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Portrait of Marion Emma Crofton.
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Marion Emma Crofton (nee Heath)

Born: born at Moorhust, Holmwood, 22 September 1856.  Died 1949.
Eldest daughter of: Admiral Sir Leopold Heath KCB RN and Lady Mary Emma Marsh.
Sister of:
1. Arthur Raymond Heath (1854-1943) who married Flora Jean Baxter.
2. Maj Gen Frederick Crofton Heath-Caldwell (1858-1945) who married Constance Mary Helsham Helsham-Jones (1869-1957).
3. Cuthbert Eden Heath (1859-1939) who married Sarah Caroline Gore Gambier (1859-1944).
4. Ada Randolf Broadwood (nee Heath) (1860-1957) who married HJT Broadwood (1856-1911).
5. Admiral Sir Herbert Leopold Heath (1861-1954) who married Elizabeth Catherine Simson.
6. Major-General Sir Gerard Moore Heath (1863-1929) who married Mary Egerton.
Marion married: 1st Maj Alfred Cotton (1850-1889), 2nd Maj Richard Martin Crofton RHA (1854-1899).
Marion did not have any known issue.


Marion Emma Crofton (nee Heath): An Overview

We know about Marion from the following sources:

1. Entry in the book "Records of the Heath Family Vol 1" by George Heath, 1913.
2. Entry in the book "Records of the Heath Family Vol 2" by George Heath, 1920.

Records of the Heath Family Vol 1, page 91, reads as follows:

Marion Emma, born at Moorhurst, Sept. 22nd, 1856;married at Holmwood, June 22nd, 1881, Alfred Fox Cotton, of the Indian Army, son of Gen.Sir Arthur Cotton K.C.S.I., who died in Dec., 1889, at sea, whilst returning from India.

In 1893 she married her cousin, Richard Martin Crofton, R.A., who died in India, 1899, whilst on his return to England.

During her married life she made a good many voyages to India.

For several years she resided at Anstie Grange with her parents, and is now settled in London.


Records of the Heath Family Vol 2, page 11, reads as follows:


In 1915 I went to stay at Dinan, in Brittany, to help in making garments for French hospitals, and visiting them. On my return to England, I joined the Red Cross Central work-rooms, and worked there on and off until the Armistice. I also helped at a canteen for munition workers at King's Cross, and afterwards for two years at the Censorship canteen in Kingsway. Besides the above, I worked for a large collecting Savings Bank started during the war for the poorer classes in the Vauxhall district.


Marion Emma Heath and her sister Ada at Moorhurst Holmwood in the 1860s
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Marion and her sister Ada
At Moorhurst mid 1860s


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