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Henry Coape (1704-1778) of Duffield Hall, Derbyshire

Book plate of Henry Coape of Duffield Hall, Derbyshire.

Arms of Henry Coape described as Arg., on a chevron, Az., between three roses, Gules, stalked and leaved, Vert, as many fleurs-de-lis of the field.

Family Connections

Born: Wednesday 9 August 1704, baptized 20 August 1704 and died November 1778.

Probably grandson of Henry Coape (died around 1682), Mercer of Covent Garden, London.  This Henry Coape was probably married to Mary Bock.

Son of: Henry Coape (16??-1707) and Elizabeth Coape (nee Crompton, 1671?-1757) who were married 6 September 1703, in Brailsford near Derby.  Henry died in 1707 and later in 1707 Elizabeth married Samuel Hacker.

Brother of :
1. Abraham Coape (1705-????).
2. Samuel Coape (1706-1718).
3. Possibly William Coape (died 1749).

Half brother of:
2. Hannah Hacker (1713-1752?).


It appears that Henry had an aunt Katherine Porter nee Coape who had married Robert Porter and they had descendants in the Porter family.  Henry also had an uncle William Coape, Haberdasher, of London.  Henry's father Henry was a Factor, of London.  Henry may have also had an uncle Samuel Coape.

There was a Henry Coape of Covent Garden in London who was a mercer and died in 1682.  His wife may have been Mary.  He left £3,000 to eldest son Henry; £2,250 to son Richard; £2,250 to daughter Katherine; silver and personal goods.  




My knowledge of Henry comes from:
1. A 1747 Almanack owned by Hannah Stamford (nee Crompton, 1720-1788).
2. Bourke's 1886 which records the Caldwell family and an inheritance from Henry Coape.
3. His bookplate and some of his books.
5. A notebook of dates written by his mother Elizabeth.
6. Two silver cups and a silver plate originally owned by Henry Coape.
7. The book ‘Vestiges of Protestant Dissent’ by George Eyre Evans (1897). There is a reference to the silver of Henry Coape donated to the Duffield Dissenters and later given to  the Derby Chapel.

Biography of Henry Coape

Very little is known about Henry Coape.  His father, who had the same name, Henry Coape, appears to have been a lawyer and a businessman.  He is noted as being the Sheriff of Derbyshire in 1703 and there exists a will dated 1707 which would indicate that he died in 1707.  His grandfather also seems to have been called Henry Coape so there were three Henry Coapes in succession.

Henry presumably inherited a lot of money from his father, and lived a good life, during which time it would appear that he built up a considerable library at Duffield Hall.

I understand that Henry left a legacy in his will which passed to his cousin's daughter Elizabeth Caldwell (nee Stamford, 1754-1831).
As a result of this legacy, quite a few of the books from Henry's library ended up in the Linley Wood library.

I understand that Henry also left a legacy to some other cousins by the name of Porter.

Henry also left some silver items to the Chapel in Derby.

Books from Henry Coape's library.

Henry's books that still exist in from the Linley Wood library and can be identified as his are as follows:

Works of Mr Edmund Spenser by Edmund Spenser, 1715.  6 vols of 6. 
Henry Coape bookplate, inscription H & E Stamford, James Stamford Caldwell bookplate.

Fruitfull Sermons Preached by the Right Reverend Father and Constant Martyr of Jesus Christ Master Hugh Latimer. 
Printed at London by Thomas Cotes 1635. 
Bookplate of James Caldwell, signatures of Henry Coape and Mary Bock.  Mary was probably Henry's grandmother.

Sulpitii Severi Opera omnia quæ extant 1643.  Sulpice Severe. 
Small book with the bookplate of Henry Coape of Duffield. 

Sermons Sur Divers Textes de L’Ecriture Sainte par Jaques Saurin Pasteur a la Haye.
Published in A La Haye by Chez Pierre Husson. New edition. 
Bookplate of Henry Coape of Duffield, Derby. 
Vols 3,4,5 of 5?  Vol 3 is 1722, vol 4 is 1724, vol 5 is 1725.

Another book known to exist (now in a private collection) is 'Wits Commonwealth'.  Inscribed 'Henry Coape His Book'.

Henry subscribed to quite a few book productions during his life, all of which would have then been in his library.
So far I have identified the following where his name is printed in the front of the book in the subscriber’s list.  These go from 1726 to 1760 and are as follows:

Medulla linguae Gallicae grammatices, or an abridgement of the first elements of the French tongue.  By Stephen Coulet, Leyden 1726.

