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George Cuthbert 1700?-1748?

of Castlehill, Inverness, Scotland

Born: possibly 26 July 1700 and died 1748 in Aultmuiak, Inverness after falling from his horse. 
Son of: John Cuthbert (1668-17??) and Jean Cuthbert nee Hay (1675?-17??, alive in 1755).
Brother of:
1. Alexander Cuthbert (1702-????).  
2. Abbe Alexander Cuthbert/Colbert (1708?-1782?).
3. Maj. Gen. Lachlan Cuthbert (1710-????) who married Mary Margaret Hartford of Sufton. Lachan became a Major General in the French army.
4. Jean Cuthbert (1711-????).
5. Dr. James Cuthbert (1716-????) James immigated to the USA and married 1st Patience Hamilton, 2nd Mary Hazzard. 
George married: Mary McIntosh, only daughter of James Mackintosh, collector of customs at Inverness.  Probably in 1724. 
George and Mary had issue:
1. Rachel Cuthbert (1727-?). Probably died young.
2. Jean Cuthbert (1728-?).
3. Lt John Cuthbert of Castlehill (1729-1758). 78th Regiment of Foot, 'Fraser's Highlanders'. Killed at Louisburg, Nova Scotia, Canada on 8 June 1758.
4. Magdalen Cuthbert (1731-?).
5. Abbe Seignalai Cuthbert/Colbert (1731-18??), Bishop of Rhodez, France.
6. Lewis Cuthbert (1737-1802) who married Jane Pinnock.
7. Rachel Cuthbert (1739-?). Married Simon Fraser of Daltullich.
8. Lachlan Cuthbert (1742-?). Probably died young.
9. Lachlan Cuthbert (1743-1763?). Army officer in the artillery died in France around 1763.
10. George Cuthbert (1745-?). Died young.
11. George Cuthbert (1748-1789). Provost Marshal General of Jamaica1785-1788.

We know about George Cuthbet from the following sources:
1.  Information from Richard Brown and Heather Sharpe listed on their excellent family history website 2.  'The Cuthberts, Barons of Castle Hill and Their Descendants in South Carolina and Georgia', by Dr. J.G.B. Bulloch, MD, Washington, DC, April 1908.
3. The Marriage contract between George Cuthbert, eldest son of John Cuthbert younger of Castlehill, and Mary McIntosh, only daughter of James Mackintosh, collector of customs at Inverness, 20 October 1724.  Scottish Record Office.

George spent his life hunting and persecuting witches.  Luckily for the witches he did not live a long life and died after falling off his horse.  He did not do a very good job of looking after the family estate of Castlehill and left it heavily mortgaged.


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