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John Cuthbert 1675-1724 of Herrington

Born: 1675? and died 5th April 1724 and has a memorial in St Nicholas Church, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Grandson of: possibly of Robert Cuthbert of Castle Hill (Castlehill, Inverness, Scotland).
He could therefore be a cousin of John Cuthbert (1688-17??) of Castlehill.
Son of: possibly William Cuthbert.
Brother of:
1. James Cuthbert of Marton Hall, Clevedale (born 1670 and married ? 1694).  He had a grandson William Cuthbert.
2. Possibly others?
John married: Dorothy Spearman (1670-1754?) daughter of John Spearman (1645-1703) and Elizabeth Spearman nee Whitfield.
John and Dorothy had issue:
1. William Cuthbert (1691?-1746), Recorder of Newcastle upon Tyne. He married 1st Jane Stephenson. He married 2nd Dorothy Robinson.
2. Richard Cuthbert AM (1696?-1744), Vicar of Penvith (Penwith, Kendal). He married Dorothy (1715?-1767?) the daughter of Christopher Mickleton of Durham.
3. George Cuthbert MD (1706?-1772) of Portsmouth, Physician to the Garrison, died 3 June 1772 aged 66. Married Ann Jones.
4. Margaret Cuthbert who married James Nelson of London, Sugar Baker (mentioned in William's will).
5. Possibly others?

Did John have any relations by the name of Hopkins? 
Did John's family have any connection with the parents or grandparents of Arthur Cuthbert (1734?-1788)?

We know about John Cuthbert from the following sources:
1. In the Portsmouth Record Office there is a document PCRO X/11A/P/4/5 which is the Carter Pedigrees by AT Everitt. The Cuthbert pages are at p33 and 34 and give the full overview of the family of 'Cuthbert of West Herrington & Portsmouth'.
2. There is a brief reference in a record at Kew to a John Cuthbert Serjeant-at-Law, early 1700s.
3. There is a memorial to a John Cuthbert inside St Nicholas Church, Newcastle upon Tyne, 5 April 1724 (see below).
4. There is an inscription in an old book: 'J Cuthbert, 10 March 1715, Herrington'.  The book is Historiae Anglicanae Scriptores1651, 2 volumes.  Another old inscription looks like 'B Van Heenbenzsen[?]'.  A much later owners inscription is Cyril Esmond Woolstenholmes MA, Rector of Shadforth, Diocese of Durham, 22 Feb 1967.  There is a modern bookplate (20th century) for 'Kathleen Parbury'.  This would have been a very expensive book in its time.
5. There are in existence some portraits that are assumed to be of John and Dorothy Cuthbert and a relative called Mrs Hopkins.

John Cuthbert 1675-1724

Sergent at Law and Recorder of Newcastle upon Tyne

Lived at West Herrington, Sunderland

Notes at this stage are as follows:

John must have been a highly intelligent person to have become Recorder for Newcastle Upon Tyne.  We can assume that he was articulate and we can assume that in addition to being a man of law he was probably also very much a man of business.  It is quite possible that he had some involvement with trade out of the port of Newcastle across to the Scandanavian countries and Europe.  However, at the moment I have not discovered any documentation to confirm this guess.

According to the Carter Pedigree, John's son William married twice.  First to [Jane] Stephenson and they had a daughter Margaret who married Joseph Raey Esq.  William then married Dorothy Robinson and had three children; John Cuthbert (1731?-1782), William Cuthbert and Philadelphia Cuthbert (17??-1780).  Philadelphia married Ralph Hopper and they had three children, [Thomas] Henry Hopper, Mary Hopper, Dorothy Hopper. 

