Paul Crompton

Born: 20 August 1871 in England and died with all his family in the sinking of the SS Lusitania 7 May 1915.
Son of: Henry Crompton (1836-1904) and Lucy Henrietta Romilly (1872-1923).
Brother of:
1. David Crompton (1873-19??). Barrister-at-Law.
2. Rosamund Crompton (1883-????).

Paul married: 27 October 1900 in Chelsea, London, Gladys Mary S Schwabe (1878?-1915).  She was born in England.
Paul and Gladys had issue:
1. Stephen Hugh Crompton (1901?-1915). Born in Vladivostok, Russia.  Immigrated to America in 1904.
2. Alberta Crompton (1903?-1915). Born in New York or South America. Immigrated to America in 1904
3. Catherine Mary Crompton (1904?-1915) or Katherine. Born in London. Immigrated to America in 1904
4. Paul Romilly Crompton (1905?-1915).  Known as Romilly.  Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

5. John David Crompton (1909?-1915).  Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
6. Peter Romilly Crompton (1914?-1915).  Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Paul Crompton: An Overview

We know about Paul Crompton from the following sources:
1.  Information supplied to me by Sheila Howells who has researched this from many sources including the Crompton Papers in the Derby Local History Library.
2.  Information from Hildur Panula-Heinonen.
3.  Information on the SS Lusitania website



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