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Elizabeth Crowe (nee Haylett)


of Norfolk, England

What did Elizabeth look like?

Born: possibly 1746 and died 1779.
Daughter of: Robert Haylett of High House Farm, Westacre.
Sister of:
1. Frances Framingham (nee Haylett, 17??-1810) who married Cozens Framingham, a surgeon, 30 Nov 1752 in West Acre.
2. Ann Dalton (nee Haylett, 17??-17??) who married Francis Dalton (1737-1767), 7 January 1762 at Tittleshall, Norfolk.
3. ?
Elizabeth married: Rev Henry Crowe (1741-1816).
Elizabeth and Henry had issue:
1. Caroline Dorking (nee Crowe, 1768-1848) who married General Dorking.
2. Rev Henry Crowe (1769-1851).
3. Robert Crowe (1771-1807).
4. Katharine Helsham (nee Crowe, 1773-1816, Catharine) who married Henry Helsham in 1795.
5. Edward Crowe (1776-1788).

We know of  Elizabeth Crowe from the following sources:
1. A brief mention in the diary of her grandaughter Elizabeth Jones.

Elizabeth Jones's diary reads as follows:

as follows:


My grandmother Crowe had a sister who married Mr. Framingham. Of their children, two older daughters were then living together in Norwich and did live to a very old age. Another had married Mr. Dalton of Swaffham and been dead many years. A son Sir Haylett Framingham of the Artillery was at that time with Wellington in the Peninsular, and the youngest daughter, Margaret, as Mrs. Starling Day was living in much comfort and luxury in a large house in St. Giles Street, having nine children then living - Tom, Henry, George, James, William, Starling, Margaret, Fanny and Mary Anne. Mrs. Day was much attached to my grandfather and my mother. She had been to see us at Fincham shortly before we quitted it, and on our journey there we had rested at her son Henry's house at Swaffham seeing his young wife and first child. When, later in the year, we reached Norwich she welcomed us cordially and was ever after kind and considerate. Her three daughters did not very much differ in age from my sisters and myself and we met frequently.



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