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Samuel Crompton
Dissenting Church Minister, Doncaster

Born: 1650?, christened 16 February 1650 at Brailsford, Derbyshire.  Died 1734.
Son of: John Crompton (1611-1669) and Mary?.
Brother of :
1. Rebecca Crompton christened 23 January 1647.
2. Abraham Crompton (1649?-1724) who married Elizabeth Bourne (1653-1690)
3. Mary Brentnall nee Crompton (christened 8 May 1653) who married Samuel Brentnall (1650-????).
4. Elizabeth Crompton who was chistened 14 January 1654.
5. Joshua Crompton.
Samuel Crompton married:
1st.  about 1689 in Doncaster, Mary Cranmer.
2nd.  24 September 1695 in Campsall, Yorkshire, Elizabeth Wharam (1674?-1726).
Samuel and Mary had issue:
1. Mary Moult (nee Crompton, 1690-1760) who married 1st John Darling and 2nd William Moult (16??-1727).
Samuel and Elizabeth had issue:
2. Hannah Woodhouse (nee Crompton, 1696?-1744) who married Hubbert Woodhouse.
3. Ann Moody (nee Crompton, 1699-1733) who married Robert Moody.
4. John Crompton (1702-17??) who married 1st Elizabeth Woodhouse (1711-1738) and 2nd Dorothy Wyndlow.

Samuel Crompton: An Overview

The above information was supplied to me by Sheila Howells who had researched this from many sources including the Crompton Papers in the Derby Local History Library.


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