany Sir George to London this week if from the [votes] it should be necessary, but the opportunity of opposing  on the Standing Order had been missed!!


Tuesday 7.  Soon after I awoke this morning Eliza communicated to me the sad intelligence of the death of my most revered & excellent devout beloved friend & sister poor Anne who died on Monday morning about a minute before 3 o'clock from Inflammation of the Chest attended with Fever which could not be . . .;& without my having had any previous knowledge of her illness.  I set off soon after to Nantwich & there indeed a heartbreaking interview with poor Bessy awaited me, the bitterness of whose grief, and the shaken & emaciated state of her frame from her late illness rendering it almost insupportable.  I staid at Nantwich till 6 o'clock then returned home.


Wednesday 8.  Ill with an attack of inflammation of the Chest & Fever in consequence of a cold taken on my late journey and which kept me in bed till noon.  Mr. Giles, who was on his way to Liverpool, stopped at Linley Wood & dined & staid all night & with whom though very unfit for it, engaged all Evening on Navigation business, considering the various proposals and in agitation etc. etc.  I had received by the Post a Letter from Mr. Twemlow informing me of Lord Anson having withdrawn his opposition to the Liverpool & Birmingham Junction Canal & which was confirmed by Mr. Giles.


Thursday 9.  Having had a miserable night, & being too unwell to get up, Mr. Giles came into my Room, where we again considered & discussed various matters.  I made a Minute of the [powers] & promises that would be necessary to be introduced on the part of this company into the proposed uncompleted Canal Bill.  Mr. Giles intending to go to Chester, accompanied Mrs. Stamford to Nantwich, where she was going this morning.  Wrote by Post to Sir George Chetwynd (to whom I sent enclosed Mr. Twemlow's Letter) and to Mr. Vaughan, proposing to call upon him at Stone on Monday Evening & proceed together to Town so as to be there the next night.  In the evening Eliza Roscoe and her four Children arrived at Linley Wood.


Page 70.  1826  February


Friday 10.  Better night but still Fever & unwell.  Wrote to Mr. Twemlow of Peatswood.  Engaged all day correcting & enlarging Navigation Case for Mr. [Gizard]; & use in London.


Saturday 11.  At home.  Still unwell.  Mr. Potter called.  Engaged preparing for Journey to Nantwich Common and from thence to London.


Sunday 12.  Went to Nantwich & called at Mr. Sherratts, who then for the first time mentioned to me a will made by Ann about 3 years ago.  Afterwards long & distressing Interview with Bessy.


Monday 13.  Painful & distressing day.  Attended the Funeral of my late dear sister, with whom I had through life maintained the most unbroken, . . .& affectionate breath of intercourse, & having seen her remains deposited in the vault which contains those of our dear Parents & sister Mrs. T.  I took a hearty refreshment at Mr. Sherratts, & then proceeded in a Post Chaise & four to London, taking up Mr. Vaughan at Stone, & reaching Coventry that night, it being necessary for me to be in Town in good time the following day.


Page 71. No entry


Page 72.  1826  March


Thursday 16.  Left London with Sir George Chetwynd about a quarter before 7 o'clock in the Morning, and arrived at Grendon Hall a little before 9 in the evening.


Friday 17.  Left Grendon about half past ten, having been detained a short time by the arrival of Mr. Potter.  Called upon Mr. Vaughan at Stone & made arrangement for completion of Fox Holes purchase.  Arrived at home a little before 5.  Found Mr. Sherratt & E. Caldwell, Eliza Roscoe & her children.


Saturday 18.  Miserable Suffering & which indeed I had outward suffering all the time of my being in London.  Life at sometimes seeming seriously supportable.  Vexation & Trouble have indeed of late fallen more than commonly to my lot, and the Nantwich business has sunk deeper into my mind than I hoped it would, or indeed than it might.  I certainly did not merit it, & that is the best satisfaction.


Sunday 19.  At home.  Ill, but service.


Monday 20.  At home.  Still severe suffering.  Engaged with Mr. Sherratt on sundry papers particularly the Will of Mrs. Sherratts, a copy of which I gave him for the inspection of Mr. Edleston & to assert in the previous intended to be made in his own Will.


Tuesday 21.  After breakfast Mr. Sherratt left us.  Still in a state of great suffering.  Wrote to Mr. Skerratt of Sandbach on Penlingtons affairs.


Wednesday 22.  Went to Newcastle & Cliffe Ville, to have seen Mr. Ward on the Newcastle Brewery Case work, & Mr. Tomlinson on the Penlington & other affairs, but they were neither of them at home.  Still ill.


Thursday 23.  Went to Mr. . . .of Little . . .Hall relative to Birmingham & Liverpool Canal Bill, & to Mr. Vernon of Stone agreeing to meet him & Mr. Martin at Newcastle on Monday next.  Though very unwell, went again to


Page 73.  1826  March


Cliffe Ville relative to the Penlington Tithe, which finding from Mr. F. Tomlinson was nearly completed, gave instruction for Sale of the Estates by auction determining from previous consideration that this was the proposed course to pursue.  On my return called at Mr. Williamson's where I found Mr. Tomlinson, & when we settled the agreement with Mr. Williamson, but a question was raised relative to the power of the Conveyance & on which the opinions of Mr. Preston & Mr. Harrison had been taken.


Friday 24.  Closely engaged revising & copying for insertion in the Book the proceedings of the Select Committee.  Mr. Vaughan called with whom engaged a considerable time, and to whom I delivered a Copy of the proceedings.


Saturday 25.  Very unwell, but went after breakfast to Sandbach to make arrangements with Mr. Sherratt preparatory to sale of the late Miss Penlington's Estates, & also relative to my then completing the purchase from Miss Hatchells & Mr. Wolfe, which I did.  Soon after my return home Mr. Giles arrived, who dined & with whom engaged the remainder of the Evening on Navigation business.  When at Sandbach I proposed writing to Mr. Thomas Collinson & making him an offer of the Bostock House Estate as he had expressed a wish to purchase part of the late Miss P. Estates.


Sunday 26.  At home.  Engaged again with Mr. Giles.  Wrote to Mr. Tho. Collinson.  Service.  After dinner Mr. Giles left us on his way to Liverpool.


Monday 28.  Miserable night.  Mr. Potter called & with whom engaged on papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow.  Mr. Potter continued that Mr. Telford had called a few days ago & looked at the Tunnel & Reservoir particularly with a view to the Tenants, & on which he would shortly report.


Wednesday 29.  Went to Stone, where engaged closely all day attending General Committee, and General Assembly, being in the Chair in each, but very unwell with a violent cough & much inflammation of the Chest.  In the morning, I called upon Mr. Vernon & mentioned to him the [claims]


Page 74.  1826  March


& legacies under the Will of Wm. Martin, whom he said that he had sent for on affairs, copy of the will & anything should be seen right.


Thursday 30.  Miserable night, with scarcely any sleep.  Engaged afterwards all morning on Select Committee, with Sir G. Chetwynd & Mr. Vaughan.  Returned home to dinner, but very unwell.


Friday 31.  Still very unwell after a bad night.  Engaged on papers & various matters.  Wrote to Mr. Skerratt of Sandbach with offer of tending for sale of Bostock House Estate.




Saturday 1.  Somewhat better, but still very unwell & in the House all day.  Letter from Mr. Skerratt of Sandbach declining the purchase of Bostock House on the part of the Trustees of Sandbach Poor.


Sunday 2.  Miserable night again.  But service as usual.


Monday 3.  Better night.  Copied & sent to Mr. Vaughan parts of the Minutes of the last Select Committee Meeting & General Assembly.  Wrote to Wm. Bent requesting to see him on Newcastle Brewery Concerns, and to Mr. Tomlinson to expedite advertisement for Sale by Auction of the Penlington Estates.  Closely engaged completing & copying Account in the affairs of the late Mrs. Sarah Stamford of Gower Street.  Weather milder & the affliction of my Chest in some  (way) relieved.  Received from Mr. James Potter another large Toll . . .found in Harecastle Tunnel.


Tuesday 4.  Still rather better.  Engaged on various papers.  Called at Rode Hall, but Mr. Wilbraham was not at home.


Wednesday 5.  Wrote to Mr. Wedgwood & Mr. Spode, informing them that I would meet them & Mr. Bateman at Mr. Fenton's office in Newcastle, pursuant to an Engagement made by Mr. Spode with Mr. Bateman.  Mr. James Massey called relative to the Penlington Affair & the payment of the Debts when I explained to him how this business was circumstantial.


Thursday 6.  Again very unwell.  Engaged on Navigation Papers preparatory to 


Page 75.  1826  April


meeting Mr. Wedgwood, Mr. Spode & Mr. Bateman tomorrow.  Letter again from Miss Sherratts, with account of Miss Hatchells purshase money which I informed them that I would send to Chester to be paid on halfway of the purchase Deeds.  Looked with Mr. Johnson at the Divisions of the Copy . . .& . . .Land much to the left where he said that he remembered property will be sold to Mr. . . .the Freehold Land that the . . . .now . . .was the Division.  The copy could not . . .in a parish at the corner end near the old Road & being the southern side of the old . . .


Friday 7.  Went to Newcastle pursuant to Appointment & met Mr. Wedgwood, Mr. Spode & Mr. Bateman at Miss Fenton's Office, where a long conference took place.  Mr. Bateman said he had no wish whatsoever to throw any difficulty in the way, but thought that the Deeds etc. should be completed proposing they were done upon his Land.  Any difficulty with him as to compensation for Coals.  Acquisition of purchase money etc. had been removed by these [efforts] having been left to Mr. Heaton & Mr. Robert Heath whose [grounds] would being shortly be had.  Little . . .to the Tithe Mr. Fenton said that it would be accepted on a Deed of Covenant being given to produce the Deeds conveyed in the . . .Delivered, & the Industries being given as proposed.  Returned home to dinner.  Very unwell.


Saturday 8.  After breakfast Bessy left us on her return to Nantwich.  Sent the carriage with her.  Engaged on papers & accounts.  Received by Post letter from Sir George Chetwynd.  Sometime after Mr. Vaughan arrived with another Letter proposing my going to Town in case this should be necessary from the further opposition given by some of the Landowners to the Birmingham & Liverpool Canal Bill.  Wrote to Sir George promising to attend in Town if this shall be desired necessary, and I shall hear from Mr. Lister to that effect.  For greater certainty as to what would be required for the completion of Sir G. Chetwynd's Tithe, I wrote to Miss Fenton this morning , who said they would return an answer on Monday.


Page 76.  1826  April


Sunday 9.  At home.  Service.  Wm. Bent came to dinner, and returned in the Evening .  He promised that on Mr. Ward's return everything should be done by Sale of Stoneyfield or otherwise for discharge of Kinnersley's Balances.


Monday 10.  Still unwell, & in the House the whole of the day.


Tuesday 11. Dr. Northen came early to see Eliza, and of whom he made a favourable Report.  Engaged on the new Road with Mr. Slater & Mr. Bate relative to Fences etc.  The present wall against [Bebingtons] Green to be taken down & rebuilt.  The sale of the Embankment at the Hollins being on my Land to be mine etc.  A temporary fence to be immediately erected by the corner along embankment.  Objected decidedly to the Toll house being erected in the centre of the two Roads.  Afterwards engaged with Mr. Barker of Alsager, & finally fixed for Admin. to the late Danl. Johnson to be taken out by his Daughters.  Still very unwell.  Mr. Wilson of Newcastle called with Minutes of the Decision of Court of Kings Bench on the Case of Chambers & Williams, upon the question of the payment of Tolls for 2 [Horses] & coachman returning on the same day but with the same Horses on the [But Lane] or Cranage Green Turnpike Road on which point I had been early consulted & had given an opinion which was now confirmed by the Court.


Wednesday 12.  At home, and in the House all day being very unwell.  Received Letters from Miss Fenton & from Sir G. Chetwynd.


Thursday 13.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd & enclosed the Letter received from Miss Fenton relative to the conference had with Mr. Bateman on Friday last.  Engaged on and with Mrs. Stamford to 30 day last, which we examined with her Book, settled & signed.  Wrote to Miss [Byerley] acknowledging the receipt of half a years Rent due at Lady day past, & consenting to her continuing Tenant of the House upon the Marsh.  Still very unwell.


Friday 14.  At home.  Still the same.  Wrote to Miss Dawson on the Penlington Affairs.


Page 77.  1826  April


Saturday 15.  At home.  Miss Dawson on the Penlington Affairs.  Engaged on accounts.  Sent to the Revd. Mr [Atkins] for Post his share of Trent & Mersey Canal Dividends.  Received Letter from Sir George Chetwynd enclosing a long one from Mr. Lowndes on Canals, Railways etc.


Sunday 16.  At home.. Service.


Monday 17.  At home, not being well enough to go to Sandbach on the Penlington Affairs as I had intended doing.  Wrote to Mr. Lowndes in reply to his Letter.  Wrote to Miss Ward & [attending] with . . .keep Arthur Marsh's Indemnity Deed a while longer in their possession, as they had stated that it might be wanted to . . .to, on some matters now offending.  Engaged arranging last years Bills & Receipts.  Wrote to Mr. John Bakewell on behalf of Alice Fox Housemaid, relative to property belonging to her at Castle Donnington, & which letter she took, to deliver.  Copied Minutes of the Proceedings of the last General Committee, General Assembly & Select Committee for entry in the Books.  Took the bay Pony that had been running out all winter into the stable.


Tuesday 18.  Went to Sandbach, giving Instructions to Miss [Skerratts] to propose immediately an Advertisement for the Sale of the Penlington Estates & which they promised to do & send a Draft for my perusal.  Received by the Post Letter from Mr. Vaughan.


Wednesday 19.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Superintending the levelling of the Ground late [Birchmarsh] & which had been begun by Walker, the Tenant, a few days ago.  Received by Post Letter from Sir George Chetwynd.  As the Cart was returning from Newcastle today, one of the Horses ( that purchased from Mr. Booth of Audley) suddenly dropped down dead.  But not as been owing to any abuse or over driving.. His hind had for some time past been affected, and he was very narrow across the Chest.


Thursday 20.  Planted this morning 40 Hollies with my own hand in the Plantation under the Study window.  Afterwards went to Newcastle giving instructions to Mr. Williamson to propose case as to the entitling


Page 78.  1826  April


of the Canal to Highway Rate, Church Rate & the widening of Bridges and the Navigation business.  Saw the Revd. Mr. Tomkinson of Dorfold with whom a conversation relative to the Birmingham & Liverpool Canal & the present state of the Proceedings in Parliament.  I spoke to Mrs [Brothers] about the irregularity in the delivery of our Newspaper & left an account with her in writing of the terms those at now missed, five , in the last three weeks.


Friday 21.  At home.  Engaged on the Farm making sundry arrangements as to the management of the Land etc.  Joseph Hudson planted a large number of Hollies in the Stonecliffe Wood.  Received by Post Letter  from Sir George Chetwynd.  Stated T & M shares to have fallen to £1500.


