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Commander Edwin Mansergh Palmer RN OBE (1882?-1963?)

Edwin was born 23 June, 1882 and died 19 November, 1945.

Son of: Joseph Mansergh Palmer (1850-1924) and Georgina Berlinda Palmer (nee Hartford, 1846-1940).

Brother of:

Vice Admiral Alexander Robinson Palmer RN OBE (1879-1958)

Violet Charlotte Mary Heath-Caldwell (nee Palmer, 1885-1971) who married Rev Capt Cuthbert Helsham Heath-Caldwell (1889-1997).

Irving Palmer RN OBE.

Major Richard Lodge Palmer DSO MC OBE (Horse Artillery).

Edwin is mentioned in the books:
The Navy in Mesopotamia, by Conrad Cato, published 1918.
Tigris Gunboats, by Wilfrid Nunn, published 1932.

Commander Edwin Mansergh Palmer RN OBE (18??-1963)

Joined navy 15 May 1897.

Captain of H.M.S. Dalhousie, 26 Aug, 1914 – 15 Jan, 1917 

It was while serving in the Persian Gulf on HMS Dalhousie that he met his future brother in law Captain Cuthbert Helsham Heath-Caldwell.

Captain of H.M.S. Odin, 15 Jan, 1917 – 18 May, 1917

Edwin was best man at the wedding of his sister Violet to Cuthbert Heath-Caldwell, May 5th 1919, at Armagh Cathedral.

Edwin was placed on the Retired List at his own request on 1 January, 1923.

Having recently taken up the role of port officer in Port Sudan, Edwin was promoted to the rank of Captain on the Retired List upon reaching the age forty-five on 23 June, 1927.

Senior Naval Officer and D.N.T.O., Aberdeen, 6 Nov, 1939 – 27 Nov, 1939

Captain of H.M.S. Edinburgh Castle, 14 Mar, 1940 – 31 Jul, 1941.

On 1 October, 1941, Edwin was appointed in command of H.M.S. Okapi and H.M.S. Eland, as Flag Captain to Commander in Chief, South Atlantic.

Edwin reverted to the Retired List on 30 October, 1945