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1747 Almanack Owned by
Hannah Stamford (nee Crompton, 1720-1788)

This small Almanack has a number of hand written notes by Hannah Stamford (nee Crompton, 1720-1788).  Her parents were John Crompton (1690-1750) and Hannah Mather (1701-1723).  Her husband was Thomas Stamford (17??-1787), son of John Stamford.  In the Almanack Hannah records the dates of death, and also a few marriages, of her parents, aunts, uncles, step aunts, step uncles, parents in law, aunts in law, uncles in law, cousins and family acquaintances.

The Almanck was printed in 1747 and at this time Hannah would have been 27 years old.  The following table gives on the left a transcription of what appears to be written in the diary.  One the right are my notes to indicate who the person was and how they were related to Hannah.

Year of our Lord God,
 MDCCXLVII [1747].
Being the third after
Bissextile or LEAP-YEAR.
Wherein are contain'd
With a Description of the
Throughout all
The like not extant in any other.  
Calculated by
To which are added
Divers TABLES,
 and other useful
Things, not in former Editions.  
Printed by Charles Ackers.
For the Company of Stationers.

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John and Elizabeth Stamford where married September: 11: 1711

John and Elizabeth Stamford, parents of Hannah's husband Thomas Stamford?

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Thomas and Rebekah Stamford was born September ye 17: 1712 baptized by M- Rogerson [Minister Rogerson]

Hannah's husband Thomas Stamford.
Possibly related to Rev. Josiah Rogerson, who came to Derby later in 1724, and remained till his death in 1763.

John Stamford and his deceased sister was born Jan 16:1715 baptized by M- Shaw [Minister Shaw]

Presumably brother of Hannah's husband Thomas Stamford.
Presumably Rev. Fernando Shaw M.A

Uncle Shaw died 1759


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Uncle Crompton 1757

Hannah's father's brother Samuel Crompton (1677-1757).

Old Mr Fox  Derby August 1755

Samuel Fox (1676-1755) of Osmaston Hall near Derby, father of  Elizabeth Crompton nee Fox

Sister Molly died October 1759

Possibly Mary Crompton born 1737.

Mother died in July 1763

Possibly Hannah's step mother Margaret Crompton (nee Rigby, 1731-????).

Miss Haccker 1752

Probably Hannah Hacker daughter of Samuel Hacker and Elizabeth Hacker (nee Crompton, 1671-1757).

And Mrs Crompton

Possibly Martha Crompton (nee Rich) wife of Hannah's uncle Samuel Crompton (1677-1757).

Mrs Bentleys mother 1764

This probably refers to Thomas Stamford's step mother (Mary?) as Thomas Bentley's mother Dorothy Bentley died in 1778.

Jan 2 Uncle Lowe 1776

Daniel Lowe MA (????-1776) who married Elizabeth Mather who was the sister of Hannah Crompton (nee Mather, 1701?-1723) Hannah's mother.  Daniel and Elizabeth had 7 children, daughters Elizabeth and Urith and sons Daniel, William and Joseph. A further 2 died in infancy.

Aunt Oldknow July 1773

Probably Phoebe Oldknow (nee Mathers, 1711-1773) who was probably a sister of Hannah Crompton (nee Mather, 1701?-1723).

Mr Brentnal 1774

Probably a son or daughter in law of Abraham Brentnall.

Dr White March 1775


Brother Samuel Octo Sept 1775

Presumably Hannah's half brother Samuel Crompton (1734-?).

Mrs Shaw of London May 1776


Mr Shaw of London April 1771


Uncle Abraham [Crompton?] Jan 1765

Possibly Hannah's father's brother Abraham Crompton (1690?-1766).

Sister Peggy October 1765

Possibly Hannah's half sister Margaret Crompton (1732-?).

Mr Lawrance March 1757

Possibly Edward Lawrence who married Mary Crompton, daughter of Samuel Crompton.

Uncle Crompton April 1757

Hannah's father's brother Samuel Crompton (1677-1757).

Aunt Mather 1764

Hannah's mother's sister or sister in law.

Brother Edward Aug 8 1773

Probably Hannah's half brother Edward Crompton (1743-?).

Aunt Hacker died Nov 1757

Hannah's father's sister Elizabeth Hacker (nee Crompton, 1671?-1757) who married 1st Henry Coape 2nd Samuel Hacker.

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Mr Wilson July 1765


Father died April 5 1750

John Crompton of Chorley Hall, Lancashire (1690?-1750).

Uncle Mather Oct: 1772

Hannah's mother's brother.

Cousin Wil Lowe Nov 1772

William Lowe (1743-1772) who was the son of Daniel Lowe and Elizabeth Lowe (nee Mather, ????-1775) who was the sister of Hannah Crompton (nee Mather, 1701?-1723) Hannah's mother.

Aunt Heslop Jan 17. 1741:2

Hannah's father's sister,  Mary Crompton (1680-1728) who married Henry Seal and then John Heslop.

Uncle Lowe Jan 2 1776

Reverend Daniel Lowe MA (????-1776) who was the husband of Elizabeth Lowes (nee Mather, ????-1775) who was the sister of Hannah Crompton (nee Mather, 1701?-1723) Hannah's mother.

Grandfather Mather 1741

Joseph Mather, Hannah's mother's father.

Aunt Lowe 1775

Elizabeth Lowe (nee Mather, ????-1775) died 9 Jan 1775.  She was the sister of Hannah Crompton (nee Mather, 1701?-1723) Hannah's mother.

Nov Mrs John Crompton of Derby Jan 12 1765

Possibly  Catherine Crompton (nee Wharton).