A View of Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophy.   By Henry Pemberton, Richard Glover.  Printed in London by S Palmer in 1728.

Dizionario Italiano Ed Inglese. A Dictionary Italian and English ..., By F Altieri Professor of the Italian tongue in London.  Printed in London 1728.

A Complete Collection of State Trials and proceedings upon High Treason and other Crimes and Misdemeanours from The Reign of King Richard II to the end of the reign of King george Iin 6 vols with two alphabetical tables to the whole.  1730.

Bishop Burnet’s History of his own time.   By Gilbert Burnet.  1734.

Discourses on all the principal branches of Natural Religion and Social Virtue.  By James Foster DD.  London 1749.

A series of discourses on the principles and evidences of natural religion and the Christian Revelation..., By Samuel Bourn  1760.

Discourses on All the Principal Branches of Natural Religion and ..., Volume 2.  By James Foster.  No date.  Printed in London for the author.


Other reference documents to Henry and his father.

There are lots of documents in the National Record Office at Kew, including the following:

Short title: Mildmay v Coape. Plaintiffs: Henry Mildmay and another.
Reference: C 5/57/30.
Plaintiffs: Henry Mildmay and another.
Defendants: Henry Coape, [unknown] Smith, and others.Subject: money matters, Hampshire.Document type: bill, answer.
Date: 1670.
Held by: The National Archives, Kew

Short title: Coape v Blackmore. Plaintiffs: Henry Coape and Samuel Coape, William...
Reference:       C 8/309/41
Short title: Coape v Blackmore.
Plaintiffs: Henry Coape and Samuel Coape, William Nicholas and Richard Alchorne.
Defendants: Thomas Blackmore, William Thorneton, John Mould and Nicholas Baker.
Subject: money, Middlesex.
Document type: bill and two answers
Date:    1683
Held by: The National Archives, Kew

Short title: Coape v Coape. Plaintiffs: Henry Coape and William Nicholas. Defendants:...
Reference:       C 7/593/21
Plaintiffs: Henry Coape and William Nicholas.
Defendants: Mary Coape, widow and another.
Place or subject: property in Whitechapel, Middlesex.Document type: bill and two answers.
Date:    1689.  Held by: The National Archives, Kew.

Will of Henry Coape of Duffield, Derbyshire.  Reference: PROB 11/496/422Date: 02 October 1707Held by: The National Archives, Kew.

Henry Coape at Duffield to Philip Gell - agrees that there is no hope of a compromise -...
Description: Henry Coape at Duffield to Philip Gell - agrees that there is no hope of a compromise - thinks that if any of the Chatsworth family come to Derby, they will look upon the matter as over - struggling too long against the stream will only add to Gell's expence and vexation - Coke claims 281 for himself, 59 for Gell and 124 dubious. 12 January 1772.  
Held by: Derbyshire Record Office.  
Reference: D258/17/32/88.

Coape family silver

When Henry Coape died in 1778 some of his silver was left to the Chapel of the Congregation of Protestant Dissenters at Duffield.  This gift consisted of two cups and a plate and possibly other items.  Each item was engraved with the inscription “THE GIFT OF THE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LATE HENRY COAPE ESQ TO THE CONGREGATION OF PROTESTANT DISSENTERS AT DUFFIELD 20TH AUGUST 1778”.  The last minister of the Duffield Capel was Evan Owen Jones who died around 1867.  His unmarried daughters the Misses Marianne and Katherine Jones later deposited the silver with the Derby Chapel of Protestant Dissenters, 29 April 1890.  The Derby Chapel was demolished in 1974 but the congregation still continued in a different location.  Eventually the remaining congregation decided to sell their remaining silver and this was placed with the local auctioneers Hansons of Etwall, Derbyshire, 21 March 2024.  Some other items were also put up for sale but these did not appear to relate to Henry Coape (a silver cup engraved with the initials K*W; a collection of pewter plates with no engraving).

The two silver cups were probably commissioned by Henry Coape (or his mother) in 1726 and 1731.  We can assume that this was in memory of his parents Henry Coape (16??-1707) and Elizabeth Coape (nee Crompton, 1671?-1757) who were married 6 September 1703, in Brailsford near Derby.  Both cups have the letters H and E on the bottom.

A silver plate dating to the early 1700s is also known to exist with the same engraved inscription.

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