Portrait of Robert Crowe.
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Robert Crow (Crowe)
of Swaffham, Norfolk, England


Born: 1710 in Swaffham and died January 1786 in Swaffham.
Son of: Robert Crow (16??-1725) and Anna Crow (nee Bodham, 1690-1727).
Brother of:
1. Elizabeth Dalton (nee Crowe, 1712-1797) who married Francis Dalton (?-1767).  Graves inside the church at Swaffham
2. Edward Crow (1714-1715).
3. Anna Miller (nee Crow, 1717-17??) who married John Matthias Miller.  Grave inside the church in Swaffham, 20 June 1791.
4. Philip Crow (1718?-1737).  Grave inside the church at Swaffham, 28 August 1737.
5. Rebecca Crow (1723-1723).
6. Dorcas Crowe (1725-1792).  Grave inside the church in Swaffham, 17 September 1792.
Robert married: around 1734 Alice Alpe (1713?-1777).
Of the children of Robert and Alice, we know of:
1. Robert Crowe (1734-?).
2. Priscilla Crowe (1736-1739?).
3. Edward Crowe (1738-1742).
4. Rev Henry Crowe (1741-1816) who married in 1767 Elizabeth Haylett (1746?-1779) and later Mary Smith.
5. Catherine Crowe (1743-1769).
6. Philip Crowe (1744?-1745).
7. Philip Crowe (1745-1828) who married Margaret (17?-1834).

Robert Crowe: An Overview

We know of Robert Crowe from the following sources:
1. His portrait painted by John Theodore Heins
2. Notes compiled by Ann Manley, 2003, referenced to the Swaffham Parish Registers 1471576.
3. A brief mention in the diary of Elizabeth Jones (nee Helsham).

Robert's father spelt his name as Crow.  Robert's sister Dorcus has her name spelt Crowe on her grave.  Robert's sons spelt their name Crowe.

 The diary of his great grand daughter Elizabeth Jones (nee Helsham) reads as follows:

"... my great grandfather, Robert Crowe, whose portrait hangs in the dining room together with that of his wife Alice Alpe of Hardingham Hall in Norfolk, was a solicitor at Swaffham and, although he died in 1786, his second son, Philip, continued to reside there for many years."

Inside the church in Swaffham there are a numbr of grave stones to the Crowe family, some with the spelling Crow and some Crowe.  They are all together in a group and so are presumably the same family.



Bookplate of
Robert Crow (Crowe)
of Swaffham


Crowe family seal
possibly belonging to Robert Crowe but more likely belonging to one of his sons or grandsons


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