Memorial stone to Arthur Cuthbert and his wife Sarah and their son Charles and Richard Brand Cuthbert

Memorial stone to Arthur & Sarah Cuthbert and their family

Arthur Cuthbert is buried in his family vault in the church of "St Martin of Tours with St Stephens on the Downs", located in Epsom, Surrey.  There are four memorial stones for his family.  His own stone has a figure of a clenched gauntlet above it and a coat of arms incorportating a snake below.  The stone itself reads as follows:

Sacred to the memory of Mrs Sarah Cuthbert the much loved wife of Arthur Cuthbert of Woodcott Esq and their eldest son Charles Cuthbert.  The mother died December 15, 1777 aged 33 years.  The son died November 18 the same year, aged six.  Their remains are interred in a vault under this marble.  As well as the remains of Arthur Cuthbert of Woodcott Esq who died 21 Jan 1788 aged 54 years and of Richard Brand Cuthbert his grandson and eldest son of James Ramsey Cuthbert Esq and Sophia his wife.  He was born on the 18 of December 1798 and died on the thirteenth of March 1806.

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