Saturday 22.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd.  Engaged on various matters.  Letter from Mr. Vaughan appointing Wednesday next for coming to Linley Wood.  James Farrar to arrange the getting of Stone in Talk Quarry  for the use of the Navigation Company, when I told him that I wished the Company to be served before any one else.  Miss Anderton called.  In the afternoon & evening mild light Rain.  Wrote to Mr. Wilshaw with complaint of the irregularity in the night of the newspapers which had missed sometimes since the 25 of March last.


Sunday 23.  At home.  Service.


Monday 24.  At home.  The coldness of the weather preventing my going to Sandbach, as I had intended doing to explain the advertisement for Sale of the Penlington Estates, wrote and sent Letter to Miss Sherratts by the Coachman, on this business, & received back by him a Draft of an advertisement for my perusal & consideration.  Wm. Farrar came with whom engaged a considerable time on Navigation business.  Still far from well.  Revised & restated my private affairs, after the great additional loss by the Newcastle Brewery, perhaps not less than £4000, & the reduction in the take of my Trent & Mersey Canal shares, and reckoned only at 1500 per share, instead of £2000 as before estimated!!   Such is the fluctuation & uncertainty of worldly possessions.


Page 79.  1826  April


Tuesday 25.  Mr. Moses Booth with Minutes of an Assessment for Estate in Alsager late in the holding of Danl. Johnson & now let to William & James Barker, & which W. B. left for my consideration.  Afterwards went to Cliffe Ville to settle with Mr. Tomlinson the Draft of the advertisement for Sale of the Penlington Estate received yesterday from Miss Sherratts, & which I arranged with him accordingly.


Wednesday 26.  After breakfast went to Sandbach finally settling with Miss Sherratts the advertisement for Sale of the Penlington Estates, time & place of Sale, invitation with the Papers etc.  Mr. Vaughan who was on his way into Cheshire came to dinner & with whom engaged all evening on Navigation business etc. he staying all night.


Thursday 27.  Mr. Vaughan went early.  Wrote to Miss Wrench on the Penlington Affairs.  Engaged on sundry matters.  Alice Fox returned, having in consequence of my Letter to [Mr. Bakewell] been enabled to settle all accounts in . . .to relative to her [passing] at Castle Donnington & of which she has now got the quick possession.  It . . .from her amount of Land & Houses of the value of about £40 a year.  Signed to a Mortgage for £300.


Friday 28.  In the last night Severe Frost.  Snow had also fallen.  Wrote to Mr. Vernon of Stone relative to Foxholes Tithe Considered minutes of agreement drawn up by Mr. Moses Booth for letting Alsager Estate to Wm. & James Barker.


Saturday 29.  At home.  Received papers from Nantwich relative to the Affairs of the late A.C. which having looked over.  I returned by the . . ., Eliza visiting therewith.  Wrote to Mr. Booth of Keel & found Wednesday next for the Oak farm business, & settling the arrangement with Wm. & James Barker.


Sunday 30.  At home.  Service.  Wrote to Mr. Sherratt relative to the lease of the House in Dysant Buildings & to ascertain whether Real or Tenant Estate as the Duties must be settled accordingly.  Mr. Booth of Audley called with a note from Mr. Kinnersley requesting my support in favour of Mr. Byatt in the Estates of a commons carrying on.  Declined interfering having had an early application from Mr. Dent the other cancidate.


Page 80.  1826  May


Monday 1.  Wrote to Mr. [Balgery] proposing to come to Derby the latter end of the next week, or the beginning of the week after on the late Richard Harrisons Affairs.  Called upon the Revd. Mr. Mainwaring at Biddle Hall.


Tuesday 2.  At home.  Received by the Post Letter from Mr. [Hobhouse] explaining Mr. Peel's request, that the stoppage of this Canal might not take place till after the Troops ordered into Lancashire on account of the present . . .& which were to come from Paddington on Wednesday (tomorrow) had reached their destination.  Dispatched Farmer Jones immediately with this Letter to Mr. Vaughan, & gave pass and directions to Mr. Fairbanks (who I sent for) to take care that every possibility was afforded to the passage of the Troops along the Canal & through the Tunnel.  Engaged considering Minutes of the proposed Agreement with Wm. & James Barker for letting to them the Oak Farm.


Wednesday 3.  Wrote to Mr. Hobhouse in reply to his Letter.  Mr. Booth afterwards came, & with whom engaged looking over the Oak Farm, making [Timber] for Repairs etc. & considering the proposed Agreement with Wm. & J. Barker.


Thursday 4.  At home.  Received Letter from Mr. Armistead requesting permission to use the Waste Water of the Canal at [Weston] for the purpose of a . . .Informed him that I would issue a Survey & Report to be made & recommend the same before the Select Committee.  Mr. & Mrs. Wedgwood, Mrs. Jos. Wedgwood, Eliza & Elizabeth Wedgwood came to dinner.  Got cabbages.


Friday 5.  At home.  Painfully engaged with Mr. Wedgwood.  Letter from Mr. Fairbanks with Account of the Troops having passed the Tunnel yesterday Evening in 23 Boats & that every dispatch had been given to their passage.  Part of the Coldstream & part of the 60 Regiment.  Revd. Mr. Mainwaring dined.  Got early potatoes for dinner.


Saturday 6.  Engaged again with the Wedgwood's, who left us at noon.  Wrote to Mr. Farrar on Mr. Armisteads business, & desiring him to survey & make a Report.


Page 81.  1826  May


Sunday 7.  At home.  Service.  In the Evening Dr. & Mrs. Crompton, Emma & Henry Crompton arrived being on their way to London.  Received by the Post Letter from Mr. Giles, relative to his Account, & other matters.


Monday 8. Wrote to Mr. Vaughan & sent him Mr. Giles's Letter.  Received from Mr. Sherratt the Draft of his Will for my perusal & consideration.  Engaged with Dr. Crompton.


Tuesday 9.  After breakfast the Crompton's left us proceeding on their Journey to Town.  Mr. Potter called & with whom engaged on Navigation business.  Received by the Post Letter from Mr. Vaughan returning Mr. Giles Letter & requesting me to find a day for examination of the Cash Book.


Wednesday 10.  At home.  Engaged perusing & considering the Draft of Mr. Sherratts Will.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan & appointed Saturday next for examination of the Cash Book.  Very unwell.


Thursday 11.  At home & very unwell.  Mild day with light Rain, having the first [genial] Spring weather that we have had for several weeks past, the Season being uncommonly late from the prevalence of the East winds, & scarcely any grass.


Friday 12.  Frost again in the night.  Delayed turning out the cows from the [east] of sufficient pasturage.  Perused & considered again Mr. Sherratts's Will previous to sending it to Nantwich tomorrow.  Wrote to Mr. Peake of Silverdale relative to transference of the License from the Public House at Talk, to the new House at the Hollins.


Saturday 13.  Wrote to Mr. Sherratts, & returned him, by Samuel Jones the Draft of his Will with observation for the consideration of Mr. Edleston.  Mr. Vaughan came pursuant to appointment bringing the Cash Book for my examination, previous to my Meeting with Mr. Webb at Stone to examine the Banking Account.  Mr. Vaughan left the Book with me, and on which afterwards closely engaged.  Wrote to Miss Wrench, & to Miss Sherratts of Sandbach relative to the Sale of the Penlington Estate, discussing the sentiments of the former as to the price to be taken, & requesting the latter to propose Conditions of the Sale, and do whatsoever was


Page 82.  1826  May


necessary on the occasion.


Sunday 14.  At home.  Service.  Mild fine day.


Monday 15.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan, & returned him the Cash Book, having carefully gone through the Addition & which I found correct.  Sent the Book to Mr. Fairbanks to be forwarded to Stone, as directed by Mr. Vaughan.  Turned the Milking cows this morning into the Ground below the Garden Terrace.  Engaged on sundry matters & preparing for Journey to Derby tomorrow.  Mr. [Swinton] Holland & Mr. [Edward] Holland came to dinner.


Tuesday 16.  Went to Derby, on the late Richard Harrison's affairs.  Called on Mr. Williamson on my way relative to [Adduley] Conveyance & other Navigation business.  Mr. Williamson mentioned to me his wish to succeed Mr. Sparrow in the Office of Clerk to the Company when I told him that in the situation in which I stood I would make no promise & indeed did not intend to vote.  Arrived at Derby between 5 & 6.  Called upon Mr. [Balgery] with whom I engaged to . . .the next morning.  Afterwards called at Mr. [Horrocks] but he was gone from home.


Wednesday 17.  Breakfasted with Mr. Balgery& started the Account of Rents review of the late Richard Harrison property.  Called at Dr. Bent's but neither he or Miss Maria were at home.  Miss B. being now in Staffordshire.  Left Derby between one & two o'clock, & arrived at Linley Wood in the evening.


Thursday 18.  Went to Newcastle, called upon Mr. Ward, relative to Newcastle Brewery Account.  He said that he had spoken to Mr. Kinnersley, that the whole of the late Mr. Bent's property was . . .to the . . .due to Mr. . . .he would use his best [outcomes] to get the property disposed of.  Called at the Public Office where was a Meeting of the Trustees of the Darlaston Turnpike Road, represented the . . .of placing the gate House in the centre of the Road at the Hollins & suggested that one or two of the Trustees would . . .the place.  Application made to me by the Revd. Mr.Leigh for subscription towards an


Page 83.  1826  May


information on the plan of the new Church intended to be located at Newcastle.


Friday 19.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Leigh desiring him to put down my name as a subscriber of £20 to the intended new church.  Wrote to the Rev. Chas. Hope Derby, as proposed by Mr. Balgery, requesting payment of his arrears of Rent.


Saturday 20.  Whilst at breakfast, my over . . .Eliza suddenly appeared to have lost her . . ., not recalling to her mind what had been said & done a few Minutes before.  Immediately sent off with Mr. Davenport & Dr. Northen.  I think it is the effect only of Medicines which she had been taking not having produced their due effect.  But what are my present sanctions!  Dr. Northen & Mr. Davenport both came & considered the attack as originating an obstruction of the Bowels & the Medicines taken, not having had their effect.  Stronger ones were given, & at night I had the unspeakable delight to be satisfied that all danger was over.  In the morning Mr. B. Allen & Mrs. Jos. Wedgwood called.  Wrote to Miss Sherratts of Sandbach on Penlington Affairs, from whom I afterwards examined the Draft of the Conditions for Sale of the Estates.  Changed the milking cows to the House Field.  N.B. Mr. Allen said this morning that the space between . . . should be one fiftieth of their [length].


Sunday 21.  At home.  Service.  In the evening, Eliza Roscoe & her two girls for whom I had sent the Carriage to Nantwich, arrived at Linley Wood.


Monday 22.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan proposing Saturday next for meeting Mr. Webb at Stone to examine Treasurer's Account etc. etc.  Wrote to Mr. Fred Tomlnson & sent him for perusal the Draft of the Conditions of Sale, & requested him to accompany me to Sandbach on Thursday next.  Wrote also to Miss Sherratts requesting that a valuation might be obtained of the Timber on the Bostock House Estate previous to the sale.  Wrote to Mr. Horrocks of Derby on Harrison's affairs, & requesting his account.


Tuesday 23.  At home.  Mrs. Stamford & E. Roscoe set off on their Journey to Town.  Mr. Booth Jun. Came to make a plan of the separation of the Land, particularly of the Copy hold & Freehold occasioned by the new Road, & with whom engaged .  Letter from Mr. Vaughan fixing Saturday next for my going to Stone.


Page 84.  1826  May


Wednesday24.  Went to Rode Heath to consult with the Ladies ( Miss Wrench being there) relative to the Sale of the Estates tomorrow, & the price that should be taken, but which they desired to leave to me, but thought they should not be [supressed] to go very much under the valuation put upon them by Mr. Heaton.  Soon after my return Mr. Bent came on his way to Newcastle to see Mr. Ward & Mr. Kinnersley relative to the settlement of the late Newcastle Brewery Account.  He returned to dinner without having been able to see Mr. Kinnersley, but said that Mr. Ward would do it, & that I should hear from him tomorrow.  Wrote by the Post to Dr. Latham relative to the completion of his purchase of the Birmingham & Liverpool Canal Shares standing in the name of Dr. Holland.  Engaged on Penlington Papers preparatory to the Sale.


Thursday 25.  In the morning again engaged on the Penlington Papers.  Mr. Fred. Tomlinson came to dinner after which we proceeded to Sandbach when the Auction took place but another of the Estates were sold.  Returned late at night.  Fair and seasonable shower of Rain the country beginning to suffer much from the late long continued Drought.


Friday 26.  At home.  Mr. James Massey with whom looked at the new Buildings at the Hollins with a view to completing the same.  George Beardmore who begun the work, having failed.


Saturday 27.  Set off to Stone.  Called at Kinnersley's Bank on sundry matters.  Arrived at Stone a little before eleven, & immediately sat down with Mr. Webb & Mr. Vaughan to the examination of the Accounts on which I was closely engaged till 1/2past 6 o'clock without stirring.  Took a very hasty dinner at the Crown, & returned home that evening.  There had been some fine Rain today with slight Thunder .  Mr. Giles had arrived at Linley Wood this Evening, but had gone to bed before I got home.


Sunday  28.  At home.  Service as usual.  Engaged with Mr. Giles who mentioned to me his progress at a wooden Bridge across the  Mersey


Page 85.  1826  May


at Runcorn as a Road way only, it being thought that the original Project of the intended Road way & water way was too great to be at present brought forwards.  Mr. Giles showed me sketch of the Bridge, which was intended only to be a temporary one, perhaps for a period of 20 years.  As any good passage across the River at Runcorn would afford great facility to the travelling between London & Liverpool & be a great accommodation to the Public at large.  The project appeared possible & particularly as the expense would not be anything enormous.  Mr. Giles [comported] it at £70 or £80,000.  The present Tolls by Warrington had been completed by Mr. . . .at £15,000 a year.  I suggested to Mr Giles, that if this Accounts of the Tolls were right, the subscription to the new Bridge might look to [£20] per . . .for . . .money & a Tunnel being accommodated out of the surplus Tolls to reinstate the original capital at the end of the 20 years, or when the use of this Bridge should be superseded by the adoption of the more extended Plan of Bridge & Agreement and this would afford ground for a very satisfactory . . .In the evening Mr. Giles left us on his way to Town.


Mondaty 29.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Eyre Lee requesting him to send a Transfer of 6 shares of the Birmingham & Liverpool Canal from Dr. Holland to Dr. Latham.  Wrote to Mr. F. Tomlinson for Conditions of Penlingtons Sale etc. considered notice to be given of License for new public House at the Hollins, a Draft of which Mr. F .T. had sent me.  Received from Mr. Williamson Draft of Case relative to the Navigation Co. Liability to Highway & other Rates with a sequel that Trustees consider the same.  Also the Conveyance to Mr. Williamson & the Lease to Miss Pickford in order that the . . .might be applied thereto.


