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Abraham (James?) Crompton

of Breightmet, Bolton-Lee-Moors, Lancaster


Born: possibly 1580 or 1585 and died possibly 1626 or 1638.
Son of: James Crompton (1554?-1600?) and Anne
Brother of : Not known
Abraham Crompton married: Alice Roscoe 20 July 1605?
Abraham and Alice had issue:
1. Henry Crompton (1607-16??) who married Rebecca Crompton.
2. John Crompton (1611-1669) and Mary?.
3. Alice Crompton (1621?-????).

The above information was supplied to me by Judy Bradwell and is taken from some family trees and notes.  The notes read as follows:

In the early part of the reign of James I, nearly half the population of the hamlet of Breightmet, near Bolton, Lancashire, seem to have been Cromptons.  Among them was Abraham Crompton (also referred to as James).  His eldest son, Henry Crompton, married 10 January 1638 Rebecca Crompton (batized 1620) daughter of John and grandaughter of Elys Crompton of the Driffield branch.


There is grave in the church of St Peter's of Bolton-Lee-Moors which makes a reference to Mary daughter of a James Crompton of Breightmet.
This person might be a descendent of the above James Crompton?
The grave inscription reads as follows:
John Oakley the servant of God was borne in London 1608. Came into this Towne 1629 Married Mary the daughter of James Crompton of Breightmet 1631, with whom he lived comfortably for 20 years & begot 4 souns & 6 daughters since then he lived sole till the day of his death. In his time there were many great changes & terrible alterations 13 years civil wars in England besides many dreadfull sea fights. The Crown or Command of England changed 3 times epscopacy laid aside 14 years London burnt by papists & more lately built againe. Germany walked 300 miles 200000 protestants murdered in Ireland by papists. This town thrice stormed once taken & plundered. He went through many troubles and diverse conditions. Found rest joy and happiness only in holmes the faith feare & love of God in Jesus Christ. He dyed the 29 of Ap & lieth here buried 1684. Come Lord Jesus O come quickly.