Abraham Crompton
of Chorley Hall, Lancashire

Born: 1649, christened 8 April 1649 at Brailsford and died 13 February 1724 and is buried in All Saints, Derby.
Son of: John Crompton (1611-1669) and Mary?.
Brother of :
1. Rebecca Crompton christened 23 January 1647.
2. Samuel Crompton (1650?-1734) who married Mary Cranmer and then Elizabeth Wharam.
3. Mary Brentnall nee Crompton (christened 8 May 1653) who married Samuel Brentnall (1650-????).
4. Elizabeth Crompton who was chistened 14 January 1654.
5. Joshua Crompton
Abraham married: 14 August 1677, Elizabeth Bourne (1653-1690).
He had issue:
1. Elizabeth Hacker (nee Crompton, 1678-1757) who married 1st Henry Coape 2nd Samuel Hacker.
2. Samuel Crompton (1679-1757) who married Ann Rodes and then Martha Rich.
3. Mary Crompton (1680-1728) who married Henry Seal and then John Heslop.
4. John Crompton (1682-1750) who married Hannah Mather and then Margaret Rigby (1731?-?).
5. Abraham Crompton (1690-1766).

Abraham Crompton: An Overview

I have have the following sources of information relating to Abraham Crompton:

1. A small minature portrait (now stolen)  had been passed down in the family.  This oval minature had an inscripton on the back stating that it was supposed to be of Abrahm Crompton of Chorley Hall, Lancashire who was the great grandfather of  Anne Marsh-Caldwell.  Anne's mother was Elizabeth Caldwell (nee Stamford, 1754-1831) who's mother was Hannah Stamford (nee Crompton, 1720-1788) daughter of  John Crompton (1682-1750) who was the son of Abraham Crompton (1649?-1724).  If the portrait is of  Anne Marsh-Caldwell's ancestor Abraham Crompton then it must be Abraham Crompton (1649?-1724), her great great grandfather.  If the portrait is of Anne's great grandfather then it must be of John Crompton (1682-1750) and this would possibly be more in keeping with the possible date of the portrait.  On the other hand it could be John's brother, the younger Abraham Crompton (1690-1766).  There is a reward offered of

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