Tuesday 30.  At home.  Sent to Mr. Peake of Silverdale, a copy of a Notice of the application for a License.  Eliza went out a little in the Carriage & in which I accompanied her.  Engaged on sundry matters.


Wednesday 31.  Perused & considered the Navigation Case sent me by Mr. Williamson.  Mr. Pointon of Odd Rode came, & with whom I finally agreed for the Sale to him of Mr. Henshall's farm part of the Penlington Estate at the price of £4450 including the Timber suggest to the condition for sale read at Sandbach on the 25 inst.  Afterwards went down to Rode & [assured] Miss Wrench,Miss [Rowesthance] & Miss Dawson of what I had done & of which they expressed their perfect approbation.  Mrs. & Miss Northen


Page 86.  1826  May


James Massey with Plan of new Stables at the Hollins.




Thursday 1.  Went to Newcastle & delivered to Mr. Williamson the Deed to which I this morning afford the Company also to consider with him the Case relating to the Church Rates etc.  Went to Silverdale, arranging & settling with Mr. Peake the Notice to be given relative to obtaining the License for the new House at the Hollins.  Called upon Mr. Ward Newcastle relative to my address of £4000. towards liquidating the Balance due to Mr. Kinnersley from the late Newcastle Brewery.  On my return completed the notices & examined & conferred with Samuel Jones the Copy which he was to take to Miss Warren & Son of Drayton as Clerk & Sir. G. Chetwynd & Mr. Twemlow tomorrow.


Friday 2.  Samuel Jones went to Drayton early.  Afterwards compared & examined with Samuel Beardmore the Copies of the Notice to be delivered to Miss Willaims & Marsh & Miss Edleston & Edward.  The former Clerks to Mrs. Tollet & Mr. T Twemlow.  The latter to Revd. H. [Broughton].  Perused Brief Copy of Bill & answer in the Cause Wheeler & Marsh agreed which I received from Mr. Delmar on Wednesday last previous to my calling upon Mr. Wedgwood one of the Defds. as a Trustee under A..Marsh  Marriage Settlement.  Drew & Draft of a fresh Case relative to the liability of the Navigation Co. to Poor & Church Rates & the widening of these Bridges.  Samuel Jones & Saml. Beardmore returned in the Evening having delivered the respective License Notices.  Miss Bent of Derby & Mrs. Bent of Basford called today.


Saturday 3.  Compared & examined with Saml. Beardmore & delivered to him two copies of the License Notice, one to be offered upon the House at the Hollins & the other upon the door of Audley Church.  Wrote to Mr. Wedgwood to fix a day for my seeing him on A. Marsh's business.  Perused & reconsidered Navigation Case.  Went out with Eliza in the Carriage.  Changed the Cows to the Hollins Ground.


Sunday 4.  At home.  In the morning light showers, but of no continuance.  Service.


Page 87.  1826  June


Monday 5.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.  Engaged on Navigation Papers.  Wrote to Mr. Broadhurst .  Went out again with Eliza.  Hargreaves of Congleton, who applied for the new Public House.  Application also by Mr. Done on the part of Harris of Stone.


Tuesday 6.  Called upon Mr. Tollet at Betley Hall & sat with him some time.  Whilst there Major Tomlinson came in.  Afterwards called at Betley Court & saw Mr. Twemlow, Mrs. T & Miss Fletcher.  Returned to dinner.  Still drought upon which the Grounds about Betley appeared to be suffering much.  Letter from Mr. Vaughan proposing to come here on Tuesday next.


Wednesday 7.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.  Wrote to Dr. Holland & Dr. Latham to accompany the Transfer from Dr. H. & Dr. L of the Birmingham & Liverpool Canal Shares sold to the latter when I was last in Town.  Mr. Broadbent of Macclesfield & Mr. Broadhurst came to dinner.


Thursday 8.  The Commissioning of the blessed day which 42 years ago united me with the best & most amiable of women.  Sent from Newcastle for Mail the Transfer & Letters to Dr. Holland & Dr. Latham.  Went to Etruria & met Mr. Wedgwood relative to the Answer in Chancery in A. Marsh's affairs which he consented to put in.  On my return through Newcastle found that Mr. . . .had declared himself a candidate & would be down today, his sons having arrived.  Saw Mr. Kinnersley who said that he should vote for Mr. Denison.


Friday 9.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan on requesting him to bring the Select Committee Book & the General Assembly Book with him tomorrow.  Completed Minute of Business for the Meeting on Tuesday next.  Note from Mr. Potter, proposing to finish my Section of the Tunnel & the work done up to this time, but I informed him that it had been left in London.  Wrote to Mr. Delmar with the Brief of the Bill & answer in the Cause of Wheeler & Marsh & informing him of Mr. Wedgwood's consent to put in the Answer.  Sent these papers by Mr. Bickerton to Newcastle, to go from . . .by the Liverpool Mail.  Received from Miss Sherratts offer from Mr. Joseph Lea of £5755 for Bostock House Estate including Timber.


Saturday 16.  Revised and copied Navigation Case relative to the . . . to the Highway & Church Rates, & the widening of Bridges.  Mr. Booth junior came & with whom & Mr. Johnson looked over the Land & plan prepared by Mr. Booth to


Page 88.  1826  June


show the separation of the Freehold & copy hold Land, & particularly as required by the new Road, & which plan we found correct.  Mr. Vaughan came & with whom closely engaged on Navigation business, & particularly considering & arranging a Statement showing the payments to be made by the Company, & the means of providing for the same.  Mr. Vaughan went in the evening.  Hot day & the Ground beginning to burn.  Extraordinary continuance of Drought from which


many parts of the country are suffering great inconvenience.


Sunday 11.  Received from Mr. Vaughan by special Messenger, Letters from Sir Geo. Chetwynd requesting that the Select Committee Meeting might be postponed for a day or two on account of the . . .nomination.  Wrote to him & found Friday next the day proposed by Mr. Lister.  Service.  Hot day with Thunder in the afternoon, but still no Rain, the Cloud having passed over.


Monday 12.  Perused Draft of an Agreement proposed by Mr. Booth for letting the farm to Mr. Barker & his son & wrote to Mr. Booth thereon.  In the evening


went to Sandbach to confer with Mr. Sherratt relative to the Offer made by Mr. Lea for purchase of Bostock House Estate, when I promised to meet Mr. Lea at Sandbach to talk with him.


Tuesday 13.  At home.  Mr. Beech of Bostock House wrote to inquire about the probable Sale etc.  I saw Hammond [Broad bent]with Kingsley to inquire about the new Public House.  Mr. James Massey, who was engaged with the [Referees] measuring the work done at the Hollins, in order to select the Account with George Beardmore . . .his having . . .a Bankdraft.


Wednesday 14.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  New Road etc.  Received by Post Letter from Dr. Latham accepting 4 more shares of the Birmingham & Liverpool Canal at a price not exceeding that given for the Land.


Thursday 15.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow.  Wrote to Dr. Latham agreeing to his terms for the B & L Canal Shares.  In the afternoon light Rain.  Miss Wettenhall


Page 89.  1826 June


Friday 16.  Went early to Stone where closely engaged all day on Select Committee with Sir George Chetwynd & Mr. Lister.


Saturday 17.  Breakfasted at Stone & returned home to dinner.  Wrote Letter to Mr. Eyre Lee & to accompany the Transfer of the B & L Canal Shares to Dr. Latham for registering in the Book & instructions for Transfer to him of 4 more Shares.  Letter from Miss Sherratts appointing Monday next for my Meeting Mr. Lea at Sandbach.


Sunday 18.  Sent by this Post the Letter & Transfer to Mr. Eyre Lee.  Service.


Monday 19.  In the morning at home.  Harris of Stone & his wife called relative to the new Public House, and I promised to speak to him when I went next to Stone.  Dined early, & afterwards went to Sandbach & met Mr. Lea, who bid £5400 for the Bostock House Estate, and allowed me ten days or a fortnight to accept or decline the Offer.


Tuesday 20.  At home.  Unwell & much tired and fatigued.  Considered Mr. Lea's Offer, & being of opinion that under all circumstances it would be [explained] to accept it.  Went down in the evening to Rode Heath to mention the matter to Miss [Rowsthorne] & Miss Dawson who continually agreed with me as to the Sale.  Eliza and the two little Girls went in the Carriage with me.


Wednesday 21  Went early this morning to Sandbach, when after conferring with Mr. J. Sherratt, I wrote and sent by a special Messenger a Letter to Mr. Lea signifying the acceptance of his offer.  Hargreaves of Congleton again called about the Public House & referred on to Mr. Simpson of [Horton] for  his Character.  In the evening received Letter from Mr. Lea confirming the purchase & agreeing to much at Sandbach on Saturday to sign an agreement & of which I assigned Mr. James Sherratt by Letter to him.


Thursday 22.  Wrote to Miss Wrench informing her of the Sale of Bostock House Estate, & requesting her & Mr. Sherratts sentiments as to the nomination of Mr. Yates of Stafford & Mr. Thos. Collinson as Trustees on the . . .of the late Mr. Penlington & of the two Navigation Schemes belonging to the Executors of the late Miss C. Penlington & the Rev. Mr. Willaims.  Received by the


Page 90.  1826  June


Post from Mr. Vaughan informing me that Mr. Webb had declined advancing the money wanted to pay the . . . Dividends & that he would come to Linley Wood tomorrow morning to consult me what was to be done.


Friday 23.  Mr. Vaughan came to breakfast , & with whom a long conference, when I desired him immediately to see Sir George Chetwynd & Mr. Lister , & communicate my opinion right, that the Stock should be sold, - & to suggest the expediency of raising what further money was wanted amongst ourselves,rather than trouble the Bankers, & that I was willing to advance my quota.  Received by Post letter from Mr. Bateman relative to the Mill agreed to be erected at Knypersley Reservoir.


Saturday 24.  Wrote Letter to Mr. Bateman.  Went to Sandbach.  Met Mr. Lea at Mr. Sherratts office, & signed agreement for procedure Sale of Bostock House Estate, being hot day.  Returned home to dinner, but most fatigued.


Sunday 25.  At home.  Service.  James Bent dined.  Excessive Heat.


Monday 26.  Began mowing the large meadow.  James Massey relative to new Building, & letting the House to Mr. Hargreaves who he said that he should see again tomorrow.  Gave directions [Meadon] for altering the wall at the entrance from the new Road into the Grounds.  In the evening Mr. Giles arrived from Liverpool & with whom engaged.  The payment of a Wooden Bridge at Runcorn relinquished & a stone Bridge was purchased.  A.meeting for intended to be held in September which Lord Sefton said he would attend.  In the afternoon Mr. & Mrs. Wilbraham called.  Afterwards wrote in haste to Mr. W. relative to River Weaver.


Tuesday 27.  Engaged with Mr. Giles on Navigation business, particularly the proposed communication between the River Weaver & the Canal, the situation of which he had . . .& lead down upon Farrars plan, the line which he himself judged to be the land.  Much Conversation with him relative to Macclesfield Canal, when he promised at my request, a . . .or short Statement of the reasons for their Company executing the [final] mile.  Conversation with him relative to Chester's new Bridge, the engineers [life] of which he was desirous to obtain.  In the afternoon Thunder with Rain which stopped us in the Hay.


Page 91.  1826  June


Wednesday 28.  Mrs. Simmonds Mrs. Jos. Wedgwood, Eliza, Jesse, Emma & [Rev] Wedgwood came to breakfast & to dinner.  Wrote to Mr. Wilkinson & Mr. Vaughan on Navigation business.  Wrote also to Mr. L. Percy & sent him remittance for his sisters.  Mr. Sutton of [Shardlow} called on Navigation business, & with whom engaged some time.  Busy in the Hay.


Thursday 29. At home.  Met James Massey at the new Buildings setting out the Stables etc.  Busy in the Hay, & carried the whole of the upper part of the Meadow.  Eliza Roscoe & her two children left us after breakfast, Mrs. Stamford taking them to Nantwich.  William & Rowland Bent came before dinner, & with whom engaged relative to the final Settlement of the Newcastle Brewery Concerns, the Executors having hesitated about the Account with Mr. Kinnersley. 


I advised that they would be requested to examine the Books & Accounts themselves, or appoint some proper person to do it on their behalf.  After dinner they proceeded to Newcastle to speak to Mr. Ward.  Just as they were going away Mr. Vaughan arrived on Navigation business, chiefly on account of Sir Geo. Chetwynd hesitating as to the Sale of the Stock.  He proposing a Meeting of the Select Committee at Stone on Monday week.  I told Mr. Vaughan that in my opinion the Stock must be sold, & that I could see no necessity for a Meeting on Monday, as we were engaged to meet the day after, which would be quite early enough to execute the Letter of Attorney etc., but that if Sir George should wish to meet on Monday, I would not fail to attend.


Friday 30.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Went on mowing.




Saturday 1.  Wrote to Dr. Holland & sent for his execution a Transfer of 4 more Birmingham & Liverpool Canal Shares, & Dr. Latham, to whom I also wrote.  Again considered the Bill for making part of the Macclesfield Canal.  Drew out also observations showing the expediency of applying the Trent & Mersey contingent.  Paid in all of the Midsummer Dividends.  Busy in the Hay, & finished the mowing of the Meadow.  Mr. John [Garnett] came to consult me upon his engaging with Mr. Grimshaw as a Stock Broker in London, & to request my opinion that I could give him, & which I very sincerely assured him that


Page 92. 1826  July


I should have real pleasure in so doing.  In the evening went to Rode Heath, & got the Transfer of the Navigation Shares executed by Miss Dawson as administered of the late Mr. Penlington.  Trustees Mr. Collinson & Mr. Yates of Stafford.  Thunder & some Rain, but the heavy clouds passed over.  Letter from Mr. Vaughan informing me that the Meeting of the Select Committee on Monday next, as proposed by Sir G. Chetwynd, was given up & would indeed have been quite useless.


Sunday 2.  At home.  Service.


Monday 3.  At home.  Mr. Armistead called relative to his intended Mill at Moston, when I said that I would mention the matter again to the Select Committee & showed him the Minute made at the last Meeting.  Afterwards Mr. Potter called with whom a long conversation relative to obtaining a Supply of Water out of the River Churnett by Steam Engines, in case of a continuance of the present Drought & exhaustion of the Water in Rudyard Reservoir, & which a supply had been suggested it appeared, might be afforded if agreed to by the Mill Owners.  Speaking of the present extraordinary Drought, Mr. Armistead said that there was a very old man in their neighbourhood, who says that he never remembers such a Season except in the year 1760.  In this neighbourhood some people turn their Cattle into the Oats for pasturage.  The Hay scarcely deserves the the name of a crop, though in the large Meadow, which is accounted one of the best.  I have about 3/5 of a full crop.  But this is about a singular instance.  Water is in many places became very scarce.  Barley & Oats very short & being short will not improve.  Wheat looking not terribly well, But great apprehension entertained respecting Fodder for the next winter.  Finished carrying Hay out of the Meadow.


