Crowe or Crow family seal inclusive of a sheaf of five arrows

Crowe (Crow) family seal

A family seal incorporating a crest with five arrows.  The lower part of the sheild being identical to the bookplate of Robert Crow and hence possibly belonging to him but more likely belonging to one of his sons or grandsons.

Robert Crowe
Swaffam, Norfolk, Solicitor, 1710-1786

Rev Henry Crowe, Stoke Ferry and Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk.  Church Minister, 1741-1816

Philip Crowe Swaffham, Norfolk, Solicitor, 17?-1828

Rev Henry Crowe  Vicar of Buckingham, 1769-1851

Lt Charles Crowe Coddenham, Suffolk, Soldier, 1785-1855

Philip Crowe Hartley House, Coulsdon, Surrey, 1779-1831

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