Photograph ortrait of Maj General Richard Henry Crofton 1818-1897
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Maj Gen Richard Henry Crofton RA

Portrait drawing of Maj General Richard Henry Crofton 1818-1897
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Born: 31 January 1818.  He died at Upton, 23 March 1897, aged 86.
Son of: Duke Crofton (1768-1845) and Alicia Jones (17??-1866) of Lakefield, co Leitrim, Ireland.
Brother of: 
1. Duke Crofton (1811-1873).
2. William Crofton (1812-1886) who married Frances Emilia Dunn (1818-1910).
3. John Crofton (1814-1868) who married Anna Newcomen Norris.
4. Dorothea (18??-1835).
5. Mary Crofton (nee Crofton, 18??-1889) who married Charles Stanhope Crofton.
6. Susan Crofton (died an infant).
7. Henry Robert Crofton (1821-1857) who married Elizabeth Singer.
8. Travers Crofton (1822-1861) who married Anna Edwards Singer.
9. Alicia Maria Crofton (18??-1859).
10. Gustavus StJohn Crofton (18??-1855).
11. Hugh Arthur Crofton (1833-1839).
Richard married: 22 June 1848 in Walford, Frances Mary Crofton (nee Marsh, 1819-1906), daughter of Arthur Cuthbert Marsh (1786-1849) and Anne Marsh (Marsh-Caldwell, nee Caldwell, 1791-1874).
Richard and Frances had issue:
1. Amelia Alicia Anne Isaac (nee Crofton, 1849-19??) who married John Swinton Isaac of Boughton Park, Worcester, eldest son of John Whitmore Isaac.
2. Captain Duke Arthur Crofton RN (1850-1917) who married Augusta Maude Lefroy (1854-1938).
3. Maj Richard Martin Crofton RHA (1854-1899) who married Marion Emma Heath (1856-1949).
4. Maj Henry Caldwell Crofton RHA (1856-1947) who married Helen Rose Ann Millman.

Maj Gen Richard Henry Crofton: An Overview


Extensive information about the Crofton family can be found in the book 'Crofton Memoirs an account of John Crofton of Ballymurry, Co. Rosecommon, Queen Elizabeth's Escheator-General of Ireland, and of his Ancestors and Descendants and others Bearing the Name'. Compiled by Henry Thomas Crofton, 1911.  A mention of Richard is made on page 201 but only notes the names of his wife and children.

If anyone can supplier a biography on Richard, I would be very pleased to hear from you

Portrait of Maj General Richard Henry Crofton 1818-1897
Painted by the artist

 J Wilson in 1855 painter
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Maj Gen Richard Henry Crofton

Portrait of Francis Mary Crofton nee Marsh 1819-1906 Painted by the artist J Wilson in 1855 painter
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Frances Mary Crofton (nee Marsh)

The wedding was recorded by her cousin James Augustus Milbourne Marsh in his diary, Thursday 22nd June 1848.  This read as follows: 

A lovely day, got up early in order to be in time for the Train which stared for Pinner at 11.10 from the Euston Square Station: we got there half an hour before our time. On reaching the station at Pinner found a carriage waiting for us, having been ordered previously by Arthur Marsh. We intended to have dressed here, but there was no town? whatever, so we had  to  drive about a mile further and put up at a dirty miserable pothouse of an Inn;- there was  no  alternative:- however Grace managed with the help of her  maid "Dowd," to change her dress in less than half an hour, and by ½ past 1 o'clock, we found ourselves at the Marsh's, "Eastbury." The wedding was over, but the people had just sat down to the Breakfast and on our being discovered on entering places were soon made at the table for us.

The Bride was covered with orange blossoms and I cannot say that they became her, or that her appearance enchanted me. All the Bridesmaids were dressed alike in white muslin: these were the five Miss Marsh's, my cousin Susan Downman, Miss Holland and Miss Hutton. There were at least 130 people present I should think; some  of them whom I recollect, were Sir Harry and Lady Milman, Sir Hyde parker, Miss Milman: Lady Gifford and her daughter: the Reverend Gifford (her son) who was the Clergyman officiating at the ceremony. Colonel Shee, a relation of mine, Colonel and Mrs Eden: Mr and Mrs Graham Pigott:- the Roscoes, and the Hollands, cousins of  the Arthur Marsh's: then their Aunts Miss Amelia and Miss Georgina Marsh, also Madame Gabiou (who was a Miss Marsh) the prettiest girl was  Miss Holland.

There was an immensity of speeches - Captain Crofton, the Bridegroom, made a long but stupid speech, his brother made a better. Sir Hyde Parker proposed the health of Arthur Marsh, and he returned thanks. Then the health of the young Clergyman, Gifford, his was tolerably good, he reminded me of Sir Aflred Stephen. The Bride cried a good deal as she said "good bye," so did her mother, all the others were happy enough. The Breakfast was a sumptuous one. Opposite me sat Downman (my cousin), we never had seen each other before, and he was delighted when he heard my name, and we became the best of friends immediately. He is in the 65th Regiment and quartered at Kinsale but has a month's leave. His manner is very much like Frank Forbes. I was sorry that my Aunt and Sir Thomas Downman were not present as they intended, but he does not like leaving Woolwich, on account of these Chartist Meetings.

The Bride and Bridegroom were driven to Watford as they intended going by Railway to Leamington, en route to Port-where his company is quartered. After they had left, the people strolled out of doors, some into the woods, others on the lawn; in the green house, in fact, wherever they fancied. All the Ladies wore Bonnetts at the breakfast with the exception of Grace, and all the gentlemen nearly wore frock coasts in which it is the fashion now to be married.