Tuesday 4.  At home, in the morning engaged on Navigation Papers.  Drawing Observations relative to proposed Communication at Acton Quay, & also relative to Supply of water out of the Churnett in case of need.  In the evening went to Sandbach and met Mr. Lea, pursuant to appointment, to receive his Deposit


Page 93.  1826  July


money & of which he paid a part only, a Bank Post Bill which he brought not having been enclosed & therefore taken back.  There had been at Sandbach just before I arrived a most violent Storm of Rain, but which was confined to a small extent about the place.


Wednesday 5.  At home in the morning.  Engaged on Papers previous to going to Stone.  Dined at Mrs. Martin's at Wolstanton with Sir George Chetwynd, Mr. Hales of Cobridge & Mr. [Landor] of Rugeley.  Miss Charlotte Chetwynd also dined.  In the evening took Sir George with me in the Carriage to Stone, whence Mr. Lister soon after joined us.


Thursday 6.  Rose at 5.  Left Stone between 6 or 7 on our Journey & arrived at the Tunnel, & afterwards passed over the Hill on the Rail Road.  The matter upon which we found very shaking & uncomfortable.  After a good voyage, arrived at the Middlewich between 8 & 9 in the evening.


Friday 7.  Rose at 5.  Went on board the Boat about 6, & proceeded to Runcorn & viewed the new Docks, now working by Mr. Bradshaw, & returned to Middlewich the same night when we arrived about 10.


Saturday 8.  Rose between 5 & 6.  Breakfasted at Middlewich with Sir Geo., Mr. Vaughan, & Mr. Wilkinson, Mr. Lister & Mr. Potter having previously set off.  Mr. Giles & Mr. Wilkinson went in a chaise to [Washington] & Mr. Vaughan & I came to Linley Wood, where Mr. V. stopped about an hour, whilst I sketched out some Letters to Mr. Hostage etc. etc. & then forwarded to Stone.  Received from Dr. Latham the Transfer of 4 Birmingham & Liverpool Canal Shares from


Dr. Holland to himself.


Sunday 9.  At home.  Service.  In the afternoon at Talk Chapel with Eliza.  Public Prayer for Rain.


Monday 10.  Began mowing Linley Meadow.  Wrote to Mr. Eyre Lee & sent him by Post the Transfer received from Dr. Latham with £3 in Bank Notes to pay for Transfer etc.  Received from Mr. James Potter Mr. Telford's Report on the [Drifts] in Harecastle Tunnel.  Mr. Colclough to consult me on the Will of the late Michael Ashmore.


Tuesday 11.  After breakfast went to Newcastle on various matters.  Delivered 


Page 94.  1826  July 


to Mr. Wilkinson the Transfer & Declaration of Trust of the Navigation Shares belonging to the Rev. Mr. [Whithers] & the Exec. Of the late Miss C. Penlington.  Went on mowing.  Weather much cooler.  Wrote to Miss Sherratts.  Fine etc.  Perused & considered the Will of [Michael] Ashmore.


Wednesday 12.  Change in the weather to Rain which commenced early this Morning.  Wrote to Mr. Bent & sent him £100 being the call of 10 per share on my 10 Shares of the Macclesfield Canal.  Wrote to Mr. Thos. Collinson & sent again [Inland] of £120 due to Mrs. Simms from the Penlington Estate.  Mrs. Colclough & Mr. Barker of Alsager relative to the Will & affairs of the late [Michael] Ashmore & advising them thereon.  Received Letter from Mr. Bent on late Newcastle Brewery Concerns.  Mrs. & Miss Crompton & Henry C. arrived in the Evening.


Thursday 13.  At home.  Rain in the Morning.  Engaged with Mr. H. Crompton etc.  Dr. Crompton arrived to dinner.


Friday 14.  Wrote to Mr. Tomkinson with Remittance.  Mr. Moses Booth called & with whom engaged relative to the Plan distinguishing the Copy hold & Free hold Land in Talk Hamlet & which for greater certainty I desired him to show Mr. Johnson of the Hollins.  Delivered to Mr. Booth the [Lease]of Boston House Estate to assist him in preparing the Agreement for the Oak Far.  Engaged with Dr. Crompton.  Busy in the Hay.  In the evening Mr. Rob. Heath came with his valuation of Mr. Bateman's Coals, & with whom a conversation on this business on which he said that he had bestowed his best consideration.


Saturday 15.  After Breakfast our Friends left us.  Sent the Horses with them to Brereton Green, their own having gone before.  Showers, which prevented our doing anything in the Hay.  Mr. Walker Tenant of Foxholes relative to a Fence claimed by Mr. Smith whom I told him that I would inspect the Plan & desired him to inform Mr. Done the Tenant of this and to prevent any dispute.


Sunday 16.  At home.  Service.


Monday 17.  Began early in the Hay, in which busy all day & carried & thus finished the Hay Harvest of this year.  The crop light but comparative of speaking of . . ., so great and general a future of the Hay Crop not having been known for many years.  I average mine at barely 1 ton to the acre, in many places the crop the crop not ¼ or 1/5 as much.


Page 95.  1826  July


Tuesday 18.  Wrote to Mr. Giles on last Mile of Macclesfield Canal requesting his observation as to the expediency of it being executed by this Company.  Corrected & Copied Minutes on our late Survey.  Mrs. Stamford went to Mare Hall & returned in the Evening.


Wednesday 19.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan with the Committee Minutes.  At home.  In the afternoon Mr. James Sherratt of Sandbach, paying Mr. Wm. [Poyntons] Deposit Money on purchase of [Poundhouse] [Tenant].  Mrs. Stamford who had called at Mr. Bent's this morning, brought me an invitation from him to dine tomorrow.


Thursday 20.  Wrote to Mr. Bent it not being convenient to leave home today.  Eliza went to Nantwich.  Showers, but light & of short & intermittent.  At night heavier.


Friday 21.  At home.  Engaged on Accounts etc.  Showers with thunder & appearing like a fine day in May.  George Bebbington paying money on account of Rent.  A good deal of Rain in the night.


Saturday 22.  Went to Newcastle & paid money to Kinnersley but having met with Mr. Vaughan on the Road who was going to Linley Wood, I turned back.  Engaged afterwards with Mr. Vaughan on Navigation business a considerable time & appointed him to come again some day in the next week in order to complete the necessary statements & for the Meeting of the General Committee.


Sunday 23.  At home.  Service.  Mr. Giles arrived to dinner, being on his way to Liverpool & Chester.  Engaged with Mr. Giles and considering with him on various matters matters connected with the interests & concerns of the Trent & Mersey Canal & particularly the execution by this company of the last mile of the Macclesfield Canal & which he strongly recommended.  Mr. Giles said that the Rail Road Scheme was understood, but that there wasn't preparation to which they had been able to reduce the friction upon a Rail Road compared with that upon . . .was as (21/2 )two and a half to 1.  The greatest ground spread considerably attainable upon a Canal, when it is 41/2 miles per hour.  Wrote to Mr.. . .of Chester expressing my opinion of Mr. Giles as a fine person to erect the proposed Chester Bridge.  Mr. G. went in the evening.


Page 96.  1826  July


Monday 24.  At home.  Engaged on Cash Accounts.  Cut the Grass in part of Swallow Moor Wood.  Gave the other part to Jas. Walker Tenant of Foxholes.  Received by Post Letter from Mr. Vaughan fixing Thursday next for his coming to Linley Wood.  Hot, dry day.


Tuesday 25.  Sent the Carriage to Nantwich.  Engaged on various matters.  In the evening Eliza arrived.


Wednesday 26.  At home.  Mr. Bate relative to the new Branch of Road in consequence of having seen Mr. Fenton who declined any indifference & who B. said appeared unfinished.  Sent an invitation to Jas. Potter to dine here tomorrow to meet Mr. Vaughan.  Great Drought.  Wrote to Mr. Eyre Lee in consequence of not having received any Reply to the Letter written ti him on the 10th  instant.


Thursday 28.  Sent by the Post the Letter to Mr. Eyre Lee which I replied & dated this day.  Engaged on Navigation Papers previous to the arrival of Mr. Vaughan, who came before dinner, & with whom already engaged relative to the supply of water drawing out Statement of Cash etc.  Mr. Jas. Potter came to dinner & with whom & Mr. Vaughan afterwards engaged on business.  Eliza & Mrs. Stamford called this morning at Lawton Hall.


Friday 28.  Wrote to Mr. Fenton, Newcastle, & Mr. Wedgwood of Maer.  Drew out [ultimate]of Business for Select Committee.  Wheat began to be cut this Morning in the piece of Land belonging to Mr. Smith on the other side of the Turnpike Road & adjoining the Foxholes Land; the Tenant of which had begun cutting Oats.  Heat & Drought.


Saturday 29.  At home.  Engaged all Morning on Navigation Papers.  Drawing out fresh Statement of . . .for the General Committee etc. etc.  Begun cutting wheat in the Land purchased from Mr. Jenks.  Received Letter from Mr. Vaughan with my first Decl. of Navigation Statement.  Also Report from Jas. Potter, which I had desired him to send me one of the Suppliers of Water from the Steam Engine etc.


Sunday 30.  At home.  Service.


Monday 31.  Called at Maer Hall on my way to Stone.  Saw Mr. Allen, Mr. [Simmonds] etc.  Arrived at Stone to dinner & met Sir. G. Chetwynd & Mr. Lister.


Page 97.  1826  August


Tuesday 1.  Set off with Sir George & Mr. L.& Mr. V. to Rudyard Reservoir which we visited & found in an exhaustion not having more than about 2000 [Locks] of Water.  From thence to Knypersley Reservoir viewing the Lock & found the Dam in a state of [preservation].  Returned to Stone later to Dinner.  A fatiguing day.


Wednesday 2.  Engaged after breakfast on business of Select Committee.  At the Meeting of the General Committee & which was also attended by several of the Proprietors.  In the Chair.  The business was got through very satisfactory.  But to me a very hurrying & fatiguing day.  Returned home at night.  In my absence they had carried the greatest part of the Wheat.  Some was ready as to be carried the day that it was cut.


Thursday 3.  At Newcastle attending Meeting of Trustees of Newcastle & Butt Lane Turnpike Road.  Mr. Heathcote in the Chair.  In bad transfer & his behaviour incorrect, as it appeared to me & insensitive  [Order] come to contrary to my judgement to put the Toll Gates in the centre of the Roads.  Called upon Mr. Wilkinson & Mr. Smith Printer on Navigation business.


Friday4.  Revised & corrected the Resolutions of the General Committee directed to be printed.  Went to Sandbach, & paid the purchase Money of the piece of Land in Hassall called the [Broadbent].  On my return found Mr. & Mrs. Wedgwood & Eliza, with whom engaged.


Saturday 5.  Mr Vaughan came to breakfast, with whom I finally settled the Resolution, which I copied & gave to Mr. Vaughan to be left at Mr. Smith's for a proof Sheet being prepared.  Wrote to Miss Tomlinson & . . . ,Lord Crewe's agent relative to the waste water being taken by Mr. Armistead at Morton.  James Potter came & with whom & Mr. Vaughan engaged relative to the Suppliers of water etc.  Directed J.P. to call upon Mr. Bateman in order that Men might be set to work on his Land, to ensure the completion of the Reservoir by Christmas.  The Wedgwood's took an early dinner & then left us.


Page 98.  1826  August


Sunday 6.  Received by Mr. Smith's assistance the proof Sheet of the Navigation Paper, which I finally settled & corrected with him, in order that the same might be immediately printed, & sent to the Proprietors.  Service.  Stamford arrived to dinner.  Received by . . .from Mr. Delmar surrender of liaison of . . .[Fathers] to be executed by Mr. Wedgwood.


Monday 7.  Wrote Letter to Mr. Sherratt in reply to one received from him this morning, relative to the Land at the back of his House advertised for Sale on Saturday next, & signifying my wish to purchase the same.  Went to Harecastle Tunnel, but Mr. James Potter being out, left a note for him desiring him not to do anything about the Drafts till he had directions from the Select Committee, and also, arranging his immediately seeing Mr. Bateman.


Tuesday 8.  Went to Newcastle, called at Mr. Smith to see that the Navigation Papers were duly sent to Stone.  Attended the Races.  Dined at the . . .at the Castle Inn.  Returned from the Ground in the Gig to Linley Wood, having the Carriage for Stamford who prepared attending the Ball.


Wednesday 9.  Revised & Copied Minutes of the proceedings of the Select Committee & the General Committee for entry in the Book.  Men busy cutting Oats, which they had commenced yesterday.  John Lawrence & his two sisters arrived to dinner.


Thursday 10.  Wrote to Mr. Wedgwood proposing to meet him the first time he came to dinner.  Went again to Harecastle Tunnel, Mr. Lawrence & Stamford accompanying me.  Letter from Mr. Lister relative to Cockshead Engine Meeting etc.


Friday 11.  At home.  Engaged with Mr. L. on various matters.


Saturday 12.  Wrote Mr. Lister in reply to his Letter; & to Mr. Vernon of Stone, relative to Release from Annuitant under the Will of Wm. Martin & payment of further part of Foxholes purchase money.  Mr. J. Sherratt of Sandbach & his clerk taking the Acknowledgement of the [Fine] to be levied of the Penlington Estates.  In the morning a very slight shower, but the weather soon returned to the same heat & Drought as before.


Sunday 13.  At noon J. Lawrence left us on his return to Birmingham.  Service.  Letter from Mr. Vaughan, informing me of the offers having been received of the whole of the money wanted.  James Bent came to dinner, brought from his Brother brace of Game.


Monday 14.  At home.  Revd. Mr. & Mrs. Anderton, Mr. Mainwaring & Mr. Carter dined.


Page 99.  1826  August 


Tuesday 15.  Went to Etruria meeting Mr. Wedgwood to arrange relative to Cockshead Engine Reference &  when he executed [Shorne] Tithes Deed.  Saw Mrs. . . .& found that the Engines are at work saving the Churnett Water.  Fixed with Mr. Wedgwood that Mr. Kirk should look at & report to us upon the state of the Engines balance etc.


Wednesday16.  Mr. James Potter bringing me the state of the Wash at the Tunnel.  Long conference with him on various matters.  He said that the Tunnel end before by the 1st of May, & that they were going on with all vigour at the Reservoir, Mr. Bateman having consented to the men being set to work on his Land.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.  Wrote to Mr. Delmar & sent him  by Coach the [Shorne] Tithes Deed.  Mr. Morris of Lawton called relative to Draw back on Macclesfield Goods from Liverpool, & with whom a long conversation.  Afterwards called upon Mr. Sneyd of Bradwall, who I found better & recovering from his late ailment of a fall by which the Hip joint found to have been broken.  Received by Letter information of Mr. Sherratt's having purchased for me the Land lying behind the House at Nantwich for £910.  . . .of Land 6 - 24.


