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Elizabeth Mary Cathcart (nee Crompton)


Born: about 1825 in Thirsk, Yorkshire, and christened 5 June 1831 in Thornton-le-Street, Yorkshire.  Died 13 April 1902 at Grosvenor Place, Middlesex.
Daughter of: Samuel Crompton (1785-1849) and Isabella Sophia Cathcart (1813-1896).
Sister of :
1. Isabella Sarah Crompton (1833?-????).
Elizabeth married: 2 April 1850 Alan Frederick Cathcart 3rd Earl (1828-1905).
Elizabeth and Alan had issue:
1. Isabel Cathcart (18??-1856).
2. Alan Cathcart 4th Earl (1856-1911).
3. Cecilia Rose (nee Cathcart, 1857-1932) who married Edward Temple Rose (18??-1919).
4. Charles Cathcart (1858-1880).
5. George Cathcart 5th Earl (1862-1927) who married Vera Fraser.
6. Ida Hare (nee Cathcart, 1865-1926) who married Thomas Leigh Hare (18??-1941).
7. Marion Cathcart (1867-1955).
8. Emily Cathcart (1868-1960).
9. Reginald Cathcart (1870-1900).  Died at the relief of Ladysmith, Boer War.
10. Achibald Hamilton Cathcart (1873-1955).
11. Eva Cathcart (1874-1960).

Elizabeth Mary Cathcart: An Overview

My knowledge of Elizabeth comes from information supplied to me by Sheila Howells who has researched this from many sources including the Crompton Papers in the Derby Local History Library.


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