Etching of the inside of a crofters cottage drawn by Maj Gen Richard Henry Crofton RA (1818-1897) in 1848.
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An etching, signed 'RH Crofton 1848', exists in the family and was at one time at the Caldwell family home of Linley Wood.  This etching is of an interior scene, perhaps the inside of a crofters cottage.  On the back appears to be written 'Etched by Colonel Richard Crofton RA, father of Duke Crofton of Lakefield'.

I understand that Richard had a son (before he married Frances) via a mistress, Emily Catherine Ann Brown, younger daughter of William James Brown of Gravesend, Kent.  Emily's mother's name was Catherine Ann Atkins, daughter of William Atkins of Ardagh, Co. Cork.  This illegitimate son was born 2 December 1843 and became Rev William Crofton-Atkins.  He took up the surname of his natural father in addition to his grandmother's maiden name. 

Descendents of Rev William Crofton-Atkins

The following is a summary of the descendents of Rev William Crofton-Atkins, as compiled by Alexandra Crofton-Atkins:

A1. Brigadier General Cyril Schneider Crofton-Atkins CBE.

A2. Reginald Darby Randell Crofton-Atkins of Weybridge, Surrey, Born 30 October 1869, died 3 October 1941, educated Clare College, Cambridge (M.B. 1893, M.D. 1899), Married 5 January 1902 to Mabel Anne Webster who died 30 June 1963 aged 84, daughter of Alexander Brand Webster of Whinstanes, Brisbane, Australia; and had issue:

B1. John Norman Crofton-Atkins of Lancaster Cottage, Weybridge, Surrey, served in World War II 1939-45,as T/Capt Sherwood Foresters (his uncle Cyril was commanding officer of the 2nd Bn.), Born 21 January 1906, educated at Uppingham and Clare College, Cambridge, married 1stly 18 August 1934 (div. 1947), Margaret Grace Branton.

C1. Peter Randell Crofton-Atkins, was Lt. in the Sherwood Foresters but retired sometime before the mid 1970's, born 19 February 1937, educated Uppingham and Royal Military College, Sandhurst. Md.2) 1950 (div. 1960) Dorothy Cowell, daughter of Ernest Cowell of Walton -on-Thames, Surrey.

A3. Alban Randell Crofton-Atkins, Sir, K.C.B. (1919), C.M.G. (1915), K.G.St.J. Maj.Gen., Director General of Supply and Transport in World War I 1916-19, later on diplomatic and commercial missions in Paris, Belgrade and Rio de Janeiro; Chav. Legion of Honour (France), Order of Leopold (Belgium), Crown of Italy, Redeemer (Greece),White Eagle with Swords (Serbia); born 29 June 1870, died 30 April 1926, educated privately and the Royal Nautical College, Greenwich, married 19 December 1902 to May Clara Bongard M.B.E. (1918), she died 25 March 1919, daughter of Daniel William Bongard of London and New York.

B1. Charles Arthur Crofton-Atkins, O.B.E. (1963), of Av. Angamos 1585, Miraqores, Lima, Peru, Director and general Manager of Central Railway of Peru; born 18 January 1906, educated at Rossall; married 3 March 1933 to Mary Phyllis Mason, daughter of Harry Mason of Northwood, Middlesex and Lima Peru.

C1. Paul Brian Crofton-Atkins of Lima Peru, born 18 March 1935, educated at Rossall, married 29 September 1962 to Hazel Cameron Williamson, daughter of William Williamson and step-daughter of Capt. George Fuessli Setchell of Theydon, Vale Road, Bickley, Kent.

C2. Christopher John Crofton-Atkins of Lima, Peru, born 16 June 1937, educated at Rossall and McGill University and has a degree from Sir George Williams University in Montreal.

B2. Paul Harry Crofton-Atkins, Major, Royal Artillery, born 23 October 1911, educated at Lancing, Sussex and Royal Military College, Sandhurst. He was killed in action near Caen, Normandy on 10 July 1944.

A4. Bernard Norman Randell Crofton-Atkins of Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A., born 12 February 1872, died 9 March 1949, married 1stly 1908 (div.), Anna Louisa Fulton, daughter of Robert Fulton of Philadelphia, U.S.A.

B1. Margaret Randell Crofton-Atkins, born 6 April 1910, married 1stly 1 February 1939 (div.), Samuel Lata Diack, M.D., of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

C1. Crofton Harrison Diack, born 10 May 1940.

C2. Samuel Lata Diack, born 19 March 1943. Md.2), Thomas B. Malarkey of 2141, S.W. Hill Crest Place. Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. Md.2) 29 May 1925, Dorothy Whyte of 101, Luncia Plaza, Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A., daughter of David Whyte of London.  A5. William Arthur Crofton-Atkins, member of the senate of Cambridge University, born 12 May 1876, died 27 January 1942, educated Clare College, Cambridge (M.A.).

A6. Agatha Mary Crofton-Atkins, born 24 August 1873, died 4 January 1951, married 15 June 1905, Harry Horsman Coles of Regent's Park, London (died 12 March 1925), 3rd son of Timothy Horsman Cole of Westbourne Terrace, London.

A7. Ada Crofton-Atkins, born 8 August 1877, died 21 September 1957, married 21 June 1898, Edgar Ramsay White, F.R.C.S.

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