Thursday 17.  Mr. Vaughan came this morning & with whom also engaged a long time on Navigation business.  Mr. Cope one of the Penlington [Conditions] called.  Mr. Booth Junior of Keel with Plan of Copy hold Land in Talk, which he took back for correction, after seeing Mr. Johnson again.  The Miss Lawrences left us at noon on their return home.  Mr. [Chesterton] sent a brace of Grouse.  Stamford went to Nantwich.


Friday 18.  At home.  Engaged on the Farm.  Received from Mr. . . .a brace of Grouse.


Saturday 19.  Wrote to Mr. Robert Heath relative to the Cockshead Engine, & the same being . . .or retained by the Company.  Engaged on sundry matters.  Stamford returned from Nantwich.  Very hot day.


Sunday 20.  At home.  Service.


Monday 21.  At home.  Engaged already the whole of the Morning on Navigation Papers, Tunnel and returned Reservoir etc.  Anne Marsh & Stamford went to Maer Hall.  Very hot.


Tuesday 22.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Sherratt & sent him the Deposit money on my purchase of Land at Nantwich.  Very Unwell.  Wrote to Mr. Vernon of Stone & appointed to pay Mr. Martin £500 on Monday next agreeable to his request, being for the part of the purchase money of Foxholes Estate.


Page 100.  1826  August


Wednesday 23.  At home.  Rain & most acceptable, & which continued the greater part of the day.  Still unwell.


Thursday 24.  At home.  Mr. & Mrs. Charles Potts of Chester & Miss Potts came to dinner.  Mr. Wickstead called.  Anne Marsh returned from Mare Hall.  Letter from John . . .relative to the Engines now at work & the supply of water.


Friday 25.  Wrote to Mr. Lister suggesting a postponement of the Meeting relative to Cockshead Engine, in consequence of Mr. Spode being still at Buxton & not having informed us when he should return.  Received from John . . .(by his son Mr. . . .an exchange of Mr. Bateman's Land, which I promised also a Report of the Engines & supply of water considered.  Also considered a Report of the Engines & supply of water.  Mr. Jos. Wedgwood junior came to dinner, Mr. C. Potts said that the Revenue received by the County of Chester from the River Weaver was from 12 to £14000 a year.  Direct Fees & . . . of the Clerk of the . . .Office not exceed . . .£150 to £200 a year


Saturday 26.  Our friends left us on their way to Birmingham.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan & to Mr. Jos. Wedgwood relative to the Cockshead Engine Meeting. 


After my Letters were gone, received by the Post a Letter which Mr. Spode had written to me from Buxton, but which had been missent to Newcastle upon Tyne saying that he would attend on Monday next :but it being too late to get the other . . .together, sent a servant with a Letter to Mr. Spode to prevent disappointment, & suggested Thursday next for the Meeting.


Sunday 27.  Thursday proving convenient to Mr. Spode, wrote again by the Post to Mr. Lister & Mr. Vaughan.  Service.  Letter from Mr. Vaughan.


Monday 28.  Wrote to Mr. Wedgwood & Mr. Mayer . . .them of Cockshead Engine.  Meeting on Thursday: also to James Potter for his replies to enquiries which I had requested him to make relative to such Engines.  Called at Lawton Hall, & saw Mr. C. Lawton who promised to dine here on Wednesday next.


Eliza Roscoe arrived.  Letters by the Post from Mr. Lister & Mr. Vaughan.  Stamford went to Buxton.


Tuesday 29.  Wrote to Mr. Potter & Mr. Rob. Heath suggesting their attendance on Thursday next, wrote also to Mr. Vaughan.  James Potter came, with whom engaged a considerable time as to the value & favour of Cockshead Engine & various other particulars which I was desired


Page 101  1826  August


Tuesday be informed of previous to the Meeting.  The Post brought me a Letter from Mr. Lister saying that he could not attend on Thursday in consequence of which, obliged to write again to Mr. Wedgwood, Mr. Spode, Mr. Mayer, Rob. Heath, Potter & Vaughan.  Sent a servant to have not the two last  Letters to Newcastle to save the Post & delivered them to a Messenger (Mary Heath) to take early tomorrow morning.  A Harassing day & very far from well.  Stamford returned from Buxton.


Wednesday 30.  At home.  Thunder & Rain.  Mr. & Mrs. F. Twemlow called.  Miss Tollet & Miss C Tollet came to Linley Wood.  Mr. Chas. Lawton dined  Mr. Wickstead, who was to have been of the Party, did not come.  Received Letter From Mr. Wedgwood with Mr. Kirk's valuation of Cockshead Engine, also Letters from Mr. Spode & Mr. Mayer.


Thursday 31.  At home.  Fatigued & unwell.




Friday 1.  At home.  Closely engaged on Navigation Papers, Cockshead Engine etc. etc.  Miss Tollet & Miss C T. left us.


Saturday 2.  Called at Rode Heath.  Engaged on Farm etc.


Sunday 3.  At home.  Service.  Arthur Marsh came to dinner.  Received by Post Letter from Lord Crewe's Agents relative to Mr. Armistead proposed Mill at Moston.  Very unwell.


Monday 4.  Went to Wm. Farrar & desired his attendance at the Sel. Com. tomorrow on the Mill business.  Engaged considering & drawing out Minutes of business for Select Committee tomorrow.  Selecting & arranging papers etc.


Tuesday 5.  Went early to Stone where closely engaged all day on Select Committee.


Wednesday 6.  At Stone.  Engaged again on Select Committee & afterwards on the General Committee.


Thursday 7.  At home.  Much fatigued & unwell & visited by Mr. Davenport.  The business of the Navigation is becoming too heavy & laborious, & more than I feel myself equal to going through.


Friday 8.  Still very unwell, but engaged several hours on Navigation papers.. Wrote 


Page 102.  1826  September 


to Mr. Vaughan, Rev. Mr. [Biss] & Lord Crewe's Agents.


Saturday 9.  Sent by the Post the Letters to Mr. [Biss] & Mr. [[Gizard]].  Mr. Vaughan came with whom engaged a considerable time considering the times for payment of the Money offered to be advanced & the Letter to be sent to the Trustees.  Survey of last Mile of Macclesfield Canal, & various other matters.  Received by the Post Letter from Mr. Landor relative to Mr. Heaton's [award].  Altered & wrote afresh the Letter to Lord [Crewe's] Agent.  Two Miss Kinnersley (Miss E. & Miss H.) dined also Jos. Wedgwood, Elizabeth & Charlotte.  Mr. Kinnersley prevented coming by having Mr. Chantry with him.  Mr. Twemlow of Peats wood, who was to have dined did not come.  Very unwell.  Also a painful attack in the eye.


Sunday 10.  Sent by Post the Letter to Lord [Crewe's] Agent.  E. & C. Wedgwood went before breakfast.  Mr. Bent came to dinner: soon after which he & Jos. Wedgwood left us.  Owing to my being unwell & other circumstances the Service had not been attended in the morning, but had Prayers as usual in the  evening.  Received Letter from Sir George Chetwynd relative to Cockshead Engine.


Monday 11.  Wrote to Landor in reply to his Letter.  Being still unwell Mr. Davenport came again, having seen me a few days ago.  Miss Sarah Wedgwood came to dinner.  Mr. Wilbraham called upon Stamford to invite him to dine tomorrow with Mr. Trafford & Mr. Ford.  Miss Sarah Wedgwood came to dinner.


Tuesday 12.  Engaged on Navigation Papers previous to seeing Mr. Potter & Wm. [Farrar] by appointment.  [Wm. Farrar] & Mr. James Potter (in lieu of his Father) attended & with whom engaged a considerable time relative to Cockshead Engine, the last Mile of the Macclesfield, which I desired them to look over in order to see . . .any improvement could be made on the line or point of Junction & to furnish me with the last Estimate they could of the [possible] expense.  Letter from Mr. Twemlow to put off my dining then on Thursday on account of the . . .of one of his Children.  Stamford dined at Rode. Hall.


Page 103.  1826  September


Wednesday 13.  Wrote to Mr. F. Twemlow & Mr. Massey relative to the new House at the Hollins, where he appointed to see me again on Thursday or Friday next & bring Mr. Hargreaves with him.  Afterwards looked at the intended situation the new Toll House which appeared to us both to be highly inconvenient for the Public, as well as injurious to any new Building & . . .----expense to the Trust.  Proceeded to Trentham Inn, attending General Liaisons . . .& obtained a License for the new House pledging myself that it should not be opened till after . . .when the present House & Land would have ceased to be used as a Public House.  Present Mr. Tollet in he Chair Rev. H.[Broughton] Mr. Twemlow of Peats wood & Mr. Bevan.  Miss S. Wedgwood left us this morning.  Returned from Trentham Inn to dinner.


Thursday 14.  At home.  Suffering much from my Eyes, one of which was very painfully affected.  Mr. [Brook] Hollinshead called on his way to Lancashire & with whom engaged on Navigation Affairs.  He left for my perusal a quantity of papers, charts etc. etc.  Received by the Post Letter from Mr. Vaughan.


Friday 15.  At home, but suffering so much from my eyes as to be unfit for business.  Looked curiously over the papers left with me yesterday by Mr. Hollinshead, but they seemed to contain nothing . . .,or that was not known before.


Saturday 16.  At home, Eyes still in a painful state.  Mr. Potter, James Potter & Wm. [Farrar] came pursuant to appointment & with whom closely engaged a long time relative to East . . .of Macclesfield Canal, Cockshead Engine etc. etc.  Received by Post Letter from Mr. [[Gizard]] & in the evening wrote to Mr. Potter & sent the Letter by a special Messenger to Newcastle requesting him to attend on Monday at Stone.


Sunday 17.  Mr. Rob. Heath came with his valuation of the Cockshead Engine & with whom engaged on this & other Navigation business the whole of the morning.  My Eyes still very indifferent & Service omitted, but Prayers in the Evening.


Monday 18.  Went early to Stone where engaged the whole of the day on the Special Committee appointed to consider the Case of the Cockshead Engine.  In the Chair.  Returned in the evening.  Stamford had set off on his return to Town.


Tuesday  19.  Eyes still very indifferent though better.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd & sent him a copy of the Resolution of the Cash hold Committee.  Wrote also to Mr. [[Gizard]] & to Mr. Lister.  Afterwards enjoyed selecting & arranging papers for Conference with Mr. Vaughan tomorrow.


Page 104.  1826  September 


Wednesday 20.  Revised & copied Minutes of last Sel. Com. & General Com. For Entry in the Book.  Mr. Vaughan came pursuant to appointment & with whom closely engaged all morning on having business preparatory to the General Assembly.  Mr. Vaughan staid to dinner & returned in the Evening.  Eyes still painful & troublesome.


Thursday 21.  Wrote to Mr. Vernon of Stone, Mr. Wedgwood having expressed a wish to . . . Mr. Giles's Report, wrote & sent Letter to him by a  Servant  requesting his company here tomorrow or the next day.  Afterwards engaged drawing out Minutes of business & observations for General Committee & General Assembly.  Eyes better but still very troublesome.


Friday 22.  Mr. Tomlinson on leaving , applied for instructions as making out the Mortgage to Mr. Spode for £15000.  Wrote Letter to him & sent it with the Acts of Parliament to Cliffe Ville by a Messenger.  John [Trubshaw] came & with whom engaged a long time on Cockshead Engine etc.  Engaged on papers previous to seeing Mr. Wedgwood, who had appointed to come to Linley Wood today to [impact] Mr. Giles Report & on other matters.  He arrived in the afternoon & with whom closely engaged a considerable time.


Saturday 23.  At home.  Received & copied afresh the Minutes of business for the General Committee & General Assembly.  Received back Navigation Acts from Mr. Tomlinson with Letter from him relative to Mr. Spodes intended Mortgage of the Tolls.  Wrote to Mr. Ward Newcastle in reply to a Letter received from him relative to the payment for . . . had from Mr. Heathcote by George Beardmore for the Buildings at the Hollins.  Anne Marsh & the Children returned from Nantwich.


Sunday 24.  At home.  James Potter with Section of last Mile of Macclesfield Canal & on other matters preparatory to the business at Stone tomorrow.  Service.  In the evening Letter from John [Trubshaw] with Cockshead Coking Case.


Monday 25.  Went early to Stone where closely & laboriously engaged all day on General Committee.


Tuesday 26.  At Stone.  General Assembly, much business & closely engaged but returned home at night.  Found Letters from Mr. [[Gizard]] relative to [investment] being genuine of last Mile of Macclesfield Canal.


Page 105.  1826  September


Wednesday 27.  In consequence of the Letters received from Mr. [[Gizard]] went to Newcastle to give the necessary introduction to Mr. Wilkinson & whom he finally appointed to meet Mr. James Potter at Linley Wood on Friday next in order that we might . . .the Plans etc. with a view to settling the Notices.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan for my volume of the . . .Acts that had been left at Stone.  Eyes painful & very troublesome being harassed & injurious by the writing & business of the last two days.


Thursday 28.  Sent Messenger with Letter to James Potter advising him attend me tomorrow.  Rain.  Engaged on Navigation Papers & carefully considering the Notice sent by Mr. [[Gizard]] previous to seeing Mr. Wilkinson & James Potter tomorrow.  Mrs. Jos. Wedgwood, Mrs. Holland , Eliza & Charlotte Wedgwood came to dinner.  Mr. Wedgwood was prevented.


Friday 29.  At home.  Mr. Wilkinson & James Potter came by appointment with whom & Mr. [Fenton] engaged a long time . . . consequence of an . . ..which I had desired in the Agreement with the Macclesfield Canal & it was thought that I should see Mr. [Cririe] & I wrote to him accordingly.  Wrote also to Mr. Tomlinson relative to Mr. Spode's Mortgage.  The Wedgwood's & Mrs. H. went after breakfast.  Mr. Davenport came, my eyes being still in a very indifferent state.


Saturday 30.  At home.  Eyes very indifferent.  Considered again the Notice sent by Mr. [Gizard] & which seemed to be further incorrect in mentioning power for attending the rates of Tonnage, which is chiefly contrary to the Agreement.




Sunday 1. At home.  James Potter who was to have breakfasted here but did not come being unwell, but received from him my Plan of the T. & M. Canal.  Service.  Letter from Stamford to Ann Marsh: which having considered, I advised his immediately coming down & seeing the party most interested.  Eyes still indifferent.


Monday 2.  Wrote to Miss [Gizard] & . . .relative to the Notice which they had sent down.