Cousin Barton died November 1776


Cousin Hartlos[?] Lowe 1741

Presumably Joshua Lowe (????-1741) who was the son of Elizabeth Lowes (nee Mathers, ????-1775) who was the sister of Hannah Crompton (nee Mather, 1701?-1723) Hannah's mother.

Cousin Joshua Crompton died Feb 22. 1770

Joshua Crompton, son of Hannah's father's brother Samuel Crompton (1677-1757) the banker.  Joshua may have died 16 February 1770.

Tomy Crompton Born 1760
ofly shore born

Possibly Thomas Crompton (1759-1781) son of Hannah's cousin Joshua Crompton (17??-1770).

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Miss Crompton born Jan 7 1745

Possibly Elizabeth Crompton, daughter of Hannah's cousin Samuel Crompton (1714-1782).

Sally Hardman[?] Aug 1774

A lady named Ellen Mather married James Hardman in Radcilffe, Lancashire. Sally, (Sarah),  Betty and Han (Ann) may have been the daughters of Jacub and Mary Hardman, who were all born in Radcliffe?

Cousin John Pilkington 1753

There was a John Pilkington born in Heanor, Derbyshire, in 1754. His parents were Samuel and Lydia Pilkington.  Lydia may have been a sister of Hannah Crompton (nee Mather, 1701?-1723)

Han Stamford 1753
April 17

Hannah's daughter Hannah Stamford (1753-1832) of Linley Wood.

Neice Margaret Oct 14 1772

Presumably Margaret Crompton, daughter of Hannah's half-brother Edward b 1743 and Ann Bury.

Betty Hardman Oct 1772


Han Hardman April 1777


Cousin J Mather married June 175[?]

Hannah's mother's brother's son.

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Mr Samuel Crompton married in May 1744

Hannah's cousin Samuel Crompton (1714-1782) married in Osmaston, Derby, Elizabeth Fox (1718?-1789).

Bro John in 1756 July

Hannah's brother John Crompton (1722-1780?) who married Catherine Wharton 13 July 1756 in St Nicholas, Liverpool.  Or was John a brother in law?

Cousin Maria Old 1773

Probably Hannah Maria Oldknow - the daughter of Hannah's Aunt Phoebe (Mathers) who married Thomas Oldknow. She married Henry Hollins in 1774?

Uncle Oldknow 1774

Thomas Oldknow.  His second marriage, to Sarah Starckey, on 5th May 1774, in the same church where he had married Hannah's Aunt Phoebe in 1731.  Thomas was possibly born around 1707.  There is possibly another Thomas Oldknow born 1757 who married Phebe Hall in 1779 so it is difficult to know who is who.

Br Edward[?] Sept 1771

Hannah's half brother Edward Crompton (1743-????) who married 5 Sept 1771 in St Peter, Bolton le Moors, Ann Bury.

Cousin Lang Sept 1770


Miss Mary Stamford London to Mr Bentley June 22 1772

Hannah's sister in law Mary Bentley (nee Stamford, ?-1797) who married Thomas Bentley (1730-1780) the partner of Josiah Wedgwood.

Cousin Hollins: 1774

Possibly Sarah Hollins, who married Thos Oldknow. 06 Jan 1767.

Miss Busk to Mr Milns Feb 1778

Mary Anne Busk (1755-1802). She was the eldest daughter of Hans Busk and Martha Marrion Rodes.  Mary Anne Busk married James Milnes or Rich on 24 February 1778 at Penistone, Yorkshire.  The connection with the Cromptons is that Martha Marrion Rodes , Miss Busk's mother,was the daughter of Richard Rodes and Martha Rich. Martha Rodes( nee Rich) was the second wife of Hannah Crompton's Uncle, Samuel Crompton.

1777 died

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August 20 Mr John Genit[?] died

Possibly John Benit or Bennet

Nov 24 old Mr Bateman

Hugh Bateman of Hartington Hall, Youlgrave,  in Derbyshire born about 1689 and died 24 November 1777 or 1778.  There was a Mary Crompton who had married a William Bateman.

1778 died

Cousin Lang May 5th

Possibly a connection on the Rigby side of the family. (Hannah's stepmother's sister married a Lang). Marriage: 25 Aug 1766 St. Laurence, Chorley. William Lang, Weaver of Leyland to Elizabeth Rigbye, Spinster of Chorley.

Mrs Joshua Crompton May 11th

Elizabeth Crompton, nee Colthurst who died in 1778. Wife of Joshua Crompton.

Cousin Coape died July 29

Hannah's father's sister's son, Henry Coape (1703?-1778).

Jan 14 1779 Mr Shebrooke died

Related to Henry Coape (1703?-1778).

Bro John died May 21st 1780

Probably Hannah's brother John Crompton (1722-1780?) who married Catherine Wharton 13 July 1756 in St Nicholas, Liverpool.

Mr Bentley Nov 26 1780


Thomas Bentley (1730-1780) the partner of Josiah Wedgwood.  Thomas was married to Hannah's sister in law.

Cousin Oldknow Oct 5

Mr John Crompton died September 12th 1781

Possibly John Crompton (1702-????) son of Samuel Crompton (1650-1734) and Elizabeth Wharam (1674-1726).

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18th November 1779 married Miss
Lowe[?] and Mr Robinson

Elizabeth Lowe married Rev Peter Robinson.  She was the daughter of Daniel Lowe and Elizabeth Lowe nee Mather.  Elizabeth was Hannah's 1st cousin.

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Beginning of November Mr Blaxlon[?] and Miss Bonel


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There were no more entries in the Almanack after 1780.  Hannah's husband Thomas Stamford died in 1787 and Hannah died the following year in 1788.


If you you can decipher any of the other names or if you have any information to add to what is listed please contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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