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Old Book belonging to John Cuthbert of West Herrington, Sunderland

This two volume book 'Historie Anglicanae Scriptores X' has a number of inscriptions written in the front from various owners.  One of these is J Cuthbert which occurs in two places, one confirming a date of 10 March 1715 and another confirming the place Herrington.  We know that there was a John Cuthbert who lived from 1675 to 1724 and he lived in West Herrington which is now part of Sunderland, south of Newcastle Upon Tyne.  The other inscriptions are more difficult to read and could be from people who owned the book just before John Cuthbert or just after.  There is also a modern inscription for Cyril Esmond Woolstenholmes MA, Rector of Shadforth, Durham, 22/2/1967. Also a bookplate dated 1956 for Kathleen Parbury.  The book is by Sir Rogert Twysden, printed in London by J. Flesher for C. Bee.