Page 106.  1826  October


Tuesday 2.  Attended Funeral of the late Mrs. Williamson of Longport, who died on Tuesday last.  The following persons attended (diagram of coffin bearers) left hand side Mr. Elswood, Mr. Bateman. Mr. Caldwell & Mr. Tomlinson, right side Mr. Brindley, Mr. B. [Child], Mr. Davenpert & Mr, Spode.  Rev James Lawton, Carter, Whieldon & Sons, Dr. Northen, Mr. Sharpe Surgeon.  Mrs. Williamson was the sister of the late Mr. Henshall.  She first married the celebrated Mr. Brindley, by whom she now had two daughters the youngest of which married a Mr. Billington of Bristol.  She afterwards married Mr. Roland Williamson by whom she had a . . .family.  On my return home, found Letter from Mr. [[Cririe]] appointing to meet me at Macclesfield on Friday next.  Eliza & Anne Marsh with Louisa afterwards returned having been to Shelton to see the . . . of Mr. G.[Bellman] & with whom they expressed themselves much [sympathetic].  Saw person of the neighbourhood accompanied Mr. Green,.  The visit took place a little before 5 o'clock in the afternoon, & the weather was favourable.


Wednesday 4.  Sent Samuel Jones with message of . . .after the Family at Longport.  Sent Mr. Davenport . . .of Mr. Giles.  ------------Plans.  Wrote to James Potter appointing him to accompany me on Friday next.


Thursday 5.  Mr. Giles called, on his return from Liverpool, & breakfasted.  Sent to Mr. James Potter desiring him to bring the Plans of the . . .to the Macclesfield Mile of the Canal proposed to be executed by the T. & M. Company.  Engaged closely with Mr. Giles & . . .upon the subject, & settling the Notice as to Parishes etc. etc. previous to meeting Mr. [[Cririe]] it appearing that a Deviation from the original Line was the best to be adopted & that the Canals of Landowners had been obtained to such Deviation, but the Plan with such consents being in the possession of Mr. Giles he promised immediately to send it to me.


Page 107.  1826  October


Friday 6.  James Potter came to an early breakfast, after which we proceeded to Macclesfield where we met Mr. [[Cririe]] pursuant to appointment, to whom I showed the Draft of the intended Notice, & where we suggested to him & to Mr. Royle (who called upon me) then explaining of the regulating Lock & the feeder from the [Water] Weir when executed by the Macclesfield Canal Company belonging afterwards to the T. &. M. Co.  & being repaired by them, which they seemed to approve & said they would consider.  I also suggested that further time be given to the T. & M. Co. executing the last mile as it would be granted & affirmed if this was done so as to open when [Newcastle] Canal was completed, & on the semblance of which they they [organised].  Mr.[Cririe] after he had looked over the Notice said that they had no objection to our taking that line or thought it best for the last mile & that the other point to be considered.  Whilst at Macclesfield Mr. R. Phillips stopped at the Hotel & with whom a conversation on Navigation business.  Returned home in the evening but far from well, & found Letter from Mr. [Gizard].


Saturday 7.  Indifferent night & my Eyes again most painful.  But engaged on Navigation papers all morning, correcting & completing the Notice sent by Mr.


[Gizard] previous to returning it to him, making observations thence etc. etc.


Sunday 8.  At home.  Service as usual.


Monday 8.  Our dear Anne with her dear Children left us after an early breakfast on their return home.  Closely engaged writing long Letter to Mr. [Gizard] & making a copy of the Notice as corrected & filled up to accompany it.  Unwell.  Received Letter from Mr. Vaughan relative to the Churnett Water & Knypersley Reservoir, requiring immediate attention, and informed Potts of Chester with Resolution of the Ellesmere & Chester Canal Co. to make the [Correction] at Middlewich & proposing an Interview with me at Linley Wood.  Also a letter from Mr. Ward on the Brewery Concerns.


Tuesday 10.  Wrote to Mr. Ward .  Wrote also to Mr. Potts.  Mr. Vaughan arrived having come purposely & at the request of Mr. [Landor] with a Message from Sir George Chetwynd desiring that I would order the work at the Reservoir to be stopped, the misunderstanding about Mr. Horton's . . .not having been arranged.To this application I hesitated not to give a direct & absolute Refusal, & explained to Mr. Vaughan


Page 108.  1826  October


my astonishment that for satisfying a matter the smallest difficulty should be thrown in the way of a public Work of so great importance & necessity, & I desired him immediately to see Mr. Lister and inform him of the circumstance & what I had done in order that he might then judge for himself.  Engaged a considerable time with Mr. Vaughan on other Navigation Business.  Afterwards went to Newcastle & dined with the Mayor (Hatton) where every thing went off well & agreeably.


Wednesday 11.  At home.  Engaged on various matters.  Received Letter from Sir George Chetwynd with Copy of one from Lord Clive relative to the proposed Middlewich & . . .Canal.  Wrote to Mr. . . .explaining the pleasure it would give me to see him & proposed seeing them on their way to . . .


Thursday 12.  At home.  Wrote to Sir George Chetwynd.  Sent servant with Note to Mr. Tollet requesting to see him at dinner Monday next, & meet Mr. Roscoe & Mr. [Smythe].  Received Letter from Mr. Vaughan.  Also from Mr. Ward.


Friday 13.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.  Wrote to Mr. Heaton of Endon requesting inflammation relative to the Exchange with Mr. Bateman, & the alteration in respect to the Land belonging to the Representatives of the late John Sparrow Esq.  Received Letter from Mr. Roscoe delaying his Journey.


Saturday 14.  Wrote to Mr. Tollet & Mr. Wedgwood both of whom I had invited to meet Mr. Roscoe, informing them of his postponement of his Journey.  Wrote to Mr. [Vernon] of Stone on business with Mr. Martin.  Called at Trentham & saw Lord & Lady Stafford, with whom I passed half an hour very agreeably.  In the evening Mr. Massey called.  Consulted him as to the Rent to be put upon the new Building at the Hollins exclusion of the Land.  He thought £60 a year not too much.  Received Letter from Mr. Barlow of Stone requesting my opinion as to his offering himself a Candidate for the Clerkship to the Navigation Company in case of a vacancy.


Sunday 15.  In the Forenoon Service.  In the afternoon at Talk Chapel with Eliza.


Monday 16.  Wrote to Mr. Barlow of Stone.  Wrote to James Potter for his plan of the last mile of Macclesfield Canal.  Copied afresh the proceedings of the last General Assembly, & wrote Letter therewith to Mr. Vaughan.  Engaged on various matters, Farm etc.  In the morning, Letter from Mr. Giles relative to Plan of last mile of Macclesfield Canal & appointing to breakfast him tomorrow morning.


Page 109.  1826  October


Tuesday 17.  Mr. Giles came to breakfast bringing with him the Plan of the proposed part of the Macclesfield Canal, which I examined with him, & it appearing upon . . .direction that the Notices should be given today at Knutsford & tomorrow at Stafford.  I completed a Notice, which Mr. Giles took as he was going to Birmingham, took to Newcastle in . . . that copies might be made at the office & some of which he promised to affirm upon the Sessions . . . at Stafford, & desire Mr. Wilkinson to take the other to Knutsford, but after he was gone, I determined to go myself though at great . . .to Newcastle in order to see that every thing was properly arranged & done.  Met Mr. Giles at the Office.  Saw the Notices completed, one of which Mr. Wilkinson immediately set off with to Knutsford, & undertook to fix up the other at Stafford where he was going tomorrow.  Met with Mr. Bishop at Mr. Sparrow's office, with whom & Mr. Giles a long conversation relative to lighting Harecastle Tunnel with Gas, & making sundry observations of calculations, when I told him Mr. Bishop that if the Gas Company would furnish me with a proposal I would . . . before the Select Committee.  The object is highly desirable & important & had more than once occurred to my thoughts before.  Returned to dinner.  Found a Letter from Mr. Potts of Chester, saying that he would come here on Friday next relative to proposed Middlewich branch of Canal.  On my arrival at home Engaged with Mr. Booth, Massey, Hargreaves & a friend of his, all of whom had come to Linley Wood this morning by appointment relative to Mr. Hargreaves taking the House & Land at the Hollins & the Land in the holding of Bebbington (expected the price at the House) & which I finally offered to him at £150 a year that Rent & allowed him at his request, till Monday next to consider of it.  Hurrying & fatiguing day.


Wednesday 18.  Wrote to Mr. Potts saying that I should be happy to see him on Friday & repeating my invitation that he would dine & take a Ride.  Wrote to


Mr. Vaughan requesting his ideas relative to a compensation Tonnage in . . .this should be proposed, & to afresh me on conferring with Mr. Potts.  Wrote to


James Potter & requested him to come here tomorrow morning, in order that I might show him Mr. Giles Plan, & commented on some obstructions of Mr. Giles.  Called upon Mr. Sneyd of Bradwall.  On my way out with Mr. Wicksteads Foxhounds which had turned out at . . .this morning.  Saw & spoke to Mr. Tollet.  Received by the Post Letter from Mr. Lister with


Page 110.  1826  October


a Copy of one which he had addressed to Sir George Chetwynd relative to his intention of stopping the Work at Knypersley Reservoir, a most vexatious and unreasonable preventing


Thursday 19.  Having considered the Letter occasioned from Mr. Lister.  Wrote to him in reply confessing my sentiments calmly, but firmly.  Afterwards went to Newcastle to have . . .Mr. Green's Account in his . . . but when I arrived there found that owing to the circumstances of the weather they had been obliged to


. . .the . . .upwards of an hour before the time appointed, & that Mr. Green had not only gone up but had descended at Madeley Moss.  Eyes, again very troublesome.


Friday 20.  Mr. James Potter came & with whom engaged a considerable time on plan of Macclesfield Canal, & the completion of the Plan & . . .in order to it being shown to the Select Committee on Tuesday next, & afterwards lodged with the Clerks of the Peace for Staffordshire & Cheshire.  Mr. Potts afterwards arrived & with whom I conferred on the proposed Junction of the Chester Canal as the Trent & Mersey at Middlewich, the plan of which he showed me when I recommended his attending the Select Committee on Tuesday next & at which he promised to do, it appearing to me to be their intention to carry the . . .in Parliament by the strong . . .Mr. Potts staid to dinner, & expressed much pleasure at the reception he had met with.  Received Letter from Mr. Vaughan in reply to mine relative to a Junction Tonnage.


Saturday 21.  Received & reconsidered papers relative to Middlewich & [Branch], comparative distances etc.  Went afterwards with Eliza to Newcastle & called upon Mr. Wilkinson whom I found that the Notices had been duly fixed upon the Sessions Door, & inserted in the Newspapers.  Found Mr. Tomlinson


there, arranging Mr. Spodes Mortgage of the Tolls, which were agreed to be that of £5000 each.  On my return found Letter from Mr. [Gizard] including a Draft


Copy of a Notice. 


Sunday 22. Thunder this morning, with lightening and extraordinarily heavy shower of Rain.  Service.  James Bent came to dinner & staid all night.


Monday 23.  At home.  Engaged on papers preparatory to going to Stone tomorrow.


Tuesday 24.  Set off early to Stone, where engaged all day on Select Committee.  Mr. Lister went before dinner.  Sir G. C. arrived his having given Notice to the Men at work on the Land purchased by the Company from the Representatives of the late . . .


Page 111.  1826  October


Sir Geo. said to me that I need to see that I . . .the Title to the Cockshead Coking because he had seen a [Document]relating to it with my name on the back as a subsidiary witness.  I informed that till a short time ago I  knew nothing of the[Title] & I complained of this & . . .observed . . .at . . .He said that was not the Language of one Gentleman to another I found no explanation but left him to digest & . . .began engaged with Sir George but who appeared to me to be acting in a very extraordinary manner & such as to make me doubtful whether I can continue to meet with him on the Select Committee.  (The explosion as . . .but something more proposed)  Called upon Mr. Vernon to arrange Martin's business relative to an annuity payable off Foxholes.  Delivered to Mr. Hatfield's at Mr Kinnersley's a . . which Mr. Vaughan had desired me to bring.  Arrived at home to dinner.


Thursday 26.  Engaged all morning closely on Navigation Papers & drew the Draft of the Petition to Parliament for the Macclesfield Canal Bill.  Afterwards went to Newcastle & witnessed Mr. Green's Account in his . . .on which he was accompanied by Mr. Wedgwood Clerk to Miss Fenton.  Very large concerns of People now affected & many of the painful People in the neighbourhood.  A Party from Trentham & from Kent, Tollet, Wedgwood, Twemlow, Barratt etc.  The weather was favourable, though not very fine & the sight improving though is not what I should have little curiosity to witness again, and I still consider as I have long done, these . . .. . .as very useless, & therefore foolish endangerments of life.  This morning John Boughey applied for the new Public House.


Friday27.  At home.  Engaged again on the Macclesfield Canal Bill & drawing fresh Clauses relative to the regulating Stop Lock etc. & which required much


care & attention.  Received by the Post Letters from Mr. [Darrick] of Birkhamstead & Mr. Giles, the latter saying that he was prevented calling here on Monday next as he had proposed.


Saturday 28.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. [Daniell] in reply to his Letter, & to Mr. Vaughan requesting him to meet James Potter here on Monday next, when he had appointed to bring the Plan & Section of the part of the Macclesfield Canal and other business.  Engaged all morning on Navigation Papers considering further Clauses to be introduced into the Bill etc. etc. & I wrote a fair copy of the Minutes of the Proceedings of the last Selection Committee for insertion in the Book.


Sunday 29.  At home. Service.


Monday 30.  Drew further Clause for the Macclesfield Canal Bill for . . .to . . .the Money & engaged on Navigation papers previous to seeing Mr. Vaughan & Mr. James Potter who came in the afternoon & dined by appointment & with whom engaged the whole of the Evening examining the Plans, Sections etc. & there appearing to be some difference between the Plan suggested by Mr. Giles, & that made by James Potter, Mr. Vaughan & I . . .an opinion that James Potter had better go to Town immediately to explain the same to Mr. Giles, in order that there might


Page 112.  1826  October


Monday 30.  be a mistake or blame hereafter [refuted], & particularly as time so much proper and he arranged to set off tomorrow.  Delivered to Mr. Vaughan the copy of the Minutes of the last Select Committee.


Tuesday 31.  Again engaged this morning with Mr. Vaughan (who had staid all night) on various Navigation matters, but who went about eleven o'clock leaving with me the General Cash Book in order that I might go through the same previous to my meeting Mr. Webb at Stone on Monday next to settle the Treasurers Account.  Wrote to Mr. Lister & informed him of the Meeting in order that he might, if he thought proper . . .Called at Miss Williamson's of Longport, but neither she nor Mr. H. Williamson being at home, I left cards for both.




Wednesday 1.  Closely engaged this Morning on the Cash Books, examining the same from the 25 of April last to the 23 September.  John Boughey came to


hear finally . . . about the new Public House, but Mr. Booth not coming agreeable to the appointment, [Bayley] fixed to see him tomorrow morning, & come with him to Linley Wood.