Regarding John's son, William Cuthbert (1691?-1746) of Witton Castle:
In 1743 Witton Castle was bought by William Cuthbert, a barrister, who had also become Recorder of Newcastle.   William's will is at the National Record Office at Kew and is very detailed and mentions a number of his relations.  William's first wife was Jane, daughter of John and Margaret Stephenson.  William and Jane had a daughter Margaret.  Jane then died and William married Dorothy and then had three children, two sons, William and John, and a daughter Philidelphia.  William also mentions his brother Rev Richard Cuthbert of Kendall, Westmoreland and his wife Dorothy Cuthbert who he notes as a 'sister in law'.  His other brother George Cuthbert, Physician of Portsmouth.  His 'sister' Margaret who married James Nelson of London.  The executors were Henry Davy, Thomas Chisnell, Thomas Kidd and Ralp Hodgson.  William's will was written in 1746, just before his death.  It was proved in 1747.

Regarding John's grandson, John Cuthbert (1731?-1782) of Witton Castle.
Son of William Cuthbert.  Member of the Royal Society Club and of the Society of Arts. Fellow of the Royal Society (1765).  A governor of the Inner Temple and of Magdalen Hospital, a London institution for the relief of penitent prostitutes. Witton Castle was then passed to his nephew Henry Hopper. 

Witton Castle is located near Bishop Auckland, which is halfway between Darlington and Durham.  This is about 20 miles away from Herrington.

The family are buried in St Nicholas Church, Newcastle Upon Tyne.  Adjoining, in the west wall of the porch, is a mural monument, with the followinginscription:
'In the Body of This Church, are Interr'd the Remains of John Cuthbert Esq. Serjeant at Law, and Recorder of This Town; who died the 5th of April 1724.
In the adjoining Vault aredeposited the Remains of his eldest Son, William Cuthbert Esq. Barrister at Law, and Recorder of This Town: which Office he fill'd seven Years, and died the 28th of August, 1746, aged 55.
In the same Vault, are also laid the Remains of John Cuthbert, of Witton-Castle in the Countyof Durham Esq. eldest Son of the said William Cuthbert; who from the purest principle of filial Piety, gave orders in his Will for the erection of this Monument: He died at York, the 15th ofDecember, 1782 Aged 51 Years.'
From: 'St Nicholas' church: Monumental inscriptions', Historical Account of Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Including the Borough of Gateshead (1827).

Inscriptions from the book Historiae Anglicanae Scriptores  are as follows:

Reference to the Rev Richard Cuthbert (1696?-1744) and his wife Dorothy are noted in the baptismal, marriage, and burial registers of the Cathedral Church of Christ and Blessed Mary the virgin at Durham, 1609-1896.  This is on the internet but looks like the transcription may have errors.  It reads as follows:
Dorothy, widow of the Rev. Richard Cuthbert, Vicar of Kendal (to whom she married 16 June 1735 at Hough ton-le-Spring), and daughter of Christopher Mickleton, of Durham, gent.
She was baptized 21 March 1715-16 ; see also the baptism of her husband's mother, Dorothy Spearman, 29 June 1670.
Mrs. Cuthbert had a son George, who died about 1733, and a daughter whose burial see 6 Sep. 1796.
Her husband died 7 Nov. 1744, set. 48, at Kendal. 12 See his baptism 13 March 1767.

Reference to the Rev Richard Cuthbert (1696?-1744) is also made on his memorial inside the Holy Trinity Church in Kendal.  He is recorded as being the Vicar from 1734 to 1745.  His inscription is as follows:
(E. flat, formerly altar tomb, with rail). Here lies buried The Revd. Richard Cuthbert A.M. Vicar of Kirkby Kendale: In whose character The christian, the scholar, and the gentleman, rendered each other more illustrious. His zeal was happily tempered with knowledge and moderation. His publick labours and private conduct agreed to demonstrate the integrity of his life. Stranger! suspect not this epitaph of flattery; His praises are more fully inscribed on the hearts of all who knew him. And his Master's Presence will reward and perfect his virtues, By a more intimate converse with the great exemplar. Ob. Nov. 7. A.D. 1744 Aetat. 48 Cur huj. Par. 11. Here also lieth Dorothy his Da. aged 2, Richard his son aged 6.

Reference to John Spearman and Elizabeth Whitfield is made in the book 'A genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great Britain' by John Burke.

There is an earlier John Cuthbert (of Great Usworth) noted as dying in 1667, recorded in the registers of Washington.  It is not known if he is related. 


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