Entry regarding James Stamford Caldwell (1787-1858) from:

 Alumni Cantabrigienses, by JA Venn, 1940


J.A. Venn, Alumni Cantabrigienses, A biographical list of all known sudents, graduates and holders of office at the University of Cambridge from th earliest times to 1900, Part II, 1752-1900, vol. I, Abbey-Challis, Cambridge, 1940, p. 490:

Caldwell, James Stamford. Admitted pensioner at St John's Jan 12, 1804. Of Staffs [son and heir of James, Esq. of Linley Wood, Staffs, magistrate and D.L. for Staffs. and Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Stamford, Esq., of Derby.] Matriculated Michaelmas 1804; Scholar; BA 1808, M.A. 1811. Admitted Lincoln's Inn November 12 1805. Called to the Bar 1813. incorporated at the Inner Temple, 1821. Of Linley Wood, Staffs. J.P. author of A Treatise of the Law of Arbitration, etc. Died unmarried November 18 1858 aged 72 at Linley Wood, near Newcastle. (Burke Landed Gentry ed. 1862. Boase, IV, suppl. Gentlemans Magazine 1859, 1.101.

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