Letters, References and Notes (1846-1847) 
Relating to Anne Marsh (Marsh Caldwell)

The following is a listing of letters, references and general notes, from 1846, relating to Anne Marsh (Marsh-Caldwell) and her family, in particular her husband Arthur Marsh and their son Martin Marsh.  For notes relating to other years please go to Letters, References and Notes (1780-1874).



Letter from Anne Marsh (Marsh-Caldwell) to her son Martin Marsh, 2 February 1846.   This letter and most of those for the rest of 1846 are written on paper with a black edging presumably as a mark of respect to Anne' father-in-law William Marsh, who had died 1 January.  The letter reads as follows:

Monday Feb 2nd 1846
My dearest  Martin
Now begins my answer to your delightful Journal letters.  It certainly is the most beautiful of inventions though I miss your darling voice and merry jokes.  I seem to know full as much of your mind and to give you as much or more of mine at Oxford as at Eastbury.  Now first about this

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