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Henry Crompton


Born: presumably early 1607, christened 15th February 1607 in Bolton and died after 1655, probably 1698.
Son of: Abraham Crompton (?-1638?) and Alice Roscoe.
Brother of:
1. Rev John Crompton (1610-1668) who married Mary.
2. Alice Crompton (1621?-????).
Henry Crompton married: 10 January 1638 in Bolton, Rebecca (1622-1698).
Henry and Rebecca had issue:
1. John Crompton (1639-1703) who married Mary.
2. Alice Crompton (1642?-????).
3. Rebecca Crompton (1644-????).
4. Henry Crompton (1649?-????).
5. Grace Crompton (1656-????).

Henry Crompton: An Overview

The above information was supplied to me by Sheila Howells who had researched this from many sources including the Crompton Papers in the Derby Local History Library. 


Other information.
There was a Hannah Heyward (died 1672 or 1673) who married Thomas Crompton (died 1673) of Breightmet in 1643.
There was a Abigail Crompton (1632-1707), daughter of James Crompton of Breightmet, married Oliver Heyward (1630-1702), 27 June 1667, at Salford.
See the book 'Rev Oliver Heyward his Autobiography' 1882 pages 4 & 6.  I am not sure how these people relate to the above?

There was a Mary Crompton, daughter of James Crompton of Breightmet, who married in 1635 John Okey (1608-1684).  See page 532 of 'History, directory and gazetteer of the county palatine of Lancaster' by Edward Baines and William Parson 1824.

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