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Samuel Crompton 1714-1782 Banker of Derby

Born: 1714 and christened at All Saints in Derby and died 19 January 1782.
Son of:  Samuel Crompton (1677-1757) and Ann Crompton (nee Rodes).
Brother of :
1. Abraham Crompton (1711-1714).
2. John Crompton (1713-1788) who married Antonina Woodhouse.
3. Joshua Crompton (171?-1770) who married Elizabeth Colthurst (17??-1778).
4. Rebecca Crompton (1721?-1788).
5. Mary Lawrence (nee Compton, 1723?-1749) who married Edward Lawrence.
Half brother of:
6. Elkanna Crompton (1728?-1756?).
Samuel married: 8 May 1744 in Osmaston, Elizabeth Fox (1718-1791) daughter of Samuel Fox (1676-1755) of Osmaston Hall near Derby.
Samuel and Elizabeth had issue:
1. Elizabeth Crompton (1745-????).
2. Ann Crompton (1747-????).
3. Samuel Crompton (1750-1810) who married Sarah Fox (17??-1842).
4. John Crompton (1753-1834) who married Elizabeth Bell (1765?-1807).
5. Joshua Crompton (1754-1832) who married Anna Maria Rookes (1762-1818).
6. Gilbert Crompton (1755-????) who married Elizabeth Johnson.
7. Elizabeth Crompton (1758-????).

My knowledge of Samuel Crompton comes from information supplied to me by Sheila Howells who has researched this from many sources including the Crompton Papers in the Derby Local History Library.  Also his portrait by Joseph Wright of Derby was sold at Sotheby's in London, 9 July 1997.

I think Samuel was Mayor of Derby in 1767 and was followed two years later in 1769 by Thomas Stamford (1712-1787) who was the husband of Samuel's cousin.  Samuel became High Sherrif of Derbyshire in 1768 and was also Receiver General of Derbyshire.

Samuel Crompton or his son possibly lived at Milford House between Derby and Belper.  This house was previously lived in by Jedediah Strutt (1726-1797).


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