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Richard Arthur (Dick) Colins 1903-1972

Born: 1903 and died 1972.
Son of: Ronald Collins (1867-1942) and Margaret Colins nee Helsham-Jones (1841-1951).
Brother of:
1. Mary Frances Margaret Seely (nee Collins, 1907-1985) who married Victor Basil Seely.
2. Alice Eleanor Grace Collins (1906-1907).
3. Christopher William Edward Collins (1909-1994) who married Jenny Rosdew Drake.
4. Elizabeth Rosamond Collins, known as Ros (1912-1987).
Dick married: Patricia Maud
Dick and Patricia did not have children.

The following note written by his niece Rosemary.

Richard Arthur Collins (Dick) – born Hatch End, Middx and educated Wellington College and Cambridge University (I think). He served in the Royal Artillery in India and elsewhere and retired as Lieut Colonel. He inherited his uncle (Angas Collins) property, Greens Park in Northants, where he hunted with the Grafton Hunt. Unfortunately, he was something of a spendthrift and frequently borrowed money when he could from other family members. Greens Park had to be sold and he moved into a smaller house not far away. He was killed in a traffic accident. He married Mabel Patricia (Pat) Austen who out lived him by several years. They had no children.