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Marianne Day nee Harvey (Mary Anne)

Born:  10 May 1786 and Christened 16 June 1786 at St Gregory in Norwich.  She died 18 March 1812 aged 25.
Daughter of: John Harvey (1755-1842) and Frances Kerrison (1765-1809).
Sister of:
1. Fanny Bellman nee Harvey (1784-1867) who married Rev Edmund Bellman (1773-1843).
2. Sir Robert John Harvey (1785-1860) who married Charlotte Mary Harvey (1793- 1869).
3. John Harvey (1787-1806).
4. Julia Harvey (1788-1808).
5. Emma Harvey (1790-1880).
6. Caroline Harvey (1792-1792).
7. George Harvey (1793-1831) who married Mary Ann Julia Beevor.
8. Louisa Harvey (1795-1810).
19 Caroline Mary Savill Onley nee Harvey (1797-1845) who married Onley Savill Onley (1795-1890).
10. Roger Kerrison Harvey (1802-1882) who married Eliza Beecroft.
11. Harriot Blakiston nee Harvey (1803-1886) who married Capt Thomas Blakiston RN (Thomas Blakeston, 1790-1861).
12. Rosa Ranking nee Harvey (1805-1865) who married John Ranking RN (1798-18??).
13. Augusta Trelawney nee Harvey (Augusta Lady Goring,1807-1875) who married 1st Sir Harry Dent Goring, 2nd John Trelawney (1793-18??).
14. Charlotte Blake-Humphrey nee Harvey (1809-1894) who married Robert Blake-Humphrey (1795-1886).
Marianne married: the Rev Charles Day MA, 15 May 1806, Gretna in Scotland and 10 June St Giles, Norwich.  Charles was the son of the Rev John Day MA and Cecilia Marria Day nee Weston.
Marriane and Charles had issue:
1. Louisa Day (1810-1843).
2. Charles Day (1811-18??).


Marianne Day nee Harvey: An Overview

The information I have about Marianne comes from the following sources:

1. Information supplied to me by Carla Woodworth Lynas and based on the 'Original Genealogical Collections, by the late Lieut. Col. Robert John Harvey of Thorpe'.  This is mentioned in a publication called 'Walter Rye, Memoir Bibliography and Catalogue of of his Norfolk Manuscripts in the Norwich Public Libraries' by Geo. A. Stephen published in 1929? by the Public Libraries Committee, Norwich.  Original documents in the Norfolk Archives.


Mulitiple Portrait of the Harvey Family of Norwich Norfolk painted by the Artist George Clint ARA
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Multiple Portrait of the Harvey Family
Click for larger image and names of sitters


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