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Portraits of Arthur Cuthbert

There appears to be a number of versions of Arthur Cuthbert's portrait. 

The above version exists at Hartland Abbey in North Devon, Unitied Kingdom (  This copy appears to have originally been owned by Thomas Robbins who was also associated (possibly also as a secretary) with Adm Sir Edward Hughes.  It is one of a set of four (Arthur Cuthbert, Adm Hood, Adm Hughes, Adm Gell) and has been passed down in the Stucley family.  From Graves and Cronin's book on Sir Joshua Reynolds it is noted that Sir Edward Hughes paid Reynolds in 1786 the sum of £577:10 for portraits of himself, Mr Sharp, Mr Cuthbert and Captain Gell.  It is possible that the Harland portrait is by Reynolds but it could possibly be a copy painted a few years later by Gilbert Stuart.  In this portrait Arthur does not have a quill in his hand.

A portrait by Lemuel Francis Abbott sold by auction at Sothebys, possibly in 1967?  This black and white photo is in the archive of the National Portrait Gallery in London.  This appears to be a larger portrait, possibly 49x39 inches.  Arthur's quill is not in his right hand but is in an inkwell on the table to his right.  The background is more extensive and depicts ships in the distance.  Present location of this portrait is not known.

A portrait by Lemuel Francis Abbott hangs in The National Board of Antiquities in Finland (National Museum of Finland), together with a portrait of Arthur's brother Alexander.  These portraits had presumably been owned by Arthur's daughter Sarah Klinkowström nee Cuthbert .  In this portrait Arthur has his quill in his right hand.

A similar portrait is presumed to have existed in the Heath family in the early 1900s, when it was photographed. In this portrait Arthur has his quill in his right hand.  The location of the original is not known.

Miniature portrait passed down in the family.  This is in very poor condition but is assumed to be of Arthur Cuthbert.

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