Sir Alexander Dunbar
of Westfield, Morayshire, Scotland

Born: 1425 and died 10th March 1497 or 1498.
Son of: James Dunbar Earl of Moray (14??-1442), and Isabel Dunbar (nee Innes).
Half brother of:
1. Lady Janet Dunbar who married James second Lord Crichton.
2. Lady Elizabeth Dunbar (1425-1494) who married Archibald, third son of James, seventh Earl of Douglas.
Alexander married: Isabel Sutherland.
Alexander and Isabel had issue:
1. Sir James Dunbar of Cumnock.
2. Sir John Dunbar of Mochrume.
3. Alexander Dunbar of Kilboyack.
4. Gavin Dunbar, Bishop of Aberdeen.
5. Janet Dunbar, Lady Innerugie.
6. David Dunbar (1400s to 1521) of Durris.
7. Patrick Dunbar, Chancellor of Aberdeen.
8. Leonard Dunbar, student in Paris.
9. ______ Dunbar who died young.

Sir Alexander Dunbar: An Overview

We know about Alexander from the book "Records of the Heath Family", by George Heath 1907.  The entry is as follows:

Sir Alexander Dunbar of Westfield, Morayshire, MP, who, though he was deprived of the Earldom in consequence of the Papal dispensation for his father's marriage not arriving in the lifetime of his mother, yet that was in a great measure compensated to him by King James II.
"He was born in 1425, and got a charter from Archibald Douglas, Earl of Murray, and Elizabeth Dunbar, Countess thereof, of the lands and barony of Westfield, dated anno 1450.  And in another from the Countess of Murray anno 1455, he is designed Sheriff of that county and her beloved brother ("dilectus frater")."
He had also lands of Carnousie, Pitterhouse, Hillinack, Conzie, Durris, Tarras, Balnagath, Focabers, Clunies, Muthness, Clavack, Golfurd, Barlow, &c., &c., which were confirmed to him by no less than by nine charters under the great seal from King James II and III, all in the public register.
He married Isabel, daughter of Alexander Sutherland, third Barron of Duffus, and had eight sons and one daughter.
1. Sir James Dunbar of Cumnock.  2. Sir John Dunbar of Mochrume.  3. Alexander Dunbar of Kilboyack.  4. Gavin Dunbar, Bishop of Aberdeen.  5. Janet Dunbar, Lady Innerugie.  6. David Dunbar of Durris.  7. Patrick Dunbar, Chancellor of Aberdeen.  8. Leonard Dunbar, student in Paris.  9. ______ Dunbar who died young.
He signed a reversion on March 8th 1488; seal - on a shield couche, a bar between three cushions within the Royal tressure; crest, on a knight's helmet a (wolf's?) head.  He died 10th March 1497-8.  His effigy on his tomb in the Dunbar Aisle in the Cathederal at Elgin has three cushions on its breast.
His widow Isabel, who died 11th November, 1505; sealed on 12 June, 1502, with - on a shield two (oblong) cushions in chief, a star in base.

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