Thursday 2.  Reviewed the Cash Books & afterwards returned them to Mr. Vaughan by the Messenger, who he sent for them.  Mr. Smith was shooting today on their Land adjoining Foxholes Estate, Wilshaw with them, but James Bent said he had no [Game].  Mr. Booth & John Boughey did not come as proposed.


Friday 3.  Engaged again on Macclesfield Canal Bill Clause for Mortgage etc. etc.  Received from Mr. Rob. Heath his . . .relative to Harecastle Tunnel, Knypersley Reservoir etc. & wrote to him.  Looked over such Account.  Mr. Booth Junior called, & with whom appointed his Father to meet Boughey here tomorrow & afterwards wrote to Boughey accordingly.  Wrote also to Mr. Ward of Newcastle postponing my calling upon him on Monday next.  Boughey afterwards called & fixed to meet Mr. Booth tomorrow.  Received by Post Letter from Mr. Lister.


Page 113.  1826  November 


Saturday 4.  Wrote to Mr. Lawrence acknowledging Receipt of Warwick & Birmingham & Warwick & Warwick & . . .Canal Division as per Cash Book.  Mr. Booth & John Boughey came with whom ,& James Massey regard the new Buildings at the Hollins & finally agreed to let the same with the Land adjoining about 17 acres to Boughey as Tenant from year to year at £95 per annum clear Rent allowing £5 out of the first half years Rent to be laid out in Manure.  Mrs. Stamford arrived in the Evening from Southport.  N.B. Wrote a Letter to Mr. Lister proposing to postpone my going to Stone on Monday next, in order that he might meet me , but finding that there would not be time to make the arrangement with Mr. Webb, I did not send my Letter.


Sunday 5.  At home.  Service.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Wilkinson relative to introduction in the Charter Proper of the Notice of Macclesfield Canal Bill


being with . . .


Monday 6.  Set off early to Stone.  Called upon Mr. Wilkinson who said that he had sent to the . . .of the Charter Paper & prevent any mistake, & obtain the


author of the paragraph.  Called upon Mr. Ward , who said he had arranged the Brewery business with the Executers who were willing on my leaving £4000 in Mr. Kinnersleys hands & give me a Security for £3000 their Share of it.  He said that I might pay George Beardmore money to his assignees an arrangement


having been made with Mr. Heathcote..  Proceeded to Stone.  Met Mr. Webb & Mr. Salt with whom I settled the Treasurer's Account to [Meadow Cart]. Also examined with Mr. Vaughan the Cash Book, & . . .etc.  Closely engaged from half past ten till nearly 5.  Received whilst at Stone, a Letter from James Potter & sent a request to meet him tomorrow morning.  Also received a long Letter from Mr. Williamson relative to the Coal Drafts in Harecastle Tunnel.


Tuesday 7.  At home.  Engaged on Navigation Papers & drew a circular . . .to be sent to the Proprietors being a . . .statement of the Company Case relative to the proposed Conversation at Middlewich.  James Potter came with the Plan of the proposed Mile of the Macclesfield Canal on where to its final arrangement


preparatory to Copies  being made & engaged on the Clerk of the . . . Office, & settled to meet Mr. Giles from whom I had received a Letter saying that he would come to Linley Wood on Thursday next from Birmingham for that purpose.


Wednesday 8.  Went to Newcastle on business at Kinnersley's.  Met Mr. Booth who gave me his valuation of Land & Buildings proposed to be let to Samuel Beardmore.


Thursday 9.  It having occurred strongly to my mind that some Communication should be had with the Members for the County of Chester previous to the Meeting of Parliament I went


Page 114.  1826  November


today to Capesthorne & Tatton, in the hope to have seen Mr. Davenport & Mr. Egerton, but the former having set off to London on Monday last, & the latter being out, I have not an opportunity of seeing either of them, but left Cards.  On my way called to see Mr. John Foster of Liverpool at the Red Bull who was come there to meet Mr. Giles, requested him to dine with the latter at Linley Wood today.  Returned home to dinner & Mr. Giles shortly after came, with Mr. Foster who was returning part of the way home this evening.  Long conversation with Mr. Giles on the Macclesfield Canal, Plan etc.


Friday 10.  James Potter came to breakfast, & finally settled with Mr. Giles the Plan & Section in order that Copies of the same might be lodged in the Clerk of the . . . Offices previous to Tuesday next the 14:  Wrote to Mr. [Farmer], relative to proposed Communication at Middlewich: and to Mr. . . .of Nantwich on Penlingtons Affairs.  Considered with Mr. Giles the Clauses which I had prepared for the Macclesfield Canal Bill, & which he entirely approved.  Showed him also my Draft of the Petition.  Mr. Giles & Mr. Potter afterwards went to Lawton Hall to obtain the Consul of Mr. Lawton.  Went myself to Betley Court to dinner , met Mr. & Mrs. John Latham.  Revd.Mr. & Miss Basnett, Miss Twemlow & Miss Edwards staid all night.


Saturday 11.  . . .in good time & walked a considerable while before Breakfast.  Conversation with Mr. Twemlow on Navigation affairs.  On my return home called at Betley Hall.  Saw Mrs. Tollet & poor Georgina, one of . . . . . . done since her misfortune, Mrs. T. showed me which . . . .we must from its execution.


Saw Allen Wedgwood at Betley Hall & who appeared much . . .but still very infirm.  Got home to dinner, & found Letter from Mr. Giles saying that he had obtained Mr. Lawton's Consent to the altered Plan.  Received Memorials of the death of Mrs. Crompton of Bolton who was interred yesterday


Sunday 12.  In the morning at Talk Chapel.


Monday 13.  At home.  Closely engaged all Morning considering again the Macclesfield Canal Bill, and desiring further Clauses and Observations for a Case.  Stamford arrived to Dinner.


Tuesday 14.  Engaged again on Macclesfield Canal Bill & drew Clause for enlarging


Page 115.  1826  November


the time allowed to the Trent & Mersey Canal Company for executing their part of the Canal.  Stamford informed me that he had resolved to . . . the situation at Union Hall, & showed me a copy of a Letter that he had written to Mr. [Peel].  I forbore making any observation!!!  Received Letter from Mr. [Landor] relative to the exchange of the Lands at Knypersley, & requesting to have a Copy of the Agreement with Mr. Bateman.


Wednesday 15.  Engaged again on Macclesfield Canal Clauses.  Mr. . . .called in consequence of the Letter of enquiry which I had written to him relative to the proposed communication at Middlewich, & with whom engaged a long time on this subject making Minutes & Observations in writing etc.  Afterwards called at Lawton Hall, saw Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Lawton.  On my return met Mr. Wilbraham.  Mr. Chas. Lawton reflected to me, the consent he had before expressed to Mr. Giles, to the line of the Macclesfield Canal passing through the Plantations as laid down upon the Plan.  Stamford went to Stone to open a Concern of Bankruptcy.  Samuel Beardmore came relative to taking the Land now in the holding of Billington & for what he offered 35/- per year.  I told him that I would speak to Mr. Booth.


Thursday 16.  Went to Newcastle & delivered to Mr. Wilkinson the Agreement with Mr. Bateman & directed him to send a Copy to Mr. [Landor].  Gave him also my Draft of the Petition for the Macclesfield Canal Bill, to be copied for the Select Committee.  Called upon Mr. Ward & made arrangement for my paying £4000 to Kinnersley on account of the late Newcastle Brewery concern of William & Rowland Bent & Co. £1000 my own share & £3000 for the other Parties on Security of Stoneyfields Estate as requested to by the Executors of the late Mr. Bent.  Called at Kinnersleys & directed them to Terms for £4000 for the Acc. of Wm. Bent & Co.(This being the Title of the Farm in their Books).


Friday 17.  Engaged revising & correcting Circular Letter to be addressed to the Proprietors of the T. & M. Canal relative to the proposed Communication at Middlewich.  Mr. Twemlow of Peats Wood called to speak to me upon their business & to mention the efforts that were making by its Promotion particularly Mr. Telford, Eyre Lee, & his Father Mr. Potts etc. supported by Lord Clive & his Friends, who said the Answer sent to Lord Clive's first application formed, their case as by admitting that their Canal would be injurious to the T. & M. Canal it showed that it must be useful to the Public as otherwise it could not affect the former.  Afterwards Mr. Morris called relative to his Account with the Navigation Co. when I told him that it must be settled at Stone.  Long Conversation with him also on Navigation concerns & the Middlewich project by which he said he was not alarmed.  Wrote to Mr. John Latham & sent him by the Mail to the care of Stamford's servant by  of Mr. Giles.  Plans of the


Page 116.  1826  November


Runcorn Roadway & Agreement.  Wrote to James Potter for copy of Middlewich Canal Plan & Book of Reference which he was to make at Chester.  Received from Mr. Wilkinson Copy of Petition, & also Draft of Bond to be given to the Company by the new [Treasures] for my perusal.


Saturday 18.  Wrote to Mr. Tomlinson in reply to a Letter from him relative to Stoke Tithe intended Bill.  Again engaged all morning on Navigation papers preparatory to going to Stone on Tuesday next.  Drawing out Minutes of the Business to be considered by the Select Committee with Observations.


Sunday 19.  At home.  Service.


Monday 20.  James Potter came by appointment bringing the Plans of the Middlewich Communication Book of Reference etc. on which engaged & examining the same work.  Also plan of part of Macclesfield Canal.  Mr. Morris again called relative to his Account where I again told him that it must be settled at Stone.


Received Letter from Mr. . . .with the result of the Engines which I had desired him to make [against] the Land & Mill Owners & Millers relative to the Middlewich Communication.  Afterwards engaged selecting & putting up papers for the Select Committee to . . .


Tuesday 21.  Went early to Stone.  Conversation with Mr. Lister previous to Select Committee.


Wednesday 22.  Engaged on business closely.( began . . .On Sir George Chetwynd putting . . .any Land settlement relative to Knypersley Reservoir, & advocating particularly to Mr. Heaton I objected to it saying, with this we have nothing to do, but expressing at the same time my wish that so far as related to the payment of the particular money, any accusation should be . . .On mentioning the matter to Mr. Wilkinson who set . . .to me, he said he proposed we should my expressing myself as above.Called upon Mr. Vernon making arrangement relative to Mr. . . .on annuity of £12 a year chargeable on Foxholes Estate for the life of . . ..  Called at Mr. Hughes . . .with my proposed Concerns.  Letter to the Proprietors which Sir George & Mr. Lister had highly approved, giving directions for the printing.  Arrived at home to dinner.  Found letter from Mr. [Gizard] & afterwards received an . . Petition.


Page 117.  1826  November


Thursday 23.  Wrote to Mr. [Gizard], Mr. Vaughan & James Potter.  Mr. [Ledward] relative to compensation being made for a man killed in a well belonging to the Company at Harecastle Tunnel.  Considered the Petition sent by Mr. [Gizard].  Afterwards engaged with the Printer who brought for perusal & correction the proof sheet of the Letter to the Proprietors.


Friday 24.  At Newcastle meeting Mr. Vaughan, James Potter & Mr. . . .at Mr. Wilkinson's office by appointment making arrangements relative to Application to Landowners & talk on the Macclesfield Canal Bill & the Opposition to the Middlewich Communication, all morning.  Engaged also with Printer finally settling & correcting the Proof Sheet of the Latter to the Proprietors.  Returned to dinner.


Saturday 25.  Snow.  I this morning accompanied by Stamford, went to Harecastle Tunnel and laid the [Lock] or central Key Brick of this great work, a little before 12 o'clock, attended by the two Mr. Pritchards, Mr. Hough the Head  Bricklayer and Mr. James Potter, having on the [3rd] March 1824 first broke the ground for it, & at nearly the same time of the day.  The Brick was put in upright into the top of the Arch & not long . . .A number of the Workmen also attended.  "Success to the new Tunnel & the . . .of Miss Pritchard & Mr. James Potter.  Prosperity to the Company of Proprietors of the Navigation for this I sent to the . . ."  The Chairman of the Select Committee, James Caldwell Esq.  " The two other Members of the Select Committee Sir George Chetwynd Bart. & Thomas Lister Esq. Mr. Vaughan & the Agents & [Servants] of the Company, were severely drunk with whom came three cheers with great admiration from the Men.  The Tunnel to the Midway when the [Break] was part filled with water, & part laid with a Platform of Planks and a small stage created on which I stood when I laid the Brick & to which I ascended by a Ladder.  A Bottle of Wine was then broke against the Brick that I had laid & we then returned to the Entrance amidst repeated Hugging.  When having told the Men that I had directed a dinner to be given to all the workmen employed at the Company's expense.  I made then a personal present of 5 Guineas to which Stamford added too.  The Road being bad


Page 118.  1826  November


Saturday 25.  Stamford & I walked in the morning from Mr. Edwards Peacocks Hill where we left the Talk Chaise which had brought us so far and on which we returned fro thence coming back from the Tunnel on horseback.  In the evening Letter from Mr. Wilkinson including form of List for my correction & from James Potter inviting me join Mr. Giles & urging the necessity of his bringing the Plan Lists of . . .etc. to London & being there on Thursday next.


Sunday 26.  At home.  Service.  Wrote to Mr. Wilkinson & returned him the Papers with my correction & observations as to the application to the Landowners.  Engaged on papers previous to setting off to London tomorrow, packing etc.


Monday 27.  Set off to London on Navigation Business.  . . .Minutes.


Thursday 28.  Arrived in London.


Wednesday 29.  In London.


Thursday 30.  Ditto




Friday 1.  Ditto


Saturday 2.  Set off on return home.  Slept at Daintry.


Sunday 3.  Arrived at Linley Wood about 9 o'clock, having stopped a short time with Mr. Vaughan.


Monday 4.  At home.  Fatigued and unwell.  Engaged arranging Navigation Papers.  Stamford went to Stone to sit upon a Course of Bankruptcy to proceed from Thence to London.


Tuesday 5.  At home.  Unwell and in the House all day.  Received Letter from Mr. [Cririe] & considered the Reply that it might be proper to give particularly as to the Clauses for enlarging the time for the completion of our part of the Canal and the visiting of the Regulating Lock etc. in this Company when requested by the Macclesfield Canal Company according to the Act of Parliament.


Wednesday 6.  At home still unwell & in the House all day.  Received papers previous to writing to Mr. [Cririe].  Received by the Post Letter from Sir George Chetwynd, and from Mr. Giles.  Copy of the Estimate of part of Macclesfield Canal lodged in the [fairwater] Bill Office the 3rd of . . .


Thursday 7.  Wrote to Mr. [Cririe] & stated the proposed arrangements.  Wrote to Miss Sherratt at Sandbach on the Penlington Affairs.  Very unwell all day.


