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Fanny Corbould (nee Heath) 1813-1850

What did Fanny look like?

Born: 22 July 1814 and died 19 February 1850.
Daughter of: Charles Heath, the engraver (1785-1848) and Elizabeth Petch (?-1861).
Sister of:
1. Emily Heath (1809-1880).
2. Frederick Augustus Heath (1810-1878) who married Mrs M Inwood.
3. Alfred Theodosius Heath (1812-1896) who married Caroline Philpott.
4. Charlotte Palmer (nee Heath, 1816-1857) who married William Palmer.
5. Charles Heath (1824-1826).
6. Isabel Heath (1826-1828).
7. Henry Charles Heath (1829-1898) who married Georgina Woodcock (1838-1891).
Fanny married: 28 September 1839, Edward Henry Corbould (1815-1905), son of the artist Henry Corbould and Mary Corbould (nee Pickles).
Fanny and Edward had issue:
1. Jemima Wyburd (nee Corbould, 1840-1913) who married the artist Francis John Wyburd (1829-1909).
2. Isabel (1842-????).
3. Julia (1844-????).

My knowledge of Fanny comes from information supplied to me by Giles Wyburd.

If anyone out on the internet can supply me with a biography, I would be very pleased to hear from you.  More information can be found on the Corbould family at .

Fanny's husband Edward Henry Corbould


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