Portrait of Henry Crowe 1769-1851 Henrico Crowe AM ab amico Edvardo Edward Kilvert painter artist painted by Rev Edward Kilvert.

Portrait of Henry Crowe or Henrico Crowe


On the back is written: 'Henrico Crowe AM ab amico Edvardo Kilvert picture 1829, Born March 14 1769, Died Dec 18 1851 (82), Uncle of Elizabeth Helsham who married Richard Jones August 1837'.

The artist would have been Rev Edward Kilvert who also painted a portrait of Edward Bouverie Pusey (1808-1882), 14 May 1843.  This portrait was used as the frontispiece in the book 'Life of EB Pusey by HP Liddon, Vol 2, published 1894.

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