Page 119.  1826  December


Friday 8.  Miserable night, & very unwell all day.  Reconsidered Macclesfield Canal Bill & the introduction of the [fresh] Clause.


Saturday 9.  Still very unwell.  Mr. James Potter came with whom engaged a considerable time.  Comparing particulars of his Estimate & Mr. Giles, taking account of Engines etc. that may now be disposed of.  Report of Tunnel & Reservoir etc.  Afterwards engaged with Mr. Slater relative to the situation of the Gates of the new Toll house, making good the Farms through my Lands, Damages etc. & proposed to refer all the latter to Mr. Heaton.  Appointed to send James Massey to meet him at the Toll House on Monday Morning relative to the Gates and wrote to him accordingly.


Sunday 10.  Still very unwell.  Service.  Received by the Post Letter from Miss [Gizard] & . . . with copy of one which they had received from Mr. [Cririe], relative to the Macclesfield Canal Bill.


Monday 11.  James Massey called on his way to the Hollins.  Wrote to Miss [Gizard] & . . . with reply to their Letter.  Afterwards went to the Hollins & again protested to Mr. Slater in the presence of Mr. Massey who made Minute of it, my entire dissatisfaction with & objection to the Toll House & Gate as an unnecessary & great injury to my property as well as as inconvenience to the Public & that I should act accordingly.  James Potter relative to the length of the  proposed part of the Macclesfield Canal, & which he had found was not quite ¼ of a mile.  Directed him to go down and survey the Locks at Manchester, & the [Ashton] & [Peake] . . .Canal to Marple, in order to ascertain the great distances & Lockage, & how far there was a prohibition of the Manchester . . .being directed along this line.  Received by the Post Letter from Mr. [Cririe].


Tuesday 12.  In consequence of Mr. [Cririe]'s Letter, went to Newcastle & took the Drafts of the Clause which I had proposed to Mr. Wilkinson's Office in order that Copies might be made from me to send to Mr. [Gizard].  Mr. Wilkinson being unwell I left the Drafts at the Office, to be copied & returned to me with the Original tomorrow.  Miss E. Kinnersley & Miss . . .called at Linley Wood.


Wednesday 13.  Revised and copied Minutes of the last Select Committee Meeting for Entry in the Book.  Mr. Booth called relative to letting Land to Samuel Beardmore when I expressed my wish to give him the [performance].  Also relative to the Toll House & Gates at the Hollins, the inconvenience of which be strongly represented & promised to see Mr. Slater when I desired him again to state my objections to the whole management.  Called afterwards at Rode Hall, bur Mr. Wilbraham was from home.  Received the


Page 120.  1826  December


of Clauses from Mr. Wilkinson.  In the morning Miss Dawson called and to whom I mentioned my expectation that the Purchases would be completed at the  time fixed, as stated in Miss Sherratt's Letter to me.


Thursday 14.  Mr. Vaughan came to Breakfast and with whom closely engaged all morning on Navigation business, & making arrangements for the Meeting of the Select Committee on Tuesday next.  Mrs. Lawton called.  Mrs. Stamford returned from Nantwich.


Friday 15.  Engaged Reforming & Correcting the Drafts of the Macclesfield Canal Bill, Clauses previous to sending them to Mr. [Gizard].  Mr. Booth again called Received by Post a long Letter from Mr. Littleton relative to the proposed Communication at Middlewich.  Also received a Letter from Mr. Bent on Macclesfield Brewery Concerns.


Saturday 16.  Wrote Letter to Mr. [Gizard] & sent the Drafts of the Clauses.  Considered Mr. Littleton's Letter, and wrote to him in reply.  Engaged closely all morning on this, and other Navigation business.  My Eyes which have been for sometime past been in a very troublesome state, owing on a great measure to so much writing, have of late become worse,and occasion me much inconvenience.  Indeed the Navigation business has become so troublesome & . . . that it is more than I am able to go through, & . . . of some arrangement or other be not made for my relief I feel that I must however reluctantly give it up.  My mind and Spirits are also almost wearied out from my attention being so unceasingly directed to & confined so exclusively & intently engaged upon the same subject.


Sunday 17. At home.  Service.  But my eyes painful & very troublesome.


Monday 18.  At home.  James Potter wrote to inform me of the Result of his Journey & observations on the Manchester Ashton & Peake forest Canal.  Engaged on papers previous to going to Stone tomorrow.


Tuesday 19.  Set off early to Stone.  Took Mr. Wilkinson in the Carriage fro Newcastle.  Closely engaged on Select Committee all day.


Wednesday 20.  After breakfast returned home, having been some time engaged with Mr. Vaughan.  Called upon Mr. Vernon & fixed Monday fortnight for completing [Martins] business.


Page 121.  1826  December


Thursday 21.  At home.  Wrote Letter to Mr. Egerton proposing to call upon him at Tatton, as requested by the Select Committee.  Engaged on Papers relative to the proposed Middlewich Communication.  Mr. Tollett called.


Friday 22.  Very unwell.  Engaged making Minutes with a view to further Case relative to the Middlewich Communication


Saturday 23.  Still unwell and in the House all day.  Not having sent the Letter written on Thursday to Mr. Egerton being a little uncertain as to the time when I might be able to go to Tatton.  Wrote fresh Letter to him today by the Post.


Sunday 24.  Still unwell, but Service as usual.  Received Letter from Mr. . . . on Macclesfield Canal Clause.


Monday 25.  Still very unwell.  James Potter came, & with whom arranged a Plan to be made to explain the proposed Middlewich Communication.  James Fenton & with whom settled Rent, Interest & Notes [Account].  Received Letter from Mr. Egerton with invitation to dine with him at Tatton Park tomorrow, &


sleep there to see me on Thursday next at 12 o'clock.


Tuesday 26.  Too unwell to go to Tatton.  Engaged on Navigation Papers & making further Minutes for Case.  Received Letter from Mr. [Landor] relative to my . . . Received business & Letter from Mr. [Mayer] of Hanley requesting the Company . . .for the relief of the . . .manufacturers in the Potteries.


Wednesday 27.  At home & still unwell,but engaged on Papers preparatory to going tomorrow to Tatton Park, on the business of the Middlewich Communication.


Thursday 28.  Went to Tatton & had a long and satisfactory conference with Mr. Egerton and from whom I met with a most kind & friendly reception, appointed to see him again at Capesthorne on the 13th inst. With Mr. Davenport accordingly.  Saw Mrs. Egerton with whom I was much pleased.  Returned home to dinner but fatigued & very very far from well.


Friday 29.  Very unwell.  Mr. Vaughan came to breakfast, & with whom afterwards engaged a considerable time, making arrangements for application to Land business & various other matters.  Wrote Letters to Mr. . . .of . . . Hall, Mr. Lee Edgebaston & Mr. Vernon . . .  In the House all day and suffering much.


Saturday 30.  Still unwell and in the House all day.  Engaged on Various Navigation & other matters,,


Page 122.. 1826  January  The same, but Service as usual and now ends another year of Time and Life.


Page 123.  1827  January


Monday 1.  Wrote to Mr. Davenport at Capesthorne & Mr. Trafford of [Partington Hall].  The former relative to my meeting Mr. Egerton at Capesthorne on Navigation business, the latter with . . .of George [Deane].  Afterwards went to Newcastle to confer with Mr. Wilkinson relative to the Conveyance of the late Mr. Adderley's and taken for the Reservoir & also to make arrangement for application to Landowners relative to the prepared Wardle & [Middlewich] Canal.  Mr. Sherrett & [Bessey] came to dinner.


Tuesday 2.  Mr. Sherratt went to Nantwich to meet Mr.Egerton but returned to dinner.  Mr. Robert Heath called relative to the Company's . . . and Uttoxeter being allowed to take Coal for Mr. Kinnersley.  Letter by the Post from Mr. Vaughan.  Mr. Sherratt on his return informed me that Mr. Eyre Lee declared in the strongest terms that the Liverpool & Birmingham Junction Canal Company had nothing as to do with the branch from [Wardle] to Middlewich.  That it was entirely the Affair of the Ellesmere & Chester Canal Company, & that Lord Clive had told them at a Meeting held a short time ago, that they might try for it if they pleased, but he did .not think they would succeed.  Wrote to Mr. Davenport of Capesthorne.


Wednesday 3.  At home.  Engaged on various matters previous to going to Macclesfield tomorrow on [annual] Settlement of Brewery Accounts.  Wrote to Mr. Vaughan.


Thursday 4.  Went to Macclesfield where engaged closely all day with Mr. Bent on Books & Accounts, & which we settled & signed the usual annual Statements.  A small balance in favour of the concerns which considering the unfortunate circumstances of the place, was as much perhaps as could accordingly be expected.


Friday 5.  Returned home.  Received Letter from Mr. Davenport with a very kind invitation to dine & sleep at Capesthorne on Saturday the 13th, also from Mr. Twemlow of Peats Wood appointing to call at Linley Wood tomorrow and from Mr. Vaughan to call on Sunday.  Fatigued and unwell.


Saturday 6.  At home.  Mr. Twemlow called to confer with me on the proposed Middlewich branch, and to inform me of the Apportion that Mr. . . . ,Mr. G. Wilkinson, Mr. C. Davenport, Mr. [Tomlinson] & others were desirous to give it, when I gave Mr. Twemlow one of our Circular Letters for Mr. Tomlinson & whom he promised to see upon the subject.  In the evening Mr. Beaumont called relative to the Newcastle Brewery Repairs, where I told him that I would say nothing upon the subject the matter being entirely in the hands of Mr. Ward as the in the past of the other Partner & myself.  Letter by the Post from Mr. Vaughan and one from Mr. Vernon.


Sunday 7.  At home.  Service.  Mr. Vaughan came on his way to Northwich to see Mr. Barlow relative to the Middlewich Communication & with whom  engaged a considerable time on this and other Navigation business.


Page 124.  1827  January


Monday 8.  Went to Newcastle & called upon Mr. Ward relative to Newcastle Brewery Concerns.  Beaumont Security agreed to be given to me by the Executors.  Afterwards met Mr. Martin & Mr. Vernon at the Roebuck & discharged residue of purchase Money of Foxholes Estate.  Met Mr. Vaughan on my return, also had called at Linley Wood, & who said that he had a satisfactory conference with Mr. Barker.  On my arrival at home, found Mr. Sherratt of Sandbach with a Draft of the Conveyance to the Purchase of the . . . Estate which I possessed, & corrected as to the [Comments] from the Vendors.


Tuesday 9.  At home.  Engaged with Mr. Sherratt & on various matters.  Letter from Arthur Marsh to Stamford which Eliza opened & found an Account of his Office having been . . .upon etc


Wednesday 10.  At home.  Received Letter from Mr. [Cririe] for Plan deposited in the Clerk of the . . . Office, & wrote to James Potter to call upon me tomorrow morning.  Examined minutes of last Meeting of the Select Committee.


Thursday 11.  Mr. Sherratt set off early to Winsford.  Mr. James Potter called & with whom engaged some time.  Afterwards went to Congleton as arranged with Mr. James Sherratt, the Deeds of Covenant necessary on the Penlington Affairs & other matters.


Friday 12.  In the night heavy snow.  Wrote to Mr. Clive [Buckley] on the Penlington Affairs.  Engaged on Navigation Papers preparatory to going to Capesthorne tomorrow.


Saturday 13.  Went to Capesthorne where I had a long & satisfactory conference with Mr. Davenport & Mr. Egerton relative to the opposition to be given to the communication at Middlewich.  Mr. [Ryle]of Macclesfield being also there the [prosperity] of the Proprietors of the Macclesfield Canal joining in the opposition was suggested & approved, & Mr. [Ryle] said that he would mention the matter to Mr. [Cririe].  Mr. Davenport & Mr. Egerton expressed their strong & [divided] objection to the proposed Communication, but said that as a Bill was before Parliament, it would be premature to pledge themselves upon the subject.  My reception at Capesthorne was extremely kind & courteous, much regret being expressed that I could not dine & stay all night as agreed to Mr. Davenport's invitation.


Sunday 14.  At home.  Service.  Stamford arrived to dinner from Stafford Sessions.  A violent storm of wind, which broke several panes of Glass in the front of the House.


Monday 15.  At home.  Engaged on papers preparatory to going to Stone tomorrow.


Tuesday 16.  Went to Stone where engaged closely till 3 o'clock, when having got through the business, we dined and returned home at night.  Brought Sir George Chetwynd in the Carriage to Newcastle.  At the request of Sir George & Mr. Lister I promised to go to . . .& confer with Mr. Littleton upon the subject of the proposed Communication at Middlewich.


Page 125.  1827  January


Wednesday 17.  Went to Newcastle & discharged Tradesmen's Billls.  On my return found Mr. Samuel Sherratt with the Conveyances to the Purchasers of the late Miss Penlington's Estates, but some attention in the Covenants appearing to me to be proper I deferred executing the same till tomorrow.


Thursday 18.  Early this morning sent a note to Miss Sherratt & Miss Sherratt.  Afterwards went to Sandbach.Met Mr. Lea & Mr. [Paynton]. Examined & received the Purchase Deeds, Settled the Accounts of the purchase Monies & received the Balance remaining due, but all day & till late in the Evening Mr. S. Sherratt having taken the Deeds only this morning to be executed by the Parties there.  Fatiguing day & unwell.


Friday 19.  At home.  Wrote to Mr. Littleton.  Afterwards engaged on Accounts.  James Barker paying Money on Account of his Rent & of the Arrears remaining due from the Estate of the late Daniel Johnson.  Mr. Wilbraham & Mr. Randle Wilbraham called.  Received by the Post a Letter from Mr. Lister relative to Cockshead Engine.


Saturday 20.  Wrote to Mr. Lister.  Afterwards engaged closely on the Penlington Papers & Accounts.  Mrs. Martin called & staid to dinner.


Sunday 21.  I this day completed the 68th year of my age.  Service.  Mrs. Martin staid to dinner & we sent the Carriage with her afterwards to Newcastle.  Frost & Snow.  This last year of my life has been passed with much suffering and great labour and exertion in business particularly that of the Trent & Mersey Canal, the Penlington Affairs & other matters.


Monday 22.  At home.  Received Letter from Mr. Littleton.  Engaged on the Penlington Papers & Accounts preparatory to meeting Mr. J. Sherratt at Rode Heath tomorrow.


Tuesday 23.  Wrote to Mr.Littleton finding Monday next for meeting him at Stafford.  Afterwards at Rode Heath meeting Mr. Sherratt examining Accounts with him, Miss Dawson & Miss Wrench making arrangements for payment of the Conditions.  Engaged the greater part of the day.


Wednesday 24.  At home.  Engaged again on the Penlington Papers.  James Potter came to inform me that Mr. Bateman had refused to permit the water to be stopped for the purpose of filling the Knypersley Reservoir till he got his Deeds.  Mr. & Mrs. John Lawton, Mr. & Mrs. Carter & Revd Mr. Mainwaring dined.


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