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Alice Crow (Crowe, nee Alpe) of Swaffham, Norfolk, England

Early 1700ish to 1777

What did Alice look like?

Born: early 1700s and was buried in Swaffham 2 December 1777.
Daughter of: Philip Alpe (?-1735) and Alice Alpe (nee Hammond, ?-1753) of Hardingham Hall.
Sister of:
1. Hammond Alpe (1709?-1767) of Fransham Parva who married Mary Alpe (nee Heard, 1748?-1801).
2. Philip Alpe.
3. Priscilla Alpe (1722-1768 or 1788) who married married Rev John Wilson in 1750.

Alice married: around 1734 Robert Crow (1710-1786).
Robert and Alice had issue:
1. Robert Crowe (1734-?).
2. Priscilla Crowe (1736-1739?).
3. Edward Crowe (1738-1742).
4. Rev Henry Crowe (1741-1816) who married in 1767 Elizabeth Haylett (1746?-1779) and later Mary Smith.
5. Catherine Crowe (1743-1769).
6. Philip Crowe (1744?-1745).
7. Philip Crowe (1745-1828) who married Margaret (17?-1834).

We know of Alice from the following:

1. A note on the back of the portrait of her husband Robert Crowe
2. A brief mention in the diary of Elizabeth Jones (nee Helsham).
3. A note on the Alpe family recorded in "Harleian Society East Anglian Pedigrees".

We know of Alice from a note on the back of the portrait of Robert Crowe and from a brief mention in the diary of Elizabeth Jones (nee Helsham) which reads as follows:

"... my great grandfather, Robert Crowe, whose portrait hangs in the dining room together with that of his wife Alice Alpe of Hardingham Hall in Norfolk, was a solicitor at Swaffham and, although he died in 1786, his second son, Philip, continued to reside there for many years."

I do not know of the whereabouts of the portrait of Alice Crowe (nee Alpe) but it was in the possession of Elizabeth Jones (nee Helsham) in 1866.  Later on it was in the Heath-Caldwell family home of Linley Wood in Staffordshire up until 1949 when this country house was closed down and the majority of the contents sold.  It would appear that the portrait was sold in the 1960s or 1970s.

Another note on the Alpe family is recorded in "Harleian Society East Anglian Pedigrees" (pages 3 & 4), a copy of which is in the Suffolk Record Office in Ipswich.  This lists a family tree for the Alpe family and lists Alice's relatives and ancestors going back to the 1500s.



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