Letters, References and Notes (1856-1874) 
Relating to Anne Marsh (Marsh Caldwell)

The following is a listing of letters, references and general notes, from 1855-1874, relating to Anne Marsh (Marsh-Caldwell) and her family.  For notes relating to other years please go to Letters, References and Notes (1780-1874).


14 February 1857.  Letter from Anne Marsh to Mrs Matilda Francis Milman, later Lady Matilda Frances Milman (nee Pretyman, 1820-1890)

My dear Mrs. Milman
The girls have been coming down every day to enquire after Dear Sir William  but the rain has made it impossible - I hope you will be able to send us a better account by my messenger and a comfortable one of you all - If the rain holds up Louisa is forced to go to her school today and tomorrow we go to church so there is no chance of getting down ourselves just at present - I hope your brother George  keeps well - I thought he looked delicate the day he was up here with Mr Milman and that all your darling little creatures are thriving.  I have such a pen I cannot write.
. . . Affectionately yours
Anne M.
Eastbury, Feb 14th
How is Maria - not . . .  . . . ? I hope 



8 March 1857.  Letter from Anne Marsh to Mr William Milman, later Sir William Milman, 3rd baronet (1813-1885).

March 8th
My dear Mr. Milman
It would be conferring a favour on me if you would dine with us upon the Friday 13th as well as upon the 12th as Mr Clarke of Swankeleys dines with us on the latest? D - and I am particularly conscious he should have a pleasant day which I know I shall secure if he meets you - I hope dear Mrs. Milman and her little jewels are thriving.
Very truly yours
Anne Marsh
12 past 7 oclock is our hour on both days



10 June 1857.  Auction details for the sale of the Eastbury Estate.  Anne Marsh then moved to Deacons in Surrey.

Particulars and Conditions of sale of that fine Residential Property, Eastbury, with the Mansion, Park, Woods and Farm comprising 314 acres of freehold land, near Watford, Hertfordshire, which will be sold by auction at the Auction Mart, London on Wednesday, the 10th day of June, 1857 at 12 o'clock, by Mr Humbert.


46 Lincolns Inn Fields 

Conditions of sale will be sent as soon as they are ready.


(Handwritten note)

x- by my Mother Mrs Anne Marsh Caldwell about 54 years after my father Mr Arthur Cuthbert Marsh's death. 



The Particulars and Conditions of sale of that picturesque and compact freehold estate Eastbury, comprising an area of 314 acres of arable, pasture and wood land, well timbered and admirably situated in a favourite neighbourhood in the Parishes of Watford and Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, about 2

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